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Cum Lust - Teri, ....part 1

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Archive-title: Cum Lust - Teri

Chapter 1

Bobby and Barry couldn't take their eyes off their teenage cousin Teriwhen she walked into the den wearing those silky, black jogging shorts, slitup the sides, and a loose-fitting cropped top that barely covered those hugetitties of hers. The boys could see the rounded, soft under-sides of her firmtits peeking out of the bottom of her shirt. Their cocks jumped and startedgrowing in their swimsuits.

"Hi Bobby, hi Barry," she chirped as she lazily walked over to the smallcouch they were sitting on. "What's going on?" Her eyes naturally zeroed inon their crotches, and when she saw the bulges there, she momentarily lost herbreath.

"Oh, not much," Barry said as Teri plopped down between them, her firmtits bouncing just enough that her nipples peeked out for a fraction of asecond. "We were just about to go out to the pool and get some sun. What areyou up to?" The boys could hear their hearts beating in their ears.

Teri looked from one to the other, lightly rubbing her hands on theirhairy, bare legs. "I was hoping you guys would keep me company for a while,"she said, giving them that innocent, little girl look with those big blue eyesof hers. She gathered her lower lip under her front teeth and continuedsliding her hands up and down the boys' thighs, sometimes just touching thethin, nylon material covering their crotches.

"Unnnggg, you guys are so muscular," she cooed, rolling her eyes up ateach boy in turn.

Their tight bikini-style swimsuits were straining to hold their cocksdown, but without much success. Bobby and Barry groaned, slouching down alittle and slightly spreading their legs. Their eyes devoured Teri'sluscious, five-foot four-inch, sixteen year old body, wondering how such apetite girl wound up with those big, grapefruit-sized tits. Her rigid nipplesjutted out a half inch from her pink, puffy aureoles, faintly visible throughthe thin cotton of her top.

Bobby reached over from her right side and began stroking her smooth,lightly tanned thighs. Her cunt juice had already leaked onto her thighs,lubricating his fingertips as he massaged the tender area next to her shavedpussy.

At the same time, Barry began rubbing his hand across Teri's smooth,flat belly, poking his finger into her navel, angling it around like it was acock exploring her pussy. He slid his hand along her 20-inch waist andgradually moved higher up, the back of his hand rubbing up against the bottomsof her tits, feeling the heat coming from them. Her soft titties jiggled likejello as she squirmed on the couch.

"Ummmmm," Teri whispered, looking down at her body.

Bobby easily slid two fingers, then three, past Teri's swollen, greasypussy lips and into her cunt. His thumb diddled her hot little clit while heworked his fingers back and forth, whipping her cunt juices into a froth.

"Oooooh yeaahhhh, that feels sooooo good," Teri moaned as Bobby andBarry mauled her tits and pussy. She began pulling their legs farther apart,running the palms of her hands over their semi-hard cocks.

Barry nosed her left tit around, flicking her nipple through her shirtwith his tongue. He pulled her top up over her huge knockers. As he beganlicking and sucking her nipples, Teri watched, mesmerized at the sight of hiswet tongue pushing her tits this way and that, making them jiggle.

Teri had a beautiful baby face, with a perfect complexion, big, brightblue eyes with long eyelashes, a cute little pixie nose, and full, sensuouslips. Her mouth turned down a little at the corners, giving her a naturalpouty look. She had a few freckles on her nose and cheeks, and long, naturalplatinum blonde hair tied up in pigtails that reached almost to her nipples. Wispy bangs arched over her forehead. She loved to cock-tease, but she was acock-pleaser, too, never allowing cum-filled balls to remain full for long. She loved to be felt up and used as a sex object. There was nothing she likedbetter than to see stiff cocks squirting heavy loads of hot cum all over herfreshly fucked body, especially all over her face. Teri knew she was a hotlittle cumslut, and she loved it.

"Oooooh, yeah, Teri, that's nice," Barry murmured as she played with hisballs through his swimsuit. Barry got up on his knees, facing Teri, with hiscrotch even with her pouty, half-open mouth.

"Do you like it when I play with your balls?" she asked, hefting thehuge sack in her hand, rolling his balls around like big marbles. "They'resooooo big. I'll bet they're just full of that hot sticky stuff I like,aren't they?" she teased, her mouth still open as she looked up at him. Barryjust groaned, staring down at her cute face.

Bobby followed his brother, but pulled his suit completely off beforegetting up on his knees, his cock bobbing up and down next to Teri's head ashe leaned toward her. Teri was staring at the huge bulge in Barry's swimsuit,gently massaging his balls through the material, when Bobby started jackinghis nine-inch cock back and forth, inches away from his slut cousin's angelicface.

"Oh God, your cocks are so big," Teri said, her breath shortening. Shelooked from one crotch to the other, grabbing Bobby's exposed ball sack,gently kneading it and pulling it, scratching gently with her long, paintedfingernails between his balls and asshole. Teri bit her lower lip and raisedher eyebrows, rolling her eyes up like an innocent little girl as she lookedfrom one boy to the other, and said, "Can I suck on 'em?," she asked,glancing quickly from their cockheads to their faces, leaving her mouth partlyopen in anticipation.

"Maybe," Barry said with mock seriousness.

Adopting a hurt look, Teri offered, "I'll do anything you want me to,"she promised.

"Well," Bobby said, "we'll see." All three of them laughed at that,knowing that every hole in Teri's firm young body was soon going to be stuffedwith a hard, slippery cock and plugged with multiple loads of fresh jism.

As Barry tugged his suit down, Teri turned her head toward Bobby's cock-head, fascinated with the lengthening string of pre-cum leaking out of hiscumhole. It grew longer and longer until finally, just before the end of ittouched her right tit, it snapped off of his dickhead and fell in a stickyglob on her nipple. Slack-jawed, her tongue quivering with desire for cock,Teri watched as Bobby pushed his fat dickhead down against her tit and slowlysmeared his thick pre-cum around and around her distended nipple, distortingthe shape of his spongy cockknob and making her big tit squirm.

Bobby was justly proud of his cock, especially the head. It was huge,like a fat, ripe, purple plum. Teri stared at Bobby's dickhead, almostparalyzed with lust. Drool collected in her mouth as she watched Bobby prodher nipple, his wet cockhead sliding around easily.

When Bobby lifted his cock off of Teri's tit, a sticky string of fluidstretched out between his cockhead and her nipple, connecting the two. Teriimmediately moved her head toward it, sticking out her long, thick, tongue tocatch it dangling from his soaking wet dickhead. Her nose bumped into the tipof his dick, and it slipped off across her left cheek, below her eye, leavinga smudge of juice on her nose and a wet trail behind it.

"Uhnnnggg, oooooh," she moaned, looking up at Bobby, hoping he wouldtell her to wrap her lips around his cock and suck it. Her body writhed asBobby continued finger-fucking her sopping wet cunt.

Grinning, he began massaging Teri's face with his dickhead, rubbing backand forth along her nose, cheeks, and forehead. Every time he swiped hisswollen cockhead along her wet lips, she momentarily caught it between themand bathed it in drool with her fat tongue. Then he would smear it again allover her upturned face, leaving fresh trails of spit crisscrossing herfeatures. A few stray blonde hairs around her face were plastered to herskin, caught in the sticky juice that Bobby's cock left on her face. Shemoved her head around slightly to make sure he covered every inch of herbeautiful skin as he gave her a facial massage with his dickhead.

"Yeah, that looks great, Bobby," Barry said from behind the camcorder hewas aiming at Teri's face. "This'll look good on the big-screen TV."

Surprised, Teri's heavy-lidded eyes shifted from Bobby's cock to thecamera lens, widening with excitement at being photographed. Teri gave thecamera a big smile, her big blue eyes fixed on the lens while her headcontinued moving around slowly against Bobby's cockhead, her glistening, pinktongue dripping with strings of spit. Sunlight from the bay window bathedtheir smooth, young bodies in a bright, warm light, bringing out the beauti-ful colors of Teri's freckled face, lips, and tongue, and reflecting off thetaut, shiny-wet skin of the Bobby's blood-engorged cock as he massaged Teri'sperfect skin.

Barry pulled back for a wide-angle shot to get Teri's spread-eagled legsand pink, swollen pussy into the picture. All he could hear were Teri'sgasping moans as Bobby rubbed his throbbing cock all over her face, harder andfaster, automatically thrusting his hips.

"Oh, man, I'm going to cum soon," Bobby moaned, his voice quavering infuck lust. "Suck it," he told Teri.

Teri instantly obeyed, her eyes brightening in anticipation. Teri'stongue cradled his dickhead as she thrust her head over Bobby's cock, hercheeks hollowing from the suction. Her smiling eyes looked up toward him fora moment, then dropped back to the camera lens, her jaws stretched to thelimit by Bobby's huge cock. The wide-angle close-up of the video cameraexaggerated the size of his cock as she screwed her head around on it, givinga detailed look at the action.

"Uhn, uhn, uhn, uhn," Teri croaked each time Bobby drove his spit-shinycock into her face.

She tugged at his ballsack, unconsciously squeezing it slightly,thinking of hot jets of cum. Teri's head jabbed forward with each thrust, hiscockhead almost going down her throat each time. She couldn't get more thanhalf of his cock into her mouth, it was so big. Strings of bubbly spit beganto form on the underside of Bobby's cockshaft, and snapped off onto Teri'sright tit, rolling off down the side of her body. Bobby suddenly froze, alust-contorted expression on his wide-eyed face.

"UHHHH.....UHHHHHHH...UHHHHHHH!" Bobby gasped uncontrollably. Teribobbed her head over his cock as fast as she could, turning her head this wayand that. "I'M CUUUMINGGGGGGGG!" he yelled, pulling his cock out of her mouthwith a loud pop. He jacked it furiously, his dickhead just above the tip ofher chin.

"Oh, yeah, cum in my face....cum in my face...ooooooooh," Teri pleaded.Her dilated eyes shifted to the twitching cumhole at the tip of Bobby's fat,cockhead, an inch away from her face, just as the first thick stream of cumjetted out.

"UHHNG," he gasped, as it arched out of his dickhead in a long, ropy jetabove her beautiful baby face, dropping toward it as if in slow-motion. Itlanded across her face with a wet-sounding splat, forming a thick line ofsticky jism on her forehead, gluing some of her bangs together, and across thebridge of her nose and her lips, down to the tip of her chin, where a thinstrand of cum was still connected to Bobby's cumhole.

"UHHNG...." Bobby gasped again, as another thick jet of cum shot fromhis bursting cockhead. Just as heavy as the first spurt, this one hooked overthe left side of her face and hit her ear, pooling in it, then crossed her eyeand freckled cheek before again covering her lips and chin. His jism was sothick it didn't break apart over Teri's long eyelashes as she blinked.

Teri was slowly moving her face from side to side, trying to catch allof Bobby's cum. She wiggled her glistening tongue hard against the spit-coated underside of his cockhead, its rough texture against his sensitive skincausing spasms in his cum muscles. Teri gazed at Bobby's bubbling cumhole,mesmerized by the sight of so much cum squirting out of it.

"UHHNG...UHHNG...UHHNG," Bobby gasped in rapid succession, as three moreheavy loads of cum blasted from the tip of his bloated cockhead. Each oneflew into the air above Teri's pretty face, then fell across her hair and facein long, squiggly lines of hot cum.

Some heavier globs began to ooze down the sides of her face as Bobbyrubbed his cum-dripping cockhead against her right cheek at the corner of hermouth. A couple of thick, white strings of cum began to fall slowly off ofTeri's face. A stringy glob dangled from her eyelashes, merging with a poolof jism high on her cheekbone. Teri's big, blue eyes looked directly into thecamera as she continued bathing Bobby's dickhead with her fat tongue,finespiderwebs of jism connecting her lips and tongue with the huge cumhead.

After several minutes of this, Teri gently bit her lower lip, bowing herhead slightly as she raised her eyes to the camera, looking as though she knewshe was a bad girl, but knowing you'd forgive her for being naughty.

"Ohhhh, yeaaaahhhh, you're such a hot little cock-sucker," Bobby said asshe continued rubbing her cum-smeared face on his cock, giving the camera thatpouty, "I've been bad" look.

She said, disappointed, "But that was only one cock. I wanted both ofthem." Smiling, she looked down at Barry's semi-hard dick. He was on hisknees between Teri's thighs, the tip of his horse-cock being tickled by theshag carpet.

"Come one Barry, it's your turn," Bobby said. He milked his cock onelast time, a grape-sized glob of congealed cum oozing out of his cumhole. Teri's tongue was waiting for it and she licked it up, savoring its flavor.

Barry handed the camcorder to Bobby, then straddled Teri's belly,slapping her big tits with his semi-hard cock.

"Ummmm, your cock is soooo big, "Teri said, pulling her elbows in towardher sides to push her tits up more. "Yeah, beat me with it," she urged him.

Her fingers kneaded his balls as he pushed and slapped her titties thisway and that, his cock growing. Teri thrust her cum-spattered head toward hiscock, trying to give his dickhead a good lick each time he swung it close toher face. Sometimes she missed it, giggling, but every time she caught itwith her wet tongue, Barry involuntarily let out a low groan.

Bobby was now on his knees next to the sofa, aiming the camcorder atTeri and Barry's cock.

"You can fuck my tits if you want to," Teri said, hoping Barry wouldtake her up on her offer.

"You like to have your titties fucked, little girl?" Barry asked,letting Teri lick his cockhead with increasing frequency as he continuedbatting her tits around.

"I love it when guys fuck my titties, 'cause it makes 'em cum realhard," she cooed.

"You like cum all over your face?" Barry asked, grinning lustfully.He held his cock still while Teri gave his swollen dickhead a spit-bath withher tongue. Barry rhythmically jacked his hard, ten-inch cock, milkingstrings of pre-cum up his cockshaft and onto Teri's tongue.

"I love it in my mouth and all over my face," she said in her littlegirl voice, smiling coyly up at him.

Barry's answer to that was to thrust his hips forward, allowing Teri toclamp her lips around his cockhead. Her eyes heavy with lust, she looked backto the camera lens as she slowly bobbed her head, turning it slightly this wayand that, sucking his cock.

Barry abruptly pulled his cock out of her suctioning mouth, trailingstrings of spit after it, and slotted it in between her huge, firm knockers. He fucked his cock back and forth in the soft envelope of her wet, stickytits, still slimy with Bobby's cum. Teri bent her head down and pushed hertits together, her mouth open and ready to catch his cockhead with her wetlips and tongue. Barry knew he wouldn't be doing this very long because hecould feel his balls starting to contract.

Teri forgot all about the camera as she concentrated on Barry's cock. "Umm...umm...umm...umm," she moaned with each thrust of his throbbing hardonbetween her huge titties.

Barry was breathing in gasps, his hips thrusting more insistently."Uhnnnggg," he gasped, letting his slippery dick pop out of her cleavage,"Jack it off...jack it off," he croaked, letting Teri wrap her small handaround his cock. His cock was so big, she couldn't get her hand all the wayaround it. Her other hand kneaded and squeezed his huge balls, trying to workhis cum up through his cock and out into her waiting mouth.

Bobby moved in closer as Teri furiously jerked off Barry, her headtilted back slightly, his dickhead resting on her extended tongue. She lookedso sexy with all those white cum trails snaking all over her face, across hereyelids and eyebrows, mixed into her bangs, rolling off the sides of hercheeks into her hair, and coating her lips and chin. The boys couldn't waitto see what she would look like with another heavy load of cum all over thatpretty face.

"Here it comes...!", Barry exclaimed, hunching over as his cum musclescontracted. He and Teri were both staring, wide-eyed, at the tip of hisglistening cock, as jets of cum began shooting out of his cockknob. "Unnnggg....uhn....uhn....uhn....uhn....uhn," Barry yelled as he pumped sixlong streamers of sticky jism across Teri's waiting face.

Teri was in heaven, one hand dropping to her pussy to work her clitaround. She squirmed on the sofa as Barry's cock delivered its hot load toher cute, freckled face.

The first four jets arched up into her blonde hair, leaving fat,glistening pearls of jism dotting her hair from ear to ear, the tail-end ofeach cum-string falling across her features, filling in the blanks thatBobby's cum loads had left. The last two jets of cum weren't as forceful, andsquirted directly into Teri's open mouth, covering her tongue. She rolled itaround with her tongue, coating the inside of her mouth with the stickysubstance, enjoying the smell and taste of fresh, thick jism. She gave thecamera another big smile, slowly closed her sticky lips to swallow hermouthful of cum, then smiled again.

Bobby set the camera on the tripod and joined Barry on the sofa ingiving Teri a facial massage, rubbing their cocks all around, redistributingglobs of cum, and slapping her cute face with their cocks in loud, wet splats. They mauled her big titties, smearing cum around her erect nipples, andoccasionally thrust a cock into her mouth, watching her cheeks hollow whileshe tried to extract the last drops of jism.

Chapter 2

They stayed on the sofa like that for at least ten minutes, and by thattime the boys were ready to cum again. Their cocks were hard and their ballswere starting to ache. The camcorder was still running, and they adjusted itfor a wide-angle shot.

"Stand up and take off your clothes," Barry said to Teri.

Teri's heart thumped hard in her chest and her body tingled as she gotup off the sofa. Smiling at the camera, she pulled her top over her head,pulling a few thin strings of cum with it, then shook her shoulders, makingher big tits jiggle like jello. Then she hooked her thumbs in the sides ofher jogging shorts and pushed them down one side at a time, shifting her hipsslowly and sensuously. After she got them down a few inches, she turnedaround so her cute, rounded ass faced the camera, and leaned over slightly. She looked over her shoulder and continued removing her shorts, shaking herass while she did so. A six-inch long strand of cum hanging from her jawcaught on her shoulder as she turned her head back toward the camera.

Bobby and Barry stood on either side of her, their hard cocks juttingout from their bodies, and felt her up good as she took off her shorts. Eachboy had a handful of tit in one hand, and rubbed her asscheeks with the otheras Teri pushed her shorts over her ass and down her thighs. Their cocksrubbed against her smooth skin, leaving small wet spots dotting her sideswhere their hot, leaking dickheads touched her.

"Ummmmm, yeaaahhh," she cooed, enjoying the feel of their hands andprobing fingers on her body. She could feel their hot cocks rubbing againsther body as she continued moving her ass from side to side. She spread herlegs slightly so the boys could easily finger-fuck her.

"Get this wet," Barry told Teri as he thrust his middle finger towardher face. She encased the entire digit in her mouth, bathing it in spit. Hetook it out of her mouth and, pulling on one asscheek to open it better, putthe end of his finger against her asshole, rubbing it around a little, pushinglightly.

"Ooooooh," Teri moaned, her pouty, cum-smeared mouth forming an oval, asshe felt Barry's fingertip penetrate her asshole. He slowly pushed his fingerall the way in, then drew it out again. Teri's butt muscles squeezed hisfinger tightly as he began plunging it in and out of her asshole faster andmore roughly.

Meanwhile, Bobby had been stirring her pussy juices around with thethree fingers he was sliding in and out of her greasy cunt. After a fewminutes of feverish finger-fucking and tit-squeezing, Bobby and Barry decidedit was time to fuck Teri with their cocks instead of their fingers.

They pulled their fingers out of her holes and turned her around,pushing her to knees. Teri was a sight to see. She sat on her wide-spreadlegs in front of the camera with her back arched slightly, pushing her bigtitties out. Her nipples were hard and pointed upward and outward from herfirm, rounded globes. Strings of cum that had dripped off her face laced herchest. You couldn't see many freckles under all the squiggly white trails andloops of jism on her face, and several strings still hung from her jaw, slowlystretching toward her titties. One heavy string hung off her left eyelash andconnected with a white glob on her cheek. Her bangs were glued to herforehead and several white lines glistened across her hair.

Posing for the camera, she put on that pouty look, turning her glisten-ing face slightly to one side. She gazed into the camera with that naughtygirl look of hers while Bobby and Barry swung their cocks around, bumping herface and head, smearing cum along her skin and through her long, blonde hair.

"You didn't know little Teri was naughty girl, did you," she said coyly,glancing up at the boys, not expecting an answer. Teri's baby-blue eyesshifted from the camera lens to their cockheads and back again as she movedher head around, enjoying the feel of their heavy, blood-engorged cocksrubbing and slapping her face.

"I wanna make you cum some more," she cooed, turning her face upward tomeet their cocks. Each boy in turn pressed his cockhead against her lips,letting her slide her hot mouth over the head for a quick suck before hepulled it out with a pop. Her cheeks hollowed each time she got a cockheadin her mouth.

continued..Cumlust, part 2....

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