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If you're under the legal age or in an area where adult material is 
illegal, stop reading.  If you're neither of the above, enjoy.

Best Friends
by Patricia

Walt and I had been best friends since middle school.  We were both 
awkward geeks that found friendship and sympathy in our shared 
rejection by the rest of our more beautiful or athletic peers.  We even 
went to the same college, and now we worked for the same computer 
company.  Walt had always been a bit more successful in life than had 
I.  Heck, I was still a virgin while he had been laid several times.  
Neither one of us, however, had any serious relationships.  My life, 
however, had taken a particularly bad turn for the worse: I'd been 
"downsized" and was without a job.

Walt agreed to let me move in with him.  "Better to have two bachelor 
geeks sharing one house than to have one become homeless," he joked.  I 
was grateful for his kindness and generosity; he took what ever rent I 
could afford and bought the food and groceries for both of us.  I 
thought it only fair that I pay him back by keeping the house he had 
bought clean, doing the laundry, and cooking most of the meals.  We 
soon fell into a fairly regular domestic routine with me looking for a 
new job, working the occasional contract job, and basically being 
Walt's housewife, though we called me his "houseperson."

One day while out shopping, an activity I had become increasingly fond 
of, I ran into an old curio shop run by an elderly woman who had a 
particularly kind and gentle face.  After a few minutes of poking 
around the shop, she came up to me and started a conversation.

"What are you looking for dearie?"

Well, actually, a job," I joked.  "I've been out of work for months," I 
explained when she didn't react.  Her face remained neutral, passive, 
but open and trustworthy at the same time.  For some reason, I felt I 
could trust her.  I started to tell her all about my situation, she 
listened intently.  When I finished telling her about my frustrations 
about my dependence on my best friend, she ducked into the back room 
and returned with a small bottle filled with a dark liquid and a small 
black orb.

"It's obvious to me that you need to change your life around.  You're 
unhappy now, and we've got to find a way to make you happier."

"Well, I'm not miserable," I countered, "Walt is very good to me, and 
we make a good team on programming."

"Yes, I know," she smiled mysteriously as she gazed into her orb.  "I 
think Walt is going to be very important to your own happiness, and you 
need to spend some time making sure he is really happy.  I see that you 
will find your true happiness only after Walt finds his perfect sexual 
partner."  She looked up from her orb and waved her hand over the 
bottle with the vial, chanting a few words as she did so.  "I know you 
are going to find this difficult to believe, but you need to get Walt 
to drink this.  Tell him to picture in his mind the perfect sexual 
partner as he drinks.  Once this potion has done its work, you will 
begin your own journey towards your fulfillment."

She couldn't or wouldn't answer any more of my questions, nor would she 
accept any money for the potion which she insisted that I take home to 
Walt.  She merely smiled and said something about creating good karma, 
or something, and shooed me out the door.

When I got home that evening, I wondered how I was going to tell Walt 
what had happened.  I decided that honesty was the best policy, and to 
simply tell him.  I was a nervous wreck by the time Walt got home.  I 
was pacing and feeling very silly and strange.

"Hey, Pat ... what's up?" he asked as he set down his briefcase.  "You 
look like something's on your mind."

"Well, you're not going to believe this but ..." and I told him the 
whole story.  He listened, thank goodness, without cracking a smile, 
and examined the bottle I had put on the coffee table.  He uncorked the 
top and took a sniff.

"It doesn't smell like anything," he stated as he dabbed a drop onto 
his finger and tasted it.  "Tastes like water, if you know what I mean. 
 So, not only will I find true sexual fulfillment if I drink this, but 
you will also find your true happiness?"

"Well, yes, that's what the old lady said."

"Well, what the hell.  I haven't been laid in months," he joked as he 
downed the liquid in a single gulp.  He didn't look any worse for the 
experience and set the bottle on the mantle.  "Well, let's go out for 
dinner tonight whaddya say?"

Feeling a bit silly and a lot hopeful, I agreed.  We went to a Asian 
restaurant and stuffed ourselves.  During the meal, I began to notice 
that Walt was very energetic and outgoing.  I thought that I could 
notice changes in the way he looked, but I couldn't be sure.  I said 
nothing about it and simply enjoyed the food, Walt's spirited company, 
and the pleasant evening.

When we got home, Walt was the first to really notice that something 
had happened.  He had just gone to the bathroom when I heard him mutter 
"holy shit, will you look at that."  He came out from the bathroom in 
only his boxers, and I could immediately see the dramatic changes he 
had undergone.  Walt had always been of a fairly normal build, good 
looking but not a hunk.  He hadn't grown taller or wider or anything, 
but he had gotten lots more defined.  His face was still his own, but 
there were subtle changes which made his face the equal to any GQ 
model.  His torso, while not bulging with muscles, was now taunt, 
washboard tight, and--even to my male heterosexual mind--stunningly 

"My god, Walt, what has happened to you?" 

"I don't know, but I think I like it.  It probably had something to do 
with the potion.  I can hardly believe it worked.  You should see where 
the biggest change is."

"Wait a minute, didn't' she say that you would find your perfect sexual 
partner?  Not that you would turn into a male model.  You didn't think 
of a male as your perfect sexual partner, did you?" I countered.  "And 
what do you mean, biggest change?"

Walt thought for a moment, then answered.  "No, I thought of a woman, 
but I think that I probably had to become more of a 'perfect' sexual 
partner so that one could be attracted to me.  And the biggest change 
is in my penis."  With that, he dropped his shorts and showed me his 
formerly respectable penis had grown to an astounding 9 inches, and 
throbbing, rock hard.  With me watching in fascination, he began to 
masturbate in front of me.

"I can't seem to help myself," he explained as he pumped his thick 
cock.  In almost no time at all he was close to orgasm.  Just as I 
realized that I was standing directly in front of his possible 
trajectory, he exploded in a massive spray of semen which spattered on 
my face, my shirt, and the wall behind me.  His orgasm seemed to last 
for several minutes, his cock jerking and spurting tons of white gunk.  
I continued to stand in my spot, half-shocked by what had happened, 
half-fascinated by the display of sexuality Walt was showing.  When he 
had finished, he collapsed on the couch.

"Oh my god .... that was the most incredible orgasm I've ever had."  He 
looked up at me where I still stood, unmoved.  "Oh wow, god, I'm sorry 
man, I didn't mean to make a mess all over you."  He looked truly 
contrite, but I thought I saw some mirth lurking behind is sorrowful 

"Um, er, it's O.K. I guess.  I'll just go into the bathroom and clean 

As I got into the bathroom, I noticed the strong, musky smell of the 
semen that had landed on my face.  I touched a particularly large spot 
and brought it under my nose.  The smell seemed intoxicating, and half 
of my mind was thrilled by the dirty, sexual thoughts that coursed 
through my mind, while the other half was disgusted that I was touching 
another man's cum.  Eventually the first half won, and I tentatively 
touched my tongue to my finger to taste Walt's cum.  It was pungent, 
slightly salty, and not quite what I expected.  As I savored the 
experience of tasting Walt's cum, I was slowly overcome by feelings of 
warmth, safety, and happiness.  Without thinking I began to scoop up 
more of his cum off of my face and shirt and licked the salty, slightly 
warm goo off of my hand.

When I had finished, I struggled for a brief moment with feelings of 
disgust and guilt, but no one had see me, so I felt safe.  After a 
shower to get his cum out of my hair, I rejoined Walt in the living 
room.  We were both dressed in tee shirts and gym shorts, and we vegged 
by watching cable.  Walt flipped it over to the Playboy Channel, and 
there was a piece on Barbara Moore.  "Well, what do you know," Walt 
smiled, "speak of my fantasy."

I looked closely at the video centerfold of Barbara Moore: blond, 
lithe, full breasts with large nipples, tiny waist, full rounded ass, 
beautiful legs.  Well, if Walt had to pick, that was a great pick!  
"She's beautiful," I whispered.  "Yea, isn't she," Walt said softly.  
His newly enlarged penis began to poke a tent in his gym shorts, and he 
pulled aside one pant leg and exposed his rapidly stiffening prick.  "I 
can't stand it, you know that Barbara would never actually date me." he 
moaned as he stroked his cock.

Something about the way he bemoaned the fact that a famous Playboy 
model would never fall for him, and the strange attraction I was 
feeling for his dick caused me to object.  "What the heck are you 
saying?  Any girl as pretty as Barbara would be lucky to get a hunk 
like you.  You've got the most perfect body I've ever seen on a guy."  

"Well, perfect body or not, I'm being tormented by this new cock.  I've 
never felt feelings like this before.  It's like I HAVE to get laid, or 
jerk off, or get blowjob, or something."

"I think I know what you mean, I'm feeling similar compulsions." I 
admitted as a new wave of emotion and desire washed over me, despite 
the fact that I was not longer looking at the video but at Walt.

Walt gave me a strange look.  "You feeling O.K.?"

An even stronger wave of desire I couldn't control swept over me.  I 
sat up trying to distract myself by focusing on the video.  Walt sat up 
too, and touched me on my shoulder.  His touch seemed to send 
electricity through me and I shuddered at his touch.  "You O.K."  he 
asked again.

"Walt, I don't know how to explain this, but when you said blowjob, I 
suddenly felt like I had to do it for you.  If it freaks you out, 
that's O.K.  You're my best friend, and I don't want to fuck that up."

Walt looked shocked, confused, and horny, all at once, and just sat 
there, with his cock jutting straight up from his lap.  After a moment 
or to, I took matters into my own hands, literally, and reached over 
and caressed his engorged cock.  Walt's confusion and shock melted away 
in the face of his growing need for release.  I secretly thrilled to 
the feel of his hot cock meat in my hand.  I could feel the blood surge 
through  it, the bumps and ridges underneath the soft, sensitive skin, 
and the beginnings of pre-cum that oozed from the tip.  I shifted to 
get a better angle, and then lowered my mouth around his perfect cock.

As his cock entered my mouth for the first time, I felt the slightest 
tinge of repulsion, but I was far too turned on to stop.  Slowly I 
stroked his cock with my lips, sucking hard, my saliva gushing from my 
glands as I devoured his beautiful cock.  I loved the way the tip of 
his glans pressed its ridge against the sides of my mouth, and the 
texture of his veins and cock muscles bulged and slid past my lips.  In 
a few short strokes, I could sense Walt was getting close to orgasm.  I 
shoved as much of his cock into my mouth as I could and eagerly 
swallowed his hot spunk as it spattered against the back of my throat.  
As his cum worked its way down my throat I could feel the same warmth I 
felt in the bathroom spreading over my body.  This time, however, it 
was stronger and was accompanied by a strong tingling sensation.

Walt's cock continued to spurt into my mouth, and I could feel strange 
things beginning to happen to my body.  I didn't want to miss a single 
drop of cum, so I stayed attached to Walt's cock.  When the final spurt 
of cum and been drained from his cock, I gave it a few final strokes 
and then let it pop from my mouth.  I could feel incredibly sensuous 
feelings flow through my body and I turned over onto my back next to 
Walt on the couch.  Walt looked over at me and then sat up quick.

"Oh my god, Pat your hair is blonde!"

I put a hand to my head and lifted my normally short hair from my 
forehead and looked up to see my previously dark hair a shade of dirty 
blonde.  I also saw that my hands were a bit smaller than the had been 
previously, and that my nails seemed longer and more delicate.  I 
struggled to sit up and made it despite the strange feelings that 
continued to wash over my body.  My hair was about shoulder length, and 
my body had seemingly lost weight and length.  I had gone from a 
typically geeky, 6' 155 pound nerd to something a good deal smaller and 
shorter.  My body was no longer clearly male, but wasn't clearly 
anything else either.

"My god, what's happening to me?"  I asked.  I noticed that my voice 
seem different too.  Walt shook his head and rubbed his eyes.  "First 
me and now you, but you don't seem to be turning into a hunk.  You look 
like a teenage boy."

I suddenly felt like crying, and I felt tired and cranky.  I looked at 
my handsome roommate and apologized for what I had just done and ran 
into my own bedroom.  I shut out the light and locked the door.  I 
refused to answer Walt's pleas, and soon I feel asleep.

The next morning brought no new changes.  When I looked into the 
bathroom mirror, I saw a young boy with dirty blond hair who was about 
5'8'' could probably pass for a girl with the right make-up.  I had 
missed Walt as he had already left for work, but there was a note on 
the kitchen table.  He said he was sorry too, and that he didn't want 
last night's episode to ruin our friendship.  He said he'd be home 
early from work, and that we could talk about it that afternoon.  As I 
remembered what had happened last evening, I felt another wave of 
desire rush through me, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to control 
myself again.

I went back into the bedroom to try to pack up and leave.  But as I 
tried to get dressed, I found that all of my clothes were too big for 
me.  Nothing fit.  I tried to mull over my options, but I felt 
paralyzed.  On the one hand I had nowhere to go, and on the other, 
Walt's home offered me the only safe place I knew.  I struggled with 
myself for the reminder of the day until Walt returned home.

As Walt walked into the door, I stifled an urge to throw my arms around 
him and kiss him deeply.  I clasped my hands to my sides and walked 
briskly over to the couch instead.  Walt looked at me with wonder and 
worry, and sat down gently next to me.  We sat for some moments in 
silence.  Soon, however, I noticed that  his crotch was showing signs 
of an erection, and I felt a wave of hunger and desire sweep through 
me.  Walt saw me staring at his rising cock.

"I can't seem to help it.  Whenever I'm around you I get a hard on.  I 
hope it doesn't mean that I'm turning gay, but even that wouldn't be a 
bad thing if it was O.K. with you."

I looked up into Walt's face and found there a love and tenderness I 
had never seen as merely his friend.  Walt was treating me as his 
lover, and I realized that I wanted to please him.  "Walt, I don't know 
what's happening, but I don't want it to stop.  Do you think you could 
feel this way if I kept changing into something else?"

"Pat, I only know what I feel right now.  You've been my best friend 
for years.  You know me better than anyone else.  Even though I've 
become this hunk over night, I have no desire to go find bimbos to 
fuck.  All I know is that my cock is hard because I'm sitting next to 
you."  He reached out and tenderly stroked my skin.  I felt a deep love 
for him grow in my heart, and I leaned into him and let him encircle me 
in his arms.  As I let my head rest against his hard and muscled chest, 
one hand drooped to his lap and caressed his cock.  Soon I had unzipped 
his pants and was on my knees giving him the blowjob of his life.

As before, Walt started coming after only a few minutes, and I drained 
his cock dry.  As soon as the first warm shot of spunk hit the back of 
my throat, I began to feel the same feelings of warmth and tingling I 
had felt earlier.  With each new pulse of his cock, I could feel a 
different part of my body pulse in response.  First my hair started to 
push out from my scalp at an astounding rate, then I could feel my hips 
and ass begin to spread, the material on my gym shorts becoming tighter 
and constricting.  Walt groaned in ecstasy as he pumped spurt after 
spurt into my eager mouth.  I felt my shoulders narrow and a tenderness 
and puffiness begin to center itself on my male nipples.  With my free 
hand I reached down to my chest to feel the small bumps of teenaged 
breasts swelling under my hands.  I suddenly understood what was 
happening:  I was becoming Barbara Moore!

As the last spurts of Walt's cock dribbled into my mouth, the tingling 
and warmth subsided from my body.  I sat back and smiled at Walt, cum 
dripping from my lips.  I  brushed my now blonde hair away from my 
face, and looked down at my changed body.  I now looked more like a 
teenaged girl than a teenaged boy.   My hair hung to the middle of my 
shoulder blades, my torso had the subtle curves of a young girl, my 
breasts were conical buds perched high on my chest, and my hips and ass 
had swollen outward.  My legs were hairless, as was my face, and 
everywhere my skin was soft and smooth.  My hands and feet were small 
and dainty, and I pulled my shorts away from my skin to see a tiny cock 
and no balls nestled beneath a light patch of blonde hair.

"Well, it looks like I'm going to be your perfect sexual partner," I 
breathed in my now girlish voice.  "How do you like what you see?"

"My god, Pat, you're beautiful!  You look like a very young Barbara 
Moore.  How much has changed?"  Walt asked, his cock already beginning 
to stir.

"Not enough, lover boy, so you have to get that magical cock of yours 
hard quick!" I said seductively.

"It seems to me that that is your job."  Walt smiled back at me, 
leaning back into the couch and letting his pants slide off him.  He 
was now naked, and the cock, while not hard, had begun to show signs of 
life already.  I stood up and began a slow strip tease for him.  "I 
better get naked myself for the final mile."  I said.  I caressed my 
small tits, feeling my nipples stiffen in my hand.  I groaned with 
pleasure as I saw that my show had succeeded in getting Walt's dick 
hard again.  I dropped to my knees again and sucked on his cock for all 
I was worth.  It took longer this time, but I was again rewarded with a 
massive explosion of cum that poured down my throat.  As each pulse was 
swallowed, I noted the changes that coursed through my body.  With my 
free hand I held my right breast as it slowly and sensuously swelled to 
it's fullest potential.  I could feel my nipples grow even bigger and 
stiffer than they had before as I continued to suck on Walt's big cock. 
 Another spurt and my waist shrank to a tiny 23 inches and my hips 
spread to 36.  Another hot, salty spurt and my cock completely 
disappeared and a hot wet vagina took it's place.  A final spurt, and 
my face and lips assumed the fullness and softness of a beautiful 

I continued to stroke Walt's cock with one hand as I leaned back and 
examined my now completed body.  I was Barbara Moore.  Big beautiful 
breasts that hung from my female torso, that shook and bounced with 
every little move I made.  I shook my shoulders and was rewarded by the 
erotic feeling of my boobs swaying from side to side, my nipples 
pleasantly stiff in the afternoon air.  With my other hand I reached 
down to my newly formed pussy and discovered a wonderfully hot, moist, 
slit topped by a little nub that shot tremors through my entire body 
when I touched it.

Walt looked down at me with wonder, lust, and love, not necessarily in 
that order, as I continued to stroke his still stiff cock.  I smiled up 
at him and rose to my feet.  Still holding his cock in my hand, I 
straddled his hips and settled into his lap, guiding his thick hot cock 
to my wet hole.  I teased myself with his tip, rubbing his cock up and 
down my slit, coating him with my juices.  Then I slowly lowered myself 
onto his throbbing cock and moaned with delight as it filled me 

As soon as I had settled completely onto his cock, my vagina began to 
twitch and grab at his cock with muscles I didn't know I possessed.  
Walt began to rock his hips gently in response to the massage my pussy 
was giving his cock.  Each time his pubic bone pressed into my 
clitoris, I felt a higher pulse of sexual energy run through my 
abdomen. I leaned down and pressed my stiff nipples into his hard, 
hairy chest and dragged my breasts across him.  I reached down and held 
his face in my hands and kissed him deeply, my tongue searching out 
his.  His hands found my full and heavy breasts and gently tugged and 
pulled at the nipples.  Electricity shot through my breasts and landed 
in my vagina.  I pushed myself down onto his cock and ground my 
clitoris into his belly.  Every cell in my body screamed with feminine 

Walt, sensing my urgency, increased his rocking, causing me to bounce 
slightly on his cock.  I could feel my ass and hips and breasts jiggle 
sensuously in ways my skin had never before moved.  I was creeping 
closer and closer to my first female orgasm when Walt threw his head 
back and started spurting hot semen into my cunt.  The feelings of his 
cock pulsing in my vagina and the hot sperm splashing against my cervix 
sent me over the edge.  I collapsed onto Walt as my body spasmed and 
shook in feminine ecstasy, my breasts squashed on his chest, his cock 
still pulsing inside of me.  My vagina clamped down on his cock, 
causing him to moan loudly, and I began to squeal.  Finally, just when 
I thought I could take no more, the waves of pleasure slowly began to 

Walt and I lay on the couch for a long time, his slowly softening cock 
still deep inside of me, my legs still quivering and shaking from the 
intense orgasm, both our breathing deep and satisfied.  I lifted myself 
up to look into his beautiful eyes, and kisse him deeply and tenderly.  
When I broke the kiss, Walt smiled up at me and asked "Is it o.k. if I 
stll call you Pat?"

"I suppose, as long as you call me your wife."  We both giggled 
deleriously.  He had found his perfect sexual partner, and I had found 
my true happiness.

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