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WARNING: This story contains strong themes of coercion and forced

sexual behavior. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS

and the writer does not in any way suggest or condone similar


Please let me know if you like it and want more / have any ideas.


Wren 16


Wren Gillian the unfortunate Prisoner of War is found tied to
her prison bunk she is in a state of shock, her mind being in a
whirl with incessant pain and horror. Unimaginable things were 
being done to her...yet they were being done as if there was
nothing at all exceptional about them.

Was it ACTUALLY happening to her? Had she been carried like a
rag doll under one arm of a hulking brute SAS soldier? Carried
from her initial interrogation stark naked ? Or had her mind
become deranged?

But the pain between her legs was real enough. To real to be
imagined. Oh the agony of it ....throbbing burning! Gillians
mind recoiled from reliving the previous day  the rapes the
cattle prod. Perhaps there has been some mistake perhaps she had
been mistaken for a real guerrilla.

She lay screaming. To find the nightmare was reality. Moreover
there was the sound of the bolts being drawn back and a key
grating. Then the cell was flooded with light, blinding Gillian.

Not quite so comfortable as your last barracks, eh Miss Private?
remarked Col Hardman with what, for him,  passed as a smile.
Well girlie'll have to get used to roughing it a bit
round here.

"Y..You must help me ... " she gasped. You are a soldier Sir
please can't you see what they're doing to me....."

"Of course I can, " answered  Hardman "They're breaking you" and
" In the process they are being desensitised to the screams of
women under interrogations". 

" Anyway its back to work for you young lady" smiled Hardman. "
I want this evening to  introduce you to  a piece of equipment
developed by the army called  the STALLION its a rape machine."

Gillian lay open mouthed, naked and spread-eagled as Hardman
explained what her first, six hour date rape with STALLION would
do to her and how it would really 'upset her'.

Gillian prayed for the good Lord to release her from this
degrading hell hole.

"OK fun time " said the balding Sergeant " Bet your not looking
forward to your night out with STALLION " he asked. He saw the
girl's features twitch. None of the female prisoners of war took
too kindly to that machine ! It reduced them all to panting,
squealing, jelly-quivering exhaustion.

No ................Ohhhhhhhhhh Sir No pleassssssssssss

" Of course you won't like it, it might make you a little raw
?" he giggled.

Gillian shook her head wildly her short punk style hair barely

"It will break you and  make you come ... and come and come

Gillian mouth fell open lying there naked  she didn't look
insolent now the rebel in the girl was truly broken.

Sergeant Hardman leant forward and slapped the girl's face. She
was lying spread eagle just before his chair. " Don't look so
sulky , " he said, as he twisted  her nearest nipple.
AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   Sirrrrrrrrrr cried Gillian like a baby,
recovering from the blow and pinch.

She got another on the other cheek and her other nipple received
a longer pinch. "I should think so " Hardman snapped. It was
nice to slap a pretty face around. Nicer to know you could do
whatever you liked with her. Perhaps he'd tickle her tits up
with a cattle prod while she entertained her guest STALLION on
her first date. That would be fun. The girl had very firm good
tits which matched her sturdy build. Firmly rounded. like white
cooking apples, with rose pink  nipples.

"Come along , my pretty girl. Like it or not its a night on the
town with STALLION for you."

Tears filled young Gillian's eyes. How helpless, how vulnerable
she was! Just how Sergeant Hardman liked them. Weeping silently,
the girl followed her monstrous gaoler from the room.

STALLION was housed in a small annexe off the training area. It
contained nothing but the machine, a chair and two large
mirrors. All female prisoners who were put on STALLION could
view their own date rape and degradation to the full.

Locking the door behind him Hardman pushed Wren Gillian to the
stainless steel machine.

"Mount," ordered the Sergeant crisply.

Gillian was weeping openly her naked arms clutched firmly over
her naked breasts and cunt. The day had begun badly and was
getting worse. Why didn't the good Lord listen to her and
extinguish  her existence? She clambered on to the contrivance
under Hardmans' instruction.

It was quite simple. The prisoner to be raped knelt with her
knees strapped in two channels filled with black foam rubber.
Quite comfortable. These channels were fully adjustable. They
could be made to move outwards so that the girls thighs were
splayed to the maximum  (or as she would find out later back and
forth simulating running on ones knees.) Her arms she stretched
forward, each wrist being shackled to a separate bar before her. 
Then the machine itself was moved into position. This could be
raised or lowered at will and consisted of two screw like spurs
on to which dildos were fitted. These spurs could be used
individually or simultaneously and were driven backwards and
forwards by the machine at a pace directed by the operator. Who
was...  Sgt. Hardman.

I think I'll give you a  very special treat this evening,
Gillian" he said having fastened the girls thighs and wrists and
splayed her as wide as possible. " You are going to get it up
the backside as well as your cunt with lubricant not irritant."

Gillian shuddered, sobbing incoherently. She knew there was no
use pleading. What would happen would happen. Or che sera sera,
as they say in her home town of Hull. Taking  his time Sgt.
Hardman selected two rubber dildos from a considerable array.
The one for her anus was 6 inches long and an inch in diameter;
the other was 9 inches long and one and a half inches in
diameter. "What a lucky girl you are, " he sighed as he screwed
on the two artificial penises. "Soon you will be squealing with
joy." For the time being however Gillian just went on sobbing.
Carefully Sgt. Hardman positioned the machine. Each dildo
pressed lightly to an aperture. Then he picked up the control
box and seated himself in front of his sweating ( glowing
ladylike ) victim. Her features were distraught, tears coursing
down her cheeks. " Here we go then," said Hardman. He turned the
dial and the girl  cried out gasping in pain as anus dildo slid
slowly but surly in. There it remained for a second or so before
withdrawing again. As it did so, the second dildo entered her
vaginal passage. Again she gasped. Oh  God how big it was! And
soon it would be destroying her!   Right in .....then slowly
out.  And as it came out, in went the anus dildo again. That was
the pattern. Two pistons gliding back and forth at an easy pace.
Two passages penetrated alternately. Gillians teeth were
gritted. She sobbed and sobbed. Oh how loathsome it was!  she
was being treated like a guerrilla purely for this devils

Leaving the dildo team jogging slowly into their unwilling
victim, Sgt. Hardman considered the other facilities available
to him. Above the framework two bottles hung like intravenous
drips one contained lubricant and the other irritant. Joined at
a manifold  two very thin clear plastic tubes became one. This
time the female victim was to receive only lubricant. Taking the
end of the tube Hardman taped the tube across her back taking
the free end into the girls widely splayed bottom cheeks and
using sticking plaster taped the open end one inch above her
anus. Opening a tap on the lubricant bottle allowed a slow drip
of lubricant to run onto her anus and then  onto the thrusting
dildo, excess lubricant ran down around the anus dildo onto the
dildo entertaining her pink front passage.     Slowly very
slowly ....Hardman increased the pace of the driving dildos.
Gillian might twist and squirm, but they never quite left her.
She could never evade them. Oh yes the design of the machine was
very clever. After some five minutes , Hardman halted the anus
dildo and doubled the pace of the other. In no time at all,
Gillian began to gasp and jerk. The big dildo had got her
going....and there was nothing she could do about it. Soon her
hindquarters were working in counter unison to the driving
rubber penis.  She was lost ....Gagging and
squealing.....Evermore abandoned......Hardman smiled
lasciviously. He loved them when they were like this. He turned
the dial further...

The dildo moved faster. Gillian came to a gasping climax. Then
her head dropped. She was dribbling and weeping. She knew it was
just the beginning. The big dildo slowed but kept moving
remorselessly in and out. And was re-joined by the other. " Nice
?" smiled Hardman. Gillian could only shake her head. Her
body...her sexuality....she knew, was now controlled by this
irresistible machine. It was going to bring her to orgasm after
orgasm. Until she was a weak, whimpering wreck  of utter
exhaustion. Whilst this monster before her gloated...... Sgt
Hardman considered another of the numerous  facilities on the
rape machine. From underneath STALLION he lifted two black
rubber milking cones attached to a small suction pump.
Ingeniously designed the suction force rotated a rubber ball
inside each cup, creating jointly or independently a massaging
licking sensation around a victims nipples. Gillion was coaxed
into two further unwanted orgasms, by the milking machine. After
her third orgasm , Gillian found both the bars before her pulled
back and outwards. Her back curved and her breasts projected out
before her. She was aware that Hardman had in his hands a cattle
prod. She screamed for mercy......but she got none. As she was
driven steadily to her fourth orgasm, Hardman began to jolt
firstly the underside of  each of her tender breasts before
moving slowly towards the now highly sensitive pink puppy dog
noses of her nipples.

Wren Gillian was detailed to spend the next six hours on the
machine with her trainer Sgt. Hardman.

Hardman considered the options open to him, later the electo
torture capabilities (electrodes and clamps ) on the machine
would be applied to the female Prisoner of Wars body, but not
until she had experianced at least four hours being ridden by
the machine.

Wren 16

By ( Please let me know if you like this and
want more ? )