Subject: Preggie Sarah Parts 1+2 (mf, nc, preg)

   Lines: 516

   ************Preggie Sarah******************

   PREGGIE SARAH PART ONE AND TWO (mff, nc, rape, preg etc)



   The stuck-up lttle bitch deserved what I did to her....

   Sarah...  sweet little Sarah, just seventeen and now expecting her first
baby by....well, by ME.  She doesn't know who the father is, though! 
That's my little secret.

   Do you want to know another secret?

   Little stuck-up Sarah is a virgin!  I promise that this is true!  She
has never had a man's stiff prick pushed into her virgin slit, and yet she
now has a nicely rounded belly with my baby kicking inside her. 
Justifiable revenge, I call it.

   I see her everyday from my window.

   She used to wear short black mini-skirts and dark tights, but now that
her belly has swollen so much, she can't get into these.  Serves the slut
right.  She tried for several months to wear normal clothes.  I used to get
an enormous erection seeing those skirts become tighter and

   tighter around her expanding waist, but she doesn't bother any more. 
Now, she staggers down the road, dressed in loose trousers with her
fertile, swollen tart's belly pushed out in front of her.  I love to watch.
She's going to give birth to our baby any day, and it is my greatest wish
that I could be there to watch her strain to push it out from between her

   How did this happen?

   It's all my own work - and I'm proud of it.  Well, I suppose I can't
take all the credit.  Judy (Sarah's ex room-mate) played a big part.  You
see, Judy hates Sarah too.  She was more than willing to help me in my
fiendish plan.  We plotted together, and the fruits of our revenge are
kicking in Sarah's belly right now!

   I'd been after Sarah for ages.  She was utterly gorgeous!  Just turned
seventeen with an impish, school-girl face and little up-turned nose.  She
was a snob - a shocking, stuck-up

   school-girl tart who needed to be taught a lesson.

   On many occasions I would wank myself silly thinking of what I would
like to do to teach Sarah a lesson!  I would make her bend over my knee,
slowly lift her little schoolgirl skirt, slip down her white cotton
knickers and spank and spank and spank.  Sometimes I would spank her so
hard and so mercilessly that she would wet herself, and her warm urine
would cascade from her slit, soak into my trousers and onto my throbbing
erection.  All the time I would be mumbling


   "Naughty bitch, Sarah.  Stuck up little tart, aren't you?  Time to teach
you a lesson my girl (smack...smack).  What's this?  Can't hold your wee?
That deserves an extra hard smacking (slap...slap).  Come on you little
tart, let that piss go...come on..  all over me Sarah, all over my
erection...little slut...."

   I'd gasp and spurt a heavy load of sticky white come into my pants. 
This was, of course, pure fantasy.  Sarah wouldn't give me the time of day
in real life.

   Finally, one day, I plucked up enough courage to ask her out.  Believe
me, that was quite a task for me as I'm a shy person by nature.  Anyway, it
took me all day to work up the courage until I was finally able to go to
her and say:-

   "Sarah, do you fancy a drink one night?"

   She could have said "No", I might have been able to handle that.  She
could have told me that she was washing her hair, powdering her nose, or
doing whatever girls do when they don't want to go out with someone. 
Perhaps I could have handled that, too.

   But no.  Sarah's not like that.  She just looked me up and down in the
way normally reserved for examining large, smelly turds and said
(*laughing*): "Go out with _you_!  With a ridiculous

   horrid little creep!  Go away you disgusting little

   With that, she turned and strode off down the road, her tight little
tart's ass wiggling in her short mini-skirt.

   Something in me snapped.

   I'd had YEARS of rejection from girls.  O.K., I'm not great to look at,
and I am kind of creepy I guess, but gee, you know EVEN CREEPS HAVE HEARTS.

   Anyway, some people run amock with an axe, some people reach for an
arsenal of deadly assault weapons and spray bullets in shopping precincts.
Not me.  I just went cold inside.  But I

   vowed that I would make her PAY for that remark...and she has.

   I made the little bitch pregnant with my sperm, and she doesn't even
know how it happened, or who the father is!!!

   That, as I say, is my secret.

   Part 2

   Judy used to share a room with Sarah, and we became quite good friends
through work.  I didn't fancy Judy, though, I only had eyes for her

   Judy was a sly, sensual and rather dumpy eighteen year old.  She was
also (I found out) a lesbian who had the hots for Sarah too!  I never heard
the full details, but it seems Judy made a pass at Sarah one night and this
caused a horrendous row between them.  The result was that Sarah called
Judy the most unspeakable names (!) and insisted that she leave the flat
they shared.

   It was the very next day that Sarah turned me down.  Trust me to pick
_that_ day of all days.

   The result?  TWO people hating Sarah's guts!

   They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but Judy and I were hot,
hot, hot.  We confided in each other after work.

   'Someone should teach that stuck-up little tart a lesson,' Judy said. 
'Who the hell does she think she is?'

   I guessed something was wrong but I didn't enquire.  I was too busy
seething from the put-down I had received that very afternoon at Sarah's

   I looked at Judy and said, 'I want to get that bitch.'

   'What do you mean?'

   'I mean I want to hurt her as badly or worse than she's hurt me.'

   Judy was somewhat taken aback, and so I explained what had happened.

   'The fucking little cow!' was her elegant response.

   And so, we plotted....  Two conspirators, bent on revenge.  I will not
pollute your mind with some of the darker thoughts which came into our
heads.  They involved dungeons, kidnap, rape and torture with one of those
bent pieces of thingy connected to straps which looks a bit, what the hell are they called?  Begins with a 'G'.... 
Anyway, no matter, I'm told it fucking hurts A LOT, and that was good
enough for me, until......

   'I've got it!'

   Judy actually snapped her fingers, which I thought was the sort of thing
people only do in movies.


   'Can't tell.'

   'Whadya mean, can't tell?  Give, give, give!'

   'Nope, you'll have to come around to the flat later, and I'll show you.
But it's a good one.'

   Her eyes sparkled with mischief as she spoke.

   'I'm not coming round there!' I protested, 'I couldn't face her.'

   'Come later, when she's asleep.  Knock quietly and I'll let you in.'

   And so it came to pass.  Midnight saw me creeping over the grass which
led to their flat.  The moon had gone to beddy-byes for the night, allowing
for some serious lurking.  I arrived at the flat and tapped lightly on the
door.  Judy opened it instantly.

   'Shhh!  She's asleep,' she whispered, 'Come in'.

   I crept in.

   'O.K., what's the plan?' I asked.

   She thrust a diary into my hand, together with a large syringe (no
needle).  It was a serious syringe.  The sort reserved for giving horses
injections, dispensing adhesive and frightening people in B-movies.

   'You want me to give the diary a tetanus shot?' I asked, incredulously.

   'No, you nerd.  Look at the diary!'

   I opened it at todays date.  Nothing.  In fact there was very little in
the diary at all.

   'Look at the entry for a week next Tuesday.'

   I obliged.  Ahhh.  There WAS an entry on that date.  A short entry.  A
VERY short entry, in fact....  just two letter.  It read 'D.  O.'.

   My mind reeled at the possibilities.

   'Des O'Connor is giving a show?  Nah...  er...  Drink Ovaltine?  Nope,
that can't be it.  Um...  I give up.'

   'Every woman knows what D.O.  means, you nerd, it mean Due On.'

   'Great, terrific.  You've invited me round to wait ten days for her
period!  Wow!  Hey, let me get a deck-chair out, this could be a GOOD one.'

   'Shut up!' she commanded.  I did.  She became serious.  'Look.  She's
due on in ten days.  That means she's either ovulated or is going to any
day now.'

   'Yeah.  So what?' I was getting interested.

   'I know the little bitch is a virgin, because she told me so a few weeks
ago.  So....  we, that is, you, are going to make her pregnant, IF you've
got the ability, which I'm starting to doubt.'

   I reeled back in amazement.  Judy had cracked!  What the hell was she
blathering about?

   'Oh yeah.  Sure Jude.  I'll just march right in there now shall I, wake
her up and say: "Get your virgin cunt open you slag 'coz here comes my
whopper chopper.  You and I is gonna

   make BABIES together", no problem Jude, you open the door and I'll whip
my wanger out!' I was becoming hysterical.

   'QUIET YOU MORON!' She had a way with words.  'You're not going to get
your prick anywhere near her slit.  Just listen to what I have in mind'.

   'See this?' she held the large plastic syringe in front of my face.  I

   'And see this?' Ditto for a jar of vaseline.

   I nodded again.  Sure, I'd seen syringes and vaseline before.  I'm a hip
sort of dude.

   'Now imagine that this syringe is full of sperm.  We slip the greased
syringe into her slit whilst the tart is sleeping, and press down on the this (she demonstrated) and VOILA!  One preggie little

   I thought.

   I opened my mouth to protest, then shut it again whilst I thought some
more.  It was good.  It was damned good.  In fact, it was really,  good.

   In short, I liked it.  Make the little slut pregnant!  My prick came to
life immediately at the thought.  Wow!  What an incredible way to extract
revenge.  Give the slut a baby so that she doesn't even know who the father
is!  And have her remain a virgin!  It was diabolical.  It was evil.  It
was.....Oh God, I just HAD to do it.

   'I love it!  Let's do it!'

   'Right,' Judy said, 'She's fast asleep, so take this syringe into the
bog and get wanking!'

   I went into the bathroom and unzipped my fly.  With one bound, it was
free and I soon held my magnificent four inch cock in hand.  I started to
wank like crazy, thinking about swelling the little tart's belly.  Within a
very short time, my sperm was welling up inside my cock and starting to
spurt out of the end.  Too late I remembered the syringe!  I let go of my
spurting prick which started to spray cum everywhere like a demented
firehose.  I ripped the plunger out of the syringe and tried to direct the
final weak spurts into the body of the device.



   'Er...  Jude?'

   'What is it, idiot?'

   I staggered from the bathroom with my trousers flapping uselessly around
my ankles.  My softening cock was still leaking a dribble of cum as I held
the empty syringe up for her


   'You fucking idiot!' she hissed, 'What the hell are we going to do now?'

   'Er...  you couldn't give me a hand, I suppose?'

   I thought she was going to murder me, but then she relaxed and became
very business-like.

   'Come over here!' she commanded.  I obeyed.

   'Pass me that glass!' I acquiesced.

   She knelt down in front of me, and with evident disgust, took my limp,
sperm-soaked penis into her mouth.  She didn't suck it, as it was obvious
she had never even touched a man's prick before, let alone sucked one.

   'Fuck my mouth.' she invited.

   It was weird, but VERY sexy.  She just sort of knelt there with her lips
formed into a losse 'O', offering her mouth to be used as a cunt.  I
started fucking my limp prick into the shiny red lipstick-coated ring
offered by her teenage mouth.  My cock started swelling, but not enough.

   After all, I had come an enormous load just a few minutes earlier.  I
needed something more.

   'Talk to me.'

   'What?,' she grunted through a mouth full of cock.

   'Talk to me.'

   She sighed and removed my now hard prick from between her moist red
lips. She started to wank me.  One hand moving up and down the length of my
prick with a steady rhythmic motion (where had she learnt to do THAT?)
whilst the other cradled my balls, gently urging the cum from them.  She
kept the tip of my cock a fraction of an inch from her teen-lips, sometimes
allowing the head to slip inside her warm, wet young mouth.

   'Come on.  Let Mommy wank all that baby-making sperm from your cock,'
she sighed.  'Think of Sarah, sweetheart.  Think of what you're going to do
to that little bitch.  Imagine your sperm swimming inside her, meeting the
egg, getting that little bitch pregnant.  Come one, screw the slut, give
her your baby.  You know she deserves it.  All tarts deserve to be
impregnated for being such teases.  Come on big boy, let it go, let it go.
Pour your baby-making cream into

   Mama's wet mouth.'

   During this insane babble, she was wanking me in the most delicious way,
sometimes allowing the very tip of my cock to enter her mouth.  She hated
this, I could tell, but she needed that baby-making sperm badly.

   Suddenly I could hold it back no longer.  She sensed my urgent problem
and whipped my cock out of her mouth.  Still wanking, she directed the end
into a clean glass to catch the spurts.

   I came a LOT.  Considering I had just come, it was a REALLY impressive

   'Good boy!' Judy cooed.  'Now let's see how many babies you made.'

   She carefully poured the contents of the glass into the syringe.  Hmm.
Disappointing - but enough.  She fitted the plunger.


   'Vaseline.' I slapped it into her hand.


   'Top.' I removed same.

   She liberally coated the outside of that giant six inch long syringe
with vaselene.

   'Now to work....daddy!' she giggled.

   Carefully we pushed open the door to Sarah's bedroom and crept inside.
The room was perfectly lit by a bright full moon - which was really weird,
because I could have sworn it

   went to beddy-byes earlier.  Hmm.  I shrugged.

   Sarah.  Little seventeen year old Sarah!  There she was, caught in the
moonlight, fast asleep on the top of the bed.  She wore a T-shirt which
just covered her bottom.  She lay on her tummy with her legs slightly
parted.  Between her legs I could plainly see a pair of skimpy black

   Real tart-wear.

   I held my breath at the picture of her virginal loveliness.  Long blonde
hair cascading down her back; rhythmic sensual breathing; a glimpse of hair
whisping out from underneath her slightly damp panties.  Amazingly I was
starting to get hard again!

   Judy crept forward, with the syringe poised.

   I suppressed a giggle.  It was too bizarre.

   Judy was like a feline shadow.  She floated over to the bed and knelt
down on the floor beside the sleeping mother-to-be.  Gently, oh so gently,
Judy pulled the skimpy damp knickers to one side and carefully inserted
just the tip of the nozzle into Sarah's virgin cunt.

   Sarah stirred.  We froze.

   Sarah breathed regularly again.  We joined her.

   Judy inched the syringe into Sarah's cunt in unbelievable slo-mo.  Sarah
sighed, and though asleep, opened her legs a little wider to accomodate her
first 'prick'.

   What a natural slut!

   Then, I heard something.  At first, I thought it was the wind, and then
I realised that it was Judy, whispering ever so quietly into Sarah's ear as
she gently fucked the syringe in and out of Sarah's cunt.  Her thumb was
poised on the plunger as she slid the whole six inches of the plastic

   syringe in and out of Sarah's tight little virgin slit.

   'Right little tart, aren't you?' Judy whispered, almost inaudible.  'You
can really take the prick, can't you, you little slag.  Like a nice hard
cock, do you?  I hope you're protected you sad tart because this prick
isn't wearing a condom.  What?  Not on the pill?  You ARE a naughty girl;
and you KNOW what happens to naughty girls who let sperm-filled pricks go
into their slits?  You don't?  Well let me tell you, you little teenage
bitch.  The pricks slide in and out of your unprotected cunt trying to
reach your cervix.'

   Here, Judy pushed the syringe in to full depth so that the nozzle
actually entered Sarah's unprotected womb.

   'Then, those pricks cum and cum and SHOOT their baby-making juice into
your ferile little slut's womb.  Take it, you CUNT!!!'

   Judy thrust the syringe even deeper into Sarah's fertile womb, and
depressed the plunger - hard.  I swear I heard the muffled squirting as my
sperm blasted into the teenager's virgin womb.  Judy held the syringe in
deep, allowing the sperm to swim up into Sarah's belly, hopefully making
her pregnant.

   I exploded into my pants at the thought of what we had done.  Cum
dripped down into my trousers and ran down my leg.

   This sounds crazy, but the biggest thrill was in RUINING that little
tart's life.  Banging her up, making her have a baby she didn't want, at
too young an age, from an unknown man.  THAT was the thrill.  Destroying
her innocence.

   Judy was fucking the syringe in and out of Sarah's sperm-soaked slit,
trying to push the sperm back inside her.  This was a losing battle, and a
sticky white dribble of my cum ran out of Sarah's slit, and soaked into her
black panties.

   Judy gently slid the syringe out from Sarah's pouting pussy lips. 
Another dribble of sperm escaped as she removed the syringe.  I smiled in

   Incredibly, Judy was still whispering in Sarah's ear.

   'Paid the price now, haven't you, bitch?  That's what happens to naughty
girls who tease but don't deliver.  Girls like you who wiggle their bottoms
and wear tight short skirts and black stockings.  Those girls are made to
have babies for being so provocative.  I hope you're pregnant you little
slut.  I hope we banged you up good and proper, but if not, we'll be back
tomorrow and the next night and the next night until I see your belly

   Judy was raving.  I quietly took her by the hand and led her out of the

   In the sitting room, I said 'What do you mean, tomorrow and the next

   She just smiled, put the syringe in my hand and said:- 'See you
tomorrow, same time,....daddy.'

   I stiffened at the thought..........





   Subject: Preggie Sarah Part 3 (mf, nc, preg)

   ************Preggie Sarah******************

   PREGGIE SARAH PART THREE (mff, nc, rape, preg etc)


   Part 3

   After that first heady night, my mind was alive with thoughts and
feelings.  Judy and I had (hopefully) made that stuck-up little cow
pregnant whilst she slept!  It was the most delicious, sexy turn-on!

   That night, I lay in my bed, unable to sleep.  My thoughts lingered on
teenie Sarah, still asleep on her bed in the moonlight, a dribble of my cum
escaping from her virginal slit to soak into her already damp little-girl

   I thought of my seed.  I thought of it swimming high up inside her
cervix, searching her fertile belly for an egg.

   I thought of it meeting that egg and fertilising it.

   I thought of the baby I had started, this very night, in Sarah's
receptive womb.

   These thoughts caused a heady intoxication of sweet power.  It wasn't
SEX, it was utter control.  It was pure, blissful POWER over her life. 
Power to cause her belly to swell with my

   child.  Power to make her spend the next ten, fifteen, twenty years of
her sweet, innocent life looking after a child she didn't want.

   Whilst I......  What was I?  It didn't matter.  Whatever I was, I wanted
MORE of the same.  These feelings, these crazy swirling thoughts of control
were like a sensual tide of desire

   corsing through my brain.  I loved it.  I worshipped this wonderful
feeling of utter desire to control, yes, to violate.

   I drifted into a fitful sleep, haunted by phantasmal images of Sarah.

   Sarah, on the delivery table, legs apart, held by straps.  Straining.

   Me assisting.

   'Come on Sarah,' I say, 'push our baby out from between your teenage

   Sarah groans in pain.  'Can't.  Won't.  Who ARE you?'

   'Come on you little tart,' the midwife intervenes, 'sluts like you who
get themselves pregnant don't deserve our help.  Push, push!'

   Sarah screams in agony, her hugely distended belly swelling out for all
to see.  She is totally naked on the bed, her full and rounded breasts
leaking baby milk as she thrashes around in agony.

   A doctor steps forward.

   'Let me help,' he says.

   Firmly he grasps her breasts.  One in each hand.  He begins to milk
them! Professional little squeezes.  Clinical.  Like milking a cow.

   Sarah thrashes.  'Stop it!  Ow!  P.P.Please, leave my breasts alone.'

   All the time, she is trying to push the baby out.

   The doctor carries on milking.  Fine spurts of thin baby milk shoot out
from each breast in synchronisation with his rhythmic pumping.  The milk
rains down onto Sarah's huge

   preggie-tart's belly.  He pumps, and pumps and pumps.

   This isn't working.

   I step forward, naked, with a huge hard-on.

   'Perhaps I can help?'

   I position myself between her school-girl legs, the end of my swollen
member aiming directly at her slit.  I see her vagina open and close in
slow, sensual pulsations as she tries to squeeze the baby out.

   Sarah sees what I have in mind, and lets out a piercing scream.

   'Nooooooooo!  Don't!  Oh god, please, HELP me someone.'

   She turns to the midwife, her eyes filled with tears and silently

   The midwife turns to me, smiles in satisfaction and nods her agreement
for me to proceed.

   I nudge the head of my erect penis up against her vagina.  It obligingly
opens - WIDE.  I plunge my erect penis into her pregnant cunt, the complete
full length in one go.

   Sarah screams again.

   I actually FEEL her contractions around my prick as I slowly fuck in and
out of her.  With each up-stroke, I bump into something hard.  The baby's
head!  I start to babble.

   'Good girl Sarah!  Come on, squeeze the baby out.  A good hard fucking
is all you needed, isn't it you tart?  In a moment, I'm going to come up
inside your belly.  I'm going to make you pregnant again, within five
minutes of you having this baby.  That's what happens to teases.  They're
MADE to have baby after baby after baby after....'

   This was too much for me.  I spurted jet after jet of thick white sperm
into Sarah's pregnant cunt.  I felt her contractions quicken and suddenly
my penis was forcefully ejected by the sudden arrival of our baby girl!

   An alarm bell rang.

   'Nurse, that's the IV alarm...  blood pressure's dropping.....'

   The scene faded and I awoke to the sound of the telephone ringing in my
ear.  It was Judy.

   'Ung, gumph, brgh?' I enquired, drowsily.

   'Wake up, Moron!  We have to discuss tonight.'

   'Hmm?  Hey, w.w.what?'

   'For fuck's sake, WAKE UP!'

   'Oh.  Yeah.  Right....  Hey, Hi Jude.'

   'Listen.  We can't risk injecting her again.  She might wake up and we
could be in big trouble,' She sounded worried.

   'Surely last night was enough?'

   'Don't be a moron.  God, you know NOTHING about women, do you?  Listen.
I won't be satisfied until I see that little tart's belly actually
beginning to swell.  Once is not enough.  We have to get her on exactly the
right day.  I want that slut's womb to be swimming with spunk for the next
five days.  THEN we'll be certain.'

   'So what do we do?'

   'ACME Dozo-gaz.' She expanded.

   'Say what?'

   'It's a knock-out gas, moron.  I picked up a cannister at one of those
survivalist shops.  You know, sad guys in flak jackets laying down arms
caches in the local woods and bragging

   about the filtration powers of their portable water purifiers?'

   'Oh...  yeah.'

   'One long blast from the can, and she's guaranteed to be out like a
light for at least two hours.  Safe, effective, and......far, far more

   I could see the way her mind was working.  With Sarah knocked out, we
could....well, we could.....

   'Hey, moron!'

   'Er...  yeah?'

   'The flat, tonight at midnight.  Don't be late!'

   She put the 'phone down.

   ********* *********** *********** ***********

   Midnight saw me tap, tap tapping on the flat door - quietly!

   Judy opened the door a crack.

   'In!' She commanded.

   I entered.

   'I've just given her a good blast from the can, and she's sleeping like
the baby she'll have in about nine months from now.  We've got two hours,
no more.  Hopefully we knocked her up last night, but we can't be sure, so
we have to keep doing it to her, over and over again until her

   belly starts to swell.  And I've had a VERY wicked idea.'

   She knelt in front of me, and with a single motion, unzipped my flies
and pulled my trousers and pants down.  She formed her lips into a loose
'O' and closed her eyes.  After

   twenty seconds of this, her eyes snapped open.

   'Come on, Moron!  What are you waiting for?  Fuck my mouth!'

   'Oh,...yeah, O.K.,....right.' I shuffled forward and placed my limp
prick against her lips.  Slowly I started to fuck her eighteen year old
lips.  It was an incredible turn-on.  Something about the way she just
knelt there, innactive, probably hating every second, but just puckering
her lips and allowing her mouth to be used as a cunt.  Unbelievable!

   Within seconds I was very hard and ready to spurt my load.  Too late, I
realised she didn't have the glass for me to spurt into!  I started to pull
out of her mouth.

   'Jude.  The glass.  Christ, I'm gonna cum!'

   To my surprise, she grabbed my prick firmly and pulled it deeper into
her wet mouth.  Then she started to wank me furiously.  This was just too
much.  Glass, or no glass I just had to cum.

   I spurted thickly into her unwilling mouth.  Thick white ropes of sticky
cum, spurting and spunking into Judy's lesbian mouth (see preggie Sarah 1).
She didn't swallow.

   'Jude...I.I.I'm sorry.  I couldn't help...'

   She silenced me with a gesture.  Then, with mouth closed and full of
cum, she beckoned me to follow her into Sarah's bedroom.

   I could almost have believed that Sarah hadn't moved from the previous
night.  She lay, belly down on the top of the bed, legs apart, wearing a
baby-doll nightie and white school-girl type knickers.  Only her very heavy
breathing indicated the depths of her drugged sleep.

   'What about the syringe?' I asked.

   Judy put her fingers to her lips.  Sshh.

   Silently she crept forward and knelt at the foot of the bed between
Sarah's legs.  For a while, she gazed lovingly at the small damp patch
where Sarah's knickers rested against her sex, before reaching forward and
slipping them slowly and sensually down Sarah's thighs.  Still, Judy

   had not said a word.

   Still, her mouth was swimming with my cum.

   At that point, I suddenly knew what she was going to do.

   Judy reached for a pillow and pushed it under Sarah's belly, raising her
hips, exposing the outer lips of her vagina, and making Sarah's bottom
swell further upward and outward in an extremely lewd and suggestive

   I felt my prick stir at the sight of Sarah's seventeen year old
unprotected bottom.  But this was not Judy's target.

   Satisfied, Judy lay forward on the bed until her closed lips nuzzled
against the entrance of Sarah's vagina.  Then, with one quick motion, Judy
opened her mouth and pressed her lips hard against Sarah's damp little
cunt, forming a seal.

   I knew what would happen next.

   Judy opened her mouth wide, and thrust her spunk-coated tongue as hard
and as deep as she could into Sarah's vulnerable slit!  I could imagine her
feeding the cum deep into the tart's womb with her tongue.  Judy was
actually trying to make Sarah pregnant by using her tongue as a prick!

   And probably succeeding too.

   Judy's sperm-filled saliva was pushed ever deeper into Sarah's
vulnerable belly by Judy's long tongue.  I knew she was enjoying it.  This
is what she had wanted to do to Sarah all along!  Giving her a baby was an
added bonus.

   When Jude had emptied every last drop of my fertile seed into Sarah's
womb, she took her wet and shiny mouth away and examined her handiwork.

   Sarah's cunt was a mess!  Her soft outer-lips gaped open.  The smooth,
child-like skin of her almost hairless mound was coated with a thick,
creamy mixture of cum and spit.  White baby-sperm leaked from Sarah's open
slit, whilst even more sperm wriggled and swam within the depths of her

   Judy added another pillow under Sarah's tummy.  This 'face down'
attitude meant the the sperm would gradually run deep into Sarah's body,
making a baby inside her.

   Unfortunately, this also presented her full, naked bottom in a most
suggestive and vulnerable position.  I leaned forward.

   Little seventeen year old Sarah!  What a naughty girl.  Lying naked over
two pillows with her bottom relaxed and open.  Sperm swimming in the depths
of her womb, her belly hopefully

   starting to swell.

   Judy wiped the sperm from her mouth.

   'Go ahead,' she invited, indicating Sarah's virgin bottom, 'I'll get the

   I knelt on the bed behind Sarah's pert, tart's bottom and stroked my
incredible hard-on.  Whilst Judy was fetching the vaseline, I thought about
what I was going to do to Sarah's bottom.....


   more to cum........





   Subject: Preggie Sarah Part 4 (mf, nc, preg)

   ************Preggie Sarah******************


   Sarah's school-girl bottom was presented to my gaze in a most naughty
and suggestive manner.  Lying in a drugged sleep, face down on the bed, her
tight virgin cunt swimming

   with my sticky baby-making cum, knickers around her ankles - what a
complete little slut she looked.

   Judy had placed two pillows under Sarah's belly in order to force a
face-down attitude to her ripe young body.  This would allow my sperm to
run deeper into her womb and fertilise this little tart's belly.  Sarah was
being forced to have a baby as a punishment for her insolence to Judy and


   We had time to kill whilst the sperm did its work in impregnating the
slut.  Sarah's bottom was presented plump, full, and as unprotected as her
womb.  I couldn't resist it........

   "Go ahead." Judy invited, handing me the vaseline.

   It was too much to resist.  I wanted to dominate Sarah utterly.  I knew
it was insane, just as I knew it was evil; yet I was unable to stop.  At
that moment I was lost; stumbling blindly down the path of further

   I had to have Sarah in every way.

   I wanted her belly heavy with my child.  I wanted to fuck her sweet
young mouth whilst she slept.  I wanted to spurt hot, white spunk into her
virgin school-girl bottom.  I wanted...  god, there were so MANY things I
wanted to do to her at that moment.  But right now, I just had to rape her
bottom with my very hard and virile prick.

   I coated my stiff penis with vaseline, and rubbed some lightly onto the
sleeping Sarah's young bottom.  Gently I pushed a finger a little way into
her puckered hole.  Because she was

   sleeping, she was perfectly relaxed and didn't resist in any way.

   I knelt on the bed, the tip of my prick nestling between the heavy
globes of her bottom.  To my surprise, Judy reached forward and guided my
prick firmly towards Sarah's puckered anus.

   "Give the tart something to remember you by," she said, "Slip that nasty
baby-making prick into her bum.  Go on big boy, see if you can make a baby
in her bottom too."

   Now I don't know why, but the illogical and biologically impossible idea
of making Sarah's BUM pregnant too, turned me on immensely.  I pushed hard
against the drugged teenager's bottom and felt the delightful sensation of
my prick-head slipping smoothly past her sphincter.  She really was totally

   There was no resistance as I raped Sarah's virgin bottom with my prick.
The sensations were unbelievable.  Imagine a sleeping blonde seventeen year
old girl, bottom upwards on the pillows, completely unprotected whilst you
gently but firmly slip your hard prick into the depths of her bowels.

   Judy was smiling at Sarah's further downfall.  Doubtless she was
wondering what Sarah would make of the dried white stains on her knickers,
and the sore feeling in her bottom

   when she awoke.

   I was pressed deep into Sarah's bowels - a daring full length.  I was
babbling again.....

   "That's a good girl Sarah.  Lie more fully over the pillows.  Naughty
little slut aren't you?  Not content with having a baby raped into you? 
No? We'd better try your bottom too then, hadn't we.  Push your school-girl
bottom back towards me.  There's a good girl.  You'll feel my sperm
squirting into your bowels in a minute.  Can you feel my cum making a baby
in your womb?  Soon your belly will be swelling and everyone will be able
to see what a little tart you've been.  Right little tart, aren't you Sarah
Jones?  Soon be pregnant Sarah, don't worry...."

   This was too much for me, and I leant hard against the drugged Sarah's
body, pushing my prick as deep into her virgin bum as I possibly could,
outraging modesty and decency.

   I erupted into the depths of that sluttish bum.  Squirting spurt after
heavy spurt of baby-making semen into the hot infertile depths of that
young bottom.  I held myself deeply inside her as the last jets shot to the
very depths of her bowels, smug in the knowledge that I was giving the
young tart something to remember me by.

   Judy was delirious.

   She had one hand underneath Sarah, feeling her belly; rubbing it in the
way she would if there had been a definite swell there.  All the time she
had her lips close to Sarah's ear, and she was singing softly in a childish
way: "Sarah's got a baby, Sarah's got a baby."

   I withdrew, and looked down at the sleeping girl.

   Her long blonde hair floated gracefully across her shapely back. 
Because we had raised her bottom with pillows, her bum cheeks were spread
wide, and I could quite plainly see her puckered brown hole, winking open
from its recent invasion - a trickle of white sperm leaking out and running
down to her cunt.

   Meanwhile....  Inside Sarah's young and fertile womb, a baby had
started. Was it the sperm we injected last night, or the baby-making spunk
which Judy had passed from her mouth into Sarah's slit this very night? 
Who could tell.  Either way, unknown to Judy and I, Sarah had conceived. 
It was only a question of time before the bulge started to show.

   After an hour (during which the sperm obviously did its work, judging by
the size of Sarah's belly today, nine months later), we removed the
pillows, pulled up her tarty knickers, and put Sarah back to bed.

   She was already starting to come out of her drugged sleep, and we dare
not be discovered.  We crept quietly out, leaving Sarah with a bum-full of
creamy spunk, and a baby on the way.

   Judy's eyes were glistening.  She was buzzing; almost like she was on

   "God...that was BRILLIANT!" she exclaimed, "I've got to do more and
worse.  I feel really's GREAT!"

   I felt the same.  I also felt lost, drugged, on an ecstatic high - drunk
with power and possibilities.  Sarah was becoming my life work.  I wanted
to take her, to use her.  I fantasised about screwing baby after baby into
her, keeping her pregnant all the time.  I longed for her to be ALWAYS
pregnant by me, for year after year after year until she was worn out
through having babies and could have no more.  All the time, she wouldn't
know HOW she was getting pregnant...........

   My mind reeled off snap-shots of the future....

   CLICK.  Sarah standing sideways in front of a full length mirror,
looking puzzled at the slight bulge in her tummy.

   CLICK.  Sarah going on a diet to try and lose the weight she thought she
was gaining.

   CLICK.  Sarah trying desperately to struggle into a short black
mini-skirt.  Trying to do the buttons up around her six-month swollen
tart's belly.

   CLICK.  Sarah in hospital, screaming as she squeezes her FIRST baby out
from between her legs.

   CLICK.  Sarah lying flat on the bed, a three month old baby daughter
sucking milk from her full breasts.  Already Sarah's belly looks a little
bit swollen.  She thinks this is just the result of having a baby.  I know

   CLICK.  Three months later, Sarah again standing in front of the mirror,
holding her huge, distended belly with both hands, and staring in
disbelief. Her six month old daughter is asleep in the crib.


   CLICK.  Sarah with her family, looking a lot older a more tired.  There
are ten children ranging from fifteen to baby.  Sarah's belly is greatly
swollen as though she were expecting another child.....

   In the picture is Sarah's beautiful fifteen year old daughter.  It could
be a trick of the light, but HER belly is looking a little swollen

   CLICK.  Mother and fifteen year old comparing the sizes of their hugely
swollen bellies.......

   Fantasy?  It depends how far I let this insanity go....



   More to cum.........




   Subject: Preggie Sarah part 5 (mf, nc, preg)


   PREGGIE SARAH PART FIVE.  (mff,nc, rape, preg, piss etc)


   The story continues.....

   Amazingly, a week after these incredible events, Judy and Sarah 'made
up', and Jude moved back into the flat with Sarah.  I know that Judy
engineered this and I was starting to become concerned by the thrill she
was getting out of debasing sweet, blonde, seventeeen year old Sarah.

   Heck.  I was enjoying it too!

   I felt myself gradually swirling into a dark whirlpool of desire;
helpless to fight against my descent into the depths.  The things I dreamed
about doing to Sarah were out of all proportion to the insult she had made
me suffer.  It was no longer a matter of revenge against her.  This was
pure, sinister evil - the shadow which beckons you to commit unspeakable
acts, for no reason, just the pleasure of committing them.

   I tried, really I tried, to fight against the dark cloud threatening to
envelop me, but I was weak.  Part of me did not want to fight, just to

   I found myself thinking of more and more things to do to Sarah.  My mind
running wild at the possibilties when you have a sexy slut like Sarah,
semi-naked and unconscious at your disposal.  No matter what dark deeds I
thought of, Judy would think of something ten times worse.  She had become
obsessed with degrading Sarah, and now that she was back in the flat, she
(we) had every opportunity.

   And we used it.

   Whilst little Sarah slept (assisted by the wonderful gas administered by
Judy) I raped her repeatedly, night after night after night.  Sometimes I
would use her bottom, long and demandingly throughout the small hours,
often raping her bum for up to two hours at a time.  I would place little
Sarah bottom-up over two pillows to give me better access.

   I never tired of seeing her smooth bottom cheeks gripping the shaft of
my cock as I plunged it into her - a daring full length at each thrust.

   Judy would have her hand on Sarah's tummy during these long sessions -
'feeling the baby' she would call it, but I knew she really loved to feel
my hard cock swelling Sarah's tummy

   with each deep thrust into her schoolgirl bottom.  It was Judy's idea
for me to fuck Sarah's bum for such a long time, night after night.  She
knew (bitch that she was), that if we did this often enough, we would cause
Sarah some personal control problems in later life and make her wonder in
dismay at her poor sphincter control long after we had passed out of her

   I confess I had sunk to such great depths of depravity that I actually
enjoyed the thought of ruining this bitch's bum - causing permanent damage
which would last forever.  And so I raped her and raped her, night after
night, for weeks and weeks.  Hardly a night went by without me using
Sarah's bum, long and hard.  With a blonde slut like her, there was no need
to withdraw

   at the last minute.  When the time came and I could hold out no longer,
I would push at full stretch into her bottom, straining to reach the
furthermost depths before spewing my fertile spunk into the very furthest
reaches of her adolescent backside.

   I spared her nothing.  I outraged her virgin bottom and invaded her most
private parts.  Sometimes, I confess, it was difficult.  A few times, my
throbbing penis would get half way

   into her naughty bottom, only to be thwarted by a slightly yielding
blockage.  At this point, men of sensitivity would have withdrawn in
deference to her modesty, but I was too far gone for that.  On these
occassions I would wink at Judy, who would go into raptures.  Judy would
lean over and whisper in the unconscious Sarah's ear:- 'Dirty little bitch,
Sarah!  Should have gone to the

   bathroom before you went to bed, shouldn't you?  There's no room for
that big brown turd AND a stiff hard prick in your bum, is there?  Or is

   And she would wink back at me.  On the signal, I would start to exert
strong pressure with my prick into Sarah's sleeping body.  Such was the
strength of my erection that I was able to gradually rape it slowly but
surely all the way into the girl's bum, actually pushing the spongy mass
deeper and deeper into her bowels.  I was always incredibly turned on by
this, and could not sustain the fantastic sensation for long.  Within
minutes of pushing Sarah's 'blockage' back up

   into her body, I would be hosing the insides of her very brown hole with
my white spunk.

   On other occasions, the intensity of my thrusts into her bottom or
girlish vagina were too much for the sleeping Sarah's bladder control, and
with a hiss, the young girl would wet the bed, and often wet me.  I grew to
love this, and I grew to know when it would happen.  The first thing I
would do after we had knocked her out, would be to feel her bladder.  Most
times I was dissappointed - like a good girl she had done a wee before she
went to bed.  But some night I was rewarded with a bladder the size of a
grapefruit, bursting with piss.

   What I did on these occassions, doesn't sound much, but I found it the
most incredible turn-on.  Judy and I would dress the sleeping Sarah in
white nickers, black tights and a short black mini skirt with a matching
blouse (Judy used to supply these clothes).  It was quite a simple matter
(and VERY sexy) to dress the sleeping girl.  In a strange way, it was more
sexy than undressing her.  I would then lie on my back on the bed, fully
clothed and pull the sleeping Sarah on top of me.  I would reach down
between her legs and rip a small hole in the crotch of her tights with my
finger nail.  Pulling her panties to one side, I would insert the raging
hardness of my

   prick all the way into her pregnant cunt.  Then, I would just lie there
- sometimes for up to half an hour, just holding her pressed close to me
and stroking her hair.

   Judy would be whispering in her ear:- "Come on little Sarah, let it go.
You know you're

   dying to do a wee, relax sweetheart, let it stream out."

   She would also make hissing noises into Sarah's ear!  If nothing
happened after half an hour, I would VERY slowly start fucking the girl
lying inert on top of me.  Slowly in and out, in and out, feeling her
distended bladder walls from the inside with my prick.  If that didn't
work, I would reach down between her legs, find the distended lump in her
belly and start pressing firmly whilst fucking her.  That usually did it!
Within a couple of minutes we would hear a

   slight hiss and Judy would quickly look up Sarah/s short skirt.

   "She's wetting her knickers!"

   I pressed harder on her bladder.  A dark stain spread quickly across her
panties, and started to soak through her mini-skirt and tights.  Within a
short time I was rewarded by the warm feeling of Sarah's piss cascading
down my cock and onto my lap, soaking my clothes, drenching them in girl

   This was usually too much for me, and I'd thrust hard into the pregnant
slut (causing a sudden rush of piss) and squirt my baby-making cum into the
depths of her cunt for the hundredth time.  She was already three weeks
pregnant, but I swear I squirted enough baby-juice into her that night to
get her pregnant all over again - with triplets.

   (Technical point.  Judy always washed the urine soaked clothes and so
Sarah was none the wiser.  She was deeply embarrassed about wetting the bed
so often though!)

   Since I am confessing everything we did to this tart, I have to tell you
that on several nights I held her close to me, with my softening penis in
her bottom, and used her as a toilet.  After I had come in her bum, my
penis would gradually lose its rigidity but I would leave it buried up

   her teenage bottom.  When the erection had subsided, I would often have
the urgent desire to piss.  This I did, with my prick still in her bottom.
I let loose me stream of yellow urine, right into her bum whilst she was
bottom upwards over the pillows.  There was often a lot on these
occassions, and I would fill the little girl's bum right up with wee.  On
these nights, we would lie her carefully on the bed, belly down with her
nickers pulled up tight and my wee sloshing around in her bum.  In this
position, the piss would stay there for quite a while, until she turned
over in her sleep.

   Judy told me that Sarah had confessed her bed wetting problem and had
actually woken up in the middle of the night with the piss running between
her legs and into the bed.  She

   hadn't realised that it was pouring from her bum!

   But it was pushing Sarah's shit back into the depths of her bottom,
using my prick as the plunger, which gave Judy her worst (best?) idea.  I
can hardly bring myself to tell you what

   we did.  By this point, you must understand, I had lost all moral
perspective.  I didn't even think that what we were doing was wrong - I
didn't even THINK about it.  I just did it.  Can you understand that?  Oh
yes, it is easy to be moral when you do not have the temptation or the
opportunity.  I had both, and I lost the moral battle.

   Let me tell you what Judy did.  No, what I did for I must not attempt to
shift responsibility.

   Judy called me one morning:- "Don't drink anything today, and don't take
a shit

   until you get here tonight."

   That was it.  She hung up the telephone.

   I had become used to taking orders from Judy - she was much further gone
than me.  I obeyed.  My mind ran riot about what she had in mind. 
Obviously it concerned shit, but she didn't want me to drink, so no
pissing....Hmmm.  I was curious.

   I didn't have long to wait.  That night, quite dehydrated and simply
dying for a shit, I knocked quietly on the flat door at midnight.  Judy
opened it.

   "She's asleep, but not knocked out.  Come in."

   Together we tip-toed into Sarah's bedroom, like so many nights before.
The sight still took my breath away.

   Sarah was asleep on top of the bed, breathing gently.  Her blonde hair
fell about her impish face and her thumb tip touched her young lips. 
Another inch and she would have been sucking her thumb like a sleeping
child.  Judy moved quickly forward and sprayed one quick burst of gas into
Sarah's face.

   Her breathing deepend inperceptibly - but that was all.  Sarah was now
out of it for about two hours.

   Judy quickly arranged her, bottom upwards over the pillows.  Slowly,
reverently, she raised Sarah's nightdress to uncover her tomboy bottom
cheeks.  Her rounded peaches were presented insolently to my gaze.  Judy
deftly squirted a whole tube of KY into the sleeping girl's bottom.  She
was in a hurry, which meant that she had something dastardly in mind!

   "Right.  Open her up good with your cock."

   Weeks of nightly ass-raping had ruined Sarah's once tight little bum
hole.  My prick slipped effortlessly into the depths of her bowels and I
sounded her depths.  No obstructions tonight, Sarah had been a good girl.

   "Jude, I'm dying for shit, can't I go?"

   "In a minute," she hissed, "come inside her bottom first.

   Within seconds I was spewing my load into her guts.  Now I just HAD to

   "Squat over her."


   "Squat over her, dummy.  Shame to waste that great long and HARD turd
down the toilet."

   So THAT'S what she had in mind!  At first, I thought she just wanted me
to let go over Sarah's body, but she had other, kinkier ideas.

   "We need something long, hard and brown to stop all that cum leaking out
of her bottom, don't we?"

   I got the idea, and quickly squatted over Sarah's bum, with my bum-hole
touching hers.  I strained and strained.  I was quite dehydrated, so the
turd was long (about fifteen inches) hard, thick and in one piece.  Slowly
I squeezed it out, inch by inch, and slowly, Judy fed it inch by inch into
Sarah's wide open, spermed and lubed-up bottom.  This was quite incredible
and I had never heard or read of anything like this before.  I was actually
transferring the shit from my bum directly into Sarah's.

   Inch by inch the long turd exited my body and raped its way into her's.
Judy was stretching Sarah's already wide open ass with two fingers from
each hand, guiding the turd into its resting place.  When I had finished, I
turned around and looked at the most incredible sight.  About three inches
of my turd protruded from Sarah's bum - the other foot was already in her
bowels.  I watched in amazement as Judy gently pushed the remaining three
inches into Sarah.  This incredible sight had given me an instant hard-on.

   "Right.  Back to work." Judy said.  I knew immediately what she meant
and jumped back on top of Sarah.  I placed the tip of my cock against the
small amount of shit protruding from her bumhole and pushed steadily. 
Gradually, oh so slowly, my penis entered her abused bottom, pushing that
monster turd relentlessly in front of it.  I was thinking of the puddle of
sperm at the other end of that turd, being pushed impossibly deeply into
her bowels.  I was thinking of

   that thick brown turd, still warm from my body, being pushed ahead of my
prick into the depths of HER body.

   Eventually I was in a full length and I fucked her ass hard and fast,
forcing that turd deeper into her, and forcing that puddle of warm sperm
further into her young body.  Eventually, the incredible thoughts whirling
in my head were too much and I blasted another lot of hot seed

   into her young bottom.  I withdrew my wilting cock and Judy quickly
pulled up Sarah's knickers and tucked her into bed.

   "She'll want to go pretty bad in the morning!" was all she said.

   I staggered home thinking of my thick turd nestling deep in preggie
Sarah's sluttish bowels, covered at both ends by great gobs of white spunk.

   And that was just ONE of the things we did to her.



   More to cum......