Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. From:***) Newsgroups: Subject: THE OUTLAWS by SOUTHERN BELLE Date: 29 Mar 1997 15:46:04 GMT Message-ID: <5hjdfs$> It was a beautiful, hot Southern day. The menfolk were away on a hunting trip, hopefully catching dinner for the social on Saturday, and would probably be away for the night. It was a perfect opportunity for the womenfolk to gather at the swimmin' hole on the back of the property to cool off a bit, and catch up on the local gossip. After the wash was done, Rose Anne, Sarah Lynn, Jo Beth, and me trotted off down the path. We had no rain that week, so the swimmin hole was clean, sparkly clear, and looked very inviting. We stripped off our clothes and hung them on the bushes, then we splashed into the cool water. "Did you hear about Maggie Lee Jackson?", said Sarah Lynn. (Sarah Lynn always started the gossip). "No, what about her?", we all chimed in unison, anxiously awaiting the juicy details. "Well, rumor is that Little Miz Maggie was found poundin the hay with the stable hand", she said. "That's not all," she continued,"Clyde Jackson caught them red handed himself." "Oh, Lordy," Rose Anne exclaimed, "What on earth did he do then?" "Well," Sarah Lynn said, "He suspected for a long time now, so he was ready with the shotgun. Didn't even let 'em get covered. He marched them right out to the oak tree, tied their hands to the lowest branch so that they was just hangin there, and then did some poundin of his own with the ridin crop," she squealed. "I hear he beat 'em so bad that they was just a danglin' there by the ropes, and then he took that ridin crop and stuck the handle of it up the poor stable hand's rear side just as far as it would go. Clyde left him a hangin while he cut Maggie Lee down. When she fell to her knees beggin' for mercy, he put himself right in her mouth right then and there. Then he made Maggie Lee suck the stable hand while he still hung from that tree, and still had the crop buried in him. I hear Clyde even fucked her at the same time." We all snickered at her language, but we always got a bit brassy when the menfolk weren't around. (Anyway, we learned those words from keepin' our ears to the study door). "After that", she blurted, "he shot the stable boy, which, of course, the courts never convicted him for, considerin the circumstances, and Maggie Lee supposedly left to live with her mother while her stripes healed." "Serves her right," Jo Beth chimed in, "that little tramp". "Oh, I don't know," Rose Anne said,"That stable hand was kinda cute for a colored boy. I hear they have a lot to offer, if y'all know what I mean." We all giggled. "Speakin of courts 'n' all," I said, "did y'all hear about the big prison break?" I knew they hadn't, so I continued, "Five men, all hardened criminals; horse thieves and rapists and such. They broke out of the state prison just last week." Everyone spoke at once, and I knew I had the juiciest bit of gossip so far. "Nobody knows where they are. Even the state posse turned back. The Sheriff says there's no danger of 'em bein' around here though. Most likely took off for the north." "Hope they catch'em here anyway," said Jo Beth. "Y'all know those Yankees 'ed keep 'em if they found 'em first. We ain't had a decent hangin' around here in awhile. Might give me a reason to show off my new peach pie recipe." Jo Beth's comment won her the proper dunkin' she deserved. Splashin' around in the cool water and gossipin' like kids, little did we know at that time, that up on the hill above us... "Well, looky what we have here." Jake smiled as he peered through the bushes at the well formed, nude bodies below. Clemmons rubbed his eyes in disbelief, and found himself a better view point. "Yea," said Clem. "After all these years of fuckin' assholes, I just about forgot what pussy looked like." Buck chimed in, "Don't look like quite enough to go 'round to me. They's five of us, and only four of them. If y'all are real nice, I might share mine with you'ns." "If ya don't pipe down you'll find yourself standin' guard the whole time," said Coyt. "Nobody's gonna do nuthin' till we find out where the menfolk are. Abe, sneak around that path up there and tell me what ya see". The men watched, their eyes glued to the naked female forms below and their hands glued to their rising crotches, until Abe reported back. "It's a house, all right, but I didn't see any sign of menfolk there. The rifle rack in the study's empty, and they's a empty stall and saddle rack in the barn. The bedrolls are gone from the locker, too. Coyt, I think their menfolk have took themselves a little huntin' trip." "Sounds like our lucky day, boys, but we have to do this thing right. We can't take'em out of doors like this. Somebody might hear. We gotta go hide up in the house until they come back and we can keep 'em inside," Coyt instructed. We splashed around in the water until it was time for afternoon tea. Swimmin' always made me hungry, and I could almost taste the finger sandwiches I had made already. We dressed and trotted off up towards the house, still gigglin' and gossipin'. I flung open the door and we all marched in to the kitchen. When I opened the icebox to get the platter of sandwiches, it was gone! I knew that I had put it in there. "Sarah Lynn", I scolded, "Did you snitch the sandwiches again?" "Naw. It wasn't me this time; honest," she replied. "Well, somebody took 'em out, and I just hope they haven't spoiled by the time I find 'em, girls," I accused. "Actually, they's quite delicious". We froze for a moment at the sudden sound of a masculine voice hidden behind the open door, and then began to smile and head for the origin, thinkin' that the menfolk returned early. As the door swung closed we froze again. This man didn't belong to any of us. He just stood there leanin' against the door and grinnin'. He had one of my sandwiches in one hand, and a huntin' knife in the other. We had all huddled together instinctively, and we just stood there starin' at him for a minute. "Who are you, and what are you doin' in my house?" I boldly demanded. "Forgive my rudeness, ladies," he blurted out in a sarcastic voice. "My name's Coyt. Me and the boys figgered that since we didn't make it in time for the huntin' party, we'd just stay here to offer you ladies a little protection while the menfolk were away". Suddenly, it seemed that men were coming out of the walls. "I'd like fer y'all to met my boys. That there's Clem. That'n over there goes by Jake, and those two yonder are Buck and Abe. Say 'hey' to the ladies". We found ourselves surrounded. The one called Buck walked up to Rose Anne and put his hand in her hair. He spoke something, and then jerked her head back hard and kissed her. Somebody screamed, and a pistol fired. Jake lowered his Colt from the air as Coyt spoke once again. "I suggest you ladies show us a bit of hospitality, if ya know what's good fer ya. Jake can't stand a bunch of screamin' women, and I can't be responsible for what he might do. Understand?" All at once, the world began to move around me. I felt myself hit the kitchen table hard and I tried to scramble my way to the other side. I heard laughter and felt hands grab my legs. Each time I made my way a few inches I was pulled back a foot. I rolled onto my back and saw the one called Coyt standing at the edge of the table, still grinnin that stupid grin. When I kicked out at him he grabbed the bottom of my pantiloons and tugged. They came off in his hands all too easily, sliding me further down the table in the same motion. He quickly grabbed my skirt band and tugged me even further down toward him until I straddled him. He easily cut away my skirt and blouse with the huntin' knife. I lay there exposed and afraid, but helpless to move. I watched in horror as he undid his pants. I tried once more to back up on the table, and I felt the cold steel of his knife between my breasts. "Ya may as well make this easy, little lady," he grinned, " One way or the other, you're gonna take my dick, like it or not." I froze and he removed the knife. "That's better now, ain't it? " He stood straight up at the edge of the table and looked down between my legs. "I ain't seen a good pussy in a while. I recall these things hafta be wet before they work right. Now you just lay still a minute while I git it ready." He licked his fingers and smeared the saliva over my slit. "There now. That should do it just fine," he panted. "I'll just test it out a little." He took his dick in his hand and slid the end of it easily into me. He grabbed my hips as he bent over me, and pushed my body lower until I had absorbed him completely. He slid his arm under my waist and held me firm against the edge of the table. I felt his mouth on one breast and his hand on the other. He started pounding into me with full lunging strokes. Every thrust of him hurt until my body reacted to his pounding and began to moisten the way for him. He strained to get deeper, and then he convulsed inside of me. I felt his hot liquid spurt so deep I thought I would taste it. I was relieved that it was finally over. "That's a sweet little pussy ya got there," he said as he stood up and pulled out of me. "If yer lucky, I might be back fer seconds". He walked over to Jake, who had been standin' watch at the door; mostly watchin' us. I could see a small puddle of liquid on the floor at his feet. He still had his dick in his hand. "I'll take the watch for awhile," Coyt said. Jake walked over to the table edge and stripped off his pants as he eyed me hungrily. "No. Don't do this," I whispered. "You just need to feel a real dick," he answered. "No, please," I repeated. I was dripping with Coyt's liquid, and I felt dirty already. I didn't want another man in me. He pushed his dick up to my soaking pussy and applied a little pressure, but not enough to enter. "Well, maybe if you beg me I won't stick it in," he teased. "Beg me." "Please don't," I sincerely begged. "That's not good enough," he answered, and pushed his dick in a little. "Try again." "Don't do this, please," I begged again. He pushed in a little more. "Say 'please don't fuck my pussy.'" "Please don't fuck my pussy," I repeated. He was about three inches deep, and began moving in slow circles back and forth inside of me. Coyt's cum was running out of me and dripping onto the table and into the floor below. "That's good," he teased again, "but I'm still not convinced. Do you really want me to take my dick out of your pussy?" "Yes," I pleaded. "Tell me again," he insisted. "Please, yes," I begged. Finally, he pulled out. He was still standing between my legs, rubbing his cock up and down along my dripping slit. Each time he worked his way down a bit lower, smearing Coyt's cum along with his movements. "If you don't want it in the pussy that's fine by me, but I came here to fuck". With that, he flipped me over onto my stomach and shoved hard against my ass. My feet were danglin toward the floor and I was bent helplessly over the edge of the table. "I've fucked a lot of asshole in the past few years, and I kinda wondered if a woman's is any different. You just hold still now while I find out." He held my legs tightly between his in a vice grip. I felt his fingers pry my cheeks open. He used one hand to guide his dick toward its mark while the other kept me spread. At first, there was only pressure when he found his target. Then, excruciating pain ripped through me as he tried to push his way in my tight ass. "Stop, it hurts," I cried. "But you wanted my cock up your ass. You even begged for it, remember?" He pushed harder and I felt my sphincter stretch around him. Waves of pain ran through me again. I grabbed the edge of the table and tried to pull myself away. I managed to move enough so that his weapon popped out before he caught my hips and pulled me back toward him again. "That was a very bad girl," he said. "I thought I told ya to hold still". I felt him pry me open once again, but this time something cold was pressed up against my ass. "Maybe if ya don't like my cock so much, ya'd rather feel my Colt". Terror gripped me as I realized he had his pistol barrel pressed up against me. "No, please don't shoot me," I begged. "I'll do whatever you say." "Beg me for my cock". I could hear the sneer in his voice. I cried. "Beg me", he demanded. "Give it to me", I replied. "Say 'I want your big cock up my ass'". "I want your big cock up my ass" I repeated, crying. The pistol barrel was removed as I spoke, and was replaced by his dick once again. This time I made no attempts to move as he shoved deeper and deeper into my ass. Instead, I concentrated on not screaming, and tried to relax, hoping that it would lessen the pain. He seemed to plunge endlessly deeper into my burning ass. I felt his sacks slapping against my empty pussy with each hard stroke. He pumped faster and faster until I thought he was going to split me open. I heard him moan as he gave a final hard shove and started moving in smaller thrusts. I knew he came up my ass. "I thought ya'd be tired of assholes by now", I heard Coyt jeer from his post. Jake replied,"This ain't no ordinary wore-out asshole like that overworked prison bitch." He gave me a slap on my cheeks. "This'ns new," he said. I was silently grateful when he pulled out of me. My ass was still on fire. I could do nothing but just lay there, wondering if there would be a next one, and realizing that I hadn't seen the other girls since this started. "All this fuckin's worked me up a appetite", Jake said in my direction. "Aren't ya gonna offer your guests some chow?" I tried to stand, but my body was slow in responding. I finally worked my way to my feet and picked my torn skirt up off the floor. "No need for clothes, woman. Just food", Coyt commanded. I went to the icebox nude. Coyt instructed Jake to keep watch while he went to check on the others. A few minutes later, Rose Anne, Sarah Lynn, and Jo Beth appeared in the kitchen, also naked. We all went through the motions of cooking and serving dinner to these strangers. The men jeered and grabbed at us, made lewd comments about us throughout the meal, and made whispered conversation which we couldn't hear as they peered at us from time to time. By the time they had finished eating, the sun was beginning to set. "I think it's about time to have a little party", Buck said with a gleam in his eye. "It's too late for visitors, and the menfolk have made camp by now," Coyt agreed. "No need for guard, so we can all have a little fun." They herded us like cattle into the sittin' room. The men took their seats while we just stood in the room. "I'm a bit fucked-out at the moment", Abe said sarcastically. "I think I'd just like to just watch a while". "Me too", said Clem behind an artificial yawn. Buck chimed in,"But we wouldn't want to disappoint you ladies. Y'all just go ahead without us. We might learn somethin'." We just stood there, not quite sure what was going on. "Didn't you hear the man?" Coyt asked us. Jake looked over at Coyt and answered for us. "I believe they heard okay, they's just havin' a little trouble understandin'. Maybe we should help 'em out a bit". They stood and walked toward us. Coyt grabbed me and Rose Anne by the arms and pushed us toward the sofa. "Y'all just have a seat with the boys there for awhile". The men seated on the sofa pulled us down onto their laps. "It's time for the floor-show ladies". Coyt pushed Sarah Lynn toward the floor, instructing her to stay up on her hands and knees. She complied. Coyt and Jake then grabbed Jo Beth by the hands and feet, scooped her effortlessly up into the air, and layed her down on her back in front of Sarah Lynn. They spread her legs farther and moved her up toward Sarah Lynn as far as she could go. Jake held her down while Coyt pushed Sarah Lynn's head down between her open legs. "Lick her pussy," Coyt demanded. Sarah tried to struggle free of Coyt's grip. He shoved her head farther down toward Jo Beth's waiting snatch. "I said lick her pussy", he demanded again. She struggled once more, and he jerked her head up and slapped her hard across the face. He shoved her head down once again. "Now, lick it until I tell you to stop". Sarah Lynn did as she was told this time. She smoothed her hair back away from her mouth, and gingerly stuck her tongue out toward Jo Beth's open slit. Jake positioned Jo Beth's hands to hold herself open wide so that everyone could see Sarah's work as she ran her tongue up and down. I felt Buck's dick begin to rise under me. Clem took one of my breasts in his hand and began to massage slowly while he watched the girls on the floor. Buck repositioned me on his lap and reached around to fondle my snatch as he watched. His dick strained ever upwards beneath me as the show continued. Jake had swung his legs across Jo Beth's chest, straddling her. He was sliding his cock across her lips. "Give me some of what you're gettin," he urged, and then warned, "no teeth now, or you'll be sorry you did". He pushed in between her lips and fell forward onto his hands above her head. He started pumping in and out of her mouth slowly, watching his own movements. Coyt was kneeling behind Sarah probing her with his fingers, and watching Jake's dick slide in and out of Jo Beth's mouth. Sarah's tongue was still darting in and out of Jo Beth's open, glistening snatch. Buck reached under me and guided his hard cock to my pussy without taking his eyes off of the floor. He began to slowly slide in and out while he continued to watch. Coyt took his fingers out of Sarah's pussy and replaced them with his dick. He spread her ass wide, and I watched as he entered her. She seemed to raise her ass some to meet him. As I looked again, I noticed that Jo Beth had moved her hands up to Sarah's head, encouraging her tongue to move deeper. Jo Beth was writhing on the floor, and was moving her head up to match Jake's thrusts. I looked over at Rose Anne, and she was kneeling across a chair while Abe pounded into her. Clem was still strokin' my breast with one hand, and his cock with the other, while Buck fucked me as I sat on his lap. While I was thinkin that I might as well make the best of it, Buck told me to stand. I stood up and he slid down off the sofa and pulled me to the floor. He laid on his back and positioned me above him, instructing me to sit on his cock. I straddled him, as told, and guided his huge dick back into me. He pulled me across his chest by the arms, and wrapped me in a firm bear hug while he fucked me. Looking up at Clem still sitting on the sofa, he said, "I hear this'n likes it up the ass". "Not again", I thought. I struggled to break his grip as I shouted,"NO". He laughed at my feeble plea. My ass was in the air with my cheeks spread wide Buck still had me in a firm grip, and I was impaled upon his cock, powerless to move. I thrust my legs straight out behind me in an attempt to make my ass unaccessible, and Buck wrapped his legs around mine and and spread them apart, holding me wide open. I felt Clem grab my ass-cheeks with both hands and squeeze hard. "It is a right purty little ass, ain't it?", he jeered at Buck, "But I can't get to it real good". "Hold her down a minute, Clem", Buck said. Clem held me down from above while Buck released his bear hug long enough to pull my knees forward. My ass was once again in the air, and I was powerless to move anything now with them both holding on to me. Clem had wet his dick and was pushing it against my exposed asshole. He shoved a little harder, inching his way in. I had tried to prepare myself for the pain that gripped me once again. Once he was in a few inches he stopped for a moment. Buck was still fucking my pussy in a steady rhythm, and I tried to concentrate on that. When Clem started thrusting into my ass again, the pain was gone. It had actually begun to feel good. Feeling them both sliding in and out of my body at the same time caused my pussy to wet itself further. I began to establish my own rhythm. I pushed down on Buck's waiting cock to fill my wet pussy, and then I pushed back up again driving Clem's dick deeper into my ass. I found myself actually pounding against them, wanting more. My passion built until I exploded around them. Their rhythms changed from my own, and I hovered in between them while they fucked me faster until, finally, they both came in me at once. We fell into a heap on the floor and lay there for awhile. Finally, Coyt said,"Time to go boys. We gotta make some time before daybreak". They all stood and dressed in silence. I had brought out some quilts for us ladies to cover with. We all walked to the door together, and Coyt spoke up. "Thanks for the generous hospitality, ladies. Don't worry none. We won't be back". With that, they turned and left into the darkness. We discussed the days events after they had gone, and all shyly admitted to enjoying their company before it was over. We made a pact then and there to never breathe a word of this to any soul. The law eventually caught up to them, and they were brought back to the state prison for hangin'. The menfolk went to watch, while we all gathered at my house, silently, for peach pie. ..