Animal Farm
                                   Chapter 4

     Almost from the moment Phil parked the car at the drive-in Stacy knew that
seeing a movie was the last thing Phil and Betty were interested in. And the
same was true of Al, she was sure.

     Because the speaker wasn't even turned up loud enough to be heard.

     She didn't really care about that, though.  It was a Western and she
figured that to see one such epic was to see them all.  Besides, by the way
Betty and Phil had started necking it looked as if they might put on a much
better show.

     Betty was wearing a dress, as Stacy was, and Phil's hand was already
caressing Betty's thighs where the hem had hiked high.  Stacy leaned back and
didn't move away when Al moved close and put his arm over her shoulder.

     She turned her face toward him and he mashed his mouth against hers.

     Al's tongue darted out and licked back and forth across Stacy's teeth and
one of his hands grabbed a breast and squeezed.  She pulled her mouth away and
pushed his hand from the mound that'd instantly gotten taut- tipped and tingly.

     "Take it easy, Al!  I don't even know you yet!"

     "I'm sorry!  I forgot about you being such an innocent kid!  That's the
label Betty put on you, anyhow."

     Betty pulled her mouth from Phil's and looked into the back.  "Don't come
on so damned fast, Al.  Give Stacy a chance to get in the mood, for Christ's

     "It's more for Al's sake," Phil said, chuckling.  "Come on, Betty. Give me
the works.  That should be enough to at least get Stacy in the mood for some
harmless necking."

     Al had pulled away from Stacy, seemingly pouting, and Stacy was sorry that
she'd reacted the way she had.  It was mostly from habit.  She'd liked Al's
kissing, his mouth tasted of peppermint, but she'd always backed away from
French-kissing with the few boys she had kissed.

     There was a short silence, uncomfortable for Stacy, as she'd told herself
that she wasn't going to be like she'd always been, and it was a little
shocking to hear Betty say that she was really hungry for some cock.

     Phil said, "There it is, baby.  All primed and ready!"

     Betty leaned her head over into Phil's lap and Stacy didn't resist the
urge to move forward to the edge of the seat for a better look.  There was
enough light for her to see quite plainly.  Betty was licking up and down on
just about the entire length of Phil's thrusting cock.

     There weren't any other cars parked close by -- not on each side, at least
-- and Stacy felt that it was a good thing.  She'd hate to be arrested on a
morals charge.  But she'd heard drive-in movies described as passion-pits so
she guessed it was safe enough.  If she could just stop being so afraid and
force herself to become directly involved ...

     "God, but that feels great, Betty!  You're a cocksucker from the word go,
baby, and the best, but you'd better take it easy if you don't want me flooding
your greedy mouth!  Let me do you before I come!"

     Betty had taken just about all of Phil's hard cock in her mouth and then
had started sucking up and down on almost the entire length of the stiff shaft.
Staring, fascinated, her own passion soaring, Stacy had felt Al move over
beside her.  He was also watching Betty suck Phil's cock, but he didn't touch
Stacy with his hands.

     Lifting her head, Betty settled back on the seat, her ass at the very
edge.  Phil slipped from under the steering wheel and got on his knees on the
floorboard between Betty's legs.  Betty pulled the hem of her dress up even
higher on her thighs, lifted her ass, and quickly got the dress up around her
waist.  That left her lush lower body completely exposed, as she wasn't wearing
panties.  Talk about being prepared! Stacy thought.

     Phil lowered his face and jabbed the tip of his tongue around her cuntal
lips.  Then he used his fingers to spread those puffy lips.  Betty moaned as he
licked up through her gaping gash.  Stacy felt Al's hand on her lower thigh,
the one nearest him, and she didn't pull away.

     Phil mashed his mouth against Betty's cunt and she let out a little gasp.
Stacy knew that Phil had shoved his tongue into Betty's pussy and she was sure
that he was lapping and maybe sucking on Betty's clitoris.

     Betty grabbed Phil's hair, his bobbing head, and dug her fingers into his
scalp.  Stacy could hear the slurpy sounds being made by Phil's mouth and
tongue.  She felt Al's hand sliding higher on her thigh, under her dress, and
she didn't protest.

     "I'm coming!" Betty suddenly blurted, lurching upward.  "Oh, Stacy, you
don't know how wonderful this feels or you couldn't keep from trying it!"

     Stacy's inner cunt muscles were quivering.  But she put a hand on Al's
hand and kept him from moving it over to her crotch.  She didn't want him to
finger-fuck her.  Not through her damp panties, anyhow!

     Betty let out a series of little cries.  She'd settled her ass back down
upon the seat and was squirming while clutching at Phil's head.  He was
gripping her hips with his fingers.  Betty sagged limply and when Phil lifted
his head there was enough light for Stacy to see that his lips were glistening
with Betty's cunt juices.  He licked his lips and Stacy remembered that her own
juices hadn't tasted bad at all.

     "Can you fuck me without coming, Phil?  If you can, put it in and give me
a few fast strokes.  Then I'll blow you and I won't be messy."

     "That'll give me a chance to practice my self-control," Phil said,
chuckling.  "But I can't give you many strokes fast or slow without blasting

     While speaking Phil had been moving into position, aiming his poking prick
at Betty's pussy.  She used one hand to place the blunt end where she wanted it
and then moved her hand out of the way.  Phil shoved his hard cock all the way
in with one quick motion.  Betty gasped and Stacy allowed Al to move his hand
over and cup her crotch.  One finger scratched at her panties and she thought
she was going to climax because of that comparatively simple contact.

     Phil pumped for maybe thirty seconds and then withdrew.  He moved quickly,
flopping his ass down on the seat next to Betty, his cock thrusting stiffly and
glistening with Betty's juices.  Stacy fleetingly thought that there was more
room in the back of the car, then wondered if she really wanted to use it.  She
guessed she'd let Al tongue her steaming snatch if he'd be satisfied to just do

     Betty leaned over and took the wet cockhead into her mouth.  She sucked
furiously, slipping one hand inside Phil's pants and grabbing his balls.  He
grabbed her head within a few seconds, blurted out that he was coming, and
lurched upward, jamming his cock deep into Betty's throat.

     Stacy couldn't see much then, as Betty's head was blocking her view, but
she knew that Phil's cock was spurting -- and it was easy to tell that Betty
was swallowing the sperm.  Betty kept sucking until Phil pushed her away and
Stacy could see that his cock was getting soft.

     "I can't take much more of this, Stacy!  You could at least let me get my
hand on your twat and you could be a good sport and jack me off!"

     Al's mouth was close to Stacy's ear and his breath was warm.  He'd shoved
his finger hard enough so that part of it and her thin panties were jammed
between her pussy lips.  She was actually nearing an orgasm. Before she could
tell him that she was willing to remove her panties and let him tongue her,
Betty turned around and spoke:

     "Stacy, you might hate me now for what I'm going to say, but I really
believe that it'll help you and that you'll thank me later.  I think that a
degree of force should sometimes be used to break down a girl's puritanical
morals and inhibitions so that she can learn to appreciate the delights of sex.
Phil, get back there and help Al!  And, Stacy, if you raise too much hell we'll
kick your ass out and let you get home the best way you can!"

     "I never did go for using force!" Phil protested.  "I'm not about to rape
anybody, Betty!"

     Al pulled away from Stacy and removed his hand from her crotch.  "I don't
go for rape, either!"

     "I don't want you guys to actually rape her," Betty said.  "Hell, just
work on her until she gets so hot she'll be willing and eager to do just about
anything.  If you give her a good going over I'll bet that she'll practically
be begging for at least some tongue!"

     Stacy didn't say anything.  She didn't want to walk home.  She hadn't
brought any money with her and she didn't want to hitchhike.  She was glad that
Betty had taken charge of the situation, really, because it made it much easier
to accept what she wanted to happen.  She sensed that Betty was using a little
psychology just as she was sure that if she really raised enough hell nothing
would happen to her and she'd be taken home.

     Phil zipped his pants, got out of the car, and then got in the back. Stacy
was in the middle.  She leaned back and said that she wasn't going to fight but
that she wasn't going to help, either.  Betty told the boys to strip Stacy
naked, adding that she'd keep a look-out.

     Stacy was secretly glad that she was going to be naked.  She wanted to
have both of her throbbing titties sucked on at the same time.  She was so
sexy-hot she was ready for just about anything!  She already felt as if she
could start coming and never stop.

     Al and Phil were very excited and therefore a little awkward, but they
managed to get her dress off without doing it any harm.  She moved helpfully to
prevent just that, and was sure that if she didn't want to have sex she
wouldn't have done that much.

     As soon as they had her bra off, and she'd again moved her arms helpfully,
Al went for one thrusting, hard-tipped breast and Phil went for the other
poking mound.  The sensation was just as wonderful as she'd thought so many
times that it would be.  Within thirty seconds after a sucking mouth and a
lapping tongue made contact with each of her throbbing titties she was gripped
in the throes of a blissful orgasm.

     She moaned and squirmed her ass on the seat and dimly wished that they'd
removed her panties and at least shoved a finger into her palpitating pussy.
But they'd be doing other exciting things when they stopped sucking on her
tingling tits -- and in case they didn't, she'd tell them to!

     Al moved his mouth to Stacy's mouth just before she stopped spasming. She
returned his passionate kiss and even admitted his hot tongue.  Then she sucked
on the slippery oral instrument until he pulled it from her mouth.

     Their hands had been roaming all over and her entire body seemed to be one
great erogenous zone.  Because each place that was touched caused her to react
with blissful feelings of sexual pleasure.

     As soon as Al pulled his mouth and tongue from hers Phil was right there
to take his place.  She returned Phil's tongue-probing kiss just as
passionately, even though she'd sagged limply.  She was still hot, even though
she'd climaxed.

     Phil returned to her throbbing breasts, kneading one spiked mound while he
sucked on the other, and Al got on his knees on the floor and began tugging her
panties off.  She lifted her ass and then moved her legs so that he could peel
the thin garment down and off.

     Al got between her legs and began kissing and licking her inner thighs.
She saw that Betty was watching, obviously with great excitement, and it dawned
on her that she'd just kissed Phil and lashed her tongue with his and he'd
recently had his tongue in Betty's twat.  But she guessed that too much time
had passed for the taste of Betty's juices to remain.

     Stacy's thoughts were broken off as Al slithered his tongue between her
moist cuntal lips and probed deep.  She moaned and lurched upward as she
thrilled to the truly delightful sensation.  Al took the opportunity to slip
his hands under and grab an asscheek with each one.

     She dropped her buttocks back down on his hands and he kneaded her ass
with his fingers as he tongue-fucked her.  He swabbed the walls of her
quivering cunt with the flat of his tongue and she started the mad dash toward
another climax.

     "It does feel great, doesn't it, Stacy!  Al's damned good with his tongue,
I know-and so is Phil, for that matter!"

     Stacy didn't answer.  She knew that the way she was hunching along with
Al's mouth and tongue was answer enough.  Besides, she didn't think that mere
words could ever describe or do justice to the tremendously wonderful pleasure
she was experiencing.  She hazily wondered why the hell she'd waited so long to
give in to her desires.  And there was more yet to come!  She wanted to be
fucked by Al -- and by Phil, if he could get another hard-on.

     Betty had turned sideways on the front seat, her head turned, her eyes on
Al's bobbing head.  She reached out and rubbed the back of Al's neck with one
hand.  Her other hand was out of sight, seemingly in her lap, and Stacy decided
that Betty might be finger-fucking herself.

     Phil pulled his Needy mouth from the hard-nippled breast he was sucking at
the moment and asked Stacy if she was about to come.  Almost at that same
instant Al's tongue went to Stacy's stiffened clitoris.  The lapping, and then
the sucking as the lips clamped down and around on her elongated
passion-button, caused Stacy to start lurching and bucking and wriggling
through a thrilling orgasm.

     That was answer enough for Phil.  Keeping right on squeezing one of her
throbbing titties, he lifted and mashed his open mouth to hers.  He darted his
tongue and she met it with her own.  She probed his hot mouth with her tongue,
then Phil's tongue was darting in and out of her mouth in practically the same
rhythm Al's tongue was darting in and out of her twitching pussy.  Again she
sagged limply, and again she was still hot, even though she'd experienced just
about the best climax ever.

     Both tongues were pulled from the two places at about the same time. Al
got out from between Stacy's legs and Phil went down on his knees. While Phil
was getting between Stacy's legs Al was moving up onto the seat beside Stacy.
She accepted Al's wet lips and then his tongue, getting a special thrill out of
the taste and the fact that she was sucking on a tongue that'd just probed her

     Phil licked her wet gash and sucked around on the outer cuntal lips. He
even nibbled with his teeth before snaking his hot tongue into her equally hot
twat.  Al broke the passionate, tongue-probing kiss and moved his mouth down to
one of her spiked breasts.  Since she'd already had two delightful orgasms
Stacy was able to coast along, enjoying the lavish oral attentions to the
utmost, but no longer so deliriously passionate that she was half out of her

     "I hope you aren't angry with me, Stacy!"

     There wasn't enough light for Stacy to see Betty's eyes, but she could see
that Betty's expression was serious.

     "No, Betty, I might be sorry later, but I'm not angry with you or with
anybody else."

     "That takes a load off my mind," Betty said.  "Even if I was sure that if
I told the guys to apply a little pressure on you it'd turn out this way.

     I guess you're ready to be fucked now."

     Al pulled his mouth from Stacy's throbbing breast and said that it might
be a little messy in the car.  "Besides," he added, "I've never had the desire
to pop a girl's cherry.  I'm not even sure that I want to take the

     Phil pulled his mouth and tongue from Stacy's clit and cunt, lifted his
head, and licked his wet lips.  "I'm not going to force you to take me on,
Stacy, but I'll give you your first fuck if you'll just tell me in front of
these witnesses that you want me to."

     Stacy was glad that Phil had stopped lapping her cunt.  She'd been getting
close to starting the blissful dash toward another orgasm and she didn't want
to make such an important decision while she had a tongue in her pussy.  Why
shouldn't she go all the way?  She wanted to feel a cock inside her cunt and
she was no longer all that innocent, anyhow.

     "I have a confession to make," Stacy said, suddenly wanting to be fucked
more than anything she'd ever wanted in her life.  "I really don't have a
cherry.  Oh, I've never had a cock jammed in there, but I've been masturbating
for a long time and once I used a handle of a hair brush and got a little

     Phil chuckled and said that was what he called honesty.  Then he said that
since he was already in position he'd do the honors if it was all right with

     Al protested, saying that he was Stacy's date and that Phil had already
fucked and been sucked off by Betty and that his nuts were starting to ache.

     Betty said that it was only fair that Al got first crack at his date and
that maybe Stacy would give them both a piece of ass.

     Saying that he didn't mind taking seconds, and that it wouldn't be the
first time he'd banged a wet pussy, Phil moved from between Stacy's legs.  As
Al quickly got down and took Phil's place, Betty told Stacy that maybe she'd
better give a verbal okay so that there wouldn't be any yelling about rape

     "Just so I don't have to take a cock into my mouth," Stacy said.  "I don't
think I'm ready to try that and I may never be!"

     Al had been hurriedly lowering his pants and shorts.  Stacy couldn't see
his cock, because of the darkness and the position he was in, but Phil had
lifted and was sitting beside her, his cock out in the open and stiffly
thrusting.  She decided that he must've taken it out while he was going down on
her.  She resisted the impulse to reach out and touch the poking organ,
wondering if it'd feel as hard as it looked, then telling herself that once
she'd actually been fucked she might lose the last of her inhibitions.

     Stacy wasn't all that nervous once she made up her mind that she
definitely wanted to be fucked.  That was partly because she'd already had two
different tongues in her cunt, she thought -- and partly because when she made
up her mind to do something she usually did it.

     Al snuggled in close and told Stacy to shove her ass out a little closer
to the edge of the seat cushion.  She obeyed and that caused most of her weight
to be on her back and shoulders.  She thought about putting her hand down to do
the guiding, but she hesitated too long.

     "I'll take it easy," Al said, placing the blunt end of his stiff cock
against the crack between her cuntal lips.

     "Not that I think I'm going to last very long!"

     Stacy felt that she'd be melting and creaming almost as soon as her
steaming snatch was penetrated.  Al pushed and the crown slipped in.  He left
the swollen glans buried right there and she knew right away that she was going
to enjoy the hard, hot cock a hell of a lot more than she had her finger or the
various other objects.

     Al shoved his prick on in, slowly and carefully, and Stacy couldn't keep
from pushing forward to get more of it deeper more quickly.  The sensation was
truly wonderful.  She felt his pubic hairs meeting and mingling with hers as
his stiff shaft probed the very depths of her clinging cunt.

     She didn't know how long his cock was, but he was hitting bottom. She
clamped down on the hard flesh and muscle as she'd so often done on her finger.
He groaned, pulled almost out, then pushed all the way in again.

     Al had his hands on her hips and his upper body was upright.  As he began
making in and out thrusts, the slow movements causing little rippling waves of
ecstasy to spread throughout Stacy's body, she began to hunch along with him.

     "How is it?" Betty asked excitedly.

     "Oh, it's great!  Wonderful!  Beautiful!"

     Al quickened the tempo of his thrusts.  Phil leaned on Stacy's nearest
breast.  Without missing a stroke, Al leaned over and began sucking on her
other spiked mound.  She saw that Betty had reached over and was stroking Al's
humping ass.  Stacy put one hand on Al's head and her other hand on Phil's
head.  She felt as if she might've suddenly gone to heaven.

     She'd met Al's faster pace.  He slipped his hands under, grasped her
wriggling ass, lifted his mouth from her throbbing tit, and really began
pouring it to her.  She moved just as fast, wriggling her ass wildly, sure that
he was about to come, just as sure that she was going to climax with him.

     "Oh, God!" she exclaimed.  "Oh, sweet Jesus!"

     Phil lifted his mouth and tongue from her other throbbing tit, seemingly
to watch.  Betty was still stroking Al's pumping ass.  Stacy felt Al falter,
then go tense, his cock buried deep and jerking spasmodically.  She felt the
hot sperm spurt and she melted into a glorious climax.  She clamped down on the
spewing shaft and Al mashed his mouth to hers.  But the passionate kiss didn't
last long after they both became still except for Stacy's inner muscles
twitching around the cock that hadn't lost its hardness.

     Al started pumping again and Phil said, "Oh, no you don't, buddy-boy! It's
my turn now!  With your permission, Stacy!"

     "Go ahead," Stacy said.  "I think I've wasted enough time with my finger!"

     Al had stopped his thrusts and pulled his stiff shaft out.  He'd gotten a
handkerchief from his pocket at some point.  He wiped his cock and dabbed at
Stacy's dribbling cunt before moving out of the way.

     Phil had been getting to his knees on the floor and dropping his pants and
shorts.  One hand grasping the thick base of his poking prick, he placed the
big head against Stacy's gaping gash.  He shoved and his cock slipped in much
easier than Al's had because of Al's deposited sperm. He went all the way in
with one motion, balls deep, and his rigid rod seemed to be about the same
length as Al's.

     Stacy moved along with Phil when he started his thrusts, thrilling to the
wondrous sensation, telling herself that she'd been stupid for waiting so long
to start fucking -- or getting fucked.  It was the greatest, really, and now
she could even understand why Betty had used the pony's big cock!

     Phil didn't last all that much longer than Al had, despite the fact that
he'd shot off in Betty's mouth.  But when he tensed and his cock jerked
spasmodically, spraying Stacy's clasping and clinging cunt with gobs of hot
semen, she soared to another shuddering orgasm.

     Betty had also stroked Phil's humping ass.  Al, his cock still poking, had
just watched.  When Stacy and Phil stopped their movements, both breathless,
Betty said that she was as hot as hell and needed some fucking.  Al said that
he was ready, able, and more than willing.

     Phil lifted his face from where he'd buried it between Stacy's breasts.
"My folks aren't home, and I know they'll be away until at least midnight, so I
suggest that we go where we can be more comfortable and continue this fun

     Betty and Al both said that Phil had a great idea, then Betty asked Stacy
if it was all right with her.

     "I do need a bath or shower," Stacy said.

     "Then let's haul ass," Betty said.  "Hell, we might even turn this into a
minor orgy!"