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Date:         1997/01/28
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Lot And His Daughters


The night was warm and they stood just outside the cave, and they knew
that part of the reason for the heat was the afterglow of heat from
sulfuric flames. The cities of the plain - destroyed.
Their home, Sodom, the only home they had ever known, desroyed by the
hand of Heaven, for its sins. And added to that sadness, the
additional sadness of the death of their own mother who had
displeased the L--d by looking back upon their already doomed home,
as though wistfully hoping that it were not happening. She felt His
justice for she had wished to remain a part of Sodom, so she shared
its fate.now, for all they knew the entire world gone, with all its
people, and they, the three of them the only human beings left alive.
Inside the cave, their father Lot lay in a drunken stupor for they had
both contracted together, each with the other that they would bring
into confusion with wine so that they might have their way with him.
Chisdah, the eldest had said, "Sister - we are now the only ones that
the L--d, in His goodness, has spared out of all humanity. Now we and
our father are as Cain and his sister. For do you not know that there
was none for Cain's sister to marry and beget children save his sister
only. And he did her the loving kindness therefore of becoming her
husband so that she might take his seed into her and be fruitful and
multiply according to the word of the L--d. Now sister, we also have
gotten this awesome burden from Heaven, that we too must mate with our
father, to recieve seed from him so that we may, as Noah's children,
become the bearers of mankind's future."
The younger, Rachmanit, looked at her sister in wonderment. "Sister,
we not sin by this deed with our own father? For since the time after
the Great Flood, the children of Noah declared by a vow that they
no more commit the sin of incest, for that is abomination unto
"No" Chisdah answered. "It is no sin to take up Heaven's burden and do
what we must. Come now, the hour grows late and we must be of good
courage before our father."
So saying, she led Rachmanit to the entrance of the cave and bid her
and watch the heavens for any sign of His pleasure or displeasure that
might manifest itself.
Then she entered the cave and stood before her father. He sat on a
stone and he smiled when he saw her. She let slip the simple dress
garment that covered her body and stood before her father as naked as
she had been at birth. He looked up at her uncertainly, not quite
understanding what was happening.
She approahed him and bent over him. She cupped his face in her hands
and whispered into his ear. "Father, the L--d requite you measure for
measure. As you offered my young sister and me to the men of Sodom,
strangers, to use us as they would for their pleasure, although we
were both virgins, so now we shall use you as we will for our
So saying, she reached her hand between his open thighs and
his manhood till it grew large and hard. He began to protest weakly
she stilled him by placing her free hand overhis mouth. "Do not
father", she instructed. "It is the will of heaven."
He barely understood what she was saying but he knew, somewhere in the
recesses of his drunkenness that what was happening was not right. Yet
he was powerless to prevent her. When he was very hard, she placed
herself over his lap and slowly lowered herself upon him. Her eyes
closed as she felt him enter her young virginity, bursting her hymen.
He began to weep softly. "No so, father", she whispered in hius ear as
she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned into him, moving up
down slowly. "No so. Imagine that I am mother. Can you not tell that I
am your wife? Do I not look like the woman who gave you two fine young
daughters? Daughters that you were willing to give to the beasts in
streets of Sodom. Daughters who might have lived virtuous lives had
remained with Abraham the Righteous, and who might have borne noble
holy children to his seed." She increased her tempo up and down and he
began to crescendo with desire quickly. Up and down she moved upon
holding him close to her and whispering all the time as she moved.
"Father, you should have remained with our uncle Abraham. But you
rather have been a judge in Sodom than second in the house of the
Righteous. Now father, taste the bitterness of the fruit that you have
chosen. But tell me father. Is there sweetness even in the bitterness
that you feel?" He could hardly breathe. His hands leapt to her supple
young sweet breasts and he fondled and kissed them.
"Yes" she laughed, "yes father .. take me .. for nothing is now held
back from you. Sodom itself is planted deep within you as an unholy
seed. So shall your unholy seed now purify my sister and me in this
deed of begetting children to fill the world anew. For you shall be
great ancestor of all mankind, and all men shall know and repeat for
times that Lot futtered his own daughters, for he was of Sodom."
Then she squeezed hard - with all her might and brought him to heavy
sudden climax. Quickly she dismounted him while he sat there panting
"Father", she reproached him, "do not weep. Not yet. There is more
for you this night. There is yet another 'wife' for you to fill.
Rachmanit, your favorite awaits your ardor. Gather now your strength
together this one more time for her."
Lot sat there weeping bitterly, now knowing full well what he had
and knowing that he would do so again with the child he had carried on
his shoulders and loved more than life itself. He wept in his
drunkenness, hoping that on the morrow all memory would mercifully be
erased yet knowing that Heaven would be as mercifull with him as was
willing to be with his own flesh and blood on the day that the men of
Sodom demanded the angels and he offered them his own children to
Chisdah stepped outside the cave and stood by Rachmanit. The younger
girl looked up quizickly. Chisdah carresed her sister's hair and spoke
softly to her. "Go little sister. He awaits. Do not fear. Have courage
and do what must be done. Rachmanit arose from where she had been
sitting. Chisdah took her face into her hands and looked into her
"Little sister", she enquired, "Did you see some sign from heaven to
tell you that what we do is not right?" The younger girl shook her
in negation. "Good, now go into our father and take his seed into your
Rachmanit paused at  the cave's opening, still uncertain. Chisdah
waved her on. "Go! Go! Now!." She entered and was soon gone from
her older sister's sight. Chisdah now sat where Rachmanit had been
sitting while she took her father's flow into her. She sat and looked
heavenward, and prayed silently: "Oh G-d of Abraham, look down upon
maidservants and fault them not for what You Yourself have ordained,
that we amy be the new mothers of humanity, to spread abroad and
the world after this great fire of destruction which You have sent for
She sat there for a while - until Rachmanit emerged. She rose quickly
and embraced her younger sister. Rachmanit leaned aagainst her and
Chisdah comforted her. "Shh, my sister. Do not be sad. Heaven shall
punish us for what we have done.
Rachmanit looked at her sister. "Oh but Chisdah, I looked at him while
I embraced him. The look on his face was so sad, so sad that I wept
the time that I was upon him. And he also wept, at the end."
They both stood there in their nakedness while the stars looked down
dumbly. The moon alternately hid its face in a cloud and re-emerged to
bathe them in its night radiance. Chisdah put her arm around
shoulder and spoke to her. "Rachmanit, I cannot help but feel that
something good and holy shall arise from these unions of this night. I
cannot tell what that may be but I feel it. Some unknown awesome
andwonderfull destiny awaits our seed."
Rachmanit looked down and said nothing.

When the time was filled, they both gave birth on the self same day.
To Chisdah was born Ammon and to Rachmanit was born Moab. These are
the nations which may not enter the congregation of Israel for they
were cruel as their father Lot, for they hated Isral and prayed to
god, Chemosh for Israel's destruction. Yet G-d mocked them for they
themselves became the stream for Israel's ultimate salvation. For out
them came Ruth the Moabitess, wife of Boaz, and Na'amah the
wife of Solomon the great king. And it was their wombs which bore them
who would sire the generations that one day would give the world him
is to come and bring the Kingdom of G-d to earth.

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