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This story contains noncensensual and possibly incestual hetero sex
acts between multiple male and female teenagers.   This is a work of
fiction, and should be treated as such.  In other words, the authors
do not endorse the following acts. Also, if reading or copying this
story is prohibited by your local laws, then stop right now.

This is part of the Dan Morann saga, a series of tales following the
master sexual strategist Dan Morann throughout his teenage and adult
life.  All contain nonconsexual hetero sex acts.  If you like this
story, read them all!  You may also freely distribute this work, but
please don't make any changes.


Selling Stepsister Story two in the Dan Morann Saga

Do you ever wish you had a summer vacation like you did in high
school?  Some people complain about getting bored, but I think those
people lack imagination. I always found something to do with my free
time.  As they say, an idle mind is the devil's playground.

The summer before ninth grade was kindof an interesting one.  Like
everybody in the 80s, I grew up in a broken home.  That spring, we
moved into a nice middle class neighborhood with my new stepdad, and
his daughter.  It was a nice place to grow up, and I quickly made
friends with a kid down the street named Chuck.

Chuck was sixteen, so he was a few years older than me.  (I was
thirteen at the time.)  But at the time, neither of us had much
experience with the opposite sex. See, Chuck was kindof a nerd.  He
was tall and wore thick glasses.   He knew every episode of star trek
by heart, wore the same clothes every day, and knew everything there
was to know about the Commodore VIC-20.  He was probably a decent
looking guy, but just by the way he acted, I couldn't see him losing
his virginity before the age of 30.

Chuck always said I was the smartest guy he knew.  That's probably
true, though he didn't know many people!  See, right around the age of
thirteen this strange ability developed inside me.  I began to see
solutions to complex problems almost instantly.  Real world problems.

One day towards the end of the summer, Chuck and I were hanging around
my house watching TV.  Actually, we were watching his favorite show,
Star Trek.

My stepsister, Erica, leaned into the TV room.  "Star Trek?  Ewww...."
 And she ducked out.

Chuck looked embarassed.  I could understand.  Erica had that effect
on every guy that saw her.  She was seventeen, and entering her senior
year of high school.  She had long brown hair, deep brown eyes, and a
sweet, wholesome, "country girl" look.  But what probably attracted
the most attention was her sweet smile, and D-cup tits.  She never
really wore anything that drew attention to them, but she didn't
really need to.

Even better, Erica was just a nice and friendly girl.  In the few
months we had been living together, we had spent a lot of time staying
up and playing cards or scrabble.  She was just a fun person to hang
out with.

When Erica was out of hearing range, Chuck leaned over to me and
whispered, "Dan, nothing personal, but your sister's really cute."

I laughed.  "I don't take it personally.  I think she's cute too. 
She's not really my sister, you know.  She's only been living with me
for a few months, and she goes to boarding school in September.  So go
ahead and fuck her for all I care."

He blushed.  "I wish."

I sat and stared at him calmly as my mind defined and solved this new
problem. He must have misunderstood my expression, because he looked
suddenly apologetic. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean..."

I shook my head.  "Chuck, it's a done deal.  Virtually guaranteed."

He looked puzzled.  "Done deal?"

I looked around cautiously, then whispered, "Chuck, what will you give
me if I hook you up with my sister?"

Chuck looked confused.  "Um...  I dunno...  Umm, I'll drive you
wherever you want to go for the next...  ummm....  the next three

I nodded grimly.  "Deal.  I'll give you instructions.  You will need
to follow thm to the letter.  I'll call you this evening.  I need to
prepare."  I walked over and turned off the TV.

Chuck still looked confused.  "Wait!"   He looked around, and then
whispered, "Do you really think you can do this?"

I looked him dead in the eye.   "Imagination.  Strategy.  Tactics. 
Execution. Words to live by."  Then I opened the door for him to

*		*		*		*

That night, my stepfather left for his hunting trip on schedule.  Once
he was gone, I waited until Mom was in the kitchen working on dinner. 
Then I went into the medecine cabinet in the upstairs bathroom, and
crushed six sleeping pills into a square of toilet paper, and put it
in my pocket.  I also went into my stepfather's bedroom, and looked in
the special drawer where he kept his set of handcuffs.  I think he and
Mom played sex games or something.  I stuffed the cuffs into another
pocket, and went down to the basement.

I made sure I had everything I needed in the basement.  Playing cards,
a steak knife, cooking oil, and a dual casette tape recorder.  I
checked the batteries in the tape recorder.  Then, I hid the handcuffs
under the couch.

I telephoned Chuck.  "Chuck, you're spending the night at my house. 
Show up after dinner.  Around 8pm or so."

"Okay, Dan", he said.  "I'll be there."

I made sure I was available during the last fifteen minutes or so of
dinner preparation.  I asked everyone what they wanted to drink, and
as I was getting everything together, I poured the powdered sleeping
pills into my mother's ginger ale.

Dinner was pretty normal, just porkchops and apple sauce.  In the
middle, I saw my mother yawning.  I noticed she was about halfway
finished with her ginger ale. There wasn't much conversation that
night, because my mother was so tired, but I mentioned to Erica and my
mother that Chuck would be coming over.

After dinner, Mom announced that she wasn't feeling very well, and
would be going to bed early.  She went to bed right around the time
Chuck came over.

Chuck and I went down to the basement to watch TV.  The basement was
one of the nicest features of the house.  It had a nice big sturdy
couch, in front of a coffee table and television and stereo.  There
also was a nice big bay window. We closed the shades.  The last item
of interest was a nice liquor cabinet. Chuck and I poured ourselves
some whiskey into the associated tumblers.

A little before ten o'clock, I went upstairs to Erica's room, where
she was listening to music.  Erica was wearing her typical bedtime
outfit, an oversized shirt hiding what I guessed were her white
panties underneath.  "Erica, Chuck and I were looking for a third
person to play hearts with us.  What do you say?"

Erica was a social creature, and was always up for something like
that.  She had moved into this neighborhood at the same time I did,
and really didn't know anybody.  Right now she was marking time until
her senior year at boarding school.  "Sure", she said.  She turned off
her tape player, and went downstairs ahead of me.  I don't think she
realized quite how cute she looked with her bare legs coming out of
the oversize shirt.  Chuck would be impressed.

As I followed her, I checked in on my mother.  She was still fast
asleep, and snoring loudly.  She was a heavy sleeper anyway, and these
pills would make her impossible to wake up.

I don't think Erica noticed it, but I caught Chuck's expression as he
saw Erica coming down the stairs.  Her long brown hair covered her
shoulders, and her tits still bulged out of the T-shirt.  Her legs
were long, and looked great, and from the angle she was coming down
the stairs, I was sure he could catch a glimpse of her white panties.

Chuck, Erica, and I started a game of hearts.  As I dealt, she caught
a glimpse of our tumblers full of whiskey.  "You guys found Dad's
liquor cabinet, huh? What are you drinking?", she said.

"Whiskey, I think", I said.  "Don't tell your dad, okay?"

"I won't, its no big deal", she said.

We started our game of hearts, and about halfway through the hand, I
lifted my drink to her.  "Let me pour you a glass."

"No thanks", she said.

I threw the contents of my glass into her face.

"Damn you!", she yelled, her eyes obviously stinging from the alcohol.
  But Chuck had gotten my signal loud and clear.  He quickly tackled
her and clamped his hand over her mouth.  "Handcuffs!", he grunted, as
he tried to restrain Erica, who was probably stronger than he was.

I fished the handcuffs from under the couch, and quickly grabbed one
of her arms. She was already threatening to throw Chuck off, so I had
to act fast.  I clamped one manacle on her hand, and we then managed
to turn her over face down.  Chuck and I actually sat on her, with him
keeping his hands over her mouth, and me struggling with her arms.

After I had both hands cuffed behind her back, we had her more or less
restrained, though she still kicked her legs viciously.  Our next task
was to drag her onto the couch, where we dumped her sideways with her
arms behind her.

I reached up into betwen her legs, and grabbed a handful of her
panties, probably grabbing some of her pubic hair in the process.  She
still kicked, and I had to avoid her  muscular legs as I pulled off
her underwear.   I gave it to Chuck, and he took his hand off her
mouth.  Before she could let out a good scream, he pushed her white
panties into her open mouth, smothering her cry.

Chuck looked at me.  "Are we ready?"

I could see the anger in Erica's eyes, but I couldn't  see any fear. 
I knew this wasn't the right time.

I leaned over her, my left hand covering the panties in her mouth.  "I
need you to realize something", I said to her.

I put my weight on top of her, and kept my left hand over her mouth.  
"We are in complete control of the situation here.   Remember how
mother said she had to go to bed early?  That's because I dropped
sleeping pills into her drink.  Nothing short of an atomic bomb could
wake her up."

She looked up at me, and the anger in her brown eyes seemed to be
turning to confusion.  I reached behind the couch and pulled out the
steak knife, and showed it to her.  Then her eyes widened in terror.

"Here's how it's going to go", I continued.  "We're going to do
whatever we want to you tonight, and there's nothing you can do to
stop us.  Do you understand me?"

She nodded, her panties still stuffed in her mouth.

I used the knife to cut open her nightshirt, exposing her
cantelope-size breasts underneath.  The struggle had excited her
somewhat, because her nipples were very hard.  Her breasts jiggled as
I ripped off what was left of her shirt.  She gave a muffled cry, but
the panties choked it off.

With the shirt out of the way, we were hoping to get a good look at
her bush, but her legs were closed tightly together.

I handed the knife to Chuck and got out of the way.  Chuck looked at
me, stunned. "You really did it, Dan.  You really made this happen!"

I smiled and nodded.  It always feels good to help out a friend.

Chuck asked me to hold the knife again for a second as he disrobed. 
First, he took off his shirt, and then his pants and underwear in at
once.  His erect cock flopped out of his shorts, and bounced up and
slapped him in the stomach.  He grinned.  His cock was not too bad,
about seven inches or so.  He was obviously ready to go.

Erica's body was completely naked.  Her hands were cuffed behind her
back, and her white cloth panties were still stuffed in her mouth. 
Her thick brown hair was hanging down around her D-cup tits, framing
them perfectly.  Her legs were closed tightly, but I could catch a
glimpse of pubic hair between them.

Chuck took the knife back from me, and put it at her throat.  "Open up
those legs, girl", he said.

She relaxed her legs, and lay them down on the couch.  We both got a
good look at her brown pubic hair that covered her pussy.  But Chuck
wasn't satisifed.  He pushed the knife against her throat harder. 
"Open them up wide."

Erica slowly spread open her legs, exposing her soft pink pussy lips. 
 Chuck's erect penis started throbbing instantly.  I'm sure he was
anxious to bury his cock into her waiting bush.

I handed him the cooking oil, and he poured a little in the palm of
his hand.  We had discussed this earlier in the evening, and I had
told him that under these circumstances, he'd probably need some
lubrication if he was going to penetrate her.  He rubbed the oil over
his the head of his dick, and it shined in the soft light like a

He handed me the knife again, and gripped his erect cock in his hand. 
He placed the tip of his cock at the center of Erica's open pussy
lips, and let it sit there for a second.  Erica just lay on the couch
and looked up at him, trembling. She looked down at Chuck's cock,
poised for penetration, then at the knife in his hand,then back down
at the erect penis, with its tip nestled in her pubis.

Chuck started feeding his cock into the mouth of her waiting cunt, and
suprisingly it went in very easily.  She wasn't very wet, but the
lubrication helped guide his member deep into her body.  Erica just
gave up muffled cries and looked up at him as he pushed inch after
inch of his cock into her teenage pussy.

Chuck started grunting with every stroke, as he slammed his cock home
again and again as I watched.  Erica seemed to endure the invasion as
well as she could, under the circumstances.   Her eyes closed tightly,
and she turned her head away as Chuck buried his face in her neck,
kissing and biting her lightly as he slammed his dick into her cunt
again and again.

I watched the show with satisfaction, happy to see Chuck finally
getting his wish.  I reached over and cupped a hand around Erica's
nearest breast.  Her eyes opened, and she looked at me shocked.  I
smiled at her and gave her tit a good squeeze.

Chuck's grunts came faster and faster, and then suddenly he grabbed
her wildly, pulling her body into him.  I removed my hand just in
time, before it got caught in the middle.  He grabbed her ass with one
hand, and crushed it against him as he came.  His cock flooded her
young cunt with wave after wave of hot sperm, while I watched.

As I watched him shoot his load into her unprotected body, I realized
that both of these people might be virgins.  Chuck and I had never
really talked about sex, and I had a feeling that he wasn't very
experienced.  Erica didn't seem to have a boyfriend or anything
either, and she did go to an all-girls boarding school. Yeah, this
might be a first for both of them.

Chuck was spent, and just lay on top of Erica.  She just lay there,
with tears welling up in her eyes.  They both lay there for about
thirty seconds, as Chuck's penis softened and emerged from her muff. 
Then she started kicking and making noises, trying to get him off of
her.  He complied, but I made sure I had the knife at her throat

"How was it, Chuck?" I asked.

He just smiled.  "Incredible.  God damn, what a fuck.  That was

I looked over at Erica's pussy.  It looked wet and sticky, and I
thought I caught a glimpse of some semen seeping out of her.  "Yeah,
you really creamed inside of her."

I leaned over to Erica.  "I'm going to take these panties out of your
mouth, if you promise not to scream.  Okay?"

She nodded.

I took the underwear out of her mouth.  "Now, I'm going to let you go
soon, just as soon as I make sure you're properly humiliated.  So
you're going to humiliate yourself for me.  Here's what you're going
to do."

"You're going to tell me how much you love to get fucked, while I rub
your clit. You're going to tell me how much you like to fuck teenage
guys, how you want it all the time, and how you like our dicks inside
you.  You do this right, and I'll let you go.  You screw this up, and
I'll slit your throat."

I put one hand on her pussy mound, and kept my other on the knife at
her throat. "Say it!", I said.

As I stuck two fingers up her soaked pussy, she started reciting my
speech.  "I like to...  I like to fuck teenage boys like you and
Chuck...  I like to feel your hard cocks in my pussy..."

I started rubbing her clit softly, and she arched her back, and
continued.  "I like to suck and fuck your dicks...  I need your cum
inside my pussy...  Squeeze my tits and fuck my cunt...  Mmm...  I
like.. Mmmm..."

Finally she couldn't take the stimulation of her clit any longer, and
she started moaning.  Orgasms flooded through her naked, handcuffed,
teenage body as Chuck and I watched.  Wave after wave of pleasure
crashed over her, and I actually had to cover her mouth with my hand
to keep her cries from threatening to wake up my mother upstairs.

Having her mouth covered was probably a good thing, because she went
crazy when I held up the running tape recorder.  She struggled and
fought, but I just smiled.

"This tape is our insurance, Erica.  Who's going to believe you when
you say we raped you, as long as we have this tape?  In fact, you're
the one who's in the biggest trouble.  They'll call you some kind of
child molester or something!"

But she wasn't listening to reason, so I still had to cover her mouth
to keep her from screaming.   Luckily Chuck saw what was going on, and
helped me stuff Erica's panties into her mouth again.

Anger flashed from her eyes again, and she was still kicking and
breathing hard. I needed to do something to restrain her, so I shoved
a few fingers up her cunt again,  but she hardly seemed to notice.  So
I just slapped her face as hard as I could.

That got her attention.  She stopped kicking, and just looked up at me
angrily. This wasn't good; I needed to completely break her or the
whole plan could fail. I handed the knife to Chuck, and told him to
keep an eye on her.  Then I started taking off my clothes, first my
shirt, and then my shorts.  I wasn't wearing any underwear.

"What are you doing?"  Chuck asked.  "That's your sister!"

"Step-sister", I grunted.

My fist was clenched around my eight-inch cock.  I forced myself ontop
of Erica, and shoved her legs apart.  I guided my cock between her
pink pussy lips, and plunged it deep into her warm cunt.

Erica was broken instantly.  She gasped and lay on the couch
trembling, and within moments tears were streaming down her face
again.  I just lay inside her, not moving.  I removed the panties from
her mouth, and all I heard were her soft sobs.

"Erica, as I fuck you, you're going to talk about how you drink cum,
you want my sperm in your pussy, and so on, okay?  Now say it!"

As I stroked in and out of her wet, sopping cunt, she said softly
"I...  I want you to cum inside me...  I want your hot cum in my pussy
and in my mouth..."

After a few words, I could barely hear her.  I was obsessed with the
feeling of my cock sliding in and out of her tight wet snatch.  Even
with all of the punishment her pussy had received that night, she was
still very tight.

"Fuck my wet pussy...  Shoot your cum into my pussy...", she sobbed.

I really didn't need anymore tape, but this was the best way to get
her cooperation.  I grabbed her ass, and impaled it over and over onto
my hard cock as Chuck watched with interest.  He was enjoying watching
almost as much as performing.   Seeing my dick ravage Erica's wet cunt
again and again was something to remember.

"I'm gonna come, baby", I said, as I felt the pressure in my cock
build up to unbearable levels.  She looked up at me, and then away as
I grunted with the force of my impending orgasm.  As my thirteen-year
old cock shot its load into my teenage stepsister, she stiffened and
closed her eyes.  Shot after shot of semen plunged into her aching
pussy while Chuck watched with interest.

I removed my organ from her teenage cunt quickly and dismounted, and
almost instantly Chuck had taken my place.  Erica didn't even try to
close her legs as he mounted her and pushed his dickmeat into her
dripping cunt.  I didn't stay to watch; instead I went to work on the
editing job we needed to get done with the tape.  Chuck didn't need my
help to handle her now!

Within a few minutes, I had made the master copy of the blackmail
tape.  I looked over at Chuck, and he was just finishing up inside
Erica's pussy, dribbling his semen into her once again.  I hoped Erica
wasn't a virgin.  This was a hell of a first time.  Then I hoped Chuck
was, because again, this would be a pretty amazing first time.

When Chuck was done, we played our "rape tape" for Erica.  It was a
perfect blackmail tape, and she knew it.  It started with a prepared
script Chuck and I had written, and then finished with a recording of
Erica supposedly propositioning both of us, and then finally getting

Erica got up, still naked with her hands cuffed behind her back. 
Semen dripped out of her pussy, and onto the couch.  Chuck sat beside
her holding the knife.

"Erica, do you realized what this tape means?  That you don't dare
tell anyone about this?"

Erica nodded.  "Yeah."

"And both Chuck and I are keeping copies."

I undid the handcuffs, and tossed her her clothes.

"Good night", I said.

She dressed, and went upstairs in silence.

The next day, I was very nervous as Chuck and I got out of bed (he
slept on the same couch) and went upstairs for breakfast.  Mom was
there, and Erica, and Chuck and I.  Erica really didn't say a word
though during the meal, and I assumed she hadn't told.  Chuck and I
were in good spirits.

Erica went to boarding school a few weeks later, but Chuck and I were
able to use the blackmail tape several times before that.  Usually,
we'd just slip into her room at night and both fuck her, one after the
other.  Once when our parents were gone, we spent the day teaching her
to suck cock.  I don't think she ever really liked it, but she did it,
just the same.


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