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This story contains sex between an adult male and two MINOR females. It is
a consentual, Mf,ff,con, story, that has been converted from an originally
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dead, alive, or yet to be born, is truly coincidental.



The next night I eagerly headed back to find my little friend, but
she was no where to be found. I looked around, and waited around
an hour, but she didn't show. When she didn't show the next night
as well, I figured that either the girl didn't want a repeat, or that
the cops had rousted them for their begging. I knew that the cops
did that frequently, and since the girl seemed so happy when she
had parted, and the man was smiling, I decided that it had to be
the latter.

Eventually I met up with a few fellow countrymen and I found a place to
live which was cheaper than a hotel. I found a room in a fairly cheap
local rooming house. It was perfect. It was local, on the edge of a tin
hut neighborhood, and there was a small restaurant downstairs in the
lobby. When I first explored the neighborhood I found that little girls
played throughout the area, including right out in front of the

For the next few days I was treated to dinner theater as I watched girls
from three or four to fourteen or so playing outside of the open
restaurant as I ate. I was especially pleased when some of the younger
ones, in the six and younger age group would be out playing naked. I
enjoy watching little kids playing naked, and so this became a fun time
for me.

Eventually a few of the kids became braver and came into the restaurant
to try to talk with me. A few had a couple of words of English and they
practiced them with me. The kids were pleased when I would pay attention
to them, and the adults laughed watching the children's antics trying to
show off.

One of my better meals occurred when a group of about nine or ten girls
surrounded my table with a few new English words. Pressed into the pack
with the rest of the girls was a very pretty little six year old who
always played naked in the front area. Se was naked that day as well, and
I felt her little body being pressed into me by the other girls trying to
get closer to talk.

I could feel the little girl's pussy rubbing against my bare leg, and
this, along with the closeness of all of the other girls and their fresh
sweat odor, gave me a roaring hard-on. Luckily it was covered by the
table in front of me.

Nonchalantly, I let one of my arms go down under the table, half to
straighten my cramped erection, and half to perhaps let it wander to see
what would happen. I let it wander over to where to the six-year-old
stood pressed against me. The girl had repositioned herself so that her
belly was against my leg and her pussy was poked out behind her instead
of being smashed up against it. In my eyes this was a wonderful solution.
I ran my fingers lightly through the girl's tiny pussy, and she pulled
away a bit and looked at me, but she didn't say anything. In a few
minutes I felt her pressing against me again, and I returned my hand and
felt her little pussy again. Once again she pulled away and looked at me.

When this happened yet again, I reached over when she pulled slightly
away, and pulled her back a little, cupping her little pussy gently but
firmly She moved without complaint, but then again, she was being led and
had little choice. I removed my hand from her a minute, smiled at her,
and then put my hand back onto her pussy. I felt her tense a little, but
she did not pull away.

Thinking that she was willing to let me play with her, I ran my hand over
her little lips and then back to her even tinier anus. With soft caresses
I managed to see her relax and seem to get into our little game. I would
cup her crotch and stroke my finger into and through her pussy and she
would hold still at first, and then, with a cute little giggle, she would
back her butt away from my touch. Then I would put on a sad face and
pretend to cry and she would once again press up against me. It was a
great little game and I was extremely excited in mind and body.

Slowly and gently I began to stroke her. This time instead of pulling
away, the girl leaned into me further and sighed a little, a serious look
on her face. While the girls were chatting away in Thai and throwing out
a few English words, I was jacking the little girl off under the table. I
realized that the girls would be helpful in my learning their language.
They were patient with me, and would point to things and say their name
in Thai and wait for my English word for it.

I felt the little girl shutter under me, and I realized that she had cum.
After a few more seconds she pulled away a bit, and I realized that her
little pussy was sensitive. The girls were told to leave me in peace a
few minutes later, and they good naturedly moved off. I was a little
embarrassed to see that the six-year-old had her hand in in her crotch as
she moved away from the table. The other girls noticed this and I think
they asked her about it.

As the girls played outside and I continued to eat, a few eight and
nine-year-olds were deep in conversation with the naked little girl.
Every once in a while they would glance towards me and smile. I knew at
once that the little girl told them that I had played with her under the
table. I was anxious to see how they would all react to that. Although
the neighborhood was use to girls "fooling around" with the few foreign
men who lived there, it was usually the older girls in the twelve and up
crowd. I wasn't sure how the younger ones would react, nor how the adults
would if they learned about it as well. Although nervous about it, I
realized that finger-fucking a naked six-year-old was a good way to find

The following day things seemed to be quiet. There was no fall
out over my enjoyment of the little girl's pussy, and so I thought
that I would enjoy living there. A fellow countrymen stopped by
for a bit to see my new room. It was almost totally void of furniture, a
few portable mattresses which spread out into a bed the only place
to sit.

Later that afternoon she came back by and with her were two local
girls who I had seen playing around outside. They were about
eight or nine, and too young for her as she told me. She said that I
might enjoy having them around a bit.

When she left, the girls and I were left to our own devices. It was
somewhat strained as we could not talk with each other, but after a few
minutes we began to fool around and wrestle a bit. The two girls were
like most other little Thai girls, they wore no underwear, and when they
parted their legs, or rolled around on the floor, their little skirts
would easily show all of their bottoms all could be seen. For me there is
nothing more erotic than this, to be able to spy on a girl's privates
showing from beneath short skirts. This is erotic to me, even if I have
already seen the girl naked or played with her before.

Eventually it became obvious to the two girls that I was interested in
what was under their skirts. They would talk back and forth and giggle,
however, I didn't have a clue as to what they were talking about. When
finally I parted their legs purposely and openly and obviously stared at
their bare little pussies, they did not seem to be too put out by it.
They were a little shy initially, but eventually they allowed me to
caress them by sticking my hands up under their skirts. I was in heaven,
one girl pussy in each hand.

Both girls were sexy as hell. "Bo" was the more extroverted of the two.
She was a slim little girl, and rather pretty. She had a well formed and
lithe little body, and just the beginnings of buds on her chest and the
barest and cutest looking slit. "Nong" was a little more shy. She was a
little chubbier than Bo, and her tit mounds were slightly bigger, but it
was more baby fat than anything. She was still kind of cute, but not quite
the looker that Bo was. Perhaps, however, Bo was more striking because
she was more outgoing.

Before the two girls left, they allowed me to reach under their shirts,
and play with their little-girl chests, and finger their pussies for a
few minutes. They seemed to like this and left happily. Both girls
returned later, and that time allowed me to pull their skirts down to
their ankles and stroke and suck them. Both girls laid silently, their
little legs spread wide knees pointing up in the air waiting for me to
move back to them.

The second night a few other girls came around with Bo and Nong. By the
time that all were there, there were six girls in my room, including my
two little friends. One was about ten or so, and very cute. One was about
twelve and a little chubby, but with very nice tits the size of lemons.
The last two girls were about eleven and one of them was a living doll.
She was slim, gorgeous, and a had smile which melted you right away. She
was super friendly right from the start.

The girls wandered around checking out my meager possessions and
eventually discovered the bathroom. Indoor plumbing and showers were a
luxury to them, and so when I indicated that they could shower if they
wanted to, clothes began to fly in every direction, and I had six naked
girls in the bathroom.

Not wanting to lose out on that good fortune, I got out my camera and
went to the door to take pictures of them bathing. I wasn't sure if they
would mind, and was pleased to find out that they didn't. While they
washed themselves and clowned around for the camera, I snapped away,
shooting almost an entire roll of film. They enjoyed touching and
fingering themselves and didn't want to leave the shower.

The youngest of the crowd came out of the bathroom first and dried
herself off. When I motioned her to come over to my newly spread out bed,
she did so without hesitation and flopped down onto it naked. She eagerly
arranged herself in suggested poses while I shot away. When I reached
over to play with her pussy, she smiled and spread her legs, allowing me
access. When I lowered my head into her lap, she placed one hand on my
head urging me not to stop. While the other girls were still in the
bathroom, I had managed to suck her hairless pussy and pinch her tiny
nipples, and run my tongue around her little anus. She had one of the
cutest and smoothest little pussies that I had ever seen on a young
girl, and she seemed to love being licked down there. I was hoping that I
could suck it proper for her before the night was over.

When the girls came out of the bathroom and dried themselves off, the
older ones put their clothes back on after a few more photos. All of the
other girls, except for the cute seven-year-old followed suit. I
eventually arranged all of the girls on the mattresses, having them lay
side by side. Once everyone was in position, I began to caress their
crotches through the cloth of their panties. When I reached my naked
little friend, I slipped my finger into the leg band of her panties and
stroked her until she smiled tensely and came on my finger.

When I went back to the beginning of the line, the first girl allowed me
to pull the leg hole of her panties aside and stroke her pussy furiously
in and out under her skirt until she came as well. I went down the line,
each girl allowing me to play with her pussy. Ending back up with the
little girl again, who still hadn't put her clothes on, I lowered my head
into her lap and began to slowly fuck in and out with my tongue. The
other girls began to giggle and whisper to each other, and each of them
moved closer to watch me bring the little girl off with my mouth.



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