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Crack Whores  (an original composition)

It was a couple of years ago, I was still in my crack smoking period. 
I'm not proud of it, but it happened so I deal with it right?
I met this crack whore on the street.  She said her name was Karen, but
I knew that everybody had two or three names in crack town.  She was a
thin black girl, it was hard to tell her age but I was guessing she was
in her late twenties.  She was wearing shorts just a little too tight
for her firm ass and a cut up sweatshirt that almost hid a pair of
floppy tits.
I had about a hundred bucks or so on me from pawning the last of my
carpentry tools.  Like I said, I'm not proud of it.  It wasn't sex I was
after from as much as it was the rock.  I always liked having a girl
with me when I was smoking it up.  We hooked up with some rock and went
to an apartment she said was hers.  
Before she unlocked the door to the place, she told me that we'd have to
be quiet, that she had her little sister living there.  I was okay with
that, I just wanted to get high anyway, I didn't imagine talking too
much.  The place was pretty shabby, newspapers strewn on the floor, a
ragged looking couch and a filthy little kitchen table with two
mismatched chairs, early thrift shop style.
We sat at the table and quietly went about the business of smoking some
crack.  We talked quietly about everything and nothing at all.  She was
going to straighten herself up and get a job, I was going to move out of
this town for good.  She used to work in an office, I used to have my
own construction business.  She liked the ritual of crack smoking, I
liked to get my dick sucked while I took a hit.
You lose track of time smoking that shit.  Eventually the last few
slivers of rocks were sitting on the table. I asked her if she would
suck my cock while I did a hit. She didn't answer but got off her chair
and knelt in front of me.  I guess she thought she owed me a blowjob
since it was my money that paid for everything we smoked.  She got
started on my cock, bringing it to a good sized erection in no time. 
Her slick fat lips slid up and down my shaft while her hands stroked my
balls.  I picked up the glass pipe and set a piece on it.  Her mouth was
bringing the desired effect, I could feel the cum welling up in my
balls.  I lit the pipe and took a deep drag.  
The euphoria started to hit me as my cock started to spurt in the girl's
mouth.  I shot my load and settled back into the chair, my body
shivering as she gave her last licks to my dick.  She got up, went to
the sink and spit it out.  Wiping her mouth with the shoulder of her
shirt, she sat back down and set herself up another hit.
After we had smoked everything on the table, I asked her if it would be
allright if I crashed on her couch for a while.  She said she was going
to go out and find some more dope, but I could stay if I wanted to.  
She walked out the door and I settled onto the couch in a semi-fetal
position.  I didn't even try to sleep, it would have been no use anyway
with all the cocaine in my system.  I still had a few rocks left in my
pocket, kind of a secret stash that I didn't want to share.  I decided
to let it sit there for a while, knowing that I would want it later.  I
suppose she had hidden a rock or two on her and that was why she left so
I settled in to relax on the couch and turned on the small TV.  
Minutes or hours later, I heard a door open.  I looked to the door I had
come in from but it was closed.  A girl's voice spoke, asking who I was
and just what the hell I was doing there.  I turned to see a pretty
young black girl, about 14 or 15, standing in the doorway to what must
have been the bedroom.  I said that I was a friend of her sister's and
that she had just gone out for a moment.  She said that it wasn't her
sister, it was her mother.  She looked over to the table where all the
evidence of what we had been doing sat.  When she walked over to the
table, I got a full view of her body.  She was young and athletic
looking, her breasts stuck out like points from under the over-sized
t-shirt that fell almost to her mid thigh and hung off of one shoulder. 
Her hair was done in tight braids that fell just to the nape of her
She picked up the glass pipe from the table and asked if I had anything
to put in it.  I didn't answer right away and she walked over to the
couch.  Her big dark eyes looked into mine as she slid her soft hand
down my cheek.  I was getting hard again just by looking at her face.  I
began to reach into my pocket but she stopped me and told me that she
would find out for herself.  She slid her hand down the front of my
jeans and felt around for the rocks.  Her hand brushed my cock in a
manner so obvious yet still innocent coming from such a young girl.
She smiled and took my hand, leading me over to the table where the pipe
still sat, only recently cooled off from it previous use.  I pulled
three rocks from my pocket and set them on the table.  She sat me down
on a chair and then placed herself on my lap, her small tits just inches
from my mouth.  She asked me if we could make a deal.  She said that her
mother didn't like her smoking crack, but if I let her, she would do
anything for me.  She wiggled her ass down on my crotch and I knew she
could feel how hard I was.
I sliced her off a piece of the rock and set it in the pipe for her. 
She took the pipe and the lighter and raised it to her mouth.  I slid my
hand under the big shirt she was wearing and felt her firm small
breasts.  I stroked her flat tummy as she lit up and moved my hand into
her panties as she inhaled.  She took a deep drag and held it, looking
into my face and pointing to my mouth.  I opened my mouth and she placed
her open lips on mine, exhaling the sweet acrid smoke into me.  My
finger found her lightly haired slit and rubbed into the wetness forming
there, she parted her thighs slightly, allowing my fingers better
Her tongue darted out against my lower lip as she pulled her mouth away,
she smiled as her eyes glazed over with the euphoria of the smoke.
I stood her up and pulled her panties down to her feet, at the same time
she pulled her shirt over her head, revealing her body to me.  Her small
dark nipples rode high on her tits and a tiny patch of deep black pubic
hair covered her warm pussy.  I took my pants down to my ankles and
released my cock, which was once again rock hard.  I sat back on the
chair and she straddled me, poising her little snatch over the tip of my
With one hand I set up a hit for myself while the other guided her hips
as she slowly lowered herslef onto my shaft.  She couldn't get much in
at first.  She had to rise up and then sink down a few times before my
cock was buried deep into her pussy.  I raised the pipe to my mouth as
she rose again and lit up as she sank herslef back down.  The feeling of
her pussy sliding on my cock combined with the rush of rock, a much more
intense effect than her mother's mouth had been able to produce.  I
relaxed back against the chair, almost immobilized by the sensations. 
She spun around so she was facing the table, still keeping my cock
buried in her snatch.  When she leaned over to set up another hit, I
could see her ass stretch open, her puckered little brown-eye winking at
me.  I pushed a thumb into her asshole as she picked up the pipe.  She
raised herself up, almost pulling herself completely off of my dick when
she put the pipe to her lips.  She lit, inhaled deeply and sank herself
down again.  When she put the pipe down again and exhaled, I stood up
and bent her over the table.  I began to shove my cock into her hard and
fast, my belly making slapping noises on the cheeks of her ass.  She
turned her head so her cheek was flat on the table, her glassy eyes
looking back at me.  I could see a tiny dribble of spit leaking out of
her open mouth as I slammed into her.  I couldn't hold out much longer,
I needed to come and I could feel the shuddering beginning of her own
orgasm.  When I told her I was going to come,she reached behind and
pulled my cock out of her.  She pumped it with her hand while I spewed
my load all over her delicious backside.  
When I finished shooting, I collapsed onto her back while she toyed with
the slick head of my cock against her soft pussy.  I felt her shiver
once, twice then her body relaxed underneath mine.
We got up and went over to the couch, I wanted to taste her little pussy
before her mother came home.  She laid back on the couch, spreadin her
legs so that one foot was on the floor and the other was hanging on the
back of the couch.  I slid myself down into position and brought my face
up to her sweet little snatch.
Just then there was a knock on the door...