Ms. Mary - Part 2  (Fg,nepi,baby,nc,fisting,extreme pedo)

Author: NepiMilf


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is strictly a work of fiction and fantasy - for adult 
               entertainment purpose only!


   Mary lay in bed still sleeping.  She was having a wet dream about
molesting little 4 month old Jessica the day before when her alarm clock
rudely pulled her away from the sweet dream.  She quickly got ready and
left for work.  In the car, she slipped her hand down her pants and worked
her clit to orgasm several times, thinking of little girl slits.  After
Mary got to work, she began to make her rounds through the labor and
delivery ward.  It was 7am and a very slow day.  Mary's first patient was a
young teen mom that wanted a natural delivery with no pain killers at all.
She was laboring alone in the delivery room.

   "Hi. I'm your new nurse Mary." She said, flashing a comforting smile to
the pregnant girl.  "I will be taking care of you for the next 12 hours. 
Now I'd like to do a cervical check.  I need you to lay back and open your
legs for me." Said Mary.

   The young girl complied and spread herself open.

   The girl didn't know it, but Mary was purposely waiting for a
contraction to begin so the exam would be more painful.  When the
contraction started, Mary secretly stripped her glove off and, with more
force than necessary, shoved her bare and still cum covered hand into the
unsuspecting laboring woman's cunt.  The girl's pussy bared down on her
hand like a vice.  The girl gasped and began to cry out.

   "I'm so sorry dear.  I know these are uncomfortable, but we want to make
sure the baby is ok.  Try and relax till I'm done." She said, trying to
sound sympathetic as she shoved her hand deeper into the contracting hole,
resting her thumb on the girls clit, and trying to rub it a bit without
being too obvious.  

   The girl's face twisted with discomfort, as she tried to be still for 
the nice nurse.  

   Mary could feel the baby moving inside the mother, and wondered how fun 
it might be to make the new mom watch her brand new baby get gang raped.  

   After poking and pushing around the girl's pussy for a bit of fun, Mary 
checked the girl's cervix, and told the young mom about her findings.  

   Then, Mary left to rub her own clit.

   This scene repeated for a number of hours.

   Mary knew the girl was progressing quickly.  The laboring young teenager
was almost complete, and ready to deliver her baby.  Three hours prior, she
had begun to ask for drugs.  Crying, she said she just couldn't take
anymore.  But Mary had her own plans, and conveniently forgot to request
the anesthesiologist.  She was going to force the girl to deliver without
drugs, whether she wanted to or not!  Mary also forgot to notify the
delivering doctor of how close the pitiful girl was to pushing out her baby
- leaving Mary to deliver the child alone!

   Before long, the girl was screaming and crying through every contraction.

   Mary loved seeing the girl suffer.  She told the girl to spread wide open 
for her, as the girl began to push.

   The girl was delirious with pain.

   Without warning, Mary shoved her whole hand, and much of her forearm into
the girl's cunt - reaching her fingers up to the infant's head.

   To her great surprise, she didn't find the head!  The baby was breech
and coming out butt first.  To Mary's delight, she also discovered the
unborn little infant was a baby girl!

   With this new discovery, Mary realized she was rubbing an unborn baby
girl's pussy while still inside its mother's pussy.  Mary was mad with
lust, and pushed her pinky finger into the impossibly small pussy inside
it's mother.  On the fetal heartbeat monitor, the baby's heart rate began
to rise - presumably because she could already feel the pain of her pussy
getting finger raped before she was even born into this world.  The mother
must have been unaware - due to her own pain - or assumed the actions were
a normal part of delivery.

   With every contraction, she pushed her baby's tiny little hole deeper
and deeper onto my invading digit.  After a good 10 to 15 hard and painful
pushes, the baby girl's pale ass cheeks begin to emerge.  Mary pushes so
hard into the baby pussy, she feels the unborn girl's cervix slightly give
way and open.  She pushes her finger deeper - invading the infant womb! 
She is born into this world with Mary's finger buried as deep as she can
get it into the tight little cunt.  This girl is literally born a slut with
her pussy stuffed as her mother pushes her out.

   Once all of the infant's lower body is free, Mary begins to rub the
small little nub that is the infant's clit.  Her mother is howling in pain
again from the breach delivery stretching her pussy so badly.

   Finally, the newborn's head is delivered, and a brand new slut enters
the world.  Born with her pussy stuffed, what a hot little thing she was!

   After cleaning her up a bit, she let the mother hold her new baby.  But
her mother was so spent, she could hardly hold the little girl.

   "I'll tell you what..." Mary announced.  "I will go ahead and take her
to the nursery for a bit, and bring her back after her exam, and once you
get a little rest.  Okay?"

   The new mother weakly agrees, and hands her first born daughter back to
Mary - who quickly takes the baby and leaves the room.

   Mary just wanted a little time alone with the fresh new girl, but
security in the hospital made that difficult.  She decided to duck into an
empty recovery room with the girl.  There was no lock on the door so she
retreated further into the bathroom with her prize.

   The newborn baby wasn't even dressed or diapered yet, just wrapped up in 
a blanket with a little pink cap on her head.

   Mary's pussy was frantic for attention!  Knowing she needed to be quiet,
and watching the little baby girl mouth at her fists like she's hungry,
Mary decided to try and give the girl her first meal.

   She undressed and sat on the floor.

   Using available towels, she propped the baby up between her legs and
spread her pussy wide, trying to get her clit to stick out as much as
possible.  As she pulled the baby's face to her swelling clit, she felt the
child's soft lips brush her skin.

   As soon as the baby felt skin near her mouth, she instinctively began to
root around for a nipple to latch onto.  It took only seconds for the
newborn to zero in on Mary's protruding clit.

   The baby opened her mouth wide, and sucked the clit deep into her mouth
- her tongue sliding back and forth on the underside as she tries to draw
milk from the woman's clit.  Mary, not wanting to make the baby cry, gently
rubs the newborn's impossibly small slit.  All balled up with her face
sucking pussy, the newborn girl's feet are resting against Mary's slit. 
She takes the little foot, and shoves it into her soaking wet pussy!

   The newborn's leg is buried all the way up to her thigh!

   Wanting more, Mary grabs the baby's other leg, and begins to work it
into her pussy too.  It's a tight fit, but Mary is able to use both the
baby's little feet to fuck her pussy.

   Feeling the heat and suction of the little mouth nursing on her clit,
combined with trying to stuff the child feet first into her cunt, drove her
over the edge with an earth shaking orgasm!

   Once recovered, she doesn't even bother to wipe her girl cum off the
newborns face or legs.  After all, all newborns are a mess after delivery
anyway.  Not wanting to push her luck, Mary quickly redresses and takes the
baby to the nursery for her well baby checks, then back to her young mother
- who was now a bit more rested and lucid.

   The new mommy takes her baby, and lovingly kisses her cheek.  Mary
smiles, knowing her cum is still on those cheeks.

   Before leaving, Mary congratulated the mom on her beautiful new baby
girl, and offered her cell number in case the mom ever needed a babysitter.

More to come...

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