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Phil Phantom     
                         "Flying High"
                          By Tiffany

Right after my honeymoon, I left Frank to visit with my family
who had missed our impulsive Las Vegas wedding.  I boarded a
plane in Denver to fly to Dallas where they'd meet me.  I
expected everyone to be at the airport, their usual habit.  Mom,
Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Charles, two brothers and two
sisters.  I hadn't seen them in over a year since going off to

The flight was uneventful except for a brat, two rows ahead and
across on the left of the aisle, that kept trying to look up my
short dress.  My dress was super shear and light, but I had a
slip, panties, and bra on, so there wasn't much to see.  Finally,
in frustration, I lifted the hem of my dress and said, "There,
are you satisfied, now?"

The woman sitting beside me said, "I've always wanted to do

"Do you want to change seats?  He's still looking."

"I don't mean I want to; I mean I wish I had the courage."

"I wish I had the courage to go in the rest room and take these
panties off.  I'd fog his glasses for him."

"I dare you."

"You dare me?"

"I double dare you."

"Nobody double dares Lucy Stevens, I mean Evers.  I just got
married.  I should try to keep my panties on now that I'm a wife;
besides, my husband shaved me on our honeymoon.  I shaved it
again right before we left for the airport.  If I shot a beaver
now, I might do the kid brain damage."

"You've been double dared."

"Are you serious?"

"Marge Weaver never double dares unless she is dead serious."

"Save my seat."

The woman who double dared me had plopped down beside me shortly
after take off.  She was traveling alone and wanted company.  I
was a bit miffed by her intrusion, because I had a whole row of
seats to myself on the near empty plane.  I like the window seat
and only moved to the aisle to make the job of feeding us our in-
flight snack easier on the flight attendants.  I intended to
scoot back.  I didn't want to seem like a dumb country girl, all
excited by a plane ride, so I stayed put on the aisle.  Marge
seemed so worldly and mature, though she wasn't much older than
my nineteen years.  She may have been twenty-two or three.  

I flashed the boy to impress her with my boldness.  Actually, the
boldest thing I ever did was to shave my pussy at my husband's
request.  I was a virgin on my wedding night, three weeks prior. 
Just admitting to Marge that I was shaved was a huge step for me.

When I stripped off my panties in the bathroom, I got a terrific
rush from my daring act.  Marge's obvious surprise and approval
upon hearing my secret news had my heart fluttering.  I assumed
she'd never heard of such an outrageous act.  Flashing my shaved
and naked vagina took all the courage I could muster, but I was
determined to shock and impress Marge further.

I returned two minutes later and plopped down.  The kid
immediately turned to gawk.  Marge sat forward and stared
expectantly to my lap.  I gave her a curious look, then said,
"I'm supposed to flash him, not you."

"I'm the one that double dared you.  How will I know you took
your panties off or have a shaved beaver if I don't look?"

"Good point."  I started to lift, but her hand blocked me.  I
said, "What?"

"Before you do this, we need to go over the terms of the dare."

"There's rules to this?"

"It's my double dare."

"All right.  What are the rules?"

"First, slump down in your seat.  More.  A little more.  Put your
butt on the edge."

I felt ridiculous, slumped so low that the seat back bent my head
forward.  The boy was all eyes, expecting another flash of
panties.  I said, "You've more than piqued his interest already."

"Now, when you lift your skirt, lift it past your hip bones, past
here."  Marge placed both hands firmly on my hip bones, then drew
a line across my belly with her right hand.  I eyed her
suspiciously when she touched me that way, then more so when she
didn't let go.  When the hand that drew the line rested flat on
my pubic mound, I knew I had a lesbian in the seat beside me. 
Having never met a real lesbian, I was stunned to find my first
one looking so normal, so feminine.

The woman said, "Now, there's a time condition.  You must
maintain your pose until someone comes along.  Since the plane is
almost empty, and they already served us, that might be a while. 
You might ride like this all the way to Dallas."

I felt the pressure increase over my mound and said, "Or until
Junior says, 'Mommy, Mommy, look what that lady's doing.'"

"He won't say anything.  He wants a show; besides, I can see her
from here.  She's asleep."

She was right; Junior wanted to see my pussy.  The thought of
actually riding two more hours with my naked vagina between a
horny kid and a lesbian was simply too exciting to pass up,
though I figured we may get five minutes at most.  Flight
attendants don't stay put, even in near-empty planes.  I said,
"All right.  Is there anything else?"

"Yes, you must spread your legs as wide as possible, and you
can't touch your skirt or close your legs even one inch until the
pose is legally broken, no matter what."

That crafty lezzie knew exactly what to say.  "No matter what," 
I may be a country hick, but I knew what that meant.  I said with
a smile, "If you're going to pull out a contract, I'd like to run
it by my lawyer."

"I'm queen of the double dares, what can I say?  Are you

"No, I'm not chicken."

"All right, then do it."

I took a gander up and down the aisle, looked to the boy, then
pulled my skirt up past the line by two inches.  I fanned my legs
out to their maximum, which placed my knees three feet apart. 
The boy's mouth dropped.  So did the lesbian's.  I watched her
hand travel up my right inner thigh to close on my pussy.  I
said, as fingers slid into my wet slit, "I thought the idea was
to show him my vagina.  All he can see is the back of your hand."

"He's going to see your pussy.  I'll see to that, but he'll see
it wet and juicy as a pussy should be."

The lesbian's two middle fingers on her right hand entered my
hole and massaged me internally by rubbing against the underside
of my pubic bone, massaging my 'G' spot, I suppose.  The first
two fingers of her left hand rubbed rapidly in short flurries on
my clit, just the way I like it.  I said, "I thought my pussy was
wet and juicy in the rest room."

"Bone dry.  You ain't seen wet and juicy yet."

"I take it you've done this before, getting a pussy wet and
juicy, I mean."

"A few times.  Oh, yeah, baby, you're flowing now.  You are one
hot little bitch, aren't you?"

"Yes, and if you keep that up, I'm going to be a hot little
pissing bitch.  Oh, god damn!  Oh, you fucking dyke."  

I couldn't believe I said that; but then, she called me a bitch
first.  She went on, "Come on, Juicy Lucy.  Let go.  Cum for me,
sugar.  Yeah, baby.  Come on.  Give it up, you juicy little

"Ugggh!  Ohhhhh!  Oh Fuck!  Oh lord.  Oh Jesus.  Mother fucker. 
Damn!  Damn!  Damn!  Damn!  Damn! God Damnnnnnnnnnnnnn!"

I never came so hard, or yelled so loudly in whispers.  I slumped
lower in my seat, trying to catch my breath.  Marge said, "Now
let's show the boy some juicy pussy."  She pulled my cunt lips
wide for the boy while blowing cool air across the wet membranes
of my pussy innards.  We were startled by a stewardess kneeling
by my aisle seat.

The stewardess softly said, "Hey, look, I'm one of the
sisterhood, but you guys need to get a room."

Marge did not pause in her activities, and I made no attempt to
cover myself.  The stewardess stared longingly at my open spread
as Marge said, "This chick is straight.  I put in some hard work
getting her like this.  This is the room."

"You have an audience, you know."

"I know.  He's been watching from the start.  He won't tell.  It
was his staring up her dress that got her all hot and bothered. 
We're a team."

"Well, I guess you're pretty safe, come to think of it.  Most
everyone's asleep, and the crew is cool." 


I was stunned when the stewardess said, "You know, he'd probably
like to see her tits.  Let's take the dress off."

"I like your style.  I'm Marge; I can see you're Pam."  Marge
offered Pam her sopping wet right hand, and the two lesbians
shook hands over my face.  After the hand shake, both licked
their hands.  I couldn't help but wonder if I had witnessed the
secret handshake of the Sisterhood of Muff.  Marge said, "Lift
up, sugar puss."  

I lifted my ass to allow Marge to push my dress and slip to my
middle.  When I sat, Marge pulled me forward and Pam unzipped the
dress.  Together, they removed the dress and slip.  Pam removed
my bra.  Except for my shoes, I was naked on an airplane. 

The stewardess laid all my clothing on the empty seat by the
window, then pulled a blanket from the overhead compartment.  She
laid the blanket over the clothes and said, "If anyone does come,
you can cover her with this.  I'll stay here and serve as a
lookout; if that's all right with you?"

Marge said, "Join in; the more the merrier."  

"Thanks, I was hoping you'd share her.  I go positively ga ga
over straight chicks, and this one is gorgeous."  Pam picked up
my left hand, saying, "And she's married, too.  That's even

I loved the way they talked around me and not to me as though I
were in the grips of some lesbian trance.  With all pretense of
the game disposed, Marge got down on the floor and placed my legs
over the arm rests, as Pam laid my seat back and knelt by my tits. 
As Marge went down on my pussy, Pam took my left tit and offered
the squeezed mound to the boy's hungry eyes, saying, "He likes
these titties.  You like these don't you, kid?"  

The grinning boy nodded hard.  Pam pinched the nipple to
distention and flicked the tip with her tongue.  "I'll bet you'd
like to do this to them...[flick, flick]...and this...[flutter,
flutter, flick, flick, nibble]."  

She sucked most of my tit in her mouth and sucked hard while
softly chewing.  Marge's talented mouth quickly had me grinding
my loins, and Pam's efforts had me arching my back.  They quickly
brought me to a state of delirium, then Pam stood and pulled her
skirt up from the center of the hem, exposing her bare pussy
through pantyhose that had no crotch panel.

I stared at the pussy framed by nylon.  She had a soft, pretty
pussy free of all hair, and a gold ring in her clit.  She thrust
her mound forward toward my face in blatant offering, saying,
"Eat me, bitch!"

In my lesbian-induced trance, I dove at the pussy with a flailing
tongue and incurred more slanderous invectives, such as:  "Suck
my cunt, you little whore!" and "Lick my pussy, slut!"

I screamed out a muff-muffled climax, then sucked a climax out of
Pam.  I remained glued to the cunt to slurp the product of that
climax, as Pam held her cunt lips open and instructed me to clean
her pussy good.  I pulled my face in tightly by gripping Pam's
firm ass.  As the job neared completion, Pam said, "I've got to
bring Sherry in on this.  She'd kill me if I had a straight chick
and didn't bring her in on it.  Do you mind?"

Marge lifted up with a totally wet face and said, "Like I said,
the more the merrier."

Pam adjusted her skirt and headed up the aisle, pausing to ruffle
the boy's hair in passing.  He watched her ass shimmy down the
aisle in her tight-assed skirt.  She returned minutes later with
a short smiling blond wearing a pixie hair cut.  Both rubbed the
boy's head.  When the blond stood over me and gazed on my body,
she said, "Oh, god, she's a doll."

Her slender fingers went into my crotch as Marge made room.  Her
free hand massaged my tit flesh.  Sherry brought pussy-wet
fingers to her lips and sucked, making a face like a kid sucking
chocolate.  She cleaned her fingers then raised her skirt as Pam
had, showing another shaved, ringed pussy framed by nylon.  Hers
also had a rose tattoo on the left cunt lip with the stem
disappearing in her pussy.  I licked the rose, then licked the
pot.  I came while licking the pot.  Ten minutes later, the pot
came, and I came again under Pam's talented tongue.

For two hundred and eighty miles, the three lesbians took turns
trading places.  Had it not been for the mother waking up and
dragging the boy away, we might have gone three-twenty.  As it
was, I had just enough time to get back in my clothes and
freshen-up, but Marge would not give me anything but the dress.  
Lesbians turn into bitches if you refuse to go home with them to
join the Sister's of Muff and learn the secret handshake.
When I persisted, she ripped up my bra, panties, and my slip.  I
had no carry-on luggage.  The dress was all I had; everything
else was in the baggage compartment.  

I stood before the mirror of that bathroom and stared at the
sight my family would see.  Though the dress had a flowery print,
everything showed through; my tits, my nipples, my denuded pussy
crack, even my ass crack showed.  I was as good as naked in
pumps, and I saw no alternative but to exit the plane that way. 
I scrubbed my face and gargled with hand soap.  My family is big
on hugs and kisses.

I stayed in the bathroom until Pam called everyone to return to
their seats.  Marge was gone when I got there, but the boy and
his mother weren't.  He looked for more beaver as she fought to
wrest him into his seat facing forward, looking back occasionally
to me and firing me a look that said, "You are the most
disgusting person I've ever seen."

I was the last person to exit the plane and had to pass Pam and
Sherry on the way out.  Pam said, "Hope you had a nice flight." 
Sherry said, "Come again."  As I passed by, two pairs of slimy
wet hands covered my face, mouth, and neck.  Those bitches slimed
me.  I struggled free of those laughing bitches, reeking of the
Sisterhood's revenge.  

I walked off that plane on shaky legs, smelling like low tide,
terrified of meeting my family.  I paused in the rampway to
decide how to act.  I could think of no story that would explain
my loss of under clothes that wasn't worse than letting them
think I dress this way.  I had told them that I'd undergone many
changes.  With no other choice, I squared my shoulders and
entered the boarding area.  Nine jaws dropped in unison.  Mom
said, "Lucy."  

The name fell from her lips like a wet turd.  I moved bravely
forward and said, "Hi everybody.  I'm home."  You should have
seen their faces after hugs and kisses.  After wiping her lips on
the back of her hand, Mom said, "Lucy, you've got some splainin'
to do."

Like I said, other than that, the flight was uneventful.

                           The End

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