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WARNING ! ! ! !
All the usual stuff about if you're not old enough to read this, stick it
on your hard drive until you are.

Brotherly Love  Part 2

She moved her hand almost reverently to my throbbing pole. Her small hand
wrapped around the pulsing muscle and gave it a gentle squeeze.
"Oooo," she said, "it's so soft and hard and hot, all at the same time!" 
Leaving my little sister to her exploration of my dick, I put my hand back
between her thighs. She was determined not to miss any of the video. She
turned her head back to the television screen but her fingers fluttered
softly on my aching cock. As I gently stroked the insides of her slim
thighs her legs slowly parted. I moved my hand further up towards her
cotton panties and she did nothing to stop me. 
My hand inched it's way up my sister's thigh until my fingers met the leg
band of her panties. She didn't object so I lightly touched the soft
swelling beneath her panties. I was surprised to find that her panties
were damp already. My finger traced a delicate path along the outline of
her tiny slit and I was rewarded with a soft moan of pleasure from my
little sister's lips as her small hannd of her cotton panties. She looked
at me and blushed as she half closed her eyes in embarrassment I could
feel the moistness of her crack as my finger explored her slit.
"Mmmm... That feels good," my little sister said softly as she continued
to watch the video. Encouraged by her response, I hooked my fingers into
the waistband of her panties and started to ease them over her slim hips.
She shook her head and pulled away. 
"But they're just in the way!" I protested. 
"I know what you want," she said, "and I'm not ready to do it... like you
know... all the way yet, especially with my brother. I'm not on the pill
or anything you know - I could get pregnant."
"We don't have to do it all the way, Allie. Just tell me when to stop if
you don't like something. Looking at this video has really made me hot and
feeling you up made it even worse."
"Uh, well, I liked what you were doing before, you know, when you were
feeling me down there," Allie admitted to me. 
"I liked that too but it would be better if we were naked," I replied.
"Okay, but you first," she agreed reluctantly. 
I slipped my shorts off, throwing them on the floor. I had a bulging hard
on that pointed straight up as I sat back on the bed. Allie looked
intently at my tool, stopping just short of grabbing it. 
"Now it's your turn," I reminded her. 
Allie pulled off her panties but left her nightie on. I decided not to
press the isAllie of her nightie yet, but instead placed my hand back
between her legs. She lay on her back and reached down and gently held my
balls and throbbing cock while she turned her head so that she could
continue to watch the video.
"Have you ever done it with a girl?" she asked me. 
"No - none of my girlfriends would ever let me," I replied. "You know,
Allie, if you weren't my sister, I'd want you to be my girlfriend."
"Oh, you're just saying that so that I'll let you... you it to
"No, I mean it." I said as I lay down next to my sister. I put my hand
softly on the side of her face and kissed her. The kiss became more
passionate and soon our tongues were exploring each other's mouths. My
hard cock rubbed against my sister's bare slit and as it touched, I felt
tingles of electricity shoot through my whole body. She must have
experienced the same sensation because I felt her tremble with excitement
before she pushed me away.
"What's the matter? Didn't you like that?" I said disappointed.
"It was nice," she admitted, "but you said you wouldn't go all the way and
that was getting awful close."
"And you promised to do whatever I told you," I reminded her.
"Yeah, but not that. I'm too young and it's the wrong time anyway - I
could get pregnant easily at the moment."
I ran my hands down her naked little belly and she shuddered with
anticipation. As I moved my fingers down her trembling belly, I leaned
down and stared with fascination at my little sister's undeveloped pussy.
Her plump little vaginal lips on either side of her rosy slit showed a
ruddy glow from her earlier masturbation. and there was an almost
invisible patch of soft, blonde pubic hair starting to grow just above her
little girl's slit. Allie seemed to appreciate my exploratory caress,
because she opened her legs a little wider and groaned softly. I placed my
fingers on the hairless flesh on either side of her opening and slowly
opened her cunt- lips. I was fascinated to see the pale pink shrouds of
her inner lips glisten with her juices. 
The contrast of the velvety smooth, powder pink, hairless pussy lips with
the wet, coral pink inside looked good enough to eat. I'd heard about
eating pussy but I wasn't sure I wanted to try it yet, especially with my
sister. I returned to caressing her with feather light, teasing strokes. I
was just barely touching the bright pink inner lips of Allie's pussy. She
immediately rewarded me with soft brushing caresses up and down my
quivering cock.
Still holding her little girl's cunt slit open, I moved one finger softly
up and down her little inside lips, feeling. As I began to trail my way
back up toward her tiny little clitoris, I heard Allie groan again and my
cock gave another jump in response.
Allie's modesty was totally gone now as her nightie had slipped above her
budding breasts but she hadn't bothered to pull it down. I put my mouth
over one of her tits and almost managed to take the whole thing in my
mouth, teasing the nipple with my tongue. As I continued my fingering of
her cunt, my little sister shuddered into her very first orgasm. 
I thought she was finished but she brushed my hand aside and with one hand
still holding my cock, she reached down with the other, extending her
middle finger to rest just above where the ridge of her clit began. As she
turned her head to stare at the jerking hunk of hard flesh in her other
hand, her finger began a frantic circular motion all around the hard nub
of her clitoris.
She carried on jerking me off at the same time as masturbating herself. As
her hand moved up and down my cock, I moved my hand underneath where her
fingers were busy between her own legs. With my middle finger, I searched
for her hidden hole. As Allie realised what I was doing, she spread her
legs wider and started to pump my cock faster. With this added help, my
finger found its target mysteriously hidden away in the folds of her
pussy. Carefully, I started to insert my finger, and my little sister
began to go crazy. 
"Oh, Rick!" she cried, "that feels wonderful! Your finger is so fat it
just fills me up."
Her naked little pussy was gripping my finger tightly and I couldn't
really move my finger in and out very much, but I could tell she
appreciated the new sensation. Looking down at the little nipples jiggling
on the chest of my naked ten- year-old sister as she moved her little hand
up and down my cock while she masturbated herself with my finger inside
She moaned loudly and thrust her hips up and down causing my finger to go
very deep into her little girl cunt. Her eyes closed and she moaned
helplessly with a sound of sheer pleasure. In her excitement, she forgot
about my throbbing cock and her hand went limp as she released it. Her
hips were still thrusting upwards even though I could not get my finger
any further inside her.
I knew instinctively that this was the time and positioned my rigid cock
into the furrow of her cunt lips. I rubbed it along her slippery cleft
while my finger continued to fuck her virgin cunt. She moaned with
pleasure at the extra stimulation and her breathing grew faster until she
was panting for air. 
I slowly withdrew my finger and my little sister moaned with
disappointment. She thrust her slim hips upwards searching for my finger.
I positioned the tip of my cock at the entrance to her tiny hole and she
sighed with contentment, thinking that it was my finger about to penetrate
her again. Her continued thrusting helped her virgin cunt to swallow the
tip of my cock. I tensed my hips and began to try pushing my cock into her
baby cunt.
My cock wasn't very thick, but my sister was only ten-and-a-half and her
little cunt was so tight that if I hadn't been as hard and rigid as a
steel post, it never would have gone in at all. Wet as she was, it was
still a tight fit. It went in slowly, very slowly, bit by bit. She
whimpered with pain when I pushed again but feeling my cock slide into the
moist heat of her tight little cunt was like heaven and I wasn't about to
stop now. It was not until it was half way in that she realised that I was
actually fucking her. She struggled at first, complaining in a soft voice.
"You promised you wouldn't Rick."
"I know but you feel so good Allie, I can't stop now."
"But you have to," she moaned, "it hurts and I don't want to do it."
I ignored her protests as I gripped the firm little cheeks of her ass and
pulled her tiny body against me while I pushed my stiff, throbbing cock
further into her tiny cunt. She was so little that her pussy lips were
stretched tight and her clitoris was fully exposed.
"You're hurting me Rick. Stop please."
"But it feels so great and I love you so much Allie," I replied as my
rigid cock pushed further inside her tiny body. Her tight little cunt
spasmed and gripped me like a vice as I forced myself into her. I was too
far gone to care now and I ignored her plaintive cries of pain. When I
began to fuck my little sister in earnest, her struggles weakened as she
realised that there was nothing she could do to stop me. 
"Oh Rick, you weren't supposed to do this," she moaned plaintively. 
I kissed her to stop her talking but as I thrust my tongue between her
lips she wrenched her mouth away. "I could get pregnant Rick," she panted.
"You've got to stop."
"Don't worry about it," I said, not caring, at that moment, whether I
became the father of my sister's baby. I'd never known a feeling like it
as plunged my throbbing cock into moist heat of her little body. She must
have sensed the end was near as my movements became more urgent, my
breathing becoming laboured, my body tensed with approaching orgasm. My
little sister's mind suddenly came alive to the danger.
"You mustn't come inside me Rick," she said with a wince of pain. 
She started to push against me as she whispered urgently "Take it out
before you come Rick." 
I didn't answer as I continued driving relentlessly into her tiny body. My
tempo increasing as I felt my sperm boiling up inside my balls.
"Please..." she started to sob. 
I didn't last long. The heat and tightness of her baby cunt made me so
excited I shot my load right up inside her. I pushed my prick a little
deeper into her hairless pussy as the hot liquid filled her baby cunt and
forced my sperm into the neck of her womb. Allie's eyes opened wide with
surprise as she felt me spurting inside her. I kissed her and told her
that I loved her.
Hearing my words, she came with a surprised shudder and clung tightly to
me as my cock gave a final spurt inside her.
To be continued... if the response is favourable.
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