Motherly Bonding - The Sensuality (Fb,nepi,infant,breast-feeding)

by Randolph

   She arose to the warm breeze coming through the window.  Stephanie was a
young mother in her early 20's, just rising from a nap.  She wore a simple
soft nightgown as she got up from the big comfy bed.  She has been at home
for nearly three months with her newborn baby boy, adjusting to motherhood. 
But she feels as though she is really getting the hang of it the past
month. Stephanie was a very classy girl.  She was graceful and feminine,
and even though she still had some baby weight and wasn't supermodel skinny,
it just added to her true motherly beauty.  Something soft and right about
it.  Like a glow of life and beauty that seems to be with the sweetest of
maternal women.

   She heard a cry from the crib.  The baby was awake from his nap also. 
It was time to feed.  She really didn't mind, the last few times she
breastfed her baby boy it wasn't even painful, in fact it was a very nice
bonding experience.

   She went over and pulled her boy up to her.  He stopped crying slightly
when he felt her holding him.  She felt around the diaper and could feel
wetness.  She laid him over her bed and took his clothes off and cleaned
his little pee pee up, gently stroking is little cock and baby balls with
soft, Pampers baby wipes. Then she fastened a new Cookie Monster diaper on

   He was still a little fussy, so she didn't bother trying to dress
him yet and decided to feed him right then.  She scooped him up into her
arms again and sat down with him on her favorite soft chair.  She sat for a
second, cuddling up with her baby.  He was so very cute to her.  She loved
to hug him close to her chest, and she really liked his soft, baby smell. 
The scent of baby powder inside his adorable little Pamper did wonders in
stoking the fire between her thighs - causing ripples of juices to flow
from her vagina. 

He settled down and was feeling comfy in his mother's lap.  He was gripping 
her finger as she smiled down into his eyes.  Finally, she unbuttoned the top 
three buttons of her gown, it opened up all the way to her navel.  She pulled 
one part open to expose her full breast.  She then hugged him closer and then
gently guided her nipple into his soft wet mouth.  He started sucking as
soon as he had his mother in his mouth.  He was sucking hard and it was a
little painful to begin.  The breast doesn't really let out milk until
finally after enough stimulation it will let it down.  

Finally it came. 

All the pressure and pain faded away and she was giving her baby what he
needed.  Her nipple was squirting steadily into his eager mouth.  He tends
to feed for awhile, so she sinked into the chair getting a little more
comfortable, hugging him tighter.  It felt pleasant now.  Either her
nipples have become stronger over the months or her son was a bit more
tender, but his mouth felt good, it was a relaxing tingling feeling through
her whole breast.  With one hand she held him nuzzled to her breast and her
other hand messaged lovingly over his naked body.  She mussed his hair a
bit and gently stroked his cheeks as he kept his pace and drank in more
and more of his mommy.

   His sucking really was feeling nice right now.  It was really making her
tingle and she felt a slight ache in her breast, like she wanted it sucked
harder.  "Wow what am I thinking?" she thought.  She can't let herself
become aroused at Breastfeeding her own Son.  A Baby!  But it was feeling
pleasurable.  How bad can that really be?  Its better for it too feel good
then to hurt her she reasoned, so she just relaxed and let it happen but
try and not dwell on it as being sexual...  It was more sensual, she
beamed. Mother and Son Sensual!  Maybe this is what true Mother and Baby
bonding was.  Not sexual, but this very close sensual feeling of being
together, tenderness, nurturing and pleasure...  She wondered how many
mothers feel like this but probably don't talk about it obviously because
of it being likely misunderstood by others.  She wondered if she would be
like this if she had a Girl.  She didn't think so.  Wow that thought
actually weirded her out, she felt sensual with her baby boy right now
because of that fact that he was a Boy.  She knew even though this was her
Son, she couldn't shrug the fact that it was still a Boy and Girl together,
there was something different about it.  I mean here she is exposing her
breast to him.  She suddenly felt very nude and excited about it.  And he
was sucking on her tit!  She realized that the whole concept was making her
very aroused.  Then she could feel her sex heating up.  She was beginning
to ache between her legs now to.  "NO" she thought, I can't go that far,
this is just a sensual experience I'm having and its ok.  She wanted to
feel more skin contact with him, feel closer.  She pushed her gown off her
other shoulder and bunched it down around her waist.  Now both her breast
were fully exposed to him and their bare skin were up against each other.
His little baby penis was pushed up against her.  It was even more arousing
having this little boy's penis on her, she could feel it.  She moaned a
little to his sucking, losing herself in the moment.  How sensual, how
erotic the Mother Son act of love.  Surely many women have found this
sacred joy before.  her hand was caressing and loving his soft body and
before she knew it she brushed her fingers over his penis.  She took one
finger and gently messaged his little wee wee.  It wasn't really that she
was masturbating him, just simply grabbing the part of him that is most
male.  In her aroused state it felt natural to message it up and down.  To
her surprise he seemed to react to the stimulation her hand was giving him.
She messaged his undeveloped sex and he seemed to slow down and suck
deeper. He become more calm and content...  It was then and there that she
knew little babies were already born with a sense of real pleasure.  

Her head tilted back, and her eyes closed.  This was bare flesh, female and 
baby boy pressed together tightly, pleasuring each other.  Her fingers rubbed 
as he sucked her.  She was intensely building and wet now.  She couldn't 
ignore it anymore, Her pussy was raging on fire.  She seemed to be in a 
trance and wanted so bad to touch it and relieve it.

   She lifted her hips and slipped the gown completely off her and kicked
it away with her legs.  Now she truly was naked.  She was exposing all of
herself to him, she wanted him to have her.  Her body now belonged to this
little man, she would do anything for him, she felt so close and erotic
about her feelings for him now.  She felt herself, her fingers slipped into
her softness it was so wet and warm, she wanted to rub it so bad, but she
wanted to keep touching him too.  She shouldn't go any farther though she
knew.  But no this isn't sexual she reminded herself, this is "Sensual",
this must be a normal feeling all Mothers have to experience.  She pulled
him from her chest and scooted down farther into the chair, then she pulled
her knees back towards herself and out spreading open her pussy wide for
her little man.  She rolled her legs farther back in a way that pulled her
whole pussy facing up towards the ceiling, then she picked up her baby and
laid his naked body against her pussy.  She messaged his whole body lightly
up and down her pussy lips.  He was already glistening in her wetness then
she pulled him farther up until she could feel his little penis rubbing
against her.  She started moaning and grinding his little penis against her
lips and clit.  His babyhood was already covered in his mommas juices.  She
rubbed into him more and more, it was intensely building inside her.  Her
mouth gaped open as she fought for violent breaths that made her chest
heave.  She was openly moaning and grinding her man.  She lost herself in
her Motherhood, she had never felt so sexy, naughty and female all at one
time.  Then she couldn't believe it but all the stimulation gave him a baby
boner.  It was tiny but was poking out now and was even more stimulating as
it flicked back and forth across her aching clit.  Her baby cooed and
smiled, It was the sweetest thing she had seen.  She pushed him lower and
let his Baby cock slide through her wet heat until she finally felt it
slide into her hole.  It barely went inside but it was an amazing feeling
having her baby enter her.  It wasn't long before this that he entered the
world from her, and now already she was reconnecting them as one again. 
She was expressing the same type of sexuality that created him.  It all
made sense, the connection between parenting and sex...  It was all an
erotic loving experience that brought a new person into the world.  She
reached around his bottom and stuck two of her fingers inside herself.  She
was able to message him more into her as she continued to finger herself.
Now they really were fucking.  She was bucking her hips up into him and
shoving her fingers into herself feeling his Baby cock push all over just
inside her.  Suddenly she felt a warm gush flowing into her sex.  God she
thought HE IS CUMMING!  Wait she knew what was happening, he was peeing
into her.  But he seemed to be rocking into her more as he let it go.  He
seemed to be very stimulated at the moment.  Stephanie believed peeing
could just possibly be a babies way to cum.  mmmmm yes.  "Cum in me Baby!"
she moaned and masturbated her fingers quickly in and out as the warm gush
filled up her hole and started leaking out down her ass.  Suddenly her body
jerked and went rigid she was gonna come on her baby cock...  

"AHHHHH I love you! I love you!" She moaned, as her pussy started convulsing 
and leaking her own juices with his.  

She held his body tight against her pussy as she rode out a powerful orgasm.  

She screamed and nearly cried at the intense feeling, before finally coming 
down off the orgasm.  

She relaxed her body and rested a bit as her little man seemed to be doing.  

His baby cum was leaking all out of her and down her ass.  

She lightly messaged at her tingly lips - feeling the after glow of such a 
sensual, motherly experience. 

Then her eyes opened in panic.  She couldn't believe it, that was way
beyond sensual she finally admitted...  

That was SEX!!!


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