Abigail (Mg,nepi,extreme pedo,oral,cum)

by Samara

   The event I am about to tell happened quite by chance.  I have never
done such a thing before, indeed, I never thought I was capable of doing
it. It just happened.

   My wife, Karen's sister is Emma.  She is an attractive woman three years
younger than Karen.  The two sisters have always been close and often help
each other out.

   Karen and I married when she was 21 and I was 23.  We have a son,
Michael, who is now 12.  Emma, on the other hand, married her partner only
5 years ago.  They wasted no time in starting a family and now have a
delightful 4 year old daughter called Abigail.

   Karen and Emma had arranged to spend a day at a health farm.  The day in
question, a Saturday, had been arranged months before as a treat for Emma.

   Little Abi was due to spend the day with her father, but the week before
he had to fly to the US on business.  Emma's day out looked like it would
be canceled.

   Karen, however, had other ideas.  After eliminating the various
surviving grandparents for one reason or another, she volunteered my
services on the grounds that I would know how to look after the child.  I
had a son after all.

   Of course, not wishing to spoil Emma's treat, I agreed.  Well, how
difficult could it be.

   The big day came.  Emma and Abi arrived with a variety of accessories
that were supposedly necessary to modern child care.  The two sisters left
for their day out after a lengthy lecture in how to look after Abi.

   Abi was excited to be spending the day with uncle Pete.  Mike and I
spent the morning keeping the child entertained, and all things considered,
we did a pretty good job.  Abi remained cheerful and enthusiastic all

   After lunch she began getting grumpy.  She wouldn't settle down to any
activity for more than five minutes at a time.

   Mike played football for a local youth team on Saturday afternoons, and
I usually went along to cheer them on.  Obviously I wouldn't be able to go
this time.  Mike left with one of his team mates shortly after lunch.

   That left me to look after an increasingly grumpy child.  I remembered
from the lecture that Abi got this way when she was tired.  In fact I
recall that Karen and I had the same problem with Mike when he was little.
The solution then, as now, was to put the child down to sleep for a few

   I made her a cup of hot chocolate then took her upstairs to have a nap
on the 'big bed'.  Abi was wearing a dress which she pulled off, surprising
me, and threw on the floor before leaping up on the bed in her panties and

   It was a warm afternoon so she lay on top of the duvet.  I covered her
with a large bath towel from the airing cupboard and began reading her one
of her favorite stories.  She was soon fast asleep.

   I left her for about half an hour then went back to check she was OK. 
Abi had rolled right to the edge of the bed and was in danger of falling
off.  The towel lay in a crumpled heap beneath her.

   I gently picked her soft, warm body up and transferred her back to the
middle of the bed, fearful I would wake her up and have to start all over

   I lay her on her back and was about to cover her again with the towel,
but paused for a moment to admire her beauty.  Abi had inherited her
mother's, and indeed her aunty Karen's good looks.  She had shoulder length
dark hair, stunning blue eyes and a delightful elfin face that was full of

   My gaze drifted from her face to her naked chest.  Her tiny nipples just
dark pink patches on top of tiny 'puppy fat' tits.  Then lower still I
noticed her panties had creased up and were pressed into her plump little
pussy crack.

   My eyes seemed locked on her cunt.  For some inexplicable reason my cock
stirred within the confines of my jeans.  I tried to imagine what her pussy
looked like, then realized I could probably have a quick peek.  She didn't
wake up when I moved her.

   I carefully sat on the bed next to her and placed my hand lightly on her
knee.  She didn't stir.  I held my breath as I slid my hand slowly up the
warm soft skin inside her leg.

   My hand shook with fear of discovery and I very nearly pulled back. 
Finally my finger came into contact with the damp scrap of blue fabric
trapped in her cunt lips.  I ran my finger along the molded impression of
her baby crack.

   Suddenly Abi drew a deep breath.  I froze.  She then let it out with a
long sigh.  She was in deep sleep.

   Becoming bolder, I rubbed my questing finger deeper into her covered
crack.  My cock had thickened, filling all the available space in my pants
and needed more.  I unzipped and released my throbbing shaft, gently
rubbing it to a full erection.

   By now I was overcome with lust.  Throwing caution to the wind, I pulled
her little blue panties down a few inches until her baby cunt was visible.

   She was gorgeous.  Her pussy lips were two plump globes of smooth skin,
forming a deep crack between them.  My finger slipped back between Abi's
thighs as I gently fondled her soft cunt.

   I wanted more.  I wanted to see what a baby's cunt looked like inside,
to see what was hidden between the folds of Abi's pussy lips.  I slipped
her panties all the way off her short legs then parted her thighs.

   My breath was ragged, my hands shook.  If she woke now I was done for.
How would I explain what I was doing?

   Using both hands, I peeled her cunt lips apart to reveal her delicate
pink hidden sex.  Her inner lips were a barely formed inverted 'V'.  Her
immature clit lay hidden beneath the tiny pimple of her clitoral hood.  The
moist entrance to her pussy hole was little more than a tiny coral pink
opening below her clitty.

   She was perfect.  My head swam with desire.  My mouth, which had been
dry and tangy with taste of fear, was suddenly awash with saliva.  I had to
swallow several times to keep from drooling!

   Still I wanted more.  I wanted to kiss her perfect pussy.  I wanted to
suckle her baby 4 year old virgin sex.  I lowered my face between her open
legs.  My heartbeat sounded like a manic rock band drummer in my ears as my
lips touched her delicate labia.

   That first kiss was no more than the chaste touch of my lips on hers. 
The second lasted longer as I gently massaged her cunt with my mouth.

   Then I eased my tongue into her bald crack for my first taste of little
girl cunt.  She tasted faintly of sweat and stale piss.  I abandoned all
caution then, voraciously sucking and chewing on her sex.  If she had woken
then, I wouldn't have cared.  Amazingly though, she stayed asleep!

   As I suckled her, my hand rapidly stroked my stiff shaft.  My cock was
oozing with slick clear pre-cum that flowed copiously down my aching pole
lubricating my fingers.  I could feel the familiar pre climax pressure
building in my balls.

   For a moment I entertained the idea of fucking her, but just as quickly
dismissed the thought.  My cock was much too big for such a delicate little
fanny and would cause her a lot of pain.  She would definitely wake up

   I resolved to wank myself to a climax.  But despite the pressure, the
final release wouldn't come.  My cock was drawn to her cunt as if by

   I changed my position.  I lay next to Abi and curled my legs under hers
with my trousers around my ankles.  This position allowed me to slip my
stiff shaft up between her thighs.  The tip of my cock pushed her plump
labia apart, lubricating her inner sex with my pre-cum and leaving a
viscous trail of clear slime.

   I held my cock, slowly fucking my fist and sliding my swollen cock head
up and down her crack, rubbing myself on her miniature bud.

   I bent my head to her immature breasts, sucking her puppy fat tits into
my eager mouth.  Her tiny nipples stiffened into hard pips.

   My cock had oozed so much pre-cum, Abi's pussy and inner thighs were
coated with it.  The slimy lubricant enabled my stiff shaft to slide with
ease up and down her crack.

   Suddenly my cock was throbbing and twitching with orgasmic release.  I
turned from Abi's tits in time to see a large wad of cum erupt into and
fill her slick crack.

   As I thrust forward my cock slid free of her baby slit.  A second squirt
of cum shot from my pulsing shaft, flooding the soft white skin between her
cunt and belly button.

   Finally I was spent.  I lay next to Abi breathing heavily as my cock
twitched with little aftershocks.  The young child still slept blissfully,
her flat chest rose and fell gently in time with her relaxed breathing.

   I lay recovering for about two minutes until the realization of what I
had just done, plus the fear that Abi would wake up galvanized me into

   I quickly arranged my clothing then hurried to the bathroom for a hand
towel.  My cum had congealed into thick lumps, most of which slid down her
crack to soak into the duvet cover under her bum.

   Abi stirred as I cleaned her with the towel.  I nearly had a heart
attack.  She settled down again and I breathed a sigh of relief.

   At last all the cum had been cleared up.  I gently pulled her panties up
then moved her a few inches away from the damp patch between her thighs.  I
left the bedroom with my heart pounding, shocked at what I had just done
and hoping she would have no recollection of it.


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