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Little 6 &7

Part 6

As Tom glanced around the room to see if anyone had heard him, he noticed another familiar face. It was Laura, she was resting her cheek on Amy's small ass, stroking her hairless slit with one hand and motioning for him with the other.

Tom's cock strained even more. He had fantasized about making it with a 7- year-old for quite awhile. There were only a few to choose from at the 'club', and a sophisticated point system was used to determine who got them. Tom was building points fairly quickly because he usually took Jimmy along for the ladies that earned him extras. He still had a long way to go before he had enough to get on the list. That reminded him, Jimmy was still outside. This was just too good for him to miss out on. He winked at Laura and went out to get Jimmy.

When Tom and Jimmy returned, Laura just smiled. This was better than she had expected. She knew that Tom would stop by for Jimmy's kite, but she figured that Jimmy want to wait at the park by the public pool. He and his dad liked to watch the young girls in their skimpy swim suits.

Tom and Jimmy had their clothes off in no time flat. By this time all the girls knew they were there but at this point, nobody cared. Little Amy was still on her elbows and knees with her legs spread wide. Laura was running her finger back and forth across her tiny slit teasing Tom. Tom wasted no time. This was his chance to fulfill his hotest fantasy and he wasn't about to pass it up. He got onto the floor on his back and slid his head between Amy's legs. Next he grabbed her ass and pulled the childs hairless cunt down onto his face. He began licking and sucking madly, completely lost in lust.

In the mean time, Samantha and Mandy had nabbed Jimmy and hauled him off to the bedroom. Myself, I was spent for the moment and just barely managed to move to a corner of the room where I could rest in peace and watch the show.

From my vantage point, I could see all the girls except Samantha and Mandy. I wasn't sure what they were doing, but I assumed were fixing Jimmy up like Laura did me. Shelly was on the couch pumping this massive dildo slowly in and out of her dripping cunny. The damn thing must have been a good 6 inches long and 2 or three inches across. She was trying her best to take it all. Her cuntlips stretched tightly around the thick tool, following it inside as she pushed and twisted it deep into her young hairless pussy.

Laura had moved around and was sucking Tom's cock while Tom ate out the young second grader. I could tell Laura was teasing him, bringing him almost to climax then stopping. She knew she should make him cum before he tried to fuck Amy. She was afraid that the intense excitment of the moment would cause him to loose it before he even got his cock near her little hole. On the other hand, why spoil his fun, let him shoot all over her and then in her! As excited as he was, he'd probably wouldn't even go soft between.

Amy had come up off her elbows and was now on her hands and knees with Tom feeding hungrily between her legs. Her contorted face was still covered with my sperm as she grunted and groaned continously. Her hips were rocking and I could see that she was forcefully shoving her hairless mound hard onto Tom's sucking mouth. Her juices were flowing freely and Tom's face and neck were wet from the run-off he couldn't swallow.

Cindy was lying on her stomach with her legs spread wide watching the porno on the TV. On the screen was a 9 or 10-year-old girl leaning over the back of a couch. A man who was about 40 or 45 was busy fucking her in the ass while she sucked the cock of another man about the same age.

Susie, who was also watching the movie, was trying to simulate the screen action on Cindy's ass. Since she didn't have a cock or a spare dildo, she was using the only large tool she had... her fist. Talk about a sight! They had apparently been going at it long enough that Susie was able to fit the most of her fingers inside Cindy. At the same time she was trying to shove her other hand into her own puffy slit.

Both girls were rocking their hips slowly, keeping with the tempo set by the youngster on the screen. I wanted so bad to go over and pull Susie's fingers out of Cindy's ass and replace them with my cock. The thought of filling her tight brown hole full of spunk was very exciting. As stimulating as it was, I was just not able to get my cock stiring yet.

My gaze shifted back over to Tom and Amy. Laura had moved away and was standing in the hall with a video camera taping her Ex and the 7-year-old. Tom had flipped Amy onto her back and propped several pillows from bedroom under her to raise her honeypot more within reach of his throbbing tool. At the moment he was just staring at her, marveling at the sweet treasure in front of him and contemplating what he was about to do.

Tom moved forward between Amy's skinny legs. He took his cock in hand and laid it down on top of her pussy, its underside resting on her hairless slit. Amy began rocking her hips instantly upon contact. The soft fleshy lips of her cunt split apart under the weight of Tom's cock. The heat from her baby cunt was intense. Tom's groin ached as she continued to rub her slippery mound against his throbbing prick.

Amy reached down with her hands and pressed Tom's cock hard onto her pussy as she increased her rocking motion. The little 7-year-old clearly wanted Tom's cock inside her as badly as he wanted to put it there. Her rocking increased even more as the underside of Tom's organ tickled her sensitive little clit causing her pussy to ache even more. Each of her upward thrusts now sent head of Tom's cock plowing down between her puffy hairless pussy lips.

Tom was trying hard to maintain control but from the look on his face I could tell he was about to lose the battle. Tom knew it too. He grabbed his cock and tried frantically to place it against the entrance of Amy's baby cunt. Unfortunately Amy was starting to cum herself and wasn't able to hold her body still. Tom grimaced as several streams of sticky white sperm shot from the tip of his cock. Most of it landed just above her slit and on her belly, but somehow he managed to get a few good spurts directly between her swollen pussylips.

Amy had never felt anything like this before. The sensation of the hot fluid between her legs made every muscle in her small body tighten. She arched her back, pushing her virgin pussy forcefully at Tom's spurting cock. Somehow Tom had managed to position his cock at the entrance of her young hole. The force of Amy's thrust, combined with the lubrication of Tom's sperm, allowed the head of his cock to disappear into her tiny cunt. Amy gasped as her small pussy stretched to accommodate his invading organ. She spread her skinny legs wider as Tom tried carefully to work his cock further into her narrow passage.

Little by little Tom's cock continued to squeeze its way into the squirming 7-year-old. Tom reached down with one hand and smeared some cum from Amy's mound onto his dry shaft. The entire head of his cock was now hidden inside Amy's tight cunt and butting up against her maidenhead.

Tom paused. He knew what he needed to do to get past the thin membrane, but wasn't quite sure if he was the one that should do it. It wasn't his intention to hurt the girl. He knew if he continued, it would hurt her more than if someone her own age did it. He thought about Jimmy again. Maybe he should let Jimmy bust her cherry first.

He started to pull out but Amy had other ideas. She thrust herself up at him hard, driving his cock another quarter inch or so into her. She winced as her virginal barrier gave way, almost making her cry. Amy stopped moving for a momemt or two until the initial pain subsided. Her cunt still ached, but it was an ache of desire. Every muscle in her hungry young pussy was throbbing, every nerve tingling. Her chest rose and fell heavily. She was panting and out of breath. All she could hear was the sound of her heart pounding in her chest.

Part 7

Laura moved in closer with the video camera and focused on Amy. Her cute cherub face was moist with sweat and cum. A low raspy sound escaped from her tiny mouth with each breath. With the touch of a button, Laura zoomed the camera out bringing Amy's full body into view.

Amy's chest showed absolutly no sign of tit. Her skin was smooth and slightly tan. Her nipples were fair in color and very erect due to the stimulation she was receiving. She only weighed about 70 or 80 pounds and her figure showed little sign of hips. Her pussy was completely hairless and at the moment was stretched tightly aroung Tom's Cock. The contrast between her tiny love pot and Tom's large adult cock made Laura quiver. It was all she could do to resist the urge to drop the camera and bury her fingers into her own throbbing cunt. She knew if she could just hold out a while longer, she would have one heluva a tape to enjoy for years!

Laura focused the camera in tightly on the second grader's cock filled pussy. Her skinny legs were spread as far as they would go and the child's hairless cuntlips were streched tightly around Tom's two inch thick cock. Even through the black and white view finder Laura could make out a tiny trickle of blood that had escaped from Amy's freshly deflowered body.

Tom now had a little over half of his 6 inch prick squeezed into the little 7-year-old's tight pussy. He knew he'd never fit it all inside her, but he continued to try anyway. Just an inch or so more he thought as he began a slow rocking motion in an effort to distribute some of the lubrication. He tried this for several minutes but didn't seem to be getting any further. The pressure that Amy's little pussy was putting on his cock was really getting to him. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold on much longer. With one last try of desperation, he pulled his cock out until just the head was inside her, then with one quick gentle thrust, sent his throbbing prick deep into her childish womb.

Amy let out a loud grunt as she felt Tom's cock stretch into her tender pussy and bump up against her baby cervix. Her whole body tightened as the tingling in her tiny cunt intensified and spread throughout her entire body. Her thoughts were now focused entirly on her throbbing pussy. She knew from the feeling inside her cunt that Tom had completely filled her small cavity. She lifted her head and peered down between her spread legs to take a look. She was amazed to find that there was still a full inch of cock that Tom could not fit inside her!

Tom was in heaven! One of his hotest fantasies had turned to reality. His cock was inserted as far as it would go into the tiny pussy of this adorable, willing 7-year-old girl. The hot spongy walls of her immature cunt gripped tightly around his thick rod as the muscles fought to return to their original closed position. The pressure against his shaft made him groan. His balls ached and his cock felt as if it had doubled in size.

Amy tilted her head back as Tom began carefully fucking the small child. He started out with short slow movements to her pussy a chance to produce some more lubrication. After half a dozen strokes or so, the dry tight grip began to loosen a bit and his swollen cock started to slide easier in and out of her tight love channel.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move in the hallway. I looked up to see the face of a cute 6 or 7 year old girl. I knew I hadn't seen her before, but somehow she looked vaguely familiar. Her hair was short and curled under at the ends. She had a full complement of make-up, lipstick, eye-shadow and rouge. She looked like a miniature prostitute. She was wearing a light blue crotchless teddy loaded with frills and lace.

As I focused my eyes at her crotch, trying to get a glimpes of what I expected to be a hairless little pussy, I noticed something sticking out from between the crotchless split of the lacy material. Shit! It was a little cock!

I looked back up at her face and realized that it wasn't a her, it was JIMMY! Christ, what an adorable little girl he made! I remembered how it felt when I donned girls clothing and I envied him.

Shelly recognized Jimmy immediately. I was pretty sure by now that this was not the first time he had been dressed like this. Hell, with a mother like his, I was POSITIVE this was not the first time.

Shelly took him by the hand and led him over to Amy. Jimmy just stared as he watched Tom's big cock slide in and out of her small body. Shelly positioned Jimmy over Amy's chest, facing her face and lowered him so that his cock was touching her open mouth. Shelly ran her hands all over Jimmy, massaging the silky material against his skin causing Jimmy to squeal and squirm. Shortly, Amy realized there was a little cock pointed at her mouth and began eagerly sucking on it.

As Tom neared his orgasm, he increased the length and force of his strokes. The pressure in his balls had built to a point where he couldn't hold out any longer. He thrust his cock deep into Amy as the first powerful jet of cum raced up the length of his pulsating cock and emptied into her young pussy. Almost at the same time, Jimmy's body appeared to tighted up as his little cock exploded, spewing what little cum he had into her mouth. She sucked greedily, trying to swallow what she could, but most of it ended up running down her cheeks and onto the pillows she was propped upon.

Amy's whole body started to shake uncontrollably as she felt the hot sperm pour into her mouth and soak into her cuntal walls. The muscles of her small pussy began to spasm, instinctivly milking more of Tom's sticky fluid from his thick meaty invader. The warmth imparted into the child's cunt quickly spread, encompassing her whole body. As the peak of her orgasm caught hold, her small body became supercharged with strong electrical like pulses starting at her pussy and rippling down her quivering limps to her toes and fingertips. Every muscle in her body tightened more and more including the muscles in her pussy, causing Tom to groan loudly and thrust into her even harder.

Amy was bouncing around so much that Tom grabbed her slim hips and tried to hold the sqirming second grader still while he continued to fuck her. Her pussy was too small to hold much sperm and with each new stream, the previous deposit virtually squirted out, thickly coating her smooth pussylips. Tom continued filling her and soon both his cock and Amy's hairless mound were both coated liberally with the excess cum.

Amy reached down with one hand and began smearing the cummy mixture over her her body, concentrating on the sensitive nipples of her flat chest. With the other hand, she reached down and tried to stroke the section of cock that Tom was unable to fit inside her small 7-year-old hole.

That was enough for me! I moved over by Amy, grabbing my now erect cock and forcefully masterbating it while I reached down with my other hand and tweaked on her tiny cummy nipples. Very quickly, my cock erupted and spewed what sperm I had left onto her flat chest and stomach.

Jimmy was the first to climb off. He laid down on the floor and several of the little girls moved in on him to lick the remaining sperm from his cock. I was on my knees, so I just sat back a bit. I was totaly out of breath and my cock actually hurt from all the action. Tom let loose with a few more sharp thrusts and then collapsed forward onto his hands. As Tom's cock began to shrink the force of Amy's tight pussy muscles forced it out with a slight slurping sound. A large glob of sperm followed shortly afterward with most of it remaining at her her hairless opening while a small amount trickled slowly down the crack of her ass.

Tom climbed off and fell back against the couch. His eyes were closed and he looked like he had fallen asleep.

I took a good look at Amy. God what a sight! Such a lovely little 7-year-old, silently laying there on a stack of pillows with sperm leaking from both her mouth and her little pussy at the same time.

I was extremely glad that Laura was still shooting the video. This would be one to jerkoff to over and over again. Now however, it was Laura's turn. I took the camera from her and pointed to Amy's crotch. Her little pussy looked well used and was still gaping open somewhat. A small amount of jism was still oozing out and dripping onto the pillows beneath her.

I started up the video camera as Laura lowered her mouth onto the youngsters delicate pussy and buried her fingers deep into her own juicy cunt, bringing herself to several orgasms before she was finished. She glanced up and weakly smiled into the camera as she slicked her tongue up between the spermy pussy lips, gathering the last bit of cum and smearing it around her lips and into her mouth. Amy was dead to the world and didn't even move when Laura's tongue grazed past her tiny clit.

When Laura had gotten all the sperm she could get, she sat back next to her ex-husband and snuggled against him closing her eyes and also falling asleep. As for me, I set the camera down and found a couple of sleeping youngsters to snuggle with and fell asleep too. After all, if I was going to be able to keep this up, I was going to need all the strength I could get!

The End


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