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Subject: BLACKWIND: Faith(2/2)(mf,pedo,bd,rape,S&M)
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 1995 03:57:44 UTC
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   Faith--Part 2 of 2

   For the next hour he let the girl simmer.  His cock got hard just
thinking about what he wanted to do to her.  After a while her loud sobs
quieted down and he decided to move onto the next part of his plan.

   Jack had planned well, of course.  This was his first kidnapping--but
not his first rape.  Working as an orderly at a mental hospital gave him
access to lots of potential victims.  His favorite was a catatonic ten year
old named Kara.  Kara had been at the hospital two years, ever since seeing
her entire family die in front of her.

   Jack liked her because she wasn't able to tell anyone what he did to
her. She didn't react to much of anything--nor could she do anything for
herself.  She ate if fed, went to the bathroom but somebody had to wipe
her. Otherwise she'd just lay around and do nothing.

   Kara looked a lot like Faith--long light brown hair and brown eyes,
small and thin, but not skinny.  It was because of that that Jack had been
so attracted to Faith.  Unlike Kara, Faith would be quite responsive.

   Not that Kara was totally unresponsive.  The first night Jack raped her
and stole her virginity, she cried.  Not loud weeping, just tears rolling
down her cheeks, like she felt it.  And when he put his cock in her mouth
she would automatically suck and swallow, though Jack could never figure
out just why.

   Either way, working there and having Kara to play with hadn't been
enough, but it had given him the means to plan this out carefully.

   He wanted to give Faith maximum pain and terror with minimal damage.  He
also didn't want a mess.  He'd read a lot of stories on raping little girls
and stuff, but most of them missed some crucial points.  Little girls were
prone to throw up, piss or shit their pants when they got scared.

   Jack was used to all three--you got it alot, working with mental
patients--but he didn't want that with Faith.

   It was easily remedied, of course.  He'd clean Faith out beforehand.  He
had what he needed to do it.  He even planned to break the girl's hymen
before he raped her to keep the blood away.

   Stepping back into the bedroom, he lifted the shaking girl from the
chair and cradled her in his lap.  Gently he pressed her head to his
shoulder and stroked her hair.  It was all part of the mind games he
intended to play with her.

   "I'm going to untie you, Faith", he said gently.  "Then you're going to
take all your clothes off." He felt her start to shake even harder.  He
gave her a gentle squeeze.

   "Shh, now, I won't hurt you.  I won't even look.  I'm going to give you
some special panties to wear, and a shirt.  If you're a good girl, when I'm
done you'll take a bath and then you can go to sleep.  Okay?"

   His gentle tone calmed her a little.  He slid her onto the bed and went
over to the closet, where he'd stored a t-shirt he thought might fit her.
The final item was a pair of rubber pants with a hole in the back; they
were designed to fit girls about her size.  The hole was for enemas.

   He untied Faith and turned his back while she undressed.  He didn't want
to see her nude until he raped her.  "Have you had a period yet?", he

   "No", she answered softly.

   "Hurry up and get that stuff on.  That hole in the panties goes in

   A few minutes later she announced she was dressed.  He looked her over,
admiring the way the rubber pants hugged her tiny middle and slender hips.
Grabbing her arm, he took her into the bathroom.

   The first thing he did was pull a tampon out of the medicine cabinet. 
"Stick this in your pussy.  It'll hurt the first time, but get used to it
because all girls gotta do it sooner or later."

   Faith took the tampon questioningly, then turned around and pulled the
front of the rubber pants down.  He watched her hands move, inserting it,
gasping a little.

   "It hurts", she told him.  "I can't go any further."

   "Push it.  I want you to tear your hymen."

   "Do it or I'll get a knife and do it!", he snapped.

   Shaking, Faith pushed harder.  Not satisified with her progress, Jack
reached around and gave her hand a shove.

   She screamed and nearly fell as the tampon's plastic applicator tore her
tender hymen in half.

   Holding her around the waist, Jack told her to pull out the applicator
and throw it on the floor.  She did as she was told, leaving the tampon
itself in place.  Jack snapped the rubber panties back into place and
turned her to face him.

   Kneeling down, he ran his hands up and down her legs.  They were baby
smooth--not even the lightest of hairs, like most little girls had.  "You
shave your legs, Faith?"

   "N-No.  My mommy lets me wax them."

   "She's a smart mommy.  She must have wanted me to do this.  When did you
wax them last?"

   "Last night", Faith admitted.

   "Good girl.  Now get down on your knees and face the toilet."

   Shaking, the girl got down.  Jack took a bottle of syrup of ipecac from
the medicine cabinet and measured a small amount on a spoon.  He made Faith
drink it down, then held her head when a moment later her stomach lurched
and she started vomiting.

   She vomited twice and dry heaved for a few minutes, then sagged weakly
against the toilet.  Jack pulled her to her feet and made her wash her
mouth out, then gave her some mouthwash and a tootbrush and toothpaste to
finish up.

   While she did that, he prepared a warm, soap and water enema.

   Taking her back into the bedroom, he made her lie face down.

   The hole in the panties was wide--he could see pink asscheek peeking
through.  Greasing up the tube, he fingered her a bit until he found her
tiny asshole, then slid the tube in.

   Faith gasped a little at the discomfort as the tube slid up into her
bowels and the warm, soapy water filled her.

   It didn't take long before her abdomen bulged and she was moaning in
pain.  "It hurts!", she wailed after a bit.  "Stop!"

   Jack slapped her head.  "Shut up, Cunt!  It's you or your sister, got

   Faith immediately quieted down.


   He left the enema in for the better part of half an hour, then took her
into the bathroom and let her go.  She sobbed with relief as her bowels
emptied, only to cry harder when he dragged her back to the bedroom and
applied an ice cold water enema to finish cleaning her out.

   While she lay moaning, he drew a warm bath for her and piled her clothes
up.  It was getting late now; just after six.

   He didn't think she'd be on the news yet, but he wanted to see later. 
Just in case.

   After her second cleansing, he had her remove the tampon and take a
bath. He was pleased to see she hadn't bled much.

   He left a blowdryer for her to use on her hair, then went out to watch
the news.  As he'd thought, nothing, unless he'd missed it.

   He watched the world news and then a stupid comedy after that, and Faith
still wasn't out of the bathroom.  He heard the hairdryer going so he
decided she must be drying her hair.  Maybe he'd pay her a little visit.

   He didn't bother to knock on the bathroom door.  He just shoved it open.
Only Faith wasn't there.

   He felt a momentary thrill of panic, then realized she couldn't have
gotten out; the back door was deadbolted, and she'd have to get past him to
get to the front.  Which meant...

   Dashing into the bedroom, he found her frantically trying to dial the
phone.  The minute she saw him she screamed and dropped the phone, backing
into a corner.  He grabbed her by the throat and slammed her hard against
the wall, then flung her onto the bed.

   "Fucking cunt!  I told you to cooperate!" Grabbing her by the shoulders,
he shook her hard.  "I should fucking kill you!"

   Faith screamed hysterically.  She didn't try to fight him, he noticed, a
sure sign she was terrified.  Pulling her to her feet, he yanked her hands
behind her back and tied them again.  "Please don't kill me!", she wailed.

   "Shut up!  SHUT THE FUCK UP!", he screamed at her, grabbing her around
the waist and slapping her ass again, three quick slaps.  Shoving her back
into the chair, he tied her ankles next.  It was time to teach her a

   Stepping back, he unzipped his pants.  Whipping out his thick, 10" cock,
he showed it to the terrified little girl.

   "Open wide, Faith!  And you even think about biting this, you're dead
and so is your sister!"

   Lower lip trembling, Faith opened her mouth as wide as it could go. 
Grabbing the sides of her face, Jack slammed his cock into her mouth,
shoving it so far it went into her throat.  Faith gagged fiercely and
struggled so hard she nearly tipped the chair over.

   Jack held her head until she managed to keep his cock without choking.
He pulled back and plunged in again and again, the girl's hot, wet mouth
and whimpers driving him toward a fast, massive orgasm.

   His head was spinning by the time he came, the ecstasy was so great.  He
rammed his cock back into Faith's throat and held her head pressed into his
abdomen, making the little girl take his whole load down her throat, then
suck him clean before he withdrew.

   Faith began choking and sobbing as soon as he pulled out.  "I hate
you!", she screamed at him.  "I hate you, I hate you!"

   Jack slapped her lightly across the face.  Just hard enough to sting. 
"Watch your mouth, Faith!  You love what I just did!  You want more!"

   "NO!", Faith screamed.  "Leave me alone!"

   Her terror was too much for Jack.  He felt positively giddy with what
he'd done to her and with what he yet planned to do.  Grabbing a thick
handful of her hair, he jerked the little girl's head back so she had to
look up at him.

   He sealed his mouth over hers, thrusting his tongue in.  Faith gagged
and made no effort to kiss him back.  In time, she would.  The worst of her
humiliation wasn't over.  After he'd raped her to his satisfaction, he'd
make her give herself to him.  He doubted she would enjoy it, and if he
even thought she did, he had ways of punishing her.

   Reaching down inside of her blouse, he tweaked her nipples.  Her little
body jerked each time in response.  Drawing his hand back out, he began to
stroke his thick cock.  He was ready to come again.

   He pulled away from the girl's mouth and held her head still while he
jerked off in front of her.  Faith tried to squirm away, and he gave her
hair a jerk, making her sit still.

   "Here it comes, cunt!", he screamed, spewing his thick load all over her
pretty face.  He wiped it off and made her lick it off of his fingers,
enjoying every second of watching her do it.  Never did he think it could
be this great!

   "Tastes good, huh?", he laughed.  "Want more?"

   "NO!  Leave me alone, please!", Faith begged.

   "No way, cunt.  You're all mine."

   "I want to go home", Faith pleaded.  "I WANT MY MOMMY!"

   "Tough shit, cunt." Jack yanked the gag between her teeth again and tied
it.  He wasn't done yet.  He went into the kitchen and searched the drawers
until he came up with two snap-on clothespins.  Returning to Faith, he
opened the little girl's blouse and pushed up her training bra.  Her little
boobs barely stood out.  Her nipples were tiny and pink, not even erect.

   Jack lowered his head and sucked on one, then the other.  They were
obviously very sensitive; a flick of his tongue brougth them erect.  Just
for some more fun, he pinched them, making Faith squirm and whimper with

   "See these?", he asked, holding up the clothespins.  "All for you,
Faith. Watch."

   He spread the clothespins and pushed them against each nipple.  The
girl's eyes grew wide and she shook her head violently.  She definitely
didn't want that!

   Laughing, Jack let the clothespins snap shut.  Faith screamed so loudly,
the gag was barely enough to muffle it.

   The little girl began to squirm violently, trying to shake them free,
which she couldn't, of course.

   Jack found himself getting hard all over again.  He briefly considered
taking out her gag and face fucking her once more, then discarded it.  Nor
would he touch her pussy--yet.

   He'd save that for later.

   He lifted the girl out of the chair and threw her on the bed face up. 
Vicioulsy, he pulled the clothespins off of her swollen nipples and started
to jerk off.  Faith shut her eyes tight.

   This time he came on her tits, gobs and gobs of cum he'd never thought
possible.  Laughing, he rubbed it into her skin, ignoring her moans of
agony as he rubbed her extremely sore nipples.

   "Yeah, that's terrific", he chuckled.  "Real good."

   When the last of his sticky cum had been rubbed in he pulled her bra
down and buttoned her blouse, then flipped her over, with her legs hanging
off the bed.  He pulled off his belt and smacked the girl's ass with it,
the loud CRACK of the leather against her tender behind, protected only by
her panties and skirt, had him hard again in no time.

   One more thing to do, he decided, before he got some rest.  Giving the
girl's ass one more hard swat, her pushed her skirt up and drew her panties
down, revealing the tighest, cutest little rosebud asshole he'd ever seen.

   "Just wait here", he teased.  "I'll be right back."


   Jack deliberately took a long time in the bathroom, getting the KY
jelly. While he was there, he filled a syringe with a small amount of
sedative.  For later.

   Back in the bedroom, he surveyed his young victim.  She looked so tender
and helpless, hands bound behind her, skirt pushed up and panties down,
ankles tied.  Her little body was wracked with sobs.

   He knelt down, running his hands over her bare thighs as he tongued her
tender ass.  She shivered, whether from pleasure or disgust he didn't know.
He was enjoying himself too much.

   He slipped the neck of the jelly tube into her tiny sphincter and
squeezed, filling her insides with the gooey stuff.  Faith squirmed as it
entered her, her sobs softening, but sounding no less frightened.  When the
tube was empty, Jack stood up, spread her tiny asscheeks, and put the head
of his cock at her opening.

   Faith tensed.  "Yeah, do that.  I want it to hurt a lot!", he laughed,
pushing his cock in.  Despite her tightness, the jelly eased the way.  As
his cock entered the little girl's hot inner rectum, Faith gasped.

   He pushed himself all the way in, then pulled out and shoved back in
again, as hard as he could.  Faith screamed and buried her face in the bed
covers as Jack pounded her tight, once virgin ass fiercely.  Jack knew she
secretly loved every minute of this and pounded her harder, never quite
letting his dick slip out of her super-tight, lubed asshole.

   When he finally came, he did so way up inside of her, dumping thick, hot
load after load deep inside of her bowels.  Slipping his hand around her
slim hip, he lightly fingered her flat, as yet unseen, virgin pussy.  When
the little girl responded by collapsing in a limp heap, sobbing, Jack knew
she was spent for the night.  Jack pulled out and smiled admiringly at his
softening, yet clean, cock.

   Much as he hated to admit it, he was bushed.  It had been a long day and
tomorrow would be even longer.  Not only him, but for Faith as well.

   He rolled the little girl over onto her back and gently inserted the
needle into her arm.  Faith's eyes slid closed quickly, the sedative and
exhaustion taking over.  Jack untied her and removed the gag, then her
shoes and skirt.

   He left her nothing but her panties.  Tomorrow night, not even that.

   o Slipping the girl under the blankets, Jack laid down next to her.  Let
her sleep now.  She'd need it for tomorrow night.

   DAY 2

   Early the next morning Jack awakened Faith and made her dress.  She was
considerably more submissive than she had been yesterday, but no less

   After she dressed, Jack tied her hands again.  "You hungry, Faith?  You
want some fucking breakfast?"

   Faith nodded.  Tears crept down her face.

   "Here, have some!", he shouted, ramming his cock into her mouth.  He
facefucked the girl for a good ten minutes, making her swallow his
load--her "breakfast".  The girl choked and gagged the whole time and
afterward, knelt sobbing in front of him while he gagged her.

   Unfortunately, Jack had to work today.  But he'd planned for that, too.
Pulling the girl to her feet, he led her over to the closet, which was
empty.  Inside he'd built a low wooden bench which he sat her on.  He tied
her ankles together and grinned at her.

   "This'll keep you", he told her.  "Now, you gotta go to the bathroom or

   Faith shook her head.  "Good.  'Cause you'll be in here all day, got
that?  This'll keep you." He went into the kitchen and returned with a
sports bottle filled with cold water, which he sat next to her.  There was
enough room for her to bed down and sip from it, despite her gag.  "You get
thirsty, there's water for you.  I'll see you in, oh, eight or ten hours."
Laughing, he shut the door on her and headed to the bathroom to get ready
for work.

   He stopped once more before he left to make sure she didn't need the
bathroom, then headed off to work.  Time seemed to crawl by.  Once or twice
he was gripped by the paranoid feeling that she might have gotten away, or
worse, that someone had seen him take her.

   The noon news had a story on her disappearance, tucked neatly at the end
right after the sports--typical, Jack noted.  Missing kids rarely ever
attracted much attention.

   Jack practically ran to his car when his shift was over.  His balls
ached and his cock was throbbing for Faith's tight snatch.  No more
waiting. He was going to rape the little girl for everything he was worth,
all night long...


   Faith cowered when he opened the closet door.  Jack had dropped his
pants, his rock hard meat sticking out, pointing at her like an accusing
finger.  "Suck me, whore!", he demanded, removing her gag.  "Suck me and
I'll let you go now!"

   Faith leaned hesistantly forward, her eyes on him as she took his cock
in her mouth.  Tears streamed down her face, tears of humiliation.  She
slid a little in and started to suck, but it wasn't enough to please Jack.

   Grabbing her head in both hands, he raped her mouth, jamming all 10" of
his thick cock down her throat and forcing her to suck him that way.  Faith
choked and gagged, her small body heaving as she fought to control herself,
and finally, suck him off.

   When she had finished and the last of his cum was safely down her
throat, Jack gagged her once more and removed his pants.  "Party time,
babe", he chuckled.

   He flung the sobbing child onto the bed and reached under her, unzipping
her skirt.  He drew it off slowly, watching her white panties as they
peeked out at him, then were wholly exposed, the only thing left covering
her tender virgin mound.

   "This won't hurt at all, Faith", he told her, his voice seductively
cruel and kind at the same time.  He rubbed his hand over her tender mound,
feeling it through the fabric of the panties, as Faith squirmed and
squeaked and whimpered.  Then, ever so slowly, he pulled them off.

   Her pussy was perfect--flat and hairless, with just the slightest trace
of pink on the outer lips.  Hungrily Jack lowered his mouth and began to
lick her there, her squeaks and whimpering turning to soft moans of
unexpected pleasure as he tenderly probed her delicate mound.

   He only suckled her for a few minutes, long enough to make her wet.  He
didn't want to her to have an orgasm.  He didn't even want her to KNOW what
an orgasm was.  He just wanted to make the going easier--for him.

   He slid up over her, guiding his cock with one hand to the opening of
her tiny hole.  Faith stopped moaning and looked at him, as if for the
first time realizing that the terror was far from over.

   Faith's eyes widened as he pushed in, just a moments hesitation before
she screamed agonizingly through her gag.  Jack pushed with all he had
until he was buried to the hilt inside of her tight virgin cunt.  Her
screams were too much for him to bear; they excited him to no end. 
Grinning like a madman, he pulled out and slammed back in, enjoying her

   He'd never imagined it could be so good--it was one thing to fuck a
catatonic girl, quite another to fuck one who could feel it and react. 
Faith's cunt clamped around his cock like a vaccuum, urging him to come in

   He stared at her eyes as he pushed himself back into her.

   They were huge now, full of pain and terror, not a trace of any other
emotion in them.  Every inch of her body was tense, her legs stuck straight
out and rigid.  He felt his cock slide up inside of her and withdraw again,
maintaining a rhythm that brought pleasure to him and pain to her.

   "I like hurting you Faith!", he howled, "your pussy is sooooo tight!  I
bet Becky's is real tight, huh?"

   Faith squeezed her eyes closed and screamed louder than ever.  It might
have been NO, it might have been a cry of agony.  Jack didn't know, nor did
he have any reason to care.  Ass quivering with the sudden force of his
orgasmic pleasure, he shot his hot load deep into her.

   Jack collapsed on top of the little girl, panting and grinning and
feeling almost totally satiated.  He'd raped her, fucked her hot, tight
cunt for all it was worth, but it wasn't over just yet.  No, he had more
humiliation in store yet.

   He pulled out of the little girl, slowly, feeling the way her tensed
fuck muscles squeezed the last hot jism from his cock.  Faith immediately
rolled onto her side and drew her legs up in a fetal position, a feeble
attempt to protect or even comfort herself, in Jack's eyes.

   "I'M NOT DONE YET, FAITH!", he screamed, forced her face down and
working her ass up in the air, spreading her legs.

   Grabbing her slender, shaking hips, he slid into her from behind.

   Faith emitted a surprised gasp, then resumed sobbing as he slid into her
violated cunt again.  Jack pounded her a few times, then got another idea.
Picking up the rope he'd used on her ankles, he pulled it around her neck
and held it in one hand like a rein.  Faith started choking as he pulled it
tight while sliding in, holding it there until the girl sounded almost
ready to pass out, then releasing it when he pulled out of her.  He did
this again and again, bringing her to the brink of unconsciousness, then
releasing her when he pulled out.

   "YEEHA!  RIDE'M COWBOY!", he bellowed as he came again, pulling the rope
as tight as he dared.  Once more he brought her into the breach, then let
go.  The last time she collapsed onto the bed, gasping and sobbing and
trembling uncontrollably.

   "Yeah, baby, that was great", Jack breathed.  He left the girl lying
there while he went to shower.  "I'll be back, cunt!", he swore.


   When he returned half an hour later, Faith still lay face down on the
bed, quiet, but her body quivering almost uncontrollably.  Jack rolled her
over, grinning maniacally.

   The girl stared back at him with a look of absolute terror.

   She'd bitten down so hard on the gag, it was almost severed in two. 
Still grinning, Jack raped her again.  This time, she didn't last.  She
just passed out.

   Ten minutes after he finished, Jack lay next to the girl.

   Much as he wanted to, he could take this no further.  She'd hit the
brink; next thing, she'd start accepting it.  Maybe even like it.  And he
didn't want that.

   Pausing only to dress, he lifted the girl's limp form in his arms and
carried her out to the car.  Faith's little ordeal had come to an end, but
his fun had just begun...


   Jack came to work a week later feeling exuberant, full of life.  He
wasn't the least concerned that anyone would find out what he'd done.  Nor
that they would catch him if he chose to do it again.  Nothing had happened
during the time he'd taken to rest up, and he didn't think anything would
happen now.

   He waved good morning to the a couple of nurses and a fellow orderly
standing at the coffee machine as he passed by, stopping long enough to
pick up his room keys at the nurses station.

   While he was there, Dr.  Humboldt, the chief psychiatrist, walked up to
him.  "Good to see you back, Jack." He grinned.  "I made a rhyme."

   Jack nodded, silently wondering if Dr.  Humboldt wasn't really a patient
who'd escaped at some point and nobody noticed.

   "We have a new patient in your wing.  She was just brought in two days
ago.  Total catatonic."

   Dr.  Humbolt put a hand on Jack's shoulder and led him down the hall to
a room that, last week, had been unoccupied.

   Through the little glass window, Jack could see a young girl with long,
brown hair sitting with her back to the door, staring out the
mesh-and-glass window.

   "She's a rape victim, that much we know.  She wasn't badly marked up but
she must have gone through hell.  She won't talk, she hardly eats.  She
doesn't even seem to recognize her own family.  She's like little Kara

   Jack nodded.  He was already getting hard.  Another catatonic to play
with!  How much better could this get?

   "Well, I'll leave you to, um, get acquainted", Dr.  Humboldt said with a
smile, then walked off.

   Jack unlocked the door and stepped inside.  The girl didn't react at all
to the squeak of his shoes on the floor, or the sound of the door shutting
behind him.  He walked around to the other side of the bed and looked at
her face.  A slow, sick smile crept across his lips as a hint of
recognition filled the girl's brown eyes.

   "Hello, Faith."