This story contains: beast Mf, Ff, nc, oral, anal 

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	Alice had woken up to a fine, fine morning.  The sun shown, 

the birds sang, and she felt wonderful.  Her cat, Dinah, greeted her at 

the bedroom door. She saw that Dinah's kittens followed her lovingly, 

and she felt that nothing could be finer than to be greeted by Dinah 

in the morning.

	She got up and removed her nightgown then slipped on a

 fresh pair of pink under panties, white knee length socks, a silk 

blouse, a blue dress with small bib that covered her budding breasts 

and some shiny black patent leather slip on shoes. 

	There was, however, a specter on the horizon.  Today was the 

day for her mathematics lesson.  Of course, she could plead illness, but 

that would ruin any opportunity to go out and enjoy the rest of the day.  

	She made up her bed, (and quite nicely, thank you).  On her 

desk she saw her mathematics texts, open to the latest lesson.  She 

suddenly realized that she haven't studied at all well, and was likely to 

fail whatever test her tutor (the eminent Mr. Dodgson) would be putting 

before her when he arrived.  She feared that her parents would be most 

displeased and that she might be punished.

	Avoiding the math text book, she walked downstairs, 

ruminating on how she could possibly skip the mathematics lesson and 

still be able to enjoy the rest of the day.  "There must be some solution," 

she thought, "some way to elude that tutor and go out to play."

	If she lived far in the future instead of in AD. 1865, we could 

say that she suffered from a malady called "female math anxiety."  But 

as she is only a girl of fifteen, and as she does live in 1865, we can only 

say that she hasn't studied.  

	She'd always been a bit of an Imp, and found life fun and 

enjoyable, and at fifteen she is a very well developed  girl for such a 

young  age but she is hardly aware of such things, in fact she still felt 

like a little girl with little on her mind other than little girl things like 

going out to play today rather than studying math...   Ah, well . . . . 

perhaps there is some way to avoid her imminent academic 

embarrassment . . .perhaps.  Perhaps it's somewhere here in the house.

	She sat down for a moment and pouted, thinking how much 

she hated math.........

	Getting up she walked over by the fireplace in the drawing 

room of  her house.  The sun was shining in through all of the windows, 

even through  the little stained-glass window in the southern door. Once 

again, she felt that everything is as it should be.  She couldn't decide, 

however, whether to go out and play or to prepare for the Mathematics 


	The birds were singing gaily, and all was right with the world.  

"Could there possibly be" she thought "a better day to go out and play 

and forget about Mathematics?"

	Her mothers lovely Swiss clock sat on the mantelpiece. The 

clock, although obviously a fine piece of craftsmanship, seemed to be 

telling the wrong time.

	Alice turned the hands of the clock......

	.... She was still in front of the fireplace in the drawing room 

of her house, but she felt as if she'd fallen.  "But" she thought "that 

is ridiculous. One must have been up somewhere to have fallen down, 

and as I've not been up I can't possibly have fallen down."  She thought 

that this was good logic, but still made a mental note to ask her 

mathematics tutor, Mr. Dodgson, about it. Abruptly she noticed that the 

southern door (the one with the lovely little stained-glass window in it) 

was now open.

	Looking toward the fireplace she saw that on the mantel

where the clock once was, now sits a mirror. "This is getting stranger 

by the minute." She thought to herself.

	As she looked into the mirror, everything seemed out of focus 

somehow.  She could swear that the reflections of the little chess 

pieces were moving.  "I think" she thought "that it must be an effect of 

the heat."

	She placed a finger on the mirrors surface, strangely the mirror 

seemed not to mind being touched.  In fact, it seemed somewhat 

reluctant to let go of her hand, then suddenly she was standing in the 

alcove.  To the south was the west side of the drawing room.  Her father 

told her that standing in this alcove put her exactly north of the west 

side of the fireplace.  She thought she understood what he meant, but 

had never really taken the time to ask him.

	She walked back into the drawing room and exited out the open 

southern door into the garden. The sunlight out there lends a radiance to 

all of the flowers and plants.  Even the forest on both sides of the garden 

was....."Wait," she thought. "There never used to be a forest on the east 

and west sides of the garden.  In fact she's quite sure that the 

Finchley-Smythes lived to the east of her, and the Hatton-Carrolls to 

the west.  Hmmm..."  Stranger still is the fact that there was a wall to 

the south where she could've sworn there had been a path down to the 


	With everything seeming so odd and peculiar she decided to 

explore and stepped into the forest. The forest was very thick and didn't 

look particularly inviting.  "Perhaps I should go back to the house to 

study the mathematics texts and forget all about exploration." She 

thought to herself, but continued on. "I'll look just a little bit farther, 

there must be an explanation for all this strangeness ." 

	She continued on for several paces and the forest become even 

denser. She started to  think again perhaps she should turn around and 

go back to the garden, when suddenly she realized the solution to a 

mathematics problem that has been eluding her for days, and for the 

first time noticed that to the south there seemed to be a clearing.

	Moving toward the clearing Alice came upon a sight that 

made all the other oddities seem almost normal.

	She seemed to have blundered into a party of some sort. Just to

her east was a crazed-looking man wearing a ridiculously oversized hat 

(to which the price tag was still affixed).  To her left (that's east also) 

there was a large rabbit drinking tea.  She knew that rabbits don't 

usually drink tea, so she suspected that there might be something amiss 

here.  Between the two was a table filled with sweets and various other 

goodies.  Most of these goodies had small signs on them that said 

"Do Not Take or you will have to Pay."

 	Curiosity got the best of her and she decided to mingle 

at the party.  In front of her, one of her hosts, a large furry fellow 

who bears an unfortunate resemblance to a hare.  She decided to be 

the soul of tact and not mention this.

	Not having had any breakfast Alice nodded to her hosts

and reached for one of the delicious looking tarts.

	The Rabbit grabbed her hand as she reaches for the tart. 

	"You have done a very bad thing little girl." He yelled. "I 

now must inform the queen. She will undoubtedly want to have you

beheaded for your act of thievery. Besides, you have red hair, we 

don't trust red heads around here."

	"Oh my!" Alice cried. "How can that be. The tart just looked

 so nice. I didn't mean to steal anything." Tears formed at the corners 

of her eyes, and her body started to quiver just at the thought of being 

beheaded. "Is there nothing I can do....I'm....I am so frightened. Please 

don't tell the queen kind sir. I did not mean any harm and after all, 

and surely you must know that I can not help having red hair I was just 

born that way. Please sir take pity, I'll do anything.....anything you ask 

of me if you don't tell the queen."

	The rabbit rubbed one paw along his furry chin thinking it over. 

"Hmmmm...Anything is it. Well.... perhaps if you were to play the game

of 'Simon says' with me I may consider forgetting what you attempted to


	"Oh. Yes. Yes, that will do just fine. I will indeed play Simon 

says, I do so enjoy playing games as it is anyway." Alice swelled with 

relief at the prospect of having only to play a game considering the 

alternative of loosing ones head.

	"Good." The rabbit told her with a sly smirk on his mussel. 

"I shall be Simon and whenever I say 'Simon says' you must follow my 

command, however if I do not say 'Simon says' you need not heed my 

command. Is that acceptable?" The rabbits smirk turned into a grin.

	"Indeed it is acceptable." Alice smiled with joy.

	The Hatter having stood by silently until now started jumping 

up and down and stamping his feet madly about. "Wait! Wait!" He 

yelled. "I too am aware of your attempted theft and therefore demand I 

be included in this game of Simon says."

	Alice saw the rabbit roll his eyes with disdain at the 

Hatter's demand, but she turned toward the Hatter and told him. 

"Well, certainly you may be included. Both Mr. Rabbit and myself 

would be most honored by your participation." She then turned toward 

the Rabbit, "Would we not Mr. Rabbit?" She asked him.

	The Rabbit shook his head disgustingly but answered. "Fine 

then. We'll let the moron play. Now lets get started." The rabbit looked 

directly at Alice and commanded. "Simon says....slip the straps of your 

dress off of your shoulders." 

	Using the little finger on her right hand she wiggled it around 

inside her ear thinking she surely must have heard him incorrectly. 

"What was that? I thought you asked me to remove my dress straps."

	"I did indeed." The Rabbit told her tilting his head back 

slightly with amusement.

	"Well I never." she replied. "I certainly will not. That's 

absolutely absurd. Why indeed would you request such a thing? That

 is a most silly request Sir."

	"Fine." The Rabbit said in a calm voice. "Perhaps you would 

prefer to sit at the table while I go fetch the queen." He turned to walk 


	"Wait! Please! Wait!" Alice called after him. Fear of the queen 

once again engulfed her. "I.....I....Oh! heck, after all I did agreed to 

play. So....So....Here.  Look....There is no need to fetch the queen."

	She carefully slipped the straps from her shoulders and drew 

her arms through them allowing the straps and the small dress bib to 

hang about her waist.

	The Rabbit stopped and turned back toward her as the Hatter 

yelled excitedly "Yes! Yes! See. She will play. She will play. My turn. 

It's my turn now. My turn." The Hatter, after careful deliberation said,

"Simon says....hop on one foot."

	Now this is more like it she thought as she started to hop up 

and down on her left foot. Watching her hop, the Hatter excitedly 

clapped his hands together jumping up and down with glee.

	"Stop!" Yelled the Rabbit, but Alice continued hopping 

knowing full good and well he had failed to say "Simon says" prior to 

his command.


	"Simon says stop." Cheerfully yelled the Hatter still jumping 

up and down. "Ha! Ha! You forgot to say Simon says, Ha...Ha...Ha... 

You forgot. You forgot Simon says."

	Having heard "Simon says stop." Alice immediately 

discontinued the one foot hoping.

	"Very well." Said the Rabbit. "Very well indeed." He gave the 

Hatter a stern look before continuing. "Simon says...Un-tuck your 

blouse from your dress."

	Having made up her mind that the Rabbit was merely 

attempting to annoy her, she pulled her blouse up from inside her 

dress waistband allowing it to hang outside of her dress over the dress 


	"Hop on one foot." Yelled the Hatter excitedly clapping his 

hands together.

	Alice of course did nothing.

	The Hatter disappointedly stopped his clapping and questioned. 

"Well....Hop...Go on hop...hop...Oh....Oh.....Simon says hop."

	"To late." The Rabbit reminded the Hatter. "Your to late."

	The Hatter dejectedly dropped his head in disappointment.

	The Rabbit turned toward  Alice and said. "Simon says....

Unbutton your blouse."

	"Now just one moment Sir...That's going a little too far.....


	The Rabbit cut her off with a wave of one large paw. "What 

shall it be then? Unbuttoning or the queen and the loss of your head?"

	Alice slowly unbuttoned her blouse, but held it tightly closed 

with one hand.

	"My turn. My turn. My turn." The Hatter interjected quickly. 

"Hmmmm... What shall it be....Hmmmmm.. Oh! I know. I know. 

Simon says hop on one foot."

	Still clinching her blouse tightly with one hand, she once again 

began to hop on her left foot.

	Hoping about, she saw a wide grin slowly cross the Rabbits 

mussel and he said. "Simon says....Remove your blouse and let me look 

at your tits."

	Upon hearing this Alice immediately ceases hoping and stared 

directly at the Rabbit in disbelief.

	Very sternly the Rabbit told her. "Simon has not told you to 

stop hoping, nor have you obeyed his last command. Now hurry up and

do as directed or you will have forfeited the game and I shall 

immediately summons the queen. Is that what you would have me do?"

	"No....No....That is not what I want...But....But....Please Sir." 

She pleaded  with him. "I.....I....shall not do what you ask of me...I can 


	"Hurry and do as Simon commands my dear." Was his only 

response as he moved one paw across his neck in a slicing motion.

	With tears now flowing freely from her eyes she again started 

to hop up and down. Then very hastily, to get it over with as quickly as 

possible, she removed her blouse tossing it toward the table, not looking 

or even caring where it had fallen.

	Her breasts were very well developed for a girl of her age and 

she could feel them bounce slightly as she hopped. She closed her eyes 

but could sense the Rabbits eye's devouring her chest. Then she heard 

him speak. "You do indeed have a fine pair of tits little girl. They are 

so young and firm, and I love the small round pink nipples with 

their slightly darker shaded aureoles around them. Oh! and look at 

the small light brown little freckles. You just may be a true redhead. 

Yes indeed. You just might be a real true redhead." 

	She continued hoping, crying harder and harder from the 

humiliation of being forced to allow the Rabbit the complete liberty 

of watching her exposed breasts bounce with every hop. Soon fatigue 

forced her to change from her left to right foot then back to left once 


	After what seems to be an eternity, she heard the Hatter say. 

"Now let me think. Hmmmm....Oh! I know....Simon says...Stop 

hoping. Ha...Ha...Yes! That's it."

	The physical relief from hoping was completely overshadowed 

by the knowledge that she still must remain standing before this evil 

Rabbit with her breasts exposed. 

	"Now we continue." The Rabbit thoughtfully said. "Simon says 

hold your dress about your waist and let me look at your panties."

	"Please! No!" Alice tearfully began to plead with the Rabbit. 

But he was wholly undaunted and only responded with. "Do as Simon 

say's or pay with your life." Then in a much milder tone he added, "My 

dear sweet child, after all you've come this far, just a little farther and 

the game will be over."

	She thought about what he had just said and somewhat agreed. 

She had already exposed  her breasts, (something she never, ever, 

thought she would do), and she did wish to keep her head on her 

shoulders, and she had gone this far already, what's a little more. She 

decided it best to just go ahead and let the horrid Rabbit look at your 

panties and get it over with, so reluctantly she gathered up her dress 

and held it bundled up around her waist. Standing there she heard the 

Rabbit comment as he scrutinizes her. "Nice long firm legs. Cute little 

pink panties you are wearing as well."

	The Hatter nervously said. "My turn. What should I have her 

do? Hmmmm...Perhaps I'll have her hop on one foot...I just don't know

...I..." The Rabbit quickly cuffed the Hatter on the side of his head with 

one of his paws before snapping  at him. "Have her take off her panties 

you dip stick. Tell her to take off her underwear so I can look at her 

little snatch!"

	"Now why in the kingdom would I request that? I want to do 

something that's fun." The Hatter quickly replied to the Rabbit.

	"Just do it ass wipe, before I swat you again." yelled the Rabbit 

raising one paw high in the air next to his head.

	"Oh very well, if you insist," The hatter replied, "but I get an 

extra turn later on." Then pursing his lips in disgust the Hatter said 

reluctantly. "Take off your panties."

	The Rabbit quickly cuffed the Hatter once again. "You didn't 

say Simon says you stupid Maroon. I'll have do it myself. Simon says 

remove your panties, and remember Simon has not told you to drop 

your dress. I want to have a good look at your little pussy."

	"No!" Alice cried dropping her dress and turning to look for 

her blouse. "No! I will not do that. You can not force me. I...Will not...

..Never...I....I would rather die first."

	The Rabbit grabbed her roughly by the shoulders and spun her 

around to face him. Even though Alice was several inches taller than he, 

she could feel tremendous strength in his paws, shoulders and arms. 

One of his paws quickly slapped her hard across the face then griped 

her shoulders once again. With blazing red eyes he yelled up at her. 

"And die you shall. And not necessarily by the hand of the queen 

either, but, rather by my own hand, and I will not be easy on you 

child. I will make it slow and painful and then I'll look at that pussy 

of yours all I want. You have agreed to this game, so play or else."

	Alice felt excruciating pain where his paws held her shoulders 

and she soon come to realize he meant to do everything to he had 

threatened to do. Never in her young life had she been so frightened.

	Ever so reluctantly and hardly able to speak she sobbed. "I....I..

..Will...I.. will do as you command."

	He released his grip upon her and took a step backward. With 

utter depression and hardly a tear remaining to flow from her eyes 

Alice reached up under her dress and slipped down her pink panties, 

and stepped out of them. Shamelessly she picked up the hem of her 

dress exposing herself completely to the horrified Rabbit.

	Looking between her legs the Rabbit commented. "Well, look 

what we have here. You are indeed a true redhead. You have such a 

fine silky line of red hair on your little pussy. Simon says spread your 

legs apart so I can get a real good look at that sweet little slit."

	With legs almost to weak to support her weight, she somehow 

managed to spread her feet apart a few inches. She became discussed 

when the Rabbit leaned down and forward looking up in between her 

legs. "My. My." She heard him say. "You have such cute little pussy 

lips, and such a tight hole. I would have to say you have a sweet 

rosebud of a snatch."

	The Rabbit stood up and she watched in horror as he reached 

into his crouch with one paw and withdrew a large hairy penis. Then 

he spoke the words that had seemed incomprehensible to her. After all 

he was a Rabbit. Yes, were he not a Rabbit? And she, she is a human. 

Those next words completely numbed her mind as he spoke them...

Words so incomprehensible her mind remained blank.

	"Simon says...let me fuck you."

	Still stunned she hardly notice when the Rabbit maneuvered 

her over to the table. She was almost unaware when he positioned her 

face down across the table. Alice could just feel him lifting your dress 

over her naked bottom. She took a little notice when he pushed a small 

stool between her wide spread legs. The Rabbit must have jumped up 

onto the stool, because she did feel and became completely aware of 

him pushing the head of his hot hairy cock up into her virgin vagina. 

Yes, she was aware of the considerable amount of discomfort and pain 

she felt when he forces more of his thick cock deeper and deeper inside 

her hole. Yes, she was also aware as the Rabbit took on a smooth 

rhythmic plunging of his rod in and out violating her from behind.

	This was her first time. She was a virgin before coming here. 

Her head spun when she comprehend that she was being taken for the 

first time by a rabbit. God! She realized she had lost her virginity to an 

animal. She sobbed endlessly while he continued his unholy assault on 

her body, sliding his cock in and out then in again and out again and 

again and again and again. Then she was farther humiliated and 

horrified when she heard the Rabbit whisper to her as he leaned 

forward...."Ohhhhh....Yeah. Ohhhhh....You are one good fuck little 

girl. God! Your cunt is so fucking tight. Aaaaa...Yeah. Do you like 

this baby? Do you like it? Do you like my big hot harry cock pounding 

into your tight snatch. I'll bet you didn't know Rabbits had big cocks 

like this. Oh...Baby.. I'm going to fuck you good. I'm going to fuck you 

hard. I'm going to fuck you so deep and so hard you'll walk bow legged 

for a week. I'm fucking you from behind just the way animals do it."

	Just when she felt things could not get any worse, she looked 

up to see the Hatter had jumped up onto the table. He slid across the 

table dropping his legs over the edge on either side of her. He took out 

his cock, which her chin smacked into with every forward thrust from 

the Rabbit's member. The Hatter lifted Alice's chin with one of his 

hands then looking directly into her eyes he spoke. "Simon says....Suck 

my cock." 

	He pushed down on the back of her head forcing her mouth 

over his cock. Then using both of his hands behind her head he pushed 

his member into your mouth. Alice could hardly keep from gagging as 

he drove more and more of his cock past her lips. Soon she felt his 

pubic hairs rubbing roughly along her upper lip while his large hairy 

balls pressed tightly against her chin. He pushed his cock deep down 

her throat and he also whispered to her... "That's it sweet mouth. Take 

my whole cock. Suck it baby. Yeah, suck it until my load of hot cum 

empties my balls down your sweet throat. Keep those sweet hot lips 

wrapped around my stiff rod. That's it. Blow me baby. Unlike a animal 

you can give a blow job. Give me head baby just like a human female. 

Suck me deep honey mouth. Suck it....Suck it...Suck my cock."

	She felt the Rabbit roughly griping her breasts squeezing them 

in his paws. Soon,  she felt his grip tighten even more and he started to 

pinch her young nipples. Then his hot semen started pumping up and 

into her slit hole. The Rabbit yelled while he came...."Aaaaaaa...Yeah...

..Yeah.. I'm Coming baby. Yeah, can you feel my hot load pumping up 

into your cunt? Ohooo...Ohooo.. Ohooo." He continued yelling and

drove his rod deeper up into her. His paws moved from your breasts 

onto your hips as he wiggled his Rabbit tool sideways still pumping 

fluids into her.

	Then the Hatter had his orgasm. He pumped hot salty cum 

into her mouth. She attempted to pull her head away from his squirting 

rod but he held her mouth far down along his shaft with his hands. 

Alice was forced to swallow his semen or surely she would have drown.

	Alice swallowed squirt after squirt of his hot cum while 

listening to him telling her...."That's it baby eat it all. Suck my balls 

dry. God! I love looking at your sweet lips wrapped around my stiff 

cock while I unload in your mouth. Aaaaa...Aaaaa....Yesssss.....Suck 


	After what seemed like a long time Alice felt both the Hatter's 

and the Rabbit's cock's mercifully soften, and they both removed them 

from the respected holes of her body. She stood up only to find the 

Rabbit and Hatter giving each other high five's while the Rabbit told 

the Hatter. "She is one fine fuck. I can't say when I've had a better 

snatch. I can't tell you how tired I was of Rabbit cunt. How was the 

blow job she gave you?" The Hatter nodded his head up and down 

vigorously. "It was great. She swallowed all the cum I could squirt into 

her mouth." 

	Then simply for amassment the pair of them reached under 

her dress feeling between her legs, pushing both paws and fingers up 

inside her. They took turns squeezing and sucking on her bare breasts 

and sore nipples for several minutes before finally growing bored with 

her body, then just as if nothing had taken place, they simply went 

about their normal business ignoring her completely. 

	Alice slipped on your panties and blouse, rearranged her 

clothing then covered her eyes with her hands and begin to cry much 

harder than she ever cried before in your young life. The full impact 

came to her that not only had she lost her virginity but she had lost it to 

an animal while simultaneously having to take a penis into her mouth 

for the very first time and even forced to swallow the juices during the 

orgasm. She didn't know much about it, but she hoped a girl couldn't

become pregnant by a Rabbit... My goodness, what would the offspring 

look like? 

	Neither of the two even took notice when Alice slipped away.




	Alice stumbled upon a little brook in the forest.  Removing 

her shoes, she jumped over the brook (being very careful not to get wet), 

but the water looked so refreshing and having so recently experienced 

the terrible ordeal at the tea party at the hands of the Rabbit and Hatter, 

she decided she simply must wash up. Looking all around to make certain no 

one else was about, she removed all her clothing then carefully  folded, 

and neatly placed them upon a flat rock for safe keeping. She lowered herself 

into the cool stream feeling refreshed almost immediately.  She splashed 

clean cool water over her entire body hoping to wash away some of the shame 

the despicable pair at the tea party had inflected upon her.


	After several minuets, and feeling much refreshed, she stood 

and walked to the shore and put on her clothes and headed toward

the south hoping beyond hope to find some way home before anything 

more happened to her.

	She walked for what seemed forever then came to a large 

grassy area and spotted what looked to be a croquet game in progress.  

	The Queen of Hearts and the King of Spades were taking turns 

hitting a ball (or was it a ball?) through some wickets.  Ah, croquet...

....the sport of Kings (or is that the sport of archdukes?  Oh, well, no 

matter). It looked like fun to her and she was considering joining in...

....until she saw the King make a difficult two wicket shot.

	"Ha!" The King said to the Queen. "My score, your treat!"

	"Oh no!" Alice heard the Queen comment. "I hate it when

you win. You always want the same prize, and you know how I dread

having to give it to you, it makes my throat so sore. Oh well! If I 

must, I must." and the Queen dropped to her knees before the King.

	The King pulled the Queens hair hard and shoved his cock 

into her mouth and started to fucked hard and fast between her lips.

	The Queen moaned and whimpered a little at the heated

pace the King was using to mouth fuck her.

     	Alice watched with fascination as the King pulled the 

Queens head back even farther, then leaned forward, and  thrust his 

cock down into her throat.

     	Alice could actually see the Queens throat bulge when the 

Kings cock entered it and slid inside. It silenced the Queens whining 

and moaning, for which Alice could well understand. The King 

pushed his cock farther down her throat until her face was crushed 

up against his pubic hairs.


	The Queen started struggling a little, but the King only

laughed and continued fucking his cock in and out of her heart shaped 


	The Queens eyes started bulging and as Alice watched her 

flushed face turned pale she looked as if she were just about to 

pass out when the King pulled his spit covered cock out of the Queens

mouth. The Queen coughed and gasped for air while the King stood 

stroking his rod and patiently waited for her to catch her breath.

	Once the Queen was breathing normally the King rammed 

his cock into her open mouth again. He pushed his cock completely 

down into her throat once again then just held it there and yelled. 

"Here it comes! Aaaaaa.......... Ohoooo....." 


	Alice watched the King throw his head back and moan in 

ecstasy then she noticed cream colored liquid seeping out from the

corners of the Queens mouth then run down her chin.

	Alice thought that perhaps croquet was not her game and

proceed west, where she saw two people resting in a shady grove.

	In the grove Alice found the King of Hearts lying there 

taking a afternoon nap.  She remembered that there was a question 

she wanted to ask someone of authority about finding her way home, 

but felt it would be marvelously rude to wake him.  

	"And best not wake him," said the King's messenger (who 

had an uncanny resemblance to the Hatter), "for he's dreaming."  

	"And what," Alice asked, "could he be dreaming about?"  

	"Why, my dear" said the messenger, ever the soul of 

politeness and grace "for all I know, he may be dreaming us.  So you 

see, if he were to wake up, his dream would be over, and so might we." 

	Alice thought this was the most ridiculous thing she'd ever 

heard, but choose not to contradict so gracious a gentleman.  The 

King's messenger then trotted off to the South, leaving her utterly 


	Alice attempted to understand why she didn't feel as 

devastated and upset as she should over having been raped at the tea 

party and came to the conclusion that she herself must in fact be 

dreaming, therefore it made perfect sense to her that waking a 

person that is dreaming that one is dreaming about is not really

like waking someone from a dream because that person is only 

dreaming because of someone else's dream. 

	Alice reached down and pushed on the Kings arm.

	The Red King, alarmed at her touch, stirred...

	..all good advice to the contrary, Alice seemed to have 

woken the Red King.  As he came to, she felt herself fading out, 

becoming an insignificant speck in a universe or similar specks....

	"My, my....what could this room be?  Why, there are bars 

on the windows and the doors!  It looks like a jail!" Alice asked

herself when she reappeared. "Of course both the north and the south 

doors are slightly ajar, so it surely can't be much of a jail...if that is, 

in fact, what it is. The north exit is dark a dreary, while the south 

exit is bright and cheery." She thought.


	She noticed that the King's messenger was lying slumped in 

the corner. He noticed her and got up, then with a bow, proclaimed

"Well?  Are you going to stand there all day?  Hurry up, we'll be late 

for the Party!"  She noticed that he was quite disheveled, and she was 

not at all sure that she would care to attend any party that he was at.  

	He smiled, then spun around three times and rushed out the 

northern door.

	As Alice moved toward the southern exit both it and the 

northern one slammed shut. She looked about in bewilderment and 

attempted to escape but found she was securely locked inside.

	After several minuets a thin man wearing some sort of police 

uniform, and  bearing a remarkable resemblance to Barney Fife, the

stupid deputy for Andy Taylor of Mayberry, ( Of course Alice knew

nothing of this because the characters of Barney and Andy would not 

even be created until ninety five years from now), walked up on the other 

side of Alice's cell.

	"Hello Sir." She addressed him. "I seem to have gotten myself 

locked up inside this cell. Are you able to help free me?"

	"Free you? Free you?" He looked her up and down then grit his 

teeth before continuing. "Now why in the hell would I free you. Your 

locked up because you've been a bad girl. I'm sure you must have done 

lots of bad things. You are just where you belong and just where you 

shall stay."

	Alice couldn't believe this man's attitude, after all he didn't 

even know her, and here he was making a judgment about her. She 

got angry and stomped her foot yelling at him through the bars. 

"Why you stupid little man. How dare you accuse me of bad deeds. Who 

do you think you ar...."

	He cut her last words off by lunging against the prison bars 

and yelling back at her through them. "That's just what I meant. Listen 

to your filthy mouth. You are a bad girl. Yes, you are a very bad girl. 

Do you know what happens to bad girls? They have to be punished."

	Using a key hanging from his belt he unlocked the cell door 

and stepped inside.

	Alice attempted to dart past him but he grabbed her arm and 

threw her roughly to the far corner of the cell.

	She was shocked by both his quickness and his roughness. 

With a shaky voice she said. "Please sir. I've not been......."

	His rough voice cut her off again. "Shut you hole you wicked 

girl. You are indeed a wicked girl. A very, very wicked girl." He sat 

down on the edge of the cell cot before continuing. "You deserve to be 

punished. Drop your pants and lay across my knees. You shall be 

punished just as you deserve."

	Not knowing all he had in mind, Alice decided to attempt 

another escape. Very slowly she moved toward him, then made a 

sideways dash toward the exit. Once again however he managed to 

grab her arm well before she could get past him. He roughly drew her 

toward him and used his other hand to grab her by the hair. Yanking 

down on her head he angrily told her. "I said take off your under pants 

and lay across my knees. Do it now!"

	Tearfully Alice reached up under her dress and lowered her 

panties. He pulled her angrily across his knees then raised her dress 

over her waist. He held her firmly pressed down with one of his large 

hands on her bare bottom. Alice felt him fumbling with his belt 

buckle. Slowly he drew the belt out from his pants hoops. "Now you 

will get the punishment you deserve." He told her. 

	Alice cried out in pain when he smacked the belt down hard 

across her bare bottom. Again and again she was racked with pain 

each time he struck her with his belt. During the spanking he 

continually mumbles with each stroke. "This will teach you, (SMACK), 

you bad girl, (SMACK), You wicked, (SMACK), wicked girl,

 (SMACK)." Then as abruptly as it started he stopped the punishment 

with one final "Smack" onto her now terribly sore bottom.

	She laid across him unable to move, her breathing had 

become fast and hard and she sobbed uncontrollably. The pain from 

her rear was excruciating. Then she felt both of his hands start to 

knead her still painfully sore bottom and he spoke to her in a much

gentler voice. "That hurt me a lot more than it hurt you. Now you'll be 

a good girl won't you. Sure you will. I know you will. Hmmm... you 

have a nice little bottom here don't you. Let me have a little peek 

okay." She could feel him pulling her rear cheeks apart then she felt 

a different kind of pain when he pushed one of his fingers inside her


	"Ohhh...Nice tight little hole. Have you ever been butt 

fucked?" He seemed to wait for her to answer, but she silently remain 

sobbing to herself not knowing what to answer. She screamed in 

agony when he suddenly drove his finger deeper into her rear hole 

and wiggled it back and forth inside her. He angrily asked the question 

again. "I ask you if you've ever taken a cock up your ass. A good girl 

would answer me right away."

	"No....No never." She managed to answer.

	"Oh my! A virgin hole. Well then, will you let me be the 

first to take pleasure in it?"

	"Please! Please don't......Please..." She could hardly mouth 

the words.

	"A good girl would let me ram my rod up her rear. Are you 

a good girl?" His finger pushed even deeper when he asked the 

question. "Hmmm, are you a good girl?"

	"Yes." She managed to tell him. "I'm a good girl."

	"Now I'm starting to believe you just may be a good girl. So 

tell me I can butt fuck you. Come now, tell me."

	Somehow she managed to say. "You can....You can do it to 


	"I can do what to you?" He asked angrily.

	"You can....You can...You can put your thing inside my 

bottom." She cried.

	"Good girl. Now get up and strip necked. I want you 

completely nude when I take your tight little virgin ass. Get down on 

your hands and knees on the cot then lift your little ass up high for me 

so I can fuck you in your hot tight rear hole. 

	But first spread your legs wide apart and let me have a good 

look at your little red pussy hairs."

	Alice did as he demanded spreading her legs wide apart. After 

he finished looking at her private parts he told her to get on all fours 

on the cot and he mounted her from behind. Soon she felt even more 

pain then she had experienced from the spanking or his finger when 

he spread her rear cheeks and pushed into her back hole with his 

stiff cock. 

	Farther and farther he pushed into her until she almost 

passed out from pain. Then he slowly started to pump in and out 

driving his cock deep into her rear hole. After several tortuous 

minuets of him plunging in and out of her back entrance she felt a 

hot wetness splash against her raw tender flesh up inside her butt 

hole and she knew he was having a climax. "Oh yeah! You little 

whore!" He yelled. " There's nothing like unloading a hot wad up a 

tight virgin ass. God I love butt fucking.  And to be able to butt fuck 

a young cunt like you. Ohooooo.. Mannnn..." 

	After he finished filling her back side with his cum he 

slowly pulled his softening organ from her rear end then rubbed it all 

over her ass.

	"Thanks for the rim job honey girl.." He told her then 

stepped out of the cell and down the corridor.

	Alice slowly got up and found that any movement she 

made sent searing pain through out her body radiating from her 

sore little ass.

	Ever so gingerly she picked up her things and got 


	He at least had left the cell unlocked.

	Alice felt confident now that see indeed must be dreaming. 

Dear God! Please let her be dreaming! She simply had to find some

way of waking up! The things that were happening had to end, 

(especially things like what happened to her rear end had to end.)

	She decided her first priority would be to ask the very 

next person she came across, what she needed to do in order to

wake up.

	Alice walked for what seemed like hours without seeing 

anyone then she happened upon a clearing in the forest.  She 

decided to sit down and rest when a voice startled her.  "Yoo-hoo, 

dearie," it said, "up here! Yes, you! Look up!"  She looked up in the 

tree expecting to see a leaf or something of that sort.  She was 

surprised to see a large Cheshire cat grinning down at her.

	Since she had never before spoken to a cat (at least not one 

who spoke back), all she could do was exchange meaningless banter 

with it. Suddenly the cat began to fade....and fade.....and fade...until 

there was nothing left of it but its moon-loony stiff red cat's cock.

	Alice watched with fascination as the un-attached sex organ 

floated down on thin air until it was level with her face. She starred 

at it for some time then said. "Ah... Ah... Excuse me. But can you

possibly tell me how I might find my way back home?"

	The little hole on the end of the cock said. " I could be of 

some assistance. But first," The little hole continued to say. "you 

will need a puce bottle, then you will need someone to give it to, 

that person upon receiving the puce bottle can give you farther 


	"Oh! I see." Alice said. "Hmmm... but excuse me your... 

...your... Cat Cockship, wherever shall I find a puce bottle and 

even if I should find one, however should I know the correct 

person to give it to?" 

	"I my dear can supply all." The dick hole said. "Open

your mouth dearie and all will be provided."

	Alice opened her mouth and watched with horrified 

fascination as the Cat Cock slipped past her lips and down into her 

throat. She felt like gagging but managed to suppress the urge then 

felt the cock moving up and down her tight throat hole. 

	After several fuck strokes along her throat, Alice felt the

cock swell up completely blocking her air passage, then she tasted 

warm salty liquid. She instinctively swallowed taking both liquid 

and cock into her stomach.

	She stood still, attempting to comprehend what had just 

taken place when she felt pressure being excreted between her

legs. Almost in panic she spread her legs and pushed her panties 

off to one side. A delightful tingling permeated from all around 

her clitoris area then she burst into a massive orgasm wetting

her thighs with the flow of her own sex fluids, then the Cat Cock 

slowly forced it's way out of her snatch. 

	She was still reeling in joyous climax when she watched 

her young pussy lips spreading farther and farther apart sending 

additional electrical pluses of orgasmic pleasures throughout her 

body. She reeled with sexual pleasure, and used her fingers to 

pinch her now very hard breast nipples, then with one massive 

trust, her twat hole opened wide and a puce bottle fell to the 

ground between her feet.   

	"Oh! My! Oh my! Oh my!" Alice said coming down 

from her first orgasm. "What ever was that?" 

	"That my dear," Said the Cat's cock. "was getting fucked 

from the inside out."

	"I should hope to have that dream again!" Alice said.    

	Suddenly a Knave of hearts entered the clearing. Alice 

should have been, but somehow wasn't surprised to find the Knave, 

unlike the Kings and Queen she had seen was actually a playing card. 

A giant playing card with a head, two arms, two legs and a... a... Big 


	The knave looked extremely grumpy - so grumpy, in fact, 

that Alice suspected that a little kindness would simply kill him,

and that big stiff protruding sex organ thing looked very painful.

	She handed the puce bottle over to the knave. He seems quit 

beside himself with joy. Then very calculated he told her, "Thanks for 

the bottle but it is not enough. I want to tit fuck you."

	Alice looked at him then toward the Cat Cock. The Cock just 

smiled at her. She looked back toward the Knave and told him, "I 

don't even know what that means."

	"It means," He answers, "I want you to bare your breasts and 

let me stick my cock between your cleavage. Then you squeeze your 

tits tightly around my shaft with your hands while I pump in-between 

them. I want to watch when my cum shoots out all over your face 

and neck."

	Now Alice believed she was just having a dream and after 

just so recently experiencing such pleasure she didn't think much of

it when she slowly  removed your blouse..... but after her breasts

were bare she started having second thoughts.... what if this wasn't

a dream? 

	Feeling like a whore she laid down on the ground. The 

Knave straddled her and freed his rod from his britches. He slipped 

his hard shaft between her breasts and she used her hands to pin his 

rod between them. The Knave started pumping back a forth in her 

cleavage, soon Alice heard him yell, "That's it. I'm coming. Here I 

come." Large globs of sperm shot out from the head of his tool hitting 

her all over the face, neck and lips. "Yeah!" He yelled, "Look  at me 

come. Go on bitch use your tongue to lap it. Come on you little Whore 

lick around your lips and eat me. I want to watch you eat my cum."

	Alice gingerly used the tip of her tongue and drew some sperm 

into her mouth. "That's it honey! Eat it. Eat it all." Leaning forward he 

used one of his fingers to push cum from her cheeks and chin into her 

mouth. "Lap it up baby. Lap it all up. That's a good girl eat it all up."

	With his orgasm completed he slid his rod out from her 

breasts, then scooting forward he presses his softened tool to her lips 

and spoke. "Open your mouth and clean me off." Alice opened her 

mouth and he filled it with his spent cock. 

	Griping his shaft between two of his fingers he maneuvered 

his rod inside her left cheek. He slipped it all around inside her upper 

and lower lips as if brushing her teeth with it. Then his finger spread 

her teeth apart and he laid completely over her face driving his tool 

downward in her mouth. His pubic hairs ground on her lips as he 

wiggled back a forth on her face. 

	He stood up and looked down at Alice. "Nice cleavage, 

counting your tits, ass, and pussy you have two pair. Ha! I'm quite 

the card aren't I? Head due east and find the carpenter on the beach, 

he can give you a scepter and that will be your way home." Then he 

walked away whistling to himself.

	Alice got up, dressed and headed east. "God! I'd like to

deck him!" She thought feeling ever so ashamed.




	Alice made her way back to the little brook in the forest so 

she could clean herself once again. Looking all around  again to 

make certain no one else was about, she removed all her clothing 

then carefully  folding, and neatly placed them upon the same flat 

rock  she had used before for safe keeping, she lowered herself into 

the cool stream feeling refreshed almost immediately.  She splashed 

clean cool water over her entire body cleaning herself off.


	After several minuets, and feeling much refreshed, she stood 

up and walked to the shore, but examining the flat rock she failed to 

see her clothing. She hurriedly searched all around but was still unable 

to locate them. "I know I placed them on that rock." She told herself. 

"My. What could have happened to them?" She frantically began 

searching farther into wooded area. "I must find them. I simply must." 

She had now becoming extremely frightened, after what had taken 

place at the tea party, in the jail and at the hands of the knave she knew

 it would be more than ill advised for her to walk about this place with 

out any clothing on.

	She continued a unsuccessful search for the next half hour 

then dropped down onto a soft carpet of leaves and began to cry. "Oh 

my!" She cried. "What ever shall I do?" Just then, as if out of thin air, 

or perhaps in answer to her plea she heard a deep voice. 

	"You. Little girl. Do you want your clothes?

	She looked around and saw a large man step out from behind 

a oak tree. She saw he was well over six feet tall, very fat and very ugly. 

She guessed he must weigh at least three hundred pounds. 

	Upon seeing him she immediately used her arms and hands to 

cover up her  nakedness. 

	"Yes. Yes, indeed I do wish for my clothing. Can you help me 

kind sir?"

	"Yes. I can help you." He answered. "Yes, I can help you. But 

first you must help me."

	"Help you?" She asked him confused. "Indeed I will, but how 

could I possibly be of any assistance to you?"

	"Just look at me." He told her. "I'm big, fat, and ugly. I've 

never had sex with anyone that's good looking. The only sex I've ever 

had is with my twin brother Dumpty. You, on the other hand are 

so young with such a fine hard body and incredibly cute little face 

you can help me by.... sucking my cock. I've always dreamed of 

someone as fine as you giving me head. I'm sick and tired of Dumpty

doing it. You do this one little thing for me I'll return your clothing."

	Alice was horrified by his request and all blood drained from 

her face. What a  horrible land she had stumbled into.  She attempted

to pleaded with him but it was all to no avail.

	"Look little girl." He replied. "You want your clothes back and 

I want my dick sucked. I give you what you want and you give me what 

I want. If both of us do our part nobody will get hurt. Besides, if you 

don't give me a blow job I'll just have to beat the hell out of you until 

you agree to sucking me off anyway. Do you understand?" He clinched 

his fists.

	Alice looked up at his enormous body. She had no doubt that 

he could crush her with just one of his large hands if he had a mind to. 

Meekly she nodded her head in submission and agreement to his 

demand. "Tell....Tell me what you would have me to do." 

	"That's better." He told her. "Don't hide yourself. Stand up and 

turn around I want to get a good look at your entire body. Let me see 

your tit's, ass and pussy." 

	Alice did as he requested allowing him to view all of her 

nakedness.  While she was turning he started to sing. " I am Humpty, 

fuck that Dumpty.... he will fucking turn red.... when I tell him I got 

head. I don't need his fat ass.... as long as I have this sweet lass."

	He stopped singing and told Alice. "Get down on your knees 

in front of me and undo my pants."

	She walked over to him kneeling down in front of his extra 

large protruding stomach. Reaching up she struggled for several 

moments attempting to unfasten his pants, which was no simple task 

considering his large girth hung over the button by several inches.

	 After several unsuccessful attempts she finally managed to 

free the button and pull down on his zipper. "Hurry up, pull down my 

pants and free 'Big Lumpty' sweets." He mocked at her. 

	Alice pulled his large trousers down along  his equally large 

legs exposing 'Big Lumpty', obviously the name he gave to his penis. 

At that particular time he did not have a full erection but Alice could 

easily see why he named it 'Big Lumpty'. His penis was indeed very 

large, Huge in fact and bulged out in several directions. Alice looked 

up over his stomach at him and said. "I can't possibly get that thing into 

my mouth, it's much, much, to large."

	He laughed down at her. "Sure you can. Just open wide for 

"chunky" and start sucking while it's still soft. 'Big Lumpty' will 

stretch your sweet lips tightly around him as he gets hard inside your 

hot wet mouth."

	Not actually believing she was capable of taking his big thing 

into her mouth she stretched as wide as she could, and found she did 

manage to get the head of 'Big Lumpty' past her lips and teeth. 

	"Now, slide your mouth down along it. I want a really good 

cock sucking." He told her.

	"Hummmm....Mummm....Fuuuuuu...." Is all she was able to 

vocalize with his huge member in her mouth, while thinking to herself. 

"Oh! the horror I've gotten myself into." Realizing she had best give 

him a real good sucking as he requested or God only knows what he 

would do to her, and also realizing she needed some extra leverage if 

there was any hope at all to force her mouth farther along his shaft, she 

reached around his massive hips and slipped the fingers of both her 

hands inside the crack of his ass giving her the handhold needed in 

order to pull her mouth down along his cock. She sucked on his cock for 

a few moments and felt him getting hard. His expanding cock stretched 

her lower jaw to it's limit. Now with his complete hard-on she was 

unable to suck up and down very much, but she could feel the head of 

his cock pushing at the back of her mouth.

	"That's it baby." He told her. "Your got it hard now. Suck back 

and forth as much as you can. Yeah, that's it suck it you young cunt. 

Aaaaaa.....Yeah, suck it. God! I can't stand it. I never thought I'd have 

anyone as fine or as young as you sucking on my rod. God I love you 

playing with my ass while you blow me. Ohooo....I'm going to come.....

Aaaaa....Here I come. Eat my load honey. Eat it all you sweet little 


	Alice was in a great amount of pain from his member 

stretching her mouth so wide but somehow was able to slide back 

and forth along it, a little anyway. Soon she tasted his hot semen 

pumping from the head of his penis. The amount of cum filling her 

mouth was much more than she could swallow, so even with her 

mouth stretched as tightly around his shaft as it was, some of his 

load managed to seep out around her lips, run down her chin to fall 

onto her bare breasts and chest.

	She swallowed, and swallowed then swallowed again. He 

seemed to be a never ending river of cum. Then still coming he pulled 

his cock from her mouth squirting his hot juice across her face and 

chin. "Hurry!" He yelled. "Turn around and put your ass up in the air. 

I want to stick this up your snatch and fuck you doggie style while I'm 

still coming. Hurry! I want some of my hot juices up inside her tight 

pussy." He roughly lifted her up under her arms, coming on her breasts 

and stomach.

	He quickly turned her around and bent her over, coming on her 

hair, back and bare ass. Then she felt his rod pound up into her vagina. 

His extra large member plunged deeper and it felt as if she was being 

pulled apart as he stretched her vagina wider and wider, filling her with 

both cock and pain from his extra large organ. She could feel him 

continuing to shoot hot cum from his balls up inside of her. Then quickly 

he sat down bringing her, still attached to his rod on top of him. Taking 

her under the arms he raised and lowered her up and down on his stiff 

tool. Alice screamed with pain on the down strokes as she was forced to 

take his entire shaft up into her body. For what seems to be an  eternity 

he slammed her up and down on his hard penis, continually filling her 

with more and more hot fluids. 

	"God! Oh! God! What a fine pussy. You're one good fuck." 

One of his large hands reached around to grab, pull and play with her 

red pubic hairs, and along her pussy crack, while his other hand 

groped and fondled her breasts, pinching and pulling on her nipples. 

Soon from mere exhaustion he left her sitting on his lap, his cock 

buried completely up inside of her still pumping cream. Almost out 

of breath he told her. "Sweet little cunt. What a babe. God damn I love 

fucking you. Aaaaaa...... Oh! You tight little bitch." Then with one 

mighty long hot squirt his balls were empty and he laid on his back 

panting very hard. 

	Alice remained impelled on his member for several moments 

until she heard him snoring loudly, then she slowly get up sliding his 

softened cock along her vagina lips. 

	After she stood she could just make out what looked like a 

piece of her dress stuffed into one of the pockets of his pants still bundled 

around his ankles. 

	Being very careful not to wake him she retrieved all of her 

clothing from his pocket, then she tipped toed back to the stream placing 

her clothes well within arms reach and washed herself once again before 

getting dressed.

	She was disgusted knowing she had just sucked off and eaten 

cum, then had gotten fucked by one of the biggest, fattest, and ugliest 

men she have ever seen.

	Thanking God this was only a dream she continued east to 

find the Carpenter and retrieve the scepter she needed to get home.

	Having come as far east as possible, Alice found herself on a 

sandy beach that stretched to the south as far as her eye can see.  

(Admittedly, she isn't very tall, and can't see much, but take my word

for it; it stretches a long way).

	The beach seems to stretch on forever.  To the south she saw 

a small building illuminated by the rays of the moon.  This was odd 

because it's the middle of the afternoon.

	A Walrus and a penguin standing nearby regard Alice 

with puzzlement. The Walrus was dressed in his best Sunday suit, 

seemingly ignorant of how hot it was here. The penguin appeared to be 

wearing a suit much like the walrus's.  This was hardly a surprise, since 

most penguins appear to be wearing suits anyway.

	There was a carpenter standing just a little to Alice's left  The 

carpenter seemed to be deep in conversation with the Walrus.

	There was an oyster shell near the rock on which the carpenter was 

sitting. The shell was closed.  If it were open, Alice would see that the 

oyster was smiling, because neither the Walrus or the Carpenter can seem 

to get at him.

	Alice looked at the old Carpenter and asked, "Sir, can you help 

me find my way home?"

	He nodded his head positioned on his skinny neck. "Yep. I 

sure can help get you out of this land. That is....If I had a mind to."

	"And... are you of a mind to help me?" She questioned.

	One of his scrawny hands rubbed along his scrawny chin as he 

thought it over before answering. "I could be of a mind. That is to say 

you could put me into that frame of mind."

	"And just how might I do that Sir?" Alice questioned him.

	"You can let me have a look at that hard body of yours." He 

replied, almost meekly.

	"Are you serious? You can't be serious?" She stuttered a bit. 

Everyone around here wanted a piece of her she thought.

	"Yep. I sure am serious. God. You can't know how much I 

want to see you necked, and then.....a.....I....a.....I'd really like you 

to touch my thing." His voice broke up as he answered.

	"Your thing? And what thing might that be?" She questioned as if 

she didn't know.

	"You know. My thing. This thing." One of his skinny fingers 

pointed between his legs.

	"You want me to strip necked and then touch your.....your 

thing?" She asked, all ready knowing the answer..

	"Yes. Oh yes. And if you do I'll give you the item you'll need 

to get back home and out of this land." He anxiously told her.

	Knowing there was no other way out of this terrible place, and seeing

as it was all a dream anyway. Alice slowly slipped off her dress then removed 

her blouse exposing her young firm breasts. The old man's eyes seem to pop 

out from his face. His stare remained transfixed on her chest. Alice slipped 

her panties down her long slender legs leaving her with nothing on but her 

white knee stockings and black slippers.

	Alice watched his eyes drift down to her pubic area and they 

appeared to pop out even farther. "Ohoooo....Look. Look at that silky 

red  pussy hair....Ohooooo....." Alice noticed a bulge forming in the 

front of his pants.

	"Oh please. Now the.....The other part." He begged. "You 

know the part about you touching it....." He reached down and 

unzipped his pants. Alice noticed he had quit a bit of difficulty fetching 

his hardened cock from his britches. But after several false starts, he 

finally succeeded and withdrew a very long and skinny penis from his 

pants. Alice looked at it with fascination noticing it to be about eight

or nine inches long but very very thin. He walked forward extending it 

to her "Here. Please....Touch it."

	Alice reached out and place one of her fingers at the very tip 

and a squirt of his semen hit the palm of her hand. "Oh. God." He yelled. 

"A girl is touching my thing. Geessssus.....Could you....a....Could you 

stroke it a little....Please."

	Well at least he hadn't asked her to stick it in her mouth. She

thought, then said. "My goodness. You are a horny little devil. Aren't you." 

as she wrapped her hand around his shaft and stroked forward and back, 

jacking him off. It didn't take more than a few moments of her attention 

to his rod and she felt it stiffen even more under her hand, then large 

globs of semen started squirting from his penis' head. She continued 

beating his meat and he continued squirting with such force that his 

semen hit a large rock several feet away.

	Alice saw his face crunched up in ecstasy as she pounded his 

pud and she could just hear him whispering. "Ohhhh.....Yeah....Pump 

me little girl... Ohhh..YES! Make me cum." One of his hands 

mechanically reached between her legs rubbing along your vagina as he 

came, and Alice didn't stop him from feeling her pussy lips. Alice 

even noticed she was becoming a little turned on herself and felt 

wetness between her legs..

	She continued stroking him until his semen stopped squirting 

and just dribbled a little onto the ground. She removed her hand from 

his member and he just leaned forward seemingly exhausted. 

	Alice was quite hot by this time and plunged two of her own 

fingers up inside her wet pussy, pushing them up and down.

	"Ohooo....." She said. "Would you like me to suck on your

thing?" She asked him.


	"Lick my thing? Oh Yes, please. Lick it! Oh yes." He 

He responded..

	Still finger fucking herself Alice leaned forward and flicked the

 tip of her tongue over the hole in his rod. He moaned with ecstasy and 

Alice feeling very funny between her legs drew his cock completely 

into her mouth and sucked until he came with a flood of hot thick 

semen, coating her tongue and filling her mouth. "mmm, mmm, 

mmmf, glllrg!" she mumbled as the squirts of cum filled her mouth 

almost faster than she could swallow. Alice was writhing with the 

pleasure of her own orgasm, and when he was finished she licked 

the last traces off his cock and stood up, licking her lips. "Mmm, that 

was gooood..." She said.


	As Alice got dressed she felt guilty about what she had just 

done, not because of the sex but because she had enjoyed it so much 

and had even liked the taste of his cum. She couldn't understand what 

this dream was doing to her, but it would be a long time before she 

forgot how that orgasm had felt, and she wanted to have one again.

	"God that felt good." He told her " I've never had a girl jack 

me off. I've always had to do it myself. But, then to have been sucked 

off...Goddddd...... It sure was swell looking at you necked, I always 

wanted to see a woman's private things. And....And you even let me

 feel your private parts.....God...and....and.....Goodddd!" Then he 

reached behind his back and handed her a scepter. "This," He said. 

"is the key to a door that will lead you home." Then he quietly turned 

and walked away.

	Alice held the scepter tightly in her hand and went looking 

for the door it would open.




	Alice finally came upon a building and entered it. Inside she 

found a entry hall.  To the south was the room that one is supposed to

enter from this hall. That must be, she supposed, why they call it an 

entry hall.  The south door was closed.

	As Alice walked toward the south door she spotted the white 

Queen off in one corner fussing over something.  She seemed to have 

stuck herself on a pin, for she was crying out terribly.  Alice felt It 

would be presumptuous of her to try and comfort a Queen, but it would 

be rude of her not to.  Quite a dilemma for a well-bred person such as 


	Another oddity about the white Queen was that she was bare 

breasted, sporting a pair of the largest breasts Alice had ever seen and 

the Queen seemed to want Alice to do something, but she was too 

incoherent to communicate exactly what it was.

	Alice curtsied gracefully before the Queen then said. "Excuse 

my forwardness your highness, but may I be of any assistance?"

	The Queen looked at Alice with interest before speaking, "I 

think you should pleasure me you brash child!"

	"Pleasure you? My Queen." Alice questioned.

	"Yes my dear." She continued. "You may pleasure me by 

sucking on theses," She cupped her large breasts in her hands. "and 

by eating me out."

	"Eating you out?" Alice shook her head in bewilderment.

	"Don't act stupid child. You know, eat my pussy, lick my 

twat. Suck my cunt."

	Alice was confused but she became much to frightened to 

show such confusion so she cupped the Queens enormous breasts in 

her small hands and began squeezing them both very softly. Then she 

leaned over and stood on her tip toes and brought her mouth to one

of the Queens nipples that she had been pinching. Her lips closed 

around it and she sucked lightly. Her tongue slid back and forth on the 

massive bud, and she could feel it hardening against her tongue.

	For long seconds Alice's mouth slid round and round the 

Queens nipple, suckling, licking, nibbling. Her hands were still on both 

breasts, and she stroked the large right breast, while squeezing the left,

with her mouth still nibbling at that nipple.

	Alice was shocked to feel herself shudder, and a hot flush 

moving through her body, as that hot, dark center between her legs 

started to burn with lust. 

	The Queen just stood there, unmoving, her hands limp at her 

sides, as Alice worked her mouth over one, then the other of her big 

breasts, mouthing the nipples, sucking, sliding her tongue over and over 

the smooth, soft breast flesh.

	The Queen straightened, and looked deep into Alice's eyes. 

Alice started breathing hard, uncertain of what the Queen was going to

do. Then the Queen leaned down and kissed Alice on the mouth.

	At first the kiss was soft, as soft as air sliding across lips. Then 

as seconds passed Alice considered screaming or perhaps trying to push 

away, but she didn't. The kiss was unnatural Alice was quite aware of 

that, but at the same time it felt rather exciting as well.

	Then the Queens lips moved more hungrily, pressed against 

Alice more demandingly.

	The Queen un-buttoned Alice's dress bib and blouse exposing

Alice's young small breasts, then the Queens hands slid around Alice's 

back and shoulders and she hugged the girl against her. 

	Alice felt their bodies move together, and she became all wet 

and dripping and warm from excitement and exertion. Alice felt the 

Queens breasts were firm yet at the same time, incredibly soft. She felt

the Queens large nipples dug painlessly into the tender young skin of 

her own small rounded orbs.

	Alice felt embarrassment when her own nipples became rock 

hard, and stiffened  as they rubbed and ground against the Queens 

breasts. The Queens tongue shot into Alice's mouth, and twined with 

the girls as the Queens hands slid up and down Alice's back with 

desperate urgency. 

	Alice gasped as the Queens hands moved down under her

dress and onto her hard round buttocks. Alice felt the Queen cup 

and squeeze one of my silky smooth ass cheeks, which pulled the

girls loins up against the Queens own, and lifted the girl off her feet.

	Alice's body was growing hotter and hotter, her mind became 

turmoil of carnal thoughts and feelings. Alice couldn't help herself and

her arms moved around the Queen, her hands sliding up and down her

bare back, wanting to feel the softness of her skin.

	Alice's legs came up and slid around the Queen, and the Queens

 hands slid down girls ass holding Alice up against her. Alice felt her

her little red tufted cunt rub against the Queens belly as she gripped 

Alice tight against her, and Alice felt a shiver passed up her spine.

	Both the women's and the girls breasts were flattened against 

each other, the mammary meat crushing and mashing back and forth. 

Their lips were sliding around together with fierce energy, their tongues 

darting and dancing back and forth between each other's mouths.

	The Queen walked over to a table, still carrying Alice, still 

locked in a tight soulful embrace. Her strong arms lifted Alice higher, 

off the ground, setting the girl down on the edge of the table.

	Alice unwound her legs and arms from the Queen and sat back, 

Her shapely young legs dangling over the edge of the table.

	The Queen pushed the girls legs wide open, shoving them far 

apart, and Alice found she couldn't balance herself and she had to lay 


	The Queen stared into the girls crotch, and a hot flush of 

embarrassment surged through Alice at such intimacy. Then Alice gave

out with a strangled gasp as the Queens tongue slid up along the length 

of the girls lightly furred slit.


	Alice arched her back, and her legs twitched and jerked on the 

hard table top when she felt the Queens tongue dipping deeper, sliding 

upwards, digging into her little labia, then onto her clit. The Queen 

lapped at the young girls clit, holding her open as she worked her tongue 

expertly, driving Alice shivering and shaking into a tremendous, mind 

shattering climax

	Alice twitched and flopped there on the table, her head 

twisting back an forth as her body  poured out energy. Hot flooding 

sexual stimuli sped through the girls body, setting her nerve endings to 

jingling and spasming.

	Alice's hands came up of their own volition, and seized her 

aching young breasts, squeezing repeatedly.

	The Queens tongue buzzed across Alice's clit, then slowly 

worked its way down along her tight slit. Up and down it moved as the 

Queens fingers started rubbing over the girls clit, and dipped in and out 

of her tight little hole. Deeper and deeper did the Queens finger move, 

two fingers, fucking Alice's little cunt box, stabbing into the girl 

up to the knuckles.


	Alice came again, even more intensely than the first time.

The girl whimpered in denial as the floodgates opened inside her 

and a massive tidal rush of ecstatic sexual power rushed forth,

enveloping her body from top to bottom in an electrifying roar of


	Alice passed out. When she opened her eyes she was alone.

	Alice would have felt tremendous guilt over having sex with

another woman were this anything other than a dream, but as it was

only a dream she got up from the table and dressed herself. She picked

up the scepter she had worked so hard to acquire and stepped through

the south door.

	The well-lit room she entered turned out to be, of all things, a 

regal looking study. Alice saw the Red Queen standing very majestically

next to a door.

	The Red Queen turned to Alice and said, "My Dear!  How very 

very nice to see you here!  You are just in time for your Coronation!  

Come over here, my dear, and we'll dress you so that you'll be fit to be 

a Queen!"  Of course, she never asked Alice whether or not she wanted 

to be a Queen, but it would be impolite to refuse since she seemed to 

have her heart set on it.

	Suddenly Alice noticed the White Queen and she thought to 

herself,  "Oh, I mustn't forget to turn to the south to acknowledge the 

White Queen, as she seemed to wish for me to notice her."

	"The White Queen is also here to aid you in your Coronation." 

The Red Queen said quit matter of factly. 

 	Looking a little embarrassed Alice none the less looked over

at the White Queen and saw that she had a new brooch, and this one 

was firmly pinned to her collar.  Alice curtseyed to her.  She curtsied 

back and smiled at Alice knowingly.  Outside to the south (through a

small stained-glass window in the door) Alice could see a garden - just 

the thing for a post-Coronation stroll!

	Alice used the scepter and stepped outs and entered her very 

own garden.  "My," Alice thought, "soon I shall be home again. I only 

hope I haven't been missed."  Then she sees her house to the east.

	Alice runs towards her house joyfully.  In a short while she 

knows she will be curled up before the fireplace, warm and toasty.

	"My, but this garden is awfully large!"  In the east she can 

still see the lights of her home.

	This garden is quit a bit larger than she remembered it.  Perhaps 

she ought to rest, but it is such an awfully short way to her house.  (Still 

in the east, still in the distance.)

	"If this garden doesn't end soon," she thinks, "I shall be like 

the White Queen and never know which way I'm going!"

	"I should think by now I would be very tired.  Perhaps I should 

rest now." Alice thinks.

	Feeling that she were going around in circles, out of frustration

Alice rubbed her hand over her pussy, confusing one frustration with

another, when suddenly she find herself standing on the front steps of her


	The door opened and Papa stepped out of the house and almost 

fall over Alice in his eagerness to hug her.

	"Oh! Papa!" Alice exclaimed excitedly, "You have no idea

what a terrible dream I've just experienced!"

	Papa looked down at his daughter and saw something in her 

eyes. "Hmm... you seemed to have matured some my dear." He said.

	Alice looked up innocently into her fathers face, then noticed

a bulge forming in his britches. "Papa what's happening?" She asked 

with fright in her voice.

	"Nothing bad I assure you child." He told her gently as he 

un-snapped his britches and took one of Alice's hands, placing it 

inside pants.

	Alice wrapped her hand around her fathers stiff cock and

began jacking him off, then as her Papa opened her blouse and 

started squeezing her breasts she wondering if it had all been a dream 

after all.


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