A Happy Night With My Daughter (Mf,g,nepi,baby,inc,group)

by Blackpanther

                                  CHAPTER 1

   It was Friday night and my wife was out on a girl's only night.  I was
at home with our six month old daughter.  Which suited me just fine.  Suzy,
my wife needed time with her friends to unwind and cut loose once in a
while and I liked the extra bonding time I had with Mary, the baby.

   I made sure that Suzy was actually gone and then I got ready for the
evening with Mary.  I went to the attic where I hid my secret stash of
kiddie porn and selected a DVD that had an infant girl sucking on her
father's cock.  The baby's mouth barely got over the head but just the fact
that an infant was sucking cock turned me on.  I went back downstairs and
put the movie in.

   "Now" I said to myself "it is time for the good put." I went and picked
up Mary out of her playpen, stripped her, naked and carried her to the
couch.  I pulled out my cock and pushed play on the remote control.

   The first scene was of a man stripping down a baby girl and kissing the
baby all over paying special attention to her nipples and small slit.  I
did the same to Mary.  Mary let out a small coo as I pleased my tongue
against the folds of her pussy.

   "You like that, you baby slut?" I asked her and she smiled.  The scene
had changed to where the infant was suckling on the man's cock as if it was
a pacifier.  I put Mary in my lap so her mouth was next to my cock.  And
either she was a born cocksucker or she just wanted something in her mouth,
but she took to my cock as if it was a piece of candy.  I say that she is a
natural born cocksucker.  Her mouth worked my cock over and soon I was
spewing cum into her mouth and onto her face.  When the first jet of cum
hit the back of her mouth she sat up and started crying I finished cumming
by pointing my cock at her face and letting the stream hit her.  Then I
laid her on her back and licked her tiny baby pussy once again.  This made
her really happy.

   Once Mary was smiling and happy, I reposition myself so my already cock
was pointed at her pussy.  I pinched Mary's nipples while I rubbed the tip
of cock across her small pussy lips.  As I did this I was dreaming of the
day that I could stick it all the way into her.  With the dream of having
sex with my daughter at a later age and actually rubbing my cock on her
pussy now made me explode shooting cum all over her little body.  I had
cummed for the second time with in fifteen minute, but my cock was rock
hard again.  But instead of molested the little cunt again I left her lying
on the floor, covered in my cum, as I went over to the phone.  I picked it
up to call my friend.

   "Hello." My friend Joe answered on the second ring.

   "Hey, Joe.  How would like to get a "Little Pussy"" I asked him.

   "I'll be right over."

   "Kay, She's already covered in cum.  But she wants more."

   "I hung up from Joe and went back to my daughter.  She was still lying
where I had left her.  I picked her up and held her in my lap as we watched
the kiddie porn movie waiting for Joe to arrive.

   The kids on the movie had gotten a bit older.  On the screen was a boys
and a girl both about the age of three.  The girl had the boys little
pecker, about three inches, in her mouth giving it all she had.  The boy
had a look of pure ecstasy on his face.  His small hands were behind the
girls head, pushing her mouth firmly around his cock.

   I guided Mary's hand to my cock and she took it in a firm grip.  For
being only six months old she knew what to do.  She started stroking my
cock up and down.  As she watched the t.v.  change as the boys and girl
laid on the bed.  The girl was on bottom and the boy slid up to her pussy
and began to lap it with his tongue.  The little girl writhed and twisted
as he pushed his tongue deep into her pussy.  Then he worked his way up her
body kissing almost every inch of her skin and then licking her nipples as
his hands felt her pussy.  One finger slid all the way into her cunt.  This
girl was no virgin.

   The boy took his finger out of the cunt and lined up his cock and slowly
pushed it into the girl.  At the first the girl looked as if she was in
pain but then she started telling the boy to go harder and faster.  The boy
followed every command.  The door bell rang just as the boy and girl

   "That would be Joe." I told Mary standing up.  Or trying to Mary was a
little relucntend to release my prick.

   When I answered the door, Joe was standing there holding his seven month
old baby boy.

   "I told my wife that Mary wanted to have a play date with Robbie here."
Joe told me.

   This was the first time that the two kids had ever played together.  So
we introduced them, then I took Robbie, While Joe took Mary and laid her on
the couch, he then attacked her pussy with his tongue.

   I quickly undressed Robbie, his little penis looked so inviting that I
had to go down for a taste.  When the little boy felt the warmness of my
mouth around his cock he started cooing and smiling.  After Joe and I
played with the babies when then sat the two infants together to see what
they would do.

   Mary was the first to act.  Upon seeing Robbie's small penis, her hand
reached out for it and grabbed the cock.  Robbie looked at her but did
nothing.  That was when I took his hand and guided it to Mary's pussy.

   It was a beautiful sight, watching two young infants fondle each other.
Now me and Joe are no stranger to gay sex since in high school we had both
confessed to being Bi-sexual.  Truth to the matter, we both enjoyed sex so
much we didn't care how or with who, we got it.  As we helped the babies
with their fondle we each took each other cocks in hand and began to stroke
them.  Soon we were spraying cum over the two kids.  Robbie looked a little
put out about being hit with semen but Mary loved it.

   "Let's see if they can fuck." Joe said.  He took Mary and laid her on
his back while I got Robbie to lay on top of her.  Then I guided his small
prick towards her hole.  His cock slid easy in but stopped at the hymen. 
Then with our help Robbie and Mary had sex for the first time.

   Robbie must have had an orgasm because a little but after they had
started having sex, Robbie's back arched up and he went rigid.  Then his
cock shrink down.  After this we had to let him recover, so we went back to
the Movie.

   On the movie now sat about six men in a circle and six girls were inside
the circle.  The girls range in age from about six months to two years. 
The game was that the kids would crawl around the circle playing the men's
cock.  The first man to come was the winner.  Even the youngest of the kids
was trained to take cock since they went for the cocks right when they same
them.  Granted the kids might only stay at one cock for a few seconds and
then move on.  As we Watched, Joe held Mary on his lap and she was giving
him a energetic blowjob.  Later, Joe told me that Mary just started to do
it.  Little Robbie needed some guidance but he ended up with my cock in his
mouth.  With a little work Robbie would be a great cocksucker.

   By the end of the night we knew that all four of us would be tired out.
Joe and I from cumming so much and the kids just from the activities that
we still had planned for the evening.

   When we each had shot a load into the kids mouth we were ready for some
more.  We took the infants into the kitchen and laid them on the table.  As
joe watched them so they wouldn't fall off.  I gathered up ingredients for
a Child sundae.  Whip Cream, Chocolate Syrup, butterscotch syrup and some

   We spread the chocolate syrup on first and then the butterscotch, then
finally we covered Mary's nipples and pussy and Robbie's penis with whip

   This time I had Mary and Joe had Robbie and we licked all the syrup and
whip cream off of them.  It was the best damn sundae that I had ever aten
Then we Robbie again and let Mary go to him.  Liking the taste of the syrup
she too lick what she could have of his little body.  The thing that amazed
me the most was the she went almost straight for his cock.  What she
couldn't get I finished for her then it was her turn again.

   Robbie, liking the treats, also ate what he could be he really didn't
care about her pussy, he did lick there but her was more interested in the
food then Mary.  It was still erotic.

   Just then the phone rang.  It was Suzy telling me that she was going to
sleep at her friends house.  I told her fine and that Mary and I were doing
just fine.  Then I told her that Joe had stopped over with Robbie.  She
liked the idea of social interactions between the two infants.

   We played with the food a while longer, then Joe and I cummed for the
last time on the kids.  Both Mary and Robbie were looking a little tired.

   "Bath time and then we'll put them to bed" I said.  "You should call you
wife and tell her that Robbie fell asleep and that your going to stay here
for the night."

   He did while I cleaned up the table and then we took the kids up to the
shower.  We had a huge tub that would hold all four of us.  After running
the water we climbed in.  The kids played with our cocks as we sat soaking
in the tub, and we played with them and we played with each other.

   The night of kiddie passion was over.  We dressed the two infants and
laid them in Mary's crib.  When the babies were asleep, I went back up to
the attic for more kiddie porn DVD's.  Joe and I watched them till earlier
morning.  All in All it was a really fun night.  But what I didn't know was
what kind of Fun my wife was having on her night out.  And I didn't find
out until a couple of years later when she caught me licking Mary's pussy.

Suzy's Night Out...

   It was my night to howl, or so I told my husband, Mark.  I left him home
with our infant daughter, of course at the time I had no idea what he had
planned to do, If I did I would have stayed home to watch.

   But it was girl's night out.  My friends, Katherine, Agatha, and
Caroline and I have been having a girls night out once a month for the past
three years.  Katherine, Agatha and Caroline are all single parents.  And
we all worked together.  Katherine has two sons, Mark, who is five and John
who is eight.  Agatha has three kids.  Jason, 6, Penny,8 and Margaret who
is ten and Caroline has one son James, 12.

   It was last year at one of our night outs, that Agatha came to the bar
looking very upset.  When we asked here what was wrong she told us that she
had caught Penny and Margaret giving Jason blow-jobs.

   "What did you do." I asked her.

   "Nothing."she said.  "I couldn't do nothing.  I was so turned on that I
couldn't do nothing."

   We all stared at her and then started confessing our sins.  At first I
couldn't believe that all four of us had the same feelings, We all wanted
to have sex with children.  Katherine told how she would find any excuse to
walk in on John when he was getting undressed or taking a bath and with
Mark she would wash him all over in the tub.  What really got us was when
Caroline, risking everything by telling us, told us that her and her son
have been sleeping together since he was nine.

   "At first it was innocent, he was scared of the dark, and so was I." She
admitted.  "but then it just seemed to happen when he was ten and we
started having sex.  But please don't tell anyone, please."

   "We won't" We promised.  Then her eyes lit up.

   "Hey, James should still be awake.  I'll bet that he would love to fuck
us all."

   Nothing needed to be said we paid the bill and went to Caroline place
where we each took turns fulfilling our dreams.  Over the period of the
next year we introduced the rest of the children to our sex group and every
time we would meet it would be with all of our children.  That was how it
started with our girl's night out.

   Then my daughter was born and I was so happy because when she was old
enough we could introduce into the group.  Of course at the time I had no
idea that Mark was interested in kids too.

   That night we were to meet at Agatha house, where her children were
already in the nude waiting for us.  I undress at the door and made my way
to the living room where I grabbed Jason and covered him in kisses from his
penis to his mouth.  Penny and Margaret came over and I gave them the same
treatment.  At these parties, it was a free for all.  Girl on girl, boy on
boy.  Then Caroline showed up with James.  My friends left me.  The girls
heading for James and Jason going for Caroline.  Then it was Katherine and
her two sons.  The orgy had begun.  We always had a rule that the adults
got treated first, since if it wasn't for us they wouldn't be able to do
this.  Since there was only three boys and four adults one of the boys got
two girls.  This time it was James with Me and his mother.  He fucked both
of us until he came, he pulled out and we bent down so our mouths were
almost even with his cock and caught the cream.  The girls were staying
busy but licking each other or finger fucking.  After all the boys released
their cream, then the fun began.  We were all over each other, sometimes in
a pile where we didn't know who was sticking their cocks, or fingers, or
tongues inside us.  This went on for two years of hiding the fact from Mark
and Mark hiding the fact that he was molesting our baby from me, that is
until I walked in on him one day with his face buried in the little slut's
twat.  I was so proud.

   When we had confessed to each other, I talked to the girls and they
admitted him into the club along with Mary.  Mary turned out to be quite
the little cocksucker.

                                 CHAPTER 2

   "Oh my god." I heard my wife gasp.  I had been in Mary's room changing
her diaper.  Of course when I had taken the diaper off, Mary had cooed and
I knew what she wanted.  I obliged.  I want down and gave her the tongue
lashing.  This made her coo even more.  I knew that Suzy was downstairs
cooking supper.  I figured I had time to bring Mary off.  So I was busy
lapping at her cunt and hadn't heard Suzy walk up the stairs.

   "Oh Shit." I said, quickly standing up, my mind racing for some excuse,
some explanation.  What I hadn't known, Suzy told me later, was that Suzy
hadn't said "Oh my god" because angrily shocked but pleasantly shocked.

   "I-I-I-I-I -um-uh-um I-I" I stammered not being able to come up with
anything.  Suzy listened to me stammer, glaring at me for about a minute
before a smile slowly spread across her face.  I stopped stammering and
became very confused.

   "I think we both have something to confess." Suzy said.  "So finish
eating Mary's cunt and come down to dinner."

   She walked out of the room.  I was so surprised that my mouth was
hanging up.  Confusion raced through my mind.  As much as I wanted to I
couldn't bring my self to finish with Mary.  I re-diapered Mary and carried
down to the kitchen.  I placed her in her highchair.

   "So." I started but Mary quickly cut me off.

   "We'll talk while we eat." Mary said as she stirred the contents of a
pot.  She was smiling.

   When I caught Mark tongue deep in Mary's pussy I almost screamed out in
delight.  I was shocked, of course, I had no idea that Mark went in for
little girls.  He always got worked up when he heard about a child getting
some from an adult.  Now, for not telling me I was going make him suffer. I
went about my business as he anxious sat at the table.  He feet were
tapping the floor, his fingers drumming a tattoo on the table.  Supper was
ready in five minutes.  I dished up the plate and handed one to Mark.  I
decided that I would confess my sins first.

   "Mark, I'll confess first." I said as I took a bit.  "since your actions
were basically a confession." He looked relieved " You know my girls night

   "Yeah." he answered still looking a bit confused.

   I told him the whole story "Ever since a year ago we've been meeting at
either Caroline's or Agatha's house.  I was planning, when Mary got older,
that I would bring her along.

   My mouth dropped open when Suzy confessed to me.  My dinner was
forgotten.  I could not believe that Suzy was getting more kiddie sex then
me.  I then told her about Joe and Robbie.

   "Does Katherine's husband know?" I asked.  I knew that Agatha was
divorced and that Caroline's boyfriend had taken off when he found out that
Caroline was pregnant.

   "No" Suzy said "We've snooped through his computer, even run a recovery
program.  He doesn't even look at regular porn.  And, of course, we can't
just come out and ask him."

   I agreed.  I had met Roger a couple of times.  He was a prime example of
a stick in the mud.  He doesn't drink, smoke, gamble, nothing.

   An idea came to me then and I voiced it.

   "Why don't you invite everyone over here." I said.  "We can have a
party." Then I remembered something else.  " I have another confession."

   Suzy looked at me with one eyebrow raised.

   "I have a secret stash of kiddie porn."

   "What!?!" she asked.

   "After supper I'll show you."

   "I'm finished." she said.  I looked down at her plate, it was empty.

   "I'm not." I said.  "Maybe in about twenty minutes." I took a bite and
chewed it slowly.

   "Bastard." Suzy said.

   I did eat more quickly, the thought of playing with both Mary and Suzy
had my cock hurrying me along

   "I'll go get the movies while you and Mary get ready." I said standing

   By the time I got back downstairs Suzy had stripped herself and Mary and
was feeding Mary.  Mary had her mouth held firmly on Suzy's nipples
sucking. Suzy was rubbing Mary's cunt with a finger.  I started go down to
have a go at Suzy's pussy but she closed her legs.

   "Oh no." She said holding out her hand for the movies.  I hand them
over. I had five movies.  As she looked through the movies, I stripped.  I
stood close to my daughter and let her play with my cock.  She tugged on my
cock but kept her mouth attached to her Mother's nipple.

   "Here put this in." Suzy said handing me a DVD.  I looked at the title
"Preschool Orgy."

   The cover photo had a tangle of naked preschoolers all between the ages
of three and six.  I put the DVD in and sat on the couch.  Mary had
finished her supper, Suzy laid Mary down with her head on my lap, her mouth
next to my cock.  As all six months old do, she loved to suck on things. 
Her mouth went straight for my things.

   "Sexy" Suzy said as she massaged Mary's clit.  I reached down and
inserted two fingers into my wife's cunt.  My right hand was rubbing and
pinching Mary's nipples.

   "You're a good cocksucker." I told Mary.

   On the screen ten kids, five boys/five girls were in entangled.  The
boy's tiny cocks were either hidden in tiny pussies or mouths.  Boys were
licking pussy or sucking nipples.  Tiny hands were all over each other's
bodies.  Suzy and I were able, Barely, to hold off coming but little Mary,
after ten minutes of her mother rubbing her slit began to wiggle her small
ass and buck her hips trying to get her mother's finger into her.  Then her
small body went rigid and she let out a small gasp and she relaxed.  A
smile was on her face as she fell a sleep.  Suzy put a diaper and laid her
in her crib.  We finished the movie and each other.

   "I'll call the girls and set something up for tomorrow." Suzy said

   Orgy Party the next evening.

   Our guests arrived at seven and the sex started right away.  Margaret
and Penny(Agatha's daughters) were excited to have an adult male to play
with.  Their eyes went wide when they saw my nine inch fully erect cock.

   "C'mon girls." I said.  "Hop up on my lap and have a feel."

   The girls did not need a second invite.  They clambered up and didn't
waste a second before wrapping their hands around my cock.  I wanted to
feel every inch of their bodies.  I let my hands roam freely, feeling every
where.  As my hands felt, I kissed the girls deeply alternating between
them.  Letting my mouth, at times go down to their tiny tits.

   Suzy grabbed on to Five year old Mark(Katherine's son) and sucked his
cock.  Mark stood their beaming his hands entangled in Suzy's hair.  You
could hear him talk dirty.

   "That's it you cocksucker." or "Suck my cock, slut!" hearing that from
the mouth of a five year old was the biggest turn on ever.

   When James (Caroline's son) saw Mary, his eyes lit up.

   "She'll suck you cock and you can eat her cunt." Mary said taking her
mouth from Mark's cock.  " but don't try to fuck her."

   "Okay." James said and almost flew over to Mary.  His cock stood erect
at six inches.  At twelve he was pretty well hung.  He put the tip of his
cock at Mary's mouth.  She opened her mouth.  Either she wanted something
in her mouth or she was starting to recognize a cock.  I like to think that
she could recognize a cock.

   "Oh, yes, Mary, That's awesome." James Said

   John (Katherine's son 8 yo) and Caroline were together.

   "I love licking pussy." John announced.  Caroline opened her legs for
the boy.  He expertly lapped at her cunt.  Agatha and Katherine ganged up
on Jason(Agatha's son 6yo) kissing and tickling before taking turns sliding
their mouths over her cock.  Jason was all smiles

   Margaret and Penny had switched from using their hands to using their
mouths.  Getting a blowjob was awesome in itself but having two preteen
girls give you a blowjob is euphoria.  It didn't take me long before I was
shooting cum my cum onto them.

   "What's that?" Penny asked wiping the cum off her chest and licking her
finger.  I realized then that none of these kids, besides Mary, had seen or
tasted cum.

   "That's cum." I explained.  "You like it?"

   Both girls said yes.

   The girl's fascinated with Mary had stolen her away from James.  Mary
had already gotten James off.  James at not yet been able to produce any
semen.  The girls had explore each other's bodies before but they had
wanted to explore the organs of a baby.

   I have always wanted to be with a boy so I pulled James onto my lap.

   "Did you have fun with my daughter?" I asked stroking James cock.

   "Yes." He answered stroking my cock.

   "She's a good cocksucker"

   James agreed then I asked if he wanted to suck my cock.

   "Fuck yes." He said smiling.  " I've always wanted to suck a big cock."

   We laid down on the floor.  James on top.  I found out that day that
having a childs cock in your mouth was delightful.

   The girls were giving Mary a tongue bath, literally.  Running their
tongues over her whole body, acting like a momma cat washing her kittens.
Mary's coos could be heard through out the living room.

   The women had switched too.  Jason was pounding his cock into my wife's
hole.  Agatha was squatting over Suzy's head.  Both Jason and Suzy were
licking Agatha's cunt John and Caroline were sixty nining it.  Mark was
fucking Katherine.  I was watching everyone else from the corner of my eye.
This was the hottest I scene I had even seen.

   By the end of the night I had sucked off all the boys, fucked all the
women.  I was able to get my cock half way into Margaret and I shoot a load
of cum in to her.  She was delirious with delight from having me fuck her
tight pussy.  With Penny, her eight year old pussy was too tight for me to
get more then just the head in.  But just the fact that my penis head was
in the cunt of an eight year old girl was enjoyable to me.  Penny was
yelling for More, more, more.  Suzy and I refrained from playing with Mary.
We had her all day everyday so we let the others enjoy her.  Mary was the
hit of the party.  Everyone took multiple turns with Mary.  She had orgasm
a lot that night.  Taking fifteen minute naps in between.  Mary's cooing
and smiling told everyone that she loved the attention.  But as all good
things must, the party came to an end.  We all were tired.  It was midnight
when everyone left.  Suzy and I brought Mary up to bed with us.  She was
asleep before we got to the room and she slept soundly through the night.

   "We now know the secret to getting an infant to sleep through the
night." I told Suzy the next morning.


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