From Tue Jan 14 21:02:56 1997
Subject: **NEW** G-GRANDP.TXT 8K  "Getting off Grandpa" (Mf, cons, incest, teen, preg)
From: (Frank McCoy)
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 97 02:02:56 GMT

                       Getting off Grandpa
                         An Erotic Story

     I was awoke this morning by Grandpa getting off Sherry, and
getting on me.  (Ha ha.  "Getting off Sherry," indeed.  Getting
off IN my little sister was more like it.)  The sagging of the
bed, as Grandpa moved over between MY legs was what woke me up.
By that time I had already spread my legs almost automatically,
so Grandpa could get between them.  I opened my eyes just in time
to see Grandpa's thick prick with a white smear on the side, and
a thick white gob oozing from the tip, just before it vanished
between my thighs, and I felt it poking at my pussy.  I was
reminded of the first time Mom had Grandpa show me "how to make a
baby" by fucking her until he came, so I could see what it was
like, and then having him put his still cum-dripping penis inside
ME, so I could feel what it was like to get pregnant by my own
grandfather.  Of course, I was too young then to get pregnant,
(unlike now) but at least I got to feel my grandfather squirting
his sperm inside me, just like he did in my grandmother to get
her pregnant with Dad.
     Only once, is rarely enough for Grandpa.  So it was no
surprise to feel him slide into me; even though it was obvious
the old man had already spent one big load that morning in my
little sister.  Just like the first time after fucking Mom,
Grandpa's thick prick slid up inside me on the film of incestuous
cum coating it; and I knew he was already dribbling white goo
inside my hole that was left over from squirting inside my little
     Oooh, what a sexy thought.  My body was already humping back
at Grandpa, even though I was only half-awake.  I LIKE to fuck my
     Shortly I felt Grandpa's big hands massaging my breast,
while his mouth descended on mine in an obscene kiss.  Grandpa
was trying to make up for not getting me excited first, like he
usually did; being too involved in fucking Sherry to get me
warmed up.  (Of course, usually just WATCHING Grandpa fuck my
little sister would be enough to get me hotter than a
firecracker, but I had been asleep when they started.)
     It didn't take long before my breath was coming in pants, my
nipples were erect, and I was sucking Grandpa's tongue, like I
was about to swallow it.  The stimulation of him rubbing my
titties, kissing me, his body rubbing obscenely against mine, and
most of all the wonderful sensation of a thick prick sliding in
and out of my cunny, didn't take long to get me so excited that
before two minutes were up, I was fucking my grandfather even
more than he was fucking me.  I wrapped my legs around Grandpa,
and locked my heels behind his back, while jamming my crotch at
him in an attempt to take his prick so far up in my belly that I
could taste it.  Only Grandpa's mouth on mine in that slobbery
kiss kept me from wailing in ecstasy, as I panted and humped like
a bitch in heat back at my grandfather.


     Mom poked her head in the door, just before I started
yelling and screaming my orgasm.  "Are you girls taking good care
of your grandfather?" she asked, before her eyes fully adjusted
to the dim light, and she saw the humping mass that was her
father-in-law and daughter.  I almost giggled, but didn't.
     "Yes, Mom," I answered, "I'm taking REAL good care of
Grandpa."  I was too.  Even after spending himself once in
Sherry, I could tell by his frantic jerking and thrusting that
Grandpa was about to cum in me too.  This got me even MORE
excited, if possible.  I started jamming my snatch even harder at
the sweaty body humping into me; trying to force my grandfather's
thick dong as far up inside me as possible, when he came.  I knew
that my fingers were clutching his back in such a tight grip that
I would have been tearing pieces of skin loose, if my fingernails
hadn't been trimmed down to respectably short nubs.  (This had
became an necessary precaution, after once almost tearing
Grandpa's back to shreds.)
     Suddenly Grandpa's breathing became harsh, and he pulled his
mouth from mine so he could pant freely, while his thrusts into
me became ragged and even harder if possible.  Then Grandpa
stopped sliding in and out; just  pushing up inside me as hard as
he could; and his hips almost vibrated with the strain of trying
to slide in and out, while keeping his prick as far up inside me
as he could, at the same time.  I knew Grandpa was about to cum,
so I wrapped my arms and legs around him as hard as I could, so
he couldn't get away (not that I thought he would).  By this time
I had been having MY orgasm almost continuously for several
minutes.  Sometimes I pity men; being only able to squirt once,
and then it's all over for them, while a woman can keep on coming
as long as her lover keeps stimulating her.  Well . . . at least
I can.  Maybe all women can't.
     Grandpa suddenly stiffened, and I felt his prick grow even
bigger inside me.  Once, twice, then three times I felt Grandpa
jab himself into me, while my cunny was stretched by his cock
bulging inside me.  Just knowing my grandfather was ejaculating
his sperm inside me; filling my vagina with the stuff that makes
babies; was enough to wring yet another orgasm from me.  (Not
that I had stopped.)  By this time I was having an almost
continuous series of orgasms, with  my body locked in an arch,
and my feet locked around by grandfather's body in an unbreakable
grip.  My body knew what it wanted, and it was going to get it.
It did too.
     With each grunt and gust of my grandfather's panting breath
in my ears, I knew he was doing his best to plant his incestuous
seed as far up in my fertile young belly as he could.  God is
that thrilling; to feel your own grandfather shaking and spasming
inside you, while he floods your womb with jet after thick sticky
jet of his potent sperm.  Just knowing Grandpa loved me enough to
squirt his sperm in me, and not pull out like some people would,
was enough to make me almost melt with love for him.  To feel
your own relative's baby-making cum in your vagina; trying to get
you pregnant with his baby, is a thrill that all girls should
have at least once.  And Sherry and I are lucky enough to feel
this all the time.


     Mom says that if we're really lucky, we could have four or
five babies apiece by our grandfather, before we even get out of
our teens.  Wouldn't that be a kick?  Heck, maybe I could have
two or three kids by Grandpa before I even get out of grade-
     Well, I suppose that's hoping for too much; though I still
intend to try.
     I was just coming down from the excitement of feeling
Grandpa cum inside me; My body relaxing as I felt Grandpa's
mighty thrusts ease up into just light pushes and his gasping
breaths die down to just panting, when I looked over at the
doorway, and noticed Mom was gone.  I guess she had just stayed
there long enough to make sure Grandpa "did it right" and left
every drop of sperm he had in her little girl's womb where it
     After Grandpa "got off in me", he got off me; and left me
and my little sister to rest with his sperm soaking inside us,
while he took his bath, and got ready to go to work.  Then Sherry
and I got ready, by taking a bath together.  Sometimes horny
little sisters can be almost as much fun as horny
grandparents . . . but that's another story.


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