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Subject: Katie/Lyn Chapter 1 -- At the Movies (ff, teen, cons)
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The following is fiction of an adult nature.  If I believed in setting age limits for
things, you'd have to be eighteen to read this and I'd never have written it.
IMHO,  if you can read and enjoy, then you're old enough to read and enjoy.
I wasn't planning on posting everything again, but people keep asking for these to
be reposted.  So, once again, all the chapters I've finished.  Gina Marie Wylie.  
Chapter 1 -- At the Movies
By Gina Marie Wylie
	I looked at Bill Shearer with a weary expression on my face.  He was talking
at length about his latest Nintendo victory and I was about bored out of my skull
with it. I didn't go out on many dates; I thought to myself, and it certainly
showed up in the quality of the date I go on.  Before Bill it had been Randall;
he'd wanted to get in the back seat and neck.  If that had been all that he
wanted, we might have had a good time.  At least Bill was more or less harmless
that way. Dull, though.  For the millionth time I wondered how you met someone
who was interesting?
	Suddenly Bill was waving, and I saw someone across the movie theater wave
back. I turned my head to get a better look, as Bill was saying, "There's the
friend I was telling you about, Donny Wilder."  Donny was short, a trifle pudgy
and he was trailed by a girl about my own age. She was petite, about five feet
two, thin, with long brown hair, down past her shoulder blades. "Kate,"  Bill
said introducing us, "This is Donny Wilder, he's in physics with me, Donny, this
is Kate Hanson."
	I nodded at him and he nodded back. "This is Marilyn Swain, except she likes
to be called Lyn."  The two boys sat down next to each other, and immediately
started talking about some new Nintendo game Donny had gotten.
	Lyn smiled at me and held out her hand. "Nice to meet you, Kate."
	I lightly shook her hand.  Her grip was firm.  Did she squeeze back? It was
hard to say.  I was a little intrigued. "Nice meeting you, Lyn. Looks like we're
losing out to a machine."
	She laughed, a pretty sound.  I found myself watching her every move. After a
minute or so I realized she wasn't wearing a bra; I found the idea oddly
exciting. "Yeah.  Donny can be a real bore sometimes. Particularly when he's
talking about his damn Nintendo games."
	I couldn't say why, but I kept glancing at Lyn as the two of us sat by
ourselves, talking, deserted by our dates.  Lyn was wearing jeans and print
blouse, the top two buttons of which were undone.  Just before the lights went
out, Lyn leaned down to get some gum out of her purse. My eyes were drawn to the
last undone button and I found I could see one of her breasts; small and conical,
mostly nipple, down the front of her blouse. It was strangely thrilling, more so
when she straightened back up and I saw her expression.  She'd done it on
purpose!   She'd wanted me to peek!  I felt tingly in my middle.
	The lights flickered and to my surprise Bill made no move to get up from his
seat and join me; so I stayed where I was, while Lyn at least was sitting next to
Donny.  It seemed like during the entire movie Bill and Donnie kept talking to
each other.
	At one very dramatic point in the movie I felt Lyn reach over and squeeze my
hand, just for a second. I glanced at her from the corner of my eye and saw she
was looking at me. I gave a little squeeze back, surprising myself.  I could see
a smile on Lyn's face while her hand tarried on mine another second, then moved
away. Later, Lyn was digging in her purse for a kleenex and when she straightened
up her fingers brushed my bare leg.  I found I was more thrilled than if Bill had
done it; not that he would.  I wasn't sure if Lyn was interested in me, but I
decided that I wanted to find out.  At one juncture during the movie I reached
out and put my hands on my leg, but such that the back of my hand was brushing
Lyn's thigh. Lyn's leg seemed to press more firmly against mine.
	After the movie Bill wanted to go over to Donny's house to try out the new
game. I didn't particularly want to, but Lyn pleaded with me to come along. The
drive over to Donny's house was fairly short and in a few minutes the two boys
were lost in the damned machine.  Donny's parents were out someplace and the four
of us were alone in their big house.  Lyn and I watched for a few minutes as they
turned on the computer game and played, ignoring us.
	Lyn announced she wanted to go freshen up. They hardly noticed and Lyn and I
went to the main bathroom. It reminded more of a public bath; there was a long
counter in front of a mirror and a smaller alcove for the tub and toilet.  We
stood primping in front of the mirror talking about inconsequential things. I'd
been wondering about what I thought were certain signals coming from Lyn at the
movie theater and felt a little thrill every time I glanced at Lyn, my mouth dry.
	Lyn took a small vial of perfume from her purse, and unbuttoned another
button of her blouse,  dabbed some of the rose-scented liquid on her fingers and
rubbed some between her breasts. As I had seen earlier Lyn's breasts were quite
small, mainly nipple and again I caught several glimpses of them.  I saw Lyn
watching my image in the mirror.  My eyes were drawn back to her breasts.  "I
sure wish these were bigger,"  Lyn murmured.
	I nodded, and added before she could take it wrong.  "Yeah, I have the same
problem!"  I ran my hand down the front of my blouse over one of my AAA nothings.
One thing I noticed though, my AAA nothing nipples were erect. And my own touch
made them stiffer, if anything, along with a pleasant sensation that suffused
through me.  If Lyn hadn't been there, I'd probably have touched them again.
	"You know,"  Lyn said, "maybe we ought to try a little trick on the guys.
You're wearing a skirt, I'm wearing jeans. I think we're close enough to the same
size to swap."
	I giggled.  "To see if they notice?"  I asked.  Lyn nodded and I said, "Sure!
Let's do it!" I unzipped my skirt and handed it to Lyn, while she handed me her
jeans.  I found myself aroused looking at Lyn standing in her panties, I noticed
her eyes were on me as well. For a brief moment we stood looking at each other's
bodies, before we hurriedly dressed and went out to where the guys were still
playing with the damn game.
	It would have been funny if it wasn't funny at all. For half an hour we tried
to talk to them, but the machine kept winning the battle.  If either of them
noticed the change they didn't figure it was worth comment. Finally I got really
pissed and told Bill that I had to be home soon.
	Lyn spoke up.  "Well, I gotta be going too. Look, I've got a car. Maybe I
could drop Kate off?"  I'd wondered about how we were going to handle the
logistics of changing back.   Now I was really surprised;  the last two times
we'd gone out Bill had taken me home and we'd necked for a while in the family
room; my parents were good about not coming down to check up on us.  Bill was shy
and we'd never passed the heavy smooching stage, but I've always liked being
cuddled.  Now, when he agreed with Lyn's suggestion, I was upset.  Poor guy
didn't know it, but in my head where there was a list of people I wanted to go
out with, his name got rubbed off the second he agreed.  I wanted to go with Lyn,
which maybe wasn't fair to him, but tough!  Lyn and I gathered up our stuff
silently and went outside.
	"What a pair of jerks!"  Lyn said as we got into her car.
	"Yeah, I don't believe it! To be dumped for a damn video game!"  We grinned
at each.  I was tense, unsure what was going to happen.  I knew I wanted
something, but I was afraid to think about what.
	Lyn let out a gusty sigh and I looked at her curiously.  "What are you
thinking?"  I asked finally.
	She shook her head.  "You'd be shocked."  Lyn replied, still looking straight
	"No I wouldn't!"  I replied stoutly.
	"Well..." her voice trailed off.  "Scoot over here next to me and I'll
whisper a secret in your ear."  I thought it was a little odd; who could hear us
in the car?  But, I did as bid.  Lyn leaned close, her mouth right next to my
ear. "I want to kiss you, Kate"  Her voice was barely audible. She pulled back a
little and said in a more normal voice, "Are you shocked?"
	I shook my head.  Suddenly her hand was on my chin, turning my head to face
her. Her lips pressed down firmly on mine, and I kissing her back, almost from
the first moment.  The kiss went on for some time, before both of us mutually
broke apart to catch our breath.
	"Did you like that?"  Lyn asked softly.
	I nodded and this time I leaned close to Lyn to kiss her.  One of Lyn's arms
went around my waist and this time it was a very long kiss. It was Lyn who broke
this time, sighing softly.  "I could do that all night."
	"That sounds nice,"  I murmured back.
	Lyn looked around  "We should go, before the guys notice and wonder what we
are doing sitting here with the windows all fogged up!"  I looked, and sure
enough, the interior of the windows were misted over.
	Lyn started her car, and we sat quietly for a few seconds while the engine
warmed up. She turned to me and reached out for my hand.  "Kate, would you really
like to do it some more?"  She rushed her next words a bit, "We could go
somewhere and park."
	I was unsure, I'd never thought about doing anything remotely like this with
another girl.  Lyn kissed me again, quickly this time.  I felt the faint tip of
her tongue between her lips.  "Please?"  She pleaded quietly, squeezing my hand
gently.  I nodded, and Lyn smiled, and put the car into gear. I continued to sit
next to her in the middle of the seat, holding her hand.
	We drove a few minutes, just a few, and I saw we were at the outskirts of the
shopping mall parking lot.  Lyn pulled into a space well away from anything, and
shut off the motor.  For a couple of moments we looked at each other then she was
pulling me closer to kiss again.
	After a second I sort of let my mouth come open, and Lyn's tongue came into
it. I really hadn't had all that much practice, and Lyn seemed to have not a
whole lot either; in any case enthusiasm carried the day.  We made out for a very
long time, it seemed. Sometimes Lyn would kiss my neck and throat, another time
she kissed and licked my ear; even putting her tongue in it and gently blowing
into it.  It was strange at first to be kissing another girl, weird, but I liked
the way it felt.
	In fact I was feeling, very, very good.  A couple of times with guys I'd
gotten a little excited; Bobby, my boyfriend before Bill, and I had progressed
past the smooching stage, to touching one another through our clothes, and on one
memorable night, I'd not worn a bra, and he had unbuttoned my blouse and licked
as well as touched my breasts.  I'd always thought that Bobby lost interest after
finding out how little was hidden by my bra. After Bobby and I broke up I'd lay
alone at night in my bed where I found ways to make myself very excited, touching
myself in all my secret places.  I was very excited now.  I tried kissing Lyn's
ear the same way she had mine, and I could tell she was excited too, although I
suppose it shouldn't have been a surprise.  I found myself looking down the front
of her blouse again, one breast was mostly visible, including the nipple.  The
desire to reach inside her blouse and touch her was nearly overpowering.
	After a second she turned to me again, and this time our tongues really went
after each other.  After another long kiss Lyn was kissing me on my throat again
and I liked that a lot. I started stroking her hair, which I thought felt very
	Then Lyn's kisses moved lower, and she was kissing the nape of my throat,
right above my blouse collar.  I could feel her lips on the skin of my chest,
pushing my blouse gently out of the way.  For a moment I wondered if she knew how
close to my breasts her lips were,  when I felt Lyn gently unbuttoning the top
button of my blouse.  Lyn's kisses moved along the edge of my lacey bra, her
tongue lightly tracing the faint swelling above my breasts.
	Lyn looked up at me briefly.  "Is this good for you Kate?" she asked softly.
	"Oh yes,"  I breathed, "very good."   I wasn't sure which I liked better, her
kiss, or the feeling I got from stroking her. Her fingers brushed aside my bra
and my breast was clearly visible in the light from outside.
	Her lips brushed the swelling lightly once again. "I want to kiss you very
much, dear Kate." I wanted Lyn to kiss me as well, and I applied the gentlest
pressure, pushing her head just the slightest bit down, Lyn gently kissed my
nipple,  her tongue moved against it, licking and rubbing it to hardness.   She
seemed to know every sensitive spot, and when she sucked on it as well as
tonguing it, I could not believe how good it felt.  At the same time her fingers
were exploring my other breast.
	After a few minutes Lyn's lips returned to mine, and I found out what my
nipples taste like.  I was very aroused and I moved my hand to slide inside her
blouse. My fingers glided over her warm skin, feeling her soft roundness fill my
hand. Lyn's titties looked a lot like mine, small, little more than bumps. But my
nipples were larger, and the tips got thick when they were hard, like a fat
pencil eraser.  Holding Lyn's breast in my hand was very arousing; emboldened by
the feel of her little tittie and erect nipple beneath my hand, I leaned down and
nipped her lightly, before using my tongue to assuage any pain I might have
caused.  Lyn gasped, and clutched my head tightly to her bosom.
	I licked and sucked first at one of her mounds, then the other before I too
returned to kissing her. Time seemed to slide by effortlessly as we took turns
pleasuring each other.  One time or another both of us had mild orgasms, and I
was getting close to a second when car lights swept over us, and we both started,
then giggled.
	We were quite a pair, right then.  Our blouses were unbuttoned to the waist,
and both of us were very aroused.  The cool air on damp nipples served to give
both of us titty hard-ons, and I felt Lyn touch me yet again. "Dear heart," I
whispered, "if you do that again, we'll be here until morning.  I don't know
about you, but I have to be getting home.  If I'm much later, I could get
	Lyn sighed.  "Me too."  She leaned down and give one of my breasts another
lick. "Sorry, I'm just so hot!"  She looked shyly at me.  "I've never gotten this
carried away before...with anyone."  She laved my nipple again, eagerly.  "I
really wish we had more time."
	Her hand was suddenly pressing down on the front of my jeans. "Me too!"  I
breathed. My fingers prisoned hers, pressing them down firmly.  "Oh Lyn, I want
it too!"
	For several minutes she sucked my breast, and fingered me through the thick
material until I finally gave an audible gasp as I came again. "I'm getting too
greedy, aren't I?"  Lyn said.
	"Mmmm,"  I agreed, "but I like it!"
	Lyn's fingers fumbled with my pants, and popped the snap.  "What would happen
if you were a little late?"  Her fingers were tugging down the zipper.
	"Probably everyone's asleep,"  I whispered, "If I'm quiet, likely no one will
notice."   Lyn's fingers moved inside my panties, through my crinkly hairs to
places no one but myself had ever touched, while her tongue paid devotion to one
of my breasts.  Lyn found my clit, and teased it between two fingers in a way
that I'd never dreamed was possible, with an incredible effect.  I soared in my
pleasure at what was happening.  When her finger entered me, I experienced an
electric shock, turning my body rigid with pleasure.  Her finger began to work in
and out rapidly, and I heard myself from a distance gasping and sighing with the
immense sensations I was feeling.
	The sounds of my passion seemed to drive Lyn wild, and both of us totally
lost control.  I was furiously bucking my hips against her thrusting fingers;
writhing and twisting with pleasure, Lyn's fingers moved even faster, her tongue
was more demanding than ever before.  My orgasm was a wild tumult that set my
ears ringing, and left my body tingling. "Oh, Wow!" I sighed weakly after a
moment, then I hugged Lyn to me.  "I want to do that for you, too, dearest Lyn."
I told her quietly, my hand exploring under the skirt.
	"Kate, Oh Kate," she whispered, "I want you so much!"  I started probing
inside her panties.  Soon I was frigging her for all I was worth.  In a minute my
finger was soaked from the copious fluids that signalled Lyn's orgasm. After a
time Lyn finally stirred herself.  "I think I'm finally understanding why
everyone makes such a big deal about sex."
	We had been sitting quietly with our arms around each other, cuddled close.
"Do you think it's bad, that we like doing it with each other, so much?"
	"I don't think anything that feels so nice can be bad.  I don't care what
other people say or think."  I whispered after a second.  "I liked what we did; I
liked touching you, and being touched by you.  I want to do it again." A short
pause. "And again."
	Lyn laughed lightly, then turned serious. "Look at the time!  We're both
going to get grounded!"   It was well after one am.  "I don't want to get
grounded now.  I want to go out with you again."
	I kissed Lyn, and her hands went to my breasts.  "We can go out tomorrow
night." I whispered, "I want it too.  But we'll have to wait."
	"I guess we'd better get going," Lyn murmured. "We'd better."  I agreed.
	Lyn started the car and we spent a few minutes getting our clothes straight
while the engine warmed up enough to dispel the fog that had once again appeared
inside the windows.  We traded one more deep kiss before Lyn set the car in
motion.  I held her hand while she drove.  Neither of us talked for the few
minutes it took to get to my house. "Kate, would you like to come over tomorrow
night?"  Lyn asked abruptly.
	My heart beat a little faster. "Oh Lyn,"  I found myself nearly crying, I
didn't know why.
	"Please. My parents are going out for the evening.  I really want to see you
again. We, we, can just talk if you want."
	I answered honestly.  "I don't want to just talk Lyn."
	She squeezed my hand tightly. "Say yes, then."
	"Yes,"  I said simply.
	"Oh dear Kate!  I'm so happy!"  She leaned close and give me a little kiss, I
could feel the tip of her tongue.  Her hand on mine moved slightly and found one
of my still erect nipples through my blouse.  She rolled it between her thumb and
forefinger, nearly making me come again.  "I'll call you tomorrow!" She said as I
got out, and walked as steadily as I could towards the door.  As I fumbled with
the key, Lyn waved, then drove away as I went inside.
	As she left I realized she was still wearing my dress and I her jeans. No one
was up, so I quickly turned off the lights and climbed the stairs to my bedroom.
I undressed, dispensing with the tight jeans and my very damp panties, opting for
a t-shirt and nothing else and climbed under the covers.  I lay there daydreaming
about what had happened, still too excited to fall asleep.  WIthout conscious
volition I found my fingers were caressing my nipples as Lyn had; they were still
erect.  One hand departed from the scenario and went between my legs; I was still
moist there, something that had never happened on a date with a boy and when I
came it was my best orgasm ever; I was asleep almost instantly.  It was a night
filled with the most pleasant of dreams that ever I could remember not
remembering in the morning.

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