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Subject: Katie/Lyn Chapter 3 - Tomorrow (ff, teen, cons)
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The following is fiction of an adult nature.  If I believed in setting age limits for
things, you'd have to be eighteen to read this and I'd never have written it.
IMHO, if you can read and enjoy, then you're old enough. 
Chapter 3 -- Tomorrow

By Gina Marie Wylie
	I went inside, my mother was sitting crocheting on the sofa.  "Have a nice
time, dear?"  I nodded, too aware of the fact that I hadn't gotten my bra back
on.  She didn't look up, and I went straight upstairs and closed my door with a
sigh.  I stripped out of my clothes and tossed them in the dirty clothes basket.
Even my panties; they were still soaked.  I went into the bathroom and washed my
face and sundry personal places, staring blankly at myself in the mirror, moving
by rote.
	I didn't look any different, I thought, than I had this morning,  no big
scarlet L blazoned on my forehead.  I couldn't believe that an hour ago I'd been
lying in Lyn's arms, kissed and being kissed.  My fingers stroked one of my
nipples.  It had felt so good with Lyn, so very, very good.  I remembered her
tongue on my clit, her hands running over my bottom, and I shivered in pleasure.
	Why Lyn?  Why me?  She'd started calling me Katie, tonight.  When my parents
had called me that when I was younger I'd hated it and made them stop.  Now the
tingle grew between my legs and I felt wonderful and alive and Katie sounded so
	I laid down on my bed, rubbing my clit, spreading the moisture that was still
coming down my legs on it, and rubbing harder and faster.  I came gaspingly, but
continued to rub, slower now, just savoring the wonderful feeling, hovering just
on the edge of another orgasm.  This morning I'd been a virgin.  Tonight I was a
woman, with a woman's wants and needs.  I'd been made love to, and only
circumstances had stopped me from repeating the favor back to Lyn.  I ached with
wanting her, wishing we could be together again, so that we could make each other
feel what I was feeling right then.  I hoped Lyn was feeling as good as I did,
right then.  I visioned her sitting on my face, and I brought my fingers close to
my nose, smelling myself.
	Was this what Lyn would be like?  I lightly licked my finger, thinking I was
too strange, but it was exciting.  Earlier I'd tasted myself when I'd kissed Lyn.
 This was a little different, but so exciting!  My finger went back to rubbing my
clit, my other hand working on my breasts and nipples.  Oh, Lyn!  I thought as my
last orgasm of the night blazed in my body, I want you so much!
	When I awoke Sunday morning I laid in bed, still thinking and wondering about
myself, about Lyn.  I was careful not to touch myself, or even think much about
what we'd done last night.  I showered quickly, putting on a t-shirt and jeans,
before going out into the light of day.  The day was filled with prosaic
normalcy; chores around the house.  Working on homework, and around noon, I
picked up the phone and called Lyn.
	"Don't have much time,"  She said.  "How are you?"
	"A little sore,"  I told her, "wonderful."  She laughed.
	"We're going out shortly, we won't be back until tonight.  Katie, what lunch
period do you have?"
	"Drat, I have second.  No wonder I don't see you at school."  That and she
was a sophomore and I was a freshman.  It was odd how much segregation took place
by class at school.  I'd not thought about it before, but it was true.  Except
the boys, of course, wanting to date younger girls.  "How about after?"
	After?  "I walk home.  I usually study until six or so when my parents come
	"Want a ride?"  I could see her face in my mind, see the merry twinkle in her
	"That would be nice.  It's about a mile; a nuisance."
	"Maybe we'd have a little time and you could show me your room?"
	I laughed.  "Sure.  Nothing much there except a closet and a dresser.  And a
bed, of course."
	"Sounds good to me.  Look, I have to go.  My locker is next to the computer
lab.  Meet me there, okay?"  I agreed and hung up.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow, Lyn and
I would be together again.  I almost floated away, but a reminder that it was my
turn to vacuum the living room brought me back down fast enough.
	That night I resisted the impulse to seek personal gratification and limited
myself to daydreaming about coming home with Lyn the next day.  I fell asleep
without trouble and slept solidly, I dreamed but couldn't remember in the morning
even so much as whether they had been good or bad.
	Clothes were the first decision of most days; today more so than most.  There
was just no way I could dress as sexy as I wanted to look for Lyn.  Mom wouldn't
let me out the door, and the school would send me home long before the last bell.
 I pursed my lips.  What to do?
	Nothing.  There wasn't much I could do.  So, fall back on the second line.
Lyn and I were going to come back here after school and make love.  I was going
to make love to her, anyway, but I knew she and I would both be undressed before
we finished.  So, if not sexy clothes, then sexy underwear.  Except; I'd never
had any reason to acquire any.  Besides, what did Lyn think was sexy?
	I'd settle for wearing my one black bra, a light one I'd worn the one time
I'd worn a evening dress;  rented for a reception my parents and I had been
invited to for the marriage of a cousin.  But the only black pair of panties I
owned were old and ratty and not much good.  I looked through my drawer, digging
down to the bottom.  There I found something I'd forgotten I'd had.  One of the
very first bras mom had bought me, before I put my foot down and insisted on
doing my own buying.
	Still, it was just what I wanted.  I didn't have anything to support or push
up, so this would work just fine.  Thin nylon cups, dainty lace around the edges.
 No spandex, no elastic.  I put it on; in spite of a year of growth, it still
fit.  I dug down and found the matching pair of panties, and pulled them on. They
didn't fit.  I giggled, looking at myself in the mirror.  They might not fit, but
from the attention Lyn had paid to my bottom the other night, she wasn't going to
complain about what was sticking out.
	For a dress I found a brown one, floor length.  A few years before we had
been on vacation and mom and dad had took me to Berkeley, where they had gone to
college.  The campus looked no different than the campus where dad taught, I
didn't see anything special about it.
	I can't remember the name of the main street leading to it, but we'd walked
along it, my parents reminiscing about the 'good old days.'  I thought that a lot
of weird people lived along the street; a lot of the stores were little more than
head shops.  We'd gone into a store, and I'd seen a beautiful dress, one with
some exotic print patterns on a crinkly fabric that I'd never seen before.  It
was love at first sight and mom had got it for me, a strange look on her face.
Evidently she'd liked some thing very much like it, long ago.
	I normally braided my hair, today I just brushed it a few times, and left it
down.  I felt horribly conspicuous, but no one said a thing or appeared to
	Donnie sought me out at lunch, trying to apologize for the weekend.  I shook
my head; he'd made a scene, and I turned my back on him and walked away.   I
think I'd have done the same thing, Lyn or not.  Before when I'd broken up with
someone, I'd felt bad about it for a few days.  Again, I don't think it had
anything to do with Lyn; this time I wasn't sorry at all.  He'd been a jerk,
wrapped up in his own world.  I could do better; and had.
	The last bell rang and I picked up my books in English, feeling more nervous
than even Saturday when I was walking towards Lyn at the mall.  I found her at
her locker and she smiled, shyly.  Lyn was wearing jeans and a print blouse; no
different than half the other girls in school.
	She grinned.  "You keep wearing dresses."  She shook her head.  "I don't even
own one!"  I was startled, I thought all girls owned dresses.
	She saw my expression and laughed.  "We're different, you and I.  It's nice.
Which reminds me, too.  I need to give you that skirt back; I have it in my car.
If my mom ever saw it, she'd know something was up."
	I blushed and Lyn giggled.  "Come on, I'll give you a ride."  We walked down
the hall, a trickle of kids still left.
	We got in her car; it was hot and we had to roll the windows down.  "Home?"
She asked.
	I was nonplussed; wasn't that what we'd planned?
	Lyn giggled.  "You need to loosen up Katie; relax.  Life is good."  The way
she said last three words reminded me of a commercial playing lately; I didn't
think it was coincidence.  She started the car, and carefully backed out of the
parking space, and started towards the exit.  "No mist on the windows tonight." I
blushed again, and again, Lyn laughed.
	"Katie."  She said, as we stopped at a stop sign and she looked at me.
"You're not having regrets are you?"  I shook my head.  "Why are you so
embarrassed, so uptight?"
	I waved at school.  "Them.  Me.  I don't know."  I reached for Lyn's hand. "I
still feel like I did the other night about you.  That hasn't changed."  We
started up again, and we rode in silence.
	"I've been thinking about you, practically non-stop."  Lyn told me.  "I'm
scared that you will think this is stupid or crazy and pull back."
	"Lyn, this is stupid and crazy.  But pulling back isn't what I want to do
right now."
	"Come sit next to me."
	I looked at her and looked around us, at the other cars and the other people
on the road.  I took a deep breath and inched a little closer.  We stopped at a
light and she touched my knee.  "I wasn't sure you would."
	"I wasn't sure either, Lyn."  I said quietly.  "I want to take you up to my
room, take off your clothes and kiss you and love you like you did for me the
other night.  I know I want that.  I just don't know about letting other people
know how I feel about you."
	"Last night my mom told me that she thought you were very nice."
	"She should have come home a few minutes earlier."  I said without thinking.
	"Mom said that I had done a lot worse than you in the past."
	I stopped and thought about that.  Then blushed again.  Would I ever learn
not to do that?
	"When I was younger, Mom told me that I was pretty grown up for my age.  She
trusted me.  She said that she knew teenagers always ignored adults when it came
to advice on how to live their lives, she'd done it herself.  So, she said, she
wasn't going to do much more than to offer a few pointers.  Don't go out with
people you don't like.  Don't hate yourself the next day.  Remember that she and
my dad love me, and would like to think they didn't raise a stupid moron for a
	We pulled up in front of my house.  Lyn reached out and touched my hand.
"Look Katie, I'm a little scared too.  I know how bad the other kids are when
you're a little different.  But I don't like to sneak, either.  I don't know how
I could go with you to a movie, or walk in the park and not want to touch you,
hold your hand.  Kiss, maybe."
	Lyn sighed.  "But we can't, I know that.  I just don't like it and wish it
was different."
	"Me too."  I took a deep breath.  "Come on, I'll show you my room."  She
grinned at me and we walked into the house.
	I took Lyn's hand and led her up the stairs and down the hall to my room.
Inside I set my books ad purse down on my desk and turned to her.  I walked the
two steps to her and we smiled at each other, before breaking into giggles.  "We
look so serious."   I murmured.
	"You look serious."  Lyn replied.  "I'm just horny."
	I leaned close and kissed her and Lyn kissed back.  Our arms went around each
other and we hugged each other, and I pulled her tight against me as my tongue
slid into her mouth.  "I'm horny too,"  I whispered, and I saw her smile, but
mainly we kissed.
	Our tongues lunged and caressed, she ran hers over my teeth, new and
electric.  I ran my hands down her back, and over her bottom; something I
remembered from the other night that I had really liked.  Her bottom was firm and
round, and even through the jeans it gave me a special tingle, and I pressed
harder against her.
	Lyn looked at me with a dreamy look in my eyes.  "If any boy ever kisses me
like this, I'm not going to be able to say no."
	Without thinking I said what was on my mind.  "No boy could," and I ran my
hand over her breasts, down to the front of her jeans.  "No one could want you
more than I want you."
	"Oh, Katie,"  Lyn sighed, "kiss me some more.  Touch me, touch me!"  I did
both, one hand running over her breasts, trying to tease her nipples through the
fabric of her blouse and bra, the other undoing the snap of her jeans, and diving
under her panties, stroking the hairs between her legs.
	"I want to kiss you,"  I told her, my fingers working the zipper of her
jeans, then sliding them and her panties down.  "I want to kiss you here so very
	My finger found her clit, and stroked it, and my whole body was aching with
wanting her.  Lyn in turn was working my dress up around my hips, then over my
head.  "Dearest Kate,  we can do it together."  She whispered.  I undid the
buttons of her blouse, as she disposed with my panties. She drew me down on my
bed, both of us now nude.  We kissed for a minute, and I wanted to rub myself
against her, but she was firm, pushing me around. Belatedly I understood her goal
and moved myself, eagerly, so that my lips were between her legs, and hers mine. 
Lyn began to kiss and lick my inner thighs; sending delicious thrills and chills
through my body.  I was intent on doing for her, what she had done for me on
	My tongue found her clit, very different from mine, elongated, red and stiff,
sticking way out.  Mine was small and pink, round and hard.  Lyn gasped as I took
hers into my mouth, running my tongue around it.  For several seconds all I could
hear was the sound of my tongue and her small gasps of pleasure and arousal. Then
she started her tongue licking inside me, probing as deep as it could reach.
	I nibbled slightly on her clit, and she ran her hands over my bottom,
sticking high in the air, and I shivered with pleasure.  In turn I did the same
to her, constrained because she was laying on her back.  I used my tongue to lick
between her legs, running it over her inner thighs, caressing my love.  Lyn let
out a groan, and I dipped my tongue for the first time inside her, tasting the
odd, strange musk of her sex.  Lyn gasped, and her tongue stopped moving against
me; but I didn't mind.  Instead I began to see how deep I could plunge myself
into her, how many of her driblets of fluid I could hunt down and lick clean.
	It wasn't anything you could ever do properly; two such different goals.  Lyn
let out a small shriek, then another, a deeper, guttural sound of the utmost
pleasure one person could give to another.  Her tongue roused into life for a
second or two, and I felt a deep thrill, then Lyn sagged back limply.  "Darling
Katie."  Her voice stopped, and I felt her hands press on me.  "I want to kiss
	I moved back to where we had started, and she hugged me, and our lips met
again.  What was it like for her, tasting herself, as I had tasted myself the
other night?  It must have been good, because her tongue and mine dueled for a
long time.  "Mmm."  she murmured, looking up at me.  "You are divine.  So
wonderfully beautiful."  Her hands stroked down my body, touching my breasts.
	I ran mine over hers, startled as her nipples grew stiff, and much larger.
"Oh yes, dear Katie, kiss me, kiss me!"  I leaned down and did as bid, and for
some time did nothing else.  Lyn let out another soft cry, and I saw she was
	"Sweetheart?"  I asked, still not sure how I wanted to talk to her.
	"Oh Katie, this is so wonderful.  I wish we could spend a week in bed
together.  I hate to stop."
	I saw her eyes were on the wall clock, I turned around and was shocked; we'd
been making love for almost an hour and a half!  It seemed only like seconds!
"Mom!"  I stuttered, "she'll be home any time!"
	Lyn pressed her hands on my bottom, pushing me down like I'd enjoyed the
other night.  For a minute I felt my wetness mix with hers; I came, abruptly and
felt like I couldn't move at all.
	"Dearest Katie,"  Lyn whispered. "I love you."
	"I love you."  I stood up, my knees wobbly.  "But, Mom..."  My fears were
overcoming my desire.  Lyn nodded, and stood too.  We watched each other dress,
silly grins on our faces, and when we were done Lyn pulled me to her and kissed
me , but stopped after a second.
	"We should wash our faces."  She giggled.  "I smell like you, and you smell
like me.  Someone's bound to notice."  We did so and ten minutes later when my
mother came home, we were sitting quietly in the kitchen, books open.
	"You must be Lyn,"   Mom said.  "Kate is really bad with introductions."
	"Hi!"  Lyn said, "We're working on our geometry.  Kate and I have the same
teacher, and he's so hard..."
	Mom laughed.  "So I've heard from Kate, since the second day of the year."
	I reached deep inside myself, looked my mother in the eye, trying not to show
anything of what I felt.  "Mom, we have a big test in geometry Monday.  Could Lyn
come stay for part of the weekend?  So we can study together?"
	"Your dad and I were going fishing,"  she said.  "You know that."  She
stopped, then laughed.  "What am I talking about?  We were going to leave you
home on your own!  Sure, Lyn can come over; stay as long as you like, Lyn."  She
grinned.  "It's good to see you making friends, Kate."  She started to turn away,
"I've got to get out of these clothes and get a start on dinner.  Nice meeting
you, Lyn."
	When she was gone I said in a low voice.  "Sorry, I just assumed.  Can you
come over, this weekend?"  I smiled, "They're leaving Friday evening, won't be
back until Sunday afternoon."
	Lyn's eye gleamed.  "I have to ask.  Mom will say yes.  Dad doesn't give a
rip.  I have to have it quiet when I study; he says it messes up his football
games."  Lyn reached out and touched my arm.  "After school, Friday?"
	My eyes lit up.  "Oh, yes!"
	"Two days together,"  Lyn added.  "We can practice all sorts of things!"
	I looked at her without expression, "Again and again and again."  We
dissolved into giggles, looking forward to the weekend.

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