Subject: FANTASIA: Making Daddy Watch  (fm, nc, sm etc)

                  * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                      MAKING DADDY WATCH
                       by V.P. Viddler

    Your daughter sucks cock like a doll. What is she, sixteen,
seventeen tops? It must be natural talent.

   You like seeing her that way, on her knees? With my prick in her
mouth? I like it all right, I'll tell you that. Maybe you'll like
it better when I get her spread out on that bed, and strip all her
clothes off and start playing around with that fine young body.

   Don't stop sucking, baby. The longer you can keep me happy with
that beautiful mouth, the longer you can put off being hurt. But
much as I love what you're doing, baby, I can hardly wait to start
on your body. It's going to be an awful lot of fun. For me. Not for
you. Not for your daddy. Damn, I just hope he can hold out for a
good long time. I hope he's real stubborn. But how long do you
think he'll be able to watch the things I'm going to do to you? How
long will he be able to listen to the sounds you'll make? All those
wonderful sounds. That will come out of that lovely mouth. As I
work on you. After I strip you. Strip you naked. So I can watch you
squirming on that bed. All spread out and stretched tight, tied
down, twisting, straining, panting. In fright. And your daddy can
watch also. Who knows, maybe he'll enjoy it as much as I will.

   What's the matter, daddy? Don't want to watch your sexy daughter
being hurt? I'll bet you've wondered what she looks like naked.

   Come on, daddy. Tell the truth. That nubile young body. I'll bet
you can't wait to get a look at it. What fine young breasts she
must have. Right, daddy? Really firm, and high and round and soft--
you'd like to put your hands on them, I'm sure. And the nipples--
all pink, probably, and upstanding? Right? And tender. So tender.
I can't wait to pinch them. Pinch those nipples. Hard. Until she
starts to cry. And yell. Until she--don't stop, darling. I'll bet
your daddy is getting a hard-on. You think?

   Would you like your daughter to do this to you, daddy? No? You'd
rather watch me hurting her, right? You want to watch as I fuck
her? Think about it, daddy. Think of watching me making it with
your sexy daughter. And pinching her nipples. And whipping her. You
want to watch that? Whipping that soft young body until she's
screaming and thrashing around and pulling at her bonds and
begging, begging me to stop and begging you to talk, just begging
you to talk so I'll stop hurting her. Because I'll do anything it
takes. You know that. Will all that make you talk, or will it just
get you all hot for her? Maybe you'll talk if I make her do this
for you. If I make her fuck for you. No?

   This is going to be fun. What a mouth, what a tongue, what lips.
I'm going to come, your daughter is making me come, right in her
mouth, take this, baby, right down your throat, and you swallow it,
honey. I want your daddy to watch you swallowing my come. That's
it, now. Take it, baby, now yes take it ah ah ah ah ah ah ah AHHHH.

   Swallow. Swallow, baby. Again. Again. Again.

   See that, daddy? Now. Want her to do it for you? Or do you want
to watch me strip her and spread her and hurt her and fuck her?
Which? How about both? That's it! Stand up, baby. You sweet scared
frightened little thing. Let me pinch those things first. Oh good,
she's crying already. Damn, she squirms so nicely! You want me to
stop, darling? Yes? Want me to stop hurting you? Will you suck your
daddy's cock for him? No? Will you do it now? What? Yes? That's a
good girl.

   Take it off first. That's it. Off. All off.

   I want to whip that body. Watch those sexy legs, daddy. What
curvy sexy damn legs. Whipping those thighs. Having them spread out
and making her wrap them around my waist. Oh yes, cry for me, baby.
Want her to suck you, daddy? Want to watch her crawl? She'll crawl.

   Put that mouth on your daddy's prick. Kiss it, lick it, and suck
it. Now I'll hurt you. Okay, daddy? Isn't she a natural cock
sucker? I'm going to whip her as she's sucking you. Listen to that
sound. Isn't she beautiful that way? Now talk or I'll make her
stop. Talk and I'll make her swallow it, swallow it all, suck and