From Tue Jan 14 05:26:13 1997
Subject: Christine pt2 (piercing, ff, teen)
From: (Bi Girl 7)
Date: 14 Jan 1997 10:26:13 GMT

Standard warning, see last post.


Part II

   A few moments later Christine walked back into my room, a bottle 
of hair spray in her hand. She stepped into the bathroom again, and 
began fixing her hair. 
   I didn't know what to do. I was afraid to go downstairs, since my 
parents were both freaking out. I stepped into the hallway and could 
hear my dad's voice talking with someone on the phone.
   "Dammit, George, why didn't you tell me?" He was talking to his 
brother, Christine's father.
   "What the Hell do you mean 'I didn't think it mattered'? She's 
walking around my house naked, with all those rings everywhere!"
   I went back into my room and laid down on the bed. This was like 
some crazy dream. How was I supposed to react?
   To top everything off, my little sister was supposed to be getting 
home soon from spending the night at her friends house. 
   Then she walked back out of the bathroom, still without any 
clothing, and sat back down on her bed. Her anal ring made it a bit 
hard for her to lay down flat, but she managed. 
   "What do you do for fun around here, cousin?" Her pierced fingertips 
were playing with her wide open pussy. She then let the forefinger 
disappear into it. She was actually masturbating while talking to me!
   "Well, there's the mall, and a few other things... Not much." I 
could hardly concentrate on talking. Her pierced thumb was now rubbing 
the exposed clitoris, tugging on the thick ring that went through it. 
I could see her pussy getting wet as she started to cum. 
   Her eyes closed for a minute, then she opened them, removed the 
finger, and licked it. "I've found that to be a good way of keeping 
from getting dry." She smiled.
   I just looked at her in silence.
   "So, Jen, have you ever been with a pierced girl before?"
   "I've never been with... I mean I'm..."
   "You're still a virgin?" She looked at me as if I were the last 
one on earth.
   "Well, well, well. We'll have to do something about that." She 
stood up and came to sit beside me on my bed. She touched my blond 
hair with her fingers. "You are a very beautiful girl, Jenny."
   She moved her hand down my cheek, along my neck, and down my chest, 
stopping where my low cut shirt started. 
   All sorts of thoughts were going through my mind, not the least of 
which was: This is a girl! 
   "You want to do me a favor?" she asked.
   "Why don't you take your shirt off." Before I could say anything, 
she had unbuttoned it. I removed my arms from it, and she was already 
undoing my bra. "I just can't imagine wearing a bra anymore. How do 
you stand it?"
   While I wasn't small, my breasts didn't really need support. I wore 
it for the same reason most girls do, because you are supposed to.
   "Now just lay back, and relax." She gently leaned me back until I 
was flat. "Close your eyes." I felt the cool steel at the tip of her 
fingers as she closed my eyelids. 
   Within seconds I felt a sharp prick. I jumped up, only to find a 
small ring in my right nipple.
   She then made me lay back down, and crawled on top of me. She was 
licking my newly pierced nipple with her multi-pierced tongue. I felt
my shorts come off, as well as my panties. Her fingers were probing 
the lips of my young pussy. 
   She came face to face with me and kissed me like I had seen boys 
kiss girls. I could feel her tongue inside my mouth, the 6 studs
tickling my own tongue. 
   I found myself getting excited, partly because of her stimulating 
pussy massage, but also by the "wrongness" of what we were doing. It 
was at that moment that I discovered that I too was, for lack of a 
better word, a pervert. 
   Suddenly I was aggressively kissing her. My hand slid to her breast, 
and I pulled lightly on the largest of the nipple rings, which was 
actually an areola ring, since it pierced the pink, instead of the 
nipple itself. I found myself exploring the many rings and studs of 
her breasts.
   My other hand slid to her back. I could feel the hundreds of tiny 
studs that made up the complex design on her back.
   I was so turned on now by what she had done to her body. I was also 
conscious of my own new piercing.
   There was another quick pain, and when I looked down, I found a bit 
of blood coming out of my pussy. I was no longer a virgin.
   Christine slid down to my lips and started licking them. She was 
tasting the blood of my virginity.
   Her tongue went deeper and deeper, her upper lip covering my clit. 
She then started sucking it. I could control myself no longer. 
   I found myself starting to cum, for the first time in my life. It 
was a feeling like nothing else I had ever experienced. I wanted to 
scream, but I knew that it might bring my mother upstairs, so I bit 
my own lower lip to keep quiet. The taste of iron filled my mouth.
   She kissed me one more time, and got up. Sweat was glistening over 
her jeweled body, making her look like some cyborg or robot from the 
cover of a sexy sci-fi novel. 
   I was also soaking wet, my sheets covered with sweat, blood and my 
own juices. 
   She looked back at me and said, "Looks like we both need a shower."
   Now it was my turn to smile.

---to be continued---