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Subject: My First Time with Daddy  (Mff pedo, incest)
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 05:09:45 GMT
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                    My First Time with Daddy

                         An Erotic Story

     Hi, I'm Tammy Marlow.

     They say, that first-times are the most exciting, and that 

you always remember your first time.  Well, I still remember the 

first time that Daddy fucked me.  I was about 10 years old, and I 

had woken up in the night feeling cold.  My big sister was gone, 

so I went looking for her,  I knew that my older sister sometimes 

got up in the night, and sometimes didn't come back for hours.  

That night, I decided that I would find out where she went.  On 

previous occasions, I had been too sleepy to follow her, but that 

night, for some reason, I wasn't sleepy at all.  I padded down 

the hallway, in search of my sister.  Maybe if I got her to come 

back to bed, I could get back to sleep.  Not that my Karen was 

all that good of a bed-partner.  She kicked and squirmed; stole 

all the covers; and lately, she seemed to be taking up more and 

more of the bed.  Still, I was used to sleeping with her, and 

almost couldn't get to sleep myself, until she joined me.  This 

got a little awkward sometimes, as she was able to stay up later 

than I was, being 3 years older.

     I looked in the living room, kitchen, and even the bathroom.  

Empty.  I went downstairs, and checked the basement.  Nobody.  

There was only one place left, that my big sister could be, so I 

headed down to my parent's bedroom, figuring that Karen was 

talking to my parents.

     Well, as you've guessed by now, my big sister was in our 

parent's bedroom, but she wasn't talking.  There was no way my 

sister could have said anything; with our father's 8 inch cock 

halfway down her throat.  "Karen," I said, barging in the door 

"Aren't you coming. . ."  I was going to say, "back to bed," when 

I realized what my sister was doing.  The words stuck in my 


     Mother was lying on the bed, as naked as Karen and my father 

were, while she watched my sister suck on Daddy.  I heard her say 

something like, "This way, you can help your father out, even 

when you get too big to do it the other way."  Mother was 

obviously teaching my big sister something, when I interrupted.

     I could see what my mother meant by "too big."  I hadn't 

really noticed before, but Karen was getting fat.  Not greasy, 

blubbery fat, but big in the breasts, belly, and butt.  

Especially in the stomach part.  Now that I looked at her naked, 

for the first time in a couple of months, I wondered how I could 

have missed it before.  My sister's belly was no longer the flat, 

smooth little tummy like mine, that she used to have, but it 

stuck out in front of her, a good 9 inches.  When she leaned 

over, like she was now, as Daddy lay on his back, and my sister 

was leaning over him sucking on our father's cock, her belly 

seemed to stick out even more.  Strangely enough, my sister 

didn't look unhealthy with all that fat.  In fact, she looked 

healthier than ever, with a warm creamy glow to her skin that 

almost made me jealous.

     I suddenly realized that I had barged in on something 

private.  "I'm sorry," I squeaked, embarrassedly.  "I'll come 

back later."



     "It's OK, Tammy."  My mother's words stopped me.  "It's 

about time, you learned about these things anyway.  Especially, 

as your sister is getting too big, to take care of your father.  

I think it's time you learned how to fuck.  Your sister wasn't 

all that much older, when your father taught her."

     "Fuck, Mommy?" I asked.

     "Uhuh," she replied.  "Why don't you start by taking your 

pajamas off, so your father can show you what to do."

     I had always been a fairly obedient daughter; so I saw no 

reason not to do what my mother told me to.  I stripped off the 

top, and shinnied out of the bottoms, as the rest of the family 

watched.  Karen didn't say anything, but kept on slowly sucking 

on Daddy, while she watched me undress.

     "You can stop now, Karen," said Daddy.  "It's time your 

sister learned how, just like you did, and I don't want to waste 


     Reluctantly, it seemed to me, my big sister stopped her 

administrations on my father's cock.  However, when she pulled 

off, she did so with one long drawn out suck that seemed to last 


     "Karen!" said Daddy.

     "Sorry, Daddy," said Karen, "I just couldn't resist."  She 

gave Daddy a big grin, then turned it on me, to show that she 

wasn't mad at me for taking over her spot.

     Daddy instructed me to lie back on the bed, and lift my 

knees.  Shortly, I looked down and watched my father crawl 

between my legs, with his big cock dripping a clear white liquid.

     "What are you going to do, Daddy?" I asked, a little scared.

     "Daddy's going to put his penis up inside your vagina," 

replied my mother.  Daddy didn't seem like he could talk at the 

moment.  "Once Daddy's penis is all the way inside you, You're 

supposed to squeeze on it, until he squirts his cum inside you.  

Do you think you can do that?"

     "I don't know, Momma," I replied.  "I suppose I can try.  

How do I squeeze, and what's 'cum' and how will I know, when 

Daddy squirts it inside me?"

     My sister grinned, and opened her mouth to say something, 

when Momma glared at her, and she shut it with a snap.  "Cum," 

said Momma, "is a sticky white liquid that men squirt out of the 

end of their penises.  It's supposed to go up inside a woman's 

vagina, so that the man's sperm can impregnate the woman.  You 

squeeze on your father's cock, by clenching the muscles in your 

vagina, just like you were trying to keep from peeing.  

Sometimes, you can feel it when a man 'cums' inside you, and 

sometimes not.  Daddy'll tell you, when to stop."

     "OK, Momma," I said, "I'll try."  I was confused with all 

these new terms.  Penis, and Vagina, I was familiar with, but 

first 'cum,' and Daddy squirting his "sperm?"  inside my vagina?  

And Daddy's "sperm?" "impregnating?" me?  I resolved to find out 

what all these new words meant.  At least, I had figured out what 

one word, that I had wondered about before, meant.  I used the 

word that finally made sense to me.  "Come here, Daddy, and 

'fuck' me," I said.  So that's what the word "fuck" meant.  I had 

always wondered.



     My Daddy did just that.  Hearing me asking him to fuck me, 

must have been exciting, especially, after hearing my mother tell 

me how to do it.  Daddy rubbed the slippery head of his big cock 

up and down in my little crack.

     "Oooh Daddy," I said, "that feels good."  It did, too.

     "If you think that's good, just wait until he 'cums' inside 

you," said my sister with a grin.

     My mother glared at Karen again, and she shut up.

     "Ungh, Tammy," said Daddy, "here it comes."

     I wondered what he meant.  I hadn't felt him get inside me 

yet, was he squirting his 'cum,' already?  All of a sudden, I 

realized what he was talking about, as the head of Daddy's cock 

spread the lips of my tiny crack, and started to go up inside it.

     "Oh my gosh!" I gasped, eyes popping.  "It's going inside!"

     "Oooooh," breathed Daddy.  "It sure is!"

     We both looked down, at where my father's penis had 

penetrated about 2 inches into my body.  I felt stuffed, and yet 

three-quarters of my daddy's cock was still waiting to get inside 


     "Oh Daddy," I groaned, as my father slid his cock out about 

a half inch, to lubricate it a little, then back inside another 

inch, "it'll never fit!  It's too big!"

     "Easy Tammy," said Daddy.  "It'll go.  Just relax, and let 

me get it in."  All the while, he was working his cock in and 

out, gaining between a quarter, and a half an inch, at each 


     I gasped, feeling more and more stuffed, until suddenly it 

hurt.  "OW!" I said.  "That hurts!"

     "Just for a minute," said Daddy, not relenting.  "Just 

relax.  I've got to break your cherry."

     "Does he have to Momma?" I asked.  Looking over at my 

mother, who was watching closely, for sympathy.  Momma looked at 

me seriously, and nodded.  "You've got to do it sometime, Honey," 

she said.  "It's best, if you let your father do it."

     "OK, If I have to," I said, gritting my teeth.  "Do it 


     Daddy did.  I let out a howl of pain, as Daddy's cock 

suddenly slipped almost all the way up inside my hole.  This is 

the fun-thing called fucking, that all the kids want to do?  I 

thought.  They must be crazy!

     "Easy Tammy, easy," repeated my father.  "That was it.  It 

won't ever hurt like this, after the first time.  Next time, 

you'll really like it."

     I wondered what he was babbling about.  It still hurt!  Next 

time?  I resolved, that after this, there would be no "next 

time."  If Karen liked to be fucked, then SHE could fuck Daddy.  

Not me!  I resolved to let Daddy finish, so I could show I wasn't 

"chicken," but this was it.  No more fucking for me!

     "Go ahead," I grunted, "fuck me."  I figured that the sooner 

I got this over with, the better.

     Daddy smiled down at me, taking some of the sting out of my 

disgruntlement.  "OK Tammy," he said.  "You'll like it a lot 

better next time."



     Huh  I thought.  That wouldn't be hard, since I don't like 

it this time, at all!  Still, I kept my thoughts to myself, and 

started trying to squeeze on Daddy's cock, like Momma had told me 


     I must have done something right, because Daddy choked, and 

said, "Ughn.  Not so hard, Tammy.  You'll have me cumming, before 

you're ready, yourself."

     I didn't know what he was talking about, since I had given 

up on liking sex.  Still, it was kind of nice to make Daddy feel 

good, even if I didn't.  I squeezed him again.

     "Argh!" Daddy groaned, then panted, as he struggled to hold 


     This was kind of fun.  I wondered just how long Daddy could 

hold out, so I squeezed him again.

     This time, Daddy seemed to be expecting it, and he slid his 

cock out, when I started squeezing.  My vagina must have stripped 

a lot of lubricating fluid from the end of Daddy's penis, because 

I was a lot slicker inside when I stopped squeezing, and Daddy 

pushed his cock back up inside me.

     This time, Daddy's penis went all the way home in my belly.  

It didn't really hurt any more; I just felt stuffed like a 

turkey, as Daddy's cock butted up against my uterus, and started 

leaking sticky drops of pre-cum into the neck of my womb.

     Mmmm  I thought.  You know, this could be fun after all.  I 

squeezed on Daddy's cock again.  This time, it excited me, almost 

as much as Daddy, as I could feel the warm pulsing of his cock 

inside my belly, when I squeezed down on it.  It seemed to tickle 

me a little inside, and I felt like I wanted to scratch an itch.

     "Am I doing it right, Daddy?" I asked, trying to pull 

Daddy's cock up inside me, with just my inner muscles.  This 

seemed to sooth the "itch" a little, as my vagina clamped down on 

my father's swelling cock.

     "Oh Honey, Don't!   I. . ." said Daddy, then his voice 

choked off, and his eyes grew big.  "OH God, Tammy," he finally 

gasped, "I. . . I'm. . . "

     Suddenly, I felt slicker inside, as Daddy's penis pulsed, 

and a warm dollop of slippery liquid splashed up against my womb.  

The tickling sensation that I had just started to notice, as I 

squeezed Daddy's cock suddenly grew too big to ignore.  It was 

like an itch, that I just had to scratch.  "Ung Daddy," I said, 

suddenly squeezing even harder; only this time, I had no control 

over it.  "Daddy, Ungh, Do it.  Unh, Uggnh, UUnghh!"  I couldn't 

believe how good it felt.  I had been intending just to make 

Daddy 'cum' inside me, when a ripple of sensations spread down my 

belly, centered in my little cunt; and suddenly nothing else in 

the world mattered, except Daddy, my cunt, and Daddy's wonderful 

cock, that was making me feel so good, as it pulsed time after 

time, filling my little vagina with squirt after thick sticky 

squirt of soothing warm liquid.

     I was vaguely aware of Daddy's hoarse grunts, as he spasmed 

inside me, and my mother and sister nearby.

     "Do it," said Momma.  "Squirt your cum in our daughter.  Let 

me see you get our little girl pregnant."

     "Yeah, Daddy," agreed my older sister, "knock the kid up, 

just like you did me."



     I wasn't sure what they meant, but if it was what Daddy was 

doing to me, I wanted more of it.  "Do it Daddy," I repeated 

their words, even if I wasn't quite sure of their meaning.  

"Knock me up.  Squirt your cum up inside me, and get me pregnant, 

like Momma says."

     Hearing his own little 10 year old daughter begging him to 

impregnate her, must have been a dream 'cum' true for Daddy.  

(Pun intended.)  Daddy had started to slow down, as the slick 

feeling of his cum inside me soothed his cock, and reduced the 

tickling sensations.  Hearing me asking him to "Knock me up," was 

a thrill that a man like Daddy couldn't ignore.  Daddy's penis 

suddenly seemed even bigger, as he jammed it up inside me hard!  

There was a sickening stretching sensation, as Daddy's cock 

stretched the entrance to my uterus, and suddenly Daddy was 

spewing his thick sticky cum right into my womb.

     I thought, that I had been excited before.  When Daddy 

started squirting his cum inside my womb, it was as though I'd 

been kicked in the belly.  I gasped, groaned, and shuddered, as 

the first real orgasm of my young life, caused me to flop and 

jerk on the bed, like a fish out of water.  I choked, and gasped, 

and tried to stop, but the feeling of Daddy's sperm tickling the 

inside of my womb was too much.  On and on it went, until Daddy's 

mighty spasms slowed, and my father finally stopped pumping his 

thick greasy cum into my belly.

     "Oh Daddy, Daddy I. . . ."  I couldn't say, how good I felt.

     Daddy slowly pulled his big cock out of me.  I felt as 

though he was dragging my guts out with him, I felt so empty, 


       "Mmmmlpfhh," mumbled Karen, as she swallowed Daddy's cock 

again.  My sister must like the flavor of cum, because she didn't 

stop sucking, until every last drop of Daddy's sperm had va

nished, and even the slightly red ring of sticky stuff left my 

now-missing maidenhead had been licked off.

     I was distracted from watching Karen cleaning our father's 

cock, by more sensations centering around the outside of my 

vagina this time.  My mother, was cleaning me up, by licking up 

the juices running out of my little hole, just like Karen was 

licking on Daddy!

     "Oh Momma," I said, "you don't have to do that!"

     "Mmmmpf," said my mother, pausing in her cleanup.  "It's OK 

Honey, I like the taste of it."  She didn't stop, until every 

trace of pinkish-white had vanished.

     "I like it too," said Karen, as she finished cleaning my 

father's now limp cock with her tongue.  "I don't often get 

'cherry' flavoring."

     The whole room burst into laughter, at my sister's pun.  

Even I smiled dutifully, as I vaguely remembered something Daddy 

had said about 'popping' my 'cherry.'

     Afterwards, Daddy explained to me what "sperm" meant, and 

what they had meant by "get pregnant."  I told my parents, that I 

didn't mind if Daddy "got me pregnant," but it was several years 

before he succeeded.



     Daddy also apologized for not taking the time to do it 

properly.  He explained that he had been so excited, that he had 

to do it fast, or he would have lost control, this first time.  

At that time, I didn't care, as it had certainly felt good enough 

to me.

     The next day, Daddy showed me what I had missed the first 

time.  He spent almost an hour working me up, and getting me 

excited, until I was almost pleading with him to fuck me, so that 

I could get off.  Then Daddy fucked me for what seemed like an 

hour, but must have been only about 10 minutes, before he filled 

my belly with his white greasy sperm.  By that time, I must have 

had about 5 or 6 orgasms in a row.  Feeling my own father's thick 

baby-making cum filling my womb, was just icing on the cake.

     That's the story, of the first time I fucked Daddy.  It's 

almost as exciting, as the first time Momma had Daddy get me 

pregnant.  Maybe I'll tell you about that next time.  Or maybe 

I'll tell you about the birthday party I had, once my relatives 

found out how much I liked sex.  Or maybe, about our camping trip 

that summer, just before Karen had her baby, where the whole 

family never got dressed, from the time we left home, until after 

my sister had her baby, when we got back.  I can still remember 

the look on that gas-station attendant's face!  Of course, I 

could tell you about when I had my first baby by Daddy.  That 

wasn't as sexy, but it still makes an interesting story.  I'll 

think about it.

     Your friend, Tammy.