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Frieda was a frail little waif of a little thing.  She appeared to be
much younger than her actual age of eighteen.  Her skin was very smooth,
her face flawless. And of course, yes, she was still a virgin...

She was, as they say, a late bloomer, small, budding breasts were just
starting to take shape upon her young form.  She was thin and innocent
looking, with an air of shyness that was just adorable.   She had a very
round, tight little ass.  Her fair skin was extremely white.  She hated
to be in the sun.  Frieda was not nearly as smart as some of her little
friends were, but every one of them liked her because what she lacked in
brains, she made up for with sweetness and

It was a cool Saturday morning in October, when Herrington happened to
look out the window of his study towards the back fence of his spacious
yard.  What was that?  Something moving along the hedge.  He pulled the
sash tight on his silk robe and dashed through the house and out the
back door. Slowly he padded across the concrete patio and across the
lawn towards the hedge row.  As he neared, he could make out a feminine
form. It was Frieda!  And she was sneaking a cigarette!  The little
bitch had crept into his back yard from her house next door and was
hiding in his hedges and smoking!  She never saw him approach.  He
simply walked right up behind her and grabbed her by her shoulders,
making her nearly jump out of her shoes and gag and cough on the drag of
smoke that she had just taken.

"What are you doing back here in my yard?", he queried.  "Nothing, Mr.
Herrington," she stammered as the still burning cigarette fell from her
limp hand.  "Nothing my ass, little lady, I see you've been out here
smoking, trespassing and littering my back yard up with your damned
little cigarette butts," he exploded, whilst looking her deeply in the
eyes all the while. She was so precious, her little face was tilted up
towards him in fear, her eyes wide, her breath falling rapidly now. 
"Please don't tell my mother, oh god, please don't," she pleaded. 
"She'll kill me, I know that she will." Suddenly a wicked thought
crossed Herrington's mind, and his substantial prick stirred slightly
under the silk at the thought.  "I won't, but you have to do something
for me in exchange for my silence," he said, "After all, I would hate to
see you get in so much trouble, but at the same time, I know the right
thing to do here would really be to tell your mother all about this.",
he added.  "Please, Mr. Herrington, please don't, I swear I would do
anything, anything you wanted, if you just would not tell my Mother
about this," she pleaded, tears starting to stream down her face.  "I
think that we might just be able to work something out, Frieda.   Do you
really swear that you'll do anything that I want you to do, as long as I
promise not to tell?" he asked.  "Yes, yes, yes, oh yes-anything!".  She
was starting to show the beginnings of signs of relief.  "Good," he
replied.  "Then let's go up to my house right now," he said.  He placed
his hand on the small of her little back and led her up towards his

After they were inside, he walked her into his warm, cozy study.  A fire
was crackling along one wall in the fireplace.  He had a large,
overstuffed wing back chair across from it, and it was towards this that
he led the timid little girl.  He sat down in the chair, and bent down,
and pulled a low, padded matching stool out from under it, and placed it
on the floor right in front of him.  He motioned for Frieda to come and
stand in front of him.  "Now, my little sweetheart, it's time for you to
come and keep up your end of this bargain.  I must have you know, that
even though I am forty-eight years of age, I am still very healthy.  I
still have lots of needs, needs that largely go unfulfilled these last
three years, since my wife passed away.  Do you know what kind of needs
I am talking about?"  

Frieda looked dejected at the floor and stool in front of his not even
beginning to know what to say about the turn of events unfolding in
front of her.  Instead, she nodded slowly.  She knew in her heart that
he was referring to his lust.  The lust of men that her mother had
always warned her of.  

The lust that her girl friends giggled and snickered about when they all
got together.

"Kneel down in front of me on this stool, little one," he intoned.  She
slowly did as he said, head still demurely bowed.  Herrington was
exceptionally horny this morning and already his cock was at full stand
under the silken slithering of his robe.  He could not remember the last
time he had been this hard, this erect!  Every pulse of blood from his
heart made it throb...  He was really ready for this, yes indeed.  He
bet that little miss innocent here had never even seen a man's cock
before.  He slowly spread his legs widely, his crotch right about the
height of her neck, and this action resulted in the material of his robe
being pulled tightly across the length and girth of his rampant cock, in
such a way that she could not mistake what was under it.  And she
didn't, almost fainting at the sight. Oh my god, she thought, look at
this huge thing under there.  She was suddenly seized with a feeling of
curiosity, a feeling of wanting to finally see a man's dick for the
first time.  But at the same time, she was scared at the thought of what
he might want to do with it to her.  Like her friends always talked

Her thighs pressed tightly together at the thought of him trying to fuck
her if she wasn't careful...

"Open my robe, Frieda, and look at what Mr. Herrington has for you this
morning" he cooed down at her.  Slowly her hands rose to gently touch
each of his knees.  Sliding her hands up his silk covered thighs to
where they met at his loins, she carefully grasped one of his robe flaps
in each dainty little hand, and drew them apart.  The separating halves
of his robe revealed nine inches of stiff, throbbing meat to the little
girl's wide eyes...  

Nothing she had ever thought of or even dreamed about had prepared her
for what she beheld...

The darling girl gasped, never taking her eyes off it.  His prick
stirred before her in the cool morning air.  She beheld the veined
erection with awe. Her pussy involuntarily clenched as she wondered how
any woman's vagina could take such a monster without it killing her
dead...He smiled to himself as she stared at his huge prick with
fascination, knowing what was going through her mind. "This is my cock,
little one, and below are my two balls, see them?" He asked.  "They are
full and heavy, my dear, and your end of this deal is to take the head
of this thing between your pretty little lips and suck upon me until I
ejaculate the contents of them all over the inside of your mouth.  "Have
you ever even seen one of these before, Frieda?", He asked.  "No sir,
Mr. Herrington, I've never seen anything like this before.  I can't
believe that it's so thick and long.....I would never have guessed them
to be so big and hard-looking...."  

"Then you've certainly never sucked on one, either, have you?", He
asked.  She slowly turned her head from side to side, never taking her
eyes off the exposed maleness just before her face.  She might have
never seen or sucked one before, but in the last year or so, it seemed
that was all some of her girl friends ever talked about wanting to do. 
Frieda went along with it all but deep down it embarrassed her to the
core.  Such things were too nasty to even conceive of doing!

"Well then, my dear, I believe it's about time to start our first little
lesson here," Herrington replied.  "Take your hands and hold it." 
Frieda cautiously lifted her lithe little hands to come to rest upon the
sides of it.  It throbbed huskily in her hands at the first touch.  So
much wetness was oozing out of the tip that a little trail had started
to run down the front of it.  She eyed this warily as he looked down at
her innocence, his breathing starting to quicken. 

She could not believe how smooth the skin was on it, so very soft, yet
inside, it was as if there was a giant bone in there, holding the skin
taut, such a different feeling it had to it.  She slid her hands
together as one, down to the base of it, and experimentally tried to
encircle the girth of it with both of her little hands.  The finger tips
of her longest fingers barely met at the back of it.  Gosh, she thought
to herself:  "I'm finally holding a dick for the first time,'s a real man's dick....." She gave the hungry prick a
delicate squeeze with both of her hands, this immediately soliciting a
throaty groan out of Herrington.  He gasped in pleasure.  Noticing this,
she squeezed it softly again, suddenly fascinated by it.   Another
desperate groan.  Sliding her hands up an inch, she squeezed again,
another groan, deeper and huskier.  Another inch up, another squeeze,
another utterance, and so on until her hands were just squeezing the top
of it, the swollen head cradled in both palms.  She stayed right there,
just squeezing and squeezing, the whole time looking up at his pained
expression and listening to his noises with curious concentration. 

Herrington was swept away with his pleasure.  He lay there with his legs
spread wide, rejoicing in having her fondling him so nastily. 
Herrington died when she squeezed her way up his prick, rejoicing in the
stops and squeezes she was giving him every inch or so along the way. 
By the time she reached the head, and he had taken a couple of minutes
of her squeezing, while watching the look of amazement lighting up her
face, he almost came all over her pretty face.  But he wanted to hold

He was saving that for her precious little mouth...

The lecherous man could  wait no more.  He smoothly reached down and
bore both her lithe wrists in each of his hands, sliding them down to
cup his huge hairy balls...  

"Stroke them with your nails, Frieda," he intoned.  "Oh yes, yes, my
little darling, darling, lightly, just like that, oh indeed, yesssss.,
just like that my sweet...." (Damned, this was too good)  

His Erection bobbed wildly just inches in front of her face, and she was
staring at it with a far-away expression...

"And now, my precious little darling", he breathed...

He grasped both sides of her soft head with strong hands.....

Frieda swallowed hard, gulped, and her eyes got even wider as the flared
head of his prick came closer and closer to her face.  She closed her
eyes, almost swooning the instant before the contact, then there it

The end of it was pressing up against her lips, and it was warm and
soft-like, and velvety-smooth.  She instinctively pursed her lips...  

"Kiss it little girl," he insisted.  And she obediently began to place
wet smacking little pecks all over the end of it, her eyes still tightly

Herrington almost fainted dead away as he watched the little mouth work
smack away softly at the end of his cock.    He smiled down at the
little thing as she kissed and kissed it, almost swooning in the sudden
realization that she was actually going to go through with all of this. 
"Frieda," he hissed:  "lick the tip of it all over with you tongue"  She
started doing so, and the muscles in his abdomen and thighs went
painfully tight.  She glossily painted the swollen knob with long,
snakelike, tantalizing little swirls, then flicked it from side to side
back and forth over the most sensitive part, right under the head.  

His lust was rising.  He returned his large hands to her head once more,
this time encircling the back of her head with his fingertips.  "And
now, you're going to suck it, little girl", he demanded. 

"I  want you to just relax your head and your lips and softly encircle
my prick with them, and I shall show you how to proceed."   She looked
upwards and nodded slightly, overcome with sudden feelings of

He very gently applied pressure to the back of her head and watched as
her lips slowly smooched hesitantly down over the contour of the knob,
the flared beginning, around the crown, back together slightly as the
head was completely encompassed, then opening a bit more as the thick
shaft followed.  He stopped when a couple of inches were deliciously
soaking in her mouth to let her become accustomed to it.  He kept her
head trapped in his grasp, twisting it slowly, from side to side, much
as if she were shaking her head: "no," with this action rubbing the
hungry head back and forth in the soft wetness of her mouth.  

"Yesss, he thought to himself, oh yessss....."

Frieda began to whimper as he moved her head from side to side over his
cock.  She suddenly tasted something......a cloying and sticky substance
had begun to dribble out of the opening at the end of it.  Sticky, and
not offensive tasting, but very, very different.  She swallowed the
droplet and suddenly realized in strange wonderment that she was getting
wet between her legs...

Herrington stopped his sideways manipulations and pressed her mouth
further down onto him. When she had her lips a full six inches down over
it, he watched and smiled as her little cheeks puffed out suddenly, and
then she was struggling and trying to pull back. 

She was gagging on his cock.  

He held her down a moment more, reveling in the little gasping, gagging
and puffing noises issuing from, then relaxed his grip slightly,
allowing her to slide her lips gratefully back up to the head. 

"Ought to make the little bitch deep-throat me", Herrington lustfully
mused.  "Maybe I'll save that for next time..."  

"I'm going to fuck your mouth now, little girl", he said.  He grabbed a
handful of her soft hair in each hand, and eased her right back down,
then up, then down, then up, bobbing her face slowly on him, fucking it
rhythmically.  A single tear began making it's way down her left cheek
from the humiliation of being forced to gag on the big cock.  He
continued to stroke the little girl's  face up and down, taking her
within a fraction of her gag point at the bottom of every stroke,
keeping her stomach tight and tensed...

Frieda reached up with both dainty little hands to lightly encircle his
scrotum.  In time with the movements, she began to lightly rake her
nails along the back side of them, and underneath the bottom of them,
just a whisper of a little tickle.   Herrington's lust continued to rise
and his prick throbbed strongly within the little girl's mouth...

Soon she began whimpering around the big cock as she was spurred on to
continue sucking the man.  It was thrilling the little girl...

Herrington looked down with glee at her sweet little lips.   Delighting
in the way that they stretched so painfully tight around his shaft at
the bottom of each stroke, and at the way they skated slickly over the
contours of the huge tip.  Slowly and steadily he raked the little
girl's head up and down on his cock, maybe taking two seconds to go down
and the same going back up.  He wanted her to suck him softly and
slowly.  He wanted her to take a long time to do it.  He wanted to fuck
her face...

He wanted to shoot off in in this little girl's mouth...

This was soooo good, too good to end so quickly.  He suddenly considered
her suck  him all morning.  Hmmmm....

It was nasty, terribly nasty to be making her do this to him, and he
absolutely thrilled in it...  

Thirty minutes ago this innocent little darling had never even seen a
cock.  And now she had her mouth stretched wide around his twitching
erection and was sucking it off!  The thought in itself thrilled
Herrington to no end.  He decided to take his hands off her head to see
what she would do.  He slowly untwined his fingers from her hair, and
she never missed a beat...  

She had become so caught up in sucking the big penis that she never
stopped,  never missed a stroke.  Nice, soft, slow ups and downs, with
her little nails rasping on his hanging testicles, just the way he liked
it....up and down, up and down, so soft and sweet.  

Oh this was going to be too damned good.  Sooooo damned fucking good...

He looked at the clock on the mantle over the fireplace.  She had been
sucking him for almost an hour now.  Drool was running from the corners
of her lips and down the shaft, over his balls, and dribbling onto the
floor.  Up and down, and up and down, she continuously, untiringly fed
on his big cock, eating it.

All of a sudden he realized that he was welling up....

Herrington was suddenly seized with the desire to cum.  Frieda's face
kept softly slipping down over his prick, never ceasing the actions
which by now had thoroughly soaked her little slit.  He was ready now. 
His balls were full and sucked painfully tight up against his groin. 
His penis had became completely engorged with blood, impossibly

His lust rose and rose.  He could feel it coming.

"Suck it, Frieda," he hissed through clenched teeth.   "Ohhhh, yyesss,
suck it!" he groaned.  He gazed his last upon the little girl.  Time
slowed to a crawl and the room went painfully tight around him.  Her
head seemed to move in slow motion now up and down his veined, purple
erection. Everything went suddenly distant and quiet, tuned out, as his
rapt gaze focused and centered itself upon the "O" of her little mouth
as it slowly sluiced along his aching length.  On and on, Frieda sucked
his twitching prick, rhythmically fucking her face with it as it danced
in her mouth.  

Slowly, softly and amazingly - sooo sensually for such an inexperienced
little girl.  

Herrington could feel it coming...

And he..

had not come for at least a month.

Reaching behind her head again and gripping it tightly, he pressed the
sweet little mouth down upon him as far as it would go.  She gagged
again as the tip touched the opening of her throat, and almost choked on
it.  He didn't let her up a fraction as she struggled to free herself
from his hungry cock, her throat muscles working frantically to expel
the intruder, delectably adding to his sole pleasure....

The top of his head suddenly exploded with the forcefullness of his
orgasm as the hot white lightning bolts began streaking out of the back
of his head and down his spine. The slit on the tip of his prick opened
widely and began ejaculating into the very back of her mouth with great,
pulsing ropy gouts of hot, pent-up sperm...  

She sputtered and wriggled but could not extricate her head from his
strong grasping hands as she knelt there, her mouth suddenly filling
with the thick, hot viscous substance..  

The old man was suddenly lost to the world as heheld her little head
totally still with most of his cock in her mouth.  And all that she was
able to do was remain kneeling there, still and unmoving, as he fed her
the contents of  his balls.   

Nothing in the her eighteen years had prepared her for anything like
this...  Her mouth was suddenly full with the hot, lumpy globs of it.  

She could not believe how thick and repulsive it was.  Still, he held
her tender mouth deeply over him...

He had completely spent himself in her mouth...

After a half a minute, the hot pulses subsided, but still he did not
release her, his hands firmly holding her head down on him.  Frieda
began gagging involuntarily as her throat tried to reject what she
sensed he was was going to make her do. 

He never relaxed his grip on her as she struggled, suddenly panicking
with the retched mouthful...

"Swallow it, little girl," He husked down to her.  She moved her head
slightly from side to side in vain refusal and tried to get off him.  

"I said swallow it now!  I'm going to hold your head here until you

She could thickly taste it now, it tasted so foul and loathsome, and she
could not believe he was forcing her to swallow it!  Frantic moments
later, she reluctantly accepted her fate.  

She began swallowing the disgusting, lumpy mouthful of cum.

It was almost two tablespoons' worth.   With nasty, vulgar gulping,
retching, gagging sounds, she worked the thick, awful load down her
throat, worked it around the full, wide cockshaft which occupied most of
her mouth, swallowing the mouthful of cum around the head which pressed
strongly almost to the back of her mouth.  

Her grasping throat muscles tugged and massaged obscenely at the head as
she wrenched it all down. 

Herrington loved it.  

He was enjoying watching the little bitch swallow him.  

Frieda gagged a couple of times more, then finally, with a little
plaintive gasp, was finished.  

It was all, finally, finished.

His sperm swam uselessly in her belly...

She looked up a him with a pained, pitiful expression on her face:  

"I didn't know it would be so much," she said quietly.

Herrington, sated for the moment closed his robe over his dripping semi
hard cock.  Frieda remained kneeling on the stool, still swallowing,
still trying to get the terrible taste out of her mouth. Reaching down
and taking her under the chin, he bid her gently off her knees, stood
the little girl, and laid her face down across his thighs.  

She was suddenly petrified of what was to happen next...

He softly slid his hand along a bare calf, up, up ,up under the hem of
her soft, lily-white knee length pleated skirt.  His hand slid up along
her dainty thigh, so smooth.  And then he was cupping a panty-covered
ass cheek, squeezing.  

She protectively tensed at his firm touch.

Her pussy had become drenched while she was sucking him off, and now the
caressing hand was making her even hotter.  

And she *still* could taste his cum. The memory of the thick, odd
texture of it would remain with her for a long time...

She squeezed her buttocks together protectively, and Herrington smiled
down at her ass as she did.  He raised her skirt high up her back,  just
below her shoulder blades.   

The little girl's lace panties were soaked...  

With his right hand, he ripped them off the young girl.  

He forced her legs open with his right hand and reached for the drawer
in the stand next to his chair, and withdrew a tube of Vaseline.  With
his left hand, he parted the smooth cheeks of her ass, bringing her
little bottom into complete view.  His eyes lingered on the mossy little
cunt, shining with her juices.  Her anus had a smattering of light hair
around it, and it was on this part of her anatomy that he now focused
his attention.  

He coated the long thick index finger of his right hand with the
lubricant, and touched the end to her anus.  

She stiffened at the contact as he began to press his finger forcefully
into her ass.  

Her puckered opening closed over the tip of his finger and he slid it
right in up to the first knucle...

She gasped.  Slowly, he pushed the remainder of his fat finger into her
ass, meeting only moderate resistance, until his hand was completely
pressing into her cleft, the finger totally enclosed by her clenching,
private place.  

Never in her life had she experienced such emotions, such an invasion of
her most private place, a place she had only previously thought of when
she was in the bathroom, taking care to wipe it when she was finished...

Herrington smiled down at her little upturned rump.  So sweet.  Frieda
lay unmoving, overwhelmed by the feeling of the stretched pressure of
his fat finger in her ass.  

He lay still for several long moments, holding it deeply within but
unmoving, giving her time to get used to the penetration.  

Soon he began pestling it slowly in and out, carefully exploring the
insides of her rectum, twisting and turning it about.   Several moments
later, he noticed with a slight smile that her little butt was
imperceptibly beginning to wriggle and writhe on his lap.  

She was actually enjoying his deep rectal massage!

He continued giving her the slow in and outs,  his finger stretching and
exercising her little asshole.  Just in and out, in and out.  Her
sphincter pushed in slightly at each pressing entrance.  It clung
lovingly to his finger, turning inside out slightly, at each withdrawal.

Soon her breaths became coming raggedly.

The little girl's body  was beginning to betray her...

Herrington, eyeing her state of arousal lecherously, quickened the pace
of his finger in her butt, really giving it to her now.  Soft moans
slipped from her lips through tense teeth.  The burn was starting to
come out in her now and she writhed to and fro, hunching her little ass
up to meet his finger every time he stuck it back up her her clenching
little asshole.

Herrington slipped the second finger on his hand into her slippery
little cunt on one of the in strokes, catching the little bitch by

She squealed and pressed her mons down hard on his lap and scrubbed it
there for long moments.  

Her hymen was pierced so cleanly and so rapidly that she never even felt

He was beginning to get rock hard again, damn!  

Now his ins and outs scrubbed the delicate walls of her soaking little
pussy along with her ass, and he noted how thin the little membrane was
that separated the two holes.  He could easily feel his fingers across

Adding his third finger next to the second, he thrust two up her little
cunt, now driving with three, bringing an instant moan of approval...

He shifted his hand up so that his first two fingers were at the
entrance of her ass and the next two were at the entrance of her slit,
then forced his hand up into her bottom.  

Several long, struggling moments passed, and then he had all four of his
long, fat fingers working in the little girl's  upturned rump as she
hunched on his lap, moaning with the feelings he was stirring within
her.  He began to rapidly piston his hand in and out of her and she
screamed.  His newly-erect prick danced along her belly, below her,

Frieda raised her head off the side of the chair, arched her back, and
came from the roots of her molars.

She swam blindly with the white fury of her first orgasm.

She collapsed slightly, then began to fuck back at him as he stirred her
up into a second climax almost immediately.  Herrington really bore down
on her now with long quick fast strokes, two fingers in her ass, and two
in her pussy, as she lay and cried with her pleasure. 

Five minutes and six orgasms later, he stopped with his hand still deep
inside her and let her rest, listening to her labored breathing...

"We're going upstairs now, little girl," Herrington whispered to the
exausted recumbent form.  

"And I'm going to fuck you.", he said. Frieda's eyes opened with
anticipation, suddenly remembering how long and thick his hard penis

Herrington arose from his chair.  Reaching down to her waist, he scooped
a very nervous little Frieda up from the stool and threw her lithe body
over his right shoulder, and headed for the stairs. 

The whole time he carried her her up, he told her how stiff his big
prick was again, and how deeply he was going to fuck her with it
upstairs in his bedroom.  Frieda was horrified at his words and was
visibly shaking.  Soon he deposited the little girl onto his vast, high,
heavily carved bed.  He rolled her over on her soft belly.

Her little ass was so cute...

He once again folded her little skirt over her back, and pulled her
panties completely off, exposing again the dainty little ass.  Frieda
was lying face down on the thick down comforter, with her face cradled
in both her hands.

His hand reached for the drawer on his walnut night stand, opened it
silently, and rummaged through the contents, his fingers closing over
the large jar of Vaseline.  

He removed it from the drawer and placed it on top of the stand,
savoring the scene about to unfold before him.  

He looked down at her delectable little ass.  

"Reach back with both of your hands and hold your cheeks open as widely
as you can for me," Herrington said.  Frieda complied  and brought her
shaking hands around and tightly grasped one of her butt cheeks in each
hand, and pulling them widely apart, stretching her cleft open for his
hungry gaze.  

He lowered his face into her splayed crack, he could not resist
this-could not help himself-and with the tip of his tongue, took long
swipes from clitoris to asshole for the next couple of minutes while
Frieda, still face down, cried and moaned softly into the comforter. 
Hardening his tongue, he eased the tip of it into her little anus,
extending it about an inch into her.  

She moaned with approval and pushed her rump right up against his face.  

Her moans had turned into a series of regular "Yessssss" noises, she was
softly whispering yes over and over again with each breath.  

Her ass tasted so good, and Herrington fucked it with his tongue.  His
prick was totally at full stand again, boring into the bed as he flicked
his long tongue in and out of the little girl's.  

He licked her like this until he couldn't stand it any more.  

Frieda was as limp as a rag as he rolled her over on her back and drug
the tiny little bottom to the edge of his bed.  

(Good god, this was going to be too good...)

He reached to the side table and picked up the jar.  He popped the lid
off and it fell to the floor somewhere.  

He turned the container sideways over the head of his huge cock,
twisting and smearing it all over it, chalking it with the thick
lubricant as she lay there watching him, unable to remove her eyes from
what he was preparing her for.  

She was practically paralyzed in fear, as a mouse before a cat. 
Herrington's excitement began to peak.  

His breaths began to come quick.  

He couldn't wait to fuck the little girl....

Taking a dainty knee in each huge hand, he folded them backwards, back
onto her breasts, smashing them flat as he doubled her into.  

In this position, she was spread wide for him and the little girl
instictively knew that she was at his mercy...

Every precious little fold and tuck that she had between her legs was
helpless before his pulsing manhood...

He reached down and stroked the soft little pussy. It was just beginning
to sprout fine straight downy hair.  It was so beautiful,
tender, so deliciously virginal.... 

He couldn't wait to fuck her...

"Please, Mr. Herrington, please don't...", she stammered futily.  

But her fate was sealed, for the plump peach of her cunt hungered his
ravenous prick, and he eased the swollen knob up against it, rubbing the
head up and down her little slit.  Finally, he began to thrust  into

It was grotesque to watch.  Herrington's body was twice the size of
hers...   The scale was incredible.  He was completely overpowering her
by his bulk and she knew that she was helpless, being trapped underneath
him like his mercy...

And she knew he couldn't wait to fuck her...

And she didn't want to wait, either...

She whimpered vainly as her vagina began to open widely and stretch  for
it's very first time. The delicate remnants of the her hymen were no
match for the vasilined fierceness. 

Herrington thrust his rampant cock slowly into her, reveling in the
sweet tightness of her helpless pussy, keeping her knees pressed back
and apart, forcing the hungry, swollen visitor deeply...

She bleated like a little lamb as her unused cunt began accommodating
its very first visitor.  On and in he slid, the slipperiness of her
sealskin-like softness complementing the Vaseline as he strongly thrust
into her delectible little cunt.  

Soon his hard abdomen was pressing  tightly against her mound.

She had taken all of his thick shaft...

She grunted with the fullness as Herrington stood there stiffly, leering
down at her plight, flexing his cock, making it twitch strongly inside
her tender little vagina.   

She gasped at the fullness...   

"This is what it's like to be fucked by a man, little girl", he

"Beg me to fuck you, little girl," he whispered down to her.  

Her eyes suddenly, had a lost, betrayed look. 

And nine inches of stiff, nervous muscle lay soaking and throbbing in
the her belly.  She began  to become very, very excited and aroused... 

"Say:  Fuck me, Mr. Herrington," he ordered.

Frieda was petrified but she did it, realizing what she was asking him
to do...

 "Fuck me, Mr. Herrington," she whispered reluctantly, timidly.

"Tell me again, and say "Please", He ordered.

"Please fuck me, Mr. Herrington," she repeated.  And Herrington's cock
throbbed involuntarily with it's hungry eagerness as she whispered the

He withdrew his cock all the way to the tip in a slow, delicious
movement and watched as the soft, delicate little inner lips clung to
it, turning inside out as the immense volume of prick left her. She
moaned a soft, high-pitched little girl cry as he gently withdrew it to
the hilt.  She was instantly amazed at how good it had made her pussy
suddenly feel....

Again he made her beg for his cock.:

"Tell me to fuck you, little girl," he hissed again, sliding his huge
penis back up her little slit, bumping it against her to the hilt.  

"Oh, yes", she cried:, "Please fuck me, oh, yes, it feels so nice, yes, 
fuck me", she begged, hesitantly, but a little more sincerely this
time,  as the pleasurable sensations began radiating from her excited
little pussy...

Herrington afforded her another plunge, this time faster and harder,
then suddenly withdrew it immediately to the tip and paused...  

"Please fuck me," she stammered again, suddenly amazed and surprised at
what she had just said all on her own...

Herrington slammed it back into her again and suddenly her little cunt
was swimming in pleasure...

"Oh my god", Frieda groaned "Oh please fuck me again with it - please,
fuck me-fuck me-fuck me-fuck me-fuck me fuck me", she began chanting, in
lustful, hungry earnest.  

He sneered down at her as he jerked his cock out of her and slammed it
back into her hard, then again, then again and again.

And soon he was fucking her hard and fast, as she helplessly lay there,
unable to do anything but whimper below him...

"Oh, yes, Fuck me, Mr. Herrington", she panted as he  pummeled her
little cunt with his huge cock...

She was utterly pinned beneath him as he rammed her, making happy little
crying sounds all the while.  She was about to go out of her mind as he
fucked her, really giving it to her, fucking her as hard as he could
while she sniveled and cried and whimpered for more beneath him...

After about fifteen minutes of his hard and fast fucking, Frieda's mind
left her and her body took over.  

Every ragged breath that ripped out of her heaving little chest brought
whimpers and cries of joy with it.  

The sensations of big cock stabbing in and out of her soft, unused cunt
were racing straight up her spine.

Herrington's big balls slapped the little girl's ass as he fucked her as
hard as he could.  

She had cum several times already, the orgasms ripping out of her, her
breath coming now in gasps...

Ten minutes more, and not even a nun could have resisted.  She was
coming ferociously now, about every fifteen strokes or so, and then he
decided to stop.  

Withdrawing his dripping cock, he smeared it again with the more
Vaseline until it fairly gleamed with the sticky lubricant.  

"I'm going to bugger you now," he breathed.

He shifted the head of his prick down slightly, bumping the end against
her little anus, so delicate, so tiny. 

Flexing the muscles of his thighs and butt, he exerted a slight pressure
against it.  Frieda screamed and tried to wriggle away, but he held her

Her ass was somewhat relaxed. The finger massage over his lap had taken
it's toll.  The inside of her rectum was already greasy and slightly
relaxed from his previous efforts, and he felt her sphincter start to
open for the tip of his cock...

There was a moments' strain, a sudden intake of feminine breath, and a
slippery whisper...!

Frieda's ass closed over the knob, and she fainted dead away.  

But this did not deter his hungry prick. 

Moreover, right after she fainted, her body went totally relaxed, and
her asshole relaxed with it, easily stretching and opening over the big
dick as he slid it up her backside.  

She was so tiny and tight down there.  And it was so warm inside of her
tight little ass.

He had it about half way inside her.  He eased it back to the crown of
his tip, then back in again, working the lubricant well within the
little girl's untested bottom...

At the bottom of each stroke, he began to test her.  

He increased his thrusts about a half an inch each time he slid into her
ass, and slowly, over several long, delicious moments, he was right up
her tail to his balls, her rectum tightly gripping him...

He just stood there at the edge of the bed, just resting and throbbing
inside her clasping ass...

He removed his hands from the her pretty little knees and brought them
down to cup and squeeze her budding breasts.  

He took each nipple between his greasy fingers, pinching them and
pulling them away from her breasts as far as they would go, and soon
they became engorged and erect and he began strumming them.  

Frieda started to come out of her faint, and as she did, her body
reacted immediately to the bulk that filled her entrails and her
sphincter involuntarily clenched down on him.  This exerted a delicious
squeeze over his cock, and Herrington groaned...

Frieda was overwhelmed by the sensation of the big cock up her ass...

Whereas before, when he was fucking her pussy, she could not help
herself, and had enjoyed it immensely, even though she was embarrassed
and appalled at the lewd act.  This, however, was totally unnatural, she
knew, yet it was starting to feel good!  But it was so nasty! 

Frieda began to sob and cry with unbridled, unfettered lust as he
started making little hunching movements, slipping it in and out of her
ass by just a little bit, but keeping most of it inside her.  She was
amazed at how good it felt...

Herrington suddenly sensed what was going through her mind, and at this
he smiled a knowing, little leer down at her and then began selfishly
increasing the length of the thick strokes, impaling her stretched
sphincter over and over and over, very slowly but so very firmly...  

He rolled her hard little nipples between his fingers while she lay
whimpering as he butt-fucked her, delighting in the way he stretched her
ass as he pummeled her with the big cock...

He withdrew his length almost completely out of her anus, with about
half of the knob still inside, and paused, looking down at her as she
begged suddenly to please take it out, it was hurting her!... 

He responded by pushing it slowly all the way back into her ass and she
howled with pain.  He eased it slowly back and forth, fucking her ass
soooo nicely with the long slow slippery strokes.  

She began to whimper as the pain turned to burn and then to lust, as the
big cock began to fuck her ass in earnest...

He began to really let her have it hard now, suddenly, pounding her ass,
delighting in the way it clung to his cock on the out strokes...

"You're big enough to take it hard and fast for a few minutes, little
girl," Herrington hissed through clenched teeth, and  began fucking her
fiercely, his lust rising, and began to well up again. 

All of a sudden he could take no more, and with his breath coming in
puffs, pushed into her to the hilt and held there, his erection
depositing it's second load right up her backside.  

Frieda felt it swell up. She could feel the hot pulses as he came deeply
within her ass...

And She groaned as she fell into a hot, shuddering orgasm around his
spazming, twitching prick...

Herrington collapsed onto her weakly, the last of his come dribbling
deeply into her bowels...

He kissed her gently on her forehead and she looked up at him with
newfound awe...

Stay tuned for part two...

Hope you enjoyed this....

Stay tuned for part two...

Max Wheeler