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Subject:      REPOST:  The Owned Couple, Chapter Five
From:         Tom <trs@sonic.net>
Date:         1997/03/28
Message-Id:   <333CAD53.CAF@sonic.net>
Newsgroups:   alt.sex.stories,alt.sex.stories.bondage
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                        The Owned Couple
                          Chapter Five
                        By:  Tom Schroeder
                (M+/sub c, come, oral, anal, fist)

        This story is a work of fiction.  It may not be
distributed without permission of the author.  If you are offended
by erotic fiction, please do *not* read further!  You have
been warned.

        We didn't hear anything from Pat on Sunday, which
was just as well, as we were both sore and tired all day
Sunday.  Monday came, and we wondered what the new week
would bring from our Master.

        On Monday night, the phone rang.  I answered it.
"Hello, slave."  "Hi Master", I said.  "Which phone are
you on?"  "The cordless."  "Good.  Have the slut pick up
the phone in the bedroom, not the one in the livingroom.
Tell her now."  I put the phone down and told Kate to
pick up the phone in the bedroom.  She walked back, as I
picked the phone back up, "Okay, Master, she's going back
now."  I then heard the other phone pick up, "Hello?"
"Hello, my slut", Master said.  "Hi, Master.  That was
quite a night on Saturday", she said.  "Yes, it was quite
a night.  And I understand you had more visitors.  I'm
pleased that you followed my instructions.  Joe came by
and saw me on Sunday.  Slave, I want you to go into the
bedroom with the phone, I want you both in the same room."
"Yes, Master, I said, as I walked back into the bedroom.
"Tell me, slut, what are you wearing now", he asked.  "A
short dress", my lovely wife said.  "Good.  Now, I want you
to put your hand under your dress, and start masturbating.
Are you doing it, slut?"  "Yes, Master", she said.  "Good.
Joe asked me to loan the both of you out for a frat party
he will be putting together, once I let him.  There will
be both men and women there, and you'll both get quite a
workout.  By the way, slave?  I want you to take your pants
off, and jack off, but don't come.  Do it now."  "Yes,
Master", I said, as a took my pants off.  "Is he hard yet,
slut", he asked.  "He's getting there", my wife said.
"Great", Master said.  "Anyways, as I was saying, Joe wants
to have you be the entertainment for a party.  I, of
course, will accompany you both.  But it won't be for a few
weeks.  In the meantime, I have other plans.  I want to let
you both know, that we will be going into new arenas.
Areas that you may or may not want to go in to.  So, I'm
giving you both some safewords.  If things are going too
fast, and you need to slow it down, either of you will say
'yellow'.  If you absolutely will not do something, say
'red'.  Of course, by saying 'red', you may risk having this
whole arrangement end, unless I am in an understanding mood.
Do you both understand?"  "Yes, Master", we both replied.  I
noticed my wife's response was with a heavy breath.  Master
must have noticed also, as he said, "slut, I want you to lie
down on the bed, and bring your knees to your chest.  Keep
frigging yourself, like the slut you are.  Don't come until
I tell you to, though.  Give hubby a show."  She laid down
on the bed, and spread herself obscenely, furiously rubbing
her clit.

        He then said, "Alright, now that the slut is more
comfortable, I'll tell you both some more.  I'm going to
give the two of you a break tomorrow.  On Wednesday, I want
you to go back to having the slut straddle your back door,
with the curtains around her.  The same goes for Thursday.
You'll need Friday off.  If you can, get a babysitter for
the kids on Saturday night.  I have made reservations for
you both at the Hilton by the college.  You will check in
by 7pm.  Have dinner first, although, slave, you may not
want to eat too much.  Meet me in the lounge at the hotel.
Then, slut, we are going to really give that cunt of yours
a workout."  "Yes, Master", we both replied.  "Slut, you
can come when once I tell you the next part:  You are
going to receive a quarter mile of cock in your pussy that
night."  "Oh, God!  Oh, God!  Yessss, I want it!  Aaahhh!"
With that, she came, and I could see her naked pussy
twitch.  With that, I interjected, "Master, what do you
mean by a quarter mile of cock?"  "Just what I said, slave.
She will receive 1,320 feet of cock.  Not all at once, of
course.  Even Earl isn't that big!", he laughed.  "By that,
I mean that, averaging 8" per cock, and 50 strokes per fuck,
your lovely wife will take 42 loads into her pussy.  Of
course, if the average size is less, she'll take more loads,
and, well, you can do the math."  I was stunned.  How could
any woman take 42 fucks in one night?  Master continued,
"You will both bring your diaries, although you won't need
yours much, slave.  If you're a good slave, you can be cock
number 43 that night.  For this weekend, I want two new
entries for each encounter:  The size of each cock, the
number of strokes it takes to come, and, for you, slave,
each cock you suck, and each load you swallow, both from
men, as well as from out of your wife.  And, since the slut
will be busy, you, slave, will be making the entries after
each fuck.  And, unless you want it to be more, bring a
calculator."  I was still in shock, but getting incredibly
turned on by the prospect of my wife getting gang banged
in such an extreme fashion.  She must have been thinking the
same thing, as she was getting close to climax again.
Master said, "Well, that's it.  Slut, I want you to stop
frigging yourself, now.  Now, take your hand, and put it
in your pussy.  Pull out a handful of juices, and feed it
to your husband."  She put almost her entire hand inside
herself:  She was *that* turned on.  She then got up, and
walked over to me and I sucked her hand clean.  "Did you
do it", Master asked.  "Yes, Master", my wife said.  "Very
good.  Now, if for some reason, you cannot get a babysitter,
you must call me by tomorrow night, otherwise I'll assume
we're on.  And, slave, take your dick out of your hand."
"Yes, Master", I replied.  "Very good.  Well, good night."
"Good night, Master", we both replied.

        We both hung up the phone, and my wife turned to me.
"God, I don't know if I can do that."  I said, "Well, we can
always say no."  She said, "you don't understand.  I *want*
to do it.  I want to take a hundred cocks, if Master wants.
I'm really getting into this!"  "I am too, darling", I said.
I looked at her, worried.  She must have sensed it, and
said, "don't worry, darling.  No one will ever take the place
of you in my heart.  I love you, now more than ever."  I was
relieved, as I said, "I know, darling.  I just needed to hear
it."  She said, "And, as your life mate, I'll go along if you
ever want to cut this off."  "Thanks", I said.  "Anyway, I'm
not going to do that now.  Maybe I never will.  It *will* be
hot to see you get fucked so many times!  And if it ever gets
to be too much, we *do* have the safewords."  "That's true",
my wife said.  "God, I'm still sooo horny.  I know you are.
Well, lets get ready for bed."  We got undressed, she put on
her nightgown, and we slept fitfully, both dreaming about the
weekend to come.

        The next day came, and Kate called me at work.  She
said, "Honey, I found a babysitter.  Do you still want to go
through with this?"  I said, "Yes!  I've been thinking about
it all day.  I can't wait.  I only hope you can take me
afterwards."  "I'm not sure", she said.  "I only hope I'm still
conscious by the thirtieth one!  God, I'm horny!  I'm
masturbating just thinking about it."  She knew I would be hard
just talking to her about it, especially since I hadn't come but
a couple of times in almost a month now.  I wasn't used to it,
and I wanted to take her in the worst way!  The comment about
safewords made me wonder, but I wanted to do more.  She called
me back later, and told me, "Well, I talked to Master!  Its on
for Saturday.  He also will let you fuck me this week
beforehand.  He said it would keep your interest up, and let you
think about what you gave up to him.  Also, he said, he wanted
you to feel what my cunt is like before.... before...."  She then
moaned into the phone.  She was cumming over the phone!  It was
hard to stay soft in my cubicle at work.  I couldn't wait until
the weekend!  That also sounded promising; that, at least, I
would get to fuck her again, before the big event.

        Wednesday night came, as I saw my wife, who had only had
one other lover besides me in fifteen years, kneel down in our
back doorway, waiting for some anonymous stud to fuck her, while
I got to watch her expressions.  She was looking at me, wantingly,
when all of a sudden, she gasped, as she was suprised when someone
filled her cunt balls deep with cock.  She was starting to get
into these sessions now, moaning loudly for my benefit, "God, yes!
Fuck me deep!  I feel your balls slapping against my ass, while I'm
looking at my husband!  Ohhhhh!  Ahhhhh!  You're up against my
cervix.  Yesssss!  Flood my womb!"  Her head then jerked back, as
her womb was filled with sperm.  Then, she started moving her hips
back and forth under the curtains, as she told me, "God, Rich!
He's rubbing it into my ass!"  She moved like that for a minute,
then I saw her eyes open wide, like deer caught in headlights.
She gave a deep moan, as she said, "Oh, God!  He's in my ass! Ohhh,
yesss!  Take me in my ass!"  She had obviously gotten over being
fucked up the ass by now, as she moaned, and swung her head back
and forth.  She then said, "This must be someone else.  His cock
feels different, and his balls are hairier against my cunt.
AAAHHHHHH!"  She came *hard*.  The contractions that she sent to
her rectum must have sent the other person over the edge, as he
filled her bowels with hot, sticky come.  Then, I heard a slap,
as Master spoke, "Well, two are enough for you for the night.
Tomorrow night, when I slap your ass, you will turn around, keeping
your sopping pussy inside and spread for your husband to see.
Slave,  lick her ass and cunt out, then you can fuck her.  But don't
come tonight, as you will receive a treat in the morning.  As a
matter of fact, I'll be going against my own rules, and will let you
fuck her tomorrow morning, just so you can feel her cunt, which will
*never* be as tight again, after Saturday!"

        We heard two sets of footsteps walk off our porch, as my
wife got up, and closed the door.  She then laid down on the couch,
and spread herself as obscenely as she could, and said, "clean me
out, cum slave!"  I eagerly went down on her, and stuck my tongue
as far up her cunt, then her ass, as I could.  I then mounted her
the way she was, and felt the now familiar feeling of sloppy seconds
in her cunt, as I fucked her.  I barely held off coming.  I could
hardly wait until the morning, when I could fuck her without come
in her, so I could really feel her.  It was hard, but I controlled
myself (I still don't know how).  We then went to sleep.

        In the morning, I woke up, and rolled over and started to
snuggle with my wife.  I then slid down her body, and started to go
down on her.  She tasted so different, without the other juices in
her!  As she got close, she got on her hands and knees, and I fucked
her doggie.  I saw her well used (but not by me) asshole clench, as I
fucked her deeply.  It felt great, almost like I was getting away with
something.  I realized I was feeling that way because I got permission
from another man to fuck my own wife when I wanted to that day.  I
got close very quickly, and grabbed both her hips, as I came.  As hard
as I was, I was suprised my cock didn't come out of her mouth, as I
tried to get as deep in her as I could.  We both came at the same
time, always a very special feeling!  I, of course ate her out

        Thursday night came, and my spouse got into her position in the
doorway to the back yard.  She wore a dress, so, by my vantage point, I
only saw my wife, dressed, kneeling out the door.  From inside the house
everything looked normal.  She then gasped, as I knew she was being
entered.  Her mouth formed an 'O', as she was rocking back and forth
through the doorway.  I was hard, and the tip of my cock was leaking
pre-cum, as I saw her toss her head back and forth.  She grunted, and held
still as she came hard, while her womb was filled with come.  She then
grunted again, as she was entered again.  She started saying, "Unnggh,
Unnggh", as I heard slapping from the outside.  She was being spanked
while she was being fucked.  Tears started forming in her eyes, but she
was loving it, saying, "Oh god, yes!  Spank me!  Fuck me!  Ohhhh!"  She
spasmed, and stopped breathing momentarily, as it was obvious she was
being filled again.  She then started moaning again, as she was entered.
All of a sudden, she got pulled back fast, and her head snapped up.  "Oh,
god, that must be Earl!", she said to me, as she looked at my dripping
cock, and licked her lips slowly.  It was confirmed, when I saw a couple
of large black hands reach in, and under her dress, and started mauling
her tits.  He brought her to a semi-standing position, and I saw his
massive cock stroke in and out of her from underneath.  Come was rolling
down his prick from her other anonymous lovers, as he continued to bang
her.  He then went balls dep in her, and she literally screamed, as his
balls contracted, and pumped his baby juice into her.  I got up, and went
to quickly check on the kids, after the screaming; they were still asleep.
I came out, and her expression changed.  From what I had seen the last
two weeks, I knew her ass was being used.  She was biting her arm, and
moaning around her arm, as she was getting reamed.  It didn't take long
for the newest cock in her to put his load in her ass.  Then, I heard a
single, distinct slap on her ass, and she turned around.  Her dress was
taken off, and thrown into the house.  I saw come rolling down her thighs,
and both her ass and cunt were wide open and gaping.  I the heard her
slurping, as she was giving someone head.  Just the sight of her, combined
with the sight of her used holes almost sent me over the edge.  I could
feel the come forming in my balls, but I kept it from coming, by thinking
about baseball, work, anything.  I heard slurping and swallowing for a
while, mixed in with vioces from the outside.  "Do it on her tits!  Cover
her face with it!"  I then saw her bring her hand back in, and start to
frig herself.  I then heard a voice from the outside, "Put your hand in
her, slave!"  I went over to her, and worked finger after finger in her.
After having Earl in her, it wasn't hard, but it was a first.  Nothing
in the world felt quite like having my entire fist in her.  I felt her
vaginal muscles clench around my fist, as she moaned around the cock she
saw sucking.  I heard no more swallowing, but more slurping, as I pistoned
my fist in and out of her.  She came two or three more times.  Then, I
heard some unintelligible whispering.  Then, she pulled my hand out, and
got up, and closed the door.  What she presented to me was awesome, her
face and hair was covered with come.  It was dripping from her cheeks, and
chin, and her nipples were red and swollen, as her tits were also covered
with come.  She came over to me and kissed me, fedding me a couple of loads
of come from out of her mouth.  She then said, "Wow!  That was great!  Master
said that you are to clean me off and out.  You can't come though, because
you left the room for a minute."  I then got a workout on my tongue, as it
took a half hour to lick the come off and out of her.  We then got into the
shower, and she had me shave her, she said that it was Master's orders that
from now on, I could see her nude to shave her.  We then went to bed, waiting
for the weekend.

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