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The Day I Licked Out Those Panty Wetting Brownies.


My girlfriend has been involved with the Guide and Brownie movement
for a few years now. I haven't taken any interest or notice - until

A few weeks ago she invited half a dozen of her little eight year olds
back to our place to finish making some decorations for a party they
were having for one of the leaders (Brown Owl or something like that.)
The had to use our place so that this woman wouldn't find out - it was
a surprise. I was rather pissed off as it was my birthday and we had
talked about going out for a meal. But still, they would be gone quite
early and we could go out then.

I had been out for the morning and returned home just after lunchtime
to find six little girls in brown uniforms scrabbling around in the
middle of piles of paper, all frantically cutting out and sticking and
taping. I said hello to Jenny, my girlfriend, and then decided to stay
out of the way. 

About ten minutes later as I enjoyed a cup of coffee in the kitchen
the phone rang. It was one of the little darlings mothers. Something
had happened at home and she wanted Jenny to return her daughter as
soon as possible. Jenny couldn't really refuse as it was obviously
important. She asked me if I would mind 'sitting' the other five for a
while whilst she drove little Pat back to her mom's. I had nothing
really important to do, so I agreed. Jenny introduced me to the girls,
who just carried on making and sticking, etc, and then she left with
Pat. She would be gone about half an hour.

I sat down in my chair in the lounge and watched as these elf like
girls carried on working. They seemed to know exactly what they were
doing so I just let them carry on. I picked up the paper and started
to read the sport pages. Every so often I would glance over the top of
the paper to check that everything was okay. I noticed one girl, a
blonde with long shiney hair. She was sat right opposite to me cutting
out a shape from some bright red paper. The way in which she was
sitting has made her short, brown dress ride up, and I could see her
panties. I had never been one for looking at very young girls, but
somehow this was different. I found myself looking more and more at
the girl's crotch, and getting a little turned on. Her panties were a
lovely shade of blue. A she shuffled back and forth picking things up
and putting them down they pulled into her little slit. I could see
her cunt lips quite clearly through the material. I thought that it
was a nice little cunt, then rebuked myself for even thinking such a

Just when I was settling back down to a football report she spoke and
asked, quite timidly, if she could use the bathroom. I said that it
would be fine and told her where to go. A minute or so later she was
back and sitting as she had before. I couldn't help noticing that
there was now quite a damp patch on the crotch of her panties. It made
the blue colour that much darker. The outline of her tiny cunt lips
was even more pronounced. A lovely sight!

I started to take more of an interest in the other little girls.
Several of them were sitting in an immodest way, thighs and panties
showing, and it didn't seem to bother them a bit. Stacey, a redheaded
girl, had white panties on, and I could see that there was a little
streak of yellow between her cunt lips. She too had either not wiped
all the drips up, pulled her panties up too fast, or had had a little
leak! She was fidgeting around a bit and I guessed that she wanted to
go, but was trying to finish the cutting out she was doing first. Sure
enough, a few minutes later she was hopping up and down wanting to
know where the bathroom was. I told her.

When she returned I was eager to see if she had a damp patch on her
panties too. I tried to sneak a look for a couple of minutes, but she
was facing the wrong way, and I didn't want to make my attentions
obvious. Finally, she sat down facing me, and sure enough after a few
moments her dress rode higher and higher. I almost gasped out loud.
Stacey wasn't wearing ANY panties now!

She was sat there, cross-legged, exposing her lovely little cunt to
me. It was beautiful and rounded. A plump mons - totally bear - with a
slit that seemed to go on forever. Sometimes when she moved I got the
tiniest glimpse of pinky-red as her lips parted and showed a fraction
of her inner portions. Then I started thinking - Where were those
panties and why had she taken them off?

The answer, or the only answer that I could think of, was that she had
actually had a little accident of the way to the bathroom, and didn't
want to sit around in wet knickers. Quite sensible, really! She must
have hidden them. Her uniform didn't have any pockets so I thought
that they must be in her coat pocket. I started to make small talk
with the girls and casually, after a few minutes, asked them what
types of coats they had. It was a long-winded way to go about things,
but I found out that Stacey's coat was red. I then made some excuse
about making myself another cup of coffee and left them and went out
into the hallway. As soon as I was outside I went straight for
Stacey's red coat and looked through the pockets. There, in the
lefthand pocket, I discovered a small pair of white panties. 

I immediately slipped up to the bathroom and locked the door behind
me. I sat down on the toilet seat lid and opened up the moist material
in my hand. I was right, she had had an accident. Her panties were
soaked in her pee. I lifted the material to my nose and started to
smell the aroma of little girl pee. It was a new, sweet smell. I sat
for a full five minutes smelling each piece of the material, and
getting a good sniff of Stacey. I was getting very worked up by then
and pausing only for a second selected the dampest patch on the
panties and started to suck Stacey's pee into my mouth. This was
something I had never done before, and hadn't even contemplated before
today, but somehow I was so worked up I simply HAD to do it. 

This little girls pee tasted so good. I wondered why I had never had
the urge, or tried this sort of thing before. With the taste in my
mouth, and the smell in my nose I simply had to have a wank. I was
feeling really good when I was brought back down to earth with a
tremendous crash! There was a knock at the door and a small voice
asked if I was going to be long because she was absolutely bursting
and couldn't hold it much longer! I pulled myself together ( in more
ways than one! ) and hid the panties in the laundry basket. I went
over to the door, unlocked it and opened it. There stood a little
brownie, all red in the face with her legs crossed. She pushed past me
and headed straight for the toilet. Before I could even draw breath
she had hitched up her uniform, pulled down her panties and was sat on
the seat facing me. 

By then all rational thought had left my head and I shut the door and
locked it again. The girl, Susie, didn't seem alarmed. I boldly walked
up to her, sank down to my knees and pushed her slightly back on the
seat. I told her that I had never seen a litle girl pee before and I
wanted to watch. She looked at me in a strange way for a second, then
shifted herself back a fraction more so that I could get a better
look. Her little lips were parted and I could see a small jet of her
golden liquid shoot down into the bowl. She stopped the first 'push'
and I told her to stop. I asked her if I could see inside a bit more -
she nodded and I carefully used my fingers to part her cunt lips. She
started to pee again and I could see further into her hole. I slipped
one finger a little closer and let this little angel's warm pee flow
over it. 

I heard a noise and looked round. Shit!! I hadn't shut the door
properly, let alone locked it, and there behind me stood watching were
the whole group. I went bright red - I hadn't a clue what to do. I
stood up and walked towards them. The phone rang. Saved for the moment
I walked straight past them and down to the phone. It was Jenny. She
had be asked to stay for a while and hoped I didn't mind. The girls
mothers would be round to pick them up in a couple of hours. I mumbled
that I didn't mind and put the phone down.

What to do about these little brownies?

I walked slowly back upstairs and into the bathroom, and what I saw
took my breath away. Six little brownies all standing in a row in just
their panties, save for Stacey who was nude. ( I remember where I had
put her wet ones! ) I don't know what kind of game they thought that
they were playing but I certainly wanted to join in the fun. 

It was Stacey who spoke. "Susie says she let you watch her pee. Now we
want to see you pee!"

What was I to say? I stepped forward to the toilet bowl and unzipped
my fly. My prick shot out like a rabbit out of a hole. The little
girls gathered round and looked intently at my prick. I struggled
hard. It is damn near impossible to pee with a raging hard-on! A few
little squirts of pee shot from the little hole at the end of my cock
and splashed into the water in the pan. These little girls seemed
quite excited by what they had seen.   

Stacey spoke again. "Do you want to touch my pussy?" she asked in a
very matter-of-fact way. I moved over towards her and she stood there,
nude with a great big smile on her face. I knelt down in front of her
and reached out and stroked a finger over her plump little mons. She
shuffled a bit and widened her legs slightly. My finger traced the
outline of her little slit, and then I went a little further, letting
my finger dip in between the folds of skin. She giggled. God this
whole thing was blowing my mind - I just couldn't help myself. I
picked up this little brownie and laid her on the floor, parted her
legs and started to lick at her tiny cunt. I pulled back her lips to
expose the pinkness of her cunt and lapped furiously at her clit. The
girl just rolled around under my tongue. She tasted so good. I drove
my tongue deeper and deeper into her hole as she twisted underneath
me. The other brownies were jostling for position to watch the action.
She obviously liked what was going on as she purred away as I licked
her slit. I looked up at one point to see another little brownie, no
more than 6 inches away, rubbing at her slit through her panties. My
cock was so very stiff. I had never thought that a group of little
eight year-olds could get me so steamed up!

Just then I heard a voice behind me! "Michael!!" shouted Jenny. I
turned to see my girlfriend standing in the doorway. I didn't know
what to do, what to say, what to think. I just sat on the bathroom
floor, surrounded by little brownies.
"I see you've been getting to know my little brownies. You dirty old
man. Have you fucked one yet?" I was surprised at her tone and the
language she was using. I just looked at her.
"I take that as a no." she continued. "I hope you have damaged any of
them with your big cock. They're only little girls. Well, anyway  -
I began to realize that she had planned the whole thing. She wanted me
to have sex with these little girls, she wanted to pretend to catch
me. The brownies wanted it too! From behind Jenny appeared Pat, the
girl she was supposed to have taken home. She was completely nude
except for a red ribbon tied round her middle.
"Here's your birthday present, darling! " cried Jenny. "and she fucks
too!" All the little brownies cheered as Pat walked forward and pushed
me back onto the floor. Then she climbed onto me, positioning her cunt
over my mouth. What else was I to do but lick the girl out.

I could feel lots of pairs of hands working at my jeans. Soon they had
the belt off, the buttons undone and were pulling them down my legs.
Next to go were my shorts, my aching prick stood bolt upright. I could
feel several little tongues licking up and down my tool, then a small
warm mouth closed over the end. God, I nearly came there and then. 
Pat slowly slid down my body and I got a look at all the little
brownies, now completely naked, licking and sucking at my cock in
turn. It was Stacey who had closed her mouth over my tip. Jenny
ushered them away as Pat moved back. They all gathered round to watch
little Pat position herself over my cock and slowly slip down. First
the head then two inches, then three, four, five..... This
eight-year-old was going to take six inches inside herself. Jenny
stood above her and held her under the armpits incase she needed to
get off in a hurry, but soon the little darling had taken all 6 inches
of my fat cock into her lovely warm, tight cunt. I could feel the end
of my prick touching the top of her insides. She started to move up
and down, with Jenny's help, and I could feel my prick about to burst.
I was having my cock sucked out by a tiny, eight-year-old brownie. It
was all too much. I tried to hold on, but I couldn't. My cock twitched
and I rammed it as far up into Pat as I could and deposited was seemed
like a gallon of come. 

As my cock twitched for the last time Jenny lifted Pat of and laid her
on the floor. Two little brownies immediately parted her legs and
started to take turns licking my come from their friend's bald pussy.
Stacey and another of the girls were licking my cock clean and a third
sat on my face, grinding her love box into my mouth. I obliged by
licking her as hard as I could. I could just see Jenny, out of the
corner of my eye. She was lying on the floor with her mouth open and a
small naked body was standing over her, legs apart, pissing into her
open mouth.

We have the brownies round every few weeks now and I get to fuck little
pat any time I want! We get up to loads of other things as well - but
that can wait for another time!