Her Name Was Allisa (MFg,nepi,baby,molestation,full penetration)

by Baby Huey

   My Wife of ten wonderful years thus far knew my cravings, and agreed to
lend a hand in my desire.  My wife was born with three siblings.  Two
sisters, Anna and Sonya, and one brother, George.  When we got together we
expressed or mutual likeness in young children.  I had always had fantasies
of younger girls and her of boys.  After our 6th year together, we heard
the very unfortunate news that her sister Sonya had past away in a car
accident.  Unfortunate for my wife and my wife's family but not for me
cause we were deemed the godparents of her 8 month old daughter Allisa a
month before the birth.

   For my wife I held off any ideas or plans for a few weeks for her
grieving before mentioning to her that we could now fulfill my fantasy with
Allisa.  She was against it and told me it would never happen.  On occasion
while changing her I was able to get a nice glimpse at her nice mound and
underneath by folding her cute little pink lips back.  Not a single trace
of hair on top, and her puny hymen just barley visible.

   I leaned down and took a quick sniff of her lovely slit.  It smelled so
sweet I dipped a tongue into her sweet lips and tasted the sweet nectar.  I
couldn't help myself I dropped my pants right there and began to stroke
myself faster than I ever had in my life.  It didn't take long before I was
streaming long, thick lines of hot cum all over my child's belly and
mound.I pulled up my pants and just beamed at my cum covered baby.

   As I began to clean her up she wiped some of my cum from her belly into
her mouth and began to grin.  I quickly redropped my pants with an instant
hard-on, and stuck my cock between the braces of the changing table and
leaned her to it.  She quickly began to suck on the head after tasting the
remaining cum on it.  I was in total bliss, I never thought this day would
come... But it ended quickly as I looked up and saw my wife standing in the
doorway.  I pulled my dick from our new daughter's mouth with a loud pop
from her great suction on me.

   My wife's jaw was dropped.  As I rose up from quickly buttoning my
pants, I watched her back as she left the room down the hall.  I was
worried what to do next.  I finished cleaning up our little Allisa and laid
her down to bed.  I walked back to the living room and sat in front of the
TV.  No light on in the bathroom.  I assumed she had gone to bed.  When I
had worked up the nerve to face her, I turned off the TV and went towards
the bedroom.

   As I approached the cracked door I heard my wife moaning and whispering
to no one.  I eased the door open and saw her hand moving under the sheets
and heard her muttering: "Is she tight...are you sure you can fit it in
her...no...no...not her ass in her pussy..."

   I couldn't believe what I was hearin .  She wanted me to fuck her!!!  I
ran to the babies room, peeled off her diaper and took her from her crib.
Luckily she stayed asleep.  I ran back to our room and snuck through the
door, my wife still occupied.  I laid her down gently on my side of the bed
and ripped the covers off my wife.  She looked up at me but did not stop
rubbing her clit.

   There was already a wet spot on the sheets where she had leaked her cum
on the bed.  I didn't need any invitation.  I moved her hand out of the
way, lifted her ass from the bed and thrust all 7 inches of my cock in her
hot cunt.  She screamed in ecstasy.  As I continued to fuck her I moved our
daughter up to her breast where she latched her lips on and held on for
dear life.  My Wife's eyes nearly popped out of her head she screamed as
her pussy tightened down on me like a vice.  As she tried to nurse our
daughter she continuously moaned as I kept slamming into her.

   As she began to climax again I placed her hand in her daughters folds
and got her finger up to her hymen.  I leaned over, my hand on hers, and
whispered in her ear "Somebodys got to do it baby."

   All at once she came, shoved her finger through our virgin daughters
cherry deep into her love canal, the baby winced,bit down on her nipple and
my wife screamed at the top of her lungs:


   I watched as she slowly slid her finger in and out of our de-virginized
daughter.  I had fought my orgasm long enough and pulled out and sprayed my
wife and daughter with the biggest load I have ever done.

   I awoke what seemed like hours later to a very warm sensation.  I opened
my eyes and saw my wife having Allisa suck me off while she slid her
vibrator in and out of her.  When she saw me looking she said" I think that
she might can fit you in now.  My toy has widened her a little bit." I
pulled my dick out of her mouth.  Her mother turned her over so that she
could suck her breast.  I put some lube on the end of my shaft and started
probing around for her hole.  That's when my Wife grabbed hold of it guided
it toward her hole and said "take it easy with your daughter, She's still
very young to hold her first cock." I felt the warmness of her hole at the
end of my dick and out of reaction I thrust upward.  I only got about 4
inches in before I hit her back wall, But any more and I think she would
have torn in two.

   I stayed there a moment to let her stretch to my size.  As she began to
quit whimpering, I withdrew and pushed back in.  She felt so tight, I knew
I wouldn't last long.  And Her mother knew it.  She kept pushing me to do
it harder and faster, "ohhh honey I've never seen you so horny, Your dick
is stretching that toddler cunt so wide.  I can even watch her belly rise
when your dick goes too far into her.  Fill her with your cum.  Have that
babyjuice leaking out of our baby.  Keep doing it and maybe she'll end up
getting preg..." I never heard the end as my balls tightened and I seized
up and pumped load after load into my baby's pussy.

   I looked over at my wife and she just beamed at me.  "Stay in her a
minute, I'll be right back." My Wife left the room and came back in with a
diaper and powder.  As I withdrew my dick from her gaping hole my wife
lifted her ass up off the bed to keep the cum in.  As soon as she put her
down on that clean diaper and released her legs, a steady flow of cum came
dribbling down out of her love hole into the diaper.

   My wife quickly sprinkled baby powder on her, avoiding the cum filled
hole, and taped her up.  She lay her between us facing my wife with her
trying to feed.  I couldn't help but think of what my wife had been saying,
Maybe she would get pregnant.  Maybe with a son, And maybe he could take
good care of his mom like his mom did for me.


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