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Subject: Katie/Lyn Chapter 6 - Together Again (ff, teen, cons)
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The following is fiction of an adult nature.  If I believed in setting age limits for
things, you'd have to be eighteen to read this and I'd never have written it.
IMHO, if you can read and enjoy, then you're old enough. 

Chapter 6 -- Together Again

By Gina Marie Wylie
	Mom wanted to eat early, so we had soup and after dinner I went up to my room
to study.  At seven, when Lyn hadn't called, I went and got the upstairs phone
and dialled her number.  "Katie!"  Lyn exclaimed, "we just got back!  Could I
call you back in a second?  I'm about to burst!"  I laughed and hung up.
	Half an hour later it rang, and I picked it up quickly.  "Wow, what a day! 
Mom's car wasn't ready, they said they had to order a part, and it won't be ready
until Monday!"  Lyn went excitedly,  "It means I won't be able to drive us
anyplace this weekend, Mom's going to be using the car."
	"I don't think it will matter,"  I told her, wondering if this would be a
good time to mention Rachael.  "All we were thinking about was going to the park,
then to the mall later."
	"I didn't think you'd mind."  Lyn said cheerfully, then there was a short
silence and when Lyn spoke her voice was soft. "I missed you."  Sounding a little
	"Me too."  I told her.  "I'm looking forward to this weekend so much!  Do you
realize we'll be together for more time all at once than we've been together
since we met?"
	"Oh yes,"  Lyn giggled.  "And I want to make you come more times tomorrow
before sundown that we've come together since we met."
	"Considering how I feel right now,"  I told her, "that's not going to take
that long.  Maybe you should shoot for two or three times as many?"
	"I'd like a little time for myself,"  She said.
	"A lot of time.  Equal time."  I told her.  "I want to kiss you so much..."
	"Yeah,"  Lyn murmured.  "If it wasn't so late, I'd come over there and we
could work on homework or something."
	"Something certainly sounds good."  I replied, and we both laughed.  "But my
parents are both home, something would be hard."
	"I'm sitting here, touching myself, wishing it was you doing it for me."  Lyn
said, her voice a little husky.
	I thought about Rachael and blurted out, "I talked to Rachael this afternoon.
 She's never done it.  Touched herself.  Didn't even know what the word meant."
	There was a silence for a second on the other end, and I was afraid Lyn would
be jealous.  "Never done it?  Never come?"  She giggled.  "It might be fun for
the two of us to teach her."  We both giggled.  "Wonder what she's doing this
	"She wanted to know if she could come with us to the park, Saturday."  I told
her, feeling giddy wild, like my first night with Lyn, wondering what it would be
like.  For a second my mind conjured up a picture of Rachael kissing and touching
my breasts, while Lyn licked between my legs.
	Oh!  I realized with a start that I'd come, just by squeezing my legs
together and thinking about it.
	"I can tell what you're thinking about,"  Lyn told me.  I blushed, even if no
one was there.  "You really want to?"  She asked again.
	"Lyn, I love you."  I told her.  "I like being with you, making love.  Just
talking.  Rachael's nice, too.  I don't know what I think, sometimes."
	"I think we're growing up."  Lyn pronounced, "Coming of age, learning about
our sexuality. All that other BS.  When all we are is just two love-starved
teenagers, looking for a good time."  I could picture Lyn in my mind, sitting
talking on the phone, probably touching herself.  Lyn added, "Look, I'd like it
too,  Maybe Rachael could come over to Saturday to your house?  We could show her
how!"  She giggled again, "Maybe give her a little more of a demonstration than
we did yesterday."
	"She's a little shy, we don't want to come on like William."  I said, and Lyn
	"No, we don't want to do that.  But, it's not like either of us are
extroverted cheerleaders or anything.  It all she wants to do is watch, it'll be
a little kinky, but not as kinky as three of us together."  Lyn definitely knew
how to cut through emotional baggage; I grimaced.  "Katie, I have to get some
dinner if I'm going to enough strength to get through this weekend.  See you
	"Yes.  I'll be dreaming of you."
	"Love you too, Katie."
	The next morning I woke early, showered and get into the clothes I'd long
since picked out for the day.  Dark brown cord slacks, a slightly lighter cord
blouse.  I wore a pair of rather plain panties, but I tucked a racy pair of
bikini panties in my purse, well down towards the bottom and a matching bra.  I
combed my hair down my back, not bothering to braid it today.
	The morning raced by and at PE I was careful of the clothes, more so than
usual.  Rachael smiled at me, and I grinned back.  Again, at the end of the
period, Rachael was asked to gather equipment, I stayed to help.
	"How come you get this chore all the time?"  I asked; it had occurred to me
that Rachael had been doing it a lot, not just in the last couple of days.
	Rachael nodded towards Miss Prather, the coach.  "I was having some problems
earlier in the year with one of the other girls, Miss Prather said I could do
this and miss the mess in the showers. She's nice."
	I assented and again we were in the shower as most of the others were
leaving.  I washed quickly, but standing so I could see Rachael, who in turn was
standing facing me.  She blushed, but didn't look away, even when I spent a few
extra seconds rubbing the soap between my legs.  Rachael's nipples were very
tight, I could see.  She was enjoying herself, too.
	I happened to glance out of the corner of my eye, seeing someone standing a
ways back from the entrance to the showers.  Miss Prather.  She was just standing
there, watching us.  Rachael put up her soap and started to rinse, just before I
did the same, I saw the tip of Miss Prather's tongue, wetting her lips.
	We dried off and Miss Prather 'stopped by' to talk as we dressed.  "You both
must have lunch now, right?"
	Rachael nodded, and "Kate helped me the other day."
	Miss Prather nodded.  "I heard.  You have to be careful, Rachael."
	Rachael sighed.  "It's hard to be afraid of people all the time."
	"Not afraid,"  Miss Prather said, "just think about what you're doing.  There
are far more nice people in the world than clowns,  you just want to make sure
who you are dealing with."  Miss Prather was spending a lot of the time looking
at Rachael, particularly when she was sliding on her panties and settling her bra
in place.  I came in for a couple of quick glances as well.  Evidently Miss
Prather preferred someone a little more endowed, as she always quickly went back
to looking at Rachael.
	As the two of us were walking to lunch, I couldn't help but say, "You have
quite a friend there."
	Rachael looked at me, a little puzzled.  "She's been nice.  We talk, a lot,
sometimes after PE.  She's trying to get a math degree; she says she hates PE
nearly as much as we do."
	"You don't believe her?"  I asked, uncertain what she meant.
	Rachael laughed.  "She's a PE teacher; a coach.  If she didn't like it, why
does she do it?"
	Because, I thought, she got to watch the girls shower.  And talk to them as
they got dressed.  "She doesn't seem like most of the other teachers,"  I agreed,
"maybe she didn't have any choice."
	I touched her sleeve.  "I talked to Lyn, last night.  Her mom's car is still
in the garage, so we're not going to the park.  We were just going to hang out
tomorrow at my house; maybe in the afternoon, take a bus to the mall.  You'd be
welcome to come over, anytime."
	"Really?  Lyn doesn't mind?"
	I shook my head.  "She likes you too, you know.  We both like you."  I didn't
want to go into just how much I liked her, and in truth I couldn't speak for Lyn
either.  It was still a radical idea.  We ate and talked like we'd been friends
for years and I hated it when it was time to go.
	The afternoon was like the morning, racing by.  I'd been afraid it would
drag, but my degree of anticipation seemed to match the sundry busy work the
teachers had us doing on a Friday afternoon.
	The last bell rang and I bolted out the door, dashed into the restroom and
grabbed a stall.  I quickly changed panties, put on the other bra and stuffed the
rest back in my purse.  Even as fast as I was, Lyn was looking a little worried
when I saw her at her locker.
	I stopped, a few feet away, amazed.  "You're wearing a dress!"  I exclaimed. 
It was really nice, dark brown like my clothes, with hints of darker colors, even
a little blue.  A full dress, too, not just a skirt and blouse.
	Lyn smiled at me.  "You're the first person to notice today, except for my
mother; she helped me pick it out."
	"It's lovely."  I reached out and took her hand; the hell with what people
thought.  "You're beautiful."
	Lyn squeezed my fingers, quickly, before we both let go.  "I wore it just for
you."  Her voice was much more quiet than usual.  "Besides, it we're going to
walk to your house, I'd get all hot and sweaty in jeans.  This way, at least
there's a draft."  We both giggled and Lyn picked up a back pack, and we started
on the walk home.
	I usually walked the two miles in twenty minutes or so; it always seemed like
a million miles and twenty hours.  Today it sped by like the rest of the day as
we talked and chatted, lightly flirting, occasionally brushing fingers.
	I let us in the front door, my fingers only able to work the key because of
long practice; I was trembling almost uncontrollably.  We went inside and Lyn
shut the door, shrugging out of her pack, while I sat my purse down on the table
by the door.
	"I told myself I would not make a fool of myself,"  Lyn said, stroking my
arm, "by leaping upon you as soon as we got through the door and dragging you to
the floor.  But, Katie, I really want to."
	"It's okay with me,"  I whispered, "but my bed would be much more comfy."  I
leaned close and kissed her, and in a second our arms were around each other,
hugging the other tightly.
	Lyn's hand dropped to my bottom.  "I love these pants,"  she said as she
massaged each cheek with her fingers, "Next time I won't buy a dress, it'll be
pants like these."
	It felt every bit as good as I'd hoped, and I kissed her fiercely, telling
her how much I approved of everything so far.  After a minute Lyn smiled at me. 
"I can't tell if you want to go to bed here or go to bed there."
	I used my tongue to slurp one of her ears.  "Lyn, I want to go to bed."  We
both laughed, and again she pressed her body against mine.  Lyn started undoing
my blouse buttons, I responded by continuing my assault on her ear.  Lyn slid her
fingers under my bra to stroke my nipples, pushing my lacy bra out of the way.
	"I love you,"   Lyn murmured, looking at my bare breast.  "I love your little
titties, I love kissing them."  Her head dipped, and her tongue sought out the
hard center of my nipple, licking and sucking on it.  I ran my fingers through
her hair, enjoying the smooth feel of it, soaring with pleasure as I neared an
	Lyn switched attention to my other breast, and I did come; light and sweet. 
I looked at her, wanting Lyn so much.  I reached out and took her hand in mine,
tugging lightly, "Come, there's been something I've been wanting to do all week."
 I led her, hand in hand, up to my bedroom, where I undid the zipper of her
dress, drawing it down.  I carefully slid the dress from my love, hanging it
carefully out of the way, carassing Lyn only a few times.
	I turned back to her in more of a hurry, and undid her bra, letting it slide
carelessly on the floor, then I slid my fingers under the waistband of her
panties, pushing them down.  Lyn cooperated gladly, kicking them away.   I took
her both her hands as I laid down on the bed, pulling her to sit on my chest.
	I kissed her inner thighs, using my tongue to explore the two little hollows
where her legs joined her body, making her shiver with pleasure.  My hands rode
up over her breasts, tweaking her nipples, making them the hard nubbins I
remembered.  "Dear Katie,"  Lyn sighed, as my tongue got closer to its goal, "I
could move and we could both enjoy this."
	I looked up at her and grinned.  "I'm enjoying this very much.  This is for
last Saturday, to repay you for how wonderful it felt."  I blew lightly on the
soft down between her legs, then followed up with my tongue.  Her taste was a
little different from earlier in the week, more salty, more smell of
perspiration.  It wasn't unpleasant, I thought, as my tongue swivved her clit,
then sucked on the little organ.
	I ran my fingers lightly over her bottom, stroking delicately in the crevice,
then kneading her firm cheeks as my tongue pressed into her vagina, plunging as
deeply as I could.  Lyn sighed, then as I worked my tongue in and out, let out a
small moan.  I looked up at my love; her hands were massaging both her breasts,
devouting much attention to her nipples, the look on her face was sheer bliss.  I
pressed her bottom, pushing her more firmly towards me, striving to stick my
tongue ever further inside her.
	Lyn came for the first time, and I shifted my attention back to her clit,
licking and sucking on it, until she came again.  Lyn slid down, kissing me
lightly as she lay on top of me.   "Katie, that was so wonderful!  I can't
believe we had to wait so long!"  Her tongue licked at my mouth and I lifted mine
to her kiss.  Our oral digits dueled delightfully until Lyn lingeringly licked my
teeth.  A spasm of electric excitement ran through my body, and I ran my hands
over her bare back, eliciting little sighs of satisfaction.
	Lyn lifted herself a little up.  "How did I come to be undressed, and you
	I giggled.  "You were wearing the dress. So you ended up undressed, and I
ended up partially unbloused.  I still need work there, then I need to be
	Lyn moved to brush her nipples against mine, a heavenly feeling.  "I wish we
knew more about making love,"  She sighed softly.  "Not that this isn't nice," 
she added hastily.  "But there are bound to be things we don't know that would
feel as nice as this."
	"We're learning as we go,"  I agreed, "and fun it is."  I ran my fingers over
her firm bottom and pressed her to me.  Lyn was right about my not being
undressed, it would have felt much nicer if it was Lyn pushing against me rather
than my slacks.
	Lyn arched her back and moved between my legs.  Definitely time to lose the
pants, I thought.  Lyn smiled as she looked into my eyes, then lifted up and
worked the snap of my pants, and together we managed to wiggle them off without
dislodging Lyn from her perch.  When we repeated it really did feel much better
to have Lyn's pussy hairs rubbing through mine, and when our clits touched, that
was special too.
	For a long time we lay together, kissing and stroking each other,  moving
together in wonderful contact.  Lyn kissed and rubbed my small breasts
assiduously, and I really liked it.  "I wish they would grow more,"  I whispered.
	Lyn smiled, "Dearest Katie, I can't tell you how much they turn me on just
like they are.  Besides, a boy told me once that anything more than a mouthful
was wasted."  Lyn sucked my breast inside her mouth, using her tongue on my
	I sighed with pleasure.  "I'd be happy with a mouthful,"  I murmured,
enjoying her ability to rouse my nipples to happy hardness.  Lyn giggled, but
kept on doing what she was doing.  Her fingers moved across my stomach and sought
out the little button between my legs, rubbing it tenderly, but firm enough so
that I came after only a few minutes.  Lyn slid down my body, dragging her
breasts across my skin, until her tongue replaced her finger, then it too dipped
into my pussy.
	I don't know how long Lyn kept at it, but I came several times, and when
finally I could take no more, pulled her up so that I could lay in her arms, and
we could trade little sweet kisses.
	For a while we drowsed, replete and happy.  Lyn finally stirred.  "I don't
know about me, dear Katie, but you need a shower."
	I blushed, something that was at least happening less often.  But she was
right; I was sweaty and sticky, with mixtures of my juices intermingled with
hers, dried here and there on both of us. "Yes,"  I told her, "I hate to move,
	Lyn kissed me on the forehead.  "Come on, lazy bones!  Let's get wet!"  She
jumped out of bed, dragging me by the hand towards the bathroom and the shower.
	We had a giggling dispute how hot the water should be, managing to splash a
lot of water around.  Finally Lyn lathered my body, as I reciprocated, taking
special care of her breasts.
	We kissed, my tongue spearing into her mouth; hers welcoming the invasion,
trying to trap mine into some corner for what ever purposes one tongue chases
another.  Her hands ran more soap over my body, then one finger penetrated inside
me and I froze, savoring the rapture of having my lover attending me.  I pushed
hard against the finger inside me, and Lyn added a second finger, moving in and
out rapidly, the heel of her hand pressing down on the outside of my pussy.  I
cried with pleasure, making loud noises until I came, and even then I bucked my
hips against her plunging fingers until I came again.  I hugged Lyn to me, hard,
not ever wanting to let her go.  That's when the hot water ran out.
	I dragged the sheets off my bed, making a mental note to do laundry before
mom got home.  I knew she'd said she was understanding, but multiple changes of
linen?  Finally we were together again, wrapped in the darkness of early evening,
holding each other tightly; as if there would be no tomorrow, or even a later
tonight.  Looking at Lyn though, I knew there would be times later tonight...and
tomorrow, and for a long time after that.

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