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                                INMATE 94K5674
                                                         by MikeDee

Chapter I    "The Preparation"

        Have Inmate 94K5674 brought forward. The moment had arrived.
    Two burly female prison guards took the prisoner by her arms and
    dragged to the center of the prison yard. It was punishment day
    at the State Correctional Facility and a large crowd of special
    invitees were present in the gallery to witness the sentences
    being carried out. Inmate 94K5674 was the first of many to have
    their sentences carried out that day. With the two wardress
    standing at her side the deputy warden read her sentence:

        "Inmate 94K5674 having been found guilty after trial for the
   violation of Penal Law 220.39, Sale of a Controlled Substance in
   the Third Degree. It is the sentence of the Court that you be 
   intrusted to the care and custody of the State Correctional 
   Facility for the period of not less then five (5) years to be 
   dealt with in accordance with the law.  Further it is the 
   sentence of the Court that in accordance with Penal Law 70.01 
   that upon your arrival at the State Correctional Facility that 
   you receive Fifty (50) lashes.  Commence Sentence"

      Thereafter the prisoner was brought to whipping triangle to 
   receive her punishment. In all cases the inmate is first prepared 
   before the actual infliction of the whip. This preparation is for 
   two (2) purposes. The first to insure that the prisoner receives 
   a modicum of protection during the lashing. The second and more 
   important reason is the total humiliation of the prisoner. The 
   purpose of this corporal punishment was not to cause permanently 
   injury or scares as in olden days, but to so totally humiliate 
   the inmate so that such criminal conduct would not be repeated 
   again in the future. The fact that the invited guests and others 
   present received amusement and sexual gratification from the 
   infliction of the corporal punishment was just a fortunate and 
   profitable consequence of the law.  The convict which now stood 
   in the prison yard was a petite but attractive young women. This 
   could not have been said at the time of her arrest. She had been 
   strung out on heroin for over a year. She was caught at a public 
   high school selling heroin to an undercover police officer posing 
   as a high school student. This was not her first encounter with 
   the criminal justice system. Just six (6) months before this 
   inmate was arrested on the same charge and given a sentence of 
   probation. Today she will begin to pay the price for her criminal 
   behavior.  The first step in the preparation for the lash was the 
   stripping of the prisoner's clothes. Like everything else in 
   carrying out the sentence it was done in such a way as to 
   embarrass and demean the inmate. The inmate is first attached to 
   the iron triangle in the prison yard. The iron handcuffs that 
   held the prisoner's hands behind back were removed. As one of the 
   female guard held the prisoner's wrist behind back, the other 
   female guard raised her arm to a pair of leather manacles 
   attached to the apex of the triangle. The leather manacles would 
   hold, but would not cut or injury the inmate during her struggles 
   against in the whipping triangle and the inmate would struggle 
   during the course of the punishment. Upon securing her hands over 
   her head to the top of the triangle, the next step was secure the 
   feet of the prisoner to the two (2) shackles at the base of the 
   triangle. Thus Inmate 94K5674 found herself stretched and ready 
   to meet her fate.  In keeping with the program to humiliate as 
   well as causing physical pain, the inmate was dressed not in the 
   familiar prison uniform but clothed in an off the shoulder sun 
   dress usually worn at a more festive occasions. Underneath this 
   garment, the inmate was dressed in the most provocative 
   underwear. The duty of stripping the prisoner was accorded to the 
   executioner or whip master/mistress. During the course of the day 
   there will be several persons performing the duty of executioner. 
   For Inmate 94K5674, her executioner was to be a large black 
   wardress. Everything about this women was large. From the size of 
   her frame to the size of her bosom, she was an Amazon.  To 
   further cause fear in the prisoner, the executioner wore a black 
   leather mask made so popular in England during the 1700's. To 
   complement the hood, the executioner wore an amazingly tight 
   black leather outfit whiched only seemed to amplify her 
   personage. To further accent the outfit the executioner was clad 
   in deep red thigh length boots and the same color gloves which 
   ended just above her elbows. The last item of clothing was a 
   striking red leather vest which seemed to contain two very 
   voluptuous breasts. To say she spread terror in this inmate would 
   be an understatement. Inmate 94K5674 had never been touched by a 
   women, now she was about to be stripped naked by this ferocious 
   looking bitch.  Upon the stepping up to the inmate, the 
   executioner grabbed the bodice of the sun dress and tore down to 
   the waist. In the next action the executioner tore the dress 
   completely from the inmate's body. At this point the spectators 
   could be heard. The inmate had been forced to wear a glossy black 
   nylon bra that teased the crowd rather then cover the breasts. 
   Before the invitees was a pair of nicely sized tits about to see 
   the light of day. The bra was had a front clasp and with little 
   effort the executioner caused flimsy covering fall away.. A 
   collective gasp could be heard from the crowd. The inmate was 
   petite her naked boobs were not. They all had paid good money to 
   see this show and they were about get their money's worth.  The 
   executioner now turned her attention to the inmate's panties. To 
   help facilitate with their removal these were not any ordinary 
   panties, but again glossy black nylon panties held up by two 
   strings at the side. Thus there would be no need to pull these 
   undies down. With a well learned flair for dramatics the 
   executioner untied one end then forcefully yanked the covering 
   away. To the delight of the spectators the prisoner's cunt had 
   been shaved totally bare. Her pubis was totally on display for 
   all to see. With her legs stretched apart her private parts were 
   an open secret to all who were present.  Inmate 94K5674 stood 
   buck naked before the assembled crowd and now she could hear 
   their comments. It was quite apparent the audience wanted to see 
   her suffer and her fate was about to be delivered.  The next step 
   really began to perk the juices of the crowd. A guard brought to 
   the executioner a bowl of some sort of shiny liquid or gel. The 
   purpose of the gel was both apparent and subtle. The application 
   of the gel would clearly enhance the inmate's very well endowed 
   attributes. However more subtle was the effect this gel would 
   have on the skin of the inmate during her whipping. The gel was 
   composed of an peanut oil laced with a heavy duty astringent. To 
   make matters worse, salt crystals had been liberally added in.  
   During the whipping this gel would cause havoc with any open cut 
   effectuated by the whip. The inmate's cuts would be free from 
   germs but the pain caused by the gel will make Inmate 94K5674 
   think twice before committing any future crimes.  The executioner 
   put her gloved clad fingers in the bowl and with a smile on her 
   began to spread the gel all over the inmate's body. This was done 
   in a particular erotic manner. As always the purpose to humiliate 
   and shame the inmate was never forgotten. It was quite apparent 
   the delight the executioner took in anointing the inmate's body 
   with the gel. Throughout this ordeal Inmate 94K5674 had stoically 
   kept her silence, but when the executioner put her hands to the 
   prisoner's cunt and spread her nether lips for the application of 
   the gel, the inmate could no longer hold it in. In a series of 
   verbal assaults Inmate 94K5674 cursed the executioner, the guards 
   and the invited guests.  Unfortunately, the prisoner was soon to 
   learn that such misconduct was not to be tolerated. The inmate 
   had be warned upon arrival that the only verbal responses 
   permitted an inmate in this correctional facility was "Yes Ma'am, 
   No Ma'am, "Yes Sir" or "No Sir". Any other verbal responses would 
   be punis hed. In a moments instance the executioner violently
   slapped the inmate with numerous vicious blows to the face. The
   deputy warden then spoke to the prisoner:

       "You been warned that any infraction of the prison rules will 
       result in quick and harsh retribution. For you most vulgar 
       verbal display I am increasing your sentence to One-Hundred 
       (100) lashes front and back. And further I am ordering that 
       you immediately be placed in a scolds bridle. Just be 
       thankful I have not ordered the iron studded brank. Continue 
       the sentence."

        In a instant, a metal cage was produced by one of the 
        guards. For all intensive purposes it looked like a bird 
        cage with no bottom and hinged metal prong hanging. The 
        executioner took possession of the sinister instrument. In 
        medieval times such instruments were placed about the head 
        of a scold and the brank forced into the mouth to impose 
        silence as she walked about the town. The executioner opened 
        the cage like contraption and placed it over the inmate's 
        head. It was immediately closed and locked on the prisoner's 
        head. Now came the hard part, getting the brank in the 
        inmate's mouth. However before forcing the brank inside the 
        inmate's mouth one more nuance was added. The executioner 
        called for a mouth solution. This was a preparation made to 
        taste vulgar and to induce vomiting. Since the inmate had 
        not been fed in over twenty-four hours there was no worry of 
        her choking on her own vomit. The executioner covered the 
        brank with the noxious substance.

        The brank was ready to be introduced to the inmate's mouth 
 but the inmate wasn't about to voluntarily open her mouth for 
 placement of the brank. The solution was at hand. A guard removed 
 his electrical prisoner prod. This prod was a close cousin to the 
 cattle prod used to heard steers.  This small cylindrical 
 instrument was standard equipment in this penitentiary. All the 
 guards carried one and were happy to use it when the opportunity 
 called. The electrical charge was adjustable and the guard turned 
 his up all the way. He stepped behind the inmate and jabbed the 
 prod into her ass. In a second, the inmate let out a blood curdling 
 scream. With the inmate's now wide open the executioner slammed the 
 brank into her mouth and locked it into place. The effect was 
 instantous. The inmate swung her head side to side. Her eyes seemed 
 to bulge from her sockets. Although speech was no longer possible 
 with the brank in place, a muffled sound was audible in the prison
 yard. The inmate furth er appeared to be retching her insides out.

        Now that the inmate could no longer interrupt the 
proceedings with her mouth, the executioner went back to her task of 
preparing the inmate for the whip. The executioner nonchalantly 
resumed right where she left off before being rudely interrupted. 
Dipping her gloved fingers into the gel again she was again ready to 
administer the gel to the vulva of the inmate.  Now with all 
resistance from the inmate quashed, the executioner spread the naked 
petals of the inmate's cunt and proceeded to disperse the gel to the 
inner surfaces. Not content just dab the area, the executioner 
inserted several gloved fingers into the inmate's vagina. To the 
roaring approval of those watching, this probing attack to the 
inmate's inner person was repeated several times with vigor. The 
executioner's fingers moved in and out of the inmate's cunt with a 
deliberate and steady beat. Within in a moment the executioner's 
plan became clear. She was going to reek her revenge on the inmate 
for her verbal abus e by forcing the inmate to orgasm before the 

       It didn't take too long for the inmate to respond. The first 
       reaction was pain. The astringent and salt crystals produced 
       instant pain to the sensitive mucous membranes of the 
       inmate's cunt. Without being able to verbalize her pain all 
       the inmate could do was to rock her pelvis in attempt to get 
       away from those probing fingers and that terrible gel. To all 
       those watching, the inmate's attempt to avoid the executioner 
       looked like a coital movement so freely associated with a 
       good fuck. It appeared that the inmate was facilitating her 
       digital rape by the executioner. What was worse the inmate 
       now began to feel a new sensation. Despite every nerve in the 
       inmate's body feeling pain, the executioner had made contact 
       with her clit and was causing her to come. No matter how much 
       the inmate fought to gain control of the situation her body 
       was about to betray her. With the relentlessness of a wounded 
       bear the executioner was going to make her victim pay. It 
       took a good four minutes of digital masturbation but in the 
       end victory was clear. The inmate bucked like a horse at the 
       rodeo and with a very muffled scream that stopped her dead in 
       her tracks while the executioner finished her off. As if any 
       further proof was needed, the inmate turned a bright red from 
       her face to her toes. This brought a round of applause from 
       the crowd. This would be just one of many to come during this
       corporal punishment.

        The final preparation was now in hand. This step was the 
placing of the slut strap about the loins of the inmate. The slut 
strap consisted of a waist strip attached to an underneath strap 
that went from front to back through the inmate's loins. The 
underneath strap was no ordinary belt. First it was cylindrical 
strap so it was better able to fully in bed itself inside the cunt 
lips and ass cheeks of the inmate. To further compound the 
situation, the strap had very sharp plastic spikes sticking out the 
sides.  The purpose of the spikes was clear. As long as the inmate 
kept her ass bent outwards to the lash the spikes rested on the 
surface causing no damage. The minute the inmate would bend or 
clinch away from the whip the spikes would puncture the skin 
allowing the noxious gel to do its work. Very soon the inmate would 
have to choose between the pain of the whip or the pain the slut 
strap. The slut strap had one more sinister feature. At the back end 
of the strap was a small di ldo like projection. It was about the 
length of a thumb but significantly wider. The dildo would make 
contact with the inmate's asshole and force itself inside as the 
underneath strap was tightened. The dildo had one more feature. It 
was hollow with a push rod in its core.

 The executioner approached the inmate with the slut strap in
hand.  At this point one of the female guards produced a small but 
vicious front dildo. It was made of metal, maybe six inches long and 
two inches wide but the significant feature were the short spikes 
sticking out. This was no pleasure instrument. This inmate had 
orgasm once, this dildo would sure no such pleasure would happening 
again. The executioner placed the metal dildo in the bowl of gel and 
went about placing the slut strap about the inmate's waist. When the 
waist strap was tightened, the executioner retrieved the front dildo 
from the gel and placed right up against the inmate's cunt. With 
that the executioner spread the cunt lips and shoved the dildo up 
the vaginal canal. To the shame of the inmate it went in easily due 
to the lubrication of her recent orgasm.. Lubrication or not it took 
only a few seconds for the sensation of the gel and the metal 
dildo's spikes to strike home. In a second, the inmate was bu cking 
front and back in an effort to dislodge this metal monster from her 
cunt. The executioner grab the underneath strap and ran through the 
inmates cunt lips and making sure the spiked metal dildo remained in 

        At that moment the inmate was startled. The iron whipping 
triangle began to rotate. The original two female guards were 
turning the triangle.  The inmate was no longer facing the crowd. 
Instead, it was her back and ass that now faced the special 
invitees. Once the whipping triangle had come to rest, the inmate 
felt her ass cheeks being pulled apart by the two female guards. 
Within seconds it was now her asshole that was visible for all the 
spectators to observe. The shame of having the inmate's cunt exposed 
for the audience to see was now added to the shame of exposure of 
her asshole for the spectators. Many months from now the inmate 
would still shutter and shake when this portion of the video tape of 
her whipping was displayed. The executioner with all deliberate 
diligence commenced to anoint the asshole with the gel. Not content 
with just flooding the surface the executioner proceeded to stick 
her gloved fingers up the inmate's asshole. The reaction to the gel 
was instantaneous. The pain shoot to the inmate's brain and again a 
muffled screams could be heard. Instead of stopping the executioner 
continued insert her finger's up the inmate's rectum to the 
enjoyment of the crowd. In the next second the executioner removed 
her fingers and quickly inserted the thumb like dildo of the slut 
strap into the inmate's asshole.  With the final tightening of the 
underneath strap the dildo was firmly secured up the ass of the 
inmate. Surely the agony of being prepared for the whipping was over
the inmate thought. Little did she know that she was about to
experience a new and excruciating pain that would last throughout
the whole corporal punishment.

        With the tightening of the underneath strap, the executioner 
stepped back to admire her work. Inmate 94K5674 was indeed ready to 
receive the lash but for one more item "the fig". The rear dildo now 
resting firmly inside the inmate's asshole had two functions, not 
counting the overwhelming shame and pain caused by its insertion 
into the rectum of its victim. The first purposes was to act as a 
butt plug to prevent the inmate from shitting over herself and the 
whipper. While whipping the shit out of an inmate during a private 
correctional exercise inside the bowels of the prison's numerous 
punishment chambers was both correct and exciting, it just was not 
proper for this type of public correction. If anyone of the audience 
desired to see this kind of flagellation, they needed to have the 
proper invitation and finances required for such privileged viewing. 
The second purpose of the dildo was for the introduction of the 
"fig" into the upper intestines of the inmate. The "fig" was a 
glycerol suppository combined with a red hot pepper base and an 
extremely strong laxative made to cause incredible pain followed by 
overwhelming need to relieve oneself. The fact that every inmate 
received a triple enema before being presented for corporal 
punishment did not alleviate the desire to shit one's brains out 
after the insertion of the fig. Sometimes during a private 
correctional sessions in the guard room an aphrodisiac is 
substituted for the laxative. The effect was to cause the inmate the
desire to fornicate with just about everyone present and in everyone
of the inmate's orifices available.

        The rear dildo was hollow at the core, but to maintain its 
function as a butt plug, the hollow center of the dildo is filled 
with a push rod and a screw cap. By unscrewing the cap and removing 
the push rod the fig can be inserted in the hollow core and rammed 
home by the push rod and locked shut by screwing the cap closed. 
Needless to say, the forceful introduction of the fig into the upper 
intestines of the inmate by this method creates an immediate 
reaction. The red pepper base begins to immediately burn the insides 
of the intestine causing the inmate shake and struggle on the 
whipping triangle like leaf being blown in a thunderstorm. Even 
after the initial burning of the red pepper base subsides the power 
of the laxative takes over and grows outrageously stronger 
throughout the lashing. Many an inmate after their whipping pled for 
the opportunity to relieve their bowels before the assembled crowd. 
This was an excellent fitting punishment for a former proud and 
pretentious bitch to have all those present watch her humiliate 
herself by shitting  before them.

        The executioner was proud of her work. Even before the first 
        lash fell this inmate had been humiliated and shamed beyond 
        her wildest imagination. However the total retribution for 
        her crime required the infliction of significant pain and 
        that infliction was about to commence. At this point an 
        assortment of whips were brought out and laid out on a table 
        before the executioner. Along with the whips there was the 
        "fig" in its plastic container. At this point the 
        executioner looked toward the deputy warden for last 
        instructions.  Without any further ado the deputy warden 
        barked out his order: "Fig her!"

         The executioner took the plastic container off the table and
walked up to the inmate. With very little fuss the executioner 
unscrewed the cap on the underneath strap and removed the push rod. 
Throughout this last preparation Inmate 94K5674 had no idea what was 
in store for her. She had no idea what a "fig" was and could not see 
what was transpiring behind her back. In just a couple of seconds 
the inmate was about to get the surprise of a lifetime. Carefully 
the executioner removed the "fig" from the plastic container and 
placed it gently inside the hollow core of the rear dildo making 
sure to keep the suppository in good shape to ram it home. The 
executioner now began to tremble inside. Like all good whip 
mistresses she kept a dildo up her snatch during these correctional 
exercises. She can come several times during a correctional session 
but was always careful to cover-up any outward expression. She often 
failed to understand why if the special invitees could orgasm freely 
w ith their various partners why did the staff have put up a stoic 
front. However hers was not to reason why, but to do or die.

        Everything was set. The inmate was secured and prepared. A 
momentary hush had taken over the crowd. They anxiously wait the 
commencement of the corporal punishment of Inmate 94K5674. Now its 
time for the executioner to excite the crowd with a little 
pyrotechnics of her own. The executioner turned to face the special 
invitees. They were of the privileged class and had paid good money 
to see the criminal element receive their just deserts.  The 
executioner was ready to excite the crowd. She faced the audience 
and began to unbutton that tight red leather vest that was 
constricting her upper body. With the flair of a matador teasing the 
bull, she slowly unbuttoned the vest showing more and expanse of her 
huge breasts. The crowd was now alive with excitement. They had 
waited several hours for the show to begin and now it was really 
going to happening. With the last button undone the executioner 
dramatically threw the red leather vest down to the ground exposing 
her massive chest. H er tits were massive as they rested exposed in 
the half cradle of the black leather skirt. They would bounce nicely 
as she whips the prisoner. The response was a thundering cheer from 
the crowd with numerous catcalls and  lewd invitations. Her whole 
upper body was free of any hindrance to the wielding of the whip. 
This black Juno is about to make Inmate 94K5674 to taste the whip.

        With the push rod in hand, the executioner whispered to 
herself, "Let the games begin". She centers the push rod in the rear 
dildo and shoved into the rear projection driving the "fig" through 
the dildo and deep into the inmate's rectum. Quickly screwing the 
cap closed the executioner grabbed her first whip, a vicious 
cat-o-nine tails and waited for all hell to explode. Within seconds 
the mystery of the "fig" became clear to Inmate 94K5674. In an 
instant her whole insides feels like it is going to explode.  The 
inmate let out a scream that even through the scold's bridle could 
be clearly heard by the crowd. The iron whipping triangle started to 
shake like it was being torn from its foundation during an 
earthquake. It is clear to everyone in the prison yard the whipping 
is had to commenced. With a frenzied roar was heard from the 
audience, even the guards were shouting.  The afternoon corporal 
punishments had commenced. With that the executioner raised her whip 
and Inmate 94K567 4 was about to regret the day she was born.

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Inmate 94K5674

Chapter 2  "The Whip Falls"
                                                        by Mike Dee

        It was punishment day at the State Correctional Facility and
the punishments had begun. The first inmate to receive her
punishment was Inmate 94K5674, a convicted drug dealer. Inmate
94K5674 was originally sentenced to fifty lashes, but due to
her improvident and rude behavior during her preparations for
the whip, the sentence was increased to one hundred lashes back
and front.
        The executioner a large black prison wardress was determined
to make Inmate 94K5674 regret the day she was born. The
whipping begun with a the use of a cat-o-nine tails. This whip
was standard prison issue. It had a long wooden handle that
held nine leather throngs twelve inches long and 1/2 inch wide.
Each of these throngs were knotted at the end. Unlike the
cat-o-nine tails from olden times they were no metal claws
attached to rip the skin upon contact. The State Correctional
Facility policy as to the infliction of corporal punishment was
clear. Each inmate was to receive a whipping that would cause
her the utmost shame and humiliation along with significant
physical pain so as to deter such criminal behavior in the
future. It was not the policy to permanently scare or maim the
inmate. This policy did not include however the small permanent
brand placed upon the inside of the inmate's ass cheek which
marked her permanently as a predicate felon.
        The cat used by the executioner on Inmate 94K5674 did its work
well. The first lash to the back caused the immediate raising
of visible welts upon the inmate's back. As the whipping
continued with this cat these welts would soon rupture causing
the skin to break. Depending upon the velocity and strength of
each lash the number of welts and their damage to the skin were
determined. For Inmate 94K5674 each lash seemed like her back
was being cut to pieces. Inmate 94K5674 was lurching forward in
the iron triangle with each lash. The special invitees had paid
for a good show and the State was providing their wish.
Although the scold's bridle reduced most the screams of Inmate
94K5674 to muffled moans, from time to time a scream would be
audible to everyone in the prison yard. The executioner knew
her work well. She was like an artist with a clear canvass and
it appeared she was about to paint her masterpiece.
        Slowly but surely the lash caused welts to spread from the top
of the inmate's shoulder blades to her waist. On more then one
occasion the lash would wrap around the inmate's side and catch
a part of the inmate's unprotected breast. On this occasion
Inmate 94K5674 would make a particular violent lurch forward
and a muffled but audible scream could be heard by all present.
By the tenth lash the inevitable breaking of the skin was
evident. This cat-o-nine tails was made to cause superficial
lacerations to the skin. Superficial cuts in a medical sense,
but not to Inmate 94K5674. To Inmate 94K5674 it felt that her
skin was being removed in layers. The gel that was applied to
Inmate 94K5674's skin during her preparation for the whip was
doing its job. Once the skin was lacerated the gel attacked the
raw nerve endings and dramatically increased the pain. While in
actuality Inmate 94K5674 back was just being scratched by the
cat, Inmate 94K5674 felt that she was being skinned alive by
the whip and it showed. This petite but buxom girl was causing
the iron whipping triangle to shake. No matter how long Inmate
94K5674 lived she will never forget the day she was whipped in
the prison yard.
        By the twentieth lash the executioner was tired of whipping
Inmate 94K5674's back. The executioner had turned her attention
to Inmate 94K5674's ass. As to emphasize the new plan of
attack, the executioner stopped the whipping and approached
Inmate 94K5674. The executioner grabbed hold of Inmate
94K5674's hips and pulled her ass out further. Before stepping
back the executioner couldn't resist the temptation to give
Inmate 94K5674's nipple a good pinch. This action was noticed
by the audience with a round of applause. The crowd sensed that
the whipping had taken a new and interesting turn and they were
ready. The executioner had actually been moderate in her
whipping of Inmate 94K5674's back. The executioner would not be
so circumspect with Inmate 94K5674's ass. The executioner was
about to make sure that Inmate 94K5674 would not sit down on
her ass for a week.
        With all the strength the executioner could muster, she pulled
her arm back and delivered the first lash to Inmate 94K5674's
ass. Just by the sound of the whip hitting Inmate 94K5674 ass,
the crowd knew that Inmate 94K5674 was in for a bad time. In a
second Inmate 94K5674 felt this lash to her core as she
attempted to pull her ass back from the lash and clinch her ass
cheeks. That was a mistake. The slut strap made its presence
felt immediately. The plastic spikes embedded itself into the
tender inner skin of Inmate 94K5674's ass. The puncture of
Inmate 94K5674 inner ass cheeks by the spike's of the slut
strap in conjunction with the gel had an instantaneous effect
on Inmate 94K5674. The pain of the whip lash was compounded
with the pain from the slut strap. In the next instant Inmate
94K5674 arched her ass out to escape the sting of the spikes.
This action did not go unheed by the executioner. The
executioner had timed this reaction by Inmate 94K5674 and the
moment Inmate 94K5674 presented her ass arched out for the
whip, the executioner's cat-o-nine tails made solid contact
again forcing Inmate 94K5674 to buck forward. The cat and mouse
game between the executioner and Inmate 94K5674 was in full
        To make matters worse the executioner had caused the cat to
rip deeply into the flesh of Inmate 94K5674's ass. By the fifth
lash blood could been seen on Inmate 94K5674's ass cheeks. From
that point on, each new lash of the cat seemed to cause a new
rivulet of blood to form. Inmate 94K5674 was beside herself
with pain. No matter which way she turned the pain was
mounting. Inmate 94K5674 was sure that her ass was now hanging
in shreds. Inmate 94K5674 cursed her situation and if she had
been allowed to plead, Inmate 94K5674 would have promised
anything to end this torturous ordeal. Every nerve in Inmate
94K5674's body seemed to scream in pain. Her back and her ass
were on fire and getting worse. When would this torture end.
The executioner was taking her time. She was going to baste
this inmate's ass good. The executioner was to going make
Inmate 94K5674 hurt for a long time. With the skill of a
professional, the executioner delivered the next three lashes
to Inmate 94K5674's ass. The ass cheeks now looked like ground
meat ready for the barbecue.
        Inmate 94K5674 had received her first fifty lashes,
twenty-five lashes to her back and twenty-five lashes to her
ass. It was now time for her extended penalty. The additional
fifty lashes for Inmate 94K5674's infraction of the prison
rules about the proper way to address prison personal was about
to commence. The break in the punishment of Inmate 94K5674 came
at the correct time. Had the whipping of Inmate 94K5674
continued unabated she would have fainted. The whole purpose of
the whipping was not to beat the inmate into oblivion but to
cause her to suffer shame, humiliation and significant pain in
aid of the inmate's rehabilitation. The executioner was quite
satisfied with her performance so far and the special invitees
let her know with their reactions. Throughout the crowd, there
was a scene of sensual and sexual enjoyment observing this
convict being made to pay the price for her life of crime.
There was not a pang of guilt from anyone present for the
pleasure they were receiving in watching this inmate suffer. It
was not the special invitees that put this inmate in the
position she now found herself. She had only herself to blame.
Every inmate about to punished had been given at least one
chance to change their behavior and each and everyone of them
scoffed at society and continued to commit criminal acts.
        For all those in attendance the present criminal justice
system as revised to include corporal punishment was a success
story. Since the imposition of corporal punishment, crime in
general took a nose dive. Violent crime acts committed by adult
males fell off the board. Strangely enough, the same was not
true for crimes committed by females. Unlike the males,
criminal conduct by the female population actually increased.
In the particular areas of drugs and robbery, females made up
the majority of offenders. The reason for this unexpected
change appeared to be twofold. The first reason speculated
concerned the different treatment accorded male and female
convicts. Under the present penal system, a male offender upon
conviction would receive his sentenced corporal punishment in
public while the female convict was whipped behind prison walls
witnessed only before special invitees. The second reason
speculated was the demographics of the population as a whole.
Since the turn of the century, the male population began to
drop. Today, males accounted for less then forty-two percent of
the population. This alarming trend halted all previous
advances in women's equality and in fact caused males to
retract and manipulate the female population into a lesser
status. Given this condition of inequality, women appeared more
willing to put there individual interests above those of
society. Although there had been calls to make corporal
punishment for female offenders the same as for the males,
there was just too much money to be made by charging the
special invitees large fees to witness the corporal punishment
of the female inmates.
        The second phase of Inmate 94K5674 corporal punishment was
about to begin. The two females prison guards once again
stepped up to the iron whipping triangle and rotated it 180
degrees so that Inmate 94K5674 again faced the special
invitees. Inmate 94K5674 could once again see the satisfaction
this crowd was displaying watching her corporal punishment. At
this point a prison guard approached Inmate 94K5674 with a
strange metal apparatus. This apparatus was a whipping bra.
First used upon those female inmates not so well endowed as
Inmate 94K5674, it became a standard equipment for all inmates
lashed upon their front. At first it appeared to be just a
metal half cup bra. It did indeed fit just under the inmate's
breasts with two under cups that uplifted and supported each
tit. It was strapless and was held upon the upper body of the
inmate by tightening thr clasp behind the inmate's back. The
cups were made of metal and also had spikes that protruded from
its surface. However the feature that made this apparatus so
popular with the prison authorities was the two metal "U"
shaped over straps. Once the bottom cups were secured to the
inmate's upper body the two metal "U" shaped over straps could
be attached to two holes in each of the bottom cups located at
the side and base of each tit. Upon being placed in the two
holes the two metal over strap could be tightened down forcing
each tit to expand outwards to the whipper. The whipping bra
not only expanded the surface of each tit available for the
lash, it steadied and secured the breasts of the inmate from
evading the bite of the lash. It fit perfectly into the master
plan of shame, humiliation and pain of the corporal punishment
given to the inmate.
        Once the triangle a set into position, the executioner
approached Inmate 94K5674. Once again she took out the bowl of
gel used during the initial preparation and rubbed it into each
tit.. The executioner took her sweet time making sure to message
the gel deeply into each tit. The erotic nature of this message
was not lost on the special invitees. When Inmate 94K5674
looked out at the audience, she could she several of the women
present having their tits messaged by their partners. To the
shook of Inmate 94K5674 several of the women standing against
the rail of the visitor's gallery indeed had their breasts
exposed and were enjoying the smae sensual rubbing by their
partners. After the executioner was satisfied she had fully
anointed each tit with the gel, she was handed the whipping
bra. With the help of one of the female guards the bottom cups
were placed under each tit and secured by tightening the clasp
at the back. Now the two metal "U" shaped over straps were
placed in the holes of each bottom cup. With what appeared to
be a screwdriver tool the executioner tightened each of the
over straps down against the base of each tit. As the over
strap was tightened down each tit, it began to take on new
dimension. Inmate 94K5674 tits began to expand and become
fuller in front while the base of each tit was further
constricted. When finished Inmate 94K5674's tits looked like a
over inflated balloon ready to bust. The preparation was not
over. At this point a red like paint was handed to the
executioner and with childlike glee the executioner painted
each of the nipples bright red. The paint like substance would
prevent the splitting of the nipple by the whip. The fact that
the bright red color of the substance along with shine of the
tits caused by the gel made Inmate 94K5674 breasts look like an
archery target just further enhanced the effect of the
punishment to the delight of all present.
        The executioner stepped back to admire her work. She too could
see the erotic effect she was having on the special invitees.
In a clear pandering to their lusts, the executioner now took
some of the gel and proceeded to rub it in to her over ample
mammaries. The effect on the crowd was electric. Inmate 94K5674
could see in the gallery several more women having their
breasts exposed by their partners. In fact it appeared one or
two of these women were having something rubbed into their
        The fun and games were over. It was time to get back to the
serious business of the whipping of this inmate. The
executioner reached to the table before her and grabed a
different whip. This was a much longer and slender whip. It had
a short handle from which two long lengths of cylindrical
leather came forward. At the end of each cylindrical length was
a flat tongue cut in the shape of a "V". It was clear that
impact of this whip was meant to made with "V" shaped tongue.
This whip was a tawse and it was especially suited to the
whipping of a women's breast. The executioner picked up the
tawse and took several practice swings. In a dramatic effect,
the executioner had the ends of the whip smack against surface
of the table before her. The impact of the tips of the whip
sounded like bullet hitting a wall. Inmate 94K5674 shuddered to
think that soon the impact of that whip would be against her
defenseless tities. With the whipping bra on Inmate 94K5674
could do nothing to avoid the full impact of tawse against her
        Again the crowd began to applause in anticipation of the
second phase of Inmate 94K5674's whipping. In a second the whip
made contact with Inmate 94K5674's left tit. The sound was like
wet rope striking a pillow. The tit appeared to be indented by
the impact of the tawse. The tit jump back to its previous
shape in a minute but the red blotch on the top of the tit
clearly showed where the tips made contact. There was nothing
Inmate 94K5674 could do to evade the lash. Any movement caused
her to suffer the pain from the slut strap wrapped about her
loins. In a effort to avoid the pain caused by the slut strap,
Inmate 94K5674 would throw her ass out and this caused her tits
to project forward as to invite the bite of the whip. The
executioner was in no hurry to complete the punishment. She was
in fact enjoying herself. The secret dildo embedded in her cunt
had drawn her over the edge twice before during the first phase
of the corporal punishment. The executioner was about to taste
the delights of orgasm number three. To cover up the outwards
signs of the pleasure the executioner bite her lip and took a
vicious swing at Inmate 94K5674's right breast. The tawse found
its mark and the tit appeared to dance. The executioner
followed this lash with two more strokes the same exact spot.
Inmate 94K5674's right tit was beyond bright red. In fact the
tawse had cut the skin and gel was having it dread effect.
Inmate 94K5674 let out a scream that appeared inhuman. Her head
bobbed from side to side while bucked back forth in the
whipping triangle with no regard to the slut strap tearing up
her nates. This reaction by Inmate 94K5674 only caused the
executioner to repeat three more lashes to her left tit. The
executioner was now deep into her own orgasm. The left tit
first appeared to bend under the tips of the tawse. Again the
tawse had caused the skin on the left upper tit to break.
Inmate 94K5674 was sure she was going to die and began to pray
for a speedy demise. It seemed that Inmate 94K5674 would
collapse if the beating continued.
        Again the crowd began to applause in anticipation of the
second phase of Inmate 94K5674's whipping. In a second the whip
made contact with Inmate 94K5674's left tit.. The sound was like
wet rope striking a pillow. The tit appeared to be indented by
the impact of the tawse. The tit jump back to its previous
shape in a minute but the red blotch on the top of the tit
clearly showed where the tips made contact. There was nothing
Inmate 94K5674 could do to evade the lash. Any movement caused
her to suffer the pain from the slut strap wrapped about her
loins. In a effort to avoid the pain caused by the slut strap,
Inmate 94K5674 would throw her ass out and this caused her tits
to project forward as to invite the bite of the whip. The
executioner was in no hurry to complete the punishment. She was
in fact enjoying herself. The secret dildo embedded in her cunt
had drawn her over the edge twice before during the first phase
of the corporal punishment. The executioner was about to taste
the delights of orgasm number three. To cover up the outwards
signs of the pleasure the executioner bite her lip and took a
vicious swing at Inmate 94K5674's right breast. The tawse found
its mark and the tit appeared to dance. The executioner
followed this lash with two more strokes the same exact spot.
Inmate 94K5674's right tit was beyond bright red. In fact the
tawse had cut the skin and gel was having it dread effect.
Inmate 94K5674 let out a scream that appeared inhuman. Her head
bobbed from side to side while bucked back forth in the
whipping triangle with no regard to the slut strap tearing up
her nates. This reaction by Inmate 94K5674 only caused the
executioner to repeat three more lashes to her left tit. The
executioner was now deep into her own orgasm. The left tit
first appeared to bend under the tips of the tawse. Again the
tawse had caused the skin on the left upper tit to break.
Inmate 94K5674 was sure she was going to die and began to pray
for a speedy demise. It seemed that Inmate 94K5674 would
collapse if the beating continued.
        The executioner was a pro. Inmate 94K5674 would not be allowed
to retreat in blackness. The executioner varied her pace and
placement. To the chagrin of Inmate 94K5674 the next couple of
lashes from the tawse landed on her recently shaved pubes. The
pain was electric. Inmate 94K5674 lurched backward so hard that
she felt the spiked dildo bite into her vaginal walls. Despite
the pain Inmate 94K5674 was thankful that slut strap protected
her clit from the assault of the tips of the tawse.
Unfortunately Inmate 94K5674 would soon learn that such
protection would not afforded her during punishment sessions
for infraction prison rules. It was quite common to strap the
inmate on her back, spread her legs in a suspended "V" and whip
away at the exposed inner tissues of the inmates cunt and clit.
These private punishment sessions could be viewed by those
special invitees with the power and money to be granted the
privilege. At these private sessions there was no question that
the whipper had full sexual use of the inmate after the
punishment. Discipline was the cornerstone of the State
Correctional Facility and any infraction of its rules was to be
treated with immediate and harsh retribution.
        Inmate 94K5674 had received twenty lashes to her upper tits
and pubes. For the enjoyment of the special invitees the
executioner was about to vary the punishment. Stepping upon the
wooden dais that secured the iron whipping triangle, the
executioner stepped to the left side of Inmate 94K5674. The
executioner would use the tawse sideways across the breasts of
Inmate 94K5674 hoping to catch both tits with a single lash.
Inmate 94K5674 turned her head and stared at the executioner
with doe like eyes. For moment the executioner wished the
scold's bridle could be removed so she could hear Inmate
94K5674 beg her to stop. Without a ounce of mercy the
executioner reared back and let the tawse fly. The cylindrical
leather came forward and caught the tops of both tits while the
tips of the tawse wrap around and caught the heretofore virgin
skin of underneath right tit. This was repeated five more
times. Inmate 94K5674 was overwhelmed with pain. She struggled
against the iron whipping triangle like demon possessed. The
pain to her tits were so great that she forget the pain in her
loins, but not for long. As without  care, the executioner
walked from the left side of Inmate 94K5674 to her right side.
For the first time the executioner noticed the visible tracks
the tears of Inmate 94K5674 had on her face. Instead of pity,
the executioner thought if this corporal punishment turned
Inmate 94K5674 away from committing further acts of crime, she
was doing the inmate a favor. Now from the right side the
executioner let fly another five lash of the tawse across the
tops of Inmate 94K5674's breasts.
        The executioner now stopped to admire her efforts. Inmate
94K5674 had already received thirty-five lashes of the second
phase. That left only fifteen lashes for this inmate to suffer.
The executioner was sure she had a least one more orgasm left
for herself, so she was determined to make these last fifteen
lashes count. By this time the breasts of Inmate 94K5674 were
marked with blood. Not as bloody as her ass but nonetheless
bloodstained. As if to mark the last fifteen lashes the
executioner called for the gel again. While it is true the gel
would protect the cuts on the tits from becoming infected, the
executioner true purpose was again to shame, humiliate and
cause pain. As the special invitees relaxed with this pause in
the action, the executioner again erotically spread this
noxious gel on the injured breasts of Inmate 94K5674. The
result of this message was to cause the tits of Inmate 94K5674
to turn a red only slightly less bright then her painted
nipples. The executioner couldn't resist the opportunity to
pinch those nipples again. This time it was with a purpose. The
executioner wanted those nipples hard and ready the lash. The
executioner was about to take target practice of those bright
red nipples.
        The executioner now stepped directly in front of Inmate
94K5674. There was no doubt where the next ten lashes would
fall. The only question was how accurate with the tawse the
executioner would be. If the first lash was any indication, the
executioner was deadly accurate. The thirty-sixth lash from the
tawse caught the Inmate 94K5674's left nipple square on. The
tip of the tawse seemed to pull nipple at its base. Before
Inmate 94K5674 could even react number thirty-seven hit the
same spot. Inmate 94K5674 tried to move away. She tried to move
sideways. Instead of helping it gave the executioner a better
angle to attack the nipple. Lash thirty-eight found the right
nipple head on. Inmate 94K5674 shrieked into the scold's
bridle. Although muffled the high pitch shriek was heard by
all. For the executioner the excitement was building again in
her pussy. Number thirty-nine missed. The executioner would
make sure she didn't miss again. Like a kid in a shooting
gallery, the executioner took aim and let number forty go. This
lash was a bulls eye. Catching the left nipple again Inmate
94K5674 for the first time appeared to jump straight up in the
air. Inmate 94K5674 didn't travel too far but the special
invitee's sensed the new pain. What the crowd didn't know, but
for the rear dildo acting as a butt plug, Inmate 94K5674 would
have shit all over the dais.
        The executioner was down to her last ten whacks with the whip.
As if a carbon copy of the last lash, number forty-one found
the left nipple directly again. Inmate 94K5674 was sure that
the lash had just split the nipple. For Inmate 94K5674 the red
paint like substance had done its job. The left nipple was not
split but it was cut and the pain was atrocious. The
executioner was aware that she had caused damage to the left
nipple, but that was not her concern. At this point the
executioner cared only for stimuli to take her over the top
into another screaming orgasm. At this point Inmate 94K5674
meant nothing to the whipper. The only thing that mattered was
the bliss of coming.. The executioner would attack the right
nipple in quick succession to make her come. With only one
purpose in mind the executioner lashed at Inmate 94K5674's
right nipple three times. To the bad luck of Inmate 94K5674 all
three lashes found their target. Like a serpent's bite, the
tawse drove Inmate 94K5674 into a swoon and the executioner
into her fourth and most powerful orgasm.
        The crowd sensed that end of the corporal punishment was
nearing. The noise from the visitor's gallery had covered up
the sounds of the executioner's orgasm to most, but her fellow
guard's were well aware that she had just come and smiled back
at her. The only matter left was the last five lashs for Inmate
94K5674, but first they had to revive her. Swooning inmates
during corporal punishment was nothing new. Without much
thought a male prison guard stepped forward, removed his prison
prod, turned up the charge and stuck Inmate 94K5674 on her
freshly shaven pussy. In a second Inmate 94K5674 was back to
consciousness and in pain. The momentary bliss of
unconsciousness was over and reality was back. Inmate 94K5674
had not yet finished paying her debt to society. The last five
lashes given to Inmate 94K5674 would leave an indelible mark on
Inmate 94K5674 for life.
        It was now time for Inmate 94K5674 to receive her prison
strips. It was the practice State Correctional Facility to make
each inmate receive a number of master strokes that equaled the
number of years sentenced. Depending upon the sentence these
strokes were applied to either back and ass or just the ass of
the inmate. Given that Inmate 94K5674 was sentenced to only
five years, all her prison strips would be applied to her ass.
To inflict the prison strips a bullwhip was used. It was with
this bullwhip the skill of the executioner would be shown in
the tight placement of the prison stripes on Inmate 94K5674's
ass cheeks. The purpose of the master strokes or prison strips
was to leave a set of whip marks that under normal
circumstances were not visible after a period of time. Yet
under a close examination these fine cuts by the whip would
never fully disappear. To accomplish this, Inmate 94K5674 would
have to be readjusted. At this point, a wooden round thick log
was brought forward and attached to the sides of the whipping
triangle. This thick log was positioned at pubes of Inmate
94K5674. The log in fact caused Inmate 94K5674 to bow her ass
        The whipping triangle was now rotated again turning Inmate
94K5674 ass out to the special invitees. Inmate 94K5674 found
the two female guards detaching her wrists from the leather
manacles holding her to the apex of the triangle. In a moment
Inmate 94K5674's wrist were free from the top of the whipping
triangle. However in a instant the two female guards grabbed
each wrist and reattached it to a free shackle at the base of
the triangle. In effect Inmate 94K5674 was reduced from
standing up straight to be bent over the log attached the sides
of the iron triangle. The log further had the effect of forcing
Inmate 94K5674's ass out to the crowd. To insure that Inmate
94K5674 could not change position a strap was attached to the
log at the small of Inmate 94K5674's back. With this final
strap Inmate 94K5674 could not move or even wriggle an inch.
The stage had been set for Inmate 94K5674 to collect her prison
        As with everything done at the State Correctional Facility
nothing was rushed. There were two steps left before the whip
sang its final tune. The ass Inmate 94K5674 presented to
audience was bloody and raw. It needed to be wiped clean so
that the prison stripes would be clear for all to see. In order
to present a clean ass the executioner stepped up to Inmate
94K5674 with a cloth in her hand. She now poured some clear
liquid on the cloth and proceeded to wipe Inmate 94K5674's ass
clean. This clear liquid was a caustic antiseptic made of
alcohol and lemon juice. The effect was to clean the cuts, stop
any bleeding and wash away the coagulated blood. While this
liquid achieved this purpose, the pain caused by the
introduction of the burning liquid to the open wounds was
abominable. Despite all her efforts Inmate 94K5674 was
incapable of moving her ass cheeks away. Inmate 94K5674's head
bobbed up and down uncontrollably and the hairs at the back of
her neck stood up. Inmate 94K5674 wondered if this hell would
ever end. The executioner took her sweet time making sure to
wipe every part of Inmate 94K5674's ass cheeks clean and ready
for her prison stripes. The end result was a very clean and
very red pair of ass cheeks presented by Inmate 94K5674 to the
        The final step was now at hand. The executioner went around to
Inmate 94K5674's face and began to unloosen the scold's bridle.
For this part of the punishment Inmate 94K5674 would need to
talk. The executioner first unlocked and removed the brank from
her mouth. Next the executioner unlocked and removed the head
cage from Inmate 94K5674. At first Inmate 94K5674 began to sob
and heave but was quickly cut short by the executioner. Inmate
94K5674 was told that she was about to receive her last five
lashes or prison stripes. It was customary for the inmate to
call for each lash and thank the whipper afterwards. If the
inmate refused to call out for the lash or didn't thank the
whipper the lash would be meted out anyway but not counted in
the total. Further gross misconduct may result in additional
punishment. No matter how bad or hurt Inmate 94K5674 was
feeling, she was determined to end this session of her corporal
punishment. In a the cold authoritative tone the executioner
asked Inmate 94K5674 if she understood her obligation, to which
Inmate 94K5674 in clear voice answered "Yes Ma'am". The
executioner also informed Inmate 94K5674 that she was to speak
loud enough for everyone in the prison yard to hear and failure
to do so would result in an uncounted lash. At this point the
executioner stepped back and to the side of Inmate 94K5674. The
final drama of the infliction of the five prisons stripes was
set to begin
        Upon reaching her proper spot behind Inmate 94K5674, the
executioner was handed the black and sinister bullwhip. For the
amusement of the special invitees, the executioner took several