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My Wayward Son Part 1

I have been married now for twenty years and have two children and a
loving husband. Gerry my husband is six years older than me and a
great lover. We indulge in sex every night and have done for all of
our marriage (and for some time before). I grew up with a caring
family of my own and until I met Gerry I had only had any form of
sexual contact with my own family. That is what I said, I have had sex
with my father and also my mother. I was the only child and they loved
me a great deal. I was only thirteen when I first felt a mans cock
inside me and it was my fathers. I have never regretted it and after
you hear my story you may begin to understand why. 
Although I believed in sex within the family, I had never encouraged
it or in fact, never mentioned it to Gerry. There were quite a few
times when I visited dad and mom that we all ended up in bed fucking
our brains out but Gerry knew nothing of this. It was on one of these
visits to my parents that I discovered all about my wayward son. My
visit was unannounced as I just happened to be in the are, and as I
had my own key, I just walked in. I entered the kitchen and there
bending over the sink was mom with my son, Rick, stuck up her fucking
like a rabbit. They did not see me or hear me so I stepped back into
the hall and watched. Naturally, because of my experiences with mom, I
knew exactly what her cunt was like, hadn't I fucked her with a dildo
on numerous occasions! 
As I watched I got wet and horny so naturally I used my hand on my
cunt. It wasn't until Rick pulled his throbbing cock out of his
grannies slippery cunt, that I realized how big he was. Christ his
cock made Gerry's look like a pencil. It also made dad's look small
and I came in floods as I watched it slip back into mom, his granny. I
knew she was a sexy cow but the way she was performing for my son even
amazed me.  In all our times together, with or without dad, I had
never heard such profanities escape from her lips.
"Fuck your granny Rick, slap that big old cock into her aching cunt.
OOOOOH YYYYYEEESSS, just like that, Milk grannies tits, OHH SQUEEEEEZE
"I'm cumming too gran... feel that hot stuff flooding into your hairy
I watched them bucking and fucking and I was also cumming it fact I
had not had such a series of orgasms for quite a while now. My fingers
and hand were soaking and a slid them into my mouth and sucked them
clean, licking the palm of my hand until there was not a drop left. I
watched as my son pulled his cock out of his granny before I silently
slipped out of the house.
When I got home I was still so turned on I had to slip into my bedroom
and fuck myself with the Christmas present that Gerry had bought me.
It was a twelve inch vibrating cock and as I slid it in and out I
imagined it was Rick. Later that night when everyone was in bed, Gerry
didn't know what hit him. 
Of course I didn't tell Gerry about Rick and my mother but all the
next day I couldn't get the images out of my mind. I had seen mom
fucked on many occasions when we had our sex sessions but never had I
witnessed the guttural sex that she and Rick had. I wondered if dad
knew about it. 
During the course of the day I must have had my hand at my crotch at
least eight times, god I was horny, I wanted that cock in me, why
should mom have all the fun, but how was I going to go about it.
Before I realized, it was time for Rick to come home from school and I
had to make myself presentable. I had taken my panties off after the
first grope of my cunt as I thought it was pointless to have them on
the way I felt. 
I looked around the house but could see them nowhere and as time was
short I grabbed a clean pair and quickly slipped them on just before
the door opened and Rick walked in. 
"Hi Mom, had a busy day? You look worn out!"
I looked at him and muttered "Yes I have been very busy with all the
housework you leave me to do."
I got started on the tea and left him in the front room. When I walked
in with a glass of fruit juice for him, he was holding my soiled
panties in his hand. He was slightly flushed when he stammered, "I
think you missed these mom."
It was my turn to blush as he handed them to me and I felt that they
were still damp from when I was wearing them that morning. Christ I
was wetter than I thought I had been or they would have been dry by
I took them from him and walked back into the kitchen and placed them
into the dirty linen basket. Did he sniff them? And if he did like
what he smelt. Would I turn him on like his granny did? All these
questions ran through my mind in such a short space of time. 
Gerry came in just as I was putting the evening meal on the table and
we all sat down to eat. I kept glancing at Rick and each time my cunt
gave a little spasm and it wasn't long before my clean panties were
damp and dirty.
That night I again tired Gerry out and even after all that I woke at
five feeling horny as hell. I woke Gerry by gently sucking his cock
and we ended up with another great fuck. 

The following day I went round to moms and I noticed that while we
were chatting I noticed that she was rather nervous. I didn't say
anything but was soon to find out why. At about two PM the door opened
and Rick ran in with his cock in his hand and it was solid. 
Mom made an effort to warn him but the way he rushed in, she was too
"No need to bother trying to make excuses, mom, I know all about you
two, I saw you the other day, but I am a bit perturbed that Rick is
taking time off school"
Well how could I say anything, I was lusting after my son and I had
fucked both mom and dad in the past. I stood up and walked behind mom,
cupping her tits and squeezing the nipples through her dress. She
moaned and Rick's mouth fell open.
"Come on then son, don't just stand there, come and give gran what you
came to give her."
Rick's mouth shut and he couldn't quite comprehend what was going on
but he approached mom and I lifted her dress for him. Mom's legs
parted and I looked at her thick patch of hair that I had seen so many
times before. She had obviously been well prepared as she had no
panties off and she was wet, I could see the juice glistening between
her puffed up lips. 
Ricky approached mom and aimed his cock at the wet divide that was now
on display in front of him. It slipped in easy and mom gave out
another moan.
"Suck my tit's Ruthie, like you do with me and dad. OHHH Ricky that's
SOOOOOOOO nice, afterwards you will fuck your mom, she is a cock slut
Ricky, she loves cock. Your Grandpa has been fucking her horny tight
cunt for years."
My own hole was dripping, watching Rick fuck mom and her talking that
way was really getting me going. I let go of mom's tit's and ripped my
clothes off. I wanted Rick to see me naked as he fucked his gran. It
was making me so horny I rammed four fingers into my saturated hole
and whipped my juices until it was a white froth. I wanted him to
hurry up. I wanted him inside me.
Rick was coming, I new the tell tale signs when a man is coming, after
all I had been fucked so many times by Rick's dad and nearly as many
by my own. 
Mom was jerking, she was coming to. My own cunt came out in sympathy
and I had one gigantic orgasm as I watched Rick pump his hot thick
spunk into my mom's steaming twat.
Five minutes later I had my mom's cunt flat against my face, while
Rick was poking his fully recovered cock into his mom's yawning hole.
I was getting both ends at he same time. His spunk was seeping out of
my mom's cunt into my mouth and his hard dick was filling my yawning
hole and making it's way into my womb. It's funny but I knew that I
would become pregnant with my son's baby the first time he fucked me. 
Now the only thing was to get Gerry interested!!

The end.

Hope you like this short story. (Short 'n' Sweet)
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