INMATE 94K5674

by MikeDee

Chapter I "The Preparation"

Have Inmate 94K5674 brought forward. The moment had arrived. Two burly female prison guards took the prisoner by her arms and dragged to the center of the prison yard. It was punishment day at the State Correctional Facility and a large crowd of special invitees were present in the gallery to witness the sentences being carried out. Inmate 94K5674 was the first of many to have their sentences carried out that day. With the two wardress standing at her side the deputy warden read her sentence:

"Inmate 94K5674 having been found guilty after trial for the violation of Penal Law 220.39, Sale of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree. It is the sentence of the Court that you be intrusted to the care and custody of the State Correctional Facility for the period of not less then five (5) years to be dealt with in accordance with the law. Further it is the sentence of the Court that in accordance with Penal Law 70.01 that upon your arrival at the State Correctional Facility that you receive Fifty (50) lashes. Commence Sentence"

Thereafter the prisoner was brought to whipping triangle to receive her punishment. In all cases the inmate is first prepared before the actual infliction of the whip. This preparation is for

two (2) purposes. The first to insure that the prisoner receives a modicum of protection during the lashing. The second and more important reason is the total humiliation of the prisoner. The purpose of this corporal punishment was not to cause permanently injury or scares as in olden days, but to so totally humiliate the inmate so that such criminal conduct would not be repeated again in the future. The fact that the invited guests and others present received amusement and sexual gratification from the infliction of the corporal punishment was just a fortunate and profitable consequence of the law. The convict which now stood in the prison yard was a petite but attractive young women. This could not have been said at the time of her arrest. She had been strung out on heroin for over a year. She was caught at a public high school selling heroin to an undercover police officer posing as a high school student. This was not her first encounter with the criminal justice system. Just six (6) months before this inmate was arrested on the same charge and given a sentence of probation. Today she will begin to pay the price for her criminal behavior. The first step in the preparation for the lash was the stripping of the prisoner's clothes. Like everything else in carrying out the sentence it was done in such a way as to embarrass and demean the inmate. The inmate is first attached to the iron triangle in the prison yard. The iron handcuffs that held the prisoner's hands behind back were removed. As one of the female guard held the prisoner's wrist behind back, the other female guard raised her arm to a pair of leather manacles attached to the apex of the triangle. The leather manacles would hold, but would not cut or injury the inmate during her struggles against in the whipping triangle and the inmate would struggle during the course of the punishment. Upon securing her hands over her head to the top of the triangle, the next step was secure the feet of the prisoner to the two (2) shackles at the base of the triangle. Thus Inmate 94K5674 found herself stretched and ready to meet her fate. In keeping with the program to humiliate as well as causing physical pain, the inmate was dressed not in the familiar prison uniform but clothed in an off the shoulder sun dress usually worn at a more festive occasions. Underneath this garment, the inmate was dressed in the most provocative underwear. The duty of stripping the prisoner was accorded to the executioner or whip master/mistress. During the course of the day there will be several persons performing the duty of executioner. For Inmate 94K5674, her executioner was to be a large black wardress. Everything about this women was large. From the size of her frame to the size of her bosom, she was an Amazon. To further cause fear in the prisoner, the executioner wore a black leather mask made so popular in England during the 1700's. To complement the hood, the executioner wore an amazingly tight black leather outfit whiched only seemed to amplify her personage. To further accent the outfit the executioner was clad in deep red thigh length boots and the same color gloves which ended just above her elbows. The last item of clothing was a striking red leather vest which seemed to contain two very voluptuous breasts. To say she spread terror in this inmate would be an understatement. Inmate 94K5674 had never been touched by a women, now she was about to be stripped naked by this ferocious looking bitch. Upon the stepping up to the inmate, the executioner grabbed the bodice of the sun dress and tore down to the waist. In the next action the executioner tore the dress completely from the inmate's body. At this point the spectators could be heard. The inmate had been forced to wear a glossy black nylon bra that teased the crowd rather then cover the breasts. Before the invitees was a pair of nicely sized tits about to see the light of day. The bra was had a front clasp and with little effort the executioner caused flimsy covering fall away. A collective gasp could be heard from the crowd. The inmate was petite her naked boobs were not. They all had paid good money to

see this show and they were about get their money's worth. The executioner now turned her attention to the inmate's panties. To help facilitate with their removal these were not any ordinary panties, but again glossy black nylon panties held up by two strings at the side. Thus there would be no need to pull these undies down. With a well learned flair for dramatics the executioner untied one end then forcefully yanked the covering away. To the delight of the spectators the prisoner's cunt had been shaved totally bare. Her pubis was totally on display for all to see. With her legs stretched apart her private parts were an open secret to all who were present. Inmate 94K5674 stood buck naked before the assembled crowd and now she could hear their comments. It was quite apparent the audience wanted to see her suffer and her fate was about to be delivered. The next step really began to perk the juices of the crowd. A guard brought to the executioner a bowl of some sort of shiny liquid or gel. The purpose of the gel was both apparent and subtle. The application of the gel would clearly enhance the inmate's very well endowed attributes. However more subtle was the effect this gel would have on the skin of the inmate during her whipping. The gel was composed of an peanut oil laced with a heavy duty astringent. To make matters worse, salt crystals had been liberally added in. During the whipping this gel would cause havoc with any open cut effectuated by the whip. The inmate's cuts would be free from germs but the pain caused by the gel will make Inmate 94K5674 think twice before committing any future crimes. The executioner put her gloved clad fingers in the bowl and with a smile on her began to spread the gel all over the inmate's body. This was done in a particular erotic manner. As always the purpose to humiliate and shame the inmate was never forgotten. It was quite apparent the delight the executioner took in anointing the inmate's body with the gel. Throughout this ordeal Inmate 94K5674 had stoically kept her silence, but when the executioner put her hands to the prisoner's cunt and spread her nether lips for the application of the gel, the inmate could no longer hold it in. In a series of verbal assaults Inmate 94K5674 cursed the executioner, the guards and the invited guests. Unfortunately, the prisoner was soon to learn that such misconduct was not to be tolerated. The inmate had be warned upon arrival that the only verbal responses permitted an inmate in this correctional facility was "Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am, "Yes Sir" or "No Sir". Any other verbal responses would be punis hed. In a moments instance the executioner violently slapped the inmate with numerous vicious blows to the face. The deputy warden then spoke to the prisoner:

"You been warned that any infraction of the prison rules will result in quick and harsh retribution. For you most vulgar verbal display I am increasing your sentence to One-Hundred (100) lashes front and back. And further I am ordering that you immediately be placed in a scolds bridle. Just be thankful I have not ordered the iron studded brank. Continue the sentence."

In a instant, a metal cage was produced by one of the guards. For all intensive purposes it looked like a bird cage with no bottom and hinged metal prong hanging. The executioner took possession of the sinister instrument. In medieval times such instruments were placed about the head of a scold and the brank forced into the mouth to impose silence as she walked about the town. The executioner opened the cage like contraption and placed it over the inmate's head. It was immediately closed and locked on the prisoner's head. Now came the hard part, getting the brank in the inmate's mouth. However before forcing the brank inside the

inmate's mouth one more nuance was added. The executioner called for a mouth solution. This was a preparation made to taste vulgar and to induce vomiting. Since the inmate had not been fed in over twenty-four hours there was no worry of her choking on her own vomit. The executioner covered the brank with the noxious substance.

The brank was ready to be introduced to the inmate's mouth

but the inmate wasn't about to voluntarily open her mouth for

placement of the brank. The solution was at hand. A guard removed

his electrical prisoner prod. This prod was a close cousin to the

cattle prod used to heard steers. This small cylindrical

instrument was standard equipment in this penitentiary. All the

guards carried one and were happy to use it when the opportunity

called. The electrical charge was adjustable and the guard turned

his up all the way. He stepped behind the inmate and jabbed the

prod into her ass. In a second, the inmate let out a blood curdling

scream. With the inmate's now wide open the executioner slammed the

brank into her mouth and locked it into place. The effect was

instantous. The inmate swung her head side to side. Her eyes seemed

to bulge from her sockets. Although speech was no longer possible

with the brank in place, a muffled sound was audible in the prison

yard. The inmate furth er appeared to be retching her insides out.

Now that the inmate could no longer interrupt the proceedings with her mouth, the executioner went back to her task of preparing the inmate for the whip. The executioner nonchalantly resumed right where she left off before being rudely interrupted. Dipping her gloved fingers into the gel again she was again ready to administer the gel to the vulva of the inmate. Now with all resistance from the inmate quashed, the executioner spread the naked petals of the inmate's cunt and proceeded to disperse the gel to the inner surfaces. Not content just dab the area, the executioner inserted several gloved fingers into the inmate's vagina. To the roaring approval of those watching, this probing attack to the inmate's inner person was repeated several times with vigor. The executioner's fingers moved in and out of the inmate's cunt with a deliberate and steady beat. Within in a moment the executioner's plan became clear. She was going to reek her revenge on the inmate for her verbal abus e by forcing the inmate to orgasm before the crowd.

It didn't take too long for the inmate to respond. The first reaction was pain. The astringent and salt crystals produced instant pain to the sensitive mucous membranes of the inmate's cunt. Without being able to verbalize her pain all the inmate could do was to rock her pelvis in attempt to get away from those probing fingers and that terrible gel. To all those watching, the inmate's attempt to avoid the executioner looked like a coital movement so freely associated with a good fuck. It appeared that the inmate was facilitating her digital rape by the executioner. What was worse the inmate now began to feel a new sensation. Despite every nerve in the inmate's body feeling pain, the executioner had made contact with her clit and was causing her to come. No matter how much the inmate fought to gain control of the situation her body was about to betray her. With the relentlessness of a wounded bear the executioner was going to make her victim pay. It took a good four minutes of digital masturbation but in the end victory was clear. The inmate bucked like a horse at the rodeo and with a very muffled scream that stopped her dead in her tracks while the executioner finished her off. As if any further proof was needed, the inmate turned a bright red from her face to her toes. This brought a round of applause from the crowd. This would be just one of many to come during this

corporal punishment.

The final preparation was now in hand. This step was the placing of the slut strap about the loins of the inmate. The slut strap consisted of a waist strip attached to an underneath strap that went from front to back through the inmate's loins. The underneath strap was no ordinary belt. First it was cylindrical strap so it was better able to fully in bed itself inside the cunt lips and ass cheeks of the inmate. To further compound the situation, the strap had very sharp plastic spikes sticking out the sides. The purpose of the spikes was clear. As long as the inmate kept her ass bent outwards to the lash the spikes rested on the surface causing no damage. The minute the inmate would bend or clinch away from the whip the spikes would puncture the skin allowing the noxious gel to do its work. Very soon the inmate would have to choose between the pain of the whip or the pain the slut strap. The slut strap had one more sinister feature. At the back end of the strap was a small di ldo like projection. It was about the length of a thumb but significantly wider. The dildo would make contact with the inmate's asshole and force itself inside as the underneath strap was tightened. The dildo had one more feature. It was hollow with a push rod in its core.

The executioner approached the inmate with the slut strap in

hand. At this point one of the female guards produced a small but vicious front dildo. It was made of metal, maybe six inches long and two inches wide but the significant feature were the short spikes sticking out. This was no pleasure instrument. This inmate had orgasm once, this dildo would sure no such pleasure would happening again. The executioner placed the metal dildo in the bowl of gel and went about placing the slut strap about the inmate's waist. When the waist strap was tightened, the executioner retrieved the front dildo from the gel and placed right up against the inmate's cunt. With that the executioner spread the cunt lips and shoved the dildo up the vaginal canal. To the shame of the inmate it went in easily due to the lubrication of her recent orgasm. Lubrication or not it took only a few seconds for the sensation of the gel and the metal dildo's spikes to strike home. In a second, the inmate was bu cking front and back in an effort to dislodge this metal monster from her cunt. The executioner grab the underneath strap and ran through the inmates cunt lips and making sure the spiked metal dildo remained in place.

At that moment the inmate was startled. The iron whipping triangle began to rotate. The original two female guards were turning the triangle. The inmate was no longer facing the crowd. Instead, it was her back and ass that now faced the special invitees. Once the whipping triangle had come to rest, the inmate felt her ass cheeks being pulled apart by the two female guards. Within seconds it was now her asshole that was visible for all the spectators to observe. The shame of having the inmate's cunt exposed for the audience to see was now added to the shame of exposure of her asshole for the spectators. Many months from now the inmate would still shutter and shake when this portion of the video tape of her whipping was displayed. The executioner with all deliberate diligence commenced to anoint the asshole with the gel. Not content with just flooding the surface the executioner proceeded to stick her gloved fingers up the inmate's asshole. The reaction to the gel was instantaneous. The pain shoot to the inmate's brain and again a muffled screams could be heard. Instead of stopping the executioner continued insert her finger's up the inmate's rectum to the enjoyment of the crowd. In the next second the executioner removed her fingers and quickly inserted the thumb like dildo of the slut strap into the inmate's asshole. With the final tightening of the underneath strap the dildo was firmly secured up the ass of the

inmate. Surely the agony of being prepared for the whipping was over the inmate thought. Little did she know that she was about to experience a new and excruciating pain that would last throughout the whole corporal punishment.

With the tightening of the underneath strap, the executioner stepped back to admire her work. Inmate 94K5674 was indeed ready to receive the lash but for one more item "the fig". The rear dildo now resting firmly inside the inmate's asshole had two functions, not counting the overwhelming shame and pain caused by its insertion into the rectum of its victim. The first purposes was to act as a butt plug to prevent the inmate from shitting over herself and the whipper. While whipping the shit out of an inmate during a private correctional exercise inside the bowels of the prison's numerous punishment chambers was both correct and exciting, it just was not proper for this type of public correction. If anyone of the audience desired to see this kind of flagellation, they needed to have the proper invitation and finances required for such privileged viewing. The second purpose of the dildo was for the introduction of the "fig" into the upper intestines of the inmate. The "fig" was a glycerol suppository combined with a red hot pepper base and an extremely strong laxative made to cause incredible pain followed by overwhelming need to relieve oneself. The fact that every inmate received a triple enema before being presented for corporal punishment did not alleviate the desire to shit one's brains out after the insertion of the fig. Sometimes during a private correctional sessions in the guard room an aphrodisiac is substituted for the laxative. The effect was to cause the inmate the desire to fornicate with just about everyone present and in everyone of the inmate's orifices available.

The rear dildo was hollow at the core, but to maintain its function as a butt plug, the hollow center of the dildo is filled with a push rod and a screw cap. By unscrewing the cap and removing the push rod the fig can be inserted in the hollow core and rammed home by the push rod and locked shut by screwing the cap closed. Needless to say, the forceful introduction of the fig into the upper intestines of the inmate by this method creates an immediate reaction. The red pepper base begins to immediately burn the insides of the intestine causing the inmate shake and struggle on the whipping triangle like leaf being blown in a thunderstorm. Even after the initial burning of the red pepper base subsides the power of the laxative takes over and grows outrageously stronger throughout the lashing. Many an inmate after their whipping pled for the opportunity to relieve their bowels before the assembled crowd. This was an excellent fitting punishment for a former proud and pretentious bitch to have all those present watch her humiliate herself by shitting before them.

The executioner was proud of her work. Even before the first lash fell this inmate had been humiliated and shamed beyond her wildest imagination. However the total retribution for her crime required the infliction of significant pain and that infliction was about to commence. At this point an assortment of whips were brought out and laid out on a table before the executioner. Along with the whips there was the "fig" in its plastic container. At this point the executioner looked toward the deputy warden for last instructions. Without any further ado the deputy warden barked out his order: "Fig her!"

The executioner took the plastic container off the table and walked up to the inmate. With very little fuss the executioner

unscrewed the cap on the underneath strap and removed the push rod. Throughout this last preparation Inmate 94K5674 had no idea what was in store for her. She had no idea what a "fig" was and could not see what was transpiring behind her back. In just a couple of seconds the inmate was about to get the surprise of a lifetime. Carefully the executioner removed the "fig" from the plastic container and placed it gently inside the hollow core of the rear dildo making sure to keep the suppository in good shape to ram it home. The executioner now began to tremble inside. Like all good whip mistresses she kept a dildo up her snatch during these correctional exercises. She can come several times during a correctional session but was always careful to cover-up any outward expression. She often failed to understand why if the special invitees could orgasm freely w ith their various partners why did the staff have put up a stoic front. However hers was not to reason why, but to do or die.

Everything was set. The inmate was secured and prepared. A momentary hush had taken over the crowd. They anxiously wait the commencement of the corporal punishment of Inmate 94K5674. Now its time for the executioner to excite the crowd with a little pyrotechnics of her own. The executioner turned to face the special invitees. They were of the privileged class and had paid good money to see the criminal element receive their just deserts. The executioner was ready to excite the crowd. She faced the audience and began to unbutton that tight red leather vest that was constricting her upper body. With the flair of a matador teasing the bull, she slowly unbuttoned the vest showing more and expanse of her huge breasts. The crowd was now alive with excitement. They had waited several hours for the show to begin and now it was really going to happening. With the last button undone the executioner dramatically threw the red leather vest down to the ground exposing her massive chest. H er tits were massive as they rested exposed in the half cradle of the black leather skirt. They would bounce nicely as she whips the prisoner. The response was a thundering cheer from the crowd with numerous catcalls and lewd invitations. Her whole upper body was free of any hindrance to the wielding of the whip. This black Juno is about to make Inmate 94K5674 to taste the whip.

With the push rod in hand, the executioner whispered to herself, "Let the games begin". She centers the push rod in the rear dildo and shoved into the rear projection driving the "fig" through the dildo and deep into the inmate's rectum. Quickly screwing the cap closed the executioner grabbed her first whip, a vicious cat-o-nine tails and waited for all hell to explode. Within seconds the mystery of the "fig" became clear to Inmate 94K5674. In an instant her whole insides feels like it is going to explode. The inmate let out a scream that even through the scold's bridle could be clearly heard by the crowd. The iron whipping triangle started to shake like it was being torn from its foundation during an earthquake. It is clear to everyone in the prison yard the whipping is had to commenced. With a frenzied roar was heard from the audience, even the guards were shouting. The afternoon corporal punishments had commenced. With that the executioner raised her whip and Inmate 94K567 4 was about to regret the day she was born.

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Inmate 94K5674

Chapter 2 "The Whip Falls"

by Mike Dee

It was punishment day at the State Correctional Facility and

the punishments had begun. The first inmate to receive her

punishment was Inmate 94K5674, a convicted drug dealer. Inmate 94K5674 was originally sentenced to fifty lashes, but due to her improvident and rude behavior during her preparations for the whip, the sentence was increased to one hundred lashes back and front.

The executioner a large black prison wardress was determined to make Inmate 94K5674 regret the day she was born. The

whipping begun with a the use of a cat-o-nine tails. This whip was standard prison issue. It had a long wooden handle that held nine leather throngs twelve inches long and 1/2 inch wide. Each of these throngs were knotted at the end. Unlike the cat-o-nine tails from olden times they were no metal claws attached to rip the skin upon contact. The State Correctional Facility policy as to the infliction of corporal punishment was clear. Each inmate was to receive a whipping that would cause her the utmost shame and humiliation along with significant physical pain so as to deter such criminal behavior in the future. It was not the policy to permanently scare or maim the inmate. This policy did not include however the small permanent brand placed upon the inside of the inmate's ass cheek which marked her permanently as a predicate felon.

The cat used by the executioner on Inmate 94K5674 did its work well. The first lash to the back caused the immediate raising

of visible welts upon the inmate's back. As the whipping continued with this cat these welts would soon rupture causing the skin to break. Depending upon the velocity and strength of each lash the number of welts and their damage to the skin were determined. For Inmate 94K5674 each lash seemed like her back was being cut to pieces. Inmate 94K5674 was lurching forward in the iron triangle with each lash. The special invitees had paid for a good show and the State was providing their wish. Although the scold's bridle reduced most the screams of Inmate

94K5674 to muffled moans, from time to time a scream would be audible to everyone in the prison yard. The executioner knew her work well. She was like an artist with a clear canvass and it appeared she was about to paint her masterpiece.

Slowly but surely the lash caused welts to spread from the top of the inmate's shoulder blades to her waist. On more then one occasion the lash would wrap around the inmate's side and catch

a part of the inmate's unprotected breast. On this occasion Inmate 94K5674 would make a particular violent lurch forward and a muffled but audible scream could be heard by all present. By the tenth lash the inevitable breaking of the skin was evident. This cat-o-nine tails was made to cause superficial lacerations to the skin. Superficial cuts in a medical sense, but not to Inmate 94K5674. To Inmate 94K5674 it felt that her skin was being removed in layers. The gel that was applied to Inmate 94K5674's skin during her preparation for the whip was doing its job. Once the skin was lacerated the gel attacked the raw nerve endings and dramatically increased the pain. While in actuality Inmate 94K5674 back was just being scratched by the cat, Inmate 94K5674 felt that she was being skinned alive by the whip and it showed. This petite but buxom girl was causing the iron whipping triangle to shake. No matter how long Inmate 94K5674 lived she will never forget the day she was whipped in the prison yard.

By the twentieth lash the executioner was tired of whipping Inmate 94K5674's back. The executioner had turned her attention to Inmate 94K5674's ass. As to emphasize the new plan of

attack, the executioner stopped the whipping and approached Inmate 94K5674. The executioner grabbed hold of Inmate 94K5674's hips and pulled her ass out further. Before stepping back the executioner couldn't resist the temptation to give Inmate 94K5674's nipple a good pinch. This action was noticed by the audience with a round of applause. The crowd sensed that the whipping had taken a new and interesting turn and they were ready. The executioner had actually been moderate in her whipping of Inmate 94K5674's back. The executioner would not be so circumspect with Inmate 94K5674's ass. The executioner was about to make sure that Inmate 94K5674 would not sit down on her ass for a week.

With all the strength the executioner could muster, she pulled her arm back and delivered the first lash to Inmate 94K5674's

ass. Just by the sound of the whip hitting Inmate 94K5674 ass, the crowd knew that Inmate 94K5674 was in for a bad time. In a second Inmate 94K5674 felt this lash to her core as she attempted to pull her ass back from the lash and clinch her ass cheeks. That was a mistake. The slut strap made its presence felt immediately. The plastic spikes embedded itself into the tender inner skin of Inmate 94K5674's ass. The puncture of Inmate 94K5674 inner ass cheeks by the spike's of the slut strap in conjunction with the gel had an instantaneous effect on Inmate 94K5674. The pain of the whip lash was compounded with the pain from the slut strap. In the next instant Inmate 94K5674 arched her ass out to escape the sting of the spikes. This action did not go unheed by the executioner. The executioner had timed this reaction by Inmate 94K5674 and the moment Inmate 94K5674 presented her ass arched out for the whip, the executioner's cat-o-nine tails made solid contact again forcing Inmate 94K5674 to buck forward. The cat and mouse game between the executioner and Inmate 94K5674 was in full swing.

To make matters worse the executioner had caused the cat to rip deeply into the flesh of Inmate 94K5674's ass. By the fifth lash blood could been seen on Inmate 94K5674's ass cheeks. From that point on, each new lash of the cat seemed to cause a new rivulet of blood to form. Inmate 94K5674 was beside herself

with pain. No matter which way she turned the pain was

mounting. Inmate 94K5674 was sure that her ass was now hanging in shreds. Inmate 94K5674 cursed her situation and if she had been allowed to plead, Inmate 94K5674 would have promised anything to end this torturous ordeal. Every nerve in Inmate 94K5674's body seemed to scream in pain. Her back and her ass were on fire and getting worse. When would this torture end. The executioner was taking her time. She was going to baste this inmate's ass good. The executioner was to going make Inmate 94K5674 hurt for a long time. With the skill of a professional, the executioner delivered the next three lashes to Inmate 94K5674's ass. The ass cheeks now looked like ground meat ready for the barbecue.

Inmate 94K5674 had received her first fifty lashes, twenty-five lashes to her back and twenty-five lashes to her ass. It was now time for her extended penalty. The additional fifty lashes for Inmate 94K5674's infraction of the prison rules about the proper way to address prison personal was about to commence. The break in the punishment of Inmate 94K5674 came at the correct time. Had the whipping of Inmate 94K5674 continued unabated she would have fainted. The whole purpose of the whipping was not to beat the inmate into oblivion but to cause her to suffer shame, humiliation and significant pain in aid of the inmate's rehabilitation. The executioner was quite satisfied with her performance so far and the special invitees let her know with their reactions. Throughout the crowd, there was a scene of sensual and sexual enjoyment observing this convict being made to pay the price for her life of crime. There was not a pang of guilt from anyone present for the pleasure they were receiving in watching this inmate suffer. It was not the special invitees that put this inmate in the position she now found herself. She had only herself to blame. Every inmate about to punished had been given at least one chance to change their behavior and each and everyone of them scoffed at society and continued to commit criminal acts.

For all those in attendance the present criminal justice system as revised to include corporal punishment was a success story. Since the imposition of corporal punishment, crime in general took a nose dive. Violent crime acts committed by adult males fell off the board. Strangely enough, the same was not true for crimes committed by females. Unlike the males, criminal conduct by the female population actually increased. In the particular areas of drugs and robbery, females made up the majority of offenders. The reason for this unexpected change appeared to be twofold. The first reason speculated concerned the different treatment accorded male and female convicts. Under the present penal system, a male offender upon conviction would receive his sentenced corporal punishment in public while the female convict was whipped behind prison walls witnessed only before special invitees. The second reason speculated was the demographics of the population as a whole. Since the turn of the century, the male population began to drop. Today, males accounted for less then forty-two percent of the population. This alarming trend halted all previous advances in women's equality and in fact caused males to retract and manipulate the female population into a lesser status. Given this condition of inequality, women appeared more willing to put there individual interests above those of society. Although there had been calls to make corporal punishment for female offenders the same as for the males, there was just too much money to be made by charging the special invitees large fees to witness the corporal punishment of the female inmates.

The second phase of Inmate 94K5674 corporal punishment was about to begin. The two females prison guards once again

stepped up to the iron whipping triangle and rotated it 180 degrees so that Inmate 94K5674 again faced the special

invitees. Inmate 94K5674 could once again see the satisfaction this crowd was displaying watching her corporal punishment. At this point a prison guard approached Inmate 94K5674 with a strange metal apparatus. This apparatus was a whipping bra. First used upon those female inmates not so well endowed as Inmate 94K5674, it became a standard equipment for all inmates lashed upon their front. At first it appeared to be just a metal half cup bra. It did indeed fit just under the inmate's breasts with two under cups that uplifted and supported each tit. It was strapless and was held upon the upper body of the inmate by tightening thr clasp behind the inmate's back. The cups were made of metal and also had spikes that protruded from its surface. However the feature that made this apparatus so popular with the prison authorities was the two metal "U" shaped over straps. Once the bottom cups were secured to the inmate's upper body the two metal "U" shaped over straps could be attached to two holes in each of the bottom cups located at the side and base of each tit. Upon being placed in the two holes the two metal over strap could be tightened down forcing each tit to expand outwards to the whipper. The whipping bra not only expanded the surface of each tit available for the lash, it steadied and secured the breasts of the inmate from evading the bite of the lash. It fit perfectly into the master plan of shame, humiliation and pain of the corporal punishment given to the inmate.

Once the triangle a set into position, the executioner approached Inmate 94K5674. Once again she took out the bowl of gel used during the initial preparation and rubbed it into each tit. The executioner took her sweet time making sure to message the gel deeply into each tit. The erotic nature of this message was not lost on the special invitees. When Inmate 94K5674 looked out at the audience, she could she several of the women present having their tits messaged by their partners. To the shook of Inmate 94K5674 several of the women standing against the rail of the visitor's gallery indeed had their breasts exposed and were enjoying the smae sensual rubbing by their partners. After the executioner was satisfied she had fully anointed each tit with the gel, she was handed the whipping bra. With the help of one of the female guards the bottom cups were placed under each tit and secured by tightening the clasp at the back. Now the two metal "U" shaped over straps were placed in the holes of each bottom cup. With what appeared to be a screwdriver tool the executioner tightened each of the over straps down against the base of each tit. As the over strap was tightened down each tit, it began to take on new dimension. Inmate 94K5674 tits began to expand and become fuller in front while the base of each tit was further constricted. When finished Inmate 94K5674's tits looked like a over inflated balloon ready to bust. The preparation was not over. At this point a red like paint was handed to the executioner and with childlike glee the executioner painted each of the nipples bright red. The paint like substance would prevent the splitting of the nipple by the whip. The fact that the bright red color of the substance along with shine of the tits caused by the gel made Inmate 94K5674 breasts look like an archery target just further enhanced the effect of the punishment to the delight of all present.

The executioner stepped back to admire her work. She too could see the erotic effect she was having on the special invitees.

In a clear pandering to their lusts, the executioner now took some of the gel and proceeded to rub it in to her over ample mammaries. The effect on the crowd was electric. Inmate 94K5674 could see in the gallery several more women having their breasts exposed by their partners. In fact it appeared one or two of these women were having something rubbed into their tits.

The fun and games were over. It was time to get back to the serious business of the whipping of this inmate. The

executioner reached to the table before her and grabed a different whip. This was a much longer and slender whip. It had a short handle from which two long lengths of cylindrical leather came forward. At the end of each cylindrical length was a flat tongue cut in the shape of a "V". It was clear that impact of this whip was meant to made with "V" shaped tongue. This whip was a tawse and it was especially suited to the whipping of a women's breast. The executioner picked up the tawse and took several practice swings. In a dramatic effect, the executioner had the ends of the whip smack against surface of the table before her. The impact of the tips of the whip sounded like bullet hitting a wall. Inmate 94K5674 shuddered to think that soon the impact of that whip would be against her defenseless tities. With the whipping bra on Inmate 94K5674 could do nothing to avoid the full impact of tawse against her nipples.

Again the crowd began to applause in anticipation of the second phase of Inmate 94K5674's whipping. In a second the whip made contact with Inmate 94K5674's left tit. The sound was like wet rope striking a pillow. The tit appeared to be indented by the impact of the tawse. The tit jump back to its previous shape in a minute but the red blotch on the top of the tit clearly showed where the tips made contact. There was nothing Inmate 94K5674 could do to evade the lash. Any movement caused her to suffer the pain from the slut strap wrapped about her loins. In a effort to avoid the pain caused by the slut strap, Inmate 94K5674 would throw her ass out and this caused her tits to project forward as to invite the bite of the whip. The executioner was in no hurry to complete the punishment. She was in fact enjoying herself. The secret dildo embedded in her cunt had drawn her over the edge twice before during the first phase of the corporal punishment. The executioner was about to taste the delights of orgasm number three. To cover up the outwards signs of the pleasure the executioner bite her lip and took a vicious swing at Inmate 94K5674's right breast. The tawse found its mark and the tit appeared to dance. The executioner followed this lash with two more strokes the same exact spot. Inmate 94K5674's right tit was beyond bright red. In fact the tawse had cut the skin and gel was having it dread effect. Inmate 94K5674 let out a scream that appeared inhuman. Her head bobbed from side to side while bucked back forth in the whipping triangle with no regard to the slut strap tearing up her nates. This reaction by Inmate 94K5674 only caused the executioner to repeat three more lashes to her left tit. The executioner was now deep into her own orgasm. The left tit first appeared to bend under the tips of the tawse. Again the tawse had caused the skin on the left upper tit to break. Inmate 94K5674 was sure she was going to die and began to pray for a speedy demise. It seemed that Inmate 94K5674 would collapse if the beating continued.

Again the crowd began to applause in anticipation of the second phase of Inmate 94K5674's whipping. In a second the whip made contact with Inmate 94K5674's left tit. The sound was like wet rope striking a pillow. The tit appeared to be indented by the impact of the tawse. The tit jump back to its previous shape in a minute but the red blotch on the top of the tit clearly showed where the tips made contact. There was nothing Inmate 94K5674 could do to evade the lash. Any movement caused her to suffer the pain from the slut strap wrapped about her loins. In a effort to avoid the pain caused by the slut strap, Inmate 94K5674 would throw her ass out and this caused her tits to project forward as to invite the bite of the whip. The executioner was in no hurry to complete the punishment. She was in fact enjoying herself. The secret dildo embedded in her cunt

had drawn her over the edge twice before during the first phase of the corporal punishment. The executioner was about to taste the delights of orgasm number three. To cover up the outwards signs of the pleasure the executioner bite her lip and took a vicious swing at Inmate 94K5674's right breast. The tawse found its mark and the tit appeared to dance. The executioner followed this lash with two more strokes the same exact spot. Inmate 94K5674's right tit was beyond bright red. In fact the tawse had cut the skin and gel was having it dread effect. Inmate 94K5674 let out a scream that appeared inhuman. Her head bobbed from side to side while bucked back forth in the whipping triangle with no regard to the slut strap tearing up her nates. This reaction by Inmate 94K5674 only caused the executioner to repeat three more lashes to her left tit. The executioner was now deep into her own orgasm. The left tit first appeared to bend under the tips of the tawse. Again the tawse had caused the skin on the left upper tit to break. Inmate 94K5674 was sure she was going to die and began to pray for a speedy demise. It seemed that Inmate 94K5674 would collapse if the beating continued.

The executioner was a pro. Inmate 94K5674 would not be allowed to retreat in blackness. The executioner varied her pace and placement. To the chagrin of Inmate 94K5674 the next couple of lashes from the tawse landed on her recently shaved pubes. The

pain was electric. Inmate 94K5674 lurched backward so hard that she felt the spiked dildo bite into her vaginal walls. Despite the pain Inmate 94K5674 was thankful that slut strap protected her clit from the assault of the tips of the tawse. Unfortunately Inmate 94K5674 would soon learn that such protection would not afforded her during punishment sessions for infraction prison rules. It was quite common to strap the inmate on her back, spread her legs in a suspended "V" and whip away at the exposed inner tissues of the inmates cunt and clit. These private punishment sessions could be viewed by those special invitees with the power and money to be granted the privilege. At these private sessions there was no question that the whipper had full sexual use of the inmate after the punishment. Discipline was the cornerstone of the State Correctional Facility and any infraction of its rules was to be treated with immediate and harsh retribution.

Inmate 94K5674 had received twenty lashes to her upper tits and pubes. For the enjoyment of the special invitees the executioner was about to vary the punishment. Stepping upon the wooden dais that secured the iron whipping triangle, the executioner stepped to the left side of Inmate 94K5674. The executioner would use the tawse sideways across the breasts of Inmate 94K5674 hoping to catch both tits with a single lash. Inmate 94K5674 turned her head and stared at the executioner

with doe like eyes. For moment the executioner wished the scold's bridle could be removed so she could hear Inmate 94K5674 beg her to stop. Without a ounce of mercy the executioner reared back and let the tawse fly. The cylindrical leather came forward and caught the tops of both tits while the tips of the tawse wrap around and caught the heretofore virgin skin of underneath right tit. This was repeated five more times. Inmate 94K5674 was overwhelmed with pain. She struggled against the iron whipping triangle like demon possessed. The pain to her tits were so great that she forget the pain in her loins, but not for long. As without care, the executioner walked from the left side of Inmate 94K5674 to her right side. For the first time the executioner noticed the visible tracks the tears of Inmate 94K5674 had on her face. Instead of pity, the executioner thought if this corporal punishment turned Inmate 94K5674 away from committing further acts of crime, she was doing the inmate a favor. Now from the right side the executioner let fly another five lash of the tawse across the

tops of Inmate 94K5674's breasts.

The executioner now stopped to admire her efforts. Inmate 94K5674 had already received thirty-five lashes of the second phase. That left only fifteen lashes for this inmate to suffer. The executioner was sure she had a least one more orgasm left for herself, so she was determined to make these last fifteen lashes count. By this time the breasts of Inmate 94K5674 were marked with blood. Not as bloody as her ass but nonetheless bloodstained. As if to mark the last fifteen lashes the executioner called for the gel again. While it is true the gel would protect the cuts on the tits from becoming infected, the executioner true purpose was again to shame, humiliate and cause pain. As the special invitees relaxed with this pause in the action, the executioner again erotically spread this noxious gel on the injured breasts of Inmate 94K5674. The result of this message was to cause the tits of Inmate 94K5674 to turn a red only slightly less bright then her painted nipples. The executioner couldn't resist the opportunity to pinch those nipples again. This time it was with a purpose. The executioner wanted those nipples hard and ready the lash. The executioner was about to take target practice of those bright red nipples.

The executioner now stepped directly in front of Inmate 94K5674. There was no doubt where the next ten lashes would fall. The only question was how accurate with the tawse the executioner would be. If the first lash was any indication, the executioner was deadly accurate. The thirty-sixth lash from the tawse caught the Inmate 94K5674's left nipple square on. The tip of the tawse seemed to pull nipple at its base. Before Inmate 94K5674 could even react number thirty-seven hit the same spot. Inmate 94K5674 tried to move away. She tried to move sideways. Instead of helping it gave the executioner a better angle to attack the nipple. Lash thirty-eight found the right nipple head on. Inmate 94K5674 shrieked into the scold's bridle. Although muffled the high pitch shriek was heard by all. For the executioner the excitement was building again in her pussy. Number thirty-nine missed. The executioner would make sure she didn't miss again. Like a kid in a shooting gallery, the executioner took aim and let number forty go. This lash was a bulls eye. Catching the left nipple again Inmate 94K5674 for the first time appeared to jump straight up in the air. Inmate 94K5674 didn't travel too far but the special invitee's sensed the new pain. What the crowd didn't know, but for the rear dildo acting as a butt plug, Inmate 94K5674 would have shit all over the dais.

The executioner was down to her last ten whacks with the whip. As if a carbon copy of the last lash, number forty-one found

the left nipple directly again. Inmate 94K5674 was sure that the lash had just split the nipple. For Inmate 94K5674 the red paint like substance had done its job. The left nipple was not split but it was cut and the pain was atrocious. The executioner was aware that she had caused damage to the left nipple, but that was not her concern. At this point the executioner cared only for stimuli to take her over the top into another screaming orgasm. At this point Inmate 94K5674 meant nothing to the whipper. The only thing that mattered was the bliss of coming. The executioner would attack the right nipple in quick succession to make her come. With only one purpose in mind the executioner lashed at Inmate 94K5674's right nipple three times. To the bad luck of Inmate 94K5674 all three lashes found their target. Like a serpent's bite, the tawse drove Inmate 94K5674 into a swoon and the executioner into her fourth and most powerful orgasm.

The crowd sensed that end of the corporal punishment was nearing. The noise from the visitor's gallery had covered up the sounds of the executioner's orgasm to most, but her fellow

guard's were well aware that she had just come and smiled back at her. The only matter left was the last five lashs for Inmate 94K5674, but first they had to revive her. Swooning inmates during corporal punishment was nothing new. Without much thought a male prison guard stepped forward, removed his prison prod, turned up the charge and stuck Inmate 94K5674 on her freshly shaven pussy. In a second Inmate 94K5674 was back to consciousness and in pain. The momentary bliss of unconsciousness was over and reality was back. Inmate 94K5674 had not yet finished paying her debt to society. The last five lashes given to Inmate 94K5674 would leave an indelible mark on Inmate 94K5674 for life.

It was now time for Inmate 94K5674 to receive her prison strips. It was the practice State Correctional Facility to make each inmate receive a number of master strokes that equaled the number of years sentenced. Depending upon the sentence these strokes were applied to either back and ass or just the ass of the inmate. Given that Inmate 94K5674 was sentenced to only five years, all her prison strips would be applied to her ass. To inflict the prison strips a bullwhip was used. It was with this bullwhip the skill of the executioner would be shown in the tight placement of the prison stripes on Inmate 94K5674's ass cheeks. The purpose of the master strokes or prison strips was to leave a set of whip marks that under normal circumstances were not visible after a period of time. Yet under a close examination these fine cuts by the whip would never fully disappear. To accomplish this, Inmate 94K5674 would have to be readjusted. At this point, a wooden round thick log was brought forward and attached to the sides of the whipping triangle. This thick log was positioned at pubes of Inmate 94K5674. The log in fact caused Inmate 94K5674 to bow her ass out.

The whipping triangle was now rotated again turning Inmate 94K5674 ass out to the special invitees. Inmate 94K5674 found the two female guards detaching her wrists from the leather manacles holding her to the apex of the triangle. In a moment Inmate 94K5674's wrist were free from the top of the whipping triangle. However in a instant the two female guards grabbed each wrist and reattached it to a free shackle at the base of the triangle. In effect Inmate 94K5674 was reduced from

standing up straight to be bent over the log attached the sides of the iron triangle. The log further had the effect of forcing Inmate 94K5674's ass out to the crowd. To insure that Inmate 94K5674 could not change position a strap was attached to the log at the small of Inmate 94K5674's back. With this final strap Inmate 94K5674 could not move or even wriggle an inch. The stage had been set for Inmate 94K5674 to collect her prison stripes.

As with everything done at the State Correctional Facility nothing was rushed. There were two steps left before the whip sang its final tune. The ass Inmate 94K5674 presented to audience was bloody and raw. It needed to be wiped clean so

that the prison stripes would be clear for all to see. In order to present a clean ass the executioner stepped up to Inmate 94K5674 with a cloth in her hand. She now poured some clear liquid on the cloth and proceeded to wipe Inmate 94K5674's ass clean. This clear liquid was a caustic antiseptic made of alcohol and lemon juice. The effect was to clean the cuts, stop any bleeding and wash away the coagulated blood. While this liquid achieved this purpose, the pain caused by the introduction of the burning liquid to the open wounds was abominable. Despite all her efforts Inmate 94K5674 was incapable of moving her ass cheeks away. Inmate 94K5674's head bobbed up and down uncontrollably and the hairs at the back of her neck stood up. Inmate 94K5674 wondered if this hell would ever end. The executioner took her sweet time making sure to

wipe every part of Inmate 94K5674's ass cheeks clean and ready for her prison stripes. The end result was a very clean and very red pair of ass cheeks presented by Inmate 94K5674 to the crowd.

The final step was now at hand. The executioner went around to Inmate 94K5674's face and began to unloosen the scold's bridle.

For this part of the punishment Inmate 94K5674 would need to talk. The executioner first unlocked and removed the brank from her mouth. Next the executioner unlocked and removed the head cage from Inmate 94K5674. At first Inmate 94K5674 began to sob and heave but was quickly cut short by the executioner. Inmate 94K5674 was told that she was about to receive her last five lashes or prison stripes. It was customary for the inmate to call for each lash and thank the whipper afterwards. If the inmate refused to call out for the lash or didn't thank the whipper the lash would be meted out anyway but not counted in the total. Further gross misconduct may result in additional punishment. No matter how bad or hurt Inmate 94K5674 was feeling, she was determined to end this session of her corporal punishment. In a the cold authoritative tone the executioner asked Inmate 94K5674 if she understood her obligation, to which Inmate 94K5674 in clear voice answered "Yes Ma'am". The executioner also informed Inmate 94K5674 that she was to speak loud enough for everyone in the prison yard to hear and failure to do so would result in an uncounted lash. At this point the executioner stepped back and to the side of Inmate 94K5674. The final drama of the infliction of the five prisons stripes was set to begin

Upon reaching her proper spot behind Inmate 94K5674, the executioner was handed the black and sinister bullwhip. For the amusement of the special invitees, the executioner took several practice swings hitting the log holding Inmate 94K5674. At each impact of the whip upon the log Inmate 94K5674 could be heard to moan. In a final dramatic gesture the executioner wiped the bullwhip with the cloth containing the caustic liquid. Upon finishing this task and arranging her naked and ample breasts, the executioner barked out for Inmate 94K5674 to call for her first prison stripe. At this point a true silence fell over the crowd. Everyone wanted to hear Inmate 94K5674 call out for the first lash. In a weak but clear voice Inmate 94K5674 said, "May I have my first lash Ma'am". With this the executioner reared back to let the bullwhip fly through the air. The impact was as graphic as the scream it produced. For all intensive purposes it sounded like Inmate 94K5674 had been murdered at that spot. The lash mark was instantaneous. Across the top of Inmate 94K5674 ass was line of ruby dots of blood. With all the fortitude left in her body Inmate 94K5674 said "Thank you Ma'am" and broke in sobs. The executioner retorted in a completely unfeeling manner, "You forget to say please." "The next you forget the lash will not count".

Again an unnatural hush fell over the special invitees. With a hurt and determined voice Inmate 94K5674 said "May I have lash number two please Ma'am". A second later lash number two found

its mark about an inch below number one, leaving another visible line of ruby red dots. With the contact of the bullwhip on her ass another blood curling scream was heard from Inmate 94K5674. And once again mustering all her wits Inmate 94K5674 thanked the executioner. In a desperate act to get the punishment over with quickly, Inmate 94K5674 called for the third lash without any delay and without fail the lash struck it target perfectly. Another line of blood caused by the lash appeared on the ass cheeks of Inmate 94K5674. Her head bobbed back so fast it appeared to have snapped but once again in a fainter voice Inmate 94K5674 thanked the executioner for the lash. Like a cat playing with a cornered mouse the executioner demanded Inmate 94K5674 thank her again in a louder voice.

There was no turning back now for Inmate 94K5674. In a loud voice Inmate 94K5674 once again thanked the executioner and politely called out for lash number four. Without hesitation the bullwhip whistled through the air and caught Inmate 94K5674 right across the middle of her ass checks. This lash seemed to have cut more deeply into the ass cheeks of Inmate 94K5674 and was bleeding profusely. With a yell like a stuck pig Inmate 94K5674 vented her soul to the crowd which responded only with jeers and catcalls. Again Inmate 94K5674 somehow found the ability to thank the executioner. Now the last lash was at hand. At this point the deputy warden felt obligated to speak to the inmate.

"I hope you have learned from this experience that you will learn how to behave in the future. You still owe the State five long years and I expect you to completely and immediately obey any Order from me or any other member of the staff. Call for your last lash".

With her last bit of courage and fortitude left Inmate 94K5674 said, "May I have the last lash please Ma'am". At this the executioner took aim at the soft underneath ass cheek and made contact. Some in the audience swore they saw Inmate 94K5674 raise off the log and the iron whipping triangle clearly swayed back and forth. From the time of contact of the bullwhip with the ass cheeks, Inmate 94K5674 began weep with unstoppable passion, "Please, please, please, no more, no more, I can't take no more, please stop." To this pitiful plea the executioner retorted coldly, "You forget to thank me I may not count this lash". At which point Inmate 94K5674 began again to plead and beg for mercy and forgiveness. The executioner looked to the deputy warden who shook his head no. The corporal punishment of Inmate 94K5674 was finally over but her five year sentence had just begun and before the sentence was finally served there will many more encounters with the lash for Inmate 94K5674. But for now the punishment had reached the end. The two female guards quickly moved to release Inmate 94K5674 from the whipping triangle. Upon being released Inmate 94K5674 immediately collapsed into the arms of the two female guards and was carried from the prison yard to her new cell. At this point the executioner turned and faced the special invitees. They gave her a thunderous round of applause. They had come to see the inmates suffer for their crimes and the executioner left no stone unturned in the punishment of Inmate 94K5674. More then one of the special invitees had achieved multiple orgasms during this performance and there were still many more to go. In fact the next two inmates were being readied for their corporal punishment. They were two armed robbers about to feel the bite of the lash attached together face to face at the iron whipping triangle. If you do the crime together you better be ready to face the consequences together. The executioner turned and got ready for round number two, remembering the show must go on.

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Inmate 94K5674

Chapter 3

"The Special Invitee"

by MikeDee

It was about 10:00 P.M. and I was coming home from work

late. I was tired and not really paying attention when I heard

a women's voice say "Stop". I looked up for the first time and I saw a women standing in front of me with a gun. I then noticed a second women behind me. The woman with the gun nervously said, "Give me your wallet or I'll shoot you". I saw the gun. It was a small gun. Maybe if I would have been confronted by two big men or if the gun was more freighting, I would not have even tried, but I would be god damn if I was going to allow these two women with that puny gun rob me. Instead of giving up my wallet, I started to move to the shooter. I heard her shout, "Move another inch and I'll blow your head off". I was not stopping. The next instant I saw the muzzle flash and heard the shot. The pain came a moment later. Thank god she was a bad shot. I was hit but only in the arm. I knew if I didn't get the gun away from her the next shot would kill me. I was on top of her now. I never hit a women before, but this was different. I was glad she shoot me in my left arm because I was a righty. I pulled my right arm back and cold cocked her in the temple. She went down like a ton of bricks. I was glad she was only a women, maybe with a man it would not have been so easy to knock him out. I immediately grabbed the gun before the second mugger could get it. I got up and immediately pointed the gun at the second thief. I ordered her to lay face down on the ground or the next bullet would be in her. She got on the ground without hesitation. It was only a minute or two but it felt like eternity before the police arrived. I saw them and passed out.

The next time I awoke, I was in the hospital. The nurse handed me a newspaper. I was being called a hero. It appears that these would be robbers were a two women crime wave. That these two had committed twelve armed robberies previous to their encounter with me. I was their unlucky thirteenth. I was interviewed by several reporters and TV stations. My girlfriend treated me as a superstar. The best news was from the doctor, who told me I was a lucky bastard. The bullet hit the bone causing only a simple fracture and stuck. I would suffer no permanent damages to the arm. After the fracture mended, I would get back full use of the arm. Had the bullet hit six

inches to the right, I would have been shot directly in the heart and probably been killed. The next day I was interviewed by an Assistant District Attorney. I was told that in couple of months the case would go to trial and I was needed to testify. I told the A.D.A. I would be glad to put those two away for awhile. Sure enough four months later I appeared in Court and pointed out the two robbers to the jury. Several days later I read they were convicted in less then an hour. I got a call from the same Assistant District Attorney and asked me if I would come to the sentencing of those two thieves and I agreed. At the sentencing I gave a small speech. The defense attorney asked the Court to show mercy on his clients because they were young and had only been in minor trouble with the law. The Judge said he would show the same mercy to the defendant's as they showed to their victims. The Judge gave the shooter a minimum of twenty years and her accomplice fifteen years. Both were further sentenced to one hundred and thirty lashes each, ten for each armed robbery.

I began to leave the Courtroom when the Assistant

District Attorney called me into her office. She asked what I thought of the sentence and I told her I was satisfied that justice had been done and those two were going to jail for a long time. The A.D.A. then asked if I would like to see those two get their sentence of One-Hundred-Thirty lashes carried out at the State Correctional Facility. I was dumbfounded at first. I remember seeing on TV a male convict being whipped in public and it didn't turn me on. I told the A.D.A. about seeing that public whipping on TV The A.D.A. then smiled in alluring way and told me that the corporal punishment of female convicts in the State Correctional Facility was completely different. She then give me several reasons why I would enjoy being present at this corporal punishment. The first reason she gave was that it was private ceremony with no more then two-hundred special invitees present to witness the inmates receive their punishment. With that same smile on her face the A.D.A. then told me being a "Special Invitee" was reserved only for very special people. The people who had political connections and money to back it up. She said the State Correctional Facility made sure that the "Special Invitees" enjoyed themselves without going into details. The A.D.A. then with a very sexy look stated she had been present when several of the criminals she prosecuted got their just desserts. The A.D.A. made it clear that she had enjoyed herself immensely giving a hint that there was more then just corporal punishment going on at the ceremonies. The A.D.A. then let me know that she was looking forward to be present when these two felons felt the whip. She more then intimated that it was going to be a good show and no one would leave unsatisfied.

The next thing I know the A.D.A. is inviting me to be her guest. She then tells how she has always admired me for standing up to these criminals when they pointed the gun at me. She said that if it had been her, she would have given them anything they wanted no questions asked and they probably have gotten away to do it again. That she had observed me throughout the trial and sentencing and she liked what she saw. I immediately asked if she was married. Her reply was that she was married only to her job. I knew that second she wanted something more from me then just to accompany her at the corporal punishment. I told her that I also admired the way she conducted herself doing the trial and sentencing. I looked at her in completely different way and I liked what I saw. I now saw her as a very attractive lady. She wasn't young but wasn't old either. She appeared to be in her early thirties. I next found myself checking out the rest of her body. Unfortunately the business suit she was wearing pretty much concealed her figure. The A.D.A. realized I was in shock. She suggested I

think about her invitation and meet her tomorrow for lunch before making any decision. I quickly agreed to keep an open mind about her kind invitation and I would be glad to have lunch with her tomorrow.

When I left her office my head was in the clouds. I didn't know what to think. I had heard it rumored that a lot more then just rehabilitation goes on behind the walls at these State Correctional Facilities. I then conjured up every bad girl penitentiary movie I ever saw. I wasn't really into that S/M and B/D scene but I sure wouldn't mind getting a good piece of ass from that A.D.A. Lunch was another shocker. That mousy looking A.D.A. had just became a vixen. Gone was the business suit and the hair in a bun. She looked good and yes there was some nice body attached. I must have smiled from ear to ear when she walked up to me. I started to call her by her last name when she interrupted me and told me to call her "Susan". I asked her if she always dressed for work that way. Susan told me she took the day off to have lunch with me. The drinks were next. It didn't take too long to get past the double entendres to the real meat of the conversation "sex". She was quite honest. She made no bones about enjoying seeing the scum she prosecuted getting their asses whipped. She liked seeing them struggle in pain and crying out for mercy. It gave purpose to her work. She then told me that she was bi and enjoyed it both ways. That she had gone twice before and both times in the company of another woman. This time she wanted to be with a "man" and I was the "man" she wanted. I wanted to do her right there at the table but I wasn't about to blow this golden opportunity. Susan confirmed that there was a lot of sexual satisfaction to be had at these female State Correctional Facilities. That this sexual activity happened between the "Special Invitees" and with the inmates. She told me that the most of the money needed to run these State Correctional Facilities was supplied by selling the privilege to the "Special Invitees" to witness the corporal punishment's of the inmates and in the sexual use of the inmates. I knew that I was in Nirvana when Susan reached into the crotch of my pants and felt my dick. Thank god it was hard. Susan promised me that most enjoyable day of my life and give my magic rod a very promising squeeze. Being the cool suave gentleman I was, I asked if we could get together tonight for dinner. With a knowing leer, Susan respectfully declined. She wanted to wait until Saturday when we would both witness the inmates feel the bite of the law on their naked asses.

Saturday was two days away and it would take forever to come. After that lunch I was crazed. I didn't know whether to go out and get laid a couple dozen times or save it for Saturday. I compromised. I jerked off twice that night and waited for the big day to come. At 10:00 Saturday morning I got a call. It was Susan. She said a limousine would come by and pick me up in an hour, please be ready. Be ready, what do you wear to a whipping? I dressed in nice jeans and polo shirt and I hope I didn't look like the dork at the prom. The limo arrived and I got in. Susan was there and so were two females in the front. Judging by the fact they both in uniform, I assumed they were connected with the State Correctional Facility. It wasn't the biggest limo I've seen but it was nice. A roomy back seat and a bar. Susan was looking good but she wore a coat so I couldn't see how she was dressed. I was nervous and Susan could tell. She first rolled up the divider between the passenger compartment and the front seat and then offered me a drink. I needed it. Two or three drinks later the conversation turned to the day's festivities. Susan told me upon arrival at the State Correctional Facility we would see the inmates bing prepared for their corporal punishment. After that we would be escorted to the visitor's gallery in the

prison yard to witness the inmates receive their punishment. Susan explained this whipping was called a "Welcome" and was administered within twenty-four hours after the inmate's arrival. I noticed that Susan was still wearing her coat. I asked if she was cold and she laughed. She then asked what I've been doing since the last time we met. A quickly responded, "A lot of cold showers". Susan startled me with her next question, "How many times have I come in a day". I told her nine. I lied. She then slowly started to remove her coat. She wore an off the shoulder dress that ended just above her tits and showed plenty of cleavage. The top was elastic and almost invited you to put your hand down her dress and get a good feel. She saw me staring at her breasts and she pounced. The next second I was lying on the back seat and she was on top of me.

I didn't know if I liked being attacked but I was about to find out. After some very interesting mouth play, Susan sat up. She said that was just a test. Test, schmest, I was hot and she knew it. She then reached into my crotch again. It was hard. I then got the first of many shocks to come during this day. Susan picked up the phone and said "Send the inmate out". At that point a door in the wall separating the compartments lifted up and a women attached to a metal contrivance slid out. The woman wore a hood completely covering her face. The only opening appeared to be a circular guard which held the inmate's mouth open. The meaning of the circle guard was clear. You could stick your dick in the inmate's mouth and there was nothing the inmate could do to stop you or injure your precious organ. With the exception of the hood, the inmate was completely naked but for a pair of straps around her waist and through her loins. I noticed quickly that the inmate had a nice pair of tits. I turned to Susan in utter disbelief. She smiled and began to unzip my pants. It didn't take long before my dick was through the circle guard and in the inmate's mouth.

The inmate immediately began to suck on my dick quite nicely. Susan then handed me a remote control. It had a slider and red switch. Susan said the slider controlled a vibrating dildo in the inmate's cunt and ass while the red switch would send a very unpleasant electrical charge through the same dildos. Thus I could reward and punish the inmate as the mood struck me. Susan then exposed her breasts by pulling down the top of her dress. Her tits stuck out of a very sexy red quarter cup bra. They weren't the biggest tits I ever saw, but they were more then a mouthful. The most amazing part was that the nipples seemed to be covered with a substance that resembled the coating on a jelly apple. It was red and shiny. Susan pulled my mouth to her nipples. I immediately went to work with my lips and tongue. The coating was sweet, but the real sensation was in my dick. I felt like I was as hard as a metal rod. Susan quickly pulled up the hem of her dress exposing a sexy pair of panties and moved my hand under her panties and into her cunt. I knew immediately what see wanted and I was more then willing and ready to oblige. I couldn't tell how long this activity went on, but it seemed to take a very long time before I came in the inmate's mouth. I know that Susan appeared to have several orgasms before me. If this was just the beginning of the day's activities, I couldn't wait to see what else was about to transpire.

I didn't stop sucking on Susan's tit until I came. The inmate swallowed all of my come and continued to use her mouth. She was now just playing with the knob of my dick, just caressing the knob gently with her tongue. Susan straightened her dress and smiled. I didn't know what to say, so I didn't say anything. Susan broke the silence by handing me a drink and asked me, "If I was enjoying myself". I didn't have to answer. I now began to study the inmate who was sucking my dick. I

noticed that the hood was stenciled "Inmate 92Q9356" across the front. I noticed further that the ass cheeks of the inmate were pulled apart and there appeared to be a circle marking like a brand, but that couldn't be. That the metal contrivance had four legs that held the inmate's limbs completely immobile. In fact the only thing the inmate could move was her head. Susan then took the remote and began to play. When she moved the slider up the inmate began to suck harder. Susan then hit the red button and I heard the inmate yelp and her ass seemed to fly up in the air. The inmate stopped sucking and started again more intensely. Susan laughed and said "I can be a mean bitch when I want to". Meanwhile I was just coming back down to earth. I asked Susan what was that stuff on her tits. She said it was an aphrodisiac called "Eye of the Tiger". It would keep my dick hard and my mind in the clouds. I couldn't argue. It wasn't too long thereafter when we pulled off the main road and I saw the sign "State Correctional Facility". It appeared quickly. It was everything I imagined. It appeared to have a tall brick wall topped with barbed wire and guard houses along the perimeter. It looked foreboding and sinister. Susan used the phone again and the inmate receded back into the compartment from which she had originally emerged. I quickly put my dick back in my pants. Susan asked, "If I'm ready". I was in the mood to experience all of the festivities. I hated to admitted it, but the experience in the limo really turned me on. I wanted to see those inmates suffer and dance under the lash. I wanted to come watching my would be muggers get their whipping. I wanted to see the criminals wish they never got involved in a life of crime.

We drove around the back and went in what seemed to be a heavily guarded private entranceway into the prison. I was amazed by the series of sliding gates but eventually ended up in a surprising pleasant cul-de-sac. Susan said it was the V.I.P. entrance. The limo stopped and one of the female guards from the front seat opened the limo door and escorted us through an entranceway into the prison. I was then shocked again. Before me stood two women. A tall women in a very formal business suit and a young women in a bizarre and amazing uniform. The tall women introduced herself as the Assistant Deputy Warden. She nicely welcomed us to the State Correctional Facility. The Asst. Deputy Warden made a point of remarking on how she was honored to have me witness the corporal punishment of the convicts I single handily captured. She made it clear that she was impressed by my actions and that every effort would be made to make my experience at the State Correctional Facility memorable and highly enjoyable. The Asst. Deputy Warden then pointed to the other women with disdain and introduced her as Inmate 89N4973. The Asst. Deputy Warden said that Inmate 89N4973 would be our guide and if she failed in anyway to meet our needs please have it reported to her at once. The Asst. Deputy Warden then excused herself saying that she had to attend to preparation of the day's corporal punishments. She then left us alone with Inmate 89N4973. The inmate who stood before us was young and pretty, probably in her mid twenties, but it was the uniform that amazed me. She didn't wear a hood, but she wore a headband across her forehead which was stenciled Inmate 89N4973. Her hair was cut short almost like a crew cut and barely concealed her scalp. Inmate 89N4973 wore a high collar that made her keep her head straight. There were several rings attached to the collar. The uniform if you can call it a uniform was a fine synthetic and completely transparent. It did nothing to hide her body. It purpose seemed was to emphasis the lush female flesh and lush it was. Inmate 89N4973 had a pair tits that seemed to extend a mile. These ample breasts were supported by an old fashioned corset which hugged the inmate like a second skin. It totally

compressed her waist and ended above the pubes at the bottom and under the breasts at the top. The corset top was cut like an underwire bra to support and emphasize the exposed tits. It did its job very nicely. From the bottom of the corset a strap descended down and through the loins and came up through the ass cheeks and connected in back. The most interesting features concerned the nipples and pubic region. There were two small holes cut in the front of this uniform where the nipples came through and through the nipples were two rings that held tiny bells that chimed as the inmate walked. It was clear that the nipples were pierced and that the rings had to be inserted after the uniform was put on. Inmate 89N4973 was tattooed on the region that normally contains the pubic hair. Instead Inmate 89N4973 was shaven completely bare and in that place was tattooed in red letters Inmate 89N4973 with P.L. 220.39 on top and a date below. I would find out that the top letters and numbers was the violation of the Penal Law that the inmate was convicted for and the bottom was the projected date of release of the inmate.

Inmate 89N4973 asked us if we were hungry and we replied in the negative. She then asked if we wanted to tour the facility or go immediately to the area where new arrivals were being prepared for their "Welcome". Susan turned to me and asked my preference. I had no desire to see the facility, I wanted to see the new arrivals being prepared for their corporal punishment. Susan smiled in agreement and Inmate 89N4973 led us down the corridor to what appeared to be a series of doors. Above each door appeared to be a red light. Some of the lights were lit and others weren't. Inmate 89N4973 opened a door in which the light above was not lit. We stepped inside a small chamber and walked up to a dark colored glass. Inmate 89N4973 explained we were looking out from a one way mirror. We stepped up to the mirror and looked down. The room before us appeared to be a tiled shower room. Appearing before us were ten naked women suspended in a row from the ceiling. They were suspended from a apparatus that looked like a inverted "T". The long slender vertical bar came out the ceiling while the horizontal bar at the bottom held the wrists of the new arrivals in manacles. Inmate 89N4973 said we came at a good time because the preparation of this group of new arrivals had just begun. The new arrivals were suspended just inches off the floor while their ankles were locked in some sort of spreader bar connected the floor to prevent them from twisting around. The floor itself was a series of drains. The new arrivals were naked except for a hood that completely covered their face and ended at their necks. Inmate 89N4973 stated that these inmates arrived a little less then twenty-four hours ago and have been kept in solitary confinement since their arrival. Inmate 89N4973 further said besides being hooded they were gagged and this gag and hood had been put on them just prior to being transported to the State Correctional Facility.

I saw that uniform guards entered with several other naked inmates. I then saw the guards pick up hoses and begin to spray down the suspended new arrivals. I saw that they were struggling in their bonds. Inmate 89N4973 said the water being sprayed was very cold and very painful. After a few minutes the hosing down of the new arrivals stopped and at this point the other inmates stepped forward with buckets and brushes. I then noticed these inmates were bald and had something tattooed on the back of their scalp as well as the pubic area. I also noticed that these inmates appeared to be wearing what looked like a chastity belt. Inmate 89N4973 explained that the belt these inmates were wearing was the standard belt worn everyday by each inmate. It was placed upon the inmate right after showering. The front part prevented any sexual congress but

allowed the inmate to pee. The back part contained a medium sized dildo that acted as a butt plug. I was to learn later that the rear dildo was hollow and that it was possible to punish the inmate by placing a punishment suppository up their rectum. I saw that these inmates wore two loose chains that went from their wrists to a junction box located at the back of the waist strap. Inmate 89N4973 called these security chains because any guard by remote control can cause the chains to retract into the box behind the back taking away use of the inmate's arms. Sometimes to be nasty the guards would add another strap to the arms that pulled the elbows together. This caused a nasty pain to the shoulders and further caused the inmate's tits to project out. It seemed that all the inmates had big busts except the new arrivals.

The inmates now began use the buckets and brushes to soap up the new arrivals. It looked like the bristles on the brushes were made more for horses then humans. The inmates were doing a extremely diligent job and paid no attention to the struggles of the new arrivals. It appeared that the inmates took great delight in scrubbing the breasts and pubes of the new arrivals. I saw the inmates spread the nether lips and scrub deep inside the cunts of the new arrivals. I could see this scrubbing had become quite erotic. I saw Susan step closer to glass to get a better look. and I could see that Susan was beginning to get aroused at this attentive cleaning I too began feel my juices flow. I stepped behind Susan and started to rub against her and to my delight she seemed to like it. I then took a bold step and put my hands down her dress and caressed her breasts. I could feel her nipples getting hard and that was not the only thing starting to harden. We were enjoying each other and watching this outrageous scene transpire before our noses. I heard a whistle and the inmates stepped back and the hoses came to life again. The dance macabre of the new arrivals against the stream of cold water pouring from the hoses only heightened our sexual arousal. The new arrivals were now rotated by the mechanism holding them and the same procedure was repeated to the back and ass. The inmates were again quite particular in cleaning the anal area. I noticed that when the water stopped the skin of each new arrival appeared quite red. Inmate 89N4973 said it was caused by a combination of the straw bristles on the brushes and the lye content of the soap. That besides from cleaning the new arrivals this shower was made to cause the nerve endings in the skin to be more sensitive and responsive the whip during their corporal punishment in the prison yard. Inmate 89N4973 said everything at the State Correctional Facility had a double purpose and always one of the purposes was to shame, humiliate and cause pain to the inmate. They were sent to pay for their crimes and State Correctional Facility made sure that they punished everyday of their incarceration.

The next step was particularly arousing. The guards I noticed were all men. They approached the new arrivals with shaving cream and a razor. The was no doubt what area was the object of their attention. In a most sensual and degrading manner began applying the shaving cream to the pubes of the new arrivals. The erotic nature of this lathering didn't escape Susan. She took one of my hand and guided ot under her dress and panties and into her hot pussy. She was wet. I then began to rub my rock hard dick against her ass. The two of us were getting off quickly. I watched as the guards spread and rubbed the lather deep into each pube. You can see the guards were also getting off on their efforts. Each guard stopped rubbing and started shaving. Slowly but surely the pubic hair was being removed under the steady ministrations of the guards. As I watched I wished it could be me preparing these convicts for the whip. I began to work my fingers quite vigorously in

Susan's cunt and in turn she was working her ass hard against my crotch. I felt Susan pop first but instead of stopping I was determined to make her come several times. It was near the time that the guards went back to their hoses and started to spray down the cunts of the new arrivals that I felt my juices spurt. This was orgasm number two. Maybe before the day was over I could come nine times, especially if this action continued.

To my amazement the guards were not through. They now

approached the new arrivals with some sort of white cream. They then again started to rub this cream into each new arrival's pubic area. They began to really thrash about in their bonds. Inmate 89N4973 said the white cream was some sort of depilatory ointment that causes the hair follicles to fall out. She said it was extremely painful in that it truly burned. Inmate 89N4973 said that one treatment of this ointment prevented the pubic hair from growing back for thirty days and every inmate got this ointment spread upon their pussy's once a month. The guards let the ointment do its work for about five minutes before they then turned their hoses back on. At the end, each new arrival had a cunt as hairless as a newborn babe, only a lot sorer. I was sure the guards were finished when I saw the guards attach to the end of each hose what looked like enema nozzle. Inmate 89N4973 said it was douche and enema time. For this procedure the inmates were used again. No guard wanted to be inundated by the liquid pouring forth from the body cavities of the new arrivals. The inmates walked up to each suspended women and worked the nozzle up each cunt. You can see the new arrivals struggle against this invasion of their inner persons. Upon the complete insertion of each nozzle, into the cunt's of the new arrivals, the guards turned a different handle on the hose base. Inmate 89N4973 said that this handle controlled a hot soapy solution that entered with less pressure then the cold water, but nonetheless hurt quite badly. I watched as the new arrivals twisted back and forth as the liquid entered their body. This was done two times before the inmates turned their attention to the other entrance.

I now noticed that besides turning the new arrivals sideways, the inverted "T" bar started to lower. By lowing the "T" bar toward the floor it forced the new arrivals to bend severely at the waist exposing their asshole for the insertion of the enema nozzle. It was strange that instead of turning each new arrival completely around they were rotated them only ninety degrees so that faced one another in a line. I would soon see the reason. To aid in the insertion of the enema nozzle into the tight anus of each of the new arrivals a white cream was spread on the nozzle. Unfortunately the white cream used was the burning depilatory ointment used on their pubes. I thought that was very mean, but Susan turned to me and said these bitches are learning the true meaning of hard time. It appeared took two inmates to insert the nozzle up the rectum of each new arrival. One inmate was needed to hold the ass cheeks apart and the other inmate to ram the nozzle home. As each new arrival received this unwelcome intruder, you could see them struggle to dislodge this monster. After the final nozzle was inserted into the new arrivals the guards turned on the hoses. This was no minor enema. The guards left the water running until you can see each each new arrival's stomach fully bloated by the liquid. To make matters worse, the guards waited a good five minutes before they ordered the inmates to remove the nozzles and allow the new arrivals to purge themselves of the hot soapy water in their guts. Now came the waterworks. Each inmate stood behind the new arrival and yanked the nozzle out as fast as she could and attempted to get out of the way of the stream of refuse about to jet forth. Most of the inmates were only semisuccessful. In a instant ten human fountains burst forth spreading this filthy liquid on everything in its path.

It was now clear why the new arrivals were turned sideways. When the dam burst it was the new arrivals which got the brunt of the shower while the guards remained safe and dry. You could hear the laughter from the guards watching the inmates trying avoid the mess. You can be sure the inmates will also be participating in the final hose down. This degrading procedure was repeated twice more. Once the new arrivals were rotated 180 degrees so that the new arrival at the end who had been lucky to miss the muck flying the first time got her fair share the second time. I wanted to leave but Susan was enjoying herself too much watching these wretches of the earth being humiliated and prepared. However when they lined up all the parties for the final wash down, we asked to be taken to the visitor's gallery to get ready for the main event. I had to confess, if this was just the preliminary preparations, I couldn't wait to see the real action of these new arrivals tasting the lash. Susan was beside herself in anticipation. I could tell she was really getting off on the whole thing and it was rubbing off on me. However I was now determined to stick my dick up the hot pussy I've been fingering all day. I wanted Susan and I wanted her badly. If whipping these new arrivals to pulp was the answer to getting inside Susan's warm cunt, then let the whip fly.

Inmate 89N4973 then led us outside and down a another corridor. All the places we've been to since our arrival at the State Correctional Facility were really pleasant and not what you expect from a prison. Inmate 89N4973 informed us that we were in the "Special Invitees" wing of the prison and the prison authorities did their best to provide a pleasant environment for the "Special Invitees". The actual inmate facilities were quite harsh. We walked down several more corridors before we came to the entrance to the visitor's gallery. The visitor's gallery was much like a miniature grandstand at a football stadium including private sky boxes. This grand stand or visitor's gallery was set up in a small rectangular prison yard used only for public punishments. The yard was about the size of half a football field with no sideline area. The yard was surrounded by a high wall on three sides and the fourth side being the visitor's gallery. A four foot wooden fence or rail divided the visitor's gallery from the rest of the prison yard. In the middle of the prison yard was the punishment dais. This was a slight raised platform that could accommodate several pieces of punishment apparatus including two whipping posts, an iron whipping triangle,a pillory and a slant rack. The various pieces of punishment apparatus were either on the side or under the dais to be mechanically raised when needed. On the back wall directly behind the visitor's gallery was where then inmate's waited there turn to be punished. They were chained to the wall by a iron neck collar which protruded six inches from the wall and support by an iron brace. Each inmate was further fully hooded and their arms locked behind their backs in handcuffs. If the guard wanted to be mean a strap was added to the upper arms to pull the elbows together. It really hurt the shoulders of the inmate, but nicely present her tits.

The visitor's gallery itself was a four level structure. The first level was the ground. A place at the rail was made for some "Special Invitees" to observe the corporal punishment. At the rail every two feet was a perpendicular wall that divided the space along the rail in three sided boxes which accommodated two people per box. Thus there was room for fifty people along the rail. The rail area was the cheapest about $250.00 per place and accommodated the rowdiest of the "Special Invitees". The next level was the first of a two tier grandstand. This grandstand was about five feet back from the rail and starting about four feet off the ground and sloping

up. Each section of this grandstand had a comfortable sofa or love seat accommodating two people. It looked like your common ballpark box seats except for the better seats. This was next highest in price costing $500.00 per seat. In these seats were usually lesser politicos and their ilk. This tier accommodated about fifty people. The next tier was different. Although it was part of the open grandstand it partially enclosed at waist and at the sides almost like a box in a opera house. Thus a person sitting in this level had some privacy. Further this tier was physically separated from the first tier. The first was entered by starting at the ground level and walking up, this level had to be entered by a private entrance from the visitor's wing of the prison. Thus a "Special Invitee" in this tier could enter and leave without disturbing the other invitees in the tier. It contained a very comfortable sofa. The price of these seats started at $1000.00 per seat. The reason for the high price was besides having a sofa this box had two inmates chained to floor and concealed by the waist level covering. The "Special Invitees" in these boxes had the use of an inmate during the viewing of the corporal punishments and you can imagine the use these "Special Invitees" had for the inmates chained to the floor. For the "Special Invitees" the viewing was indeed a very pleasurable experience. These seats went only to high government officials and their benefactors.

The last level was the sky boxes. These were enclosed

boxes built above the grandstand and provided the finest in accommodations and amenities. There were two levels of sky boxes. The first level of sky boxes were small rooms made to accommodate two "Special Invitees" per room. These rooms had a sofa, a wet bar and three to four inmates to see to every want and desire of the "Special Invitee". The highest level sky boxes had bigger rooms made to accommodate from four to ten "Special Invitees" depending on the size of the room. Needless to say these rooms were supplied with the finest inmates to see to the pleasures of the "Special Invitees". The sky boxes started at $1,000.00 per person and could go higher depending on the wants and desires of the "Special Invitees". Only the most power and richest got use the sky boxes. However sometimes as an award for exceptional deeds an ordinary individual would be treated to a small sky box. For Susan and her hero a small sky box was prepared. Inmate 89N4973 led us to our seating accommodations for the corporal punishment. It was a small sky box, we were very lucky. Susan eyes popped put of her head when see realized that we had been given a sky box to watch the punishments from. Susan had never been in a sky box before and I could tell she was getting hot just thinking of the enjoyment she could have in this place. I was sure her panties were getting wetter by the second and my plans for Susan were now sealed. There was no way I wasn't going get to fuck her now.

Inmate 89N4973 led us into the sky box. The room was

five feet by ten feet. The front of the room had two dark windows looking into the prison yard. The windows were once again two way mirrors. We could see out but no one could see in. There was a window ledge and on the ledge were several buckling straps so as to secure someone leaning over the window ledge. These straps seemed strange to me but later I would discover their true purpose. In the floor space between window ledge and our couch were two inmates chained by their necks to the floor. I further noticed there were several floor rings in that area so that the inmate could be chained in any number of positions. When we entered the room, they were posed in classical slave presentation position. They were on their knees, leaning up straight, breasts presented forward and feet apart. Their hands were chained behind their backs neck level. They were hooded, but a half hood that stopped below their eyes and left their nose and mouth open to view. Each had their

inmate number stenciled across the front of the hood. These inmates were fine. One was a full figured Latino and the other was a oriental with the biggest tits I have ever seen on a Asian women. My dick hit the floor when I saw them and realized they were mine to use in anyway I desired. I looked at Susan, I could see she was coming in her pants also. Inmate 89N4973 began to us show around the room and stated she would also be present in the room to see that our desires were met. The sky box screamed sex. Along the walls were a number of flagellatory instruments. There were several paddles and whips and gags ready for use. There were also several interesting dildos. Susan went up to an especially fetching double dildo and began to finger it. Inmate 89N4973 pointed out several lotions and gels available for our use. Susan asked it was possible to melt a substance and surprisingly Inmate 89N4973 said yes. The place was a virtual pleasure den and the pleasure was about to begin.

No sooner then we got to the couch, the speakers in

room came on and I heard, "Have Inmate 94K5674 brought forward". The moment had arrived. Two burly female prison guards took the prisoner by her arms and dragged to the center of the prison yard. Susan handed Inmate 89N4973 a red hard substance and told her to melt it. I heard Inmate 94K5674 being sentenced. The sound was great. It was obvious that the prison yard was very well miked and the people in the sky boxes probably could hear better then the "Special Invitees" in the grandstand. I was excited when I heard that Inmate 94K5674 was about to get fifty lashes. I pulled Susan close to me. I noticed that the couch could be folded down into a bed or even made into a bench. This place was great. As I looked out, I could see Inmate 94K5674 being chained to the iron whipping triangle set up on the dais. As I looked past the dais I could see the other inmates, about nineteen, chained by the neck to the back wall completely hooded. They could hear but wouldn't be able to see what going on. It must have been terrifying having to wait your turn to be whipped. I was watching Inmate 94K5674 being prepared for the whip. I was really getting turned on as they rub Inmate 94K5674 all over with that gel. I pulled Susan close to me and exposed her tits but the red gel on her nipples was almost gone. I saw that Inmate 89N4973 was heating up the stuff Susan gave her in a glass container over a steno can. This place had everything. I then heard Inmate 94K5674 get herself in deeper trouble and her sentence increased to one-hundred lashes back and front. I can see Susan was really enjoying the drama taking place before her. Susan suggested we start to make use of the two inmates kneeling before us. I wanted to see how good the Asian girl was at sucking cock. Susan wanted her pussy eaten by the big Latino inmate. Quickly Susan discarded those red sexy panties. I guess she wouldn't need them for a while. We positioned the two inmates and I noticed that they weren't wearing the circular mouth guard like the inmate in the limo. Their mouth guards were two rubber pads like those used by a dentist to keep the mouth of his patients opened wide while he worked. The mouth guards were placed behind their wisdom molars. I also notice that a wire running from one side of their mouth around their neck and to the other side of their mouth prevented these rubber mouth guards from becoming dislodged. Although they had pretty much free use of their lips and tongue, there was no possibility they could bite down and hurt your dick or clit. This is what I called safe sex. All of a sudden the black prison guard with the whip removed her top and began whipping the inmate. I could hear the "Special Invitees" in the grandstand starting to cheer. I was getting hard quickly and the Asian girl was a class "A" cock sucker. I could see that Susan was starting to enter into her own sexual bliss.

Boy could that black prison guard swing the whip. It

looked like the old cat-o-nine tails. I could see the inmate jerking forward in the whipping triangle as each lash fell and I could hear each lash. I could even hear the muffled cries of the inmate as each lash fell. The sound system was very good. Too bad they gagged her, I would have loved to her scream. At that point Inmate 89N4973 came with the red jelly like substance in a glass with some sort glass wand applicator. I took the applicator and coated Susan nipples with the red jelly. Susan jerked because it was still a little hot. She motioned for me for remove my shirt and she applied some of the aphrodisiac to my nipples and I jerked from the heat. Being the gentleman that I am I let Susan go first. This was great. I having my cock and nipples sucked while I watched this Inmate 94K5674 get the thrashing of her life. I could actually see the blood starting to flow from the whipping of the inmate. I started for second to feel sorry for the inmate when I remembered about the two muggers who almost killed me and all sympathy disappeared. Anyway I was having too much fun to worry about criminals getting what they deserved in the first place. Susan then let me suck her nipples. This time I not only sucked but began taking little nibbles of this stuff. To my surprise it seemed to make Susan more responsive and I heard her start to moan. Susan was moaning in pleasure and Inmate 94K5674 was groaning in pain. I felt my dick starting to get super hard again. After a short while I stopped sucking on Susan's nipples and looked up. They had turned Inmate 94K5674 around they were preparing to whip her tits. This I wanted to see. I realized that watching a women convict being whipped was really a lot different then watching a male convict being whipped. Woman just had more interesting and better places for the whip to fall and what's more they reacted better.

At this point, Inmate 89N4973 really shocked me. She brought over two vinyl whips and give it to me and Susan. Inmate 89N4973 said it was a pussy whip and no matter how hard it was used it couldn't damage the skin, but it was a real turn on for the whipper and the whippee. Susan didn't seemed shocked. I can tell she wielded a whip before but I certainty never did. However today was full of firsts. I took the whip. Susan took the whip and was gung ho about whipping these criminals. I started first with the whip. Inmate 89N4973 was right this whip couldn't really do any damage, but it was a turn on. Susan started next, but she seemed to feeble at the task, but I think she was getting off on her efforts nonetheless. This was great. I was matching whip lashes with the black prison guard working on Inmate 94K5674 tits, except she had a real whip and I had a toy. What I realized next was the inmate sucking my cock was also getting hornier. She was really working my dick hard like a lollipop and weaving her ass to and fro with each stroke of the lash. I was making this inmate come with her whipping. I was determined to give this inmate more of what she desired. Now I started to put more effort in each stroke of the whip. I saw that the inmate sucked hard and began that moan of a woman ready to come. I now began to feel the juices starting to well up in my cock. Now I began to moan. I used the vinyl whip on the inmate's ass as hard I could manage. I saw her ass was turning a little red and it made me more sexually stimulated. I now noticed that they turned Inmate 94K5674 around and were using a bullwhip on her ass. I now stood up and began pounding that whip into the inmate's ass. She just worked her mouth harder and moaned louder. When I saw the black prison guard cut the fourth bloody stripe into Inmate 94K5674 ass, I exploded my come into the inmate's mouth and lo and behold it appeared she coming too. I looked and Susan was beginning to take flight into the world of sexual abandon. She too had stood up was actually swinging the whip with little bit of bite and inmate was responding. It took

a little while longer but Susan entered sexual paradise and collapsed back into the couch with the biggest shit eating grin I have ever saw. I noticed that they were taking Inmate 94K5674 away as she fainted from her corporal punishment. This was a great start and couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. Inmate 89N4973 now served us drinks and told us to relax and get ready for round number two. I noticed that our two inmates had not ceased their labors. They only slowed down. I released my cock from the inmate's mouth and Susan did the same. I motioned to Inmate 89N4973 to give the two suckers a drink and I began kissing Susan. My only regret was that I now have orgasmed three times and haven't gotten to fuck Susan yet, but I was going to remedy that situation soon. I was going to fuck Susan if it was the last thing I did. The thought of fucking her while I watched another round of corporal punishment was a very pleasant thought as I relaxed into the couch and got ready for round number two.

As Susan and I were relaxing on the couch getting ready for the next round of corporal punishments, I heard the Deputy Warden asked to have Inmates 94N7356 and 94N7357 brought forward. Susan jumped up and shouted, "Its them, the two muggers you caught". I watched as their hoods were removed and sure enough it was them. I become real excited and anxious to watch these two suffer under the whip. Susan asked Inmate 89N4973 to get the double dildo because she wanted to fuck the big Latino inmate while she watched this corporal punishment. I now realized that Susan had no intention of allowing me to fuck her and I began to get angry. I turned to Susan and began shouting, "When am I go to fuck you." Susan turned back in an angry look and simply said "When you man enough". All of a sudden the situation with Susan became clear. She had no intention of voluntarily allowing me to screw her. I had to make it happened. That the pounce in the limo was in fact a test. She was testing to see how I would react. Whether I would forcibly take control of the opportunity and have my way with her or she could control me. I failed that test, but I wasn't about to fail now. I immediately grabbed Susan by a handful of hair and shouted screaming, "You cock teasing bitch, I'm gonna fuck you good and now". I saw Inmate 89N4973 coming over to us and I immediately thought she was coming to Susan's aid, but instead she grabbed Susan as she struggled with me and pinned her arms behind her back. Inmate 89N4973 pushed Susan towards the window ledge and I now realized what the buckling straps were for. I an instant I joined in and push Susan over to the window ledge and bent her over. I immediately grabbed one wrist and secured it to the window ledge by means of one of the buckling straps. I saw that Inmate 89N4973 began securing the other wrist. I then used the other set of buckling straps to tie down her elbows and Inmate 89N4973 again followed my lead. In less then a minute Susan was tightly secured bending over the window ledge with her ass sticking out. I immediately began to undress her. The dress was easy to remove by unzipping it from the back. I unzipped it and it immediately fell to the floor. The bra was next and again no problem. I undid the back clasp and it too fluttered to the floor. Susan was now naked except for a red garter belt and black stockings and shoes. I decided to leave her wear the garter belt and stockings and remove the shoes. Inmate 89N4973 now handed me some rope and showed two corresponding floor rings that would allow me to tie Susan's feet wide apart. I tied one foot and Inmate 89N4973 tied the other. Susan was now naked, secured and available to anything I desired. It was much easier that I could have imagined. I was still very angry about how Susan insulted my manhood and I wanted revenge. I wanted to punish her. Susan was shouting and screaming that I was going to pay and that was going to put my ass in jail and have me whipped to an inch of

my life. Inmate 89N4973 suggested we gag the bitch. I thought that was great idea. I told Inmate 89N4973 to get the short stubby penis gag hanging on the wall, but first cover it with the aphrodisiac. I then remembered about the two muggers about to be whipped. I could see them struggling with the prison guards while their sentences were being read. They too were shouting a lot like Susan. I couldn't help but compare them with Susan. The irony of the situation became clear. I was going to punish Susan for her bitchy way while I those inmates were going to receive their corporal punishment for their thieving ways. Boy life was strange and at this moment great. Inmate 89N4973 brought the gag with the red jelly aphrodisiac covering the whole penis like prong. I brought the penis gag in front of Susan's face. Susan all of sudden shut and locked her mouth closed. I didn't know what to do. Inmate 89N4973 again came to the rescue. She bent down and gave Susan's nipple and very nasty pinch and with that Susan let out tremendous yell. I saw the opportunity and shoved the penis gag into her mouth and buckled it tight. It had three straps. One strap went around the neck and the other two straps went around the nose and over the head. I liked the way Susan looked with the gag on. Things became a lot more quiet in the room and I could now hear clearly what was transpiring in the prison yard. I stepped back and began to contemplate my next move. I really never for a second considered Susan's threats. I was too consumed with anger and lust to worry about any consequences. All I cared about was getting my revenge on Susan's ass while the State Correctional Facility extracted their revenge on the ass of the two inmates. All that mattered was dealing with Susan while the State Correctional Facility dealt with the two inmates. All I knew was in that in a short time there were going to be three hurting females. I didn't care. I was going to get the most pleasure from the situation as possible. Damn the consequences.

As I looked out into the prison yard, I could see the

prison guards struggling to attach the two inmates to the iron whipping triangle. The two put up a fierce fight but in the end they were secured and stretched out with backs against each other. The whipping triangle was rotated so that each inmate was facing sideways to the vistor's gallery. I then saw the black female prison guard was joined by a large black male prison guard. He also was dressed in black leather and had on an old fashioned executioner's mask. The outfit they wore made them look like old time executioner's from a bygone era. The effect was quite good in inspiring fear in the inmates and excitement fpr the "Special Invitees" watching the drama. The male executioner stepped up the inmate which held the gun on me, while the female executioner approached her accomplice. They both began to strip the inmates. They both wore an off the shoulder summer dress which was completely inappropriate to the occasion. With almost no effort both executioners tore the dresses off the two inmates. They were exposed in this very sexy underwear. The sexy underwear again showed that every at the State Correctional Facility was designed to shame, humiliate and hurt the inmates. Again with almost no effort these sexy trifles joined the dresses on the floor. They were now buck naked before the crowd. As I had seen in the shower room their pussies were shaved and very much on display. The shooter was stocky with big boobs, much the way I remembered her on that fateful night. The second one was thin and tall with somewhat small breasts. They both were cursing at their executioners. I heard the Deputy Warden say "Get the scold's bridle with the spiked brank and want these inmates to learn the price for disobeying the rules". I saw then bring out this cagelike piece with this hinged spiked ball attached. It looked ugly and I saw Inmate 89N4973 cringe when it was displayed. Quickly the executioners attached the cage part to the head of

the inmates. Some sort of liquid was pour over the spiked ball and two other guards approached with wand like contraption and pressed the point into each of the inmate's cunt. They scream loudly and the executioners slammed the spike ball into their mouths and all of a sudden the prison yard got real quiet. But the silence was quickly interrupted by the cheering from the visitor's gallery. The "Special Invitees" were showing their approval for the treatment of these rebellious criminals. There was no sympathy in this crowd the convicts. I asked Inmate 89N4973 what those wands were and she told me they were prisoner prods and were capable on delivering a very nasty electrical shock upon contact. Inmate 89N4973 said you didn't want to be touched by those prods especially in the pubic area.

The executioners now started to rub this gel like

lotion all over the inmate's body. It was been done in a very sexy manner. I was getting hot watching them rubbing it on. Inmate 89N4973 could see that the application of this gel to the inmate's body was turning me on and to my amazement and approval she went to a cabinet and produced what appeared to be the same gel like substance. I could see a grin on Inmate 89N4973's face from ear to ear. In fact she been smiling like that since I first grabbed Susan. I could tell Inmate 89N4973 was enjoying seeing me mistreat the prosecutor. I walked up behind Susan and started to rub this gel like substance on her body. Susan immediately started to struggle and scream into the gag. Not only were both actions ineffective, they made me more and excited and determined to continue. I was imitating the executioners in the prison yard. When they rubbed the gel into the inmate's tits, I rubbed the gel into Susan's tits. When they move down to the inmate's pussies, I followed suit and began rubbing the gel into Susan's cunt. As the inmates struggled as the executioners rub the gel into their bodies so did Susan. I was having the time of my life. I noticed that sometimes Susan would lower her head so as to avoid watching the proceedings in the prison yard. I wanted Susan to see everything that was happening to the two inmates chained to the whipping triangle. I asked Inmate 89N4973 if there was anything I could do to keep Susan from turning away from the proceedings in the prison yard. Sure enough Inmate 89N4973 returned with this sort of chin rest that caused Susan to hold her head up. She might to able to close her eyes but see now couldn't turn her head away. I really got into rubbing the gel into Susan's cunt. I began with one finger and then two and before long I had half my hand up her vaginal canal. I couldn't tell if Susan was hurting or getting off on the treatment. She was certaintly twisting her ass and moaning into the gag. I decided to continue and sure enough I felt Susan come and come and come. This was great. I now had full control over Susan. She was my play toy. I was going to take her to the limit of her endurance. I was again beginning to get hard and this time I knew exactly where I was going to put my cock.

The executioners stopped their rubbing of the gel into the two inmates and were handed this metal contrivance that looked like a quarter cup bra. Inmate 89N4973 called this metal apparatus a "whipping bra". I watched in a amazement as they attacted this contraption on the inmate's tits. They then took this "U" shaped metal strap and started to press into the base of the inmate's tits. I could see the tits growing bigger in. All of sudden the inmate with the small boobs was showing a lot more tit for the whip. All through this procedure I had my hand of Susan's tits. I was playfully pinching her nipples. I asked if we had one in the room and she said we have something even better and she returned with this canvass bra. This was no ordinary bra. The whole inside of the bra cup was covered with tiny little spikes and the center was cut out to allow the

nipples to be exposed. Inmate 89N4973 said that it was put over the tits and attached in the back. It was made to tight enough to force the nipples to protrude. As long as it just hung there it had very little sensation and the spikes didn't puncture the skin. This however all changed with the squeezing of the bra cups. At that point the spikes would pierce the skin causing a shocking pain to the tit. The usual effect was to cause the wearer to shake and buck like a mare in heat. This was a great reaction for a person who might be fucking the wearer at the moment. I could see that Inmate 89N4973 was enjoying herself explaining to me every nuance of the bra from hell. Inmate 89N4973 then explained that the gel I been so liberally rubbing into Susan also aided in the sensation caused by the bra. The gel was composed of an peanut oil laced with a heavy duty astringent. To make matters worse, salt crystals had been liberally added in. When the bra was squeezed the spikes would puncture the skin and this gel would cause havoc with any open punctures effectuated by the bra spikes. I approached Susan from the back. She had no idea what was coming when I placed the bra over tits. I could see had an immediate effect. Even before I finished securing the bra with the clasp on the back, Susan was mewing into her gag and trying to shake the bra off by wriggling side to side. Once I got the bra secured, I couldn't resist the temptation to give the cups and good squeeze. I squeezed the cups real hard and Susan would have hit the roof if wasn't chained down. Even with the gag on I heard her scream and violently bob her head. The best part was the way wriggled her ass like a whore in heat. I knew I was to enjoy fucking her and squeezing her tits. I bet she never moved like that before especially for a man. I can see that State Correctional Facility never missed a trick when it can to causing shame, humiliation and pain on the female anatomy and I was about to exploit all the avenues with my revenge on Susan. Susan made a big mistake challenging my manly fortitude and she was going to pay the price, just like those two inmates challenged the ability of the law to punish them for their criminal acts. In a minute the challenges were about to be met. Before long their were going to be three females who would regret their actions for a long time.

I could hear the "Special Visitors" come alive with cheers and applause. It was whip time again. This time it was the male executioner who removed his shirt to show his chest. I heard the women in the audience cheer. I hate admit it, but he looked good. He had the chest and arms of a linebacker. I pitied the inmate who had to taste the bite of his whip. Then again considering who the victim was, I had no pity. In fact I wanted him to whip the shit of her. I had come to see these two suffer and I was enjoying every moment of their corporal punishment. The whip they were handed was a long black nasty one. It had two long tails that ended in a flat "V" tips. Inmate 89N4973 called it a tawse. She said it was especially made to whip a inmate's tits and cunt. It was especially potent at striking the nipples and clit of the unlucky inmate receiving the whipping. I asked Inmate 89N4973 if this whip was available in this room. Inmate 89N4973 said no. Inmate 89N4973 said that none of the whips used in the prison yard during the corporal punishment of the inmates were available to the "Special Invitees" at anytime. The whips used during the corporal punishment of the inmates were all capable of causing permanent injury and damages and some of the whips especially the bullwhip used to inflict the prison stripes could actually kill the person being whipped if improperly used. There were never any casualties or disfigurement at the State Correctional Facility because all the executioners were experts with the use of their whips. They knew their job. Their job was to cause the inmate the maximum pain and humiliation without actually

causing any permanent damage. When an inmate left the State Correctional Facility she learned the meaning of pain and humiliation, but there were no permanent injuries or even scares except for the felon brand between her ass cheeks and the faintest of prison stripes. Except for the felon brand it was almost impossible to detect any of the various punishment the inmate received during her prison term. The goal of the State Correctional Facility was to teach the inmates the errors of her ways through pain and humiliation, not to cripple her for life so that the taxpayers had to support her after she got out. Inmate 89N4973 said that all the whips in this room were capable of causing pain but the only real damage they could cause was a very sore ass and possible blisters. She then took down a interesting red leather paddle and said this would be great instrument to start with in warming up Susan's ass for my dick.

I took the paddle it was two foot long and six inches wide. It was very flexible, but didn't contain the spikes and cutouts of the paddles used by the prison guards in punishing the inmates either in public or privately. Inmate 89N4973 said the prison guards preferred a wooded paddle because it caused more damage. A typical wooden paddle with holes could cause an inmate blisters that didn't heal for a week. The inmates hated the paddle. It didn't have dignity of the whip and yet it caused as much pain and discomfort as the whip. Given a choice, most inmates would rather be whipped then paddled, which was exactly why every prison guard carried a small paddle while on duty and was always ready to give a number of swats to the exposed ass of an inmate forced to bend over without

restraints. Any inmate that failed to hold the position during the paddling received the strokes a second time. The paddle I was given had an very interesting feature. The top edge of the paddle was a fuzzy furry animal skin. Inmate 89N4973 said the purpose of this edge was to rub it up and down the slit of the inmate. To make matters more interesting there was a liquid

that was worked into the paddle's edge that burned the inner tissues of the cunt upon contact. However it also had the effect of teasing the nerves of the inner mucous membranes and clit into causing outrageous orgasms to the recipient of its caresses. It was just another example how the State Correctional Facility caused the inmate to suffer the most dastardly forms of pain and humiliation during their incarceration. I immediately asked Inmate 89N4973 for the liquid which Inmate 89N4973 handed to me with pleasure. I poured it over the furry edge of the paddle and made sure it soaked in real good up and down the edge. I wiped my fingers off in Susan's pussy. She bucked and moaned real good. I guessed the liquid worked. I was ready to see just how an outrageous an orgasm it really caused.

Just then the crowd came alive and I heard the first lash fall. It sounded a lot like the pistol shot I heard the night these two tried to rob me. This made me very happy. When I looked, I saw the second lash fall on the nipples of the two inmates. It appeared that the nipple danced up and down with the impact of the whip. I could see the two inmates banging asses together as they reacted to the lash. They weren't screaming. I think the spikes of the brank in their mouth dissuaded them from a verbal reaction if possible. I now realized I hadn't used the paddle on Susan yet. With that I pulled my arm back and gave a good swat to Susan's ass. It was an incredible feeling watching the paddle make contact with those fully exposed ass checks. The way Susan was bent over the window ledge with her feet spread wide, she was all ass inviting each swat. I'm not sure that's how Susan felt now. The dance her ass was doing told me I made good contact. I didn't dawdle with the second stroke. The next swat was another

beauty, square on the summit of her ass cheeks. I was again matching the executioners stroke for stroke and enjoying every minute of it. I was almost delirious with pleasure watching the two inmates in the prison yard being whipped hard on there tits while I swung away at Susan's ass. Although the dance might have looked similar between Susan and the inmates, the results were completely different. While the tits of the two inmates were beginning to show the traces of blood from the broken capillaries, Susan's ass was only beginning to turn a blush pink. I didn't care that the only flagellatory instruments available to me couldn't cause any serious damages. The fact that I was free to swing away without any concern of inflicting permanent injury only excited me more. I got a very pleasant surprise. Inmate 89N4973 had moved the Latino inmate in position to suck my dick while I paddled Susan. This only inspired me to swing harder as my dick began to take control of my brain. I lost count of how times the tawse bit the tits of the two inmates but their tits were becoming a bloody mess. Then all of sudden the executioners stopped. They began once again to rub the gel like lotion into the tits of the two inmates. The "Special Visitors" broke into spontaneous applause for the executioners. They responded by rubbing the tits of the inmates in a most provocative manner. There was no doubt that they were exciting the crowd. I took this opportunity to see if

I could make Susan come with the furry edge of the paddle. I

began to rub it up and down the slit of her pussy. The first reaction was a desperate and futile attempt to avoid contact

with the edge of the paddle and it caustic lotion. I continued my attack on her cunt. I began to press the edge of the paddle deeper into her slit. I had the nether lips well separated and I was rubbing harder on her clit. I noticed that the executioners had also changed their attack. They were both working on the pussies of the inmates. I could tell they wanted to make the two inmates orgasm in front of the audience. This was great. I renewed my efforts with more vigor. I could see Susan knew exactly what was going to happen. It took awhile but I could sense that the worm had turned, Susan was no longer struggling in pain. She was fighting back an outrageous orgasm that was building in her loins. It didn't take too long to have Susan and the inmates bucking in the most obscene manner. I don't know who peaked first. But all of a sudden I heard high pitch moan and the paddle became covered with a sticky fluid. I had never seen a women spew come from her cunt before Susan did it now. She turned a beet red. I don't Susan think ever orgasmed with such intensity before. I was going to make her do it again with my dick inside her warm pussy. In the prison yard I saw the two inmates appear to push down on the fingers of their tormentors and wriggle an obscene dance and stop in their tracks. Shortly thereafter the executioners withdraw their scum coated fingers and wiped it on the inmates. They too were red with shame on having orgasmed before the crowd.

However the most outrageous spectacle was coming from the rail of the visitor's gallery. There was an orgy take place at the rail. I knew this type of event drew a loose and horny crowd, but the "Special Invitees" standing at the rail were beyond description. Up and down the rail area the visitors were openly having sex or publicly fondling each other. I couldn't believe my eyes. In fact I couldn't stop watching them for a while. Almost every woman leaning against the rail was topless and almost everyone was being fondled, fingered or fucked. All along the rail the women were having their tits squeezed and their nipples fingered or sucked. It appeared that all the tits shone like they were messaged with some lotion. I saw women bent over like Susan being openly fucked. There were several couples engaged in oral sex. I saw women with dildos screwing their partner. If the women enjoyed having their tits exposed,

the men seemed to enjoy having their dicks exposed. It appeared that almost all the men there were having their penis being exercised in some way, whether it was by mouth, cunt, ass or hand, the men were willing to let it all hang out. I couldn't believe it, but I saw several partners engaged in the whipping of their partner. The whipping was pretty tamed compared to the whipping being meted out to the criminals in the prison yard, but watching this imitation whipping was turning me on. I thought to myself, if I ever came back to this State Correctional Facility, I wanted to be with these "Special Invitees" on the rail using and abusing Susan for all to see. These activities along the rail couldn't help but foster an atmosphere of unabashed hedonism from everyone present except for the inmates. The "Special Invitees" in the rail area were doing it in the open and enjoying every moment without regard or caring who was watching. These "Special Invitees" were enjoying themselves to their fullest and let the rest of the world be damned. Up and down the rail the couples were coming all of the place. This was one hell of a crowd. Surprisingly, the majority of the couples at the rail were women. It could be these were the cheapest seats and women as a whole now had less money and political power to be privileged or afford the better seats. The most likely reason was that the rail area attracted a certain kind of people who wanted to publicly engage in sexual activity and the State Correctional Facility condoned this public sexual activity because it lent to the better enjoyment of the corporal punishment for the rest of the "Special Invitees". There is no doubt that the "Special Invitees" at the rail loosened up the atmosphere a lot. The State prison authorities were no fools. The authorities knew if you want to make lots of money, you got to provide what the People want and the People want sex and violence. Hollywood had made sex and violence glamorous and the majority of People can't get enough. The more outrageous the exhibition of sex and violence being presented for viewing, the more money you can charge the People for the privileged of being able to be present at the exhibition. Add in a dose of self righteousness and the belief that your contributing to a good cause and you got a winning combination that can't be beat. The "Special Invitees" in the rail area along with the strategic placement of inmates by the Facility to the more privileged and richer "Special Invites" was the sex. The State Penal Law which now called for the corporal punishment of criminals convicted of serious crimes was the violence. Together this winning combination freed the burden of paying for the State Correctional Facilities from the taxpayer and made them almost self sufficient. If a little spice from the "Special Invitees" at the rail made the whole ceremony more enjoyable for everyone present then by all means let them enjoy themselves. They paid their money. Let them have their fun. As far as the State Correctional Facility was concerned, the only ones who should suffer were the inmates because they deserved to be punished for their crimes. They fed off society for too long. It was time society reclaimed the streets and neighborhoods from the criminals and make them pay for their criminal acts.

a I agreed.

Ninety per cent of the operating budget to run the State Correctional Facilities came from private funding. The State government only contributed ten per cent of the operating budget. Several years ago the State Legislature passed into law that the State Penal System had to become self sufficient. The taxpayers had revolted against a Penal System that was eating up 40% of the state budget. That meant forty cents on every dollar paid in State taxes went to keeping inmates feed, clothed and humanly treated. Adding more fuel to the fire was a recidivism rate of 55%. More then one half the inmates released

from the State Correctional Facilities, didn't learn their lesson and went out and committed new crimes against society. The taxpayers were fed up. A coalition was formed to recall the State Legislature and only return those elected officials who would vote to make the inmate's labors the main source of the money needed to operate the prison. It became called "Hard Times For Hard Crimes Act" and it worked. The voting public overwhelming voted to recall the whole State Legislature and returned only those legislators who pledged to pass the bill into law. After the election the "Hard Times For Hard Crimes Act" quickly became the law that the Penal System had to support itself by any means necessary. The real momentum behind this movement was the overwhelming success of the previous "Corporal Punishment Act" which had passed several years before the "Hard Times For Hard Crimes Act". The "Corporal Punishment Act" broke the back of the of the crime wave that existed in the State for years. The largest segment of criminal population, males 15 to 30 didn't want their asses whipped in public. With the passage of the "Corporal Punishment Act" male criminality dropped by eighty-five per cent. The fact that the male population decreased by 8% along with the end the women's liberation movement, brought the male unemployment rate to less then one per cent certainly aided in the decrease of male criminality. While in turn the women's unemployment rate grew to over thirty per cent certainly accounted for the dramatic increase of women criminals. By the time the State Legislature passed the "Hard Times For Hard Crimes Act" women made up seventy-five per cent of the inmate population and was growing The taxpayers didn't want to support these women inmates anymore. At first there was some resistance to how the system was being transformed but as the results mounted the resistance faded. For the state government it was an unabashed success. The crime rate fell. The headache of paying for the corrections system was relieved from the taxpayers In fact the State Legislature passed a 15% reduction in taxes just one year after the passage of the "Hard Times For Hard Crimes Act". The next year taxes were reduced by another 10%. Needles to say it made the voters extremely happy. Sure there were exposes from certain media sources about the treatment of the women inmates, but the general feeling was they were getting exactly what they deserved. If these women criminals wanted to live a life of crime let them suffer the consequences. The news reports instead of inspiring the voting public to go back to the former methods of penology, moved the voters to over overwhelmingly re-elect the State Legislators and gave them a mandate to make these women inmates time in the State Correctional Facilities even harsher and more profitable. Again the results were encouraging. Several years after the passage of the "Hard Times For Hard Crimes Act" the recidivism rate dropped to less then 20%. Less then one in five of the inmates released from the State Correctional Facilities were committing new crimes after their release. These factors of decreased taxes and decreased crime allowed the State Correctional Facilities to evolve into the present penal system. As long as the State Correctional Facilities continued to support itself and aid in the decrease of crime nobody was going to rock the boat. The sexual and physical exploitation of the women inmates seemed not to bother the voting public as long as the success continued. The public sentiment was in favor of making the criminal pay for their crimes. Better the criminal suffer in the State Correctional Facilities then the public suffer in the streets of their neighborhood as they did before the penal system was transformed. If little whipping and sex kept the inmates from going out and repeating their criminal acts then let them feel the whip and be of sexual service. You can't argue with success and voters liked the new found money in their pockets and the

safer streets.

All of sudden I heard the bite of the lash again and a muffled scream. I was paying such close attention to the sexual activities of the "Special Invitees" along the rail I had forgotten about the two inmates getting their corporal punishment in the prison yard. But the sound of the bite of the

lash and reaction of the two inmates made me focus again on

the main event. The executioners had changed their attack. They were now concentrating their efforts on the freshly shaven

pubes of the two inmates. The results of the whip hitting the pubes was almost instantaneous. After just a couple of lashes the whole pubic area of the two inmates was turning a deep red. I was now determined to make Susan's ass match that deep red. With renewed vigor I began swatting at that those two lovely ass cheeks. I in a minute I had Susan's ass dancing to the tune of my paddle. In the prison yard the two inmates were doing a dance of their own. Their freshly shaven pubic area was showing dots of blood and I could hear a low moan from their mouth. Meanwhile the Latino inmate was doing a masterful job sucking my cock. I was getting hard like a rock. The executioners continued to work on the pussies of the two inmates. There was now some serious bleeding from the pubes of the inmates. The whipping triangle was swaying back and forth as the inmates reacted to each lash. They were bumping their asses into each other good. It appeared that several times the executioners got the tawse tips right inside the exposed nether lips of the inmate's cunt. One particular lash inside the slit made the inmate jump and give a scream clearly audible to everyone. I saw blood coming from her mouth and I knew that spiked brank must have ripped up her mouth. After several more vicious lashes to the cunt's of the inmates the executioners stopped and began to wipe the inmate's body with a rag. The dried blood was first removed from the inmate's tits and then their cunts. I took the opportunity to start once again working the furry edge of the paddle into Susan's slit. I had done a good job of turning Susan's ass red with the paddle. When I touched her ass cheeks it was hot and that was not the only thing hot. The Latino inmate was working her mouth up and down my extremely rigid rod. I was ready to give Susan a good dose of cock, but first I wanted to take her to the brink of coming when I stuck my dick in her cunt. I moved the edge of the paddle up and down the slit with pressure. I centered the edge on the clit and began to work it. Susan was bucking and whining like a cat in heat. Outside the two inmate's were experiencing a new humiliation. The grip of the tawse was shaped liked a dildo and the executioners were now using this end of the whip up the cunt's of the inmates. The "Special Invitees" were cheering and clapping at this new method of humiliation. When I saw the executioners put the whip handles up the pussies of the two inmates and move them up and down to force another shaming orgasm, I had to put my cock up Susan's pussy and that is exactly what I did. I removed my cock from the Latino inmate's mouth and shoved it quickly into Susan's open pussy. It went in easily. Susan was hot and wet. Almost with the instant I lodged my cock up her cunt, Susan began to hump me with abandon. Even with the gag in Susan's mouth I could hear here clearly scream, "Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me Hard you Bastard". She didn't need to say it again. I went to work on her cunt like a wild man. All of a sudden I felt a tongue on my asshole and then up my rectum. Inmate 89N4973 had gotten behind me and was administering the slave's kiss. She was also squeezing my balls gently. This new sensation drove into complete abandon. The only thing I could feel was the sensation of cock up Susan's cunt and the tongue of Inmate 89N4973 in my ass. I had my hands on Susan's hips when I remembered about the special bra she was wearing. I leaned over Susan's back got my hands around each

bra cup and squeezed with all my strength. The reaction was immediate. Susan yelled so loudly I though the gag had come out of her mouth but it didn't. Susan now bucked and moved her ass like her life depended on it. I was totally lost in space. There could have a bomb explosion in the room and I wouldn't have moved. Every ounce of my energy was in my dick. I don't know how long I was in this delirium, but all of a sudden the dam burst. I felt it from the tips of my toes to follicles of my hair, the orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks. At this point Inmate 89N4973 was rapidly pumping her tongue in and out of my asshole and really squeezing my balls. It seemed to take minutes before the sensation subsided. In the midst of my orgasm, Susan erupted like Mount Visovulus. She was bobbing and dancing like their was fire beneath her feet. She was screaming gibberish loudly from her gag and all of sudden she fainted dead away.

I got scared. I realized I was still squeezing Susan's tits and I immediately let go. I got the gag out her mouth at ounce. Quickly, I along with Inmate 89N4973 moved to untie Susan and get her on the couch. We laid her down popped her head up and got her a cold drink. When I put the cold glass to her lips she immediately opened her eyes and I knew then that she wasn't in any real danger. She gulped the liquid down. Susan then looked directly at me and said, "You fucking bastard, you just made taste the strongest orgasm of my life, you son of a bitch". I could see the smile on Susan's face from ear to ear. I jumped on her like football player and began frenching her mouth. Susan responded in turn. After several minutes I got off of Susan. I could tell something had changed. She was no longer the cold calculating bitch in charge. Susan had become a horny female who wanted to be screwed and got exactly what she wanted. Susan then turned to me and said, "I was right, you were the "man" I wanted even though you didn't act like it at first". I was right this bitch needed to be mastered. She had no respect for being a gentleman. She would have teased and abused me until I finally took control or folded. I was getting mad at "Susan" again. If she wanted to be mastered then that's exactly the way I was going to treat her. I wanted to know how Inmate 89N4973 seemed to know that Susan wanted this type of treatment all along. I asked Inmate 89N4973 if she know that Susan wanted me to take control and subdue her. Inmate 89N4973 said she had been briefed previous to our arrival about the tastes of the "Special Invitees" she would be required to serve. The State Correctional Facility made every effort to cater to the individuals tastes of the "Special Invitees". Inmate 89N4973 went to explain, although the State Correctional Facility had no record of your proclivities, Susan's desires were well documented. Susan it appeared had visited this State Correctional Facility just a month ago with a fellow A.D.A., a lady friend of hers. They obtained a position at the rail and put on quite a show for the rest of the "Special Invitees". The records show that they both enjoyed using the whip and dildo on each other throughout the entire day's corporal punishments. I looked at Susan, she was blushing and being very quiet. I was getting annoyed that Susan kept this information from me. Then Inmate 89N4973 dropped the bombshell. The only reason Susan was invited back so quickly since her last "Special Invitation" was because she told the State Correctional Facility that you requested to be present when the two muggers you captured were punished and that it was your desire to have the A.D.A. who prosecuted the two inmate's to be present with you when they were whipped. The State Correctional Facility was honored to reward the hero who captured two armed robbers single handily and quickly granted the "Special Invitation". I was setup by Susan from the beginning. She used me to get invited back to State

Correctional Facility and continued to use me until I had to put a stop to it. I was mad and Susan could tell.

Susan looked at me and said "You're mad aren't you, how about you tie me down real tight like before, whip me good and fuck me up the ass". My mouth dropped and I was shocked again. I looked at Susan and I could tell she meant. I guess she realized that she had helped her cause when the smile crept across. I asked Susan if she been used up the ass before and she replied "Not by a man with a big cock like yours". I could tell that Susan was pulling out all the stops to calm me down and get me in a sexy mood again. I had to admit I was starting to feel the sex juices flowing again, but I was not going to let Susan off lightly for her deceptive and abusive conduct. I turned to her and told her that I wanted to use a real whip on her ass this time not a paddle. Susan's reply, "Go on and fucking whip me". I looked at the wall and saw the whip I wanted. It had a long thick handle shaped like a dick and from the handle there emerged twenty or twenty-five leather throngs about one-quarter inch by three feet. Inmate 89N4973 quickly got the whip and she called it a "flogger". She said it was great for whipping broad surfaces like a women's bent over ass. With the proper use of this whip, it can turn the recipient's ass a very dark red. Inmate 89N4973 said that although the whip wouldn't break the skin, the prolonged and forceful use of this whip would cause enough pain and discomfort to prevent the person whipped from wanting to sit down on her ass for several days. I could see that Susan wasn't smiling at that thought. I called Susan over and showed her the whip. In fact I let the throngs gently caress her ass cheeks which were still pink from the paddle. She moaned ever so lightly. She asked if that was the whip I going to use on her ass as if she didn't know. I then rubbed the cock like whip handle up and down her slit which was still wet from our fucking. Her cunt juices covered the handle and Susan blushed from embarrassment. I continued to rub it up and down her pussy to enforce the shame. The State Correctional Facility's method of inmate control by shame, humiliation and pain was becoming very useful tool for me in handling Susan. I told Susan to lick the handle clean and to ask nicely for me to whip her. She looked at me with pleading eyes but started to lick the handle quite erotically. I couldn't resist the chance to finger her pussy. It was wet and I could tell she was hot again. As I continued to finger her pussy Susan in pleading voice said, "If you're going to whip me hard, let one of the inmate's eat my pussy during the whipping". I was thinking about it when Susan added, "We can sixty-nine". I liked that idea so I agreed.

The executioners once again began spreading the gel like liquid on the bodies of the two inmates. This time it was serious business. The inmates bucked and rotated as the gel penetrated and burned the bruised skin of their tits and cunts. I heard several aborted screams of each of the two inmates. I began again applying the gel like liquid to Susan's body. I asked if she like the feel and all Susan said was a curt "No". That's why I begin to work the gel into her ass cheeks and pussy even more vigorously. In a minute I had Susan moaning and shaking her ass. Several times Susan stopped herself from screaming by burying her mouth in the Asian inmate's pussy. I was having a good time working the gel into the inner ass cheeks and anus. I made sure to insert my fingers deep into Susan's pussy. I even stuck two fingers up her ass and she let out a good scream. She was tight. I couldn't wait to stick my dick in there. I heard applause from the crowd. I looked and saw two bras like Susan was wearing except these were a lot more frightening. The bra Susan was wearing had small spikes, the bra the guards had in the prison year contained three inch spikes and unlike Susan's bra there were no cut outs for the

nipples. With this bra, squeezing the cups meant squeezing the spikes into the nipples too. Susan's bra was meant to cause pain, the bra in the prison yard was meant to cause a lot of pain. The executioners took the bras and placed them over the inmates tits. In a second there were several full throated screams bellowing from the inmates. The air bubbles in the plastic container indicated that the urine was flowing freely into the mouths of the inmates and I saw them swallow several times. After what must have been an eternity for the two inmates the executioners tightened the clasp in the back and were finished putting on the bras. Just as I anticipated, the executioners could resist giving the bras a good squeeze. My hands were on Susan's bra cups when I saw the grin on the executioners' face as they squeezed the two inmates bra. I had Susan singing in harmony with the two inmates in the prison yard. I saw tears in Susan's eyes. If couldn't help but remark to Susan, "That sometimes it hurts to be bitch and tease to your man". Susan didn't answer, instead she buried her mouth into the Asian inmate's cunt and bit her. I heard the Asian inmate scream. I immediately squeezed Susan's bra especially hard and kept squeezing until she lifted her mouth away from the inmate's cunt. I then grabbed by the hair, lifted her face up and slapped her hard five times across the face. That was the second time I ever hit a women. Susan must have realized her mistake because she began to apologize and promise not to do it again. I told her that she would be punished for this behavior at the appropriate time. I thought of hooding her or immobilizing her mouth against the cunt of the Asian inmate, but decided I wanted her to see the corporal punishment of the two inmates in the prison yard and wanted her from time to time to lift her head up and give out a good scream. I asked Inmate 89N4973 what equipment there was for bad girls who bite. Inmate 89N4973 handed me two circular mouth guards like the inmate in the limo wore. One circular mouth guard had a smooth round whole, while the other had spikes that pointed inward towards the tongue. I showed the two mouth guards to Susan. I started to put the spiked mouth guard into Susan's mouth when she began plead, "Give just one more chance, I will not misbehave again, Please don't put those spikes in my mouth, I will be as good as Gold, Please even criminals are given one chance to prove they can obey. Please one more chance." I liked hearing Susan beg. It made me feel that I was making progress in reforming this bitch. I told her that criminals get only one chance to make amends. I asked Susan what happens to criminals when the misbehave the second time? Susan answered without hesitation, "They get punished badly". Susan knew that she just had her last chance. If she misbehaved again I will punish her very badly. I put the circular mouth guard without the spikes into Susan's mouth and secured it behind her neck. I could say that Susan put up no resistance to the placement of the circular guard in her mouth. When I was finished and I saw the way Susan looked, I knew I was going to make use of the circular mouth guard soon.

Out in the prison yard the two inmates were being

fitted with waist belts around their two waists. The waist belts looked like ordinary waist belts except these waist belts was wider and had spikes on the inside . The executioners put the waist belt on the two inmates without much ado. The next item looked real strange. It started out as a two thin leather straps that changed into a wide web like bag and from the bottom of the bag two spiked circular straps like the one Susan was about to wear. I then noticed gloved prison guards bring out these red pointy and spiked leaves. I turned to Inmate 89N4973 who gulped at the sight of the leaves and only said "Scorpion Nettles". I immediately guessed what was going into the wide web bag. Carefully not to injure themselves the

executions began filing up the web bag with the "Scorpion Nettles". The kept filling the bag until the "Scorpion Nettles" were bursting out of the web like material. It was evident that web like bag held the "Scorpion Nettles" together but didn't prevent the nettles from making contact with the surface of anything the bag touched. I had no doubt that the bag would touch the two inmates' cunts. Again four prison guards ascended on the punishment dais that held the iron whipping triangle. They grabbed the waists of the two inmates and yanked them apart at the waist. Quickly the executioners secured the web bag holding the "Scorpion Nettles" to the front of each inmate's waist belt. Once the bag was securely buckled to the waist belts the prison guards let the waist of the inmates go causing the two inmates cunts to go crashing into one another. But the minute the red and raw pubic skin touched the inmates

let out their loudest scream yet and flung their asses out and away from each other. Inmate 89N4973 said it was going to be long day for these two inmates. After all the straps are tightened the "Scorpion Nettles" will be touching the surface of the inmate's cunts. Just that touching alone will create incredible itching and pain. However during the course of the whipping these inmates will undoubtedly be forced to grind their pussies into one another in reaction to the whip lashes striking their ass. This inevitable grinding would cause the "Scorpion Nettles" to rub up hard against the inmate's pubic area and puncture their skin. When that happened the pain is beyond description. By the time the whipping is over the nether lips will probably be swollen to two or three times its normal sizes. Just a breeze blowing on the cunt will cause pain. After a couple of minutes of rubbing their pussies against each other and the "Scorpion Nettles", they will curse the day they ever met one another. The pain caused by the "Scorpion Nettles" getting under their skin would probably cause them to faint a couple of times during the whipping. I asked Inmate 89N4973 if this double whipping was common. Inmate 89N4973 said the rule at the State Correctional Facility, was that if you committed the crime together then you better be prepared to face the consequences together. It was common policy to whip co-perpertrators together and will keep them together for a good part of their incarceration. After today, for a long period of their incarceration the State Correctional Facility will make them live together, punish them together even if only one of the co-perps was at fault. Occasionally for the entertainment of the staff and the "Special Invitees" the State Correctional Facility would make them fight against one another in a whip contest, the loser must be severely beaten and sexual used by the victor. The whole object of this policy by the State Correctional Facility was to make sure that when co-perpetrators split up from each other, they never want to see each other again as long as they live.

I could hear a gasp from the visitor's gallery. The

executioners were heating up the oil that would be injected into the rectum of the two inmates. It looked very scary. The oil was being heated in a glass container under a flame. I asked Inmate 89N4973 what temperature the oil was heated to. Inmate 89N4973 said so didn't know the actual temperature of the oil, but when injected up the rectum the recipient feels like their whole colon was being burned away. The insertion of the hot oil up the ass of the two inmates could be the most painful procedure performed at the State Correctional Facility. However the reality was that the oil heated only to the point of being painful to the inmates but not hot enough to cause any damage the inmate's colon and upper intestines. The State Correctional Facility knew exactly the temperature that produced the most pain to the inmate without causing any damage to the inner tissues. Scientifically that sounded good, but if

it was your ass that was about to injected with a quart of hot oil you might not care about the scientific facts, only the overwhelming pain shooting up your ass. After the executioners were satisfied that the oil was at the correct temperature, they turned off the flames and pour the contents into large brass syringe. The most noticeable feature was its end. Instead of a long needle at the end, there was a long thin black enema nozzle. It was about one inch around but four inches long. It was clear that this syringe would be felt when inserted up the anus. I also noticed was looked like a black mushroom. Inmate 89N4973 called it a bung. The purpose of the bung was to expand upon entrance past the anal sphincter muscle and contact with the hot oil. When the mushroom end was expanded was impossible to expel from the anus. When the hot oil cooled the bung contracts and with a maximum effort the bung could be shitted out. The bung made sure the hot oil remained up the rectum.

Again the four prison guards mounted the punishment

dais. This time each guard grabbed an ass cheek and pulled them apart. I could see the two inmates assholes fully exposed. The executioners approached with the brass syringe and bung in hand. The executioners first squirted a small shot of the hot oil on the surface of the anus for lubrication. The executioners then pushed the enema nozzle of the syringe past the anus ring and inside the two inmates. The executioners in one strong squeeze emptied the contents of the large brass syringe up the asses of the two inmates. It took a while to empty a quart of hot oil into the two inmates insides. The reaction from the two inmates was instantaneous. They produced the loudest screams of the day and rock and lurched so violently that it appeared they trying to tear the iron whipping triangle down. The four prison guards had to remount the punishment dais to hold the two inmates steady for the executioners to insert the bung up their ass. With considerable effort the four prison guards finally managed to get hold of the two inmates ass cheeks and hold them apart for the executioners to push the bung into place. The executioners did their job and planted the bung securely up the ass of the two inmates. They immediately grabbed the two dangling round spiked straps and threaded it through the two inmates ass cheeks and buckled it tight with the waist strap. This final buckling insured that the two inmates could not pull away from each other during their whipping. Throughout their corporal punishment they will be in contact with each other, joined at their mouths and cunts. Since the injection of the hot oil of their asses, the two inmates had not stopped screaming wriggling. You could tell they couldn't stand still if their life depended on it. They had disobeyed the prisons rules by talking and not standing still during the reading of their sentences and now they were paying the price. For the first time I actually had some pity for them. They being tortured in all directions. There was urine invading their mouths and stomachs. There was a quart of hot oil up their asses. There pussies were being eaten alive by the "Scorpion Nettles" and their whipping had not even started. Inmate 89N4973 was right, these two inmates were in for a hard day. I could see why the State Correctional Facilities were so successful at making sure the criminals didn't return to a life a crime after being released. I couldn't imagine anyone who would ever want to face this kind of punishment again in their lifetime. Although at this point I pitied them because of their suffering, I believed that were getting every punishment they deserved. If this was the way to prevent these two from repeating their criminal behavior so be it.

Now that the two inmates were fully prepared to receive their whipping, it was time to make the final preparations on Susan for her punishment. I took the loose

spiked back strap and placed it between Susan's ass cheeks. I made sure that the small back dildo was lined up with her asshole. I knew Susan was not about to open her anus to allow the dildo to enter. I would have force the dildo past Susan's sphincter muscle. This would be good practice for later when I have to shove my dick up her ass. Susan's asshole was well lubricated by the gel I had liberally spread to that entire area. I leaned down on the small down dildo and pushed on it with all my might. At first I didn't think I could get the dildo past her anus, but with continued effort I felt the asshole give way and the dildo rammed in. I immediately then attached this strap to Susan's waist belt. Susan was putting on quite a show. She was bucking and screaming with all her might. But she was not directing her feelings towards me. I could tell that was beginning to have Susan where I wanted. An obedient bitch ready to satisfy my desires whatever they may be. Inmate 89N4973 now approached with two glycerol suppositories she called "figgs". Inmate 89N4973 also had a bung for insertion into the Asian inmate's anus to keep her "figg" in place. Inmate 89N4973 now went up to the Asian inmate and pulled her ass cheeks apart giving full view of her asshole. I first rubbed some of the gel on the Asian inmate's anus. After a little rubbing of the anus I was able to insert a finger. After a little effort I able to get two fingers in. I now carefully removed my fingers and inserted the "figg" in the inmates ass. I then quickly jammed the bung home in the asshole of the Asian inmate. She went off like a bomb. The Asian inmate was shaking every part of her body and screaming into Susan's pussy. I could tell that the Asian inmate's mouth was tightly bound to Susan's cunt. Although the Asian inmate was screaming on the top of her lungs, only muffled sounds were coming out. I could see that Susan was scared based on the Asian inmate's reaction to the "figg". Although the Asian inmate was causing Susan to bounce like a trampoline, the insertion of the "figg" into Susan would be easy. I unscrewed the cap on the back strap, removed the push rod from the dildo, inserted the "figg" into the hollow core and rammed it up Susan's ass with the push rod. The reaction was glorious. Susan rocked and bounced in her bonds like a ship being tossed in a sea storm. She was begging to get the fire out of her ass. Susan and the Asian inmate were being contortionists. They were weaving and jumping in the most delightful manner. I could see Susan was beginning to feel she might have bit off more then she could chew.

Inmate 89N4973 said the suppositories were ginger based and would cause extreme discomfort when introduced into the rectum. I asked if it was like the hot oil shot up the two inmate's ass. Inmate 89N4973 said they were a lot like except for intensity. Again the ginger suppository in Susan would cause pain, the hot oil inside the two inmates would cause a lot of pain. Inmate 89N4973 said there was another big difference. The hot oil shot up the two inmate's ass was laced with a nasty laxative. That after the burning sensation subsides as the oil cools, the urge to shit caused by the laxative will make its presence felt. Long after the burning has stopped the two inmate's will be experiencing monster cramps. It won't be long that they will be pleading to be allowed to relieve themselves. The two "figgs" on the other hand have been laced with a strong aphrodisiac. As the burning sensation in Susan's ass subsides the need to be fucked will take over. In a little while Susan would be mad with desire. Shortly thereafter Susan will be screaming for you to fuck her. I looked forward for Susan to be screaming at the top of her lungs to be screwed. Susan was about to come a long way from that snot nose A.D.A. bitch that was going to order me around and use me as a fool. If revenge was sweet my revenge on the two inmates about to get their asses whipped in the prison yard

and Susan about to feel the bite of my whip was beyond sweet it was cataclysmic.

The stage was set for the punishments to begin. Before I started whipping Susan I wanted set up certain rules for to following during her punishment. I grabbed Susan by the hair and pulled her face up. She was still screaming from the reactions to the "figg". I threatened to insert a spiked dildo in her mouth if she didn't shut up. The threat worked, Susan managed to calm down. I then put the flogger in front her faced and told her to kiss it. I then laid down the rules of her whipping.

"You will receive at least fifty lashes. Before each lash your face will be buried in the Asian inmate's cunt. After the lash has fallen any reaction such as screaming will be done with your mouth still up against the inmate's pussy so as to muffle the sound and spare my ears from your reactions.

Thereafter you are to lift your face and calmly speak the whip count and thank me. As "one lash thank you". If you should lose count I will start again from. If you pick your head up and fail to muffle your scream that will considered misbehavior and you will receive an additional five lashes. Lastly when your mouth is buried in the Asian inmate's cunt I expect your tongue to be busy licking her cunt. This is your one chance

to prove you can behave. Do you understand Susan"

To these orders Susan answered, "YES MASTER". She called me master. The bitch was learning. I could feel my dick respond to Susan calling me master. I got behind Susan and waited. I wanted to time my first lash with the executioners in the prison yard. I want to be in harmony with the two inmates about to get the worst whipping of their life. Everything was now set for the corporal punishment. In less then a minute, several females are going to learn a lesson they will never forget. I was ready, able and willing to make the whip sing.

The following effort is my first attempt at writing S/M. I have for years read and enjoyed the writings of so many others, that I finally felt obligated to attempt my own excursion into authorship. I am of course capable of additional chapters if there is a response that indicates further efforts would be appreciated. If you like what you have read please be so kind

as to let me know and will respond with additional chapters. I am of course always open to comments and suggestions.

Lastly to those out there that took the effort to reply to my story, I thank you. Please keep the comments comming in and I will keep writing new chapters.

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