M/F, m/f, M/f, m/F, F/f, f/f, INCEST, PREGENCY - 9/14

                               Father's Daughter
                                 Author: Unkown

                                   CHAPTER 9
                         Jeremy gets some unwanted help

      Mary felt the man beside her stir. She snuggled up to her husband, and
put her arm around him. She giggled to herself as she felt him moving his hips
back and forth. The man was having a wet dream again. Still snickering to
herself, she reached around him and grabbed his erect penis, and started
jacking him off. She thought to herself. "I'll make him cum, and he'll think
he's fucking some young chick."

      On the third stroke, she felt her hand hit warm flesh instead of air.
There was someone else in the bed! Mary woke up completely. She was in bed, not
with her husband, but her son. Not only that, but her daughter June was in bed
with them also. Both of the children were naked, and Jeremy was sliding his
cock in and out between his little sister's legs, leaving a trail of pre-cum
lubricating a path between the little girl's thighs. Mary couldn't resist. She
kept on jacking the boy off. As the boy pushed in and out, she angled his cock
up so that it rubbed up against his little sister's slit. Back and forth the
boy rubbed, slippery fluid leaking from the end of his engorged cock,
lubricating his little sister's slit, as his mother pushed the head of his
penis up against the tiny little hole between her little girl's legs. Mary was
getting so hot, she couldn't resist the temptation. The next time her son
pulled his cock back, she angled it up so that the head was pushing into the
little hole at the entrance to her daughter's cunt. When Jeremy next pushed
forward, the head of his penis vanished into the little girl's crack. Back and
forth, back and forth. With each push, more of the 14-year-old boy's penis
would disappear up into his sleeping little sister's 12-year-old belly. Mary
couldn't believe it, it was so exciting. Jeremy was actually fucking his little
sister in his sleep. Mary kept running her hand up and down the part of the
boy's cock that wasn't up inside the little girl's vagina. The woman was
actually jacking her own son off into his little sister's vagina. Shortly, Mary
felt Jeremy tense up and she knew the 14-year-old boy was about to squirt his
hazardous sperm right up inside his little sister's fertile young belly. Mary
knew she should stop him, pull his cock out of June, or something, before the
boy got his little sister pregnant, especially after the warnings she had given
both of them the previous evening, but the situation was so exciting that she
could no more have stopped them, than she could have lifted the fireplace with
her bare hands. When Jeremy suddenly pushed most of his cock up inside the
sleeping child; Mary felt the boy's penis expand, as a bulge rippled through
the tube on the bottom. Mary could tell that her son was squirting his thick
sticky cum inside her sleeping daughter's immature young vagina. She moved her
head closer, so that she could see as well as feel, each prolific squirt. She
could see the thick sticky curds of Jeremy's potent sperm, as each one dilated
the tube on the bottom of his penis, before being injected into the receptive
belly of the sleeping little girl.

      Mary felt so hot she was sweating, as she watched her sleeping children
mate. The thought of her son, breeding his little 12-year-old sister, while
they both slept, almost made her scream with unreleased passion. Shortly, a
smear of white cream appeared around Jeremy's cock, just before the boy stopped
squirting his sperm inside his little sister. After a bit, Jeremy slid back
into a deeper sleep, as a dribble of white sticky cum leaked out from around
the young boy's cock that was still suck up inside his sibling's tiny little

      Mary couldn't have slept now, if she had taken a whole bottle of sleeping
pills. She had to go and get some relief. Easing out of the big bed, she went
in search of her husband.

      This was not to be Mary's day. As she looked into Suzy's bedroom, she was
just in time to see her husband as the man started to insert his oversized
penis into her youngest daughter's tiny little cunt. Suzy was trying to hurry
him with: "Fuck me Daddy, please? Get me pregnant. Make a baby in me Daddy.
Unnh, Unnnhhh!" The last two grunts were forced out of the little girl as the
man forced his enormous cock all the way up inside his daughter's tiny little
belly with a rush.

      "Here you go Suzy." Dan said, obviously overcome by his lust for his own
daughter. "Daddy's going to get you pregnant. Daddy's going to squirt the thick
sticky white stuff that makes babies right up inside your tight little belly,
and knock you up higher than a kite. If you want Daddy's baby in your womb,
just keep fucking me like that. Ooooh that feel's good. Make me cum, Honey.
Make your Daddy squirt his thick sticky cum right up inside your cute little
belly." It was obvious that the man wasn't going to last very long.

      "Oh yes Daddy!" Encouraged the little 10-year old girl. "Cum in me Daddy.
Cum. Cum. Cum." Suzy said, as she humped back at her father, enjoying the
feeling of her father's big cock, sliding in and out of her tiny little slit.

      All of a sudden, Dan lurched on top of the underaged little girl, and
pushed his penis as far up inside the child's squirming little belly as he
could. Mary could tell that her husband was squirting his virile seed right
inside their little girl's womb.

      "Oh Daddy! That feel's so good. Cum in my belly Daddy." Suzy encouraged
the man as she worked with him, milking her father's potent sperm out of his
spasming penis, right up into her eager young belly. "Knock me up Daddy. C'mon,
Daddy make a baby in me." The little girl was thrilled to know that the same
sperm that her father had squirted in her mother's womb 11 years ago to create
her, was now squirting in her womb, as her rutting father worked to make a baby
in his own daughter. Each copious squirt of her own father's precious seed
inside her belly, made the little 10-year-old girl love her father more. Suzy
loved the thought of carrying her handsome father's seed in her womb, and could
hardly wait until she was carrying his baby there. The thought of watching her
little tummy swell, with her own beloved father's baby growing inside her womb
was extremely exciting to the little girl.

      If Mary had been hot before, she was boiling now. Watching her husband
trying to impregnate their little girl was too much for the hot blooded woman.
She fell to the floor with a thump and started clawing at her overheated
snatch. "Fuck me!" She screamed. "Somebody please fuck me!"

      The commotion in the doorway distracted Dan. He had been ejaculating his
sperm in his daughter's tight little belly, enjoying the thought of
impregnating his own little girl, knowing she wanted his baby, and his whole
family supported him in his effort, when he heard his wife's scream, and saw
her collapse in the doorway. He pulled his still squirting prick out of his
young daughter's belly and ejaculated the last drops of incestuous sperm all
over the tiny little girl's body, leaving a trail of semen stretching from the
child's budding little tits, all the way down to her tiny little crack where
his sperm was already starting to ooze out in an obscene white glob.

      Quickly, Dan rushed over to his wife, where she lay writhing on the
floor, begging somebody, anybody, to fuck her. After just cumming in his little
girl, Dan knew his cock was in no condition to help satisfy his wife. He
figured that the woman had been watching the two of them fucking, and it had
just been too much. Still, he figured he could help a little.

      "Suzy. Go get your brother." He instructed the little girl. "Maybe he can
help." In the meantime, Dan spread his wife's legs, and "Put his mouth where
his money was." He started licking his sexy wife's creaming slit, trying to get
her off at least once before their son got there.

      Once Dan's slippery tongue swabbed up her slit, and touched her
overheated clit, Mary went into convulsions. She grabbed her husband by the
hair, jamming her crotch into his mouth as her hips started wildly gyrating.
She shoved her cunt at the man's mouth so violently that his teeth banged into
her pubic bone and bruised the lips of her vagina, and almost split his lip.
The pleasure and the pain combined in one wild orgasm. Mary knew she was going
to regret this later, but she couldn't help herself now.

      "Oh Honey, do it some more. Please? Fuck me Honey. I need it so bad!" She
pleaded with her husband.

      Having just fucked his youngest daughter, and nursing a sore lip, Dan
knew he couldn't fuck again quite yet, so he tried to do his best with what he
had. He started to shove first two fingers, then three up his oversexed wife's
squirming hole, hoping that his son would arrive to help, when he was
interrupted by another scream, this time from the other bedroom.

      Hearing her daughter scream, snapped Mary out of her sex-crazed trance.
Her daughter needed her! She scrambled to her feet and rushed for the door only
to collide with her husband as they both scrambled to see what was the matter.
The two adults sorted themselves out, and dashed down to the master bedroom,
where they found June pounding her fists on her older brother's chest, weeping
and yelling at him.

      "You just couldn't wait, could you?" She yelled at him. "Now what am I
going to do?" The little girl said as she collapsed in her brother's arms,

      "What's the matter?" Mary asked, looking first at Suzy, who shrugged, and
gave a "search me" look back.

      Jeremy looked as confused as Suzy, so Mary turned her attention to June.
"What's the matter Honey? Tell us what's wrong." She repeated.

      June stopped sobbing long enough to throw a black look at her older
brother and say. "He fucked me."

      This caused the whole family to look at her in amazement. "Huh?" Was
Suzy's comment.

      "He fucked me while I was sleeping." June amplified.

      "But." "But." Came from the two parents. Suzy put their feelings into
words. "But, I thought you liked to fuck him?" She queried.

      "I do." Said June. "But we were supposed to use a condom, or pull out, or
something this morning, and big old horny bastard here just couldn't wait. He
just had to fuck me, and shoot his sperm in me, and now I'm probably pregnant
for sure." The girl went back to sobbing, then stopped, sniffled, and added.
"It wouldn't be so bad, if he'd just asked me. The way I felt last night, I
might have let him knock me up anyway. I'm so mad, because I thought he cared
for me. Now I'm thinking he just wanted to get his rocks off."

      Mary felt guilty. She had to stop this misunderstanding. "June, wait!"
She said. "I'm afraid it's my fault."

      "What?" Said June. "How could it be your fault? He's the one who fucked
me, and came in me. You sure didn't." She half-smiled at her own joke.

      "Honey." Said Mary. "When I woke up this morning, both you and Jeremy
were sleeping. I started jacking Jeremy off in his sleep, and then I couldn't
resist it. I pushed his cock up inside your pussy, and had him shoot his cum up
inside you. He was sleeping, and didn't even know he did it. I did, and I'm
dreadfully sorry. I was just so horny this morning, that it seemed natural for
me to help your brother make a baby in you. Besides, last night you wanted it,
and I was half asleep. It was hard for me to even think of stopping him. Can
you ever forgive me?" Mary was almost crying herself as she finished.

      June was so happy at not having to hate her brother, that she would have
forgiven anything. "Well, if Jeremy'll forgive me." She said, looking up with
pleading eyes at her adored older brother. "Please?" She implored with tears in
her eyes, afraid that her accusations might have turned him against her.

      Jeremy hugged his little sister and assured her that he had nothing to
forgive. It was all just a silly mistake. "Mom?" He inquired. "Could you get
those condoms now, before I really do accidentally get June pregnant?"

      "No." Said June.

      "Huh?" Inquired Jeremy.

      "I said no! As I said earlier, I was almost ready to let you impregnate
me anyway. This decided me. When you fuck me, I want to feel you squirting
inside me, trying to get me pregnant. I'm not going to cheat you. I was almost
sure before. Now I am sure. I want to carry your baby, and I'm not going to
wait until I'm older. If Suzy can have Daddy's baby, then I'm surely old enough
to have yours. After that, I want Daddy make a baby in me also. After that,
we'll see.." June finally ran down.

      "But I thought you didn't want..." Jeremy couldn't finish.

      "I decided I did. Or don't you want to?"

      Jeremy hugged his little sister, and kissed her by way of answer.

      "Dear?" Asked Mary.

      "Yes Dear?" Replied Dan.

      "With you fucking Suzy, and Jeremy trying to impregnate June, I've
decided I want to have another baby too."

      The whole family turned to look at Mary.

      "I figure, that if you make a baby in Suzy, and now June wants you to
father her second child, that it isn't out of line for me to want Jeremy to
knock me up. At first, I thought of waiting until you started fucking June,
then I decided that I'd better not wait. I don't know how many more years of
baby-production I have left, and if I want to enjoy sharing parenthood with own
my son, I'd better get started before it's too late."

      Dan stared at his wife, then laughed, and hugged her. "I guess if that's
what you want, what's a man like me, who's fucking his own daughter, to say
but: OK." He smirked and added. "Going to have your own grandchild, just like
your mother, huh?"

      June interrupted. "But what about me? I thought Jeremy was going to fuck
me, not Mom."

      Mary hurried to quell her daughter's worries. "He is, dear. Jeremy will
sleep with you every night. Just once in a while, I'll want him to fuck me, if
you don't mind? Maybe we can all do it together once in a while."

      June thought about it, then nodded. As long as she got to fuck her
beloved big brother, it might even be fun to watch him trying to impregnate
their mother. The more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea. She
loved her mother very much, and she loved her brother also. The thought of
having her brother's baby along with her mother began to turn her on. "Do you
think you're up to it, big boy?" She asked her brother.

      "Try me." The 14-year-old leered at his little sister.

      "Oh, I'm about to." Said June. "Come here Mother, Jeremy's going to see
if he can get his own mother, and his little sister pregnant in the same day."
The two women converged on the still naked young man.

      "C'mon Suzy." Said Dan as he led his younger daughter back to her room.
"Jeremy's got his hands full, it seems, and so do I." This last was said as he
began to massage his little girl's budding young breasts and run his big hands
up and down her little body, until the child was almost screaming for her
father to fuck her again. Dan proceeded to give his little girl what she
wanted. Before they left the bedroom that morning, Dan had left three more
generous loads of thick, sticky, baby-making sperm in his little girl's belly,
two up her cunt, and one down her throat. One time, Suzy had sucked her father
off, even though it seemed like a waste, because she said she wanted to know
what it tasted like, and she already had enough of her father's sperm in her
womb to get her pregnant, if she could that day.

      Suzy had liked swallowing her father's sperm, but she decided she
preferred to have it squirting up inside her cunt. Sperm didn't taste bad she
decided, it didn't tasted good either. As far as Suzy was able to tell, sperm
didn't have any taste at all, except for a slightly sweet, sticky flavor. The
fun part, was doing it for her beloved father. Knowing that it made her father
feel good, to squirt his thick sticky sperm in her mouth, made the little girl
shiver with excitement. Suzy decided that she'd let her father cum in her mouth
any time he wanted to. Still, it felt best to Suzy, when her father had his
enormous penis stuck all the way up in her tight little belly, squirting his
potent seed up inside her tiny little womb, trying to get his own little girl

      In the other bedroom, Mary approached her son. "How about it big boy?"
She said huskily. "Think you can handle two women?"

      "Yeah,"" Jeremy, said to his little sister. "There's two horny women here
who need breeding. Do you think you can handle us both, or should I go and get
Daddy to help?"

      Jeremy's cock was as hard as a brick. Having two beautiful women
begging him to get them pregnant, without any worries of the consequences was
every man's dream. It was like having his own harem. When the women were as
attractive as his mother and little sister... Jeremy had always had a little
secret letch for his mother. He had often daydreamed about what his mother had
up underneath her dress, but had never had the nerve to say anything. As for
his little sister, June gave him hardons every time he looked at her. It was a
wonder to the boy that he had refrained from going into the little girl's
bedroom, and raping his little sister while she slept, years ago. Of course,
he'd never really do such a thing. Jeremy loved his little sister way too much
to ever do such a thing. Still, the temptation had been there. Now, to have his
own gorgeous mother, with her beautiful full tits, and smooth belly, and lovely
fur-rimmed cunt, asking him to make a baby in the same womb he and his two
sisters had come from, was simply too exciting to bear. And his little sister
wanted him to impregnate her as well! Jeremy didn't know if he could get his
own mother and little sister pregnant in the same day, but he was sure going to

      June was getting impatient waiting for her brother's reply while he
daydreamed. "Well Momma, I guess Jeremy doesn't want to fuck us." She said.
"Lets go see if somebody else would like to make babies in our bellies." She
made as if to head for the door.

      Jeremy started to object, when Mary intervened. "You go ahead dear." She
said. "Me now, I'm going to get my son to fuck me, and get me pregnant. You can
go find someone else to make babies in your belly, but I'm going to wait for
Jeremy, if it takes all day."

      June came back from the door. "Oh no you don't. I see your plan, to get
Jeremy all to yourself. Jeremy's going to make a baby in me first!"

      Jeremy finally gave in to the humor of the situation. "Come here, you two
oversexed cunts." He commanded. "Neither one of you is going to be first. I'm
going to make a baby in both of your cute little bellies at the same time."

      "This I've got to see." Said June, as she and her mother hugged the boy.

      "Believe me sis, you won't be able to miss it." Snickered Jeremy, as he
led his two naked relatives over to the big bed. "Now we've got to get you two
girls all primed up, and receptive for my sperm. So June, you get on top of
your mother, and start eating her out."

      "But I've never..." Started June, as her brother started to position her
on top of her mother, with her head facing the woman's vagina.

      "Don't give me that load of blarney, little sister." Said Jeremy. "I know
what you and Cindy were doing the other day, and I don't think it was the first
time either!"

      Mary looked at her daughter with interest as the little girl blushed,
then inquired, just before she started licking her mother's creaming snatch..
"Jeesh. Can't a girl have any secrets around here?"

      "Oh! That feels good Honey. Here let me do you too." Mary said as she
positioned her daughter so that she could return the favor. Pretty soon, the
two women were licking each other in unison, as they got more and more aroused.

      Jeremy had been excited before. Now he was almost ready to explode. He
knew that he didn't dare cum now, not when he had two receptive females just
begging him to impregnate them. Climbing on the bed behind his mother, Jeremy
instructed his little sister. "You just keep on licking while I do this." He
said, as he climbed between his mother's legs, and inserted the head of his
cock into the fuzzy gash that his little sister was licking.

      June didn't pause. She kept on licking her mother's crack, just including
her big brother's cock in the licks. Each time her brother would pull the head
of his cock out of her mother's slit, June would lick the head, then her
mother's clit, then back to her brother's cock, then back to her mother. Back
and forth, back and forth she licked. In the meantime, Mary was doing yeoman's
work on her little girl's little slit. June was getting so hot she knew she
couldn't last much longer.

      "I can see how you're going to get Mom pregnant, but how about me?" The
little girl inquired.

      Jeremy pushed his cock all the way up in his mother's belly, enjoying the
feeling of his own mother's cunt squeezing on his leaking prick, as Mary tried
to make her son squirt his potent sperm up inside her receptive belly. "Just
wait, June." He instructed. "You're next, and I'm not done yet." With this,
Jeremy withdrew his throbbing penis from inside his mother's belly, where the
boy knew he was in danger of ejaculating his sperm prematurely.

      Jeremy then scrambled around the bed, and repeated the process with his
little sister. He crawled between his sister's legs, and inserted his swollen
cock up in the little girl's creaming little cunt.

      Mary watched, as her son's big cock vanished up her little girl's tiny
hole, right in front of her nose this time. She had never had such a good view
of two people fucking. Shortly, she was reminded of her own duties, as her
daughter paused in her licking of her mother, and said. "Keep licking Momma,
I'm almost there. Mary resumed licking her daughter's creaming little cunt,
only now she included her son's cock in the process.

      Jeremy gave a few deep strokes up his little sister's squeezing little
snatch before he had to stop. He knew he was about to spout his baby-making
sperm right up inside the child's tight little hole, and June was almost wild
as she worked towards her climax. Regretfully, he pulled his cock out of his
little sister's clasping tunnel.

      "What did you do that for?" June was almost crying. "I was almost ready
to cum."

      "I said I'd get you both pregnant, not just one." Said Jeremy. "Now turn
around, and kiss Mom."

      June scrambled around on the bed to face her mother as she inquired. "But
what are you going to do?" She said as she followed her big brother's
instructions, and began kissing her mother. Mary kissed her little girl back,
and June found out that Cindy (who had taught June most of what she knew about
kissing) was an amateur. Her mother really knew how to kiss! The two women
kissed, and slobbered, and tongue-dueled until June was about to burst. She
ground her overheated little snatch against her mother's, and rubbed their
smooth bellies together. The feeling of her mother's plump tits against her
little nubbins was driving the little girl wild.

      Jeremy, in the meantime, had climbed between the two women's legs, and
was about to start. "Look." He said. "I'm going to put my cock in first one
hole, then the other. When I cum, you'll both get some. Now, let's see which
one of you can get the first squirt." Looking at his own mother and little
sister making love, had kept the boy's cock so aroused, he was almost ready to

      Jeremy slowly pushed his engorged cock all the way up in his lovely young
sister's squeezing little belly. Then, he withdrew, and angled the big piece of
meat down into his mother's creaming fur-ringed snatch, and slid it all the way
home into his own mother's mature vagina. Out again, and up into his tiny
little sister's almost bare cunt. Out, and down into his mother's belly. Up,
and into his sister's. Down and into his mother. Up into his sister. Down into
his mother. Up, sister. Down, mother. Up, one more time. The boy slid his
swollen penis all the way home in his little sister's squeezing young belly.
The boy felt the head of his cock snap into the tight ring of muscles that
guarded his little sister's womb. Jeremy was almost ready to cum.

      June beat him to it. The excitement had been too much for the little
girl. Suddenly, Jeremy felt his cock gripped by his little sister's vagina in a
squeeze that literally sucked the sperm from his balls. The boy exploded, in
one big squirt that sent a torrent of thick greasy sperm right up inside his
little sister's climaxing young womb. Hurriedly, Jeremy withdrew his spurting
penis from the little girl's belly, and sheathed it inside his mother. Before
the boy was able to get his cock properly inserted in his mother's tunnel, he
had spouted two thick slippery ropes of semen all over the pouting lips of his
little sister's vagina, and down into the hair surrounding his mother's more
mature vulva. Jeremy pushed his squirting prick down into his mother's
welcoming vagina, and let his thick greasy cum spew into the woman's squeezing
belly. After two good squirts of sperm in his mother's welcoming vagina, he
pulled out, and managed to get it back into his little sister, before flush-
ing her still climaxing womb with a fresh shot of baby-making sperm. He pulled
out, and slid his cock back into his mother, where he left it, as the woman
started to climax. Jeremy let the last of his potent sperm flow into his
mother's receptive vagina.

      Making love to her own little girl, then feeling her own son trying to
impregnate her, squirting his virile sperm into her vagina, made Mary climax
like she hadn't done in years. The woman loved to fuck, and her husband was a
wonderful lover, but having her own son sticking his big baby-making cock right
up inside her clasping vagina, squirting his thick sticky sperm in her belly,
knowing he was trying to make a baby in his own mother's womb, was so exciting,
that she came and came and came. It was doubly exciting, to know that the boy
was working on impregnating his own little sister at the same time. Mary
figured she hadn't had a climax like this since her father had fucked her and
made their daughter, May in her belly. Now her own son was trying to have her
carry her own grandchild in her womb, just like she had carried her little
sister in her womb for her father. Mary kept climaxing, and squeezing her son's
big penis with her vagina, trying to coax every last baby-making drop of the
boy's potent seed up into her hungry womb.

      By the time the three incestuous lovers left the bedroom in search of
breakfast, the boy had managed to fuck each of the women individually one more
time. First, Jeremy fucked his mother, because June had already gotten his
sperm in her belly twice that morning. Then Jeremy fucked his little sister
again, leaving one last sticky load of sperm soaking into the little girl's
belly before the boy had to temporarily call it quits.

      When Jeremy finally got up from the bed, he was so tired, he could hardly
walk. There was an ache in his groin that told him that he wouldn't be able to
get it up now if his life depended on it. Still, after looking down at the two
satiated women lying spread-eagled on the bed, each with an obscene white glob
of his thick greasy sperm welling out of her well-fucked hole, Jeremy decided
that he had done a pretty good job.