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                                PUNISHED IN PUBLIC

                                      Part 1

              The cell was stark and dim.  Cindy was terrified and totally
         alone.  Her world ended at the concrete wall just beyond the bars
         which stared daringly at her and mocked her terror.  She was
         considered beautiful..short black hair, blue eyes, a pert nose,
         thick, red, moist lips.  Her body was covered from shoulders to
         ankles in the standard dress for the women, a sheer white long
         tunic with a leather belt.  Although her feminine assets could be
         partly hidden by arranging the folds of the tunic just so, it was
         obvious that her breasts were full and firm, her waist narrow,
         hips and ass trim and well-rounded.  Her legs were very long and
         well-tapered and her ankles thin.  Arranging the folds
         appropriately to hide her charms was difficult, because her hands
         had been tied behind her and attached to a metal ring in back of
         the leather belt which cinched her waist.  She trembled at the
         possibilities which raged through her mind.

              In her early 30s, Cindy was still unmarried, but no stranger
         to sex.  She had been reared in a rather modest home, and was not
         accustomed to performing "unnatural" sex acts, or even having sex
         more than once or twice a year...and never in the light...and
         with anyone "experienced."  In fact, she really was too ashamed
         her voluptuous body and the feelings which it aroused within her
         allow herself to actually enjoy sex at all.

              She had been drugged and captured in a parking lot only two
         days earlier.  She had awakened to find her expensively tailored
         business attire had been removed by unknown persons, and she
         herself naked under the tunic which she now wore.  cindy
         as she realized that she had no idea whose eyes had feasted on
         nudity.  She wondered what liberties had been taken during her
         period of unconsciousness.

              She had no idea exactly where she was, but she knew she was
         the mercy of a cult of sex slavers.  Cindy had been "given" to
         of several "trainers" whose job seemed to be to train new captive
         girls in the codes of conduct expected by their captors.  She had
         steadfastly refused the most basic demands of her new slave
         trainer.  Such refusals, she had been sternly warned, would bring
         unmentionable punishments.

              Her refusals had resulted in her being bound and placed into
         her cell to await trial.  TRIAL...a JOKE!!  Her only role in the
         "trial" was to be taken for sentencing after judgement had been

              Her mind began to reflect on the events earlier in the day.
         After refusing the demands of her trainer, her hands were bound,
         and she was thrown into the care of a cadre of other female
         "trustees."  They promptly took the hapless captive into a
         "preparation chamber where her hands were freed, and she was told
         to strip naked.  She again refused.  Her hands were rebound
         her, and the sheer tunic was crudely ripped from her body.  She
         examined and her ravishing sexuality was carefully described in
         most vulgar of terms.

              "Look at what lovely tits she has...milky white!"

              "Yes, but the nipples are a bit pale.  We'll have to give
         a bit of color, don't you think?"

              "Of course, but that'll be easy.""

              "Look how flat her tummy is, and what a neat bush of pussy
         hair she has.  Pity she can't keep it."

              At that remark, Cindy shuddered.  The prospect of having her
         pussy shaved nude and completely exposed was beyond her
         comprehension.  However, she quickly decided that the smart thing
         to do for now was to remain silent.

              "Her legs are so long and slim.  Look how there is a small
         triangle at the top, even when her legs are touching at her
         You can see her cunt through it ever so clearly!"

              I bet you can see her cunt from the rear when she bends
         Let's see!"

              Cindy was embarrassingly forced to keep her knew together as
         she was bent forward at the waist.  Her face was beet red.

              "Look!  You CAN see her cunt through her legs.  Isn't her
         a beauty?  Her cheeks are SOOO tight and firm.  And her ASSHOLE--
         its so-so-so TIGHT and PUCKERED!  Makes me want to LICK it here

              At that, the hapless captive stood straight up and howled.

              "NOOOOOOOO--you mustn't do that .  It's-it's-INDECENT to do
         things like that to a girl--especially by other girls!!"

              "Far worse than that'll be done to you before they're
         with you, for sure."

              With that, they untied her hands from the back, and retied
         them to a hook in front which was attached to a pulley system
         hanging from the ceiling.  Her feet were shackled to two widely-
         spaced rings in the floor.  Then one of the tormentors tightened
         the rope against the pulley.  Cindy's hands were drawn high and
         tight against her shackled ankles, so that her chest, abdomen,
         legs, and loins were stretched taught.  The position was racking,
         but quite effective.  Cindy's pussy lips were gaping wide and her
         clit pertly protruded out of its hooded sheath as if to take a
         past the clouded veil of false protection of the soft, dark pussy
         hair.  Cindy knew she would die of shame, but her struggles to
         cover her most intimate parts were useless.  She then remembered
         that the only ones to see her helpless spectacle so far were the
         three female "trustee" slaves.  SO FAR!!  She panicked anew when
         she realized that her predicament rendered her helpless and
         available to the gaze and desires of ANYONE who might decide to
         walk into the room!!  The thought brought renewed futile
         against her bonds.  Cindy finally abandoned all hope of changing
         her position, and awaited her fate with silent outrage.

              The preparation was at once both sensual and humiliating.
         was bathed head to toe with sponges of soap and water.  The
         was slow and methodical.  The slaves spent time gently caressing
         her breasts and nipples with the sponges.  As the sponges moved
         slowly lower, the captive girl felt her breathing quicken and her
         muscles stiffen.

              "PLEASE!  Not my PUBIC area!!"

              "What do you call it, slave?" asked one of the bathers.

              "M-my pubic area."

              "I call it your CUNT!  SAY it!"

              "That's so VULGAR! I can't!"

              "SAY IT!!"

              "M-m-my c-cunt.  Oh. OOOOOOOOHHHH NOOOOO!! PLEASE DON'T WASH

              The taught captive was pleading, panting, sweating, and
         totally without composure.  The onslaught continued until the
         bathers were satisfied.

              It took a long, long time!

              As a last indignity, the bathers completely shaved off all
         pussy hair from the captive girl.  They were kinder now.  they
         avoided stimulating the clit at all, but in the process of
         on the shaving cream, shaving, and cleaning after, "accidental"
         stimulation would occasionally occur, bringing spontaneous
         struggles and pleading from the captive.  After perfuming, doing
         the captive's hair, and dressing her in a new tunic similar to
         first one, the "trustees" took Cindy's hands down and again tied
         them behind her back, attaching them to the new leather belt
         again cinched her waist.  Her feel were unshackled, and she was
         to her cell where she now awaited the pronouncement of her

              As she awaited her fate, the sexual novice was aware of her
         freshly-rouged nipples which were now standing erect because of
         stimulation of the tunic which partly covered them.  She was
         painfully aware of her pussy--now shaved and totally exposed in a
         way ever bit as shameful as she had imagined, and covered only by
         the careless folds of the sheer tunic.  But mostly, Cindy had
         become aware of a new and more terrifying feeling--a feeling
         than just being bound and helpless and totally exposed.  It is
         awareness of being powerless to do anything but endure whatever
         sensation anyone might wish to inflict!  Defenses are abandoned.
         Sensitivities are heightened.  Time looses meaning.  The
         of the mind and body mean nothing.  Desperate efforts to remove
         offensive stimulus mean nothing.  One must simply endure totally
         without control.  A girl in such a predicament is Totally sexual!
         Totally pain! Totally ticklish! All tits, pussy! Totally female!
         Totally helpless! TOTALLY VULNERABLE!!  Cindy wondered which was
         worse, the sentence itself, or her anticipation of the sentence.

         Somehow, she knew that the preparation was nothing compared to
         awaited her.  Her darkest fantasies could not begin to grasp the
         insults to her secret senses which would be her sentence.

-----------------------Continued in Part II
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Subject: LineMstr repost bdsm flood (f)---Punished in Public, Part II
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                                PUNISHED IN PUBLIC
                                      Part 2
              Suddenly, she heard the clanging of metal and the loud
         thumping of boots on the concrete floor beyond her view.  Two
         muscular hooded men appeared at her cell.  Besides the hoods,
         wore only heavy leather boots and leather loin pouches.
              "Cindy IT IS TIME.  You will come with us--NOW!!
              The shackled girl crouched in the far corner of her cell in
         sheer desperation.  She thought that somehow if she hid in the
         corner, it would all go away.  The men opened the cell door,
         in, easily picked up the outraged girl by each of her chained
         and drug her down the hall to the chamber.  As she looked through
         the window, she discovered it was night outside.
              "The Chamber" was a rather benign name for it.  It was a
         terrifying place.  The room was large, about the size of a church
         sanctuary, and was filled with people.  Cindy recognized no one. 
         The men were dressed the same as her captors.  The women were
         dressed as herself.  Only her guards and the "Judge" were hooded.

         She was dragged before the bench--and the "Judge."
              "Cindy, you have been found guilty of crimes against the
         Do you now wish to recant and perform the tasks demanded of you?"
              "You mean, allow him to place his-his m-member in my mouth
         use it like it were m-m-my---"
              "Your CUNT!?  Of course!  That is EXACTLY what I mean.  If
         recant, and allow him to put his COCK--that's what it is called--
         into your mouth, and you perform well by licking and sucking and
         loving his COCK so that he comes in your mouth before all
         here, you will not be punished further."
              "And if I refuse again?"
              "You will be punished, Cindy.  I cannot tell you what your
         punishment will be until you choose.  I can tell you that it will
         be most unpleasant for you.  I will not deceive you bout the
         severity of your punishment."
              "Nothing could be more unpleasant than what you demand! 
         Surely you are decent people.  Do with me as you please.  I will
         not submit voluntarily to such humiliation!"
              "So be it!  Since embarrassment and humiliation seem to be
         what you dread the most, that will be your punishment.  Tomorrow
         morning you will be taken to the conclave square and placed on
         center stage for all to view.  There you will first be made to
         perform publicly the act which you have refused to do.  You will
         savor your trainer's cock with your mouth.  It will intoxicate
         Then, Cindy, you will be tied to a punishment chair in a manner
         which most prominently displays the most private and secret parts
         of your body to the assembled public.  You will then slowly and
         methodically be stripped naked.  All your body will be available
         for inspection and used for the viewing pleasure and
         of the trainer and the assembled crowd.  And what a crowd there 
         will be indeed!!  The exact form of the punishment will be left
         the trainer, but I suspect it will include whipping and sexual
         pleasure and pain."
              "WHAT!!  You can't be SERIOUS!!  That is UNSPEAKABLE!!  I
         never heard of such BARBARISM!! ME! NAKED in front of EVERYONE!! 
         and USED in such-such NO!!! I simply won't allow it!!"
              "My dear Cindy,  you can do nothing to prevent it.  You will
         return to your cell and await the morning.  Try to get some
         You will need your rest for the day's activities tomorrow.  After
         all, you WILL be the STAR!"
              The terrified victim was dragged sobbing back to her cell to
         await the morning.  Her hands were untied.  In the distance she
         could hear the noises preparing the center stage for her public
         punishment.  She did not sleep.
              Shortly after daybreak, she began to hear muffled voices
         outside.  Over the next hour the voices grew in intensity as if a
         multitude had gathered outside in the courtyard.  The guards
         appeared at her cell.  Surely they would not really go through
         it.  They only wanted to scare her  She decided she would show
         THIS ONE!!  
              She slowly stood up.  One of the guards retied her hands
         behind her.  She proudly walked through the guards toward the
         leading outside to the waiting courtyard.  The courtyard was
         PACKED!  What could attract such a throng--unless--UNLESS THEY
         REALLY WERE GOING THROUGH WITH IT!!!  Cindy stopped cold and
         to retreat back into the room.  The guards stopped her and
         her, now kicking and screaming, to the stage.  The crowd went
         with anticipation!  
              There were two structures on the stage.  The first was a
         chair-like object except that it had no seat or back.  the leg
         rests were heavily padded.  There was a large inverted-U which
         arched high over the top of the leg rests toward the back.  The
         other object was a vertical plank of wood about five feet wide,
         with two holes close to each other at the base resembling semi-
         circles.  One edge appeared hinged, and the other edge was locked
         to the base of the stage.  The apparatus was about waist-high,
         except for a narrow plank in the center which extended upward an
         additional two feet or so.  
              "Cindy, you have been found guilty and refused to recant. 
         There is now no turning back.  Your punishment will begin!"
              "No! No! No!  You CAN'T--You just CAN'T!  I'll die, I know I
              "You won't die, although at times you may wish you could."
              "You won't really do all those things to m-MMMMMPPPHHHHH!"
              Cindy suddenly found her mouth full of an object which she
         could not identify.  It was metal, and extended well back almost
         the point of gagging her.  The device extended over her lips, and

         was buckled at the back of her head.  Suddenly, the trainer
         appeared--the same one for whom she had refused to perform the
         "unnatural" act.  He reached for her and pulled her firmly to
         Suddenly, she was kicked in the back of both knees, causing them
         buckle under her weight.  The wooden device was unlocked and
         raised.  The bound girl's legs were placed under it, with her
         on her knees, and the device was closed and locked with the holes
         placed over her legs.  Her arms were released from the leather
         belt, pulled back and over the top edge of the boards on either
         side of the vertical extension, and her wrists locked tightly
         on the back side of the device.  Her head now rested against the
         vertical extension.  Straps were brought around and fastened
         tightly around her head, holding it absolutely immobile.  The
         tightly bound arms and knees were racked with pain.  Attempts to
         scream were somewhat stifled by her "gag."  Then she saw the
         trainer reach to the side of the gag and start to turn a screw. 
         he turned the screw, the gag started to widen, forcing her mouth
              "You will notice that the gag is really two U-shaped pieces,
         rather than one solid bar.  This ingeniously allow me to forcibly
         hold your mouth open just wide enough for my cock to feel your
         and tongue, and yet prevents you from biting down.  It also
         you to use your tongue and lips a bit, and allows you to fully
         anything placed into your mouth.  Of course, swallowing is
         difficult, and anything placed in your mouth will go down as far
         I want."  
              Helpless eyes widened with terror and disgust.  She knew
         was to come and yet could not comprehend the unspeakable
         demoralization of what was to come.  the open gag now allowed her
         to scream pitifully.
              "AAAAaaahhhhhhhhh!"  Cindy wailed, as she watched the
         slowly remove a flap in the front of his loincloth.  His cock
         out--ALL 9 INCHES OF IT--FULLY ERECT!!  As he approached her
         she continued to scream.  Her attempts at struggling were
         she could move nothing.  Then the struggling virgin mouth felt
         head of the trainer's cock with the glistening precome slowly
         between her lips toward the back of her mouth.
              "AAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh--mmmmmmmmmmmmmph!"  She was
         effectively by his huge meat in her mouth.  He continued to move
         back until she was afraid she would gag.  She took all of it! 
         could not help but move her tongue in an attempt to swallow. 
         the huge shaft began to withdraw.  As the head approached her
         she again began to scream.  The head never cleared the lips. 
         it was shoved to her throat, and again withdrawn, back and forth,
         back and forth, with increasing speed and force.
              "I'm gonna do this till I come in your mouth, Cindy!  You
         make it a long time, or a short time.  Use your tongue!  It's
         alright with me if it's a LONG time.  Your mouth feels SOOOO
              Cindy knew she would die.  She couldn't take this much
         but she also knew that when this finished, even more terrible
         things would follow.  She went rigid.  
              "Looks like you need some help with this," her tormentor
         retorted.  "Help her decide to assist."
              The helpless captive felt her ankles being clamped to the
         floor and some sticky liquid being poured over her soles.  Then
         heard it--MEOWING-- and she truly went berserk.  HONEY AND CATS!!

         Then she felt it--the rough scraping of the cats' tongues on the
         soles of her feet, along the edges, between the toes!!  She
         struggled violently, but could not move her rigidly bound feet at
         all.  The repulsive raspy tickling caused an uncontrollable
         attempt to scream, which caused her tongue to swirl violently
         around her tormentor's cock.  He began to moan loudly and
         the tempo of his cock in her mouth.  The cats! The TICKLING! The 
         COCK!  She knew her wild tonguing and struggling was exciting the
         trainer's cock and the audience, but she was totally powerless to
         Suddenly, he shoved his cock ALL THE WAY IN AND HELD IT
         against the back of her throat--the INTENSE TICKLING
         she could do nothing but endure it!!
              In horror, Cindy felt the cock begin to throb spasmodically!

         Her mouth filled with the slime and taste of come.  She couldn't
         swallow.  Come drooled out of her mouth and some down the back of
         her throat.  She had to hold her breath--and hold her
         she thought she would pass out!  Her tormentor withdrew totally,
         and quickly removed the gag, allowing her to swallow at last. 
         cats were removed, and the abused captive slumped in her bonds,
         exhausted.  She was released from the stock and given water to
         drink.  She noticed that the trainer made no effort to cove his
         cock and balls.  They were totally exposed, his balls hanging
         lustily, and his cock remaining as rigid as ever.
              Cindy's release was short.  Suddenly, two men picked her up
         and placed her on the chair.  She struggled.  It did no good. 
         upper thighs were strapped to the heavily padded let supports of
         the chair.  Her knees were bent and ankles were strapped tightly
         the rear support bars.  Then her hands were tied together to the
         arch bar above her head.  Cindy suddenly became aware of her
         position.  Her armpits were vulnerable, her breasts stretched
         taught, her ass, back, and front were totally unprotected except
         for the flimsy sheer tunic which continued to fold such that she
         remained at least partially covered.  She could move only her
         and ass a bit--NOTHING ELSE!!
              She remembered her heavily rouged nipples, her creamy white
         flawless skin, and--OH, NO!!--her SHAVED PUSSY!!--which was
         undoubtedly gaping more widely now than during her preparation!
         There was a cool breeze between her legs, and Cindy realized her
         naked pussy was exposed to the floor.  She prayed the tunic fell
         far enough between her legs to hide the view from the front. 
         However, she suddenly remembered that when the tunic came
         private would be placed on wanton display for all to see--and she
              "Please, have mercy on me!--don't do this!  I've done what I
         refused to do.  I'll do it willingly now--please stop my
              "You were told there is no alternative until your sentence
         complete.  You made that choice when you refused to recant.  You
         knew this.  Your punishment will continue.  You will be stripped
         naked now."
              "NOOOoooooo! Not THAT!!  PLEEEEaaaasssssse NOT THAT!!"
              "You will not be given a gag, Cindy.  We wish to hear you
         begging and pleading and--eventually--screaming.  YOU WILL
         I PROMISE IT!  To gag you would simply detract from the full
         enjoyment the onlookers take in seeing you, your punishment, and
         most of all, your RESPONSE to your punishment.  Sound effects,
         know.  No, it wouldn't do at all, I'm afraid."

---------------------------Continued in Part III 

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Subject: LineMstr repost bdsm flood (f)---Punished in Public, Part III
From: (LineMstr)
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                                PUNISHED IN PUBLIC
                                      Part 3
              The tunic was two separate pieces of cloth held by a clip at
         each shoulder and by the leather belt in the middle.  The master
         slowly removed the leather belt and the two pieces of cloth
         separated at the sides.  The totally vulnerable brunette felt the
         cool air surround her body as the sides of her breasts, chest,
         buttocks fell into view.  The trainer slowly removed the shoulder
         clips, and allowed the back piece of cloth to fall from her body.

         The master continued to hold the front cloth at the shoulder. 
         Cindy shuddered, realizing that she was now naked and exposed at
         the back to the trainer's assistants behind her on the stage.  
              "Now we shall all see true beauty in captivity!"  the
         shouted to the audience.  The audience roared.  The bound maiden
         dropped her head and moaned her resignation to the complete and
         utter embarrassment and humiliation which was about to engulf her
         very being.  
              The trainer allowed the front to inch down, slowly and
         painfully revealing the demoralized maiden's nakedness.  First,
         collar bones slipped into view, then the tops of her breasts, the
         tunic continued to slip slowly down until the tops of her rouged
         nipples came into view.  Then the TOTALITY of Cindy's twin
         globes were on STARK PUBLIC DISPLAY--complete with the heavily
         rouged areolae which were accented by totally erect nipples from
         the cool air!!  They stood out proudly, sensually, invitingly. 
         They seemed to be a mocking contrast to the repulsive outrage
         felt as the crowd gleefully absorbed every exposed inch of the
         smooth, full, pert, rouge-tipped globes! 
              The audience's attention was quickly diverted again to the
         traveling tunic.  The throng continued its gasping visual
         ravishment of the bound beauty, whose slow journey toward total
         exposure to the myriad of eager eyes continued.  The tunic crept
         down, down, revealing first her taught ribs, then her navel. 
         Cheers began to arise from the audience as the tunic approached
         what should have been the top of her pubic hair.
              When they realized there was NO PUBIC HAIR, the cheers
         shouts of approval!  SLOWLY CINDY'S SHAVED PUSSY CAME INTO FULL
         VIEW FOR ALL TO SEE!!  First, her erect clit, then her pussy
         then her glistening vaginal vault, and finally her tightly
         asshole.  At last, the tunic dropped to the floor and the sensual
         maiden's PUBLIC EXPOSURE was TOTAL AND COMPLETE!!  
              She was devastated!  Cindy was indeed on FULL VIEW!  Her
         were flattened and fully visible.  Her bald, naked, shaven cunt
         spread wide, and the audience, being slightly below her, had a
         view right up her cunt lips and asshole, on up to view her twin
         globes and facial expressions.  
              And it was CINDY'S tits, cunt, and asshole!  Not someone
         else's.  Up to now she had been able to somewhat detract herself
         from the situation.  NO MORE!!  It was CINDY helplessly bound and
         totally exposed for all to 
         savor in the most outrageously vulgar position she could ever
              She realized her position was perfectly planned in advance
         strictly for the purpose of prominently displaying her as an
         offering of femininity, with her most private parts lewdly and
         shamefully protruding and totally available for inspection!
         arousal! abuse! ravishment!--WHATEVER!!--b-by ANYONE!!--and
         EVERYONE!!--should the trainer so command!
              Cindy realized with brutal awareness that they would witness
         not only her most intimate private parts, but now they would also
         witness her most private REACTIONS to whatever punishment would
         dealt her tender parts!  FOR THE FIRST TIME, SHE KNEW THAT THE
         tried to remember what was to come.  What did he say?  She
         she remembered something about a-a-A WHIPPING!!
              Cindy felt a shameful arousal stirring within her.  There
         was, stark naked, repulsively displayed for all her intimate
         to be viewed and ravished at will, and she was AROUSED!!--and
         MORTIFIED!!  It was impossible to hide it.  Her nipples were
         and her pussy was dripping wet!!!.  She didn't know it, but her
         clit was erect as well, and totally unshielded by its tiny hooded
         cover.  The audience roared its approval and shouted in raw terms
         its expectations of what they would like to see follow.  
              For the first time, the degradingly displayed girl was truly
         scared!  She was scared of the pain and humiliation to come, and
         ashamed and scared of her feelings of sexual arousal at the
         vulnerability and helplessness of her predicament.  Cindy had
         been whipped, or sexually abused, except for the "preparation." 
         She realized that that was probably nothing compared to what was
         follow now.  Cindy knew that whatever was to follow, she now had
         choices left.  She could only continue to endure whatever the
         trainer decided was to be her punishment.
              "The punishment shall begin by proper lubrication and
         examination," shouted the trainer from his position on the stage
         behind her.
              The helpless captive quietly wondered exactly what that
         Then, abruptly, she felt his hands reach around her breasts, and
         gently begin to stroke, rub, and knead them expertly.  He
         alternatingly rubbed and kneaded the two globes, and then roughly
         pulled and stretched the pert, rouged nipples.  His hands seemed
         be covered with a strange oily substance, which imparted a
         lubricating surface over her skin.  It did not remove the rouge
         from her nipples, she noticed.
              The sensation was electrifyingly sensual.  Cindy moaned with
         pleasure and her head fell back in shameless ecstacy.  He
         to massage her breasts from back to front, cupping them and
         kneading the nipples softly between his thumbs and forefingers. 
         Cindy's hips raised slightly, unknowingly improving the crowd's
         view of her widely exposed pussy!
              Then, his hands left her breasts, and he began to apply the
         substance to her back and down the spine to the buttocks, which
         were totally open and unsupported.  He seemed to take great
         pleasure in harshly squeezing and massaging them, much to the 
         mixed pleasure and embarrassment of the captive girl, who was
         acutely aware that she was helpless to prevent him from stroking
         her wherever he wished.  The oil was then applied to her ribs,
         underarms, abdomen, and upper thighs.  Somehow she knew he was
         saving the most humiliating application until last.  
              As Cindy silently knew, his hands, freshly oiled, slowly
         down her abdomen and down her back at once at the same time. 
         did not stop!  She stiffened and pleaded loudly.
              "Oh, NOOOOO!! Pleeeeaaaasssseee!! Not that!! Don't rub me
         THERE--NOT IN FRONT OF ALL THESEEEEeeeeeeAAAahhhhh  AAhhhh 
         Nnnggggg Nnnnggggghhh
126/,his right hand, in
front, continued
         down, also shifting to only three fingers.  The first and third
         fingers gently spread Cindy's pussy lips even more widely than
         were already splayed, and the middle finger flicked lightly over
         her clit, which was by now throbbing convulsively, and protruding
         even more than before.  The middle finger lingered, quickly
         her clit, then down to her vaginal vault, ringed her introitus,
         then back to her clit.  In lightening motion, the fingers slid
         and forth.  The other hand continued ringing her asshole, and
         hands continued applying the oil.  Cindy's senses were
         against the power of the trainer's expert fingers!!
              "OHHhhhh, AAAHhhhhh, NNNNGGGGGGgggggg, NNNnnggggg,

----------------------Continued in Part IV

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                                PUNISHED IN PUBLIC
                                      Part 4
              The wild tickling inside her two holes was enough to drive
         Cindy into total abandonment of reality.  She made unintelligible
         grunting noises, her head went back, her eyes closed.  She
         continued to buck wildly against her bonds, and humping her ass
         wildly back and forth.  Saliva drooled from her mouth down
         her breasts.  Sweat broke out on her from head to toe, causing
         oiled body to glisten with a new intensity.
              As quickly as it had begun, the feathers were withdrawn just
         before the girl again began her journey toward total release. 
         cessation of the tickling sensations quickly brought the lewdly
         bound girl back to reality--all too soon.
              "First the pleasure, now the pain!"
              The audience again roared its approval.  The trainer held
         CLAMPS in front of the captive maiden!!  As Cindy became aware of
         their importance, her screams resumed--uselessly.  Slowly the
         trainer opened one clamp, reached out for Cindy's left breast,
         squeezed the nipple between the thumb and forefinger of one hand
         while placing the opened jaws of the clamp over the tightly held
         nipple with the other.  He abruptly released the clamp--and the
         nipple!  The CLAMP HELD!!  The pain caused Cindy to explode into
         dramatic flailing protest against the new violation of her
         femininity.  Her pitiful struggles inflamed the crowd once again.
              "Now for the other side!!"
              "AARRRGGGHHHH!! Noooooo!  Nooooo!  It hurts too much!! You
         CAN:T!!  You SIMPLY CAAAaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhh!!"
              The trainer had suddenly grasped the other nipple and
         the clamp without warning.  The captive went wild again, but the
         bonds held fast!  Slowly, to the delight of the crowd, her
         and struggles subsided to unintelligible moans and pleadings. 
         moaned only a bit as tiny weights were applied to the nipple
         on both sides.
              As cindy looked down, she viewed the tiny teeth of the
         staring mockingly at her, and the weights--dangling and gently
         swaying with her rapid breathing.  The pain was intense, but
         slightly better than at first.  She found that the more she
         her tits to sway, the more intense the pain in her nipples from
         tiny weights.  
              "What say all of you?  MORE CLAMPS??!!" shouted the trainer.
              The wild throng roared its delight at the prospect of a
         renewed lewd exhibition of charms.
              "Nooooooooooo!!!" pleaded the helpless brunette, her eyes
         with the terror of more pain on her intimate parts!  But she knew
         her pleadings would only excite her captors and tormentors even
         more.  She resigned herself to the inevitable.  But WHERE??!!  As
         the trainer moved to the front, his rigid member still presenting
         a screaming challenge to her helpless female form, SHE KNEW
         He sat before her on a short stool, facing Cindy's widely gaping,
         most delicate parts.  The crowd roared again as they realized
         he was about to do to Cindy!  In spite of her resolve not to
         the crowd further, Cindy began to scream again!  
              A clamp was applied to her left PUSSY LIP!!!  Cindy could
         scream in outrage!  A clamp was applied to her right PUSSY LIP. 
         Her screams became almost inhuman!  She hoped the oil would cause
         the clamps to slip off, but the tiny teeth held VERY WELalt.gui  

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Subject: LineMstr repost bdsm flood (f)---Punished in Public, Part V (final)
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                                PUNISHED IN PUBLIC
                                      Part 5
              "AAaahhhheEEEEeeeee!!  Noooo!  Nooo!  Nooo!  It HURTS TOO
         MUCH!!  Pleeeeeeeee!  STOP!!  PLEASE STOP!!  NOOooooo!! 
         AAAArrrrgggghhhhh!!  NNggggghhh!  NNgggggghhh!! NNGggggHHhhh!"
              The blows continued, spaced as before.  Cindy's ass lunged
         humped as never before, in an attempt to avoid the blows.  She
         not succeed.  Desperately, Cindy fought to retain some semblance
         control over the responses demanded by her bodily reflexes! 
         the blows were placed more vertically, striking each buttock and
         upper thigh alone, missing the cunt totally.  THE BASTARD!!  She
         knew he was playing with her.  She continued to scream and plead.

         The crowd loved it!!  She didn't CARE!!  THEN IT HAPPENED!!  The
         trainer placed the first blow vertically DIRECTLY ON THE HELPLESS
         WIDELY SPLAYED CUNT!!  It cut Cindy from her lower abdomen,
         her clit, down through her cunt lips and across her puckered
         asshole!!  The pain again exploded an instant later in Cindy's
         brain!! Her screams took on a whole different quality and
         intensity.  Her pleadings stopped.  She began to babble and
         Once again, saliva drooled from her mouth, her eyes rolled back
         her head, and she screamed.  Just as the first blow reached full
         intensity, the trainer delivered the next, and the next, each
         exactly in the same center line from clitoris to asshole as the
         screamed.   Her vagina and asshole expanded and contracted with
         each blow.  Her clitoris and pussy lips became engorged with
         and increasingly tender and sensitive to the onslaught of the
         Her bonds held fast.  Cindy was unaware of her wildly gyrating
         of the animal-like noises and screams, and of the roaring
         of the crowd.  
              "Shall I whip her till she comes?!"  shouted the trainer.  
              The answer from the crowd was obvious.  The blows continued.

         Once again Cindy felt the fire in her cunt.  She almost relished
         the vulgar show she presented to the throng.  All she could feel
         now was the repeated blows on her cunt and asshole.  The fire
         and built, until, at last, Cindy felt herself start to come.  She
         knew she should be ashamed, to allow such a response for the
         enjoyment of the crowd watching such a repulsive violation of her
         decency.  But she was helpless to prevent it!  The raw lust in
         loins raged as never before.  CINDY CAME!!!  She bucked wildly
         against her bonds in cadence to the lash.  She made strange
         and grunting noises, and her vagina expelled copious amounts of
         fluid and air as her climaxes repeated themselves over and over. 
         And she screamed--continuously screamed--as wave after wave of
         climax came over her, and the blows on her clit, cunt, and
         continued.  Finally, Cindy was spent, and the blows ceased.  Her
         cunt, while engorged and sensitive, bore no whipmarks.  Cindy
         panted and sweated while quietly awaiting the trainer's next
              Cindy gasped wildly as the trainer placed THREE FINGERS into
         her CUNT and rubbed her pussy juices over her cunt and asshole. 
         With his other hand, he placed two fingers in her virgin asshole
         and worked both hands in and out of the captive beauty!
              "You seemed to enjoy that enough,"  he "joked."  "Now I'm
         getting you ready for the next phase!"
              "Nooooooo!  No more THERE!!  I'm too SENSITIVE NOW!! 
         PLeeeeease!  NO MORE!! NOT THERE!! NOT NOW!!"
              "Remember--we're through when the sentence is COMPLETED! 
         not completed YET!!"
              The trainer held the fingers of both hands to Cindy's mouth
         and commanded, "LICK THEM CLEAN, SLAVE!!"
              "Nooooo!! Cindy shook her head desperately to one side as
         smelled the musky odor of her own cunt juices.  She adamantly
         refused the demands of the trainer.  But this time, it was for a
         different reason.  It was almost as if she did it just to provoke
         Cindy stared in disbelief as the trainer attached a long rod to
         floor toward the front and center of the chair, with one end
         pointing directly at the hapless captive beauty's cunt!!  On the
         end was an enormous phallus-shaped device with a smaller similar
         device behind and a curved, flat piece in front.  The entire arm
         was rigid and attached to a camshaft.  As the camshaft rotated,
         arm would extend and withdraw, extend and withdraw, at the rate
         dictated by the rotational speed of the camshaft.  
              Cindy had NO DOUBT as to what the next phase entailed.  Once
         again, the crowd roared its approval.  Once again, Cindy screamed
         and pleaded for release from her sentence!  She watched with
         renewed terror as the device was greased, and was brought toward
         her sopping cunt hole.  The phallus was extended, and slowly
         started sliding inside her still-engorged cunt.  Cindy was
         convinced that she could never take the length and width of such
         monster DICK!  As her PUSSY LIPS PARTED, the REAR DICK was
         with her puckered ASSHOLE!!  It slowly SLID into her REAR
         Cindy had never been fucked in the ass by anyone.  No one had
         fingered her in the ass until the trainer's fingers had violated
         her earlier in her punishment.  She was humiliated anew--that her
         AND CHEERING!  That it didn't feel HALF BAD!!
              As Cindy's gaping pussy hole absorbed the full ten inches of
         fake prick, she felt a tearing fullness in her cunt and asshole
         which was totally disarming.  It was disgusting, and yet sensual.

         It made her want to move disgustingly against the fullness, but
         was terrified that she would injure herself.  The sensations were
         maddening.  As the base of the cock fitted against her dripping
         pussy, the flat, curved front extension nestled against her
         throbbing clit!!  She suddenly felt THEM!!  The flat front

         SLIGHTEST TOUCH!!  The shock of the invasion of the bristles
         against her clit caused every naked nerve ending in her clit to
         focus an explosion of combined screams in Cindy's brain!! Then,
         torment ended abruptly once again.  Cindy glanced pleadingly
         the trainer.  
              With his right hand, he grasped a dial.  As he slowly turned
         it, the giant phallus began to WITHDRAW FROM CINDY'S PUSSY AND
         ASSHOLE!!  A new terror began to rise in Cindy's psyche.  She
         quickly realized that the phallus was connected to the camshaft. 
         It would only withdraw so far and would start to RE-  ENTER HER
         AGAIN!!  The fullness in her twin cavities would continue, and
         erotically bound brunette could only tense in terrified
         anticipation of a new assault on her sensitive clitoris!!  The
         phallus withdrew almosCindy thanks Dad for coaching the
team..btw, if it      1