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Daddy's Girl
Memories Of A Loving Daughter
by Dick Gozinya

chapter one

Twelve-year-old Shauna Poling ran home from school that Friday afternoon,
her long auburn hair flying. There was only one week of school left, and
since school was stretching into June this year to make up for snow days
last winter, the heat was intense.

It was so hot in southern Indiana during these last days of school that the
building air conditioning system had failed. Shauna's elementary school was
one of those new ones, built for energy efficiency but without windows that
could be opened and closed. As a result, the school was a sauna bath by
noon, and several students and teachers had passed out in class because of
the heat.

Just before the noon bell, Mr. Saunders, the principal, came on the

"Due to the intense heat and failure of our air conditioning system, school
today will end at the noon recess. School buses will be here early to pick
up students. You students who walk to school, please take great care
crossing streets on the way home. Have a nice weekend."

The oppressive heat supressed what would normally have been jubilant cheers
from the kids, but not Shauna. She literally jumped up and down in her
seat, clapping her hands together and screeching.

"Oh boy, this means I get to go camping sooner!" she squealed as the little
girl at the desk next to her looked at her and spoke in a nasty tone.

"Oh yeah, who's taking you camping?" asked Shauna's classmate, Melanie
Storm, as if she didn't believe anyone was really taking Shauna Poling

"My mom and dad are, that's who. We're going to the national forest to this
real neat place my dad knows," retorted Shauna. She stuck her tongue out at
Melanie and turned away. She looked away because she had lied. Nobody was
taking her camping, and she didn't even have a father.

Shauna never knew her father. Her mother hadn't married him, and Shauna had
never even seen a picture of him. There had never been any men around.
There had been a couple of her mom's boyfriends, but they had never been
around their apartment much. At age 12, Shauna craved male attention, which
she had never had.

But that had all changed recently. One week night just two weeks ago, a man
had brought her mom home from the university campus where she was taking
courses. He was older than the other men her mother had dated, but he was
really nice. Shauna figured her mom must really like him, because she
usually didn't introduce her daughter to her dates or even have them into
their downstairs apartment.

He had hugged Shauna when he met her, and the little girl had thrilled to
his words.

"What a pretty girl you are. If I ever had a little girl, I'd want one as
cute as you," Don Janis had told her as he looked into her eyes and bent to
shake her hand.

Like me? Pretty? He wants me for his own little girl? Shauna literally
broke out in goose pimples when she thought about it. He was so handsome--a
touch a gray hair, blue eyes, and just the same height as her mom. She
thought he looked like Paul Newman whom she had just seen in a television

"Can you entertain Don while I'm cleaning up, Shauna?" her mom had asked.
"He's taking us out for pizza tonight."

The lithe 12-year-old was now doubly thrilled. She loved going to the pizza
place like the other kids did with their parents. This time, they'd see her
with her handsome "Dad."

She jumped onto his lap when her mother walked down the hall to the
bathroom. He sat on the living room couch, and she draped her long, thin
legs over his. Her dress hiked way up. Shauna noticed, but she didn't try
to cover anything up.

"Don't you have any kids?" she asked the her mom's new boyfriend.

"No, I don't, but if I did, I'd want a little girl just as pretty as you,"
he replied.

Shauna never thought of herself as pretty. The kids at school made fun of
her, calling her "bean pole" because she was so tall and thin. She had
inherited her mother's model's body, but she wasn't aware yet that she was
blossoming into it. She already stood 5 feet, 7 inches tall. Her legs made
up well over half of that height, and her breasts were little more than
swellings beneath her nipples. Her nipples were becoming cones, high on her
chest and protruding through the thin cotton frock she wore.

Her mom's new boyfriend's praise awakened a new feeling in the little girl.
She didn't know what it was at first. 

And, there was something else. When she sat on his lap that first time, she
felt him move under her butt. It made her feel funny between her legs. It
make her swollen nipples feel itchy against the cotton dress. It made her
think about boys and penises.

Some of the girls at school talked about boys' cocks, and how it was
supposed to feel good when they put it into a girl's pussy. It made the
little girl wonder about how it would feel. She was dying to actually see a
cock, as her friend Sally Jessup called a boy's penis, but none of the boys
were even friendly to her. She towered over all of them, and they seemed to
hate her for that.

Shauna was sure she had felt her mom's new boyfriend's cock through her
panties and dress, rubbing against her bottom. He had moved her on his lap
so that the crack of her ass lay right on top of it. Then, he had moved
around, pressing against her tiny little ass, slowly back and forth.

It had only lasted a few minutes, while her mom was busy in the bathroom.
Shauna had liked it though, and when she pressed back a little, Don had
stroked her hair, looked her in the eyes, smiling at her so nice.

"Good girl," he said, smiling at her so lovingly that she wanted to throw
her arms around him.

She loved the way it felt. She felt all warm inside. She wished he would
have done more, but when he heard her mom coming out of the bathroom, Don
moved her off his lap, smiled, and winked conspiratorially at her.

Intuitively, Shauna knew they had just done something together that had to
be a secret. No problem. Shauna didn't want her mom to know either. It
would spoil everything. 

Maybe he'll like mom, and she'll marry him, and he will be my daddy, she
thought. I'll be like the others girls, like that snotty Melanie and the
other kids with both mothers and fathers.

Later that night, Shauna kept wishing her mom would marry him, and that Don
would be her daddy. He really liked her, she could tell, and Shauna sure
liked him.

Shauna was thrilled and excited, and was sad when Don didn't stay longer
that night after they returned from the pizza place.

Later, in bed, her hand found its way to her still-hairless pubic mound.
She tentatively touched herself on her pussy, just like Molly had told her
to do. It felt good. She thought of Don touching her there, about his cock
and about how it had felt when she sat on his lap.

The next morning, Shauna quizzed her mom.

"Is Don going to come back again?" Shauna asked her mom over her bowl of

"Well, maybe. Would you like him to?" asked her mother.

"Sure. Don't you mom? Do you like him?" asked the little girl.

"Ummm, well....yes, I do," Cindy told her daughter, smiling and holding out
her arms for a hug at the same time.

Shauna ran to her mom and they hugged tightly, laughing together.

And Don did come back. On the following Monday afternoon following his
first visit, Shauna came home to find his pickup truck parked in their

Elated, she had burst through the front door but found neither her mom or
Don there, where she expected. Just as she was about to yell out, she heard
noises coming from down the hall. 

"Oh Daddy, please, daddy, please!"

It was her mother's voice, but what she heard confused her. Shauna knew her
mother's father had died many years ago. She had never seen him. Who in the
world could her mom be calling "daddy?"

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