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You've seen the pix, now read the story.  This is in draft, let me know 
if it appeals or appalls!

Sally’s mummy has had her clitoral prepuce removed to improve her sexual 
response.  Six weeks ago, 15 year old Sally went along to see the Doctor 
at her mother’s suggestion.  The Doctor flanneled poor young Sally and 
convinced her that she needed the operaton as well.  The Doctor knew that 
Sally was a cheerleader and just wanted to get his hands on her fresh 
young pussy.  Whilst inspecting the hapless teen, he noticed that her 
hymen had not been broken..  A virgin!  He had never circumcised a virgin 
The Doctor instructed Sally to return the foillowing Friday evening, to 
wear her shortest skirt and to bring a clean pair of white panties.  
Sally should not date any boys before she returned.  Finally, the Doctor 
enquired about Sally’s masturbation method.  Coyly, she showed him.  She 
just squeezed her thighs together.  Good thought the Doctor, no chance of 
her hymen breaking.
Sally’s big day arrived.  She thought about what to wear but did not 
really have a skirt that short.  So she decided to wear her cheerleader 
outfit with a pair of Persil white panties.  She put another pair of 
freshly laundered panties in her school bag and set off to school.
Her school day passed in a haze.  She thouht about her appointment for 
later.  Was her operation the same as when baby boys had their foreskins 
removed she wondered.  Her mind wandered onto thoughts of the Football 
Team and the boys sleek cocks.  Her panties grew damp.  Images of firm 
erections filled her mind.  Her rhythmic squeezing began.  Before she 
knew it, she had cum in her panties, the word “circumcision” going around 
in her head...
She rang the Doctor’s bell and pushed the door open as it buzzed.  She 
entered the empty waiting room when Dr James appeared.  He had sent all 
his staff home but had invited Dr Brian to assist.  Dr Brian was a much 
older Doctor than Dr James and that reassured her.  He was also quite 
good looking, Sally thought.
Doctor James led Sally down a corridor and through a door with the letter 
“C” on it.  Dr Brian followed behind.  Dr Brian stood behind Sally as he 
closed the door.  Dr James praised Sally for doing as she had been told 
and for wearing a skimpy skirt.
“I want you to bend over and remove your shoes now please, Sally” Dr 
James ordered.
This provided Dr Brian with a good view of her knicker clad bottom.  Dr 
Brian quickly grabbed the concealed hypodermic syringe and pushed it into 
Sally’s bum.  In the same movement, he depressed the plunger.  Sally 
started as the needle sunk into her bum.  Dr James grabbed her to steady 
her and then stood her upright.
  “That injection is to calm you down so that we can proceed with your 
circumcision.  I will circumcise you whilst Dr Brian here will perform a 
hymenectomy.  A hymenectomy will remove your hymen.  You will still be a 
virgin but your first sexual intercourse with a circumcised boy will be 
less painful”, explained Dr James.
Dr James moved his hands up Sally’s skirt until he felt the gusset of her 
knickers.  He started to rub.  Sally moaned.  Dr James started to 
describe boys cocks to her.  Sally felt a gentle buzzing in her panties. 
 Dr James was using a wicked vibrator to stimulate her teeny pussy.  
Sally tried to resist but it was useless.  The thoughts of boys cocks 
filled her mind and she went into a thigh-shuddering orgasm.  Dr James 
kept up the pressure on her clitoris, Sally was up on her tippy toes now 
as the vibrator stroked her knickers.  Dr James switched her mind to 
thoughts of a girls tribal circumcision in Africa.  All the girls sitting 
in a row, a helper diddling with their clits.  When the girls have 
cracked reasonable hard-on’s, the circumciser moves forward.  With one 
hand, he pulls out their hooded clits, with the other he delftly slices 
through their foreskins and clits.
Sally’s pussy is trying to swallow the vibrator as she shudders through 
two more orgasms.  Her legs have given out as James and Brian manhandle 
her onto the “Circumstraint”.  Dr Brian peels Sally’s knickers off, 
giving them an extra tug as they are stuck between her big wet pussy 
lips.  Sally’s scent is of a well wanked out girl and there is a 
phenomenal wet sticky patch in her white gusset.  Dr Brian puts her 
knickers into a plastic bag and seals them up.  He then gives the teen a 
lecture about not thinking about boys for a while or her soon to be 
clipped clit will start to ache.
Dr James returns with the equipment necessary to depilate her pussy.  
They decided to use cream as it was quicker.
In no time at all, Sally’s pussy looks more like the winkie of a Junior 
High School girl. 
Bald and soft.
Before they can start the operation, there is a liquid mater to be taken 
care of.
“Would you like to do a wee wee, Sally, before we start to circumcise 
you?” asks Dr James.
“Yes, please” replies Sally, “I’m bursting!”
Sally is lifted so that a special potty can be placed under her bottom.  
She starts to pee, the force of the hot urine causes her crumpled up lips 
to flap out.  Dr Brian thinks that they are too big and it is decided to 
trim them back.
“Sally, we are going to trim your winkie lips back when we circumcise 
you.” informs Dr James.
“Uh, OK” muters Sally.
 James starts to examine Sally’s eyes to see if she is ready.  Whilst she 
is distracted, Dr Brian releases a catch on the special potty.  A needle 
shoots out from the splash plate and penetrates Sally’s clit.  Drs James 
and Brian had developed the special circumcision potty as a way of 
aneatherising girls pussies just prior to the snip.
Sally moans as her pussy is put to sleep.  Brian cleans her winkie as 
James prepares the instruments.
James takes a pair of locking forceps and slides them up Sally’s prepuce. 
 He reaches the top then closes them, so crushing her foreskin.  Whilst 
her foreskin is being crushed, James asks the girl about the other 
cheerleaders.  Are there other girls who might be persuaded to undergo 
circumcision?  What were their pussies like?
Finally, it was time to release the clamp and to make the dorsal slit.

This is the real start of Sally’s circumcision.
James asked Brian to use two forsceps to secure the foreskin, either side 
of the crush line.  With the foreskin being gently prised apart, James 
releases the clamp and makes the dorsal slit.  Sally’s sore teen clit is 
now exposed.  James completes her circumcision by trimming off the flaps 
of her foreskin.  He then powers up the electrocautery machine to seal up 
her excised foreskin and to use on her winkie lips.
First, her winkie lips need to be aneathatised.  Brian injects both flaps 
and awaits the drug to do its work.
The elctrocautery machine is used to clamp her labia then the current is 
applied.  The elements sear through her lips, removing the excess and 
sealing the remnants.
Sally is now trimmed up.
Brian moves in now.  His job is the specialised task of opening her 

To be continued!...