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                                                 "Mom's Bad ............ Boy" 
			            Chapter 1

                                                 Written by Young Man

Well here I am at my mothers funeral. Im now forty-two, been married for 10 
years and have 3 beautiful  children. As I stand in the cold January wind, I 
think of growing up with mom. 
My first remberance of my sexual cravings was when I was 7  years old. I was 
late for the school bus and had to get into the bathroom to brush my teeth.
The door was closed, I knew mom was in there, so I screamed, "mom if you don't 
get out of there now I'll miss the bus.""Serves you right for taking your 
time" she  answered back. Finally she told me I could come in.	
Well what's your excuse going to be today? I couldn't get into the toilet? or 
maybe "I just missed the bus because of the ice on the road. 
Hurry up, the bus is leaving...........	
Now you've done it, you missed the bus and I have no car to drive you to 
school. We're together the rest of the day!
Here I was, standing at the bathroom sink wanting to jump for joy, I'm out of 
school for the day! 
Mom quickly ended any happiness I may have had when dhe said " If you cant go 
to school, you'll work.
Now sit down on the edge of the tub and well discuss your punishment. You've 
missed the bus and now I'm stuck with you all day."
As she complained at my being home all day I noticed mom was now facing me 
while on the toilet seat. I could just make out the stream of pee from under 
her pink nightgown.
She always made it a habit when she entered the bathroom in the morning to 
lift the her pink nightgown to her waist and seat herself on the throne.
As I sat on the tubs edge I felt my dick begin to tingle, her pee was just 
spraying out.
All of a sudden she looked up and saw me staring at that beautiful thing under 
her gown.
"Well young man, what do I do with you?  Startled, I began to blush I thought 
she had caught me staring up he nightie.  You are always very slow with what 
you do,  you are a perfectionist who wants the most out of a moment. Tell me, 
where are your thoughts right now? I hesitated for a moment now knowing she 
was talking about missing the bus. I don't know I said and as I did she stood 
up from the toilet letting the nightie fall. But not before I got a glimpse of 
the hairy spot between her legs. My penis shot up immediately in my pants. Not 
wanting mom to see I quickly got up and went downstairs to the kitchen. 
Shortly after mom came down in the same nightie. She sat down at the kitchen 
table across from me and we began to talk about school, friends and such.	
After about an hour she stood up and streached. Time to get into my day she 
said. The whole while I was staring at the tips of he nipples pressing against 
the thin nightie. 
She went back up stairs and into the bathroom and then called me.
I quickly ran upstairs and stood at the partially closed door. Come in she 
said, sit down on the tub,we have to decide what to do for the day.
Once again I was sitting across from my mom facing an even better view than 
before. It seemed
that the nightie didn't shadow my view like it had before. My penis again 
became still in my pants.
Mom kept talking as I just prayed I could get out of there, my dick was now 
Well I guess we can catch the bus downtown and I can do some shopping she 
said. I was not thrilled at the idea of following mom through the stores but 
what choice did I have. Ok I said at which point she said "Good, let me get 
ready. Do you have clean underwear on?" Sure I said.
Come over let me see she said, we may need to get you some new trousers and I 
want don't want
to be embarrassed if your underwear is dirty.
 At this point I stood up and dropped my pants so mom could see for herself 
that my underwear was clean. As I turned to face her I became embarrassed that 
my penis was sticking straight at her  toilet with a wet spot on my shorts. 
She immediately saw this and said, "they are soiled take them off right now!" 
I kicked off my pants that  were already around my ankles and proceeded to 
pull my underwear off. My penis was even getting stiffer than before as I 
stripped in from of mom. While still sitting on the toilet she reached over 
and puled me closer to her.
 Whats this you were trying to hide from mommy? Its making your underwear wet 
and we cant have that. She then reached out again and began to rub the palm of 
her hand around the tip of my dick. The more she did that the more of the 
slippery gooey liquid came out and it sure did feel good. After a god three or 
four minutes of this she stopped and told me to sit on the tub again, this 
time nude. As I sat down she pulled her pink nightie up and over her head. 
Sitting there,legs wide open and completely naked she said, "mommys little boy 
needs to have his mommy play with him awhile so he doesn't soil his underwear 
I sat there in disbelief, sure I always tried to get a peak at mom nude, but 
never did I dream of this.
"Your going to be a good boy for mommy and do what she tells you to do."
She now began to pee again but this time I  could see everything, she even 
spread her legs wider.
As the pee exploded from her pussy my dick became hard as ever and  more stuff 
came out of it , even with no one touching it.
I started to reach down to play with it myself when mommy stopped peeing and  
said, "you are being a bad boy, I didn't tell you you could do that yet." She 
obviously saw that her peeing was causing me to go wild inside.
Since you like watching mommy pee you can come and kneel right in front of me 
here. So I moved to the front of the toilet. She first let little spurts out 
and watched my reaction.. I wanted to play with myself so bad, but I couldn't 
so I just knelt there. Then she stood up and said "since you like mommys pee 
so much you can clean it up."
Kneeling erect her pussy was right in my face."Lick it she said and make sure 
you do it good."
I began liking the hairs first when she spread her lips and told me to lick 
inside.As I did she let more spurts of pee trickle into my mouth and I 
swallowed it all. Mom was now  rocking back and forth pushing my face deeper 
into her pussy and I licked even harder. Then all of a sudden the flood gates 
opened and mom exploded all over my mouth and face and it kept coming. Mom was 
sitting there moaning and pissing all over me.
After a few moments she looked down at me and said I was a bad boy because I 
didn't get all of it and we would have to do it again until I got it right. So 
I started again, and again she began peeing but this time I was drinking it 
all. I was also letting my hand run over the head of my dick and it was very 
slippery now, it felt good.
When mom exploded again and I licked it all  and she said it was my turn.
She sat back down on the toilet and told me to pee on her pussy. I moved 
between her legs and stood there looking down at her wet pussy. My dick still 
very hard, I tried to pee.....nothing, no matter how hard I tried with my dick 
this hard no pee came out. After about a minute mom began slapping my ass 
telling me I was bad again, but my erection remained.	
She reached out grabbed a cup and told me to start drinking water until I was 
so full I had to pee.
She then left me there to drink the water while she made the beds.
Shortly later she returned and asked if I could pee yet, I said I could. My 
penis had gone down and I must have drank a gallon of water. So I stood in 
front of the toilet and began. "Not so fast young man, you have to pee on 
mommys pussy, remember?" So I moved out of the way so she could sit down.
My penis was still not fully erect so I knew I could do this. She sat down 
spread her legs wide and told me to go ahead. I began, dribble at first then a 
full fledged stream. That was until mommy started squeezing my balls, I 
stopped again hard as ever.
Don't you want mommy to play with you? You have to keep peeing through your 
hard cock. 
Keep trying, you can do it  and sure enough I did but now it was not mommys 
pussy I was hitting but her face and tits. My dick was so hard I couldn't 
point it down.
Mom in the meantime had her mouth wide open trying to catch very drop. When I 
was through she squeezed my balls some more and said "lets go downtown". 
What about me, my balls and penis hurt like they want to explode I said. Mom 
just looked at me and said "It was you who was the bad boy today, you'll just 
have to wait  until mommy says its OK. And off for downtown we went.
We went through lots of stores and I was getting bored. My penis still hurt 
and this was no fun. Finally mom said "all right, I'm done, lets go catch the 
bus home."	
When we got home I had to go to the bathroom so bad I ran to the bathroom. I 
didn't see mom right behind me. What are you doing mister she said,as I pulled 
my penis out of my pants to pee.
You didn't ask mommys permission to go, did you? 
No mommy but I really have to go, please.
I was standing there in agony waiting to just let it go when she said, "no, 
hold it a little longer."	
Wanting to make mommy happy and also to see her naked again I waited. About 20 
minutes later she came back in, this time she had nothing on. 
All right mister, Ill let you go but you have to do it the way I want you to. 
OK I said and thought how many ways can you go to the bathroom.
She got down on her hands and knees with her ass cheeks spread and high in the 
air she pointed to her asshole and said "right there".  I  moved to between 
her legs looking down at this beautiful behind and the pink asshole and began 
to pee right on it. For a  few seconds mom mumbled  then said stop right now. 
I had just  begun to pee so stopping was hard and painful. Mom was upset with 
me again, I knew it. 
I wanted you to pee in my asshole not on it she said. Now lick it all up, lick 
my ass clean.      
As I knelt down between her legs I began to lick the large mounds of her ass 
moving from the left one to the right, each time making sure my tongue went 
over the pink hole. Mom would moan each time I did this so I began to 
concentrate on her asshole. I licked the rippled edges of her ass and 
occasionally pushed my tongue right into her hole. Ass still high in the air 
she was rocking back and forth. each move backward pushed my tongue deeper 
into her ass.Her body and muscles had become so relaxed by now that her 
asshole had opened completely and my tongue had explored it all. 
I had forgotten all about going pee until mom said, "all right lets try it 
again, this time fill mommys ass with your pee." 
Again I moved behind her, this time I had bent over her and made sure my dick 
was right at the entrance of her ass and my peehole was at the asshole. A 
trickle began to come out and ran down her crack to her pussy. "You better get 
some in this time or mommy will have to punish you again". To make sure I got 
my pee inside her ass I pushed my dick further into her ass and was getting 
hard at the same time. Oooooh she said as my little cock began to grow in her 
ass. Remember you have to fill mommy with pee, so I kept straining. After what 
seemed like hours I was out of pee and none had gone on the floor and my dick 
was soft again but this time in mommys ass. As I began to move back I could 
feel mommy tighten her ass muscles around ny dick and it was becoming hard 
Don't pull back now mommy will make a mess, keep your cock in my ass for a 
little bit.
Hearing mom talk like that made  me even more aroused, so I pushed my little 
hardening cock deeper into her ass and felt her muscles clamp around it. As 
this happened mom shouted "Dont you dare come you bad boy".  Quickly I stepped 
back and sure enough just as mom said, pee started squirting out of her ass 
making a mess. She moved to the toilet and instructed me to clean up the floor 
with a towel. 
Here I was naked in the bathroom with my mother and I was on my hands and 
knees cleaning the floor. All of a sudden I felt moms finger push into my ass, 
oh that hurt at first and I went to stand up. Stay right there mister, once 
again you were bad so you have to do what I say, stay right on you knees. Once 
her finger was in it it felt sort of good, the way she wiggled it. Once again 
my dick became hard but this time there was more gooey fluid than before. 
There was enough to where it was dripping off off the head of my dick to the 
floor. Still on my knees mommy began to put two fingers up my asshole, but 
this time it was easier and it felt good. 
Mommy was on the toilet and said that she wanted me to lick her pussy clean, 
so she removed the fingers from my ass and let me kneel in front of her. She 
moved forward on the seat and I began to stick my tongue in her pussy while 
she moaned. All of a sudden all of the pee I had put in her ass began to 
explode into the bowl and she began squirting from her pussy . Pee or cum I 
didn't know but it tasted good and mommy was squirting out of both holes 
saying she had never felt so good.
After a while I stopped licking and stood up as mommy cleaned her bottom. 
Well youve been  a good boy and now I give you a treat  Sensing that it was 
finally my turn I stood up from the kneeling position,standing naked, penis 
hard and dripping, I was ready for anything. Just make the pain in my penis 
and balls go away.
She looked down at my throbbing cock and told me it was not that time yet and 
that I must wait until she is finished, then it would be my turn. My treat she 
said was that I did not have to go to school again the next day.										By 
the way she added as I left the bathroom "You had better not play with 
yourself, mommy will find out if you have and you'll be punished severely."	
After I went back to my room to dress I wanted to rub my dick so hard to let 
the pressure go but I did not I was going to be good for mommy. After all I 
had tomorrow off too.
I wonder what well do tomorrow.	

We sat and watched TV that night, Mom sitting in the recliner and I on the 
floor. Every now and then I would look up and stare at mommys crotch. It was 
covered with here white panties but just looking got me excited. Finally mom 
stood up and said we were going to bed. I watched as she spread legs to get 
off the recliner, again that covered pussy. I had never been so enhanced with 
moms pussy before today. being so close to it,licking it and kissing it mad me 
What would we do tomorrow?
As we got to the top of the stairs mom kissed me on the cheek and said "good 
night my little man, remember no playing with yourself."
With that I went off to bed.

                                                        Chapter 2

Morning was here whether I wanted it or not. I was a slow riser and generally 
laid in bed a while to re-group my senses before I arose. As I was laying 
there enjoying the sound of the early morning birds, mom came into my room.
"Good morning my little man, how does it feel to have another day off from 
Great, Im thinking what will we do today?
"Since you wont be going to school I thought mommy would teach you again 
As she sat on the edge of my bed she lifted her nightie over her head, suck on 
my teat you little man, suck mommys milk out just like you use to. I lunged 
forward almost knocking her off the bed. "Softly my little man, suck it 
gently, theres more on the other side."  As I sucked I realized I needed to 
relieve myslef of my morning pee. I was bursting. As I pushed my self from 
mommys breast I stood and said "Ibe right back". 
In an irritated voice mommy said"Stand right where you are young man, where 
are you going?"
"To the bathroom."
"Without mommy." she said.
I looked at her in a quizzical way. What did she mean?
I trotted of to the bathroom with mom behind, I in my bottoms and mom with 
nothing on at all.
As soon as I got near the toilet my penis began to fill with pee......I really 
had to go.
 I lifted the seat of the toilet and mom yelled "Dont you dare! If you have to 
go pee youll pee in mommys ass." My penis began to get hard all over again . 
Mommy got on her hands and knees and lifted her pink hole high and wide. My 
dick really hurt now.
" Are you going to lick mommys ass and make it clean for  your pee-pee? Mommys 
ass wants  all your pee, will you do that for mommy?" I licked her ass and  
when I was ready to burst I yelled,"Ive got to pee". At that point I pushed 
this soft tiny dick into my mommys asshole. Mommy just kept her ass in the air 
and said keep peeing the warmth inside me feels soooooo
good. At one point my pee started coming back out as I think she was full but 
she said keep peeing so I did.
When I said I was finished mommy again said, "You move and you clean up." 
My penis felt so warm and conformable I didnt want to move. Then I  began to 
feel mommys ass muscles tighten around my little cock, I  became hard in a 
I want to squeeze all the pee out of your little cock,  she said and she would 
squeeze again. Soon I would grow so small it slipped out by itself.
Mommy became upset and said I  was to clean up any messes she may have. She 
stood up from the floor and sat down at the toilet telling me to kneel an lick 
her pussy. As I licked I heard  and saw my peek coming out of her ass and got 
even more excited. Mom the stood up from the toilet and told me to lick her 
ass clean. I spread her cheeks and began licking. Just when I thought I had 
cleaned it all mom would squeeze a little more out.  "Lick it all up you bad 
boy",  and I did .
It didnt matter which hole I licked, it was from moms glorious body.   
She soon stood up and said I had to lick her pussy clean too and arched her 
pussy outward.
I stuck out my tongue and licked, it tasted so good, then she began to pee. 
Drink it all she said, I took all of yours now youll take all of mine and she 
peed away. I drank it all.She trembled a bit and shot a wonderful juice into 
my mouth, it was pee and cum mixed.
After that we returned to the kitchen table, we sat for a while before she 
lifted her nightie in the kitchen chair and said " come and suck mommys pussy 
" Boy did I ! I was so horney now I would do anything she said, just to cum.
She sat there having her morning cigarette and coffee, legs spread and me in 
between them. Every now and then she would say "Im going to pee" and I would 
catch it in my mouth.
All of a sudden the phone rang and mom answered it, it was a friend Kathy, 
from next door. They were both in the womens club together, she was only 30, 
12 years younger than mom.  
Mom began talking to her when she suddenly put her hand over the receiver and 
called to me at the table, "Come over here and lick mommy while shes on the 
phone." She lifted her hand and began to talk as I licked. 
Every now and then as she was talking she would let out an "OOOOOOUH" because 
I hit the sensetive spot. Im sure Kathy wondered what was going on.
Mommys pussy was now beginning to give off a strong aroma, a night of sleep 
and pee occasionally slipping out. I was hard and ready to do anything she 
She talked for a while longer as I continued t lick Finally I heard her say to 
Kathy "Stop by later and we can do something together."
Mom hung up the phone and told me to stand up. As I did my raging penis 
slipped through the hole in my pajamas. She took her hand and rubbed the tip 
of it and as more fluid dripped out she sucked the top of it. Her mouth was so 
warm it felt wonderful but she suddenly stopped saying I had to save it. Boy, 
I wanted to cum in the worst way,  but it would wait. She then said it was 
time for her shower and got up and left. 
Here I was, standing there with an oozing cock ready to do anything to relieve 
it and she had to take a shower. I sat down and tried waiting for mom to 
finish her shower until  my kidneys couldnt wait any longer. I  ran upstairs 
an pushed the bathroom door open a crack and yelled, "mom I have to pee real 
bad, please can I go?"
"Ill be out in a minuite, hold on until mommy says OK." So I stood there, now 
instead of a bulging cock, it was burning with pee.Who cared about cumming I 
just wanted to pee.
Soon mommy said you can come in now and with that I pushed the door open only 
to find mom  on her hands and knees with her ass high in the air.This time she 
had put a jell around her pink asshole so it glistened as I walked up to it. " 
Ok little man, are you going to be a good boy and pee in mommys ass again? It 
felt so good when you did it yesterday. I love to feel your warm liquid in my 
Needing to pee so bad prevented me from having a full erection but it was 
enough to slide in mommys ass. Just as I got it in I let go and began to pee. 
You know, it did begin to feel good.
After a couple minutes some drops began coming out of her ass and I still had 
a lot more pee left.
Mommy squeezed her ass muscles around my dick and it became harder to pee. 
Then she said "pee harder force mommy to take it all." I did and sure enough 
it all stayed in.
When I was through mommy stood up and told me to sit on the edge of the tub as 
she moved to the tub. She turned on the shower and stepped in again. As the 
water streamed down her lovely body she turned away from me spread her ass 
cheeks and told me to watch her pee from her ass.  Little by little a stream 
of my pee came out of her ass and mixed with the shower water running to the 
drain. While she was doin that she also was playing with herself and at one 
point began to tremble and yell "IIm cumming". With that she grabbed onto the 
shower rod with one hand, squatted a bit and let juices flow out of both holes 
between her legs. Torrents of pee gushed out of her ass and her pussy dripped 
with juices. After about a minute or so she stepped back under the shower and 
rinsed herself  off. She stepped out of the tub, dried herself off and looked 
at me, "That was wonderful she said, now how are you doing my little man? 
"Mommy, my penis feels like its going to grow out of its skin and my balls 
hurt real bad."
"Well thats the way mommy wants you to feel thats your punishment for being a 
bad boy yesterday. Come over to mommy and let her take a look." She sat down 
on the toilet as I walked toward her. I stood right in front of her and she 
put her cupped hand between my legs and told me to spread them more. Her 
fingers went to the top of the crack in my ass and slowly she traced the crack 
right down to my balls. Then she took her finger, put it in her mouth and then 
moved it to my ass. She began to push it in my hole a bit, I was tight at 
first then I relaxed. She was in up to her knuckle. Each time she moved it 
over a spot inside my ass more gooey fluid came out of my dick and it felt so 
good. Then she put her warm mouth over my dick and I was just about ready o 
cum in that warm place when she quickly pulled her finger from may ass and 
nipped the head of my cock with her teeth. IT didnt hurt but sure as hell 
startled me. My erection was  gone for the moment. "Young man I told you I 
didnt want you cumming until I told  you, now youve tried to be bad again." I 
was confused, mommy  made me feel so good but when  my body was tingling she 
stopped and scolded me. Later she would say that "it was for my own good" and 
that I would be glad later.
Mom left the bathroom with me standing there bewildred. 
"Hurry up and get dressed,  well be late, Kathy is picking us up in a half 
hour. Were going out to the mall"
I didnt want to go to the mall, I wanted to stay home and play with mommy, but 
my playing partner was going so I would too.(As if I had a choice)
Kathy soon ringing our bell at the front door. 
Kathy lived a few blocks over from us and had no children. Her husband had 
been killed in a car accident about three years ago and she never got over the 
loss. She rarely went out to social occasions and had  very few friends.
I answered the door, there she stood in her floral patterned oversized dress 
to her knees, no makeup and hair partially combed. 
"Good morning young man, is your mom ready yet?"
I guess she could have been considered pretty but since she looked the way she 
did and was taking my playing partner away, to me she was ugly.
"Kathys here," I screamed up the stairs. "Ill be right down"was moms reply.
Kathy came in and sat on the sofa, I sat on the opposite couch.	
"Your mom said you werent feeling well so she kept you out of school today. Do 
you think you up to going to the mall?" Kathy said.	 
"Yeah" I answered.
"Your mom tells me that you are becoming a big help around the house." In my 
mind I was thinking,  little did Kathy know. Soon mom appeared, she had a 
tight sweater on with stretch pants that showed off that beautiful body I had 
seen nude just a while ago. The thought of it mad my penis begin to get hard 
again. This time my dick was in the wrong position in my pants so I had to put 
my hand down the front of my jeans to straighten it out.As I was pulling my 
hand back out mom caught me. " What are you doing? I told you not to play with 
yourself!" All I could do was stammer in front of Kathy. "Ah,Ah I was..." Mom 
spoke up again,"little men dont do that in public, you are a bad boy. Ill take 
care of you later." Mom looked at Kathy and said "its tough bringing a boy up, 
you are lucky you dont have any." Kathy just nodded.
Off to the mall we went.
When we got to the mall mom gave me a dollar and told me I could go play some 
video games while they shopped. I was to meet them in front of some store 
named Freddys when I finished.
The quarters went fast and I headed to our meeting place. I waited for quite a 
while watching all the people pass by when finally they appeared.
"One more store then we can go" mom said. We headed into this Freddys store.
Kathy and mom went  to different areas of the store so I just took a seat by 
the changing rooms and waited. 
All of the changing rooms had three wall to ceiling mirrors in them so people 
could look at all sides of themselves in their new clothes. As I sat in front 
of one of the stalls a woman walked into one of the rooms and slid the curtain 
to change. I could still see what she was doing through  the mirror and the 
crack in the curtain. She was undressing to try on a very short nightie. I 
watched her take off her bra and panties and was staring at her beautiful 
patch of hair between her legs as she lifted her arms to slip it on. Suddenly 
a hand was on my shoulder. "What are you doing little boy?" It was mom. " I 
ah,ah..." Again I was speechless. "Are you peeping at other women in the 
changing rooms?" Although I was,  I  immediately said "No mommy, the curtain 
is closed." She believed me and proceeded into one of the rooms  herself. Soon 
Kathy appeared and did the same.
I didnt have a clear view of mommys changing room but I did of Kathys.
Kathy stood in front f the mirrors and  unbuttoned her dress and let it slip 
to the floor. She stood there in front of the mirrors admiring herself for a 
moment then tried on the flimsy nightie. She still had her bra and panties on 
under the nightie but she began to look good. She was turning in all 
directions so she could see how she looked from every angle in the mirrors, I 
could see her too. 
I didnt know what was happening to me, every time I now looked at a  woman  my 
penis began to tingle between my legs. It really didnt happen that much before 
yesterday. Sure I would feel my penis hard and erect in the morning when I 
woke up but it was now becoming constant.
I continued to peer into Kathys dressing room. With the nightie on she bent 
over to take off her panties. Now I could see her ass, it was beautiful. 
Smaller and rounder than moms, but they both excited me. 
Once again I had to reach into my jeans to read adjust my penis and once again 
I got caught.
"Young man, I ve told you before not to do that"  I hadnt seen mom come out of 
the changing room. I was guilty.
"I just dont know what Im going to do with you. You are a bad boy!"
While I was being  scolded Kathy emerged from the dressing room also. "Whats 
wrong she said" Mom answered with a curt statement, "That boy, I dont know 
what Im going to do with him." Do with me I thought, just let me play with 
myself so I can relieve the agony between my legs.
Mom and Kathy then proceeded to move to the mall exit. Boy was I glad to be 
out of there.
As we drove home mom and Kathy spoke about the women club, whispered a few 
things and giggled. When we finally arrived home mom asked Kathy in for a 
Since it was late afternoon Kathy agreed. She had nothing to do tonight except 
go home and watch TV.
We all went in and mom went to the cabinet and pulled out a bottle and poured 
them both a drink. I just laid on the floor watching cartoons on TV. Mom and 
Kathy continued to  have their drinks and gossip about the people of the 
As time went on I looked up at mom on the couch and Kathy on the sofa. Kathy 
had finally begun to relax after a few drinks. She was laughing like a young 
school girl, legs wide apart, her dress had now risen to her thigh. 
>From my view on the floor I could look right up her dress. 
She had not put her underwear on after trying those things on at Freddys. I 
laid on the floor staring up at Kathys crotch. As she moved forward to 
retrieve her drink from the table I could see even more. Now I could see the 
pink slit between the dark hair and her legs were spreading wider.
The two of them were talking and drinking oblivious to the fact that I was 
laying on the floor.
They talked about other women with fat bodies, other women they thought had 
good bodies and other men they thought might be "hung", whatever that meant.
They were now both laughing like crazy at whatever the other said when mom 
suddenly said "Ill be right back Kathy, I have to go to the bathroom." Kathy 
sat back on the sofa and told my mother to go ahead. As she sat back her dress 
even rose more, I could now clearly see her pussy and I began to get excited 
Suddenly mom called from the bathroom. " I have no toilet paper left, can you 
get me some from the hall closet." Knowing she meant me, I was off and 
When I got to the hall closet I looked and there was no toilet paper to be 
found. I went to the bathroom door and told mom. 
Although she was upset with herself for forgetting it at the grocery store she 
told me to come in.
I walked into the bathroom and mom was sitting on the toilet.
"Well young man, I guess you will have to make mommy  clean. Come over and 
lick me."
She stood up from the toilet and spread her pussy and told me to lick. I  got 
every drop. I felt her tremble as I moved my tongue across her pussy, it 
tasted good. 
"Thank you my little young man, well take care of you later." At that she went 
back downstairs to Kathy. Mom had now convinced Kathy to stay for dinner and 
the two of them sat for a few more hours drinking, talking and laughing..
Kathy then got up and excused herself for a moment. She went upstairs to the 
bathroom and after about a minute or so she yelled  "Do you have any toilet 
"I m sorry but I ran out." My mom yelled out. At the same time mom looked down 
at me watching TV. Then she yelled back to Kathy, "I do have something better 
but you have to close your eyes and stand up."
Kathy sat on the toilet wondering what she was talking about. How could there 
be something better that toilet paper to wipe my pussy and my ass? What could 
Kathy do but say OK.
Mom called me over to her and said, "Kathy needs to be licked like mommy likes 
it, you need to clean her good but also be very soft .This is part of your 
punishment for being a bad boy."
I climbed the stairs thinking of the pussy that I saw hidden beneath Kathys 
dress . Id be glad to clean that for her.
When I reached the bathroom door I knocked. Mom yelled from downstairs "Kathy 
close your eyes" and I walked in. There she was standing there, legs apart 
with a beautiful patch of hair between her legs. My penis was aching again.
I moved to be in front of her and lifted my tongue to her pussy. She 
immediately jumped away shrieking "What are you doing?" I  backed  away and 
saw my mother at the door.
"Kathy, close your eyes mom said, enjoy the moment, We do it all the time." 
Slowly Kathy leaned her pussy towards me and I licked. 
First I licked the seams of her legs and pussy, then I began cleaning the pee 
off her pussy hair.
Suddenly she pulled he pussy wide open and said lick here if you want to clean 
me.The pink slit I was looking at from the floor was now in front of my face.
Her pussy was very soft and wet, I loved every minute. Mom was watching at the 
door and all of this got me even more excited.
Kathy was now moaning more and more as I licked when mom said, "Now clean her 
Both Kathy and I were a little embarassed at first but as she bent over I saw 
this beautiful pink hole I wanted to lick.  
Kathy moved to the toilet and bent over it placing her ass high and wide for 
me. Mom just said " Be a good boy and lick Kathy clean."I began to lick the 
rim of her ass and she wiggled a bit then I pushed my tongue deep into her 
Mom was standing over us telling me to make sure I cleaned her asshole.  
Kathy in the mean time was playing with herself. She was softly saying "I 
havent had this in a long while." I was pushing my tongue right into her hole 
and with each push Kathy moaned a little more and her hole would open making 
it easier for my tongue to reach farther in. Shortly Kathy stood up straight 
and lt her dress drop back to her knees. "You are a good little man, your 
mommy taught you well." She patted me on the head and went back downstairs to 
talk and drink. 

I was left standing in the bathroom with what had now become a raging dick. I 
had begun to rub my dick through my jeans and it felt good. It didnt matter 
what mom said anymore, I had to do something to releive the pressure between 
my legs. I rubbed even harder oblivious to all around me. As the sensation 
inside me was about to explode, I  opened my eyes and mom was standing right 
beside me. 
"I told you not to do that, youre being bad again. Stop it right now. You dont 
have mommys permission!"  "Come down stair so I can watch you, you dont want 
to upset momy do you?"
We went back downstairs and I took my place on the floor in front of the TV to 
watch cartoons.
After a few minutes I looked in Kathys direction and saw she was sittng on the 
edge of the sofa, legs wide apart. This gave me a very clear view of her 
pussy, I just stared. This was better than cartoons. Mom and Kathy talked a 
while longer and mom finally got up saying she had to go and start dinner. 
Kathy asked if she could help but mom told her to stay there and relax. Mom 
then disappeared into the kitchen.
A short time had passed before Kathy said to me, "you ave a special tougue 
little amn do you know that?" Uh-huh I answered. Would you come over here and 
make sure you got my pussy nice and clean?" With that she spread her legs wide 
apart. I got to my knees and crawled over to the sofa where she was seated. My 
head immediately disappeared under her dress. Her pussy smelled so good, I  
would move my tongue over the little hump at the top of her pussy and she 
would moan. I  had found a good spot. I continued pushing my tongue deep in 
her pussy and then pull it out to lick the hump. Kathy had now laid back on 
the sofa and was enjoying the cleaning she was getting. Soft moans were coming 
from her when mom suddenly appeared.
"I see you are taking advantage of my little man" she said to Kathy. Kathy 
just looked up and said "This feels wonderful, youve got quite a man here" I 
just pulled my head from under Kathys dress and knelt there. I was probably 
waiting for mom to get mad but she didnt.
"Go ahead and finish what you were doing she said to me, we always want to 
please our guest."
Kathy then sat up straight putting a hand on either side of my head she pulled 
me right back to her pussy. "Suck me clean little man, suck me clean." 
I mmediately began to lick her but this time I kept flicking my tongue over 
her pink mound. Kathy just kept moaning, "Oh yess, Oh yess OHHHHHHHHHH!! 
Suddenly she slid farther down the sofa to where her ass was now off of it and 
lifted her legs. "Please lick my asshole, I want to feel your tongue in my 
I put my face to her ass and pushed my tongue into her hole. I also moved my 
hand to her pussy and began rubbing her sensitive spot. 
Kathy was now moving her body in all directions moaning. As I rubbed her pussy 
she would shove her ass right into my face. As I stuck my tongue up her ass 
She pushed her pussy high in the air. Then I decided to use my other hand. As 
I played with her pussy I took my other hand and began to push a finger into 
her ass, just as mommy had done to me. 
Kathy didnt mind, she just moaned louder. I pushed my finger as far as I could 
up her ass and started wiggling of inside of her. She was now trembling out of 
I began to rub her pussy faster when she took my hand and aimed it at her 
pussy hole. "push it in there she said." I began to try. My little hand was 
moving back and forth tyring to enter that pussy of hers and every few pushes 
it advanced a bit until my hand disappeared up to my wrist. 
Kathy just kept saying "Fuck me little man, move your hand in and out, fuck 
me. it feels so good" Now while I was fucking her pussy with one hand I 
decided to try to get 3 fingers into her asshole. I withdrew the one finger, 
put my saliva on the others and slowly began to push them against her ass. She 
was hot now screaming "fill my holes, push it way in, yes do it!"    
With all the comotion mom walked back in an watched. 
My hand was totally engulfed by Kathys pussy, occasionally I made a fist 
inside her pussy  and tried to pull it out . Kathy just moaned. She was as 
slippery as ever and she was squirming all over the place. "Yes, Yes,Yes" she 
kept moaning. I was pushing my hand in and out of her pussy and shoving my 
fingers up her ass at the same time. She was moving in all directions and then 
mommy said, "Dont forget to keep her licked clean. Mommy wants to see you lick 
her clean." 
At that point Kathy didnt care what I did so long as I kept making her feel 
I took my hand from her pussy and her ass and  started to lick that soaked 
pink slit. Kathy was so wet that mom had to get a bath towel and slide it 
under Kathys ass so the sofa wouldnt get stained. I kept licking and flicking 
my tongue over her pink button, that made her squirm even more.
Mom was now sitting on the couch opposite us, her legs spread wide apart, her 
skirt up to her waist and she was rubbing her pussy right through her panties.
I was now sucking Kathys pink button into my mouth between my teeth and 
nibbling on it. I could feel it jump and throb with every nibble. Her crotch 
was now soaked with her slippery juices.With every loud moan that Kathy made I 
could see mom out of the corner of my eye rubbing herself faster and harder.
Kathy was now nearly bouncing her ass up and down on the sofa and with each 
upward thrust my mouth clamped around her pink button sucking on it as she 
dropped back down. With one of the upward thrusts I moved one of my hands so 
my finger was right against her asshole and as she began to drop back down my 
finger slid right up her ass. As she tightened her ass muscle around my finger 
I began to wiggle it and almost chew on her pink button at the same time. 
Suddenly Kathy began shaking all over and a river of pee and cum flowed from 
her pussy. She held my head away from her pussy now because it was so 
sensitive. Mom was still rubbing herself on the couch and smiling at me. Kathy 
in the mean time had begun to come back to reality sitting up on the sofa. "I 
cant ever say a man has made me cum like that before. Your little man is quite 
a treasure."
During all of this I had forgotten all about my cravings and it was just now I 
realized my little balls were hurting as bad as ever. My underwear had also 
become soaked with that gooey slippery stuff. I slid my hand into my jeans to 
straighten my dick out when mom looked over and said "It was not polite to do 
that in front of company." I was sort of confused with her saying that after 
what we had just done but I didnt want to be called a bad boy again so I 
After mom and Kathy had calmed down mom fixed them both another drink and went 
into the kitchen to begin dinner. I just retreated to the TV again.
Soon Kathy got up and said she was going to help mom and also went into the 
When the cartoon show was over I shut off the TV and went to see when dinner 
would be ready.
As I entered the kitchen mom and Kathy were sitting at the table, the liquor 
bottle almost empty and no dinner to be seen. When I asked mom when we were 
going to eat, she lifted her skirt  showing her damp panties and said I could 
eat right then. I got down on my hands and knees, crawled over between her 
legs and began to pull her panties aside so I could lick her slit.
"Just suck me through my panties right now, make mommy feel good." With that 
she pulled her chair a little closer to the table and let her skirt fall back 
into place. I was now in this glorious smelling tunnel. I began sucking the 
pee juice from her panties and occasionally would let my nose rub hard against 
her pink button, although I couldnt see her reaction I knew she like it. 
Whenever I did that she would squeeze her thighs together and pat my head 
under her skirt. 

Kathy and mom had now finished the bottle by the time mom said I could get up. 
They were both giggling and saying stupid things. They had also finished the 
Balls still aching and tired I said I was going to bed. I kissed them both 
good night and headed up the stairs. I undressed, put on my pajama bottoms and 
fell off into a deep sleep. 
I have no idea how long I was sleeping when I began to have a wonderful dream. 
I went to roll over when I realizied my penis felt cool. I opened my eyes and 
saw Kathy sitting on my bed. She had my penis and my little balls in her warm 
mouth until I rolled over. She gently moved me on my back again and told me to 
close my eyes. She put her mouth back on my dick again and was pushing her 
tongue against my pee hole. I was having feelings I had never felt before. My 
whole body became a sensitive nerve. Where ever Kathy touched me it felt 
great. She ran her fingers over my balls and down the crack in my ass. She 
would push her finger against my asshole but never actually in. At the same 
time she would slurp and lick my dick like it was an ice cream cone. Yes, this 
felt great! I wanted it to go on and on and on. 
Then mom stepped into the doorway,  all I could think was "Im in trouble now."
To my surprise mom just told Kathy not to ruin the special day they had 
planned for me tomorrow. Kathy licked my dick one more time, pulled the 
blanket up over me and kissed me good night. "Good night little man, well have 
more fun tomorrow, youll see."

Morning couldnt come quick enough. I was up and dressed by 6:00am. I went 
downstairs and found that mom had not gotten up yet. I also saw Kathys car 
still in the driveway so I guessed she stayed over.
I got myself some juice and switched on the TV, waiting for them to wake up. 
Somehow cartoons didnt interest me right now. All I could think about was 
Kathy licking my dick last night, I wanted to feel the same again.
At about 7:30 mom came downstairs. Looking down at me on the floor she just 
mumbled, "Let mommy get some coffee and wake up then we can start our special 
day." It was already special because I was missing school again.
A while later mom emerged from the kitchen and said lets go up stairs. In a 
second I was on my feet shutting off the TV and ready to head for the stairs. 
Mom just whispered," Sh-h-h-h-h, we dont want to wake Kathy."
When we got upstairs mom headed right for the bathroom and sat down on the 
toilet. I took my usual seat on the edge of the tub right across from her. 
Now one would think that with all the pussy I licked and sucked yesterday that 
looking under mommys nightie while she was on the toilet would excite me as 
much, it still did. 
When mommy saw me leaning over to get a better view of  between her legs she 
opened them wider for me. There it was again that beautiful pink slit. She put 
her finger in the slit, moved around and lifted it towards my nose. "Smell 
good honey?  Mommys been saving her juices all night long just for her little 
man." Her finger smelled like honey to me. I took her hand and put the finger 
in my mouth so I could have my first taste of the day. Ohhh I like that she 
said and put her finger back up inside her. 
"Wouldnt you like to taste more than my finger? Come over here and make mommy 
happy." Remeber this will be your special day when you make mommy and Kathy 
feel good.
As I moved closer I watched her finger going round and round making wet noises 
in her pussy.
My balls would never make it through another day, they were hurting like hell 
already and Kathy had not even showed up yet.
I moved my mouth to where mom was playing with herself and she pulled her 
finger from her pussy and put it to my lips again. This close to her pussy her 
aroma now became twice as strong as was on her finger but it was good.
I immediately began to play with mommys pussy the way I did with Kathys the 
night before. Instead of just licking the slit I put my mouth around her pink 
button and began to gently nibble at it with my teeth. With the loud noise mom 
had made I thought I had hurt her. I immediately stopped and looked up, mom  
just looked down at me and said "you learn quickly, that was a pleasant 
surprise, go ahead and continue." So I went back to nipping at her spot. After 
a few  minutes mom said she had to pee and that I could stop for a moment 
while she went. I didnt want to stop now , I continued.
Mom then put her hands on either side of my head and lifted it from between 
her legs saying she would never be able to pee while I played with her spot. I 
just urgered her to try saying I wanted to have her pee in my mouth, just like 
yesterday. She said ok but also added I had to be gentle with her spot, it was 
very sensitive. I put my head back to her aromatic heaven and began just to 
lightly lick her spot at first. Her pee began to dribble out at first and I 
continued to lick and flick my tongue over her spot. Every now and then she 
would stop the dribble of pee and say "easy on me young man, I really have to 
go and you are not making it easy." So I slowed up licking her spot until the 
dribble of pee became a strong flow. Thats when I went back to lightly 
nibbling her spot. By now she couldnt stop peeing as her kidneys were wide 
open releasing her golden liquid from the nigh before. I continued to knaw at 
her spot each time a little harder. Suddenly mom began moaning and before 
either of us knew it she was having an intense orgasm. She was shaking all 
over and her pee looked like a fountain, spraying everywhere. I kept trying to 
put my mouth right on her pussy to catch all of her pee but she was moving too 
much. I had pee all over my face,my hair as well as my shirt. 
Mom was finally getting back to normal when she said, "We are going to have to 
do that again, you were wonderful. Now gently lick mommy clean." She stood up 
from the toilet and spread her legs, I was careful not to touch her spot at 
this point as she was still very sensitive there. I pushed my tongue up into 
her pussy and licked all that I could. She just stood there making 
"m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m" noises and gyrating her hips. 
After I had licked all the pee from her pussy she grabbed a towel, got down on 
her knees and began to wipe up whatever pee  had splashed to the floor. As she 
wipped the floor I moved closer to her and began running my hands over each 
cheek of her ass. Her nightie covered it, but the smoothness of the nightie 
combined with her beautiful cheeks felt wonderful. She must have thought so 
also because she just stayed on all fours enjoying my touches. She lifted her 
nightie so I could touch her bear bum and instructed me to keep rubbing. 
Here in front of me was my moms beautiful ass raised high in the air. I could 
see her asshole and below that, the dark moist hair of her pussy. I was 
hurting again, my balls seemed to hurt when I wasnt concentrating on mom or 
Kathy. The minute I thought about me and either one of them, the pain began. I 
decided I would only think of them and how to please them so I wouldnt hurt so 
much. Anyway Kathy and mom both said I would have my turn today.
Mom broke my concentration when she told me I missed cleaning a spot and 
spread the cheeks of her ass. I immediately got down on my knees and began to 
lick her asshole. Although it was already clean, mom liked the feeling of 
having something in her ass, so I pushed my tongue up it as far as I could.
It was at that point Kathy awoke from her sleep and came into the bathroom. 
Seeing mom on all fours and me on my knees licking moms ass, Kathy muttered 
something and disappeared from the doorway. Mom didnt seem concerned, she told 
me to keep on what I was doing.
Kathy had gone down to the kitchen to get some coffee and we joined her after 
mom was satisified her asshole had gotten enough attention.
Mom sat down at the table across from Kathy and told her how explosive an 
orgasm her little man had given her this morning. Kathy, still sipping her 
first cup of coffee didnt really seem to care, she still wasnt fully awake 
yet. As the three of us sat at the table, mom looked over at me and told me to 
take off my pants. I couldnt take them off quick enough, I almost fell over as 
I tried to pull one of my legs out of my jeans. Finally standing there in my 
underwear mom motioned me over to her. She had me stand beside her at the 
table and began to gently squeeze my balls through my shorts while she spoke 
to Kathy. It felt so good and yet painful at the same time. The more she 
kneaded my balls the wetter the tip of my penis and underwear got, but she 
kept on. This went on for a while and every time I went to say something to 
mom, she stopped her squeezing and told me it could wait.
It couldnt wait, in addition to having wet shorts and aching balls I had to 
Finally when I couldnt stand it any more I told her I had to go pee really 
bad. Mom just nodded and told me I would go when she told me to. So I stood 
Kathy got up from the table and said she had to go to the bathroom. So did I, 
but no one listened.
Mom stood up with Kathy, whispered something to her and told me to follow.
We got to the bathroom and mom told kathy to take off her night gown. I 
immediately went to the toilet took  my penis out of my shorts and waited to 
start peeing. Seeing this mom immediately said, "Young man, I told you to 
wait!" Well at least I had progressed from little man to young man but it 
still hurt not to pee.
Kathy in the mean time had gone down on all fours just like mom had done. This 
time mom put some jell on Kathys asshole and told me to stick my cock in her 
Kathy ass was very tight at first, although my penis was very small her tight 
muscles kept squeezing it back out. After about 3 tries my dick stayed in 
there. Thats when mom told me I could start peeing.
I began to, trying to push the pee out of me, straining and grunting but I 
felt only a dribble or two.
Mom then told me to close my eyes, she assured me nothing was going to hurt.
She turned the water on in the sink next to me an let it run for a while, my 
dick still nestled in Kathys ass.
Kathy during all of this kept rubbing her pussy. Soon mom took my hand, 
reminding me to keep my eyes closed and put my hand in the warm water in the 
sink. Within seconds I was peeing uncontrollably  in Kathys bum. Kathy just 
knelt there feeling the warmth of my pee fill her ass.
I couldnt believe I was able to empty my kidneys in Kathys bum, it sort of 
felt good.
Mom had now turned on the shower and told Kathy and I to step in. As we did 
mom told me to kneel down and lick Kathys cunt. 
As the warm water of the shower fell across pour bodies, mom told me to start 
nibbling at kathys spot. I did. At the same time she told Kathy to let out the 
piss I had filled her with.
Between my chewing on Kathys spot and her releasing all my pee out her ass she 
came so intensely she had to hold onto the towel rack to stop from collapsing. 
She was sort of squating with her legs wide apart and ass cheeks spread also. 
I stood up in the shower in front of Kathy but in her state she didnt even 
seem to notice me.
Mom then handed us both a towel and disappeared from the bathroom.
Kathy was moving very slowly and her face was very flushed as she dried 
"My word, I have never experienced anything like that in my life, you are 
becoming quite a young man." For the second time today I was called a young 
man...did this mean I was getting closer to releiving myself and ending the 
aching balls? 
As Kathy and I  both finished drying ourselves mom reappeared with her pussy 
cleaning bag, a douche bag I think I heard her call it once. 
Now young man lets see whats in store for you.
Kathy and she whispered to one another, they were always doing that now. Kathy 
then took the bag from my mom held it to her pussy and began to pee into it. 
Not a drop hit the floor.
When Kathy had finished peeing mom took the bag and  began peeing into it 
also. When mom had finished the screwed the top with its long hose back on the 
bag. She hung the bag upside down from the shower rod and sat down on the 
I had seen her do this many times but with plain water not pee. This time she 
called me over and told me to bend over her legs. As I did she slowly pushed 
the nozzle of the hose into my ass.
"Are you ready, you cant let any drip out, it will feel good."
There I was over my moms knee, a dick pointing straight toward the floor and 
moms best friend watching, I hope it felt good.	
Then mom released the clamp on the hose and I began to feel my ass fill with 
the warm pee. As I began to tell mom I couldnt hold it any longer she would 
stroke my cock and I would forget about everything.
Finally as the bag emptied into me mom stood up and let me sit on the toilet. 
She and Kathy knelt on either side of me.
As I began to release the pee from my bum one of them would start sucking my 
cock, the other would squeeze my balls and the flow from my ass would 
immediately stop. When I would start to go again they would also start the 
sucking and squeezing. As this went on, fluid began flowing from my cock 
uncontrollably. Mom and Kathy took turns licking it off my cock.
I was to a point where something was going to happen with my cock, whether 
they wanted it to or not! As Kathy kept sucking me mom stood up and spread her 
pussy wide in front of my face. That was all I could take, suddenly  my lights 
went out, I was in nirvana. The pain between my legs became shots of warm 
white fluid that kept going and going. Kathy was sucking it all up when mom 
said she wanted some too. By the time Kathy let go and mom started sucking my 
cock it was just about all gone. 
Mom just looked at Kathy and said "Next time I get it all." Phew, I thought I 
was going to be called a "bad boy" again.

                                                           Chapter 3 

The next morning was Saturday, I had gotten dressed and was ready to head out 
the door to play with my friends. Mom entered the kitchen just as I was ready 
to run out and said,"And where do you think you are going little man? Mommy 
has things she wants you to do for her today. Donít you want to help mommy?" 
Sure I did but this was Saturday, a play day. 
"If you want to go off and play with  your friends itís OK, but if you want to 
stay with mommy, weíll have fun too." With that I decided to stay.
Mom as usual sat down at the kitchen table in that pink nightie to have her 
coffee and I went off to the front room to watch TV. Soon mom was calling me 
into the kitchen."Sit down and lets talk" "Did you like what Kathy and mommy 
did for you yesterday?" Shaking my head yes, she immediately added "Weíre 
going to have more fun like that today. Kathy will be back in a couple of 
She then lifted her nightie and told me to come over and kiss  her pussy. 
Without hesitation I was on my knees in front of her pink slit again, kissing, 
nibbling and licking away." Youríre so good to your mommy, you really are my 
little man."
As I continued to smother my face in her pussy she let some pee escape from 
her hole. She knew how much it excited me so she would let it go every now and 
then. I made sure not a drop got away from me. After a while of this she said 
we had to go upstairs to the bathroom, she stood  up and I followed. When we 
got there she sat down on the toilet and took off her nightie. I was ready to 
get between her legs again when she stopped me and told me to suck her tits, 
just as I had done when I was little. I bent over and began sucking her 
swollen nipple into my mouth. "Nibble it, just like you did with my pussy last 
night." With that I began to very lightly nip at her nipple. She loved it. She 
just sat on the toilet rubbing her pussy letting me take her tits right into 
my mouth. Her tits although sagging a little were still very firm and when I 
bit on one of her nipples they became as hard as rocks. I just kept on sucking 
her breast when I heard her pee start to hit the water in the toilet. Without 
letting go of her breast I cupped one of my hands and put it between her legs 
to catch her warm golden liquid. When I had caught some in my hand I lifted it 
and poured that little bit of pee on her breast. As it ran down her breast I 
made sure I licked it all up. Mom liked that and asked me to do it again so as 
she released more pee I caught it and dripped it on her breasts licking and 
sucking feverishly to make sure I didnít miss any. 
As mom was enjoying my mouth on her tits, I had taken my penis from my pants 
and just let it jut straight out, not playing with it because mom would get 
upset with me. I just wanted to remind her it was hard and ready. She looked 
at it, said I had a beautiful cock and balls and proceeded to engulf both with 
her mouth. She was still rubbing her pussy but now she was sucking and licking 
my penis. Her warm mouth felt so good I immediately began to feel the spurts 
of my fluid get ready to shoot out into her mouth. Oh yes I thought, no 
waiting, no pain like yesterday. As mom also began to feel the pulsation of my 
cock she quickly wrapped her fingers around my balls squeezing tightly. "You 
canít cum yet my little man thereís much more in store for you today." 
Although I thought nothing was going to stop me from cumming, momís squeezing 
my balls immediately stopped anything from happening.
Mom stood up from the toilet and said we had to get ready to out with Kathy. 
So she stepped into the shower and left me standing there with a limp cock, 
filled with cum.
 I retreated downs stairs and flipped on the TV again. Rain had begun to fall 
so I really didnít miss playing with my friends.
The doorbell rang and Kathy was standing on the porch, this time she had a 
friend with her.
"Little man, I would like you to meet a friend of mine, her name is Sara. Sara 
meet the best little man in the world. I put out may hand and shook Saraís 
giving her a polite hello. 
I was a bit embarrassed because I didnít exactly know why Kathy had introduced 
me like that. Had she told Sara of our escapades from yesterday?
Sara, shook my hand and smiled acknowledging my hello and adding, " I just had 
a son and I hope he is as polite and as good looking as you when he grows up."
hey both came inside and sat down waiting for mom. 
Mom, hearing the doorbell immediately came downstairs, tucking her blouse in 
as she entered the room. "Sorry Iím running a little late, but I had to stop a 
leak in a pipe." She immediately looked at Kathy and me and winked.
Kathy excused herself to go out and warm up the car. Mom and Sara apparently 
knowing one another began to talk about Saraís new baby boy. 
Although Sara had nothing but good things to say about her new addition, she 
also complained how difficult it was difficult being a single mother. Mom 
having been through the same situation was  sympathizing with Sara.
Kathy was now beeping the horn in her car trying to get everyone moving. I had 
no idea where I was going but I raced to the car trying not to get wet and 
jumped into the back seat. Sara quickly followed me and so did  mom hopping 
into the front seat. It was now a miserable day, rain was pouring down, the 
car windows were all fogged and it was almost as dark as night time. 
At first I had no idea where we were going until Kathy put on her car blinker 
to turn into a curtain factory. I was not pleased with this! 
Kathy finally found a spot, parked the car and everyone started to get out. " 
Iím staying here, I donít want to go in there. Thereís nothing for me to do." 
Mom said O.K. and the three of them went on there way. 
A while later the door opened and Sara jumped in with a small package. " I 
canít afford that place with a little one to care for, itís out of my price 
range." She settled into the back seat.
Soon she asked if I wanted to play tick tack toe on the foggy windows. It 
seemed like a good diversion while waiting for mom. We played for a while 
until both of us lost interest. 
I had not noticed but as we played our game Sara had to reach for the window 
each time and her skirt had risen well above her knees. I just wondered if she 
had undies on or not.We talked for a while both growing impatient waiting for 
mom and Kathy when I noticed a large wet spot on Saraís blouse. I thought it 
to be just rain but as she noticed me looking at it she complained; " These 
breast of mine keep filling up with milk quicker than my young one can drink 
it. Thatís the second blouse today Iíve soiled." Ok what did I know I just 
knodded and looked out the foggy window for mom and Kathy to appear, I was 
really bored now.
Sara took a handkerchief from her purse and slipped it into her blouse. I 
guess it was so the stain didnít get larger. She soon complained again that 
she did not have another hanky and that everyone would notice her stains. 
It was at that point she pulled a breast out of her blouse and bra and began 
to squeeze it into  a plastic bag. I had never seen anything coming from 
anyoneís breast before so I just stared.
Suddenly, Sara was upset again saying that wasnít going to work because the 
bag was leaking.     Before I knew what I was saying I offered to suck on it 
just like I had done for mommy. 
Sara was shocked at first but then agreed, saying it might feel good. I 
immediately began sucking that rich breast. The taste was a little weird but I 
loved all fluids coming out of a womenís body. I sucked it until she told me 
to empty the other side and I moved right over to it.
It wasnít that much longer when Kathy and mom opened the car doors to get in. 
The fog on the windows had concealed what we were doing and Sara quickly put 
her breast back in her blouse.
Just as Kathy and mom sat down, Sara slipped he finger under my nose, It 
smelled like pussy,
I didnít realize it but as I was sucking Saraís breast she was playing with 
Mom turned  from the front seat to face us and asked if we wanted to go back 
home for hamburgs. I immediately said yes as did Kathy but Sara had to call 
her mother to see if she could babysit for her son a while longer.  When we 
got home Sara placed the call and it was settled, She was staying for dinner. 
Just as the night before, mom went to the cupboard pulled another bottle out 
and mixed drinks for the three of them, I just went to the refrigerator and 
got some juice. 
One more time I laid on the floor watching TV. Every now and then I would 
glance up at each of them to see if any panties or pussy was showing. No such 
They sat there all afternoon just talking and drinking.
As time went by and their positions shifted, I began to see Kathyís and momís 
panties but it was too dark between Saraís legs to see hers. 
Eventually Sara stood up and asked where the bathroom was. Mom looked down at 
me and asked me to show her where. We went up stairs and I  pointed to the 
door. Thatís when Sara asked if I could "help" her again while I was there. 
She immediately sat down on the toilet and pulled her breast out. I began to 
suck but this time I never took my eyes off her crotch. Her skirt was around 
her waist and I had a clear view of her pussy. No wonder I couldnít see and 
panties downstairs, she wasnít wearing any. Also she had no hair on her pussy, 
it looked just like mine, hairless.
This made the mounds on the side of her pussy stand out even more and her pink 
button stood right out of her pink crack.	
When she began to pee I clamped down on her nipple. I didnít mean to do it I 
just got excited. Sara immediately patted me on the head and said "Donít be so 
greedy little boy, thereís plenty for you." She had no idea that her peeing 
along with the nipple milk I was sucking sent waves through my body
I reached down and began to run my hand over her smooth pussy. Each time I did 
she stopped peeing and said "Stop that, Iíll never go the bathroom if you keep 
it up." I  moved to suck on her other nipple and also kept lighlt rubbing her 
bald pussy. 
When she finished peeing and her breasts were empty I asked If I could lick 
her pussy clean for her. Sara sat there surprised for a moment then said "I 
guess so if your mother lets you." Nodding,  I place my mouth on her pink 
button and began to lick. She briefly let out a gasp and stood up saying we 
were going to be missed. I think she was embarrassed.
When we got downstairs Kathy and mom were still talking. Mom looked up at Sara 
and asked her if she found everything she needed. Sara just looked at mom and 
said" Oh yes and your little man was very helpful." Sara sat down with them 
had another drink and joined in their conversation.
 I had no idea how much time had passed but the 6:00pm news was now coming on. 
Mom, Kathy and Sara were just talking on and on. Finally I asked mom if she 
wanted me to begin dinner.  Setting the table was easy enough and I knew I 
could cook hamburgs. All of them looked up at me in surprise, sure if I wanted 
to was momís reply. So off  to the kitchen I went .I had set the table and 
pulled thehamburg from the refrigerator. The frying pan was on the stove and I 
was ready.
Mom poked her head in briefly to say Kathy had run to the store and would be 
right back and that she was going to the bathroom and would help me when she 
I had just finished making the hamburg patties when Sara walked in. 
Immediately she asked if I had washed my hands. "Yes maím I sure did." With 
that out of the way she, came over to me and asked if I liked sucking  the 
milk from her tits. Even before I could answer she had one breast out and 
pointed it at my mouth. Unlike before, she was squirting the milk into my 
mouth. I never even got close to sucking her tits, I just drank what she 
Right in the middle of this mom came in asking if I was burning the hamburgs. 
I  was enjoying Saraís aim of the milk so much I had completely forgotten 
about the burgers.
Mom looked at Sara and said, "So youíve found my little oneís mouth, isnít it 
Sara being a little ashamed slid her breast back into her blouse. Mom just 
looked at her and said, " Itís al-right, heís my little man. he loves to suck 
on things." Sara at that point didnít hear mom at all, she just felt she 
should get out of there to save face.
In the mean time Kathy returned from the store with another bottle. "Well, I 
think we are stuck here for the night, they just closed the highway because a 
bridge fell into the river."
At that, Sara was on the phone with her mom telling  her it would be morning 
before she could get home due to the bad weather. She was also telling her mom 
that she had put up plenty of milk for the baby and that it was in the 
When all necessary calls were made mom lit a fire in the fireplace and poured 
them all another drink. Once they all knew they couldnít go anywhere they 
relaxed drank more and enjoyed the fire. 
Mom had turned off the hamburgs for now and I was back infront of the TV. 
Suddenly there was a crack of lightning and the power went off. All we had  
now were candles and the fireplace.
As the night went on, Kathy and mom began telling Sara of our exploits from 
the night before.	 I could see that Sara was as interested as every now, I 
would see her hand on her  bald pussy rubbing hard as the firelight 
occasionally got brighter and the dimmer.
It wasnít long before Kathy said she had to go pee. She picked up a candle and 
asked me to help her up stairs. 
Although  I managed to hold back my raging penis  all day it was starting to 
rear its head again.  Just the thought of what Kathy had done to me last night 
had me getting hard again. Sucking Saraís breast was one thing but Kathy 
sucking my cock was something else.
As we got to the top of the stairs Kathy told me to wait there, She told me 
she could make it the rest of the way on her own and to wait.
I was disappointed but did as I was told. Soon Kathy called out from the 
bathroom saying her candle had gone out and she needed a match. I raced down 
stairs in the semi-darkness only to see mom sucking Saraís breast by the fire. 
For some reason I really became aroused, here was mom doing  to Sara what I 
was earlier and it looked as if they both were enjoying it 
I quickly found the matches and crept quietly up the stairs so as not to 
disturb them. I stepped into the pitch black bathroom and whispered Kathyís 
name. "Are you here Kathy?" I couldnít see a thing. Suddenly in the pitch 
darkness I felt a hand grab by cock. I didnít know if I should back away or be 
happy. The unexpectedness of the moment had me confused. 
Itís O.K. my little man I heard Kathy say, we can have some fun in the candle 
light.  But I need matches, the candle went out . "Why not take off you 
clothes?" With that I looked at her  dark shadow on the toilet and saw she was 
already naked, so my clothes flew off. 
Kathy began by running her fingers down the shaft of my little cock. It had 
barely reached a full 5 inches when aroused but it could become aroused. It 
felt wonderful. 
Kathy then  took a long drink of very warm water and slipped both my balls and 
cock into her mouth. What a sensation!  I was about to lose it and cum when 
she did the same thing mom did earlier. She put her fingers around my little 
balls and pulled down...I couldnít cum, nothing was allowed to spurt out.
After about a minute or so Kathy asked if I would lick her pussy as I had last 
night. She spread her legs on the toilet and let me go to town. I loved to 
suck her pussy but began wondering about Saraís hairless slit. After sucking 
and licking  a while I  asked Kathy why Sara had no hair there and she did. 
Kathy was not aware of Saraís bald pussy but said we could do the same to her 
if we were careful. I immediately got up and went to the medicine cabinet 
where mom kept her razor and shaving cream. Kathy filled the sink next to her 
with warm water and lathered her pussy.
Within about 10 minutes she was done. Kathy was now as bald as Sara and I.
She stood up and turned on the shower in the dark and told me to wait while 
she rinsed off the soap. The candle was still flickering but cast little light 
in that dark room. 
Soon the water was shut off and Kathy was drying her beautiful breasts and her 
pussy. the shadows she cast were beautiful. I was just as hard looking at the 
shadows as I was looking at her.
It was strange that mom had not come up to check on us but I didnít mind, this 
was fun.
After drying Kathy put her hand on my shoulder and pulled me down to her 
pussy. " This is what you wanted so suck on it." With that she spread her 
pussy lips and pushed it into my face. 
I licked and nibbled for a long time before Kathy asked me if I had to pee.
To be honest if I did I had forgotten all about it. As she mentioned it, I 
realized I did and told her so.
 "Are you going to be a good boy and fill Kathy again tonite? Kathy wants your 
golden fluid, will you do that for Kathy? I shaved my pussy for you, will you 
fill me with your pee?" 
Although my cock was hard I was becoming used to peeing through a hard cock.
Kathy bent over, her ass high in the air and spread her cheeks. "Come on 
little man my ass is waiting for your warmth."
I tried to push my cock into her ass but it was too hard, not slippery enough. 
I then spit into my hand and covered her asshole with it. Now she was wet.
Again I took pushed  my cock into her butt and this time it went righth in, 
right up to my balls.
As I started to pee inside her she sounded like she was eating an expensive 
dinner. All I could hear in the shadows was "Ummmmm Ummmmm Ummmmm". While 
continuing to pee slowly Kathy asked if I could fit my balls in her ass also, 
she wanted to take all of me. I looked down at my small cock and at her small 
hole and told her I didnít think it was possible. She stopped me from peeing , 
got up and left for a little while. telling me to wait right there. 
When she returned she had an empty wine bottle in her  hands and asked me to 
gently push it up her ass. 
As wild as this all was, I donít even know if mom would approve of this.
I told Kathy to wait and went back downstairs to ask mom. Mom was on her hands 
and knees in front of the fire and it looked as if Sara had grown a cock and 
was sticking it in mommyís ass.
I dare not bother them.
When I returned to the bathroom Kathy had begun the wine press herself. The 
hole head of the bottle had disappeared up her ass and she was pushing more 
and more up there. I had never thought an ass could open that wide.
When Kathy felt she had a large enough opening she asked me to push my cock 
and balls up her ass. I must have tried, sometime in pain for quite a while 
but everything finally went in. 
Her ass had completely engulfed not only my cock but my balls and ball sac 
also. She then ordered me to pee and I began. every now and then she would 
squeeze her ass muscles and my balls would be drawn further up her ass.
Every time she rubbed her pink spot her ass muscles would tighten. It was sort 
of painful and pleasurable at the same time. 
When I finally exhausted all the pee inside of me Kathy called down to my mom 
to come up and see what we had done. 
Soon Sara and mom were at the door, candles in hand,  Sara still had that big 
thing that looked like a cock hanging in front of her.
Kathy  briefly looked up from the floor and proudly exclaimed, "Come see, I 
have your little manís cock and balls up in my ass all at once.
Sara and mom moved around to the side and sure enough I was completely up 
there. Mom sat down on the edge of the tub and began caressing the crack in my 
ass as I hunched over Kathyís ass. 
Mom began pushing her finger up my ass which caused me to push into Kathy even 
more. Soon momís whole finger was moving in and out of my ass. "Mom, it feels 
good." With that Sara took the fake cock she had on bent mom over and began 
pushing it up momís ass. We were all being ass fucked it was good. Soon I 
began to feel my balls and cock throb. I told Kathy "I thing Iím going to cum 
and with that Kathy squeezed her ass as tight as she ever had before. Her ass 
was strangling my cock and balls. She finally relaxed and started straining to 
push out my cock, balls and pee. All of a sudden one of my balls popped out of 
her ass along with a stream of pee. Then another ball squeezed out and finally 
my cock. 
Kathy was now gushing pee from her ass but no one minded, it was so dark no 
one could see.
Mom reached over and gently pulled me toward her. She had her mouth on my cock 
and was waiting for her little man to cum. Sara put her breast to my mouth and 
I sucked, Kathy kept her ass in the air and handed me the wine bottle. We all 
came and came and came that stormy night. 
I must have filled mommyís mouth with my cum that night, it just felt good.
 Mommy just looked at me when I had calmed down and said it would get better 

                                                             Chapter 4

We all slept very soundly that night. The rain and wind continued to pelt the 
house violently but we three were safe and warm.
When morning came I was the first one up. I tiptoed downstairs and immediately 
looked out the window to see if it had stopped raining, it had not. I then 
tried the light switch, the TV and a few other electrical appliances but 
nothing worked. The power was still out.
Feeling like I wanted to do something nice for the women I crawled under the 
sink and reached way to the back. I found what I was looking for, an old 
fashioned coffee pot, a percolator I think I heard mommy call it. I filled it 
full of water and coffee put the gas on high and waited for it to boil and 
soon it did. It boiled out of the pot and all over the stove.
With all the noise I made trying to stop he boiling and cleaning up Sara 
quietly entered the kitchen. Looking at what I was trying to do and the mess I 
made, she snickered a bit and began to help with the clean up. She had also 
never used a coffee pot like this but she suggested we try again but this time 
over a lower heat. It worked.  
Sara sat there in the gloomy morning light, she had only her underwear on as 
she had not intended to stay. I found a candle from last evening, lit it and 
put it on the kitchen table. I could see her better now. As I looked at her 
across the table she looked kind of young, but her breasts were exploding out 
of the small bra she had on.
She too looked over at me and caught me staring at her breasts. "They usually 
arenít this big" putting a hand under one and bouncing it up and down. "Since 
I had my baby a couple of months ago they really blew up." I told here they 
were beautiful and so was she. She blushed in the candle light and thanked me 
for the compliment. As she was finishing her coffee She cursed and said, "Iím 
leaking again, my breasts fill up more at night and unless they are emptied 
the will leak all morning."
I got up from my side of the table and walked over to her asking if I could 
help. She immediately popped one of her breasts out of the bra so I could get 
my lips around it. I sort of sucked and nibbled at the same time.She was just 
stroking my head telling me what a good boy I was.
As I stood there sucking her breasts, my penis, raging from a piss hard on, 
not to mention how Sara was exciting me,  popped out of my pajamas. Seeing 
this Sara began to caress it. I sucked and she stroked, we both became very 
excited. When I emptied her breasts she said she had to reward me for a good 
job and with that we went into the front room This time Sara was on her knees 
in front of me. She was licking the head of my cock, lightly touching my balls 
and tracing the crack of my ass with her finger. Every now and then she would 
squeeze the base of my cock which made more juice come out of the tip and she 
would lick it off. Soon she had me in such a frenzy I needed to cum. She 
turned around and told me to put my pee hole right at the entrance of her 
asshole without pushing it in. She turned around on her knees and with her ass 
high in the air spread her cheeks. Her pink asshole was opening and closing as 
she tightened and then relaxed her ass muscles, telling me again to put my 
small but erect penis to the opening.  Just as I did that she reached behind 
her and began stroking me. Soon my cock was shooing its cum into her hole, a 
lot of it didnít make it in but who cared, I felt great.
Just as I finished Sara told me I had to clean her ass of all the cum I didnít 
get in her. I turned to get a towel and she told me I had to lick it off as 
she wanted to feel my tongue in her ass. I began licking and to my surprise, I 
tasted pretty good. I licked her completely clean and thought I was through 
when she grunted a bit, still bending over and said there was more. I was sure 
I got it all but when I looked at her asshole there it was, my white cum 
dripping out. I  licked it off. Again I was finished or so I thought. Sara 
grunted again but longer and said I wasnít doing a good job of cleaning her 
and that she would have to tell my mom. I  looked at Saraís ass and saw there 
was even more than before dripping out so I licked her clean again, it still 
tasted good.When Sara was satisfied I had gotten it all she stood up and 
suggested we go into the next room and sit by the fire. We sat down on the 
floor next to one another,legs crossed and talked about the storm and when it 
would end. As we talked I looked down at Saraís crotch and began staring at 
her pink button. It was much larger than momís and actually looked like a 
penis in the firelight, it was just sticking out of the top of her crack. 
Seeing that I was staring, Sara started to squeeze it between her fingers and 
it grew even bigger! In the dim light it almost looked as big as my penis. I 
wanted to keep watching but I really had to go to the bathroom as I had not 
been since last night. I stood up saying I would be right back and Sara 
stopped me. I stood in front of her wanting to run for the bathroom when she 
pulled down my pajama bottoms."God, does that thing ever go down" she asked, 
my little pee hardon was sticking straight out. Feeling embarrassed I tried to 
turn away when she reached out and grabbed my balls. "Donít feel silly I 
really like your little penis and the way it always stays this way, it looks 
almost like mine, and she spread her legs wide." It was true, she did have a 
big thing but I still had to go. 
"If you suck me real good Iíll let you go," she said and with that released my 
I turned around, pointed my ass to the fire and put my head between Saras 
legs. I soon had Sara so relaxed, her head had fallen backward with her eyes 
shut, her knees pointed upward and legs spread as far apart as they could go. 
I had her pink button in my mouth and was bobbing my head up and down drawing 
her penis in and out of my mouth. It wasnít long before Sara moaned and a 
sudden gush of warm fluid spurted into my mouth. 
Sara just laid back with her eyes closed as I licked her pussy clean.
"Can I go now" I asked?
"Not yet" she said "I can feel my thing getting hard again, you havenít 
finished your job."  I bent over and again began licking her pussy.
It was then mom appeared at the foot of the stairs, she was still groggy from 
the night before and of course had her pink nightie on.
Ignoring what Sara and I were doing, moms only comments were;
" Is the power still out ?"
" Were you able to make coffee this morning?"
Knodding yes to both questions, mom left Sara and I to what we were doing.
By now Sara was so wet her juices were running down her slit to the crack in 
her ass. Sara pushed herself to her knees and said "I have to go to the 
bathroom, Iíll be right back." And with that she trotted upstairs.
Thatís not fair I thought to myself, I have to go too but there was nothing I  
could do, she was an adult.
I went into the kitchen to kiss mom good morning and as usual she had her 
coffee in one hand, a cigarette in the other.
"Were you having a good time?" 
"I think I really have a little pussy lover on my hands, donít I?"
A little embarrassed, I srugged my shoulders and answered yes.
As I stood in front of mom all I could wish for was that Sara get out of the 
bathroom so I could go. 
It was then mom said "I think you had better go up and help Sara, sheíll need 
your attention." Without further prompting I was gone. I knocked at the 
bathroom door and called in, "Sara, mom says you might need help. Sara told me 
to come in and I perched on my favorite seat, the edge of the tub. We talked a 
bit until Sara started peeing. My mind distracted, I stopped any conversation. 
"Can I drink your pee?" I said. Sara didnít know what to say as I had caught 
her off guard.
I quickly moved to the front of the toilet and let her stream fill my mouth. I 
think she also became excited by my wanting her pee so she stopped a minute 
and suggested she stand over me in the tub so we didn't make a mess.
I moved to the tub and laid down on my back. Sara placed a leg on either side 
of me and began to let shoot streams of pee on me. A warm spray of her pee 
went over my hard cock, my stomach, my throat and finally my mouth. Giggling 
like a little school girl she then said she wanted to do it some more.
By now mom had showed up at the bathroom door watching all that was going on. 
Without saying a word she also stepped into the tub over me and also began 
I was  being covered everywhere by their warm golden fluid. Mom and Sara 
seemed to get excited watching one another spread their legs as their pee 
sprayed off of my body.
When they appeared to be done mom told Sara to spread her pussy so she could 
lick it clean.
Immediately I whinned "But mom. you said that was my job." Taking no notice of 
what I said, mom continued to lick Sara. Sara had stepped out of the tub and 
was holding her pussy wide as mom knelt in front of her. When she finished 
with Sara,  mom looked at me and said I could clean her. While I was sucking 
her pussy she turned around saying her ass needed cleaning also. With that she 
went down on all fours and spread her ass cheeks so her hole was wide open.
I got between her legs from behind and debated a moment. It was at that point 
I pushed my pee hardon into mommyís ass and began to  pee. She never expected 
it but I had to go so bad and we had done it before I thought she would like 
it. I had taken initiative and decided mom needed to be completely cleaned out 
and also finally had a chance to go.
What was I doing?
Surprised at first mom started to pull away, then she just stopped and stayed 
where she was. I had not gone at all this morning so my bladder was full. I 
must have peed for 4 or five minutes, full force and mom took it all. When I 
was finished mom squeezed my cock with her ass muscles until it popped out and 
she rose to sit on the toilet.
"Becoming a little aggressive arenít we young man? Suppose mommy didnít want 
you to do that?"
I stood there without an answer, my head was  down when Sara  told mom that 
she should be glad to have such a sensitive young man who wants to please his 
mommy. Mom agreed and as we stood there relieved herself of all my pee. 
Sitting on the toilet legs spread apart we could see the stream of liquid 
exploding from momís ass. When mom was finished  we all went back down stairs.
 By now Kathy had awakened and was at the kitchen table.
"I heard you all in the bathroom but I needed some coffee first."
The women sat in the kitchen and I went into the front room to make sure the 
fire kept going."
It wasn't long before mom appeared with a transistor radio to see what was 
happening in the outside world. The other women soon followed and we all sat 
by the fire and listened.
There was a cold snap coming that would turn the rain into snow, about 20-24 
inches were due by tomorrow morning. 
Kathy and mom seemed to take it all in stride but Sara became upset at the 
thought of not being with her baby son another night. There was nothing that 
could be done.
Fortunately We could make it to the grocery store about a half mile away. We 
all dressed, piled into Kathyís car and went shopping. 
The store was packed with people frantically pulling food off the shelves. 
Mom Kathy and Sara split up to shop, they felt it would be quicker that way.
Mom got the meats and dry food things, Sara got the milk, bread,eggs and 
coffee and Kathy got their booze. When we final got through the checkout line 
and walked outside it had begun to snow.
The roads were already becoming real bad. Kathy was driving real slow so it 
took forever to get home.
When we finally arrived home, mom sent me out to load the back porch with wood 
so it would stay dry. The women unloaded the car and  put all of the groceries 
When I had finally brought what I thought was enough wood onto the porch I 
entered the house and took off my coat. The snow was now really beginning to 
build up out side and I was glad we had that nice fire to keep us warm.  The 
women had laid a blanket down in front of the fire and were spralled out on 
the floor exchanging stories and drinking.
I excused myself to go upstairs and get out of my heavy damp clothes. Since 
there was no TV I stayed up in my room reading comics. It wasnít long after I 
was asleep.
Some time later I was awakened when someone sat down on my bed, it was mom.
"Howís my little man doing? I didnít mean to wake you, itís getting late and I 
wanted to make sure you were all right."  I told her I was fine but bored. 
Thatís when she suggested I come down stairs to the fire and join Kathy and 
Sara and her "Itís much warmer down there and who knows what fun we can have." 
As I said OK, she said she was just going to change and would be downstairs 
It was now late in the day and daylight had just about all faded away so I 
grabbed my flashlight and headed down to the fire. 
When I got downstairs, Kathy and Sara were already in their robes sitting in 
front of the fire. I felt out of place in my clothes so I ran back upstairs to 
change into my pajamas. Just as I finished changing mom called from her 
bedroom asking if I would bring her the flashlight. She was having trouble 
seeing her way around with the power out. When I got to her room I flashed the 
light in and mom was on her hands and knees looking for her slippers. Her 
nightie was so thin it clung to her outlining her beautiful round ass. She 
turned and asked if I had a good view when she knew I was staring and then 
asked if she could have the light to look for her slippers. A little 
embarrassed I  handed her the flashlight. 
When she finally found the slippers she got up, sat on the edge of her bed and 
pointed the light right at my crotch saying "you must be bored, there is no 
activity there". She reached out and put her hand in the opening of my pajamas 
and pulled out my limp penis. It  just  hung there like a worm waiting for the 
"Let see if we canít get some life in you." With that she held my penis in one 
hand and lifted her nightie with the other. My penis immediately began to grow 
as I looked at her pussy and her beautiful breasts. She had pointed the 
flashlight right at her pussy so I had a very clear view.
"I think mommyís pussy needs some attention from her little boy, her lips want 
to be kissed by yours." With that she spread her pussy wide open, the bright 
light from the flashlight made it look even pinker than I imagined. I knelt 
down and began to lick the edge of those glorious lips, mom just laid back on 
the bed and enjoyed the attention. Soon my mouth found its way to her 
sensitive button, thatís when she began moaning. It wasnít long  before Kathy 
and Sara were at the door watching, envious of what was going on. They both 
came in, sat on the bed with mom and pulled their robes open. I didnít know 
what to do, I wanted to lick them all at once but couldnít. Thatís when mom 
came up with the game.
"Weíll all go into the bathroom, put three glasses on the floor and see which 
one can fill the glass with pee first. The winner will get 15 minutes with my 
little man, after the 15 minutes is up  weíll try again to see who gets the 
next 15 minutes. The rules are, no hands are to be used to aim the streams of 
pee and if you run out of pee you are out of the competition."   
The two of them agreed with mom as I ran downstairs to get the glasses. I 
stopped by the fire to make sure it would keep going and then ran into the 
kitchen to get the glasses. The only ones I could find that were all the same 
were beer mugs. 
When I got back upstairs mom, Kathy and Sara were all in the bathroom, robes 
and nighties off waiting for the competition. Kathy and mom were sitting on 
the edge of the tub and Sara was sitting on the toilet. They had lit candles 
so the room was fully lit with a soft glow  and were all ready to have some 
As I handed each their mugs, Kathy commented that it would take an elephant to 
fill the damn things. Mom just looked over at her and said "Too bad, you 
better have good kidneys."
That being said, they put their glasses on the tile floor in front of them and 
positioned themselves for the game. Mom looked over at me and said,"you be the 
judge, tell us when to start." 
I looked at the three of them, legs spread, standing over the mugs and said 
go. I  flashed the light on the glasses so I could see who was winning, each 
of them was having a hard time getting the pee into their glass. Sara was 
doing the best job, she would only let a little out at a time and let it drip 
down into the glass. Mom was next, her technique was to bend forward, lean 
against the wall and pee straight down. Kathy was just peeing away, splashing 
all over.
I was standing there, flashlight in one hand my penis in the other. I was 
rubbing myself so much I didnít realize that I was on the verge of cumming 
when suddenly I was tingling all over and drops of pre cum were shooting out 
of my peehole. Mom seeing this immediately said,"Now you stop that young man, 
save that juice for the winner!" I stopped rubbing and continued to judge the 
pee contest.
Looking over the three glasses it was clear that unless Sara ran out of pee 
she would be the outright winner. Then it was official, "Sara wins" I 
exclaimed. Mom and Kathy both began to walk out of the bathroom when Kathy 
said "Next time Iím going to win." 
I didnít care, I was just glad it was over so I could cum.  
Sara picked up one of the candles and walked toward momís bedroom with me 
following. When we got there she laid down on the bed and pulled me toward 
her. "Come on little man, my breasts are full again, they need to be sucked." 
She lifted one of her breast and I began to suck it. After a few minutes she 
stopped me and rolled me on my back. "I have an idea" she said, and began 
squeezing her breast so her milk ran all over my erect penis. It was nice and 
warm trickling over my balls and down the crack of my ass. She then got closer 
and began to lick it off me.  Yes, it felt great, my penis and balls were now 
completely in her mouth. I kept feeling my penis squeeze its liquid out of my 
peehole but I was not cumming. Then Sara took her mouth off my penis and moved 
up to kiss me. As the opened her mouth I could see strings of my precum 
dangling from her upper teeth. As we kissed she pushed her tongue into my 
mouth and with it my juices. It was sort of sweet.Sara then drew away and laid 
back down on the bed. Opening her pussy real wide she directed me to lick her 
pink penis. Just as I had begun and Sara began really getting into it mom 
showed up at the door and said, "Your 15 minutes are up, time to see who gets 
my little man next." 
I t was then I said I was hungry and wanted something to eat, Sara just opened 
her legs and said "go ahead and eat", her pussy was real wet and her pink 
penis wanted attention but it wasnít time yet. Mom interjected suggesting we 
all go downstairs and have dinner before we continued with our games, "It 
looks as if the storm will keep us here a while so we donít have to do 
everything at once. lets go downstairs and eat."
When we all got downstairs mom poured all a drink and began to steam hotdogs
Outside the storm had really gotten to its peak, the winds were swirling with 
snowdrifts building everywhere. There had to be at least 20 inches of snow on 
the ground and lights were out everywhere.
Sara got up from the table and went to the window to look out. As she opened 
the curtain the dim white light from the snowy evening shown in over her 
opened robe. Her breast were incredible in that light, they were large and 
swollen with milk.
It seems as a seven year old I have a habit of staring at things and getting 
caught at it.
Kathy looked over at me and said "youíre becoming a dirty old man at an early 
age." I had no idea what she was talking about. Thatís when Sara turned and 
noticing what Kathy had meant, held her hand under her left breast and asked 
if I wanted some nourishment before dinner. 
Remembering earlier in the day how her breast milk tasted so good and how she 
enjoyed it I
 said "OK".
Mom and Kathy kept talking and when mom got up to check on the hot dogs Kathy 
immediately moved over to suck on the right breast of Sara. Sara was in her 
glory, she never expected to have both breasts sucked on at once, her milk was 
flowing and her pussy was getting real wet. 
When mom turned from the stove and saw the three of us occupied, she poured  
another drink, sat down at the table and just watched. Sipping her drink, 
smoking her cigarette and rubbing her pussy. 
It wasnít long before Saraís breasts had exhausted themselves of all their 
milk. Kathy sat back up and poured herself another drink and I  grabbed the 
juice drink mom had poured and emptied it.
Looking from side to side I saw, Mom rubbing her pussy, Sara rubbing hers and 
Kathy and I sort of wondering what we should do.
It was then Kathy said that she and I would go into the other room to tend to 
the fire.
Leaving mom and Sara at the table, Kathy picked up her drink and we headed to 
the fireplace. 
When we sat down on the floor in front of the fire Kathy asked if I would play 
with her. "Sure, what game do you want to play?" She had other ideas and it 
wasnít regular games.
Kathy reached over and began rubbing my penis, as it became aroused she asked 
me to stick it in her pussy. Rolling me on top of her she tried to guide my 
small but hard penis into her crack, it just didnít reach. We tried again and 
again but it just wouldnít stay. It was then Kathy lifted her drink to her 
mouth and told me to stand up. As I stood in front of her she began to suck my 
"YEOW itís cold" I exclaimed! Mom and Sara came into the front room to see 
what the commotion was about.		
Kathy had allowed some ice cubes from her drink to stay in her mouth when she 
began to suck my penis. Whatever hardon I had was gone but as the cubes melted 
I felt her warm mouth and felt sensations throughout my body. Every muscle in 
body would tense and then relax, it felt wonderful, something wanted to squirt 
out of my body, my penis was trying but nothing came.
After that I fell back into Kathyís arms and fell asleep, the storm still 
raging outside, I felt warm, loved and satisfied.
		Tomorrow is another day to cum