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Little 3 & 4

Part 4

Except Shelly and me, all the girls were now completely naked. My eyes wandered from girl to girl. The sight of their beautiful young bodies made me want to suck and fuck each of their tight pre-teenpussies, including Amy's. Even though she was only 7, the show that she had just put on would have been enough to make a monk break his vow of silence. Well... Maybe not, but it was still pretty damn hot.

"Joan, you look bored." said Laura looking over at me. "Why don't you come over here and lick Susie's pretty little cunt? Would you like that Susie?"

"I guess so, I've never had anyone do that before." she replied.

Susie looked wonderful. She was only 10 but her breasts were at least two years ahead of her. Not that they were big, because they weren't, but for a 10-year-old they were pretty reasonable.

I move quickly over to her before she could change her mind. She was laying on the floor with her knees up and her legs spread wide. I got down on my stomach with my head between her slim legs and began slowly licking around the smooth edges of her hairless pussy. I tried teasing her a bit, licking all around but never quite touching her littlebutton. It didn't last long. She was moving her hips so much that it was hard to avoid her clit. I pursed my lips and planted a kiss solidly on her swollen nub, sucking gently as I pulled away. Her whole body quivered briefly.

Susie reached down and grabbed my head forcing it back down onto her young hairless box. My mouth completely covered the youngsters small pussy. I licked and sucked for all I was worth, darting my tongue all around the 10- year-old's smooth wet hole. The taste of her sweet pussy was driving me insane. I pulled my mouth off and began licking up the length of her slit starting at her asshole and working up to her protruding clit. Susie went wild, rocking her hips in perfect tempo with my licks.

My swollen cock was aching and in some definite need of attention. I began rotating my hips on the floor, stimulating my cock even more. Laura must have noticed my frustration because I heard her tell Shelly to climb under my skirt and suck on my'pussy'. I felt a pair of small hands push gently on my butt as I slid up onto my knees. Shelly got onto her back and scooted her head under my skirt and between my legs. With one hand, she reached up and massaged my ass through the silky panty material. The other hand wrapped itself around my throbbing prick and pulled it carefully into her tiny mouth. She moaned softly as she licked the large pool of pre-cum from the head of my cock and mixed it with her saliva.

Susie was still grinding her young crotch against my attacking tongue. She was panting loudly and thrusting her cunt forcefully at my face. Every muscle in her body began to tighten and I could tell she was on the verge of cumming. I slid my hands under her tiny butt as I clamped my mouth tightly onto her hairless young pussy. Susie arched her back groaning loudly as the first orgasm of her young life swept through her tiny frame. Her hands were still grasping my head and she pulled it down even harder ontoquivering cunt. Her cunt muscles pulsated and pumped her sweet cum juice into my mouth. I sucked it down eagerly, trying my best not to waste a drop.

As Susie relaxed, she let loose of my head and let her arms drop. Her fingers were still tangled in my wig, and as her hands lowered, so did the wig. I heard her giggle as she tossed the wig onto the floor. The other girls moved quickly, lifting the dress and grabbing at my cock and rubbing their hands acrossed my little girl pantied ass.

"Wow, look at the size of her clit." I heard one girl say as they all giggled.

I looked over at Laura. She was standing there looking at me, grinning slyly.

Shit! It was a setup. Laura had clued in these girls long before they had arrived. My embarassment subsided rapidly as the group of giggling little girls continued playfully and grasping at my cock. Laura may have tricked me into dressing like a girl, but she was sure right about one thing... This wasdefinitly going to be kiddie fuck heaven and was I ever ready to fuck!

I was still on my knees between Susie's spread legs. Her lovely pre-teen pussy was just begging to have my cock stuffed into it. I lifted the dress I was wearing over my head and removed the training bra. I thought briefly about removing the silky panties, but they felt so nice I decided to leave them on a while longer.

Susie's eyes were closed and she was not aware that I was aiming my throbbing prick straight for her virgin hole. Her pussy was still slicked up from her recent orgasm so I wasn't too suprised when the head of my cock pushed its way somewhat easily past the hairless lips and into the young fourth graders tiny cunt.

Susie, on the other hand, was extremely suprised. She opened her eyes real wide as my prick stretched its way into her and bumped up against her hymen. She began to struggle, trying frantically to get away as she realized what was happening to her, but I wasn'tabout to stop. I clamped my mouth down over hers, and with one quick thrust I drove my cock deep into her belly. She let out a sharp scream as my cock ripped through her maidenhead and plowed deep into her tight 10-year-old cunt.

The scream startled the other girls and woke up Amy who had been sleeping since her encounter with Laura and the dildo. They all stopped what they were doing and stared frightfully at my cock, which by this time was sticking three-quarters of the way into their little friend's cunt.

I stayed very still hoping that Susie's sobs of pain would soon change into moans of pleasure. I leaned down to give her a little kiss hoping to calm her down. As her our lips touched she let out a soft squeak and crushed her lips hard onto mine. Her breathing quickened and I realized that her movements beneath had changed. She was no longer trying to escape but instead was grinding her hips up at me trying to get more of my cock inside her.

I brokeoff the kiss and held her firmly as I rolled onto my back allowing her to be on top and control things. Almost immediately, she began pumping her boyish hips up and down wildly. The other girls' eyes widened as they watched my prick slowly disappear between the hairless folds their young schoolmates overly stretched pussy. Each time the she slid down, the immature lips of her childish pussy folded back inside, almost as if they were gripping my cock and pulling it inside.

I reached back and grabbed onto her ass. It was so small that a single hand easily covered both cheeks. My other hand found it's way to the entrance of her rectum and I tickled it lightly for a moment before shoving a finger swiftly up into her tight little asshole.

She arched her back and let out a low moan as my finger sank deep into her bowels. She continued humping frantically as I fucked her asshole with my finger.

Susie began to shudder and shake as a second orgasm swept throughher body. The walls of her tight pussy contracted violently as my orgasm hit and the first wave of cum rocketed up the length of my shaft and shot powerfully into the depths of the young child's womb. I continued to ram my cock hard into the pretty pre-teen, filling her small swollen cunt with stream after stream of hot sticky sperm.

The youngsters pussy gripped my cock even tighter as her orgasm continued to rip through her small body. The other children took this as a cue to joined in as I continued to fuck their young friend. I was so far gone that I didn't know who was doing what. I just knew that one of the girls was kissing Suzie, another was kissing me and one of them was gently squeezing my balls.

As my orgasm subsided I drove my cock deep into her one final time and paused to savor the the tightness and warmth that enveloped my twitching prick. After a short while I felt Susie stir. I raised my head and watched as the 10-year-old lifted herself and headof my cock plopped out of her pussy. Her swollen cunt gaped open and a sticky white mixture of cum dripped steadily from between her hairless pussy lips.

I lowered my head and closed my eyes. My cock was still semi-erect and I could hear a couple of the girls wispering as they grabbed a hold of it to play. They stroked it gently, trying to keep it somewhat hard. One of the girls wrapped her wet lips around the head of my shaft as at least three hands held onto it's base. She sucked gently as her tongue flicked back and forth across the tiny opening at the end of my prick. God it felt great! This kid, whoever she was, was a natural born cock sucker.

"Oh god yes, suck it!" I moaned softly.

Her mouth was all over me sucking and slurping noisily. She would suck the head for a bit, then remove my cock from her mouth and lick up and down the entire length of it. As she became more excited, I became more excited. She began moaning loudly and bobbing her headup and down over the head of my now fully erect cock. Christ this girl was good! I just emptied my load into Susie's hot little pussy not more than 2 or 3 minutes ago, and this girl was about to make me cum again!

Part 5

As the familiar tinglings of orgasm began, I decided it was time find out who it was that was mouth fucking me so well. I had a sneaking suspicion that it was Laura, after all she had the most experience and this was one damn good cock sucker. My muscles began to tighten as I grew nearer to orgasm. I opened my eyes and sure enough, there was Laura holding onto my cock with one hand, but it wasn't her doing the sucking, it was Amy!

The little second grader was on her hands and knees between my legs. Her eyes were half closed and her mouth was opened as wide as she could get it. Her little head was lowering slowly (with the help of Laura's other hand) as the head of my cock dissappeared into her tiny mouth. She sucked gently and liftedher head carefully back off keeping her lips tight as the purple bulb at the end of my shaft reappeared. Her eyes were fixed on mine and when her lips cleared my cock completely, she smiled at me and let out a cute little girl giggle.

This was incredible. Only a short time ago, I tore pages from a magazine I'd found that had girls of this age on them because of total lack of interest and disgust. Now I was mentally kicking my self for doing so. The sight of this young 7-year-old stretching her small mouth over my cock, her lips glistening with pre-cum, was definately making my cock stiffen even more. I guess the phrase "don't knock it 'till you've tried it" is really true because now instead of being throughly disgusted, I was totally turned on!

Everybody was so pre-occupied with watching Amy suck on my cock that nobody heard the back door. Laura's ex-husband Tom had stopped by with Jimmy to get Jimmy's kite for a day in the park. Tom entered the house first whileJimmy lagged behind to throw a couple of rocks at a frantic squirrel. As he started towards Jimmy's room, Tom heard the girls giggling in the front room and peeked his head around the corner to see what was going on.

Tom's eyes sparkled as he gazed into the room of naked pre-teen girls. He had known for a while that Laura was into young boys. In fact he had suprised her once while she was getting laid by a 17-year-old schoolboy. His mind wandered back...

It happened two weeks after Laura had played her little girl game with him. Tom had known all along that it was Laura, but he wasn't about to let on at the time. Until this point, Tom had only fantasized about sex with young girls. He had aquired several magazines and video tapes and masterbated almost daily to them. The sight had really turned him on and he figured this was probably as close as he was going to come to the real thing. Later that evening, he told Laura that he knew and they both had a good laughnot to mention another round of fantasy "kiddie sex".

Anyway, Tom had come home from work early and when he walked into the house, there was Laura. She was wearing her little girl outfit and looked to be about 12 or 13 years old. Between her legs, pounding away at her perfectly shaved pussy was a local high school boy about 17 or 18 years old.

Tom wasn't quite sure how to act. Even though he knew that the "youngster" was really his wife, the sight gave him a tremendous hard-on. It was kind of like watching one of his kiddie sex porno's live! When Laura looked up and saw him, she started to panic. She too, didn't know how Tom would react. Tom just grinned at her and then spoke.

"Hey what are you doing to my daughter, don't you know she's only TWELVE!" he said in a loud firm voice.

Laura sighed a sigh of relief and jumped into the game.

"Oh daddy help me, he won't get off of me!" Laura chided back.

The startledkid jumped up as fast as he could, his dick had gone completely limp. He was grabbing for his clothes, trying to cover himself and running/hopping towards the open window. Tom and Laura both laughed as the boy fell out the window and into the soft dirt of the flowerbed.

When the boy was long out of sight, Tom looked at his "wife daughter" and proclaimed that it was her turn now. They fucked wildly for several hours.

It was only a few months later that Tom and Laura seperated. It wasn't that they didn't get along, cause they did just fine. They just wanted different things. Laura continued seducing younger boys and Tom joined a special club that catered to men who wanted to have sex with young girls. After a while, they hardly spent any time together. Tom became even less interested in having sex with Laura since he had his pick of real youngsters to choose from. After a while they decided things would be easier if they went their seperate ways.

His mind faded back into reality. As he looked around the room at the young naked children, he spied a familiar face. It was his daughter Shelly. She was sitting on the couch with her petite legs spread wide. In her tiny hand was a shiny silver dildo which the 9-year-old was carefully aiming towards the entrance of her delicate pussy. Tom's dick strained against his pants as he watched his pre-teen daughter push the large silver cylinder slowly towards it's target. Her swollen lips gently parted around the dildo's pointed tip as it made contact with the youngster's tender hairless flesh.

Shelly worked the dildo up and down the length of her tiny slit, gasping each time it touch her swollen clit. Tom rubbed his crotch as he watched. The scene before him reminded of this magazine he use to have called kidsterbate. There was one page in particular that he masterbated to almost daily. It was of a little 7-year-old girl on a canopy bed surrounded by dolls and stuffed animals. She wore a frilly pink dress which was pushed up around her waist, matching pink ankle socks and shiny black shoes. Her cotton panties had been removed and were laying on the bed beside her. She had propped herself up on a pillow, spread her skinny legs and was staring at a large dildo that was sticking 3/4 of the way into her stretched little pussy.

Tom hadn't noticed Amy yet but that was about to change. Amy was still sucking on my throbbing cock. I let out a long, loud gasp as the sperm surged up the length of my shaft. Stream after stream of milky cum shot from the small opening at the end of my prick and all over the face and hair of this darling 7-year-old girl. She Immediately opened her mouth and tried to place it back over my spurting cock. It wasn't until the last few spurts that I had stopped thrashing enough for her to succeed. She sucked forcefully making sure she got and swallowed every bit of what was left. The noise was enough to distract Tom and causehim to turn his attention towards our part of the room.

"HOLY SHIT!" he said loudly as he got a look at the little second grader's spermy face. She was smiling a smile that was larger than any he had ever seen, still licking the gooey mess from my semi-soft cock.


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