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From: (Frank McCoy)
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                   Grand-Daughters (3 of them)
                         An Erotic Story

     "Please Grandpa?" Whined Lori.
     I couldn't believe it.  Things like this just do NOT happen!
     First, your daughter-in-law just does NOT put you in bed
between her two nubile young daughters . . . .
     At 12 and 10 years old respectively, Lori and her little
sister Carri DEFINITELY fit the description of "nubile".
     Soft round bumps filled Lori's chest, and even little Carrie
had started to fill out a little there; no longer being the
completely flat little tomboy that had previously kept me from
having sexual thoughts about her, unlike the ever-present wet-
dreams her older sister gave me.  And while the younger girl's
hips hadn't rounded yet into the womanly shape that Lori had, she
still had lost the skinny look that previously had made her
almost look bony.  Both little girls had long brown hair that
almost reached to their waists, and big brown eyes that could get
anything from their grandfather they wanted, just by looking at
me sorrowfully, and saying, "Please, Grandpa?"
     Anything except this, that is.
     As I said, you just DON'T find yourself in bed between your
two sexually developing young granddaughters like this.
     Second, even imagining for some outlandish reason that you
DID end up in bed with two little girls, you did NOT end up there
naked, with the older of the two trying to fit your pre-cum
dribbling prick up into her equally slippery little hole!  I
mean, it just doesn't happen!  Only it had.
     I tried to remember how I had gotten into this mess, while
fighting the urge to give in to my sexy little granddaughter, and
shove my thick prick so far up her tight little slit that it came
out her mouth, and pumped the child's belly so full of her own
grandfather's potent seed that the little girl would be having my
babies for the next five years . . . .
     God!  I almost came all over the little girl's squeezing
young hand, as she tried to work the tip of my penis into her
horny little body.
     When Mari had told everybody that because of the crowding;
having almost everybody in her family, as well as mine over for
Thanksgiving, that we would all have to "double-up" in our
sleeping arrangements, I had never even suspected that she meant
"mixed doubles".  And certainly that she would never put her
horny father-in-law in the same bed with her two pre-teenaged
     Even when I found myself ushered into the girl's bedroom,
when everybody was settling down for the night, I had expected to
end up with possibly my son, or some of the other men, while her
daughters spent the night with her and the other women.  I just
figured that this was the easiest place for her to put us, as the
women would probably be sleeping in the master bedroom with her.
(Who ACTUALLY slept in the master bedroom, I didn't find out
until next morning.)  So, not being particularly shy, even around
other men, I had undressed and slipped into the little girls'
bed; expecting to be joined later by my son, or one of the older
boys that were visiting also.


     Only I was awoke by first Lori and then Carri slipping into
bed on either side of me.  Unlike me, (I never wear ANYTHING to
bed.) the two little girls were both wearing short little
nightgowns, that while they were fairly demure when standing up,
did nothing to keep my suddenly erect prick from touching either
of their cute little bottoms.  I was too shocked to even object,
as Lori snuggled her cute little butt right back against my rigid
prick, while she reached for the light.
     "Grandpa's got a hard-on," she giggled, as she reached down
between her legs, and fit my swollen member up between them, so
it didn't get in the way.  "No shit!" I exclaimed.  "What do you
expect when two sexy little girls just climb right into bed with
me?"  Carri giggled at this, from the other side.
     "I'd better get out before . . . ," I started.
     "Oh don't be silly, Grandpa," said Lori; snuggling back even
harder; seeming to enjoy the feel of her own grandfather's hard
prick poking between her legs.  "It's too late to change things
now.  Momma's made all the arrangements, and almost everybody is
asleep already.  Carri and I don't mind sleeping with you, if you
     "But, but, but," I spluttered for a second.  "If your mother
finds out I've been sleeping naked in the same bed with you two,
she'll have me put away!  I've got to get out."
     "Oh don't be silly, Grandpa," murmured Carri; snuggling up
to me from the other side.  "Momma KNOWS you're in here with us.
Who do you think arranged for you to sleep in here.  So shut up,
and go to sleep . . . OK?"  The little girl wrapped her arm
around me, and snuggled even closer; while her big sister pushed
back from the other side.  My by now steel-hard prick slid
between the elder girl's legs, and poked out her front; almost as
though she had a short little prick of her own.
     "Oooh!" sighed Lori; and snuggled back even closer, if
     Interested; Carri reached over both me and her big sister,
and felt between the older girls legs; actually fondling the tip
of my prick for a second.
     "Wow," she said, "you were right.  Grandpa DOES have a hard-
     At my objection, she said, "It's OK, Grandpa . . . I don't
mind . . . it's kind of nice to know you think we're sexy . . .
right Lori?"
     "Uhuh," replied her big sister; snuggling back against me so
hard that I could actually feel her cunny-lips spread around the
top of my prick, where it poked between her legs.  "I don't mind
     "See," said Carri; pulling my swollen prick up hard into her
sister's crotch until the older girl's cunny-lips were wrapped
halfway around the swollen member; then letting go so she could
wrap her arm around my chest while she snuggled up to my back
like a second skin.  "Momma doesn't mind, I don't mind, and I'm
sure Lori doesn't mine either, do you?"  At her big sister's
sleepy, "Uh-uh," she continued, "So shut up, and let's go to


     Yeah, sure!  I'm supposed to go to sleep with the sexiest
little girl in the world snuggling up almost naked in front of
me; where my big arm had unconsciously wrapped itself around the
child, and I found I had one of my granddaughter's budding young
breasts softly cupped in one big horny palm.  Down below, my
raging erection was sliding through the child's buttocks, and
between her legs like some pedophiles wet-dream of heaven.  I was
SOOOO tempted to slide my prick back about three inches, and then
angle it up until . . . .
     I was sweating; as I managed to stop that obscene thought
before my prick pumped thick white sperm all over the sheets;
making a mess of the little girls' bed . . . .
     Or worse-yet, I gave into the urge, and stuck my swollen
member right up in my sexy little granddaughter's slippery slit,
and pumped her tight little hole full of gob after thick white
gob of the stuff that makes babies in little girls.  Somehow
(Don't ask me how.) I managed it.  With a sigh, I gave in and
just "snuggled" like the little girls seemed to want me to.
     It seemed forever I lay there; resisting the temptation to
at least slide my swollen prick back and forth between my
granddaughter's legs; but eventually the urge passed; and shortly
thereafter I DID fall asleep.  The two girls were still cuddled
up to me like over-friendly kittens.  Well, it might be a new
kind of sexual torture, but it was also incredibly
friendly . . . .
     I found that I LIKED it.  As I said, I DID fall asleep.

     About two hours later, (I think.) I woke up having the most
INCREDIBLY erotic wet-dream . . . .
     The head of my prick kept poking into a sexy hole; while a
tight ring ALMOST kept slipping over the head, and a sexy young
girl kept begging me to shove it all the way inside her . . . .
     "Please," she whimpered . . . , "Please Grandpa?  I want to
feel it IN me . . . Please?"
     As you can guess, it wasn't a dream.  My granddaughter Lori
was working her tight little cunny on and off the tip of my
prick, as she tried to force even more of it up inside
her . . . .
     Only the angle was wrong.  If I hadn't slipped into a half-
crouched fetal-position during the night, I'm sure the horny kid
would have slid my swollen peter all the way up in her dripping-
wet hole.  As it was, I had a chance to reason with her; once I
realized what was going on.  I didn't WANT to reason . . . .
     I WANTED to stuff my swollen prick so far up the child's
tummy she would be eating it, and fill her  tight little womb so
full if my sperm she would be bloated like a balloon . . . .
     Only I didn't.  "Oh God, I can't," I moaned; as sexually
frustrated as she was.  "Your mother would KILL me, if she found
out I not only was sleeping with you girls, but had actually
fucked one of you."
     Lori actually giggled.  "Oh Grandpa," she snickered, "why do
you think Momma PUT you in here with us?  She knows how horny
both of us are, and she also knows what kind of stories YOU like
to read . . ."


     "What stories?" I interrupted her.
     "Daddy's Darling Daughter, Her Father's Daughter, Grandpa's
Little Darlings," she answered.
     I was in shock.  I hadn't thought that any of my kids knew I
read such material; let alone my granddaughters.
     "We know all about what type of stories you read," Lori
continued, "so stop being silly, and fuck me . . . OK?"
     Oh God, was I tempted to do just that.  Even if her mother
did NOT intend me to actually fuck the little girl, it was
extremely obvious that I would NOT be "molesting" the child;
merely giving her what she so obviously wanted.  On the other
hand . . . , "What about your little sister?" I asked.  After
all, if Carri woke up and found me actually "slipping the meat"
to her big sister . . . <Shudder.>  "Oh don't worry; Carri won't
mind," said Lori; busily trying to recapture my now half-hard
prick; as it had wilted slightly while I worried about her mother
and little sister.  "Besides, she's asleep right now."
     "Oh shut up and fuck her, so I can get some sleep!" grumbled
the little girl in question; putting the lie to her big sister's
statement.  "If you two keep on arguing all night, NOBODY will
get any sex, or sleep either."  Carri deliberately grabbed a
bunch of covers, and pulled them over her head; pointedly turning
her back on the two of us.
     Lori giggled guiltily, for a second, then resumed trying to
fit my prick up against her slippery little hole.  "Please
Grandpa?" she repeated.
     What could I say?  I did it.  It took me about a minute to
completely regain the erection I had when I woke up, but once I
had, I pushed forward while Lori pushed back.  The little girl's
cunny was already slippery from both her juices and my pre-cum,
so the swollen head of my prick slipped easily inside her tight
little slit, with a popping sensation that almost had me cumming
with only the tip buried inside her.  The tight ring sliding over
the sensitive head of my penis was almost enough to make me
cum . . . Almost.
     For Lori, it must have been too much.  I guess feeling her
grandfather's prick slipping inside her, after dreaming and
fighting for it for hours, was too much.  Either that, or the
little girl was just so hot that even feeling the head of a man's
penis inside her was enough to make her cum.  Almost immediately,
I felt ripples and clamping on the head of my prick, as Lori
shuddered and gasped in front of me.  When I pulled out, and then
slid almost three full inches inside her, the ripples ran up and
down my prick like it was some expensive milking machine.  God,
do I envy girls.  From first stroke to last, my granddaughter
didn't stop cumming.  I only lasted about three full strokes in
the little girl, before the slick wet heat and tight squeezing
got the better of me.  In fact, I had barely bottomed out, on the
third stroke; with Lori's cunny forming a tight ring at the base
of my prick, when I lost it.  I grit my teeth, and TRIED to pull
out, but not before at least ONE thick squirt spat out the tip of
my prick, and into the little girl's body.
     "Oh shit!" I said; trying desperately to extract my spewing
prick from inside my granddaughter before I let her have even
more of my potent sperm.


     Lori stopped me.  "It's OK, Grandpa," she soothed me.  For a
second, I was able to hold off from squirting a second big spurt
inside her from sheer surprise that she didn't seem to mind my
cumming inside her.  "My period was last week," she explained,
"so you can cum in me all you want to."
     "Aaauuuughoooooohhh."  My groan of release died down to just
a moan of satisfaction, as I let the little girl have it all.
While I knew that it wasn't as dangerous to cum in my
granddaughter NOW, as it would be about a week later, I also knew
that the little girl was NOT safe at this time.  I just couldn't
stop myself.  I jerked and spasmed and forced my prick as far up
in the little girl as I could, while I did my best to father a
child on my own granddaughter.  Lori, it turned out, was just as
aware of her condition as I was.  "Momma says my best time to
catch is next week," she said comfortingly, while her cunny STILL
clamped and squeezed on my wildly spewing prick, "so you can cum
in me as much as you want to, without having to worry about
getting me pregnant . . . I don't mind."
     "You . . . Don't . . . Mind?" I barely managed to gasp;
thrusting forward and giving my granddaughter another incestuous
squirt with each grunted word.
     "Uhuh," she replied, barely able to speak herself; while her
tight little cunny squeezed each thick drop of my seed out of my
prick, and into her welcoming young belly.  "You can get me
pregnant, if you want to . . . I don't mind."
     My prick gave one last thick squirt; rippling though the
base of my penis, through the tube on the bottom, and then
spitting out the head, before being forcefully injected in the
welcoming young belly of the sexiest little girl in the whole
world.  She didn't MIND me getting her pregnant?   OOOoooooh,
what a thoroughly sexy, thoroughly obscene, and thoroughly
wonderful thought.  Even my wife, in the years before she died,
had never really WANTED to let me get her pregnant; just
accepting it as one of her "wifely chores."  Not that Jane hadn't
liked SEX . . . or even kids.  It was being pregnant and going
through childbirth that she didn't like; stopping after two
children as having done her "duty to me," when I had hoped for at
least three or four kids . . . .
     Ah well.  Jane HAD loved me . . . while she still lived.
Otherwise, she never would have consented to bear ANY of my
children.  To her, it was all pain and bother . . . Jane would
have as soon adopted; while I wanted something that was part of
both of us to love . . . ending up with a son and daughter to
help me through the heartbreak of when she died.  Now, my sexy
young granddaughter who I love almost as much, tells me she
"doesn't mind" if I get her pregnant?  Oooooh!  I sent one last
thick white squirt in the child's vagina at the very thought.
"Thanks, Lori," I gasped; as the final shudders of a few last
sticky drops of sperm oozing through my prick finally eased.
     "Thanks, Grandpa," replied Lori; as she snuggled back to me,
so we could both go back to sleep; with my now almost limp prick
still holding my seed bottled up in the child's vagina like a
soft cork.  Her vagina was STILL making half-hearted squeeze-
clamp-SQUEEZE sensations around my penis.  Even as she relaxed,
Lori was STILL having little twinges of orgasm.


     Only the bed still didn't stop moving, once we stopped.
"Ungh, uuunnhh!" came the soft grunts behind me, then a final
"Ohohohoooh," as a last shudder shook the bed.  Carri was just
finishing HER orgasm, after watching me get off in her big
sister.  "Whoo, thanks guys," she said; collapsing in a heap,
"now THAT was sexy."
     Well, at least she hadn't expected me to fuck HER.  I mean,
it was bad enough fucking her 12 year old sister, but . . . .
     I sighed with relief; and snuggled up to Lori; trying to
force my limp prick up inside her a little farther, so the white
goo I had ejaculated inside her didn't get all over the bed.
     "You know," said Lori, almost conversationally, as she
snuggled back to me, while her little sister snuggled up behind,
"You're going to have to fuck HER too, before the night is over.
Otherwise, it wouldn't be fair."   Oh shit.
     Several hours later I woke up with another hard-on.  This
time, Lori really WAS asleep.  The tight squeeze of her horny
young vagina had reduced to just a tight ring halfway down my
prick, as only the muscles at the entrance kept the oversized
member from slipping out.  We were almost stuck together, but
after sliding out about half an inch, the sperm I had already
ejaculated inside the little girl lubricated me enough so that I
was able to slide ALL the way up inside her without bringing more
that a satisfied "Ooooh," from the sleeping little girl.  The
temptation was too strong.  Since I knew that Lori already HAD
millions of my sperm wriggling up inside her fertile young belly,
I didn't feel very guilty about squirting still more inside her.
I did something I had always loved to do with my wife, but had
rarely gotten the chance to do . . . I fucked the little girl in
her sleep.
     The cum inside her made her so slippery, Lori scarcely felt
me moving in and out; and the tight ring sliding up and down my
prick, while highly erotic, wasn't SO erotic that it made me cum
immediately.  Every once in a while I would feel the urge to
spurt the little girl full of incestuous seed rise, and each time
I slowed my thrusting; just pushing up inside her until the
sensations eased, with the tight ring of her cunny clasping the
base of my prick, and my penis leaking still more pre-cum and
sperm in the child's womb.  Sometimes I didn't manage to hold
completely off; actually squirting a little sperm inside her
tunnel before I grit my teeth and managed to regain control.
Each time I did this; releasing a little inside her; it allowed
me to go a little longer the next time.  Finally, after sliding
in and out for well over half an hour, I decided NOT to hold back
on the next one; just letting it flow when the urge came; jetting
gob after gooey gob of incestuous cum in the child, until I
finally relaxed with my now half-hard prick still stuck all the
way up inside Lori's tight young slit, and my prick was almost
floating in the incestuous sperm I had ejaculated inside her sexy
young body.
     I collapsed against my granddaughter; hugging her to me, and
running my big hand up and down her smooth young belly, before
capturing a sweet young breast in it, and drifting back to sleep.
Carri had turned over in the night, with her back to both of us.


     "Thanks, Grandpa," murmured Lori; snugging back to seat my
prick a little further up inside her body.  I was too sleepy to
be shocked at finding out she was awake, instead of asleep like I
thought she had been.  "You're welcome," I responded, then
remembered to add, "I love you, you know."
     "'love you too, Grandpa," she murmured sleepily, then slid
off to sleep.  THIS time, I was sure the little girl was asleep,
because she snored softly, and her body was relaxed when she did.
Two minutes later I was asleep myself, with my thick prick STILL
comfortably ensconced in the sleeping child's sweet young vagina.
Oh, to be able to spend ALL my nights like this . . . <Sigh.>
     The next morning I woke up to find Lori gone, a slightly-
cool damp-spot where she had been, and Carri snuggled up to me
with my prick between HER legs, as I had turned over after Lori
left to go clean up, and help her mother get breakfast for a
hungry crowd of relatives.
     "Mmmmm," she sighed; fitting my prick up against her tight
little hole, just like her big sister had, once she found out I
was awake.  "For a while there," she said, "I was afraid Lori was
going to monopolize this thing all night!  C'mere, Grandpa, and
show me you like my hot little hole just as much as you did my
big sister's."
     THIS time, I didn't object.  Having already fucked ONE of my
two granddaughters, and having the other doing her best to get
laid, I no longer felt guilty about it.  Both girls obviously
knew what they were getting into (Or, more correctly, what was
getting into them.) so it wasn't as if I was raping them, or even
"molesting" them, when they didn't want it.  Heck, if anything,
the two girls were raping ME.  I shoved my prick up in the little
     I would have shoved it ALL the way up in the child, only she
gave out a yelp, and said, "Ouch!  Grandpa!  I'm not as big as
Lori, and besides, You're a lot bigger than . . . .
      Shit . . . Sorry Grandpa, I'm not supposed to tell.
Anyway, it hurts a little."
     No wonder it hurt.  No, it was NOT my oversized prick in the
10-year-old's tight little cunny that was really the problem.
When I had fucked her big sister, we had both been leaking
lubrication for over half an hour.  Carri was not only SMALLER
inside than her big sister was, but dryer too, as neither she nor
I had "worked each other up" like Lori and I had the previous
night.  It took almost 10 minutes of working with saliva and a
few "ouches" from Carri, before my prick lubricated enough, and
her tight little cunny relaxed and also lubricated enough to
allow us to fuck comfortably.  For all the starting discomfort,
neither one of us felt inclined to stop.
     Once we finally got going, I got on top, and Carri and I
started fucking "missionary style".  For all it's detractors,
this method has a lot going for it.  We both got to watch the
obscene sight of my thick prick sliding in and out of the bare
little slit of a horny 10-year-old girl.  Such an erotic sight
you never did see.


     Thankfully, her big sister had drained me enough the night
before; taking the pressure off my balls, that I was able to give
the little girl the fucking she deserved.  Unlike her big sister
Lori, Carri took a long time to work up; then came like a
banshee, when she did.  The wail of the little girl's orgasm
ripped through the room like the squeal of a stepped-on bagpipe.
I was certain that people would come running to see what I was
doing to the child, but nobody did.  Feeling Carri's tight little
cunny clasping and squeezing on my thick cock was enough to
finally get me off too.  Only this time I had more control.
Since I had already drained my balls in her big sister twice the
night before, I was no longer the hair-trigger prick just waiting
to spew sperm that I had been from almost two year's celibacy (if
you count only self-done hand-jobs as celibacy, that is).
     "Uh, Carri," I said; gritting my teeth to hold back
(successfully, this time).  "I'm gonna . . ."  I didn't have to
say what.
     "It's OK," she said, "you can cum in me, if you want to."
     I just LOOKED at the little girl.  After all, her big sister
had given me the same line the night before.  With that
"permission" it was hard, but I still held back.
     Carri suddenly grinned, as she realizes what was bothering
me.  "Hey," she repeated, "you can cum inside me all you want
to . . . . After all, I'm only 10 years old, you know."
     With a sigh of relief, I slid all the way into the little
girl, and let her have the big mass of cum I had been holding
back.  I jerked and spasmed inside my granddaughter; doing my
best to plant my sperm as far up in the child's womb as I could,
while Carri held and squeezed me through the remnants of HER
orgasm.  It was only when the last sticky drops were oozing into
the child's tiny little slit, that I became conscious that Carri
had been rattling on with her reassurance, even while we both
enjoyed the feeling of me ejaculating inside her.  "Heck," she
said, "Momma says it will probably be two or three months yet,
before my periods stabilize, and I have to keep track of them
like Lori does."
     We were both just coming down from the pleasure of mating,
and Carri's words were just seeping into my brain; letting me
know that there was a chance that I had just gotten not one, but
TWO granddaughters pregnant, (Not much of a chance, but still a
chance.) when the girl's mother poked he head in the door.  There
wasn't a chance at hiding what we were doing, as the bed was
right next to the door, and the moment it opened Mari could see
me lying on top of her daughter, with my thick prick still
leaking sticky white cum in the little girl's tight little hole.
     "Sorry," she apologized, "but Lori thought you two would be
finished by now . . . .
     When you're done, breakfast is ready.  I've already thrown
both of your clothes in the laundry last night when you were all
sleeping, so don't bother looking for them.  They won't be dry
for another half hour."  The door shut with a <click.>  Well, it
was obvious that my daughter-in-law was NOT mad at me for fucking
her little girls.


     Carri and I regretfully pulled apart.  The thick white ooze
slowly seeping from her tight little slit somehow didn't even
look obscene.  For only 10 years old, Carri showed incredible
grace after just being fucked.  For HER, it didn't seem nasty for
a 50+ man to be fucking her, and filling her tiny little slit
full of incestuous cum.
     I looked, and Mari was right.  Only my belt and things from
my pockets were sitting on the chair I had left my clothes on the
night before.  Remembering the way Lori and I had spend most of
the night connected, without even a sheet over us, I knew that
the girl's mother could NOT have missed it.  It seems that my
daughter-in-law HAD not only wanted me to sleep with her little
girls, but to fuck them too . . . or at least, she didn't mind if
I did.  Wow!  I wondered just what kind of family my son had
married into.
     Coming out of the bedroom, still naked, I soon found out.
While the whole house wasn't an orgy; seeing that MOST of the
family was eating breakfast in the kitchen; there were STILL
signs that sex between family-members was considered not only
normal, but pretty much the order-of-the-day.  Not only with HER
family, but with mine as well.
     For example, (ignoring the pants and groans from the master
bedroom) my daughter's kids were still in (or more correctly ON)
the sleeping bag they had spent the night in, in the middle of
the living-room floor.  The four kids were in a "menage-a-quatro"
that would have made Don Juan blush; as my 7-year-old
granddaughter "took care of" all three of her older brothers at
once!  The little girl was sliding her tight little cunny up and
down her oldest brother, while the youngest was on top of her
with his cute little prick buried in her behind.  At the same
time, the middle boy had his prick halfway down the little girl's
     My daughter Ann just looked on with pride, as if scenes like
this were normal at her house.  "Isn't it great, Dad?" she asked.
"Kimmy just learned how to take all three of them at once, and
she's so proud of herself.  She keeps wanting to show off how
good she is; and since the whole family is here, she decided to
show us all how much she's learned.  Isn't she just SO cute?
Look how she makes both of them go in and out at the same
time . . . you'd almost think she had been fucking like that for
years, instead of only 3 months now."
     I collapsed almost in shock, on the big living-room chair.
I couldn't take my eyes of the little 7-year-old squirming in the
middle of the floor, with her three brothers.  Suddenly the
little girl took her mouth off the boy in front of her, and
remarked conversationally, "Oooh . . . I think Mike is cumming in
me," before returning to sucking the teenager's prick.
     It was shortly obvious who the child was talking about, as a
white smear suddenly appeared around the base of the cock of the
older boy lying underneath her, and "slurp-slurp" sounds as his
prick slid in and out, testified to the fact that the 15-year-old
was indeed ejaculating his sperm in his 7-year-old little sister.
Kimmy just speeded up her sucking on the other boy in front of
her, until he too began squirting thick white cum in the little
girl . . . Only in her mouth.


     The little girl didn't pull back, either; shoving her face
forward, until the older boy's prick had vanished in her mouth,
and you knew the kid was ejaculating his thick white cum right
down the child's throat.
     The youngest boy didn't cum; just sighing with satisfaction
as the little girl finally pulled apart from the three of them.
Perhaps he was to young to ejaculate yet.  In any case, he seemed
as happy about it as his two older brothers.
     Little Kimmy stood up, and proudly showed everybody her cum-
oozing little cunny; only taking a tissue to wipe up with, when
it threatened to drip on the carpet.
     It was then, that she noticed ME watching.  "Did you see it
Grandpa?" she asked.  "Did you like it?  Momma says I'm getting
to be pretty good . . . do you think so?  Can I try it with you?
Please?  Lori and Carri say you're even better than Daddy is.
Can I try it with you?  Please, Grandpa?  I'll make it feel REAL
good for you, I promise!"
     Before I could say anything, the eagerly chattering child
was climbing in my lap, and fitting my suddenly erect penis up
against her incredibly tiny little slit.  I couldn't BELIEVE this
was happening!  I looked over at the little girl's mother in
shock!  Only instead of being annoyed, my daughter was looking at
her little girl trying to fit my engorged prick inside herself
with amusement, and yes even pride!
     "Oh why don't you, Daddy?" she said.  "The little shit has
fucked almost everybody else, except Danny, who's just plain too
big.  Why not let her try, OK?"
     "I'll make it feel REAL good for you Grandpa," repeated the
little girl; looking earnestly in my face for approval.  "Please
Grandpa?" she pleaded.
     I gave up . . . .
     From then on, if my THREE year old granddaughter had asked
me to fuck her, the answer would have been the same . . . , "If
you can get it in, you can have it," I sighed.  Somehow, I could
NOT feel guilty about it, the way I would have felt like an
unspeakable pervert, if this had happened the night before.
     "Thanks, Grandpa," said the little girl, earnestly, "you'll
like it . . . really."  With this, the child placed the head of
my prick against her tiny little hole, as kneeling up facing me,
she started to sit back down on my swollen throbbing prick.  I
was NOT worried that it would not "feel good" to me.  In fact,
just the opposite.  I was afraid that after feeling a little girl
like her's tight little cunny squeezing the cum out of my prick,
that I would be spoiled for any ADULT vagina, like the one of my
horny young daughter who was so eagerly watching her daughter try
to fuck her father.
     As I felt the tip of my prick spread the child's cunny-lips,
before slipping inside the tightest, sweetest, hottest little
hole in the world, I suddenly became aware that the whole family
was watching the little girl fuck her grandfather.  Oh shit.
Still, the incredibly sexy feel of the child's vagina spreading
to take the head of my penis inside her body was enough to keep
me erect, in spite of the embarrassment of fucking her in front
of the entire family.


     In spite of my size, and her being so little, the sperm her
brother had already ejaculated inside the little girl made her so
slippery, that my prick just stretched and stretched her, and
then slowly OOZED into her body.  I felt an incredibly tight ring
slide down my prick; never stooping until it was squeezing the
base of my prick, and I could feel a hard knob bumping against
the tip of my prick, as it poked against the little girl's
cervix.  I couldn't believe it . . . .
     The little 7-year-old had taken every inch of my thick prick
up inside her tight little hole, and was starting to slide up and
down.  Kimmy leaned back a little in my arms, so the whole family
could see that she had taken me all the way up inside herself.
Then, she leaned forward, and whispered in my ear.  "See,
Grandpa," she whispered, "I told you I would make it feel good."
     Oh God, did she ever . . . and that was only the start.
First, Kimmy wriggled herself in place; just making my fat prick
go all the way up inside her.  Then she lifted up; almost milking
my prick with her tight little hole.  The tight ring of the
child's vagina actually stripped some remaining sperm from my
prick; that had been left over from cumming inside her cousin
Carri.  Kimmy pulled up, until only the head of my prick was
trapped inside her tight little hole by the muscles at the
entrance; then she pulled up a little more; "popping" the head
out for a second.
     Then, she "popped" it back in again; and began the long
slide down to the bottom.  Slowly she slid down, until once again
the little girl had every inch of her grandfather's penis inside
her hot little hole, and once again my prick was leaking pre-cum
and sperm into the child's tiny cervix.  Then she repeated it.
Up she went, until the head popped out of her, then she popped it
back in again, and slid down to the bottom where she wriggled to
seat my prick all the way inside her.
     Three times more, the little girl repeated this . . . then
four times.  Finally, I felt my seed rising in my prick.  THIS
time I wasn't worried about accidentally knocking the little girl
up . . . not at 7 years old, anyway.  Besides, she had just
fucked all three of her brothers, and from the sound of it, her
father and uncle as well.  No, I wasn't worried about cumming
inside her.  I DID want to let her know though . . . if only out
of politeness.  "Uh,"I groaned, "I'm going to cum."
     "Do it, Grandpa," she squeaked.  "Please?  I want to feel
you cum inside me, and get me pregnant, just like you did Lori
and Carri . . . Please?"  By this time, the little girl was
sliding up and down my prick like a monkey on a pole.
     I grabbed the little 7-year-old, and held her steady;
jabbing my prick to the root in her cute little belly.  "Here it
comes," I warned her, before suddenly grabbing her tight, while
my prick flexed and flushed what felt like gallons of hot sticky
cum in the little girl's welcoming young womb.  Spasm after spasm
shook me, as I emptied my body into that of my own sexy young
granddaughter.  I could actually see the little girl's flat
little tummy bulge, each time my engorged penis jerked and spat
yet another thick gob of baby-juice inside her.  Got, did that
feel good.


     Once I started to ease up, Kimmy leaned back, so that the
whole family could see where my thick prick had vanished into the
little girl's body, and was squirting my seed in thick white jets
against her immature young womb.  Shortly, a thick white drop of
cum oozed out by the base of my prick; giving mute evidence that
I HAD cum inside the child; not just faked it.
     After three or four good squirts inside her, my prick
finally started to shrink.  At this, Kimmy  eased forward, and
just cuddled up to me, like she had so many times in the past
when she was younger . . . only THIS time, with her own
grandfather's fat prick still buried in her tight little hole;
still leaking incestuous cum in the little girl's womb.
     "Thanks, Grandpa," she murmured sleepily; snuggling into my
arms and actually going to sleep, with my half-hard prick still
oozing an occasional drop of thick white cum inside her vagina.
     Mari had to bring me coffee, while the child slept in my
arms.  "Well," she asked, as she settled into the couch next to
me, where she could look down my front at where my penis still
vanished into her niece's body, "what do you think of your
granddaughters NOW?"
     What COULD I say?  I snuggled Kimmy a little closer, so an
extra half-inch of fat prick slid inside her; bringing a mewl of
contentment from the child.  "I think they're wonderful," I said,
     "You don't think they're sluts, or anything like that?" she
     I considered it . . . .
     "Mmmmmm, maybe," I said.   "But what's wrong with being a
slut?  At least, if you like it."
     "Thanks, Pops," said Mari; untangling herself to go get me
some toast to have for breakfast, "I KNEW you were the right one
to sleep with my little girls . . . I wasn't sure before.  You'll
be spending the rest of this reunion in their bed, OK?"
     I thought of the two little girls' possibly fertile
conditions.  "Uh, what about . . . ?"  I couldn't say,
"pregnancy"; just waving my hand in a bulging-motion past the
child sleeping in my lap.  Mari figured out what I meant, as I
knew she would.  "THAT," she said, "is up to the girls," and left
me there, with my jaw hanging out.
     About 20 minutes later my daughter came by, while I was very
carefully trying to finish my breakfast, without disturbing the
sleeping little girl in my lap.  Ann looked from me, to the
contented child snuggled with her grandfather's penis still
pulsing in her tight little slit, and his potent sperm still
wriggling its way up inside her cute little tummy.  "Thanks,
Daddy" she said.  "Kimmy really needed that, after not being able
to get Danny inside her like she wanted to."
     What could I say?  Heck, what could ANY man say, when his
daughter actually THANKED him for fucking her little girl;
squirting thick gobs of incestuous seed in the child's womb?


     Ann reached over to pet Kimmy's hair; causing the little
girl to sigh with contentment, and snuggle a little closer.
There was a sudden catching sensation, and then my newly erect
prick was once again all the way up inside the little girl's
body, as she readjusted herself in her sleep to accommodate my
swollen organ.  "Mmmmmm," she murmured; nuzzling her face into my
chest.  Unconsciously, I hugged the little girl closer, while
just as unconsciously her tight little cunny squeezed the base of
my prick in such a warm friendly manner it would have to be
experienced to be believed.
     "She IS a sexy little thing, isn't she?" Commented Ann;
seeming to be pleased with the sight of her father cuddling her
little girl, even if she knew the man had his thick prick buried
to the hilt in the child's tight little baby-hole.
     Again, what could I say?  "Yes, she sure is," I managed to
     "Do me a favor, Daddy?" she asked.
     "Mmmm?" I responded.  My mind was more occupied with
cuddling her daughter, and getting the child's cunny settled a
little more  comfortably on my cum-dribbling prick, than on Ann's
     "Promise me you'll not only fuck her, but get her pregnant
when she gets old enough?"
     I almost came again in the little girl at the obscene
thought.  "Well," I temporized, "If she still wants me to."  I
wasn't going to rape my own granddaughters.
     "Dad!"  Ann looked as though she was going to pick up her
daughter and leave.  I just couldn't bear the thought of
disturbing Kimmy by pulling out.  "OK," I sighed.  I knew I would
regret making that promise someday.  On the other hand, Kimmy
hadn't seemed to be displeased by the prospect; any more than her
older cousins had.  Maybe I was worried for nothing.
     "How long has this been going on?" I asked; managing to
include not only the fact of her daughter's sexual activity with
her brothers and myself, but by implication my daughter, my two
other granddaughters, and everything else.  For sure, nothing
like this had been going on the LAST time I had dropped over to
visit either my son OR daughter.
     Ann giggled.  She always DID look so cute when she did that.
"Only about three months, she replied.  "And believe it or not,
it was Kimmy here, who started everything."
     Somehow, with my prick slowly reviving in the child's belly
where it was stirring the load of sperm I had already ejaculated
in the little girl, I didn't find this as hard to believe as I
might have otherwise.  I smiled; raised my eyebrows; and
indicated to Ann that she should continue.
     "Well," she said; settling down more comfortably in the
couch to continue; ignoring pants and sighs of "Oh . . . oh
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy," coming from the other room, "A little over
three months ago my husband caught little Kimmy here sleeping in
her big brother's bed . . . .


     No, not Mike's, John's.  At first, he thought the 12-year-
old was molesting his little sister, until it became apparent
from both of them that it had been Kimmy who had sneaked into her
big brother's bedroom, not the other way around.  It seems the
little slut had heard about sex from by spying on some older
girls at school, and wanted to see if it was as nice as they said
it was."  Ann's voice when she called her little girl a "slut"
was so loving, that it sounded more like a term of praise or
endearment, than something obscene or nasty.  "By the time we
found out," she continued, "John had already fucked his little
sister three or four times, and as you can imagine, neither one
of the kids wanted to stop.  Well, for a week there were such
rantings, ravings, and screamings and tantrums in our house you
wouldn't believe!"
     I smiled to myself in memory of Ann, at the same age, and
the tantrums SHE had when not getting her own way . . . .
     I could imagine her daughter, for all of the sweetness of
the child sleeping in my lap, being just as stubborn as her
mother was.
     "Well," continued Ann, "George and I did our best . . . or
thought we did.  We forbid Kimmy from not only sleeping in her
brother's bedroom, but from even going in there alone with him;
and the same thing for him going into HER bedroom.  We also gave
the two kids big lectures about how 'wrong' it was for him to do
that to her.  For almost a week, we THOUGHT we had made them
understand . . . well, maybe John, we had.  Only about six days
later we (actually, I) found Kimmy in MIKE'S bedroom; sliding up
and down her big brother's prick like some incredible young
harlot, until the older boy had no choice but to cum inside her.
I was just about to yell and scream to get them to stop before he
did; when Mike suddenly grunted and a thick white drop started
oozing down the base of his prick; and I knew the older boy's
sperm was decorating the inside of his little sister's vagina.
It seems that since Kimmy wasn't allowed to fuck her 12-year-old
brother John, she figured she would get Mike to 'do' her.  Well,
being a horny teenager, the older boy hadn't been all that hard
to convince.  MORE yellings, screamings and tantrums followed
THIS discovery.  When we finally got it through Kimmy's head,
that little girls are not supposed to fuck ANY of their brothers,
we thought we finally had things under control . . . .
     Until we found her seducing the meter-man."
     "The METER man?" I asked incredulously; stirring my prick in
the slippery goop in the little girl's belly.  Kimmy just sighed.
     "Uhuh.  The poor kid must not have been much older than
Mike; probably being 16 or 17, and working taking meter-readings
in the neighborhood.  As we got the story from Kimmy later, she
had let him into the basement, where for some unknown reason, the
gas-meter is on the INSIDE, and then had proceeded to show him
how she wasn't wearing any panties.


     The two of them were going at it so hot and heavy by the
time I got home from shopping, that they didn't even hear me come
in.  I arrived just in time to hear panting from the basement,
and looked down there just as the boy realized what he was about
to do, and yanked his still-spurting prick out of Kimmy; spraying
thick white cum all over her tummy, breasts, and even her pouting
little snatch.  The only two words I ever heard the kid say were,
'Oh shit," as he realized he was cumming inside the little girl,
before yanking his prick out of her and squirting it all over her
body, and another, "Oh shit!" again, when he realized I was
watching him spew thick white cum all over my child.  He
frantically pulled his pants up; grabbed his tools, and dashed by
me to the van parked outside.  I'll bet the poor kid is STILL
wondering when the cops are coming by to arrest him for statutory
     Ann's story had made my half-hard prick go to a full
erection, and I was now slowly sliding it in and out of her
daughter's body, right in front of her.
     My daughter kept her eyes on the junction of our two bodies,
but never even commented on what I was doing to her little girl.
Kimmy kept right on napping; even while I slowly fucked the child
in her sleep; just sighing with pleasure and snuggling closer on
occasion, when I reached bottom inside her tight little cunny.
     "After that," said Ann, after catching her breath, "we gave
up.  If we hadn't, then we figured Kimmy would be seducing the
neighbor kids, and we would be in REAL trouble.  So, since we
figured she's too young for us to worry about her getting
pregnant yet, we let her go back to sleeping with her brothers.
Only THIS time, she wasn't sneaking around.  Of course, once he
found out his two older brothers were fucking his little sister,
and weren't getting into trouble, Darrin had to get in on the act
too.  Kimmy didn't mind; going from one brother to the other over
and over, until none of them could get it up.  As I said, she's
quite a little slut.  It's only recently, that she's started
taking on all three of them at once, like you saw earlier."
     "You said she was the one who got the whole family
involved," I prompted; lifting the little girl in question so my
prick would slide out a little, before sliding back into her
tight little hole as I let her drop back down.
     Ann licked her lips, as she watched me fuck her sleeping
little girl.  "Uhuh," she replied, "it was about a week after we
let her continue with her brothers, that George woke up with his
hard-on stuffed halfway up in our daughter's belly, while Kimmy
whimpered in pain and frustration that she couldn't get all of
her father's thick prick inside her like she wanted to.  It was
too late to say 'No,' any more.  While George tried to argue with
Kimmy, that it just wasn't RIGHT for a man to fuck his own little
girl, I just sighed and fumbled through the nightstand until I
found the KY jelly.  Once my husband saw what I was up to, he
gave up too.  Twenty seconds later I watched our 7-year-old
daughter slide down her father's prick until only about an inch
remained outside.  Then Kimmy slid up and down until she felt her
father squirting his seed inside her, just like her big brothers


     It didn't take too long after that, for our daughter's
natural horniness and sexy actions to get to ME too.  Within a
week, I found myself not only encouraging your son to fuck our
little girl, but to cum in her, and actually try to get his
daughter pregnant; just like her two older brothers were trying.
We all know she's way too young yet, but even the thought of a
pregnant 7-year-old is incredibly sexy.  It was over two weeks
before our daughter managed to get ALL of her father's thick cock
inside her hot little hole, but from that day on, my husband was
just another prick that Kimmy used whenever she wanted to."
     At my worried look, Ann shook her head.  "No," she replied
to my unspoken question, "I don't mean THAT.  Except for fucking
any male that moves around the house, at the drop of a pair of
panties, Kimmy is just the same sweet little girl she always was.
She still plays and sometimes even fights with her brothers.  She
cooes over dolls, and watched telvision, just like always.  Only
sometimes now when she watches TV, cuddled up in her father's
lap, she has his big prick buried up inside her tight little
slit, just like she has yours inside her right now."
     "Well, once we finally had Kimmy and the boys convinced that
while it wasn't really RIGHT for them to be fucking, and they
probably wouldn't get either us or themselves in trouble as long
as they kept their sexual activities inside the family, we
THOUGHT we had things in hand."  Here Ann grinned at me.  I
grinned back.  Somehow I just KNEW what was coming . . . her boys
probably ended up in bed with HER next . . . only it turned out I
was anticipating things.
     "The next problem we had," continued Ann, "was when we came
over here for Lori's 12th birthday party, and stayed the night,
because of the snow.  You remember that night, don't you Daddy?"
     I sure did.  I usually managed to get to ALL of my children
and grandchildren's birthday celebrations.  Since I had just been
at John's 13th birthday party the week before, it wouldn't have
been fair to his cousin to miss hers . . . .
     Even snow wouldn't have been an excuse; though six-inches of
snow can put a damper on quite a few things.  How do you explain
to a 12-year-old that it was "too much trouble" for her
grandfather to come to one of the most important milestones of
her life . . . her last birthday before she became a teenager?
     Fighting rush-hour traffic in the snow to get to the party
two hours late, and then having to drive all the way back not two
hours later because I was supposed to meet a delivery-man who
never showed up because of the same snow . . . .
     It's a good thing none of my grandchildren had been with me
THEN, as they would have learned really new and imaginative
meanings for the words, "fuck", "shithead", and "asshole".  Not
to mentions some other words I won't repeat even here.
Definitely, I remembered that night.  Now my daughter was telling
me that I had missed out on more than I thought I had, all
because of that same stupid delivery?  Oh well . . . long since


     "Well," continued my daughter, (Ann seemed to have a
penchant for picking up her line of thought with the word,
"Well.") "we forgot to tell the kids that when we said 'family'
we meant 'immediate family'.  So you can imagine what happened
     Oh, could I ever!
     Ann grinned at me, as she saw my eyes light up.  "Uhuh," she
confirmed.  After you left, and while we were cleaning up, the
kids all went into the den downstairs to play.  The first thing
we knew anything different was going on, was when we heard a loud
"Ow," from Lori.  "Ohmigawd!" was the next thing we heard from
Mari, as she went to see what was going on.  This brought the
rest of us scrambling.  It was no wonder that Mari was so
astonished.  There was a regular orgy going on in there.  For the
first time, the kids had a perfect match-up, with three horny
boys, and three equally horny girls.  Since none of OUR kids
thought anything of fucking each other, it hadn't taken any
convincing at all, for your son's two kids to be willing to join
in.  By the time we got there, Mike was just in the throes of
ejaculating his seed in his cousin's womb, while Lori reached her
first orgasm with a prick squirting thick white cum inside her.
Over in the corner, Carri was just starting to take Darrin's
little prick inside her, (figuring it wouldn't hurt quite as much
as if she had one of the bigger boys do it) while John had to be
contented with fucking his little sister, until one of the other
girls was available.  Talk about an 'Oh shit!' situation!"
     Here my daughter gave me a wan grin.  Damn I wished I had
been there to see that!  Even hearing about it second hand,
almost had me spouting yet another thick helping of sperm in the
belly of the sleeping little girl whose innocent face belied the
erotic things she had been doing.
     "Well!" said my daughter (again).  "It took every inch of
diplomacy we had, to convince Danny and Mari that thrashings were
not deserved all the way around.  Even when we explained things
to them, it STILL took everything we could do to get them to
realize (as we had finally) that once the kids had started, they
weren't going to stop . . . which presented them with a dilemma."
     "Huh?" I asked.  Somehow the sweet cherubic face of my
sleeping granddaughter did not fit in with the story of the horny
little slut I had been hearing about.  On the other hand, feeling
her tight little cunny squeezing on my prick, while my cum made
her insides slick and wet, made it hard to disbelieve.
     "So what was the problem?" I asked; shifting to get my prick
a little further up inside her daughter.  Kimmy just grunted.
     "The problem was, Lori and Kim don't have any brothers like
Kimmy here does."  Here my daughter reached out again, and
smoothed her daughter's silky hair with a loving hand.  Hearing
her mother's voice, and feeling her familiar hand just made Kimmy
snuggle closer to me.  I knew it wouldn't be long before I came
again inside the little girl, even if she WAS still asleep.  I
wasn't worried about it though, as I knew that neither Kimmy NOR
her mother watching me, would mind at all.
     "So, what about their father?" I asked.
     "Daddy?" asked my daughter.  "Have you ever SEEN Danny's


     Obviously, I had not.  I mean, I don't go peeking in my
son's bedroom to see how much 'manhood' he has . . . I'm not THAT
much of a pervert.
     ("Oh?" asked a tiny voice in my head, "Then what kind of a
pervert ARE you . . . fucking three of your own pre-teenaged
granddaughters; one of them not even 8 years old yet, and
actually TRYING to get the other two pregnant?"  I ignored the
     "My 'little' brother," said Ann, "is NOT so little.  He's
over eight inches long, but that's not the problem.  His whanger
is so big around it's all even I can do to take him inside me.
Mari likes him that thick though."  Ann smiled when she noticed
MY surprise at knowing she had been fucking her little brother.
Then I wondered why I was surprised.
     "That big thing of Danny's would split those two little
girls wide open," she said.  "We know, because believe me, they
tried!  So that left US doing OK at OUR house.  Two horny women
can always fuck even four horny men under the table any day of
the week."  Thus my daughter first admitted that she WAS taking
her sons to bed, just like her husband was bedding their 7 year
old little girl.  "Only over here," she resumed, "things got
pretty tight for a while.  Then, (Here my daughter stopped to
smile sweetly at me.) I thought of you . . . all alone in that
big house, since Momma died; probably as horny as a two-peckered
goat.  I knew (don't ask me how) that your prick wasn't much
bigger that Mike's, so you wouldn't hurt either of them.  So, we
all got together, and we set you up."
     Frankly, I just gaped.  "You set me up," I repeated dumbly.
     "Uhuh.  We knew that no ordinary argument would get you to
leave that house where so many of Mother's memories haunt you
still.  But we know also how you feel about your granddaughters,
and especially how you feel about men who fuck girls and then
leave them to carry their babies."
     "You don't mean?" I said, understanding finally dawning
about what had happened the night before.
     "Oh Daddy, you're so sweet," said Ann; leaning over to kiss
me.  DAMN, did her lips feel sweet, and her smell was so fresh
and arousing I almost let her little girl have it right then.
     After she pulled away though, I managed to grit my teeth,
and prevent the rising of seed in my prick.  I wanted to remain
mated to my cute little granddaughter as long as possible; and I
knew once I had squirted inside the child for the second time,
that only an Act of God would allow me to remain stiff enough to
stay inside the little girl.
     "We set this whole Thanksgiving 'reunion' up, just to get
you in bed with those little girls when there's at least a chance
you might get one of them pregnant.  Knowing how you feel about
such things, we know you WON'T walk out on them now."
     My face blushed as red as a beet.  Obviously my children
knew me only too well.  "You mean?" I prompted.


     This time Mari answered.  I hadn't realized that the whole
family was listening to our conversation, but they were.  "She
means," continued my daughter-in-law, "that from now on I expect
you to be sleeping with Lori and Carri, or at least until they
get old enough to move out on their own.  I am NOT having my
horny little girls go seducing the neighbor-boys, and
accidentally bringing home some horrible disease.  If they're
going to fuck, which it seems that they are going to do whether I
let them or not, then at least it will only be in the family,
where we know it's safe.  OK?"
     "But," I spluttered for a second, "You mean you actually
WANT me to get your little girls . . . ."
     Once again, I couldn't say it.
     "Pregnant?" supplied Mari.  Obviously the thought didn't
bother HER.  "As I said before, that's up to THEM.  I just expect
you to fuck them, so they don't get all frustrated and go out and
get themselves knocked-up by someone else . . . ."
     "Why?  Don't you LIKE the idea of getting your own
granddaughters pregnant with your babies?"
     Oh God . . . did I ever.  I almost came at the very thought.
Ann noticed.
     "I think he does," she teased.  "How would you like to get
that little girl in your lap pregnant?" she asked.  "Wouldn't
Kimmy look real cute with a big belly, and your little girl
kicking and squirming inside her?  I'm sure Kimmy wouldn't mind."
     Oh shit!  That was too much.  My overused prick began
squirting and jumping inside the little girl, like a fire-hose
gone out of control.  Just the thought of the cute little 7-year-
old with her tummy sticking out, was enough to make me ejaculate
more sperm in the child's tummy than I thought I had in me.
     The whole family watched with interest as I jerked and
spasmed the little girl full of incestuous cum.  I couldn't help
myself; hunching into the little girl as I tried to plant my seed
as far up in the child's womb as I could.
     My jerking, shaking, and thrusting finally woke my
granddaughter up.
     "Oooh, What's happening, Momma?" she asked, sleepily; not
pulling away from my frantic jabs; but not really fucking back,
     "It's just your grandfather getting you pregnant," Ann
soothed the little 7-year-old.  "He's squirting his sperm inside
you, so you can have a baby . . . would you like that, Honey?"
     Oh SHIT!  I had THOUGHT I was finished, with the last thick
drops of sperm oozing out into my sexy little granddaughter.
Only my daughter's obscene remark and question to her little girl
was too much.  Unexpectedly, I was cumming AGAIN!  Squirt after
squirt spat out of my prick, and into the welcoming young belly
of the little first-grader.
     "Oooh," said Kimmy, suddenly working back at me to try and
force even more of my spouting prick up inside her body.  "Thanks
Grandpa.  I didn't think I was old enough yet to get pregnant.
Thanks Momma."  Well, at least any worries that she might not
want it were groundless.


     "You're not," said her mother, now that my frantic surges
were subsiding, and she knew I had planted every drop of
incestuous sperm I had in me, in her little girl's womb.  "That
doesn't mean you can't TRY.  Sometimes girls even younger than
you get pregnant, if they try hard enough.  So I thought you
might like to try it with your grandfather, like your cousins
will be doing, at least until we get home anyway."
     "Oh," said the little girl with some disappointment.  "I
guess that's OK.  Anyway, didn't you say a girl's first baby
should be by her father?"
     Ann had the grace to blush.  "Uh, well, maybe," she
admitted.  "But that doesn't mean you can't 'practice' with your
grandfather or brothers.  And if you DO get pregnant by one of
them, it wouldn't be all that bad, would it?"
     "Mmmmm," said Kimmy; trying to snuggle down so that she kept
my wilting prick inside her.  "I wouldn't mind. It might be fun
to have Grandpa's baby."
     "That's good," said Ann, "because your grandfather has
promised to get you pregnant as often as he can, once your body
gets big enough to have babies."
     I opened my mouth to object; but Kimmy didn't give me the
chance to correct her mother's statement.  "Really?" she said;
kissing me with little-girl enthusiasm.  "Thanks, Grandpa.  I'll
try to hurry up, and get big as fast as I can, so we can get
     My prick gave another lurch inside the little girl; but even
this erotic statement wasn't enough.  My wilted prick, looking
like a marshmallow-peanut instead of a rampant dong fit to
impregnate little girls with, slid out of the child with a
"slurp."  It was only Lori's frantic rush to get some tissue,
that rescued the big chair from having a horrible mess in it.
     "Well, that's it Kids," said Ann, shooing the children down
to the Den in the basement, where soon giggles and shrieks of
children at play soon were wafting skyward.  I was too exhausted
to even daydream about what kind of "games" these kids might be
playing downstairs.  Kimmy had almost immediately dashed off to
join them; a plug of tissue being the only barrier keeping my
sperm from running in an obscene drool down the little girl's
     "Well?" Asked Mari; looking at me expectantly, as if she had
asked me a question.  It took me a minute to figure out what she
wanted to know.  Well, after all, I had just finished fucking
first her daughters, and then her niece twice, and was NOT in
tip-top form mentally.  Eventually I got it though.  "I'll start
moving my things in here next week," I said.  Monday looked
comfortably far away.
     "Tonight," insisted Mari.  "Those two little girls in the
other room, will be expecting you to sleep with them tonight, and
I'm NOT going to let you disappoint them."
     "Tomorrow," I compromised.  "I'll still sleep here tonight,
and start moving in Saturday, OK?"
     And that's the way it was.


     Huh?  I SAID the story was OVER.
     Oh . . . .
     You want to know who got pregnant, and when.
     Who said ANYBODY got pregnant?  I didn't.
     Anyway, even if they did, that's another story; so leave me
alone.  Maybe I'll tell you about what happened later some other
     Maybe I won't.


     /  '               /
  ,-/-, __  __.  ____  /_
 (_/   / (_(_/|_/ / <_/ <_