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                   My granddaughter Learns How

                         An Erotic Story

     I looked over at my little granddaughter.  She was doing it

again.  The little 9-year-old girl was lying on the floor, legs

spread, and her dress pulled up.  I could see almost to her

navel, this time.

     "Oh Darn!" said the little girl, as she adjusted her

panties, pulling them up tightly into her little crotch.  Her

little slit made a furrow in the middle of the white cotton.

     "Grampa?" she asked.  "Could you help me?  These things just

won't stay."

     Suzy came over to where I was sitting, and lifted up her

short little dress right in my face.

     "See Grampa," she said, "they keep falling down."

     It was true.  The elastic was frayed, and in spite of being

too small for the little girl, were almost falling off.  Even as

I watched, the elastic let loose, and the little girl's panties

fell down to her knees, leaving me staring at the little girl's

smooth belly, and all the way down to the little girl's pouting

little pussy.

     My cock was as hard as a brickbat, as I looked at the little

girl's charms.  "Uh Honey," I said, "maybe you'd better do it

yourself.  I don't think your mother would approve of my looking

at you like this."

     "Mommy says it's OK to let someone look, as long as I like

it.  I like it when you look at me Grampa.  It makes me feel all

gushy inside."

     Now I was sure of it.  The little girl had been doing this

deliberately.  "Suzy!" I said.  "Are you trying to tease me?  You

did this deliberately, didn't you?"

     Suzy suddenly giggled.  "Uhuh Grampa," she said.  "Worked

too, didn't it?"  With this, the little girl let her dress drop

as she walked away, leaving her panties in a puddle on the floor

next to me.  After a while, the little girl came back, and said,

"I'm sorry Grampa.  I didn't really mean to tease you.  It's just

that I'm bored, and it seemed like fun.  Billy doesn't mind, when

I tease him."

     "You tease your brother like this?" I asked, wondering just

how far the little girl went with her brother.

     "Uhuh," she replied.  "Usually, I sit on his lap, like this,

until he can't stand it any more."  With this, the little girl

plumped her bare bottom down on my lap, where my big cock was

threatening to split my pants.

     "Oh Grampa!" she said.  "You've got a hard-on."

     "No shit!" I mumbled.  The little girl's bare pussy rubbing

on my cock would have given a statue a hard-on.

     "Can I see it?" asked Suzy.  "It feels much bigger than

Billy's.  Please Grampa?"

     "I'd better not," I said regretfully.  "If your mother ever

found out, she'd have it cut off."

     "It's OK Grampa," repeated the little girl.  "Mommy says

it's OK, if I like it.  And I do, with you."


     My granddaughter's words didn't reassure me all that much,

but her rubbing against my cock, and feeling her skin, where by

now my hands had crept up under the little girl's dress, and were

roaming around, had stimulated me to the point I couldn't resist.

     "You'll have to get undressed too," I told her.  I figured

that we had at least 2 hours before her mother returned.  I knew

that I shouldn't be messing around with a girl this young, but I

just couldn't resist.  Besides, Suzy seemed to want it, just as

much as I did.

     Quickly, I slipped out of my pants and shirt, as the little

girl looked on with interest.

     "O wow!" she said.  "It's so much bigger than Billy's.  Can

I touch it?"

     "Unhuh!" I replied.  "Not until you get undressed too."

     "OK," she said.

     I watched as the little girl slipped the short little dress

she had been teasing me all day with, over her head.  Then the

little girl removed her shoes and socks, and stood before me

completely naked.  "How's this?" she asked, posing.

     My cock was about to answer her by squirting thick sticky

gobs of sperm all over her cute little body.  My mouth was as dry

as a bone.  "C'mere," I said thickly.  "Sit on my lap, just like

you were doing before."

     "Like this, Grampa?" she asked, as she spread her legs and

settled on my lap facing me, where my big cock started drooling

thick sticky liquid on her smooth little belly.  Suzy reached

down and grabbed my prick.

     "Can I rub it against my hole, Grampa?" she asked.  "Billy

and I do this all the time."  She didn't wait for my reply.

Fisting my big cock, the little girl started rubbing it up

against her tight little hole.  "Oh Grampa!" she said.  "This

feels good."

     I was too excited to do more than stare.  "Uh Honey," I

said.  "You'd better stop.  I'm about to cum, and I might get

some inside you by accident."

     "I don't mind," said the little girl.  "Billy squirts his

white stuff up inside me all the time.  Once, he actually put it

inside my hole, when he squirted."

     "'You mean?" I gasped, trying to hold back.

     "Uhuh," she replied.  "Once, he actually stuck most of his

cock up inside my hole. before he came.  It felt so good, when he

started squirting it right up inside me.  Of course, afterwards,

I hurt for a week, so we haven't done that again.   Yet," she


     "Why don't you show me, just what the two of you did?" I

managed to gasp, trying to keep from cumming, before I got inside


     "OK Grampa," said Suzy.  "First, he put the tip up against

my slit, like this:"  With this, the little girl squirmed closer,

until the head of my penis was pushing up against her slippery

little slit.  "Then," said the little girl, "he moved it around

like this, until it slipped up inside me.  You're too big to fit

inside me, but I kinda' like it pushing up against me like this."


     All of a sudden, my cock put the lie to the little girl's

words.  There was a snapping sensation, and the head of my penis

shot up inside the little girl with a rush.

     "Ooof!" we both said.  I felt a tight ring slip over the

head of my engorged penis, and slide down, until a third of my

cock was buried in the little girl's belly.

     "Does it hurt?" I asked worriedly.  If it did, somehow I'd

get the strength to withdraw from inside the little girl, but I

didn't know from where.

     "Oh No, Grampa!  It feels good!  How come it doesn't hurt

now, and you're bigger than Billy?"

     "You were probably a virgin," I replied, as I watched

another inch of my penis vanish up inside the little girl's


     "Huh?" asked Suzy.

     "'tell you later," I panted, as I looked down where over two

inches had penetrated the little girl's body.  "I want to get it

all the way up inside you, before I cum."

     "Wow!  What's this?" said a voice at my elbow.

     If it was possible to jump out of your skin, I would have,

as the voice of my daughter-in-law continued.  "Pops, are you

fucking my little girl?"

     I thought I was dead.  My limp penis slipped out of my

granddaughter's hole with a slurp.

     Mary looked down between our bodies at my limp prick.  "Oh

Shit!" she exclaimed.

     I figured that I was going to be spending the rest of my

life in jail, when my daughter-in-law surprised me, as she

continued, "How are you going to get it inside her, like that?"

she asked.

     I gaped at my son's wife.  The only intelligent thing I

could think to say was, "Huh?"

     "I said: How are you going to get it inside her, when it's

as limp as a marshmallow?"  Not waiting for an answer, my

daughter-in-law reached down between the two of us, and started

jacking my cock, and rubbing it up against her daughter's hole,

until it was hard again.  "Now push!" she said.  "I want to see

my little girl get fucked."

     I couldn't believe it.  One minute, I was scared that the

child's mother might find out what I was doing to her little

girl.  The next, the woman was jacking me off into her daughter's

belly, and actually encouraging me to fuck the little girl.

     I couldn't help it.  The stimulation was too much.  I pushed

forward, and over half of my cock shot up inside the little

girl's belly with a rush.

     "Ow!" said Suzy, then, at my worried look:  "It's OK,

Grandpa.  'just surprised me."

     Another inch of my cock slipped up inside the little girl.

Then my cock wouldn't go any farther, so I pulled out a little,

and then pushed back in again.

     Another half-inch of cock slid into my granddaughter.

     Out again, and back in.  Another quarter-inch.

     Out, and back in again.  Another half-inch.


     After about two minutes, I looked down, and saw that the

little girl had somehow taken all of my adult-sized cock up

inside her tight little belly.

     "That's so sexy!" said my daughter-in-law.  "I haven't seen

anything so exciting, since the first time Daddy got me pregnant.

It's about time Suzy learned how babies were made, the right way,

by doing it herself.  Now you fuck my little girl, and cum in

her.  I want to watch you ejaculate your sperm right up inside my

daughter's womb, and show that little girl how a man makes a baby

inside a woman."

     My hair stood on end.  I hadn't been thinking.  I knew if I

uploaded the mass of cum I had been working up all morning inside

the little girl, I could very easily get my little granddaughter

pregnant.  "I'd better pull out," I said.

     "Don't you dare!" said Mary, and Suzy grunted in agreement.

"'want your cum inside me," she said.  "I don't mind, if you

knock me up."

     "You heard her," said my daughter-in-law.  "She doesn't

mind.  Now go ahead and squirt your baby-making sperm inside that

little girl's belly where it belongs.  I want to see you

impregnate my daughter."

     It was too much; I couldn't hold out any longer.  My over

stimulated cock began squirting thick sticky cum up inside my

granddaughter's tight little belly.  Squirt after squirt.  It

felt so good, to feel that big heavy load of baby-juice go.

Spasm after spasm shook me, as I emptied myself into the

-receptive belly of the little 9-year-old girl.  Even though I

knew that she was probably too young to get pregnant, it was

still a thrill to know that my seed was even then flowing into

the little girl's unprotected young womb, and that there was a

slight chance that she might really get pregnant.  Not only that,

but the girl's mother was actually encouraging me to impregnate

her pre-pubescent young daughter.

     "Do it," she said.  "Squirt your cum inside her.  Let me see

you knock the kid up."

     "Yeh, Grampa.  Knock me up," said Suzy.  "Make a baby in me

like you did in Grandma, when you made Daddy."

     The thought of the little girl's belly swelling with my baby

growing inside, was so stimulating, I sent another surge of sperm

into the little girl's womb.

     "Thanks Grampa," she said.  "I like that, when you cum

inside me.  It feels so good."

     I had to agree.  It did feel good.  Finally, my prick slowed

its spastic spurts, and I rested, with my cock still stuck up

inside the little girl's tight little hole, while my

granddaughter milked the last sticky drops of my incestuous cum

up into the warm confines of her tight little vagina.

     "Thanks Grampa," Suzy repeated, giving my cock a last

friendly squeeze.  "I hope I'm pregnant now."

     The thought almost had me squirting sperm inside the child's

belly again, but I reluctantly withdrew my penis from inside the

little girl, before I got carried away, and started fucking her

all over again.  Suzy's vagina was open, where my big cock had

been stretching it, and I could see a bubble of white starting to

well up in the bottom of her little hole.


     "You'll have to wait until you're older," I said, "and your

body is ready to have a baby."

     "I had my period last week," said the little girl

innocently, making my hair stand on end.  "That's why Mommy

thought this would be a good time for you to fuck me.  If I'm

lucky, maybe I'm already pregnant.  If not, you'll try again,

won't you?"

     "You'd better!" said her mother forcefully.  She then turned

to her daughter.  "Tonight, after you show the family what you've

learned today, your grandfather will sleep with you.  From now

on, until you get pregnant, Pops here will be sleeping in your

bedroom."  Mary looked at me, as if daring me to object, before

continuing, "That way, you can go to sleep each night with your

grandfather's sperm soaking into your womb, and each morning, he

can send you off to school, with a fresh load in your belly.

That's how my father did it for me the first time, and I figure

you'll like it, just as much as I did."

     My granddaughter's eyes grew bright.  "Oh, will you Grampa?"

she asked, eagerly.  "You'd do that for me?  You'll fuck me every

night, just like we were married?  Would you really?"

     I couldn't believe it.  All my life, women had always been

afraid of getting pregnant.  Even my wife, hadn't really wanted

to have Jason.  It was only with great patience on my part, that

I convinced her to give me a child.  After the first one, Jane

had refused, until the day she was killed in the accident, to

have any more, insisting that she had done her duty.  Now, having

my own little granddaughter not only willing, but eager to have a

baby by me was too much.  Not only that, but the girl's mother

was actually encouraging me to knock the little girl up.

Suddenly, my cock, which had never really gone soft, exploded

into another erection, as I nodded in answer to my

granddaughter's question.

     "How about you Mary?" I inquired.  "How'd you like me to

knock you up?"  I said this, while waving my newly erect cock at


     Mary's eyes followed my cock, like a bird follows a snake.

     "I don't know," she said.  "I'd have to ask Jason."

     "Ask me what?" came the booming voice of my son, as Jason

entered the room.

     I felt like I was going to melt down in a little puddle,

sitting there naked, with my white greasy sperm still welling out

of his little girl's vagina.  I figured I was dead.

     "If you'd mind if your father got me pregnant, just like


     "You're pregnant?" asked Jason, turning to his daughter.

     "I hope so," said Suzy.  "If not, Grampa and I can always

keep trying."

     "I see.  And you want Dad to knock you up too."  He turned

to his wife.

     Jason thought it over, and finally shrugged.  "I suppose,"

he said, giving up.  "BUT."  He suddenly got serious.  "If I'm

going to have to support all these children, I want something for



     "What's that Daddy?" asked Suzy, echoing the thoughts of all

the other occupants of the room.

     "I want another child myself.  By each of you," said Jason.

     "Oh wow Daddy!" said Suzy.  "'you mean you want to make a

baby in me too?"

     I watched, as my son nodded his head.

     Mary spoke up.  "If that's what you want, I guess I could

have two more kids, but I'm not going to force Suzy to."

     "He wouldn't be forcing me Mommy," said Suzy.  "Gee Daddy.

Why didn't you tell me you wanted to fuck me?  Now I'm probably

already pregnant by Grampa.  Now you'll have to wait."

     A thought seemed to occur to the little girl.  "Why don't

you ask Cindy," she said.  Cindy was her older sister.  "Cindy's

always had a crush on you.  Maybe you could get her pregnant, and

then Grampa and you could swap-off, and he'd get Cindy pregnant."

     "Do you really think Cindy'd go for it?" asked Jason.

     "Cindy'd go for what?" came the voice from the other room.

The beautiful young woman emerging from the bedroom was wiping

her eyes.

     "Having Daddy fuck you, and make a baby in you," replied

Suzy, blatantly.

     "You mean, you'd do that for me?" asked the young woman.

"You mean you'd let me carry your baby, and everything?"  You

could see the girl's eyes light up at the prospect.

     I smiled, as the young woman turned the tables on her

father.  Jason had been expecting to have to convince his

daughter, first to let him fuck her, and then to let him

impregnate her.  Now, here the girl was asking him to do it to


     Jason could barely nod, but Cindy figured that was answer

enough.  The young woman looked over at where I stood with my

cock leaking cum onto her little sister's flat little belly.

     "It looks like Grampa already started," she said, as she

started undressing.  "Can we start now too?"

     Jason looked around at his family.  Everyone was encouraging


     Mary was starting to get undressed also.  "C'mere Pops" she

said.  "I want to feel you knocking me up, while your son

impregnates our daughter."


     It was about an hour later, when Billy and Kathy returned

home from the movie, where I had originally (mistakenly) thought

the whole family had gone to.

     I was in the process of fucking Suzy, for the third time,

enjoying a nice long fuck without worrying about when, or even

if, I came inside her.  While I fucked her, Suzy's parents

encouraged me to impregnate the little girl.  Suzy herself was so

busy trying to reach her 4th (or was it 5th?) orgasm, that all

she could do was grunt, as she worked with me, trying to get her

immature little body to reproduce.  Mary was lying there watching

her daughter get fucked, encouraging her little girl to milk my

sperm up inside her tight little belly, while some of that same

sperm drooled out of her own, in an obscene white blob.  Cindy

wasn't talking, as she had her father's cock over halfway down

her throat.


     Seeing us all naked, in various acts of sexual joining, made

Billy blurt out, "Oh fucking SHIT!"

     Kathy was more to the point.  "Why didn't you invite us?"

she almost cried, figuring that she was going to lose out again

on all the fun, because she was "too young."

     "We didn't plan on this, or we would have," reassured her


     Kathy's face brightened, then fell again.  "But you're

almost all done!" she complained.  "What about me?"

     I snickered.  Couldn't the little girl see that her

"solution" was right at her elbow?

     Mary saw it too.  "Why don't you fuck her, Billy?" she said

to her son.  "I know you've been messing around with Suzy.

Kathy's only a little younger.  Besides, I think  anyone  else

might hurt her.  You've probably got the smallest cock here."

     Billy  looked happy to comply.  He had figured that none  of

the  women would want him to fuck, after having all those  adult-

sized penises in them.  To hear that his little sister might want

to fuck him, just because his penis wasn't so large, was soothing

to his ego.  "Would you like that, Sis?" he asked.

     Kathy's eyes grew round as saucers.  "Oh, Can I, Mom?  Would

you  Billy?  You won't Mind Daddy?  I can be first with Billy?"

The little 7 year old girl was so excited, she wasn't sure who to


     Once she had received assurances from around the room, that

it was "OK" with everyone, there was a mad scramble, as both

     children shed their clothes, and were soon as naked as the

rest of the family.

     Both children were too excited for foreplay.  Billy just

crawled between his little sister's legs, and stuck his drooling

cock up inside the little girl's crack, as fast as he could.

There was a loud "OW!" from Kathy, as her brother's cock went

through her hymen, then nothing but grunts and moans from both

siblings until Billy suddenly jammed his penis as hard as he

could up inside his sister, and held it there.

     You could tell the teenaged boy was filling his little

sister's 7 year old womb with big sticky gobs of his potent

sperm, as he jerked and spasmed on top of the little girl.  Kathy

seemed to be climaxing as well, as she shuddered and shook

underneath him.  The little girl's eyes were closed, and she had

wrapped her arms and legs around her big brother as she worked to

get her pre-pubescent little body to reproduce.

     This went on for almost two minutes, as Billy sent surge

after thick sticky surge of life-giving sperm into his own little

sister's welcoming young womb.  Finally, both incestuous lovers

relaxed.  Billy pulled his cock out of his little sister with a

with a lewd "Plop."  His cock was white and shiny with his cum,

still dripping off the end.  Kathy just lay there panting, with a

matching bubble of her brother's cum dribbling out of her tiny

little slit.

     "Thanks, Billy," she finally panted.

     "Thank YOU Kathy," replied Billy, happily.

     The rest of the room applauded.


     I had been so excited by watching the two children fuck,

that I hadn't been able to hold back any more.  Before Billy and

Kathy had really started, I had sent another thick sticky load of

baby-juice into Suzy's more than willing vagina.  I had also been

vaguely aware of my son, as he filled his little girl's mouth

full of his incestuous seed.  Mary and Suzy had reached climaxes

also.  Feeling me ejaculating my sperm inside her tight little

belly, while she watched her two younger siblings fuck had been

more than enough to make the sexy little girl get off herself,

while Mary was so excited at the thought of mating her son and

youngest daughter, that she had managed to climax without even

being touched.

     Any show that was so sexually exciting, that it could have

the whole room react in almost simultaneous orgasm, was

definitely worth a round of applause.

     We were still applauding, when Suzy spoiled it by joking,

"That's it folks.  Give them the 'clap.'  They deserve it, for a

performance like that!"  This outrageous pun sent everyone,

including Billy and Kathy, into a fit of giggles.

     This was just the start of what even now, years later was

the most exciting day of my long life.  The only other times that

were even close, were when Suzy had her first baby by me, and

when I got married again.


     Well maybe not the most exciting.  It's now 12 years later,

and last night my wife Suzy, (Who did you think I married?) told

me that our eldest daughter Karen, wanted me to teach her how to

make a baby.



     /  '               /

  ,-/-, __  __.  ____  /_

 (_/   / (_(_/|_/ / <_/ <_