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This is a repost of All the parts of my ongoing story of Shelly

Chapter one is a little too long for the anon server so it's broken in to 1A

and 1B.  Parts 2, 3, and 4 are in individual posts. 

In part 1, Shelly, a 40 year old housewife, becomes a submissive slut,

willing to do anything for her young neighbor.  Most of part 1 was set 3

years ago, when Shelly first met Dave.  Part 2 was set three years later,

Shelly at 43 and Dave at 29. Part 3 deals with Shelly's breast augmentation,

and part 4 with a humiliating situation with Dave and his friend, Jim.

I hope you enjoy the series.   I'd like to get on with part 5, but I'm

uninspired.  Please send me your ideas for part 5, given the following

general guidelines, Shelly needs to feel like a slut, a little public

humiliation, exhibitionism is a plus, no physical pain, just mental D&S. 

You can E-mail me via anon.



Part 4


It was about 8 p.m. and Shelly and I were watching TV.   Shell hadn't seen

Dave for two days, he'd been out of town and was unable to take her with

him, as he frequently does.   Since her young master was out of town she was

able to dress and look however she pleased.   She'd just come out of the

shower and her hair was wet, she didn't have any makeup on, and she wore a

long white terri cloth robe.   Even so, she was an erotic sight with her

silicone enlarged breasts, now huge and pushing out the front of  her robe

making two large tents.  It was Mid March and warm weather was just around

the corner.  Shell and I were talking about the garden, and the type of

flowers we wanted to plant when Spring weather arrived.   

Despite my wife's enormously large and rather fake looking new tits, we

carry on around our friends and neighbors as if nothing has changed.   We

know they talk a blue streak behind our backs, but we just pretended that

nothing's happened .... it's just easier that way.   Of course none of them

have the nerve to just come out and ask, "Mrs. Anderson, why did you have

your rather average bust enlarged to whorish proportions ?"  We just go

about our lives ... as best we can.    Oh, it' tough at times, Shelly has a

lot of trouble finding dresses that fit.   Her body is grossly out of

proportion. If the bottom fits then the top is way too small, if the top

fits, then the bottom hangs like a tent. 

As a result, she's taken to wearing primarily skirts and tops, items that

can be purchased and sized separately.   She is still a size 8 on the

bottom, but is a 44DD on top.    Wherever we go,  people stare.   I know

there are a lot of women out there with a big bust, some as large as my

wife.  However, very, very few are as trim and firm everywhere else .... and

I doubt any have tits that stand as firm, virtually perpendicular to her body.

Fewer yet (if any) that go braless and dress like my wife.

At any rate, I'm wandering.... Shell and I were having a lazy evening at

home, watching a little TV.   The phone rang.  I answered, it was Dave

calling from the airport .... he wanted to talk to Shelly.   

"Hello ... yes ... yes I have.  But ... but ... Dave, Al's sitting right

here listening ... what ?"  I watched as she became silent, listening for

several minutes.  Her face was turning a light shade of pink.   She slipped

her left hand in between the folds of her robe, "yes sir, your cunt's wet

and ready.  Yes I have ...."  She looked at me, the shame visible in her

eyes, "I've really missed your cock these past two days and I'm .....", she

looked away, "I can't wait until it's between my legs and lips again."  By

now her hand was moving steadily underneath her robe, her breathing was

becoming more labored, and her face redder. "When .... o.k., yes, 6 p.m.,

I'll be there."   A disapointed look crossed her face, "yes, I'm stopping",

and she withdrew her hand, sticky juice clinging to her fingers. "No, no

.... I  ... can't ... o.k. o.k., please, o.k. I will", with that she hung up

the phone and walked over to me.

She held out her hand, her juice still warm and fragrant, "open your mouth

Al, Dave wants you to taste me."   Stunned, I hesitated for a minute.  I'd

never, ever been a part of their little games. Evidently I'd waited a little

too long, "Dave said that if you don't lick it clean that you won't get laid

for 3 months."  

What could I do ?  Sixty seconds later the only thing on her fingers were

her gold wedding band and a little of my saliva  Her cunt frustrated, she

went to bed.  Dave had given her three orders on the phone; the first was to

have me lick her hand clean, the second was for her not to come, and the

third was to be at his house at 6 p.m. the next day.  Dave told her he was

double dating with an old college friend, that they were going in to Chicago

for a grand night at the opera, to a fine restaurant, and an exciting night

on the town.    

The next day Shelly was excited, to say the least.   Dave had, in the past,

taken Shell into the city.  He didn't mind being seen in public with her, in

fact, he enjoyed showing off my wife as his hot date ... and older woman hot

to trot.  Chicago was 50 miles away and the chances of being seen by someone

we know is slim.

Shelly wanted to "do it up right".  She took her entire cloths allowance for

the month and bought an outfit suitable for the opera, but also appropriate

for her role as Dave's sex slave.   The dress was ivory colored satin.  It

was long, going from her neck to just below mid-calf.  It wasn't low cut at

all, but it was knockout hot all the same.  It was completely backless,

dipping down to just above the swell of her firm ass.   In front, the top

was solid from the collar down.  It was, however, not very wide in front.

Given her huge chest, it was pushed out enough in front that about half of

her big tits were visible from the side.  It wasn't see through, you

couldn't make out her big brown nipples, but you could certainly tell where

they were, as the material was thin enough that they made obvious points on

the front of the gown.  She wore large elaborate earrings, long ivory

colored gloves, and a gold bracelet on her left hand.   The bracelet was

given to Shell by Dave for her 43rd birthday.  The inscription on the inside

was simple, "To my slave, Shelly Anderson".   

Shelly wore sheer thigh high stockings, the kind that hold themselves up

without a garterbelt.  She went without the garterbelt because it would have

made obvious bumps through the tight dress.   It wasn't that she was

unwilling to have them show through and put on a little display for Dave,

she just didn't think he'd want her to be quite so obvious at the opera.  To

finish off the ensemble she wore elegant 3 inch ivory colored pumps, not as

sluttish as most of her shoes, but elegantly sexy.

My wife had a manicure, her long fingernails were expertly done in a dark

pink.   She'd had her hair done just the way Dave loves it .... teased and

big, but it was nicely styled and look sensuous rather than slutty.    At 5

she dressed and put on her makeup .... she was as giddy as a school girl as

she got ready.   You'd have thought she was preparing for the prom.   At

five till six she came into the living room.  I was stunned.  I stared at

the magnificent creature before me.   I can honestly say that I've never

seen anyone, in person, that looked so good.   She was truly impressive.

She looked stylish and elegant, and was drop dead sexy all at the same time.

She was as excited as I've ever seen her, she'd prepared all day for her big

night on the town and now it was time.

I kissed her on the cheek (couldn't mess up the pink lipstick that matched

her nails) and watched her beautiful ass move from side to side as she

walked to the house next door.   

Shell, full of excitement went to Dave's door, it opened, and she went in.   

I was very surprised when she showed up back at home 50 minutes later, a

little disheveled, but still decked out in all her finery.  When she came in

it was easy to see that she was not in a good mood .... after a several

minutes of badgering I finally got her to tell me what happened.

Shelly went to Dave's door and turned the knob to see if it was open.  If

it's unlocked she's supposed to go inside, find Dave, and announce that

she's there and available. 

She walked into house and down the entry hall towards the family room, her

stylish high heels making a tell tale clicking noise as she walked,

advertising her presence.  She walked through the doorway to the family room

and saw both men.  They were dressed casually in jeans and T-shirts.  Their

cloths surprised and confused her, but she continued with the routine, "I'm

Shelly, Mrs. Alan Anderson, I'm here and I'm totally available to you."

"Whoooaaa Shelly ... you look fabulous", Dave said, in a loud voice, smiling

from ear to ear.  I told Jim here that you were a beauty .... but you've

outdone yourself tonight, my little slut."  

Shelly smiled, happy that her extra preparation showed, and pleased Dave.

"Dave, may I speak ?", she asked, looking at Dave's feet.

"Yes, Pet, you can talk.  But first let me introduce you to my friend.

Shelly, this is Jim Smith.  Jim and I were undergraduate roommates for 2

years, and we've been close ever since."   "Jim, I'd like to present the

neighbor lady .. ", he said with a wry little smile.  "As she told us a

minute ago, her name is Shelly Anderson ... that's Mrs. Anderson.  She's

married to my neighbor, Al.   

As Shelly blushed, a deep, humiliating red, Dave went on, "She's a complete

slut, my little married whore, a 43 year old fucking machine.  She can give

a blow job like nothing you've ever felt ... she can suck like a shop vac

and has a hot tongue that she knows how to use.  She can, and I've watched

her, take a ten inch black cock all the way down her delicate white throat. 

Not only can she use her mouth, but she can fuck .... oh how she can fuck.

She's an older woman, 43, but has cunt that's both tight and gets sloppy wet

when she feels the slightest bit of shame or humiliation.  I bet she's got a

wet pussy right now.   She knows how to use her body too ... if you push her

over on her hands and knees and slip it to her from behind, she'll give you

a slow grind for a while, as long as her hot little pussy can take it slow.

Then, when her hot box really gets excited she'll start really moving her

ass.  She has a way of whipping her ass up and down, really moving it on a

hard dick ... it'll drive ya wild.  And if you think her pussy's tight, just

wait until you slip your cock in her backside ... she's got the hottest

asshole I've ever been in.   She can really let go when she's taking it in

her tight hole, she slings her ass, hunching it up and down until your poor

cock just can't hold out any longer ... in short, she's the best ass fuck

you'll ever have."  

"She was an asshole virgin when I met her, but I fixed that pretty quick,

now didn't I Shell ?"

"Yes Dave", was her short reply.

By now my wife was a deep shade of red, and Dave was right, her slit was wet

and slippery.  Her ass was as well, since she kept it ready with KY at all


"Now, Shell, my sweet, what did you want to say?", Dave asked.

"Did I dress correctly for the opera ?  I thought it'd be formal, but you're

wearing jeans.", she said in a quiet voice. 

Dave and Jim looked at each other, perplexed.  "Well, yes Shelly, the opera

is formal, very formal. In fact, we have tuxedos.  It doesn't start until 9


Dave and Jim sat on the sofa, leaving my wife standing. Jim asked Dave,

"Why's she so decked out.  Don't get me wrong, I love the way she looks, I

just didn't expect a woman who's ... well .... such a slut, to look so classy."

"Well, Shell", Dave asked.  "Why ARE you dressed so formally?"

"For the opera ?", she said questioningly, not understanding what was going on.

"Your kidding ....", Dave said looking at Shell.  Then he understood, she

thought he was taking HER to the opera.  Somehow he either misled her or she

hadn't followed what he'd said.  Either way, she thought he was taking her.

Dave thought it was an excellent opportunity to reinforce his domination,

and really humiliate my girl.

"You thought I was taking you to the opera ?", Dave said, smiling at Shell.

"You do look great, a regular wet dream, but you didn't really expect that

I'd be taking you to such a high class public function, did you ?  I'm

afraid it just wouldn't do."  Dave stopped for a moment, "You really fill

out that dress, Shell", he said smiling. "But look at those tits babe,

you're a cow.  I can't take you to a place like the opera looking like a

whore ... a high priced whore, but a whore none the less.  I wanted you here

at six because we don't have to leave until 7 to pick up our dates."

Dates ?  Shelly didn't understand what was going on.  

"Jim and I are taking two young ladies to the opera.  Graduate assistants

from the university.  It's a first date for both of us.  And since it's a

first date, and a very formal function to boot, I didn't figure we'd be

getting laid during our time with the girls."

Shelly was beginning to understand .... she was there to be used ... they

just wanted to dump some cum in her.

Dave decided that he'd reinforce Shelly's position as his plaything, and

demonstrate to Jim just how obedient she was .... he was also sure that

she'd get off on the humiliation of the situation as well.  "Shelly", he

said bluntly, "I wanted you here at six for two reasons. First, I wanted to

show my buddy, Jim here, a real live sex slave, I don't think he really

believed you existed, or if he did, he didn't believe that you'd do

anything, absolutely anything I order.  Second, I wanted to make sure we had

plenty of time to get fucked, my dear."

Here was my wife, all dolled up, professionally done makeup and hair,

perfume, nice jewelry, and dressed in the snazziest, classiest outfit she's

ever wore. She's a mature 43 years old woman standing in front of two young

men, being told that, as far as they're concerned, she's just a fuck.  Very

beautiful and desirable, and well put together, but just a fuck none the less.  

Most women would have been offended to tears, or would have just left.   Not

my Shelly.  She WAS humiliated beyond belief and her head was down.  Her

pussy however, betrayed her true nature.  A few minutes earlier her slit had

been moist.  It now gushed with the natural lubricant of a woman primed to


She was ready to be taken, really needed it ... and Dave knew it.

Dave got up, walked over to Shelly and stood directly behind her.  "You know

Jim, this slut's really got me ready for a fuck. I know you're a guest and

all, but I'm going to take a quick fuck just to get things started." 

Jim was stunned, and mindlessly nodded his head.

Reaching both hands around my wife, Dave cupped his hands over Shelly's

enormous breasts, teasing the big nipples, making them stand out even more

on the front of her dress. He said with a chuckle, "You know Jim, with a

neighbor like this, who needs a girlfriend."

Then Dave's demeanor changed, it took on some urgency.  "O.K. Shell let's

get to it", he said matter of factly as he roughly pinched both nipples,

catching Shelly off guard and causing my wife to take a sharp intake of air. 

He bent down and roughly grabbed the hem of her skirt and jerked it up.  It

was fairly tight and took a little maneuvering to get it bunched up around

her thin waist.  Dressed in the stylish heels and thigh high stockings,

without panties, standing with her feet shoulder length apart in front of a

complete stranger, my bride was about to be soundly fucked by her young master. 

Dave slid his right hand around her waist and used his left hand to push her

forward a bit, bent at the waist at a slight angle.  With his left hand he

unsnapped his jeans, pulled down the zipper and pushed his pants and

underwear down to his knees.  He grabbed his now hard prick and positioned

the head at the opening of Shelly's pussy.  In her slightly bent over

position her cunt fanned open, wet, ready, and ripe to be fucked. 

Dave grabbed Shelly's hips with both hands for leverage and pushed all nine

inches in with one mighty thrust.  She's very tight, despite having a sloppy

wet cunt, and it took a hard push to embed his entire prick in one thrust.

The quickness and the force took Shell by surprise and she let out a little


After sinking his prick in to the hilt he stopped ... didn't move.   After a

few seconds Shelly started using her well practiced cunt muscles to squeeze

his cock, to entice him on, to get him going.  

He remained still.

"Shelly, honey, don't you think that Jim would like to see your big whore

tits while I fuck you ?", Dave said.

"Yes Sir", and with that she used one hand to reach the collar of her dress,

and unhook the snap behind her neck.  The entire top of the pretty dress was

held in place by the collar and when it dropped, her 44 double D's were on

display, the big hard nipples pointing invitingly at Jim.  

Shelly smiled with pride as she saw the look of pure lust on Jim's face as

he gazed at her big firm tits, swaying before him. 

At about the same time her tits came into view Dave started pounding, and I

mean pounding her pussy from behind.  He snapped his ass in long, deep, hard

thrusts that left Shelly panting.  Dave was hot and ready to pop. After only

about 3 minutes he dumped a big load of warm sperm into my wife.

Meanwhile, Shelly was still humping his cock. She hadn't cum, but wanted to

in the worst way.

"Stop ... Stop ... stop moving your little ass, girl, or I'll slap it.  She

stopped moving on his prick, but it was tough, she wanted to cum so bad. 

"Clean me", he simply said.

My wife dislodged his cock, turned around and knelt before him.  Her dress

wrinkled and bunched... the hem pulled up, and the top hanging uselessly at

her waist.  Globs of white cum rolled out of her used pussy and came to rest

on her pretty stockings as she knelt, licking their combined juices off his

cock.   When she'd thoroughly cleaned him Dave said, "Well Jimmy me boy,

you're up to bat.  Just tell the little whore what you want and she'll do it."

Shell turned to Jim, a look of pure whorish lust on her face.   Still on her

knees, she crawled on all fours towards him.  "Drag those big cow tits

babe", Dave told Shell.   

She lowered her body a bit, her big nipples dragging along the carpet as she

crawled toward the young stranger that would soon fuck her.  

"If it's o.k. Dave, I think I'd just like to lay back and have her, well ...

you know .... do it.", Jim said, tentatively.   "Don't tell me Jimmy, tell

the slut. Don't mince any words either, the whore likes to hear it down and

dirty, she gets off on it, don't you Shell ?"

"Ya, I want to hear it, tell me how you want me fucked, tell me I'm a whore,

a slut, a cunt, humiliate me .... do it, I need it.", Shelly hissed.

Jim perked up, taking charge of the situation, "Mrs. Anderson, you old cunt,

get over here.  If you want my cock so bad get in my pants and fish for it.

Come on, get with it you whore."  Shell unsnapped his jeans and pulled them

down and off.  His cock was erect and made a large tent in his jockeys.

Shell pulled his shorts off, his prick bouncing out and upward, bending

slightly.   It's purple head staring at her.   "Get it wet slut", Jim barked.


Shelly alternated between licking up and down the veined shaft and sucking

his hairy balls.  After only a couple of minutes Jim, had her stop.  Her

cocksucking talents were about to make him lose his load in her mouth ....

something he didn't want to do at the moment.  He wanted her pussy, he

wanted to fuck my wife, not blow in her mouth.  Jim laid back on the floor,

propping a pillow behind his head, "Ride my cock you two bit whore".

Shelly crawled up his body, dragging her big fake tits along its length,

stopping when her nipples were dangling above his face as she slipped her

hot sheath over his prick.   She dropped her cunt all the way down in one

fluid motion.   "Oh, my ... oh my .... ", Jim moaned as my wife rode his

cock, actively fucking her body on him.   All the time at the Gym paid of as

Shell had superb strength and endurance, giving the boy a very active and

hot fuck for a full 15 minutes.  "Oh,  Oh, you bitch, oh, my, oh, my I'm

going to cum, I'm going to come .... Mrs. Anderson, you cunt, you're going

to make me cum.   You're old enough to be my mother, and your the best fuck

I've, oh, my, here it comes, AAAHHHH."

Jim added his load to Dave's in my wife's tight, but well used pussy.  When

he was done, and she rose, a long strand of whitish come still connected her

cunt to the end of his prick.   When she stood a small stream of cum

trickled down her thigh, collecting around the top of her stockings.  

"Shelly, I think we're about done with you.   Be nice and clean up Jim here

and I'll let you have the release you want so badly.", Dave said.

Shelly dropped back to her knees and, with her mouth, cleaned the sticky

residue from Jim's cock and balls.  "O.K. baby, get up on the sofa, spread

your legs and get yourself off .... and tell us what a whore you are as you

frig that hot cunt."

"Yes Dave .... I'm your whore, I do whatever you want, I've fucked countless

men for you, oh, oh, oh, yea, I've whored my body before, just because you

thought it'd be fun to see me sell it, oh, oh, YEESSSS. Oh, yes ...",

Shelly's pussy spasmed in a clenching orgasm and she slid to the floor, her

legs splayed apart, her adulterous cunt open and on display.  

"Shell, time for you to leave.  Jim and I need to get ready for our dates."

With that, Shelly pulled up the top of her rumpled dress, reattached the

collar, and pulled down and smoothed the dress bunched at her waist.

Several wet cum spots decorated the back.  She left the men and came home,

their cum still dripping from her pussy.


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