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Subject: Christine pt3 final (piercing, ff, teen)
From: (Bi Girl 7)
Date: 14 Jan 1997 19:00:43 GMT

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This is all that I have of this story. If anyone has the rest, please


Part III

   The rest of that afternoon passed by like a dream. My own 
experiences clouded my mind so that all I could think about 
was Christine.
   We were lying together on my bed, her arms around me. My 
face was snuggled gently between her heavily pierced breasts, 
the large hoop that pierced the skin on her chest touching my 
   "Let me tell you a little story, Jen."
   I just kissed her left nipple.
   "Is that a yes?"
   I kissed it again, this time pulling gently on the smallest 
of the rings running through it. Yes.
   "When I was almost 16 years I went with my family to our 
house up on the lake. It was one of those cabins with lots of 
dark woodwork on the inside, and a fireplace in every room. 
   "One day I was lying on the small beach, getting some sun 
with my sister, you remember Sarah? Well, everyone decided to 
go to town to get some groceries and other things. I told them 
that I would just stay, so they left me there alone on the sand.
   "When I heard the sound of the mini-van starting I knew that 
they were going. I decided to take my bathing suit off, in order 
to get some sun without the tan-lines that every girl hates. 
   "The sun was real strong that day, so I closed my eyes, and 
enjoyed the beautiful day. It was so peaceful that I fell asleep!
   "The next thing I know my whole family is standing around me, 
staring at my exposed piercings. My parents were shaking their 
heads in disbelief, and my sister was giving me the queerest looks. 
At that time my nipples were pierced, as was my outer labia and 
my clitoris. In fact I was already wearing this clit-ring that I 
have now.
   "I was so scarred that I couldn't speak. What could I have said 
anyway? Gee, Mom, I'm sorry I stuck this ring in my clit.
   "The rest of the day was spent in silence, not a single person 
saying anything. After a dinner spent fending off my parents dirty 
looks, my Mom finally told me something that hurt deeply. She said 
that I was a disappointment to her, and that as far as she was 
concerned I was no longer her daughter.
   "I went silently back to the small room that I shared with my 
sister, took off all my clothes and climbed in bed. Hell if I was 
going to cover up anymore!
   "About fifteen minutes later the door opened and my sister walked 
in. It was dark, so I couldn't see what she was doing, but I could 
only imagine what was going through her mind. I could picture her 
shaking her head like Mom and Dad had done on the beach.
   "I felt something at my feet, and next thing I know she is laying 
on top of me. She was just as bare as I was, and she said, 'I had no 
idea, Chris. If only I had known sooner.'
   "She lifted my right hand and placed it on her breast, and there 
was a small hoop ring in her nipple!
   "She started kissing me, her hands moving wildly over my pierced 
anatomy, searching out each of my rings. I felt more on her too. 
She had both nipples, and her inner labia had lot's of tiny little 
rings connected by a complex weaving of some thin chain.
   "This was my own sister, my 13 year old flesh and blood, furiously 
making love to me. I kissed her back, like only a sister could. 
   "Her head disappeared and soon I was flooded with a heavenly 
feeling from my own pierced clit. She sucked on it, wrapping my 
clit-ring around her tongue. I started to shake all over, my bodily 
pleasure compounded by the inner knowledge that me and my sister 
were now a part of each other that we never were before.
   "She inserted two of her fingers into my pussy, still stimulating 
my clit with her tongue. I could hold back no longer, and I came all 
over her face. She kept on sucking, her face still buried in my 
soaking wet pussy, until all my juices were gone. She slid back up 
to my face and kissed me again, the inside of her mouth still filled 
with my own wetness, letting me taste it for myself. 
   "She arose to lock the door, and returned to my side. We spent 
the rest of the night in each others arms.
   "After that vacation I never worried again about hiding my rings. 
In fact it now became a matter of pride and principle to display 
piercings that had never even been dreamed of. The looks of sickened 
amazement on peoples faces was my way of getting back at my mother.
   "And do you remember that flat chested little 14 year old that 
you saw 3 years ago? She is also getting her revenge on all those 
boys who ignored her. Somewhere she is smiling at every cocky young 
boy or man who completely looses his cool when he sees me."

   Christine had just let me into a deep part of her mind that she 
had kept hidden from all others. She had given me a glimpse of her 
early suffering, and I now felt happy for her. She was now the person 
that she had always wanted to be. 
   I snuggled in closer, and she leaned over to kiss me. No longer 
was it the kiss of blind passion, or erotic pleasure. It was the kiss 
that told me she loved me.
---to be continued---