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Subject: Scenes From A Marrieage, Part 2 (M/F, BDSM, con)
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Scenes from a Marriage, Part 2
An original story by RareFire

	Sarah sat in the seat, her eyes closed, feeling the warmth of the
summer sun on her face through the windshield.  The air in the car was
cool from the air conditioner, and the contrast between hot and cold
was a pleasant one, adding to her already stimulated senses.  Every so
often, Jon would reach over and gently stroke her arm, sending shivers
through her body.  She could tell from the movements of the car that
they were traveling on a highway, and from the direction of the sun on
her skin that they were traveling southward.  She drifted, awash in the
pleasurable feelings coursing through her, content.  Suddenly, Sarah
felt the car slow, and pull to the right a bit.  Obviously Jon was
pulling onto the shoulder for some reason.  He instructed her to keep
her eyes closed as the car came to a stop.  There was silence.  She
felt his hand stroke the side of her face, caressing her smooth skin,
fingers tracing her lips then trailing down her chin to her throat.  
	He reached around her and placed a blindfold on her, whispering
as he did "I want you to be totally immersed in feeling.  You will not
see, or hear, or speak.  You are at my command, at my mercy.  You are
mine."  He then put earplugs in her ears, and a phallic shaped gag in
her mouth, tightening it behind her head comfortably but securely. 
Again he caressed her, this time stroking her breasts, her belly,
reaching down to touch the wetness between her legs.  She trembled with
anticipation.  She had never felt so vulnerable before, so out of
control, yet so protected and adored.  
	His hand cupped her mound firmly, the tips of his fingers teasing
her clit, pinching and pulling it, and she strained against him,
feeling an orgasm beginning to mount, seeking more contact.  Sensing
her arousal, Jon removed his hand, and gave a sharp tug to the leash
chain attached to the anal beads, pulling out the first one.  Sarah
moaned behind the gag with the intensity of the pain as the bead was
pulled past her anal muscles, pain that quickly gave way to a throbbing
pleasure.  She felt his hand at her cunt again, no, it wasn't his hand,
it was something else...a vibrator, the silver one with the variable
	As this thought made its way into her mind, she felt the vibrator
make its way into her aching pussy, and she pushed against it as hard
as she could, feeling the smooth cool metal enter her hot wet passage. 
She felt it begin to vibrate.  It was angled in such a way as to put
pressure on her clit, and suddenly she was flying, all consciousness
gone, a total immersion into the sensations coursing through her body,
all blurred together as she came, bucking her hips against it,
screaming with pleasure behind the gag as she gave way to wave upon
wave of pleasure coursing through her body.
	She was vaguely aware of the car's movement, and of the
difference in the intensity of the sunlight on her skin.  It was cooler
now, and she realized that she had been out of touch with reality for
quite some time.  She realized that her seat back had been reclined,
almost fully flat, which had the effect of stretching her out as if on
a rack.  She also realized now that her blouse was unbuttoned, and her
skirt was lifted to her waist, effectively exposing her clamped breasts
and shaved cunt to cars or trucks passing them on her side.  Sarah felt
herself blush at the thought of strangers seeing her in such a manner. 
It was embarrassing, humiliating, and such a turn on all at once.  	
	Her nipples throbbed from being clamped for so long, and the
wetness began to build again as she contemplated the pain that would
accompany their removal.  She became aware of the ache in her muscles
and joints from being held in the same position for what she presumed
had been several hours.  Just as she thought it was becoming
unbearable, that she just had to move, she felt the car slow to a stop.
 She felt Jon get out of the car, the hot air from outside invading the
cool interior, and then he was opening her door.  
	Jon reached down and released the chains from her legs, and
slowly stretched them out in front of her, massaging her thighs and
calves to restore circulation and prevent them from cramping.  He did
the same to her arms, lowering them to her sides, and rubbing them
gently.  Then he reached in and slipped his arm around her shoulders,
drawing her out of the car into the afternoon sun.  Her skirt naturally
readjusted itself, but she could feel her blouse gaping open, the
breeze hot against her breasts as they started walking towards some
unknown destination, Jon holding her leash, but with one arm
protectively around her waist to prevent her from stumbling.
	Sarah wondered where they were.  She felt totally disoriented,
and a little afraid.  Not of Jon, of course, but she had never been
this far removed from herself before, and she felt herself approaching
that indefinable line, the edge at which she wasn't sure if she would
be able to cross.  She hadn't used the safeword in a long time, and her
feeling of slow panic made her think maybe this was a good time to use
it.  No, she thought, I trust Jon, and he would never harm me in any
way.  She fought hard to calm herself, breathing slowly through the
gag, turning her thoughts inward again, slowing her racing heart.
	They walked a few short yards, Sarah picking her feet up
carefully, unsure of the surface beneath her.  She could tell they were
walking on gravel, she felt the stones through the thin soles of her
sandals. Then Jon was leading her up stairs, three of them, and
suddenly the air around her was cool, and slightly musty, as though
they were in a place that hadn't been used in a long time.  He led her
into the coolness of the place, and gently brought her down to kneel. 
Then he removed the earplugs.
	"We are in our own world now, my pet" he whispered in her ear,
"There is no one for miles around, no one to rescue you from the
tortures I am going to give you, and that you will accept from me
willingly.  No one to hear your cries of pleasure, your screams of pain
as you submit to my every whim.  Are you comfortable?"  She nodded, the
gag preventing her from voicing the words.  "Then we shall have to
change that, won't we my little slut? I don't want you to be
comfortable.  I want you begging for release."  
	With that, he brought her to standing.  Sarah felt his presence
in front of her, she could hear his soft breath on her face.  Jon
reached out and caressesed her breasts, sending ripples of pleasure
through her, getting her wet between her legs.  He walked way from her,
and she heard him dragging something across the floor, then he was
bending her into a chair, knees brought up onto the seat.  He tied her
legs to the sides, fastening her twice on each leg, at the thighs to
the upright of the back of the chair, and at the ankles to the top of
the front legs.  She heard him sigh, then Jon tied her knees to the
back legs of the chair, immobilizing her.
	Sarah had become the padding for the chair. She felt she was part
of it, a piece of furniture, an object to be used.  The thought
frightened and fascinated her at the same time.  This was far beyond
anything she and Jon had done in the past and she was intrigued by her
own feelings.  The whole point of being his slave was to be "owned" to
be his property to do with as he wished.  For months Sarah had wished
that Jon would be more demanding, would be harsher in his punishments,
would be, in effect much more dominant than he had been.  Now,
apparently, he had decided to do so, and she was a bit afraid, not of
him, no he would never harm her, but of herself, of how far she could
go, and not dissappoint him.  She had thought, in the past, that she
wanted to lose control completely, to endure anything he could give
her, to submit to him utterly, and now she was afraid she couldn't. 
But she was determined to try.
	Jon moved behind the chair again, facing her. She felt his
fingers at her nipples, now straining against the clamps which had been
on for so long.  Suddenly, he pulled them off, both at the same time,
and Sarah screamed into the gag with the pain of the blood rushing back
into her nipples, her knees buckling, but remaining in place, her hands
clenching the chair back, knuckles white with the intensity of the
feeling coursing through her breasts.  Jon reached aroung her and drew
her head against his belly, stroking her hair, telling her what a good
slave she was, how proud of her he was, and he reached down and gently
massaged her nipples, helping the blood flow, easing the pain, turning
it into pleasure, all the while praising her for her devotion to him. 
She nestled against his body, letting her mind go, feeling her body
begin to drift, and she knew, once again, that she belonged to only

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