Subject: STORY "DAUGHTER"  (m/f/f  pedo)

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John came home from work one day to a sight he will
not likely forget.  He heard no sound as he entered the
house, and thought to be quiet just in case his wife and
daugher were asleep for an afternoon nap.  He smiled.
He loved his wife and little girl.  Ginny, his wife, was a
beautiful blonde with big blue eyes, and Marcy his little
princess, looked just like her mama.  He thought he was
a very lucky man.  He decided to tip toe to the bedroom
and wake his wife up with a soft kiss or two.  He started
down the hall to their room when he saw the door open,
and heard soft sighs coming from the room.  He quietly
approached, wondering what the hell?

He got to the door and what he saw took his breath
away.  There on the bed, laying on her back, her
legs spread wide, lay his wife and she was not alone.
Between her legs, he could see his little daughter,
eagerly, greedily licking and sucking her mothers
pussy.  At first he was shocked and stunned.  He did
not want to believe his eyes.  But as he continued to
watch, he realized it was indeed one hell of a sight.
Absently, he began to stroke his already hard cock.
He heard Ginny say, "OH YES BABY GIRL, SUCK
as Ginny grabbed their little girls head, and wildly
fucked her hot little mouth.  Ginny's whole body
shuddered as she coated her daughters face with her
hot sticky juice.  Lucy continued to lick her mothers
pussy, lapping up all the juice.

John was dumbstruck.  He had just seen his wife
have one hell of a cum in his little daughters mouth.
But more, he himself had cum as he watched!  He
quietly backed away from the room and went to the
front door.  He opened and closed it loudly to let
them know he was home.  He hurried into the hall
to watch the response of his wife.  She had not had
enough time to clean herself or their daughter up.  He
wanted to know what she would do.

He found them snuggled in bed as if they had been
doing nothing.  His wife and his sweet little 7 year
old daughter.  He leaned down to kiss his wife, and
then his daughter.  Ginny stopped him from kissing
Lucy.  Inside he grinned.  He knew Lucy's face was
still wet with Ginny's juice.  He hushed Ginny and
kissed his daughter.

Ginny was amazed as she watched him.  He thrust
his tongue into Lucy's little mouth, then licked all
around her lips.  He kissed her little cheeks and chin
too.  Then he looked at Ginny.  She looked as if her
world was falling apart.  He grinned and said, "I love
the taste of your cum on our little girls lips."  Ginny
began to deny, "no, no it's not that!"  John grinned
again and said, "Ginny, I have been home for a little
while, I saw you two."  She looked shocked, and
embarrassed, and horrified.  He put his arms around
both his girls and said, "it's ok !!!  I loved watching you.
I want to join you!  I can't wait to lick my litlte girls
pussy, and to fuck her with my cock."  He groaned
and continued, "To have you put my cock in our
little girl and watch me fuck her would be heaven to
me Ginny."

Then Lucy piped up, "you gonna fuck my pussy
daddy?"  Seeing her husbands shocked look at
Lucy's language, Ginny told him, "I taught her all
the words, and what they mean.  I like to hear her
say them."  John shook his head, "does she know
what they mean?"  Lucy looked at him a little bit
pouty.  "Of course I do dad.  Cock is that thing
between your legs.  Girls suck on it, or you put
it in their mouth or their pussy, or even their ass
hole."  She pointed between her legs. Touching
her clit she said, "this is my clit, my love button
mama calls it, and this, (she inserts a finger into
her tiny hairless pussy) is my pussy.  I like it
when mama licks, and sucks my clit.  I feel
sooooooooooooo good down there."  John was
looking at his wife with a stunned expression on
his face.  He nearly came in his pants when his
little girl continued, "I like it when mama straps on
a fake cock, a dildo, and fucks me with it.  She
fucks good, and plays with my clit til I cum too."

That did it.  John closed his eyes and pictured his
wife with a cock, fucking their little girl.  He groaned
and shot his wad in his pants for the second time
that day.  Ginny giggled as she watched him.  Lucy
couldn't figure out why her mom was giggling so she
asked.  Ginny told her, "we got your daddy so hot
by telling him what we do, that he came in his
pants."  Lucy looked at her dad, her eyes wide.
She reached for his zipper and pulled it down.  She
thrust her little hand into his pants and found his
cock, covered in his gooey cum.  She smiled at
him as she played in his wetness, stroking his
already hardening member.  Then she pulled her
hand away, looked at his cum, and promptly
spread it all over her tiny hairless mound.  John
stuttered out, "er uh, Ginny?  Has Lucy had her
first cum yet?"  Ginny and Lucy both laughed.
"Yes John, Lucy had her first cum about two
years ago, on the end of my tongue."  John sighed
and said, I think what we need to do now is rest.
We will take this up later.  He, his wife, their
lovely little 7 year old daughter lay together and


Of the three, it was Lucy who awoke first.  In
all her 7 year old joy of life, she woke her daddy
up and whispered to him, "watch me wake mom
up.  I wake her up like this alot. She really likes to
wake up this way."  John watched as his little girl
reached over and began to play with her mama's hot
slit.  He watched her as she lovingly stroked, and
probed his wifes pussy.  Ginny sighed softly in her
sleep.  John reached for his daughters hand, and
pulled it up to his lips.  He licked her fingers clean
of her mothers juice, smiling at her giggle.  He
then lay her back on the bed, and spread her little
legs.  There before him his 7 year old daughters
pussy was exposed and waiting for him.

He put his hands on her thighs, and with his thumbs
spread her little pussy open.  Then he leaned down
and began to softly lick her tiny slit.  "OOOO,daddy!"
She sighed.  Encouraged, he pushed his tongue into
her tiny hole and began to fuck her with it.  She
wiggled and bucked her hips, fucking his tongue. "YES
OH YES DADDY!"  She cried out.
Ginny woke up at  the sound of her daughters pleading.
She rolled over to find her husband eating their daughter.
Not to be left out, she ran her hand under her little girls
ass and lifted it up. This gave her husband fuller, deeper
access to Lucy's little pussy.  "Fuck his mouth Lucy.
Fuck your daddys hot licking tongue.  Cum on it
Lucy, cum!"    "MMMMM"  he moaned
his appreciation.  Lucy put her little fingers in her
daddys hair and cried out, "I'm gonna cum daddy !!
I'm gonna cum on your tongue!!  OOOOOOOOOOH."

John sucked on her little clit.  Felt it pulse against his
lips.  When he knew she was cumming, he drove his
thumb into her tiny hole.  "AAAAAARGGGGGGG,
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS"  she cried out and
drove her pussy onto the invading thumb.  "That's it,
that's mama's little girl !!!  Give daddy your hot girl
cum.  Let him suck it out of you!!" her mother told
her.  "AAAAAAAAAHHHH she cried again, and flooded
his hand with her little girl juice.  She continued to fuck
his thumb and tongue until she finally collapsed on the
bed.  Her mom and dad smiling at her.  "You're a good
little girl"  they both told her at once.  She giggled.

They ate dinner that night, and took a family shower.
All three of them together.  They soaped and washed,
tickled and fondled each other under the spray of
warm water.  When they had dried off they went naked
to watch tv for a little while, just relaxing a bit.  Ginny
and John sat on the couch, their lovely daughter at
their feet.  Half way through a movie, Lucy turned to
face her parents.  She reached up and grabbed her
dads cock in one hand, her mothers pussy in her
other hand.  Without a word she began to masturbate
them both.  They watched her hands work on each
other, and soon they were panting and hot.  Ginny's
pussy dripping, Johns cock oozing precum.

Then Ginny stopped her daughter.  "Lucy, I want to
see daddy fuck you now."  She pulled her daughter
to her feet, then lifted her into Johns lap.  She had
Lucy facing her, so that she could see and use the
girls clit as she was fucked.  John put his hands
under his daughters little 7 year old ass and began
to lower her onto his cock.  Ginny held his cock
pointed at their daughters tiny little hairless pussy.
"Let her down John, give it to her!"  Ginny cried.

John lowered his little girl until her pussy was
touching her cunt.  With one hand Ginny held
his cock, with the other, she spread her little
girls pussy lips wide.  John let Lucy down a little
more, and his cock head met her tiny hole.  A
little more, and it began to spread her.  "YESS
YESSS YESSSSSSSS "  Ginny hissed as she
saw his cock begin entry.  Lucy squirmed, she
wanted more cock in her cunt.  John let her
down a bit more.  Lucy cried out as his huge
hard cock sank halfway into her pussy, opening
her wide.  Ginny was stroking his cock, jacking
it into their daughters little cunt.  "Come on John
give it to her !!  Let her down, impale her on your
hard cock!!!  Fuck our little girl, make her cum!!!"

John pushed Lucy the rest of the way onto his
cock.  She screamed as it impaled her, wiggled
and writhed on his hot cock.  Ginny stroked
Lucy's little clit and squeezed Johns balls.  She
watched as her husband's cock, and her little 7
year old daughters pussy, spasmed together
as they began to cum.  "OH GOD GINNY, OUR
FILL IT WITH MY CUM !!! " John screamed out.
Lucy, bucking, writhing, wiggling on her daddys
hard cock, and her mamas stroking finger, held
her breath and her body went rigid as she began
her cum.  Her pussy squeezed and squeezed
her daddys cock, milking every drop of his cum
out of him.  Her juice flowed down and covered 
his balls as she came.  "OH YES, YES, OH
DADDY! " the little girl cried out.

When their spasms stopped, Ginny said,
"HEY ?!?!?  What about me?"  Father and
daughter looked at each and grinned.  They both
tackled Ginny, and took turns licking and sucking
her pussy until she finally came in her little girls

(there might be more)