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                        MY NIECE RITA Chapter 2

Sara became a big part of my sexual awakening at that time. Though we
never got into intercourse, There was a great deal of mutual masturbation
and eventually some mutual oral sex. Both things I wound up loving.

All of this ran through my head as I realized that I was now actually
thinking that my own niece at the same age wouldn't be able to handle
anything of a sexual nature. I felt like my parents. It was a startling
realization. I then decided that not only would Rita stay here all summer,
but that if she did happen to see my girlfriend, Michelle nude or hear us
making love, I wasn't going to make a big thing out of it. If she had
questions, I would answer them all. I thought that would make things less
complicated for her.

Rita moved in the week following her mother's wedding. She had spent much
time with me over the years but never overnight. Now she was here for
nearly 3 months. Rita's mother had moved out of her apartment once I had
agreed to take in Rita as she and her new husband planned on buying a
house when they returned from their honeymoon. All of her belongings and
some of Rita's were now in storage. Being single, I only had a one room
apartment. That meant that Rita would be sleeping on the couch.
Fortunately for her it was a hide-a-bed and not too uncomfortable.

I set down a series of ground rules. (i.e. how late she could stay up,
when she was to take a bath, when she had to come in for dinner, etc.) It
was all new to me and I hoped that I wasn't over doing it. My sister
seemed to have raised her well and she didn't have any problem adjusting
to the new environment.

Rita, like most girls her age, likes videos, comic books, playing with her
friends. I realized that I would have to accommodate her as best as I
could in order to keep things on an even keel for her. She had told me
that while her Step-father seemed to be an okay guy, she wasn't very close
to him. I had noticed that too. Vernon Timmons wasn't a "kid" person. He
was older than my sister by almost 15 years and I suspect that he
grudgingly accepted the presence of Rita when all he really wanted was my
sister. Rita had gravitated towards me even more so as a result.

The first night that she spent at my place, we were alone. I thought it
would be better that way. Though Michelle usually spent nights at my
place, she was very understanding about this and gave us our space.

I took Rita to the movies and we saw My Girl, part 2, which she had been
wanting to see. Then we got a bite to eat and headed home. It was a fun
evening just the two of us. A large part of me always liked being around
Rita because I relived my own childhood vicariously through her. When she
was talking about some boy in school trying to look up her dress, I was
reluctantly reminded of myself doing what that boy had done. I had no
remembrance to associate her love of "video" music, but I could remember
being at a basement party and getting some heavy humping in with a girl
over the wailing tunes of "Oh, what a night" playing on a record player.
When I could see the absolute joy on her face while talking on the phone to
a girl about a boy, I felt it too. When she saw some mushy love scene in a
movie that usually I wouldn't give a second thought about, I was suddenly
able to view it though her 10 year old eyes and it meant much more. It is
for this reason that I would up heading down a path with Rita that first
night she was with me that under ordinary circumstances I don't think I
would have traveled.

We arrived home at 12:30 am. I was tired even if Rita wasn't. As I told
her to go brush her teeth and get ready for bed, I began to undo the couch
and pull out the Hide-a-bed. Then I realized that I hadn't made it up for
her yet. I had no bedding on the thing at all. I thought for a second and
decided that she should just sleep with me. After all, she was my niece
and still basically a child, even though a very cute, and in some ways,
very sexy child. And the real reason, I was just too tired to make up the
Hide-a-bed right then. I put the couch back together and made a mental
note to wash some sheets for it tomorrow.

I walked into the bathroom and Rita was already undressed and brushing her
teeth in her underwear.

"Don't you have pajamas or a nightgown?" I asked.

"No. What for? " she replied.

"No special reason. I just thought you'd feel more comfortable sleeping in
something other than your underwear."

" I've got some but I never liked them. They get all tangled up during the
night. Plus they make me sweaty. Wearing my panties and a T-shirt just
feels better, Uncle Rob."

I couldn't argue that. I had known from snooping years ago on my sister
Monica that she had stopped wearing pajamas or anything else when she was
in her teens. So this was just another dilemma that I hadn't given any
thought to. 'Fuck it' I thought. I'll just wear my underpants to bed, too,
so she wont feel embarrassed. One night won't kill me. I picked up the
toothpaste and started brushing my own teeth.

 Within minutes, I was finished and so was Rita. She was already in bed
 reading what looked like a movie-star magazine when I slid in beside her.
 I looked at the cover to see what it was. I'd always ignored those kinds
 of rags myself. This one was a little different. The artwork was quite
 good. Perhaps too good. It was Titled Vampirella and had as it's main
 character a very scantily clad woman with long flowing black hair
 standing over a near-naked man. I leaned back against my pillow and
 smiled to myself thinking about myself at that age. Even after I started
 the sex play with Sara, I still got off looking at the girls in comics.
 I'd buy Archie's just to see Betty and Veronica in their swimsuits! But I
 had never seen magazines like this!

     I snapped back to the present and told Rita to put the magazine away
 and turn out the lamp. She uttered a mild protest but did as she was
 told. The lights clicked off and she snuggled down into the blankets and
 then up against me. I suddenly found myself awash in a strange mix of
 emotions and feelings. It was definitely strange to have such a small
 person snuggle up against you. Rita pressed her little butt up against my
 crotch and I could distinctly feel every nuance of her ass. Then it
 happened. I started to get an erection. A feeling of panic swept over me.
 I couldn't let Rita see me with an erection. She'd ask questions and I'd
 have to answer them and I just wasn't sure that I could, now that the
 moment was upon me. I shifted my position slightly to allow my cock some
 room and to ensure that she wouldn't feel it between her ass cheeks. Just
 when I thought I'd succeeded, she suddenly turned around and faced me.
 Her hands were just inches away from my now rock hard cock. I was very
 glad that I'd at least worn my underwear to bed. "Uncle Rob?" Rita

 "What?" I replied trying to sound calm.

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course, Rita. What is it?"

"It's kind of personal."

"That's okay. I'll answer it if I can."

"Okay. This is kinda hard to talk about but you're the only person I know
that I feel good enough around, so here goes," she said, and I was already
feeling queasy.

"Sometimes when I am riding my bike and I sit on it a certain way I get
this funny feeling down here, you know, in my whatdoyoucallit, you know
where I mean?"

"I think so, Rita, you mean in your vagina? That's what the female sex
organ is called," I answered, as succinctly as I could.

"Yeah, my vagina, Uncle Rob, but my friends sometimes call it something
else.." She waited for a reply from me before continuing. I just nodded
letting her know it was okay to finish. "Some of them say 'pussy', Uncle
Rob. But not me. I don't use those kind of words."

"Rita, it's okay to use those words among your friends, but not when you're
around strangers, or anyone who doesn't want to hear that kind of talk.
You can use whatever words you are comfortable with when you're with me," I
replied, hoping I had kept the growing excitement out of my voice.

"Thanks, Uncle Rob. And then sometimes when I'm reading something like this
magazine with real hot stories or pictures in it, I get that funny feeling
in there again. And..and sometimes I even touch myself down there? In my
pussy? And then it feels real good just like when I was riding my bike,
and if I keep on touching it, it gets real..sweaty down there between my my pussy. Oh please, Uncle Rob, don't tell mommy what I told you.
She wouldn't understand and she would kill me! And recently, almost every
night when I go to bed, I touch myself down here and it gets sweaty all
the time, but it doesn't feel like sweat. And, Uncle Rob, I'm starting to
get that same feeling now. Do you know what I'm talking about Uncle Rob?"
It had happened. There was no turning back now. My 10 year old niece was
lying in bed with me getting hot pants reading a magazine. And suddenly,
knowing that she was able to have these feelings sent a wave of both
relief and lust through me. I sat up and clicked on the lamp. I looked
down at her. "What do you mean?" I asked.

"My pussy. It's always feeling funny and getting wet when I go to bed.
Sometimes I get these feelings in the shower too or like during the day at
school when some boy tries to feel me up. But I don't do anything with
those boys, Uncle Rob. I'm still a good girl, because that's what mommy
told me to do. But I still don't know what's going on with me when I get
these feelings. I tried to ask mommy but she didn't want to talk to me
about it." I had suddenly realized two things in this brief conversation
with Rita. Firstly, she didn't know what "getting hot" was exactly, and
secondly, my sister set this up so that I could explain all these things
to her. Monica was never the one to handle "sensitive" subjects with Rita,
even though she was a woman, and I am a man. Monica always trusted me when
it came to Rita. I took in a deep breath and decided that it was now or

"Rita," I began, "When your vagina, or pussy, as you and friends call it,
gets wet, it is lubricating itself because when a woman or a girl is
sexually aroused it usually means that sexual intercourse might occur, and
if it does that means that it, the vagina, has to receive an erect, or
hard, penis into it." Rita was listening in rapt attention as I tried
feebly to explain the facts of life to her.

"But why would *my* pussy, I mean vagina get wet? I'm not having
intercourse, or even thinking about it. Even when I'm in bed or by myself,
I might be thinking about some boy or something, but I don't even know
what intercourse is, I don't think. At least I've never seen it."

Despite her naiveté, Rita was an extremely intelligent young girl, getting
the highest grades in school. I decided to give a try at being as factual
as I could for her age and see what happens.

"Well, Rita, when a person is thinking sexual thoughts of any kind, the
mind emits what's called hormones into the blood stream which prepare and
arouse the body further. You may not know what intercourse is but your
mind does and it has to prepare your body just in case. That's called
natural instincts and it's part of the human code that all living things
have." I paused for a moment, testing to see how much of that she had

Okay, okay, I think I see. It's only natural when my body gets wet when I'm
thinking sexy things, even though I never thought about fucking..I'm sorry
Uncle Rob, I mean intercourse. It just feels so natural talking with you,
it feels like talking to one of my girl friends."

"That's all right, Rita, I told you you could say whatever you want to
when you're with me. Even "fucking", if you want to."

"Thanks, Uncle Rob. So when I think these things it's just my mind telling
my body "get ready, pussy, some good thoughts are coming now, you'd better
get wet quick!". Is that right?" she asked, smiling at her little joke.

"That's very good, Rita. That's a very good way to put it." That's what I
loved about Rita more than anything: she was as intelligent as she was
beautiful. And here I was, talking sex with this cute little vixen while
trying to remember that she was my sister's child.

"So it's perfectly normal for your body to tell your pussy to get wet,
when you're in bed thinking those kinds of thoughts. And believe me, Rita,
everyone, at one time or another has those thoughts and those body

"Really, Uncle Rob? Do you get those thoughts, too?" Oh, Oh. Now I'm in
real trouble.

"Well yes, Rita, sometimes." And suddenly my experiences of seventeen
years ago with my best friend's sister, Sara, came flooding back to me.
Sara had begun my explorations of sex with girls, and it had been a great
beginning. Some how that first sex when I was ten and Sara was nine was
the best experience of my life. And now it seemed like life was about to
repeat itself, seventeen years later.

"And men have a similar reaction, Rita. When a man gets sexually excited
his penis gets an erection, it gets hard."

"Uncle Rob, is that why you have a boner right now?" I guess I new this
was coming. I mean how long could I expect her to ignore the extreme
tenting in my shorts directly in front of her. Especially with this

"Yes, Rita. But where did you learn that name, 'boner'?"

"I'm sorry. I've heard my friends call it that. But I've never seen one.
Can I see yours?"

"First tell me, Rita, is your vagina excited right now? Is it wet?"

She put a hand down to her panty-clad pussy and felt around it for a
minute. I almost blew it right then watching her touch herself. "Yeah.
It's real wet! Is that normal?"

"Of course it's normal. If it didn't get wet, that would be abnormal."

"But sometimes I get real wet all the time, and I do stuff to make it feel
even better. Sometimes when I'm in my bed I spread my legs and put my
fingers on my pussy. Then that good feeling just builds and builds and I
don't want to stop, it feels so nice. Does that mean that I'm bad?"

"Not at all!" I laughed. "Look," I said reaching for the first time over
to her crotch. "You see this wet spot on your panties?" I asked as I
softly caressed her panty-covered pussy for the first time. Rita's eyes
glazed over as she looked down at my hand between her legs. "That just
means you are reacting normally to a sexual situation. What we do and talk
about here tonight is just for your benefit, Rita. OKAY? You can't tell
anyone else about this or I might get in trouble."

"Why, Uncle Rob. I think it's great to have a grown-up who can explain
this stuff to me."

"Yes, but not everybody feels that way about it. It's just better if you
don't tell anyone else. At least right now."

"Of course, Uncle Rob. I'd never tell anybody anyway." That certainly made
my conscious feel a little better, as I watched her watching me stroking
her crotch.

"That feels sooo good! Better than ever before when I was touching it. Do
you want to see it? Can I see your ..boner?" There was no stopping her
now, even if I had wanted to, and I didn't want to.

"Okay. Lets do it this way. Let's pull the covers out of the way and then
we'll take off our under clothes, if you still want to. Do you?" I asked

"Yeah, I sure do," she almost shouted as she clamored out from under the
blankets and I did the same. I could now see clearly the indentation her
wet pussy slit was making in her tight panties. Rita then quickly slid her
panties off while I took off my shorts.

"Whoa! Your boner is huge!" she exclaimed. "Is that all because of me?"
Rita asked excitedly.

"Yes Rita, all because of you. I told you I love you very much, and now
you can see how true it is."

"I love you very much, Uncle Rob, and now you can tell how much by how wet
my pussy is." She turned more toward me and grabbed my hand, placing it on
her hairless pussy. I took in the sight of her beautiful hairless mound,
and the feeling of it on my fingers was like deja vu. Suddenly I was 10
again. I was with Sara and we were in her room or in our attic or on a
camping trip. All the places we'd had our fun. I remembered every little
detail of those times. The smoothness of Sara's pussy as I ran my hands
over it. How slick and soft her pussy had tasted in my mouth. My level of
arousal had reached a point to where I was seeping pre-cum. Her hand went
over to it and she touched the pre-cum seeping out. She pulled it back
quickly. "It's sticky. Is it pee?"

"Not quite. You see when a man gets excited, he produces something in his
balls that's called cum or sperm. It's sort of like the wetness here in
your pussy. And that's what helps out the girl's wetness to make it easier
for the man's penis to go into her vagina." As I explained this, I gently
cupped her sweet hairless mound while she put her hand back on my oozing
cock. This was all going pretty fast and I tried to remember that this was
my niece and she was just 10 years old. I didn't want her first experience
with boy-girl sex to be a scary one. I had already decided that I wouldn't
fuck her tonight, or do anything that might hurt her. But I was going to
make it fun.

"When I rub your pussy like this it makes it get wetter and pretty soon if
it feels real good it will make you have what's called an orgasm," I said,
as I began rubbing her between her pussy lips with more intensity. "And
when you rub my cock that makes it get harder and pretty soon the sperm
would come out. That would be an orgasm for me. Do you want to see if we
can make each other have an orgasm?" Rita's eyes grew wide. I could see
her breathing had deepened and her pussy, slimy with her girl juice,
seemed even wetter than it had been earlier. "Yeah...." I was in heaven! A
part of me had wanted this moment for so long. Now with it upon me I
wanted to savor it. I instructed Rita to lay down on the bed while I lay
beside her face to face. I wrapped one arm around her and put my other
hand between her legs, fondling her wet pubes. She raised one leg and then
lowered it when my hand was in place then reached below to hold my
spasming cock.

"You have to help me, now Rita. I want you to just hold my cock and stroke
gently, okay? Then I'm going to keep rubbing you softly here up and down,
and you tell me if I do anything that hurts, or doesn't feel good. Okay?"

"Okay." she said in a quiet voice. "Uncle Rob, I feel really funny.
Usually I feel ashamed when I'm playing with myself but now doing it with
you, I really like it. And it feels really good to touch your thing, while
you're playing with my pussy."

"I can show you some other things that will make you feel even better."
With that, I started probing a little harder at the entrance to her tiny
little pussy. She was so wet now that my finger didn't seem to hurt her as
it gently but firmly proceeded further into her sweetness. I had so much
leaking pre-cum that her hand was smooth in its strokes up and down my
cock. Rita followed my lead and kept up the strokes on my cock and just
watching her masturbate me was almost more than I could handle. She was so
cute & sexy! Her cheeks had become flush. She started to let out a small
contented sigh as my finger pushed further and further into her cunt and
the feelings inside began to overtake her. Soon she wasn't stroking my
cock very hard anymore, but just squeezing it tightly, losing herself in
the flow of her own powerful emotions. Her hand could barely span the
width of my dick, as the head of my cock peeked through her hand. Watching
her I pumped my cock up and down through her tiny hand and it was driving
me crazy with lust. Finally she started moving her hips in time to my
finger stroking. I then moved my thumb over her sensitive little clit and
watched her spasm with joy. I knew she was near orgasm and I wanted to
hold out until then. It was the most difficult thing I have ever done.
Rita picked up the pace on my cock again and I increased my strokes into
her pussy, touching her maidenhead and feeling it begin to give way. Her
sighs were turning into moans. She raised her hips on an upstroke of my
finger so much that her tiny ass was almost off the mattress. And then I
felt it. With a 'thump' my finger had penetrated her cherry and was inside
the tight walls of her sweet virginal pussy. She gave a sharp moan,
wincing in some pain, but continued on with her upthrusts into my finger.
She was a definite natural at this. "Ooohhh, Uncle Rob. This feels really

"Just go with it Rita! It gets better!" We were both overheated with lust.
She was about to have her first orgasm and I was trying not to beat her.
My own orgasm was right at the door waiting for me to let it out. I wanted
to cum the exact moment that Rita did so that I could spurt all over her
beautiful pre-pubescent pussy as it shuddered in it's own orgasm. I didn't
have much longer to wait. Rita suddenly gripped my arm and clamped her
thighs around my hand. She closed her eyes and was moaning softly. I aimed
my cock and spurted. The first hit her belly. The next spurt landed right
on her hands seeping between her fingers and dripping onto her pussy. The
last spurt landed half on her thigh and the sheets. I continued massaging
my cock as it began to soften. It was the most powerful orgasm I had ever
had. I lay down on the bed next to Rita and we both caught our breath. As
we lay there, I thought for sure a feeling of remorse or guilt would have
enveloped me by now but I felt neither. Rita was breathing hard but she
was radiant. Her favorite Uncle had just taught her another grown-up thing
and she felt privileged to have been a part of it. "That was really great,
Uncle Rob. Can we do it again? I turned and smiled at her. "Rita, we're
going to do that and a whole lot more this summer."