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The Latchkey Kids:  Monica's Submission
Part One

 After Dad left us, Mom had to go back to work.  This meant that Steven 
and I became latchkey kids after school.  Moms job in Real Estate meant 
that she didnt get home until after Six oclock, usually even later.  
Sometimes she had to show houses and meet with clients until eleven or 
twelve.  So suddenly Steven and I were on our own and with a lot more 
responsibility for keeping the house clean, cooking, doing laundry and 

 This wouldnt have been so bad if Steven didnt get to be in charge of 
everything.  But he was seventeen and I was only fourteen, so he got to 
be the boss.   Steven and I got along okay at first, but he soon became 
such a bossy bully that we got into huge fights over who should do what.  
He of course wanted me to do most of the work since he was supervising and
because he had more homework in high school.  Plus he was just mean 
and lazy.  This is how I saw it at the time of course.  In truth, I was 
a spoiled little brat of a girl who would do anything to get my way. 

 After the first month we were insufferable.  As soon as Mom got home we 
would take our fight to her. She did her best to mediate, but we would 
have none of it.  I was constantly rebelling against him, goading and 
teasing him.  That, after all, was my job description as a little sister 
and an adolescent.  I didnt hate him of course.  In fact , though I 
would never admit it, I liked him, and my acting up was the classic 
attention getting ploy.  All of my girlfriends thought he was so cute, 
with his lean swimmers body and shock of red hair that was the 
trademark of our family.  

 They say redheads are a passionate lot, and we were all perfect 
examples of that axiom.  Hotheads to the core.  But as time wore on, our 
sibling spats took a toll on Mother, and she proved to have the fiercest 
temper in the family.  Our nonsense, along with the trauma of the 
divorce, and the new pressure of working motherhood, eventually brought 
her to the boiling point.  

 It was one night in March when she came home in an especially  horrible 
mood  that our lives changed forever.   She had just lost a big sale, 
and  walked in to find Steven and I  arguing fiercely.  I had gotten 
pissed off and broke a bunch of dishes when Steven told me to set the 
table for the dinner hed made.  I went crying to Mom and Steven 
followed right behind complaining that I was no help whatsoever and 
would she please tell me to obey him.  
 Simmering, Mom  dropped her briefcase, regarded us for a moment, 
stormed into the kitchen, downed two scotches in a row,  and then she 
absolutely flipped out.
 Listen to me God Damn it!  I dont need this shit!  I am working my 
ass off to keep a roof over your fucking little empty heads and I dont 
have the time or the energy for this bullshit!  You are old enough to 
take care of yourselves and help me out!  And Im not going to referee 
your fucking fights anymore, do you hear me?
 I was speechless. Stunned.   Mom had never spoken to me like that.  I 
was the favorite, at least with Daddy, and therefore could do no wrong.  
Steven started to protest that it was my fault, but Mom cut him off.  
Steven, I mean it.  I put you in charge here.  You are the oldest, and 
you should be able to handle your sister.
 This wasnt what I wanted to hear.  Momma, I whined, Steven makes me 
do everything, its not fair!  Why is he in charge?.
 She glared at me and spoke through her teeth. Because. I. Said. So!  
She lashed out at me and caught a handful of hair, and tugging hard, she 
walked/dragged me to the dining room .  Pulling my  head down past my 
waist, she  forced me to look  at the broken dishes on the floor.  DID 
YOU DO THIS?  Did you smash these plates? She was screaming.
 Sobbing, I tried to deny it and blame Steven, but she just yanked 
harder until I admitted it.  Then she turned to Steven.  Did she break 
these on purpose when you told her to set the table?  He nodded and 
started to speak.
 I DONT want to hear it, Steven.  I want you to HANDLE it!  Come 
here. I started to protest again but she yanked my head back and 
stared me in the face.  You will SHUT your mouth right NOW young lady.  
I want you to listen VERY carefully.  You WILL do what your brother 
tells you, from now on.  When you DONT you will be punished.   I AM NOT 
said And your brother will do the punishing.  He is the man of the 
house now.
 Steven, take off your belt.
 My eyes grew big as saucers when I heard him unbuckle and remove the  
heavy leather belt that Dad had given him last Christma.s Mother shoved 
my head down and bent me over a  dining room chair while she held my 
hands behind my back.  Dont move from that spot, Monica, she hissed.  
Then she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down around my ankles.  For 
a moment it was silent, and then, with what I could swear was a snicker, 
she pulled down my panties.    I was too frightened to be embarrassed by 
my sudden exposure , but the humiliation was suddenly acute when I 
looked over my shoulder and saw Steven staring at my bottom, smiling.  
He met my gaze, and for an instance i saw a hint of  shame before his 
gaze hardened and he walked over to me.   
 He put his hand on my crossed wrists to hold me down.  Mom had moved 
out of my view, but I could hear her mumbling to herself...she 
was...counting?  ..twenty two, twenty...three.  Twenty...four It was 
unnerving.  The tension of listening to her count , to shards of 
flatware crinkling on the carpet, the presence of my brother behind me, 
the belt I could not see. 
  I broke.  My crying and screaming and begging for mercy exploded the 
quiet tension.  Through the violent haze of my fit I felt my pants and 
panties suddenly taken completely off.  Mother yanked my face back again 
by the hair  and to my complete shock and horror she shoved my panties 
into my open screaming mouth. Thats better, she growled under her 
voice.  Now,you broke three plates Monica, but three strokes is not 
going to teach you anything.  Steven, there are twenty six distinct pieces

of plate on the carpet.  You will spank her twenty six times.  Now.
 He hesitated briefly, then brought the belt down across my bare flesh.  
Some pain, but not as bad as I had feared.  Maybe this wont be so 
horrible.  That faint thought vaporized with the second and third 
strokes.  He was getting more aggressive, less tentative, and the  pain 
raged like a wildfire.  i screamed into my gag, and through the tears I 
saw Mother across the room pouring another scotch and staring out the 
dining room window.   
  By the time he was halfway through my screams subsided.  I just stared 
at her, as she turned her back to me and my pain, and the image was 
burned into my mind as the welts burned my flesh.  Things were radically 
different now.  She was turning her back on us, focusing on her own pain 
now.  Abandoned by our Father, she was abandoning me.  When the last 
blow landed across my back I was numb.  Steven stepped back, but I 
couldnt move.  I just stared at her.  
 Dont look at me like that, Monica.  You get what you deserve.  From 
now on, when I come home I will hear no complaints.  The chores will be 
done, and you will cooperate with each other and keep me happy.  Steven 
is in charge, and if you dont obey him he will punish you.  I dont 
care how you two work things out, just make sure its resolved before I 
get home.  Understand? Monica?
  I nodded, redfaced and shamed. 
  Yes, maam, Ill take care of things from now on.
 Another scotch in hand, she walked out of the room.  Fine.  I am now 
going to bed.  Clean up this mess and do the same.  Good night.
 Steven was watching me smugly when I stood up.  Go get the wastebasket 
and dustbuster, Monica, and pick up these dishes. I took the panties 
out of my mouth, and caught him smirking at them.  
 Fine, I snapped.  Mind if I put my pants on first?  I felt a swell of 
 I said clean it up now.  You dont need pants for that anyway.  To 
make his point he smacked the belt across his thigh. 

 No, I guess I dont.
 When I came back with the wastebasket I kneeled on the floor, resting 
my ass on my feet to cover myself.  Un-uh, he said.  I want you on 
all fours.
 A quick slap on the ass stopped me from arguing.  I just got on my 
hands and knees and went about my work.  The whole time he sat behind me 
watching, mindlessly stroking the belt.  When I stood up I noticed the 
bulge between his spread legs, and how he stared at my hairless pussy.  
We regarded each others crotches for a moment, and then I went off to 

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Subject: LatchKey Kids 2
From: (Bofred)
Date: 12 Sep 1996 23:40:26 -0400

Latchkey Kids:Monica's Submission

 That nights spanking  did straighten me out for a few days.  I did as 
I was told and everything was fine.  Then I tried to test his limits and 
quickly discovered that there were none.  Moms instructions were to be 
followed to the letter, Steven would take no back talk.  My second 
spanking came three days later.  

 I came in from school and found him in the kitchen doing his homework.  
As I went for the refrigerator he spoke without looking up.  Its your 
turn to empty the dishwasher.

 I was in a rebellious mood, and cavalierly I said,Yeah, whatever.  Im 
gonna have a snack, then change out my school clothes, then I have to do 
homework and call Melanie.  THEN, Ill see about emptying the stupid 
dishwasher, okay?.

 I turned and leaned on the counter, and cocked an eyebrow at him while 
I sipped my Coke.  He stared coldly for a moment, and then quietly told 
me to take my clothes off.

 Im sorry? I chirped.

 I said take off your clothes.  Youre getting a spanking.

 Why?  What did I do?

 Oh, give it UP, little sister!  Its bad enough you dont do your 
chores, but then you take that attitude with me?   He had risen and 
removed his belt.  Im giving you a spanking, right here and now.  So 

 Flabbergasted, I huffed back.  So just spank me!  Why do I have to be 

 Because thats the way its done. He was now very close to me, and 
spoke with an ominous tone.    

  Fine!, I yelled, and in my fury I grabbed at my  short summer dress 
and ripped it open down the front   Buttons flew and the dress tore down 
to the hem.  I threw the dress to the floor and pulled down my panties.  
For emphasis I kicked them off my foot and they sailed across the 
kitchen.  Happy?.

 He stared at me and then at the dress.  Then back at me.   He walked 
over to the panties, said,I think youre going to need these, Monica 

 He came very close and spoke deliberately, quietly.  Mom spends good 
money to see that we are dressed well, and you go and rip up a brand new 

 I glared back, but my composure faltered.  I looked at the dress 
crumpled at my feet.  It was one of my favorites and I regretted losing 
it.  Im...sorry.  I shouldnt have...lost my temper...

 Its a little late for that..  He put the panties in front of my face 
and stared me in the eye.  I complied by opening my mouth and letting 
him put the ball of musky fabric in my mouth.  I turned and leaned on 
the counter, presenting my backside to him.  For the first time in a 
while I felt  like I had been wrong, and for the first time in my life I 
knew I deserved to be punished.   

 Surprisingly, though it was solid and stung, the spanking was 
relatively brief and merciful. When it was over I told him so and 
thanked him.  

 Well, you do seem sorry for what you did.

 I am.  Im sorry Steven.  Ill empty the dishwasher right away, okay?  
Just give me a minute to put on some clothes.  I started to leave when 
he grabbed my arm.

 I dont think so.

 Oh, right.  Clean up first and then get dressed...okay.

 No.  Although you say youre sorry, I think you should learn the value 
of clothing.  Youll be going naked until I say otherwise. way, thats not right, Steven.  Mom wont let you do that.

 Well, youll just have to ask her when she gets home.  I hope she 
doesnt get too upset when you complain to her.  He took the panties 
from me and picked up the dress from the floor.  In the meantime, you 
do as I say, right?  Then he slapped my ass with his hand and nodded to 
the dishwasher.


 After I emptied the dishwasher  I made a casserole and salad for 
dinner.  The whole time Steven sat at the kitchen table and did his 
homework.  We made small talk, both of us seemingly ignoring the fact 
that I was buck naked.  Except of course that he would occasionally 
stare at my body, and smile to himself, then look away when I caught 

 After an absurd dinner at the table, during which I managed to drip 
tuna casserole on my chest not once but twice (provoking I told you so 
looks from my brother) we watched television in the living room.  I was 
curled up in a ball, covering my privates with a throw pillow when Mom 
came home.  I sat upright hopefully, but a mock expectant look from 
Steven stopped me from immediately complaining to her about my forced 
nudity.  Surprisingly, she just set her things by the foyer and walked 
into the kitchen.  

 When she came back with a scotch and a small bowl of casserole.  She 
sat down in the armchair opposite me.  Steven? she finally said.

 Yeah mom?
 How was school today? I could have died, but held my tongue and 
watched the television.

 It was good, mom.  How was work?

 Just fine.  Steven?

Yeah Mom?

 Why is your sister naked?

 At last! Thank you! Hello!

 Well, she got in trouble today, mom, and when I told her to strip for 
a spanking she got all upset and ripped her dress- you know that 
new purple dress she got last month? -Well its totaled now.  So I 
figured if she dont know how to take care of her clothes she shouldnt 
wear any .

 Mom, glanced at me, then back to the television.  After shed thought 
for a moment she spoke.  Steven?

 Yeah Mom?

How long were you planning on having this punishment last?

 Um, Couple days maybe?

 Hmmm.  Monica, do you remember how much that dress cost?

 This didnt look real good.  She repeated the question.  I could just 
whisper, the sinking feeling I had was sucking the breath out of my 
chest.  Finally. Uh, it was like twenty five dollars, I think.  I could 
pay you back for it, I added hopefully.

 She kind of chuckled and then sighed.  You certainly will pay for it, 
dearest.  And that dress was seventy dollars, at least, not including 
tax and interest on the credit card.  Still staring at the set, sipping 
her drink.  Steven, I am glad that you handled this problem on your own 
like I asked you to.  But I think you are being a bit lenient.  This is 
how it will be.  You will see to it that your sister takes off her 
clothes immediately  after school and hangs them up in the closet neatly 
, and that she goes without clothes for the rest of the day.  You will 
see that this happens every day,including weekends for the next ninety 

 I simply burst when I heard this.  Mother thats three months, its 
weird and embarrassing, and you cant-

 She cut me off immediately.  Shuttup!  Every word that you speak will 
be another day, do you hear me?

But, mother, I-

 Thats ninety three, do you want to keep going?

Alright.  Steven will put a lock on your closet tonight  and will 
supervise your dressing so that you dont cheat.  I think that would be 
best, otherwise he might end up having to spank you regularily, and you 
wouldnt like that, would you?

 No ma'am.

 Now thank your brother for teaching you a valuable lesson.

 I realized then that I was standing nude in the middle of the living 
room.  I put my hands over my crotch when i saw him looking at it.  

 Oh. dont bother to cover yourself like that, you may as well get used 
to it.  Besides, it only makes you look more humiliated.  Now thank 

 I dropped my hands and stood up straight,  my budding breasts erect and 
my still hairless crotch exposed.  She was wrong.  This made me feel 
even more humiliated.  I swallowed hard and said thank you.  

 Thats nice, dear.  Now, take this into the kitchen.  She handed me 
her bowl.  Oh, and bring me another drink.  Steven, would you like 

 Yeah, Ill have a beer, is that okay, Mom?

 Sure.  Bring your brother a beer, girl.

 After I served them drinks, I asked to go up to my room.
 Are you feeling shy, girl?  I noticed that she was taking harsh 
pleasure in calling me girl.  I didnt say anything.  I think shes 
shy.  Well, like I said, youll need to get over that.  Besides, I'll 
need you to stay and freshen my drink.  Why dont you lie on the floor 
and watch TV for awhile.

 Do as your Mother says, Monica.  You can go up to your room with me 
later when I go put the lock on your closet.

 I was just blown away.  They were both so comfortable with treating me 
this way that I couldnt even think of arguing.  There was nothing to do 
but do as I was told.  I lay on my stomach facing the TV.  Then Mother 
said, Oh, Monica?  Why dont you spread your legs open, too.

 I complied, and gave them an unobstructed view of my pussy.  They were 
sitting right behind me on the couch and I heard them whisper to each 
other, but I didnt turn and look at them.  I tried concentrating on the 
television, but it was hopeless.  I was so on display for them, my big 
brother and my evil mother.  

 I served them drinks two more times and continued my display until 
about ten-thirty.  Then Steven sent me out to the garage to get the 
tools, and he and I went upstairs to my room .  I stood and watched and 
handed him things as he drilled the holes and installed the padlock on 
the door.  We started to talk.

 She hates me.  I cant believe this punishment.  I know I was wrong, 
but this isnt fair, Steven.

 I dont think she hates you.  Shes just trying to straighten you 

 Well, I hate her!

 What about me?  Do you hate me?

 I thought for a moment, and confessed that I didnt hate him.

 Good,s... he said. Cause I dont hate you.  You've just been a horrible 
brat for so long that I have to be strict with you.  But its not 
because I hate you.  I actually, well, you know.  I love you.

 I looked down at the floor.  Yeah, I love you too.

 He came over and gave me a hug.  I felt his cock growing harder in his 
pants, and for a moment I involuntarily pushed my hips against it.  

 He pulled back a bit and looked at my face, then my  small breasts.  
It wont be so bad, you know.  Having to go naked.  Its getting 
warmer, maybe itll be kind of nice.

 For who?  Me?  Or you?

 Maybe both.  Just remember, as long as you do what I tell you to do, 
itll be fine.  Then he leaned in and kissed me.  At first it was a 
simple peck, but he hesitated and gave me a long firm kiss on the lips.  
Then he playfully said, Cause if you dont Ill have to spank ya!

 He smacked my ass while he embraced and I giggled.  Now get to sleep.

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Subject: Latchkey Kids 3
From: (Bofred)
Date: 12 Sep 1996 23:36:43 -0400

The Latchkey Kids:  Monica's Submission
Part Three

 The next morning after I got up and took my shower, I stumbled into my 
room and tried to open the closet.  Damn, I forgot about the lock.  I 
went down the hall and knocked on Stevens door.  Its open,. he 
groaned.  I stepped in and saw he was still half asleep.  

 Whatdya want?   I reminded him that he needed to open my closet so I 
could get dressed.  He peered out of one eye and saw me standing at the 
door with a towel around me.  Cmere,.he mumbled.

 I walked over to his bed, and he quickly snatched the towel away.  
Hey!, I cried 

 Youre not supposed to be wearing anything, girl.  Dry yourself off 
and leave the towel in the bathroom, understand? I rolled my eyes and 
nodded.  He lay there lazily and watched me.  

 Can I help you?, I snapped at him.

 Im..thinking about that.. he said as he looked my body over.  I 
noticed his hand under the bedspread, and a prominent bulge under the 
cover near his crotch was moving slightly.  He saw where i was looking 
and explained.  See, first thing in the morning,  guys wake up with a 
real boner.  You know what a boner is?  I nodded.  
Yeah, well, we get it first thing you know?  And we usually need to do 
something about it before we get up, cause, well, we just do.  Feels 
good to take care of it.  Anyway, thats what I was sorta doing when you 
came in.  So, Ill go open your closet, but I really need to finish this 

 Would you like me to leave, then? I suggested.

 No, I dont think so.  He then pushed back the bedspread to reveal 
his hard cock in his hand.  I think I like having you here.

 I was mesmerized at the sight.  I hadnt seen a penis before, except 
for when I was little and played Show Me Yours with Jimmy Betraine.  
But this was a much larger thing, and I was a bit enthralled.  He was 
pumping it harder and faster as he looked at me.

 Monica, spread your legs a little bit.  Wider, yeah.  Now, rub your 
titties with your hands, for me.  No, slower, yeah.  I followed his 
instructions as I was accustomed to doing, and continued to watch him 
masturbate furiously.  Finally, a huge spurt of jism landed on his 
belly, then another and another.  He pumped away and finally fell back 
and exhaled.  Oh, yeah, that was nice!  Whew!  Now grab that towel you 
brought in and wipe this up for me.

 That caught me off guard, but a hard smack against my cheek got me 
moving.  I went around the bed to where he had thrown my towel and then 
sat next to him and gingerly wiped the white cream off this belly, and 
after a prompting I wiped it off his penis.  

 Thats a good girl.  Now, lets get you ready for school.

 He put on just a t-shirt  and followed me to my room.  After unlocking 
the closet he selected a skirt and blouse for me to wear.  I put them on 
and he started to hand me a pair of panties.  Then he held them back and 
said thoughtfully,You know what?  I think you can go without these, 
dont you?  I immediately protested and he quickly spun me around and 
smacked my ass hard with his hand a good six or seven times.

 I dont want you to forget your punishment, girl.  I want you to be a 
little bit naked, so youll remember what a brat you are, and--, he 
smacked again, very hard,
I dont want you to forget about your big brother.  

 Just then I spotted Mother standing in my doorway.  Steven turned and 
did a slight jump when he saw her.  Mother saw his semi hard cock poking 
out below his t-shirt and raised an eyebrow.  She was putting on her 
earrings and spoke.  Im off to work.  I see you have her ready for 

 Y-yes, maam,Steven stammered.  

 Mother smiled.  Im so glad youve taken matters in your own hands, 
Steven.  I cant tell you what a burden you lift from my shoulders by 
making sure that your sister is a disciplined, obedient young lady.  I 
want you to know that I trust you completely to see to it that she stays 
on her toes.

 Yes, maam.  Ill keep her under my thumb.

 Good.  Because shes a crafty little bitch.  It'll take wit and 
imagination to maintain her...submissiveness...Have a good day, son.

 She walked off and he turned to me and smiled.  As she had been 
speaking his cock had grown hard and was now sticking straight out.  
You better go catch the bus, Monica.
 The day at school passed quickly and nervously.  My skirt was long enough

to hide my nakedness, but my  nearly exposed pussy only compounded my 
inability to stop thinking about what was happening.  I was angry and 
confused by Mothers twisted new demeanor and the bizarre situations she 
was placing me in.  But at the same time I was strangely enjoying my 
brothers authority over me.  The spanking hurt, but it also made me 
feel good in a way I couldnt explain.  It not only turned me on in a 
sexual way, but I liked the helpless feeling, the sense of being under 
his will.  And now, after watching him masturbate and helping to clean 
him up I felt even more drawn to our relationship, and couldnt help but 
imagine where he would take it next.

To be continued soon.