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Subject: NEW STORY: Unholy Passage by Phil Phantom
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The following story is an uncensored sexual fantasy

involving practices that are illegal, immoral, socially

unacceptable, and messy.  Only mature adults with a

firm grasp on reality should venture further.  This

story promotes nothing, and nothing in this story

should be taken seriously.  Readers are cautioned not

to attempt any of these acts without professional

guidance and a net.  If you are underage, stand, 

move away from the console, and unplug the computer.  

Reading stories like this can make you go blind. 

If you are a servant of the Lord, looking for sinners

to convert, study this story and memorize it.  This

will help you recognize sinners when you see them. 

Good luck, and avoid mirrors!


Phil Phantom     

                        "Unholy Passage"

                        By Phil Phantom

Cynthia Roundtree hustled her five kids down the long open docks

at the Port of LA.  The taxi dropped them off three city blocks

from wharf nineteen where the SS Miramar was docked.  The family

struggled with bags and suitcases.  Though they were thirty

minutes early, Cynthia had planned to arrive an hour early. 

"Children, please keep up!"

Tara Roundtree, the oldest at sixteen, said, "Mother, please!  I

can't carry the baby, lug this duffle bag, and keep up."

"Jason, help Tara drag the bag.  I don't care if you ruin it;

just keep together."

Fourteen-year-old Jason wore a hiker's backpack loaded like a

pack mule, but lent his sister a hand.  The thirteen-year-old

twin girls, Judy and Jan, each had one handle of a hand truck

that carried a large trunk.  They also carried handbags in their

free hand.  To keep up, they had to work in harmony to keep the

heavy trunk balanced.  For the twins, working in harmony came

easy.  They were identical twins.

Cynthia almost stopped when she caught sight of the Miramar.  The

ship was nothing like she expected.  The Crusaders for Christ

Mission arranged passage on a freighter, so she and the children

could join her husband in India.  The Miramar was billed as a

freighter/passenger ship.  She expected modest accommodations,

but the Miramar looked ancient and barely seaworthy.  The rust

stains obscured half of the ships name, in fact.  Only the Mira

was readable.  

Rust covered everything.  Cargo was lashed in netted pallets on

the deck, and the ship sat low in the water.  The men looked

foreign and crude, not at all like a crew that would interact

with passengers.  They were throwing off lines, which threw

Cynthia into a panic.  "Hurry, Children.  Please hurry!"

Cynthia dropped her bags and ran ahead waving her arms and

shouting, "Wait!  Please wait!  We need to get onboard.  We're

the Roundtrees."

A barrel-chested man stepped from the wheel house and peered at

her over the upper deck rail.  He wore an open blue shirt with a

hat that matched.  The faded gold braiding on the bill told

Cynthia he must be the captain, so she addressed her shouts to


He shouted something into the wheel house.  The engines went

silent for a few seconds, then revved twice and went silent

again.  The big ship stopped its rearward crawl.  Cynthia

breathed a sigh and went back to retrieve her bags.  Passing the

kids, she ushered them on.  Anticipating their complaints, she

said, "I know, I know.  It's not what I expected either.  We'll

just have to make the best of it.  The good lord provided us with

the Miramar.  Let's be thankful."

The Roundtrees were brought onboard in a cargo net with all their

bags and boxes.  The family huddled together on the trunk as the

net closed over them and lifted.  Like a batch of loose parcels,

they were swung over and dropped on deck.  Several grinning

sailors helped them get free.  Cynthia stood, brushing herself

off as the captain strolled over and said, "The crew will be busy

until we are well under way.  Sit yourselves down, out of the

way, and don't bother anyone.  I will attend to you myself at the

proper time.  Welcome aboard."

Cynthia's questions caught in her throat.  The captain's abrupt

turn told her he was not in the mood to answer questions.  She

arranged her belongings to form seating and brought everyone

close.  Jason wanted to explore, but she made him sit.  They all

had questions, but Cynthia was in no mood for them; besides, she

had no answers.  The question Tara wanted to ask was: "Why are

these men looking at us that way?"

Cynthia saw the looks as well, but she knew the answer to that

question.  She wished she hadn't had the girls wear dresses, and

the dress she wore was far too light to wear on a windy deck. 

With wind swirling from every quarter, keeping a modest cover was

a challenge.  The task for Tara was an impossible one with little

Cathy in her arms.  Frequently, she was laid bare to her middle,

though never when her mother was looking.  Cynthia said, "Here,

give Cathy to me.  Cover yourself, Tara."

Tara handed her mother the baby, saying, "It's a little late. 

They've seen everything."

"They haven't seen everything.  They've seen no more than a girl

shows in a bathing suit."

"Mom, I'm not wearing panties."

"Tara!  What on Earth?"

"Well, you said to dress cool.  I never thought I'd be sitting on

a windy deck with sailors gawking at me."

"But you should know better than to go without panties.  Suppose

you were in an accident.  What would people think?"

Under her breath, she said, "They'd think I was cool."

"What was that, Tara?"


"Honestly, Tara, your behavior shocks me at times.  You could do

a much better job of covering yourself.  If I didn't know better,

I'd think you wanted those men to see under your skirts.  Pull

that material tightly around your legs and sit on the excess."

"Oh, all right, but make the twins do it, too.  They're not

wearing panties, either."

Cynthia stared with astonished eyes toward Jan and Judy.  Judy

defensively said, "Tara dared us."

"If Tara dared you to jump off a cliff, you wouldn't do that? 

Honestly!  You girls sit on those skirts this instant.  If your

father ever gets wind of this, I wouldn't be surprised if he put

us on the next ship home.  Don't you realize we are a Christian

missionary family?  That we set the example.  Don't you know what

message you are sending these men?"

Jan said, "They didn't see our cunnies, Mom.  They only saw


"Don't use that word young lady."

"Why?  Cunnie isn't a dirty word.  Sister Breck says cunnie all

the time."

"Sister Breck is not an example of Christian decency.  In my

opinion, Sister Breck is not even a good example of womanhood."

Tara said, "I'll say; she's a lezzie."

"Tara!  You watch what you say.  You don't know that."

"I do so, and so do they."

"I don't want to hear any more of this.  Jason, get away from

that rail.  Sit down."

"Aw, Mom!  They don't care if I look.  There's a tug boat pushing

us, and you guys are talking about your cunnies again."

"We were doing no such thing, and I'll thank you not to use that

word as well."

"So what do I use, pussy?"

"Jason!  How dare you?  Don't you ever use terms like that in our

presence again.  Do you hear me?"

His sisters were giggling.  He looked to sea, then back, saying,

"Okay, but what word do you want me to use?"

"I don't see that you need to use any word.  That part of a

female should not be a part of your vocabulary for several more

years.  You shouldn't need it until you marry, for that matter."

Tara said, "Mom, he needs the word, trust me.  Besides, what word

do we use?  We need a word, and please don't say, vagina."

"That is the proper term, and that's what you'll use if you need

to refer to that part of your body.  Frankly, I don't see why any

of you need to be talking about it.  Until you are properly

married in the eyes of God, it is simply an opening through which

you pass liquid waste.  I, for one, see no reason to talk about


Under her breath, Tara said, "You wouldn't."

"What was that, Tara?"

"Nothing, Mother."

Jason said, "I wish you guys wouldn't spend so much time talking

about your breasts and vaginas in front of me.  It's


The girls giggled again, but Cynthia turned red, partly from

anger.  Recently, Jason began showing a bratty side to his

nature.  With his father away for a year, and being the only male

in a family of girls, he'd been flexing his sexual muscle in the

form of crude innuendo and immodest behavior.  The girls liked

the attention he gave them, liked seeing him naked, and loved the

way he turned every innocent statement into something dirty that

was usually turned back on their mother with funny but

embarrassing results.  Cynthia blushed easily, anyway.  Jason

kept her blushing, and she blushed after his last statement. 

Cynthia said, "Go look at the tugboat, Jason."

The uncomfortable conversation died down.  Cynthia comforted the

baby and looked around.  She counted eight men besides the

captain.  All looked scruffy.  Most were thin.  Only the captain

looked well nourished.  Half of the crew were small brown

Filipino men.  The others were oriental except for one tall,

pitch black negro.  An hour under way, two more Filipino men

emerged from the engine room, sweating and grimy.  The men

gathered in groups of three and four, staring, leering, and

laughing.  The captain remained in the wheel house.  Cynthia grew

desperate to speak with him about the way his crew were behaving. 

The two from the engine room were the worst.  They wore only

tiny, thin boxer shorts and paraded erections.  One let his long

brown member stick out through the hole.  Cynthia had to

constantly berate her girls for staring at his lewd antics. 

Cynthia stared, but it was to get a good physical description of

the man for her report.  Since the Filipino men all looked alike

to her, she wanted to single him out and be sure she got the

right one.  

She could not help but notice his uncircumcised penis (the first

she'd seen) and the extraordinary length for a small man.  Her

Harold was a mere five inches and Harold was a big man.  The

small brown man had one that appeared twice as long as Harold's. 

She tried not to stare, but to her children, and to the crew, she

appeared to be doing just that.

Cynthia didn't care what they thought.  She memorized every

detail about him that made him unique to the others, features

other than his naked, throbbing penis that he could flex up to

hit his belly button, leaving a glistening deposit each time. 

The black man drew her attention away from the brown clown.  He

wore baggy shorts with a rope belt--nothing else, not even shoes. 

He sported a massive bulge in his shorts.  Many in the crew had

erections.  Shorts were a common item of apparel, but most wore

shoes and a T-shirt in addition.  With all the erections tenting

those shorts, the thoughts going through their minds was easy to


Cynthia felt like seeking out the captain.  She'd had enough of

their mocking hard stares.  They were making her girls nervous,

at least, the twins.  Cynthia found it impossible to keep Tara

from looking.  It was the way she looked that disturbed Cynthia. 

She looked at crotches with a hunger that no decent lady would

ever show in public.  She caught Tara running her tongue over her

lips while making eye contact with the man displaying his penis. 

Cynthia felt like slapping her daughter's face, but said, "Tara! 

Stop that."

"I'm just licking my lips, Mother.  My lips are dry."

"I know what you were doing, young lady, and I think it is

disgusting.  Your father will hear of this, now you look out to

sea and don't turn your head."

Tara huffed, turned, but minutes later was turned back and

staring as hard as ever.  The lewd man was stroking his cock at

Tara and she was smiling back.  Cynthia looked away in disgust. 

Seconds later, she stood and shouted, "I want to speak with the

captain.  Someone, please tell him I need to speak with him."

No one made a move.  The California coastline was a faint hazy

line on the horizon when the captain emerged from the wheel house

and strode down the deck toward them.  Cynthia met him out of

earshot from the kids.  She said, "Captain.  Your crew are

animals, disgusting animals.  You would be astonished at the way

they've been behaving in your absence.  That one, especially."

The captain looked up and saw the man stroking his erection at

Tara, then looked to Tara and said, "Your daughter doesn't seem

to object."

"Captain!  Do you condone behavior such as this?"

"No, I don't, but she's your kid.  I figure that's your business.

I just pilot the ship."

"I was not referring to my daughter.  Granted, she shouldn't be

looking, but your man is putting on an act, that frankly, is hard

to ignore."

The captain looked once again to his engineer and said, "I

suppose, if you're into that sort of thing."

"You're not going to do anything, are you?"

"As long as they do their job, I have nothing to say to them."

"I will report this to the mission.  Your superiors will hear of


"Lady, I am my superior.  I own this vessel.  Your mission be


"How dare you?  The mission paid good money for this passage.  I

know some agency must regulate this business."

"You didn't pay me a fucking dime, lady.  As far as I am

concerned, you people hired on for passage.  You and your kids

will work for your passage."

"You are insane.  The Crusaders for Christ Mission paid eleven-

hundred dollars for passenger fare for all of us.  I have a

receipt.  Here it is...passage paid."

Captain Barker took the receipt and said, "Yup, paid in full

aboard the SS Miramar to Calcutta.  This is a good legal ticket,

all right."

"I would like an apology."

"You could get one aboard the Miramar.  She's a fine ship. 

Captain Stewart is a fine gentleman.  You ain't on the Miramar,

and I ain't Stewart.  Captain Barker's the name, and this here

ship is the Miracopa.  She's an old liberty ship, but she


"Oh, my God!  This can't be.  We must turn back."

"The Miracopa don't turn back until she reaches Indonesia.  We're

on course and we're pumping water out faster than it's coming in. 

Our next stop is Bora Bora.  That will be three weeks from now. 

You can get off there, but I wouldn't advise it.  If you want to

get to Calcutta, you'll need to get in the Indian ocean trade

route.  That will be our third stop in Tonga, four weeks from

now.  We're going as far as Indonesia.  That would be your best

stop to pick up passage to Calcutta, but that will be six weeks

away.  As long as you're with us, you'll work."

"Oh, God!"

"We can use a boy in the engine room.  You and the oldest girl

will work the galley.  The other girls can look after the baby

and keep things clean in the living areas.  If you behave, I'll

let you and the girls share my quarters.  The boy can bunk with

the crew.  That's the deal."

"Why on earth didn't you say something back at the dock?"

"Ma'am, when a beautiful, sexy woman with three very sexy

daughters wants to take a long cruise with me and my boys, I

don't say shit.  Billy Blake ain't no fool; besides, if I had, my

crew might have mutinied.  As you can see, they're glad to have

you aboard."

"This is outrageous.  You may as well have abducted us."

"Ma'am, you asked--no, begged--to come on board.  All I did was

grant your wish.  Now, we are on the high seas, and I am all the

law there is.  If you threaten the welfare of my ship or crew, I

can and will set you and your family adrift.  You think hard

about that before you go threatening or causing trouble.  I like

a peaceful passage and harmony among my crew.  Your job is to see

that I get that.  Do your job well, and I'll land you and your

family safe and sound in Indonesia.  I'll even see you on another

line for Calcutta.  Disturb my peace, and I can get very, very


Cynthia's mind flooded with panic but there was no place to run,

no place to hide, and no options.  The captain was not bluffing. 

Winning him over was her only option.  Finding, then appealing to

his sense of decency was her only hope.  He called her beautiful

and sexy.  She knew that wasn't a hollow compliment.  Though she

normally played down her sexuality and wore simple clothes and no

makeup, she wore makeup for the voyage, and the dress hugged her

full figure while the skirt acted as though it were repelled by

her legs.  Frequently, it flew up on one side or another to

expose her legs to her white panties.  Throughout her talk with

the captain, she fought hard to wrestle it down.

Cynthia stopped fighting the wind, but kept her two hands pressed

to her upper thighs.  The wind celebrated a victory and kept her

skirts aloft on both sides and in the rear.  She tried to put

warmth in her smile and a sexy glint in her eyes, saying, "Well,

it appears we're at your mercy, Captain."

"Yes, it would appear so.  Don't worry, [He glanced to the

ticket] Cynthia Roundtree.  No one will rape anyone.  On the

other hand, you won't interfere with nature.  You are just

another member of the crew, as are your kids.  You can mother the

baby, but that's it.  You don't tell anyone what they can and

cannot do.  Is that understood?"

"I have a responsibility as their mother and spiritual leader to

see that..."

Captain Barker held up his hand, silencing her.  "Not on my ship. 

I will say it once again: you don't tell anyone what they can or

cannot do.  If you interfere with nature, you may find yourself   

adrift--alone.  Is that clear."

"Yes, that was very clear.  Surely, you'll protect the little


The Captain peered past to the kids and said, "I only see one

little one.  You needn't worry about her.  The others look

sexually mature to me, especially that one shooting naked beavers

to my engineer."

Cynthia turned to see for herself, shocked to catch Tara in the

act of flashing a big beaver to the men on the upper deck,

sending them into an uproar.  She started to yell, but caught

herself in time.  Turning to the captain, she said, "That one is

asking for trouble, I'll grant you, but the other two are only


"If they're old enough to bleed, they're old enough to breed. 

It's the law of the sea, and the law of the sea is my law.  By

the looks of their hips and tits, those two are breeders."

"Captain, please.  I beg you..."

"No begging.  I've said my peace.  You understand the law.  We

have nothing further to discuss on this matter.  Now, come with

me.  I'll show you your quarters and the galley."

Cynthia followed the captain up narrow metal stairs to the top

level.  They entered the ship through the wheel house on the

bridge.  One seaman stood at the wheel, a white man of fifty or

so, weathered and skinny with a white stringy beard.  He said,

"How do, Ma'am.  Nice day for a cruise, ain't it?  A bit windy,

though, huh?"

The captain said, "This here is Bill, my first mate.  Women call

him Barnacle Bill, but that's only after seeing his cock.  He'll

try to fuck you every chance he gets, so be warned."  Bill lunged

for her skirt making an animal growl that sent Cynthia jumping

back against a filthy bulkhead.  Cynthia eased along the wall to

avoid his grasp, following the captain into an adjoining room.  

The room was smaller than her smallest bedroom back home with a

ceiling two feet lower, a ceiling the captain barely fit under. 

Most of the room was taken up by a large bed, a king size bed. 

The rest was clutter.  The captain turned to say, "Stow your gear

in that corner.  You'll have to find the space.  The bed is big

enough for all of you.  If that don't suit you, sleep where it

does.  There's no other mattresses on board, though Bill has a

cot he'll share with anything that's got a pussy between its

legs.  The crew sleeps in hammocks strung on deck.  Like I said,

suit yourself."

"We can fit, but where will you sleep?"

"I sleep in the bed.  Don't worry.  I don't mind being crowded by

sweet-smelling young things, and it will be a pleasure curling up

with a woman with as fine a set of sea bags as you're toting. 

What are those, double D's?"

Cynthia went deep red.  She stammered, "Just D's, but surely we

can't share your bed."

"I'm just offering you the most comfortable place to sleep and

some friendly hospitality.  If you want to insult me by sleeping


Cynthia quickly adjusted her attitude.  The hint was too strong

to ignore.  As abhorrent as the idea was, he was still her only

hope.  Her main concern was her children.  "Please, Captain, I

don't want to insult you.  Actually, I'm flattered by your

generous offer.  It has been more than a year since I shared a

bed with a man.  I think it might be very pleasant.  I was just

thinking how much nicer it could be if we had privacy.  There

must be some suitable place on this big ship where we can set up

sleeping quarters for my children."

"There's no place the rats don't own.  Why do you think the crew

likes sleeping on deck in hammocks?  The rats stay out of my

cabin.  So, you'd like to get cozy with the captain, eh.  Been

missin' out on some hard lovin'?"  

The captain moved up and drew Cynthia into a one-armed embrace,

hugging her close.  Cynthia tried hard not to pull away, even

when his free hand began undoing the buttons of her dress.  She

watched as he loosened her top and peeled back the flaps, then

bit her lip when he rudely yanked the bra cups up off her

breasts.  Her mounds sprang free and danced in his meaty fingers

as they went from one to the other.  "Yes, these will feel nice

on my chest or on my back.  We sleep nude aboard ship.  That's

not the law of the sea, but it is the law of my cabin.  Your

oldest girl, she has a nice set, too.  What are they?"

"I believe she wears a C-cup."

"And the little ones?"

"They are twins; They wear B-cups."

"I'm sure we'll all be cozy tonight.  I never slept with eight

titties before.  I am assuming you don't want to insult my


"No, of course not. won' know?"

"Try to fuck your girls?"


"That all depends on them.  Like I said.  We let nature take its

course.  Whatever comes about, you'd better not drag an anchor. 

I'm serious about my warning.  I'll be watching you like a sea

hawk.  One dirty look and you'll be sleeping with the crew.  Two,

and you'll sleep with Davy Jones.  I don't make idle threats, and

I won't be making constant threats.  Let's get this straight once

and for all.  You have two choices: cooperate and live, resist

and die.  It's that fucking simple."

Cynthia knew that, but hearing the captain put it to her that way

somehow made the decision easier.  Cynthia had strong survival

instincts and knew, in her heart, the Lord would forgive whatever

she had to do to help her family through the ordeal.  Almost

instantly her attitude reflected her decision.  She arched her

breast into his groping hand, smiled, and said, "I think you'll

find me very, very cooperative.  As for my girls, let nature take

its course.  That's the law of the sea, right?"

Captain Barker smiled, then reached under her dress.  He cupped

her sex, then reached inside her panties.  Her fleshy cunt lips

melted in his fingers as two slipped inside.  Cynthia swooned and

laid her head on his shoulder, saying, "That feels so good.  You

have no idea.  It's been so long."

"You're a horny bitch, aren't you?"

"Yes.  I got on the right ship after all."

"You have a nice tight pussy."

"My husband is small.  He's the only man I've had."

"I'm not small."

Cynthia ran her hand over the bulge in his pants, feeling a bulge

that dwarfed her husband's.  She smiled up at him and said, "No,

you're not.  You'll stretch me out."

"Hubby won't like that."

"No, he won't, but hubby isn't here, is he?  Do me, now.  I want

you.  I want your cock."

"Strip for me."

Cynthia stepped free and removed her dress.  She posed in panty

and bra, then removed the bra.  She shook her tits at him, then

slowly rolled the panties down her legs.  She kicked off her

pumps and the panties, then posed with her arms out and legs

wide, smiling.  "Well, will I do?"

"Get on the bed and spread wide."

Cynthia climbed on the bed and watched the captain slip off his

pants.  When she saw his prodigious manhood spring forth, she

gasped.  "God, you're big.  You'll ruin me for Harold.  I can't

wait.  Fuck me, Cap'n.  Fuck my adulterous pussy."

Captain Barker knelt between her wide open legs, fisting his

nine-inch erection.  "Are you on the pill?"

"No, why would I be?"

"You'll get pregnant on this cruise."

"Yes, I suppose I will.  Does that concern you?"

"Not at all.  If the four of you don't leave this ship carrying

babies in your wombs, that would be a great disappointment.  How

does your church feel about abortion?"

"There will be no abortions.  Put it in, Cap'n.  I'll let Harold

worry about the babies; but first, we have to make them.  I will

undertake to make certain you are not disappointed in any of us. 

Six weeks with so many cocks should insure the objective.  We're

going to Indonesia."

The Cap'n slipped his cock in.  Cynthia swooned, groaned, moaned,

and wrapped her bare legs around his ass and pulled him in deep. 

Ten minutes later, he poured a copious load of sperm in her

fertile womb.  Cynthia was still basking in the afterglow of a

great orgasm when the captain got off, went to the door and

called out, "Bill, you gotta try this pussy."

Cynthia sat up, staring at the door.  Bill walked in and dropped

his pants.  Her eyes dropped to the most malformed cock she'd

ever imagined.  It was six inches long, but had huge lumps,

growth-like outcrops that made him look like he had numerous

heads all over the shaft of his cock.  He quickly mounted the bed

and drew her legs apart.  He wasted no time forcing that bulk

inside her slimy pussy.  Had it not been loosened and slick, the

task would have been impossible.  As it was, it was difficult for

both of them.  The sensations created by the lumpy cock did

marvelous things once he began screwing her.  She was soon over

her initial revulsion and drawing him in, fucking back, and

moaning her pleasure.  

Bill was a much more energetic fuck, and had Cynthia crying out

for more, harder, and deeper.  When he came, he flooded her womb. 

Sperm poured out.  She reluctantly let him withdraw, and

immediately missed him inside.  Barnacle Bill, she thought, yes,

that's a perfect name for him--Barnacle Bill the sailor.  She

remembered that he would fuck her every chance he got.  Cynthia

resolved to see that he got every chance.

The two men stood looking down on her.  She kept her legs apart,

smiling up at them with the smile of a satisfied woman.  The

captain said, "Now, go get your kids and your gear.  Don't bother

getting dressed or cleaning up."

Cynthia sat up, stunned by his orders.  "Captain, I can't go out

there like this."

"Yes you can.  This is my ship, remember."


"No buts, just do as I say.  You won't be wearing clothes until

we land at Bora Bora.  I want you to set a good example for your


"Have you any idea how difficult this will be for a Christian

mother, a married woman?"

"Frankly, I don't care.  Go."

Cynthia swung her legs off the bed, then stood on shaky legs. 

Sperm poured from her abused twat, cascading down both legs. 

Cynthia looked at herself and groaned.  She cast pleading eyes on

the captain, but found no sympathy.  She saw no option open other

than to go.  She went.  

When she stepped out of the wheel house, ten men cheered.  Her

kids stood with mouths agape as she made her way through the men

and climbed down the ladder, offering her kids an obscene rear

display of her cum-leaking twat as she negotiated each step. 

Sperm glistened off her ass, inner thighs, and legs.  Each bare

foot felt blindly for the next rung on a ladder the men simply

went down facing out, sliding feet and hands down the handrails. 

The kids sat in awed silence as she stepped foot on the deck,

turned, and faced them.  She made no attempt to hide her nudity,

but red colored her body in splotches, a full-body blush.  

She walked up to them and said, "Listen to me, and listen good. 

We got on the wrong ship.  This is the Miracopa, not the Miramar. 

That's my fault, but we're here now, and we're staying here.  If

we are to survive this voyage, we must cooperate with these men. 

As you can see, I am cooperating.  I can't help you.  You are all

on your own.  I cannot tell you what you can or cannot do.  Until

this voyage is over, I am not your mother.  We are all just

members of the crew, and the captain can exercise life and death

decisions over us.  To survive, you must please the captain.  God

will forgive you for whatever you must do to survive.  Now, you

girls pick up your things and follow me.  Jason, you follow that

man.  You work in the engine room.  They'll show you where you

sleep.  Let's go, kids."  

When the men saw them picking up bags, several slid down to

assist.  They tossed bags to the men on the upper deck, and

assisted the girls up the ladder.  All were felt up in the

process; none made a fuss about that.  Even Jan and Judy allowed

the men to grope them between their legs.  Their cunnies and

assholes were fingered all the way up the ladder.  Once on the

top deck, more hands took over.  They walked a gauntlet of

roaming hands and probing fingers, all the way into the bridge. 

Bill groped them on the bridge until they were all inside the

captain's cabin with the captain--still without pants--smiling at

their flushed faces.

Cynthia directed them to place their bags in a corner, then

assisted in making space.  Two men brought the trunk in, copped a

few feels, then left.  Captain Blake watched Cynthia work, and

studied the girl's reactions to seeing their mother's intimate

anatomy so immodestly displayed.  He also noticed them stealing

glances at his growing erection.  By the time Cynthia was

through, and all their gear was stowed away, his cock was

rampant.  Cynthia noticed it right away when she stood and faced

him.  The memory of the pleasure it brought her came flooding


She crossed the short distance to stand beside him, facing her

three girls.  Cathy was asleep in Tara's arms, so Cynthia took

her and laid her on a soft bag filled with clothes.  She returned

to the captain's side, expecting him to take the initiative.

Captain Barker took Cynthia's right hand and placed it on his

cock.  This drew three pairs of eyes with it.  Cynthia curled her

fingers around it and slowly pumped her fist along its length,

awaiting more initiative.  The girls stared at the hand pumping

the cock.  Captain Blake said, "I want you girls to enjoy this

cruise.  Nobody will force themselves on you.  If anyone does,

just tell me.  They won't.  They know better.  You can wear

clothes if you want to, but you'll be more comfortable in the

southern latitudes without them.  As you can see, your mother

decided against wearing clothes, but you do as you please."

Tara said, "Mom, can we, really?"

Cynthia said, "Tara, I'm not your mother on this ship.  You do as

you please.  You heard the captain."

"I want to be naked, then."

"Then take your clothes off."

Tara looked from her mother, to the twins, to the captain, then

said, "All right, I will."  With that, she quickly drew off her

dress, kicked off her shoes, and tossed the bra.  She stood

unabashedly and said, "There, that's better.  Come on you guys,

get naked.  I dare you."

Jan and Judy were still in a state of shock.  Both looked

nervously at the naked cock.  Neither made a move to disrobe. 

Tara prodded them.  Cynthia started to tell her not to push, but

caught herself and bit her lip.  Though Tara tried hard, they

refused.  Tara said, "Can I go outside and walk around?"

The captain said, "Go anywhere you want, but stay out of the

hold.  There's big rats down there."

Tara turned to the twins and said, "Do you want to walk with me?"

They shook their heads.  "Suit yourselves.  I'm not chicken." 

Tara left the cabin.  

The captain sat on his bed and drew Cynthia down with him.  He

pulled her over his body.  Cynthia sat astride his hips, knowing

full well what his intent was.  She wasn't happy about performing

a live sex act in front of the girls, but she'd long since given

up any thoughts of resistance.  With the girls right behind her,

she reached for the stiff cock between her legs and guided it

into her cunt.  The twins watched the head part their mother's

cunt lips, then disappear inside as she sank fully to his groin. 

They watched their mother fuck the captain, watched her cum, and

heard her obscene cries of passion.  When she rolled to her back

with her legs spread wide, they saw what a big cock does to a

tight pussy.

Cynthia raised up on her elbows, keeping her legs wide, saying,

"That was fucking.  You'll see a lot of that on this voyage, so

get used to it.  We are all sleeping naked in this bed, so you'll

be very close to people fucking.  Get used to that, too." 

Cynthia sat up and reached for the captain's wilting, slick

member.  She lifted it, saying, "This cock is the king cock on

this boat.  It deserves our respect and devotion."  She turned to

Captain Barker, saying, "I'm not speaking to them as their

mother, but as a fellow crew member."

"You're doing fine.  Go on."

Encouraged, Cynthia leaned over and kissed the head of his cock,

then took a mouthful.  She'd never had a cock in her mouth

before, nor had she ever kissed one.  She fulfilled a longtime

fantasy before her twin girls.  Overcome with a flood of wicked

erotic sensation, she sucked harder, taking him as deeply as she

could.  Her cheeks hollowed as she slowly drew off, then sank

down again. She repeated this over and over, face-fucking the

cock, until he became erect.  The twins stared with wide eyes. 

Suddenly, the cabin door burst open and Tara entered.  "Holy

shit!  Far out.  Suck it, Mom."

Cynthia raised her head off the cock and looked at her daughter. 

Tara stood with her legs apart.  Pink semen ran down both legs,

still pouring from her pussy.  She said, "I got fucked.  I'm not

a virgin anymore.  I love it.  It didn't even hurt much.  The

engine guy did it, and everybody watched."

Cynthia said, "I'm happy for you."

Tara addressed the twins, saying, "You guys should try it. 

Fucking is the ultimate.  Come on.  Get naked and follow me. 

There's lots of hard cocks out there."  The twins shrank back. 

"You two are hopeless.  Well, I'm going to get some more.  Have

fun, Mom."  Tara flounced out, right into the arms of Barnacle

Bill.  The last thing they heard before the door shut was, "Oh,


Cynthia got the twin's attention saying, "All right, you two. 

Now, I want each of you to kiss his cock like I did.  That's how

you show respect for a king cock.  Jan, you first."

Cynthia held the cock straight up.  Jan came forward and timidly

bent from the waist to place a kiss on the head.  She then opened

her mouth and her lips flowed over the head.  That was all she

could take, but she sucked and pulled off, then went down again. 

She repeated this a dozen times, then ended with a parting kiss. 

Judy copied her exactly.  Both stood back and watched their

mother jacking off the cock.  She said, "That was good.  That's

what you'll do each night and each morning.  You'll kiss his cock

good night, and kiss it good morning.  If you do nothing else,

you must do that.  Am I right, Cap'n?"

"That is the custom, but you left a very important part out. 

They should kiss it before and after it fucks a pussy."

"Yes, I did forget.  I'm ready if you are."

"I'm always ready."

"Girls, you heard him."  Each came forward, in turn and applied

their new talents.  They watched another messy fuck, then each

came forward again when Cynthia got off and assumed a good

viewing position, sitting at his hip.  Jan eyed the slimy cock,

coated with her mother's pussy cream and sperm still drooling

from the head.  She said, "All right, I'll go first this time,

but next time you go first." 

Jan's lips flowed over the slick rod.  Watching her daughter's

mouth engulf a cock that had just emerged from her pussy gave

Cynthia a wicked thrill.  When Judy finished her turn, Cynthia

told her to use her tongue to clean his cock and balls.

Judy had a vulgar task before her as his cock was a terrible mess

of sperm and cunt juices from three recent fucks.  His pubic hair

and balls were soaked.  She made a face, but went about the task

as Cynthia held the cock by the head between her thumb and

forefinger.  She made sure Judy licked his cock and balls

completely clean before telling her she did good.

Tara burst in, covered in sperm, saying, "I fucked two more and

the black man screwed my asshole.  Mom, he's huge.  You must try

him.  Look what they did.  A bunch of guys jacked off on me while

I was getting fucked.  God, I love this ship!"  She flounced out

without awaiting a reply.

The captain was so pleased by their docile and subservient

behavior, that after Judy finished, he said, "Now, they need to

clean you.  Since Judy cleaned me, Jan should clean you."

Cynthia was only slightly taken aback by this announcement.  The

idea did appeal to her.  She laid back and made a beaver, waiting

to see what Jan would do.  Jan eyed her mother's gaping pussy,

smeared with cum and vaginal juices.  Slowly, she approached. 

She dropped to her knees, stared at the mess, then resigned

herself and leaned in with her tongue out.  

Cynthia strained up to watch the lurid first contact, then

swooned when her daughter's tongue took a long swipe though her

vaginal cleft.  Over and over the tongue lapped at her pussy. 

Jan gradually got over her timidity and lapped hard and fast,

probing deep inside and laving all over her mother's cuntal

plane.  She licked her mother from asshole to clit, both inner

thighs, and without being told, her legs from the ankles up. 

When she returned to suck on the clit, her mother was clean.

Cynthia patted Jan on the head and told her she did good just as

Tara re-entered.  "Far fucking out.  Eat her cunt, Jan.  I'll bet

she tastes better than Sister Breck.  I pulled a train, my first

gang bang.  So many cocks.  God, I love this fucking boat!"

Cynthia cupped Jan under the chin and raised her wet face.  "Have

you girls been sucking that dyke's cunt?"  Jan nodded sheepishly. 

"How long has this been going on?"

"Ever since Daddy left.  She paid us."

"Why that fucking dyke.  Well, who tastes better?"

"You do, Mom."

"That's what I thought you'd say.  I think it's the sperm you

like better.  You did like it, didn't you?"

"It was okay, I guess."   

Judy said, "I liked it."  

Jan then said, "I liked it too."

"All right, you little sluts.  Get out of those clothes.  We're

all going on deck."

The Roundtree family arrived in Calcutta two months after their

departure from LA, a month late.  Harold had been wired from

Indonesia, so he was waiting on the dock.  He greeted his lost

family, unaware that within each womb, a new Roundtree was

growing.  Five months later, the family--minus its spiritual

leader--boarded a liberty ship in Indonesia, bound for LA.

                           The End

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