Baby Peter (Fb,nepi,baby,oral,ws,masturbation,molestation)

by Jacquena 


First, a little background: 

My name is Jacquena. I was a couple weeks shy of 11 years old when I 
birthed baby Peter. My biological Daddy is Peter's father, and his 
very young wife, Ramona, is only a few years older than me. I'm sorry, 
but our family interactions have become mega-complicated, everybody 
always sexually enjoys everybody else, nothing is taboo unless it 
feels bad. 

Anyway, this is the lengthy story of my lusty life dealing with baby 
Peter. I guess that my saga will only be completely finished when I die 
and I'm a long, long way from that.

Oh, for those of you who need to know what I look like, I am 4'
11" tall on my tip toes, possessing sparkling emerald green eyes
and long flowing fiery red hair. Both of the latter are from my Irish
heritage. I had a very shapely body before I became pregnant,
especially for being only 10 years old. My 32Cs jutted out like twin
basketballs from my tiny chest, not sagging one little bit - one of
the few benefits of youth. Both made Daddy ever so happy, and me
ever so pregnant.

Now, post-pregnancy and post-Peter, my petite body is still a bit
shapely, but it has blossomed a lot more rounded. Daddy doesn't
seem to mind the extra curvy meat though, even enjoying my
plumper belly and those millions of ugly purple stretch marks -
after all, both were his fault, I didn't get myself pregnant.

Up top, my milky breasts have ballooned two full cup-sizes to a
34DD, now hugely sagging like twin cow's udders, swaying and
bouncing whenever I even think about moving. I'm always tempted
to go "Moooo" when guys lewdly stare at my bouncing boobies.
For two obvious reasons, I now only go braless around the house. I
guess I'm finally using them both for what God and nature had

CHAPTER 1 - Baby Peter Enjoys "Water Sports"

My little baby, Peter, was only three days old when I realized that
he *really* enjoyed "water sports." 

One morning, as I was changing his wet diaper, my sparkling emerald 
eyes watched with girly glee as his uncut, baby cock suddenly started 
bobbing and throbbing. It swiftly grew erect - wildly sprouting like 
that first plant in spring. 

Such a darling little dickie! 

It was jutting out at least an inch and a half - mega far for a tiny

This may sound weird and not very motherly, but from the very
first second I saw his darling lil' pee pee, it reminded me of a cute
cocktail frank, but without the spicy sauce and toothpick. I just
adore them. Any time Daddy and I are at a party with a chafing
dish of those wieners, Daddy has to physically drag me away from
those simmering little doggies. I can happily and greedily munch
on those all night long.

First, I love to lick every bit of that spicy sauce off, twirling my
tiny tongue around and around until it's totally clean. Next, my
teeth gently nibble on the ends, first one then the other. Finally, I
make my lips into this cute little "O," putting the tip of that
wiggling wiener right up to bright red painted pillows. 

With a single strong suck, the wonderful wiener has disappeared,
swiftly zipping inside me. I'm happily munching and digesting. I
do try to muffle my slurping noises as that weenie disappears, but
more that one man has watched me with smoldering lust, more
than one woman with heated envy.

"I know, I know," I deeply sighed, "I should not be thinking about
my newborn baby like that, and especially NOT about his privates,
but that yummy image just wouldn't go away. Every time my eyes
looked at him, down there, it just popped into my head."

Anyway, at his first diaper changing, this naive mind thought his
blatant erection was just due to the cool air or that cold and wet
wipe. As a first time mommy, nobody ever warned me to watch out
for this spontaneous sprouting.

I closely watched, marveling, as his wonderful wiener plumped
fatter and longer, its shriveled skin taking on a life of its own,
stretching taut around that blood-engorged fleshy inside. Even its
little pink head ballooned mega-fat, mushroom-like, turning this
much darker shade of red, looking more and more like one of those
cute cocktail franks.

*Mmmmmmm...yummy!* Was all my mind could think.

My mouth salivated, my tiny tongue happily wetting my little lips.
My sweet and wonderful motherly side was slowly being replaced
by this darker and hungrier slutty side. I didn't wish it to happen,
but just that marvelous sight of his inflating little wiener brought
it out, made it surface from deep inside my shivering body.

My muddled mind was aghast at those unconscious actions. "He's
your baby boy," it chastised, "Don't ever again think of him like
that !! He's not food." Still, that image didn't completely go away,
only went into deep dark hiding.

Peter definitely took after his Daddy, who was "hung like a horse,"
or should that be a hugely oversized kielbasa -- I loved to feast on
them too. I just couldn't believe that a baby boy's equipment could
sprout so big, looking like it belonged on a three or four year-old.

"I wish most men would get erections that were as beautiful and
elegant," I thought to myself as my bald pink pussy became very,
very moist, my mouth again salivating, my naughty tongue again
swirling over my brightly painted lips. 

I know, I know, wetting myself down there isn't very motherly, but
I wasn't overtly doing it, my body was arousing itself. Even "I"
was surprised that my young body became aroused just changing
his diaper because Peter was only a baby, my baby, but still a very
sensuous looking one.

With my pouting pussy tingling, his baby-body looked more and
more delicious. That wonderful wiener bobbed and wobbled,
begging my lusting little lips to stray closer, to taste, to savor.
Still, I resisted that temptation. After all I was his Mommy, but my
soggy puss didn't seem to understand. It only grew wetter and
puffier, now strongly throbbing instead of gently tingling.

Still, my muddled mind wondered what he would taste like.

"Would he really taste like a wiener??" That dark side whispered,
"You know, the ones you enjoy so much."

"How could one tiny little taste hurt ??" it continued, "Just kiss
that wonderful wiener like you'd kiss him on the lips. He'll never
know and your curiosity will be satisfied." Still, I resisted using
all my motherly might.

Suddenly, without warning, that fat and beautiful wobbling wiener
started spouting hot golden liquid *all* over the place. It no longer
reminded me of a delicious cocktail wiener, just a short naughty

The first golden gush hit directly on my pink cheeks, splashing all
over the rest of my freckled face. His glistening sunny liquid
dribbled down my chin, completely wetting my hospital gown,
making the johnny-fabric almost transparent. 

Daddy would just love how my baby-baring body looked now,
fully enjoying an unexpected see-thru peek. Both my unfettered
milky udders vividly showed through, their dark purple veins and
super-taut flesh making them look so ungodly full, ready to burst. 

Both reddish-brown areola mimicked two bull's eyes, surrounding
my mega-protruding and super rubbery dark spouts. It felt so
fulfilling and enjoyable having Daddy greedily suckle on one while
Peter contentedly suckled on the other. Unlike Daddy, he had to
struggle to keep my humongous squirting teat in his tiny mouth,
but that's a different story.

That morning in the hospital, you should have seen the look of
surprise on my face. His bloated darling dickie wobbled all around,
like a wild fire hose, wetting everything nearby -- the sheets, the
bedspread, the pillows -- everything. 

I couldn't believe that he had that much pee inside his baby body --
his eyeballs must have been floating. Soon, anything or anybody
within a foot's distance got wet, if not totally drenched. At first, I
just didn't know what to do.

Once my initial shock had worn off, I actually stuck my moist pink
tongue out letting an erupting gush of hot golden juice dribble on
it. I don't know why I did it. I'd never wanted to taste Daddy's
piss, but with my baby boy, it just seemed alright.

His hot baby pee tasted a tad bitter, actually more like broccoli. I
blushed as I realized that I'd had one whole heap of broccoli for
dinner last night. Its strong flavor must have must have seeped
through my breast milk, then flavored his pee.

"Hmmm, I wonder if I ate sweet juicy strawberries, his pee would
taste that way," that dark side of my mind wondered. 

"Mmm, strawberry flavored pee," I silently and secretly murmured,
my naughty tongue again lusciously licking my lips.

"No," the angelic side of my mind screamed, "this isn't right. He's
your baby boy."

I swiftly swirled my head, long red hair flying everywhere, both
thoughts completely shook from my head. I wasn't ready to debate
that question yet, even amongst my two selves -- light and dark,
good and evil, or at least, mega-naughty.

A sex book that Ramona had given me as a gift for my 9th birthday
had talked about "water sports" but this was my first "taste" of it
(pun intended). From that day on, again back home, I always put a
large rubber sheet under Peter when I changed him, just in case.

After many days of soggy transparent blouses, his geyser-like
"cuteness" began to wear off. It happened every time I changed one
of Peter's wet diapers. That cute cocktail frank tinkled a little in
his diaper, then Peter cried because it was wet. 

A few seconds after I'd unfastened his diaper on the changing
table, his no-longer-darling dickie suddenly bobbed around,
growing so much firmer, then squirted out warm golden liquid,
wetting the whole area around him. I really needed a *third* hand,
since one hand always held him while the other was trying to
change his diaper as he squirmed and wiggled all around.

At first, I tried waiting longer figuring that Peter would "tinkle" a
second time before I changed him. That didn't work. Peter only got
more and more upset, then still wildly erupted *after* I removed
his diaper.

"He must have acquired this nudist gene from one of us, only able
to pee when his bottom was completely uncovered," I giggled,
trying to make light of the fact that my tee shirt had again gotten
soaked, my wrinkled reddish-brown areola and puckered rubbery
spouts obscenely showing through.

"If this happens when we're out, I'll be mega-embarrassed, as well
as get arrested for indecent exposure," I sighed, super frustrated.
We hadn't been out yet, but it was only a matter of time.

Next, I tried rubbing his fat rubbery wiener through the first wet
diaper, trying to stimulate him to pee again, *before* I removed his
diaper. No, I wasn't masturbating him, but still, all it accomplished
was to create this wriggling worm-like bulge in his diaper.

His darling dickie sure knew how to expand, growing longer and
fatter at the slightest touch. He must have inherited that from his
Daddy too. All it took was a gentle caress across the front of
Daddy's boxers and his bobbing monster was rock-solid, lewdly
jutting through his fly, drooling and begging for intimate attention.

My hot horny fingers were always drawn to the front of Peter's wet
diaper, under his bulging rubber pants. I just couldn't help myself,
my motherly will-power becoming less and less with each time my
shaking fingers happily fluttered, succumbing to a much more
primal need.

God, his stiff cocktail frank felt so warm and wonderful, no longer
feeling that cute. I loved how it wriggled all around as my fingers
played, my not-so-motherly hand acting like it had found this new
mesmerizing toy.

"Stop," my mind chastised, "you're just trying to solve his pee
problem. Don't think of him sexually. He's your baby boy." 

Much as that angelic part of my mind screamed and berated, my
fluttering fingers couldn't stop. I was hooked, hooked on my baby
boy's wonderful wiener.

Peter definitely liked my rubbing cause his darling dickie always
got mega-stiff as he happily cooed, but he still didn't "tinkle." His
naughty body simply waited until that diaper was off, then squirt-

Finally, I tried changing his wet diaper very quickly while Ramona
lovingly held Peter down, that is, after she stopped giggling about
the cuteness of his wiener. This worked most of the time, but he
quickly wet that second diaper and began crying to have it now
changed. We'd now created twice as many diapers to clean and
hand wash ~~ not a viable solution since we couldn't afford a
washing machine or dryer !!

My ultimate solution may shock some of you, but it satisfies both
me *and* Peter -- especially Peter, causes no extra washing, and
solves our pee problem. Whenever I use this well-researched
technique, my motherly body is always completely naked except
for a thick coating of fire-engine-red lipstick on my little lips. 

This naughty nudity isn't because I'm afraid of being squirted, that
has happened too many times already. You see, um, well, you'll
find out why later on. 

I don't care if Peter sees me buck naked, my mega-engorged udder-
like breasts lusciously swaying and my clean-shaven drooling puss
puffed way out and purring, both poised ever so closely in front of
him. After all, he sees and samples both my taut bloated breasts at
every feeding, greedily suckling my warm wet Mommy's milk to
his heart's content. 

He had intimately seen my plump puffy pussy too, both inside and
out, when he so swiftly popped out at his birth. He probably
doesn't remember, but his tiny flailing hand even roughly rubbed
my erect wiggling clitty as he was born, over and over again, while
feeling for anything to grip onto. He sure found it, then so resisted
letting go.

Mixed among my memories of those strong and sharp birthing
pains, the absolute core of my being so acutely felt his tiny hand
groping my mega-erect clitty. It wasn't intentional -- I think, but it
still sent this massive undercurrent of chills through my body all
the same.

My two-inch stiff clitty couldn't have been happier, that mixture of
pleasure and pain zooming it right to heaven, jutting stiff and
straight like the Washington Monument. Because of Peter's frantic
rubbing, my body actually climaxed during his birth, my baby-
birthing body wriggling around in that birthing chair more than

My birthing cries filled that delivery room, echoing off all four
walls, this mighty mixture of pain and pleasure. Toward the end,
my lust-filled pleasure totally overrode the little bit of pain that
remained. I don't think any of the attending nurses knew I'd
strongly cum, although one gave me this wink and a very wicked
grin afterwards, making me totally blush.

I felt so marvelous for so many hours afterwards that I vowed to
have another baby as soon as possible. I'm ready right now, but my
baby-baring body needs a few more months, and I definitely know
that Daddy is ready, much more than ready.

Right at his birth, I knew that Peter was going to be a lusty lad, one
who would steal the girl's hearts, as well as their sweetly cherished
innocence. But enough about Peter and my naked body, let me tell
you how my simple solution works.

Today for example, as soon as my hands pull down Peter's rubber
pants and remove his wet diaper, I swiftly shove his wiggling
cocktail wiener in my little mouth before it can squirt. My lusting
lips begin gently sucking on it. Rightly or wrongly, my naughty
mind pictures this cute cocktail wiener in my mouth, but those
wieners don't wildly wiggle and hotly throb back.

To make him quickly pee, I even twirl my warm moist tongue
around its entire wiggling length, caressing his swelling baby-flesh,
just like I'm removing every bit of that spicy cocktail sauce. My
tiny tongue finishes up by tickling its soft pinkish tip, especially
that tiny but still flaring piss-slit. 

It tastes so yummy as I patiently wait for its own "golden sauce" to
gush out. His fat rubbery weenie feels even better than when I had
suckled Ramona's dangling milky breasts. Maybe, it's because I
birthed Peter and our bond is greater, but it's also that I've begun
to really love sucking his darling dickie -- one problem resolved,
another created..

The sensuous stimulation from both my gentle sucking and my hot
swirling tongue causes Peter to not only tinkle, but gush and squirt
this second time. Without releasing his pulsating spout, I gulp all
his hot golden liquid right down, not even burping. That warm and
wet flow always feels so great coursing down my throbbing throat.

Before I even started sucking, my bald beaver was soaking just
from anticipation, its hot girly goo already oozing down my
trembling thighs. When Peter's first hot golden-gush flows down
my throat, it *really* begins tingling and wetly juicing, wantonly
begging for attention. 

Immediately, my left hand slips down between my shivering
thighs, stroking and rubbing. My naughty thumb takes on my stiff
erect clitty, strumming it to some magical mommy-rhythm, then
gently batting that stiff-stalk all around, while those other four
fingers frantically sink into my hot passionate puss, pumping and
pushing for all they are worth.

Soon, the squishing noises from down below begin rivaling my
loud lusty sucks higher up. Every cell in my entire girly body is
getting closer and closer to exploding, to cumming like they never
have before. Now, you understand the reason for no clothes -- I
don't need a single confining barrier.

After I strongly suck out his last delicious drop, that soft wiggling
baby-cock instantly grows rock-hard, slowly creeping down my
spasming throat. It's longer and fatter than ever before, now feeling
more like a "ballpark frank" than a cute cocktail weenie.

"His super stiffie isn't from an over-full bladder any more," I
knowingly giggle.

As I strongly suck, both his tiny hands intertwine in my long red
hair, pulling my head even tighter up against his baby body, my
lusting lips now deeply buried in the delicious baby fat of his groin.
He sure knows what he likes, and wants more of it. Me, I just love
the dirty smell of sex mixed with the clean scent of baby powder.

"Is there some male manual that tells them to toughly tug on a poor
girl's hair or is it only instinctive ??" my mind wonders, but only
for a split second as every inch of my naked flesh flushes, flashing
like a neon sign as my body soars higher and higher. Either way,
baby Peter sure has his technique down pat.

Today, he'll end up branded for his tugging, a bright red lip-print
all around the base of his darling dickie. With that lip print pressed
so perfectly, its red oh so bright, it'll later look like his fabulous
frank is proudly jutting out from my scarlet lips like I'm smoking
this stubby cigar.

Luckily, nobody else will see that lip print before I wash it off --
I'd never be able to explain how it got there, but right now, just
thinking about how stunning it looks on his creamy baby-flesh
makes my lusting lips purr -- the upper ones only breathlessly
giggling, while the lower ones still loudly squish, both to the very
same lusty tune. 

My second girly giggle is abruptly terminated by a guttural gasp
from the deepest corner of my soul as my body rockets higher still.
My wobbling clitty now juts straight out, its wicked head a bright
pink, as my entire body shivers. Both basketball-sized milky
breasts now do a dance of their own, drooling warm wet mommy's
milk down my body.

As soon as I feel his long "ballpark frank" forcibly poke the back
of my throat, first tickling, then impatiently ramming my tonsils, I
gag. My lusting lips quickly release his no-longer-darling dickie,
not wanting to bite it in real life as I sense my impending climax. 

I swiftly untangle his tiny fingers from my flaming red hair as a
loud lingering "Oooooooh God" strongly leaves my quivering lips,
echoing around that entire bedroom, the wailing cries of my slut-
birthed lust loudly ricocheting off all four walls. I'm no longer
feeling very motherly.

With brightly exploding fireworks in my eyes and the deafening
crash of thunder in my ears, my young fully-naked body violently
climaxes. It jerks and bucks around on our king-size bed, fully out-
of-control, looking like this out-of-the-water beached fish. 

Stream after stream of warm wet Mommy's milk erupts like Old
Faithful from both my stiff rubbery teats. Four or five ducts in each
violently squirt at once, miniature fountains shooting high up into
the air.

That hot and humid air over our bed is thick with glistening white
droplets, a mist hanging over the bed denser than a rich morning
dew. In my mind, I've named it my "mommy-mist."

A thick "bolster fence" all around Peter keeps him from rolling
elsewhere while my poor body so wildly and wantonly climaxes,
then all too quickly drifts down from its blissful heights. I'm now
becoming a mommy again, so lucky to have my Peter.

After finally coasting back to earth, it always makes me grin to see
his shriveled cocktail frank brightly glistening, still covered with
my warm wet saliva. Today, it looks extra cute, that bright red lip
print so neatly framing it, making me want to nibble some more,
but I've reverted to my maternally-loving mommy-status. 

My falling mommy-mist splatters his bare baby-body, tiny white
spots sprouting all over it, making him look speckled or having this
rare disease. Both my lips lovingly and lingeringly kiss each and
every wet white dot off his baby-body, no matter where they are,
my ears listening to his mouth happily cooing and gurgling the
entire time.

His contented coos grow louder, much more insistent as my tongue
licks those milky spots from his mega-puffy breasts. Both have
deliciously blossomed so full and round that it looks like he needs
a baby-bra. In the hospital, his boy-baby titties were always way
bigger than any of the girl babies, monsters by comparison. 

"Those girl babies didn't know enough to be envious," I always
giggled when checking out the nursery with him

He definitely enjoys my tongue tip tweaking his tiny nipples  hey,
there were milk spots on them, both tiny points swiftly hardening
and poking far out to both greet my tongue and savor even more of
those new sensations.

Today, even after my earthshattering and mind-blowing climax,
I'm feeling a little silly. I swiftly reapply a super-thick coat of my
fire-engine-red lipstick, then bend over and firmly kiss his breast-
flesh, first one side then the other.

Bending back up and looking at my handy work, I just have to
giggle. With those dark nipples centered in the middle of both lip
prints, it looks like he has two eyes on his creamy chest, peering
out at me. As both nipples harden, those two bright red eyes don't
look innocent any more, now devilish and very wicked.

"I guess his true side is showing," I giggle, thinking about how he
frantically tugged on my hair, knowing now that he has this lusty
and wicked side hidden deep inside which will one day surface.

Sadly, I finally finish licking, sucking, and kissing all over his
happy baby-body. I again giggle as I see all the red blotches
covering his smooth creamy flesh. They mark everywhere I've
hotly and enjoyably kissed and nibbled.

"Not a bad job," I compliment myself, again giggling.

This deep motherly sigh escapes my quivering lips as I watch him
lying there, so happy, so contented, and also looking so ungodly
delicious.. It's almost enough to make my pouting puss begin
drooling again, my slutty side trying to surface, but company is
coming, so we have to look, and act, decent. 

A little more cleaning up with a warm wet face cloth to remove all
traces of those bright red smears and splotches, and Peter is good
as new. "I can watch him all day long," I lovingly murmur. 

"Especially when he's naked," my naughty mind adds.

With company coming, I cloth him in a diaper and rubber pants,
then add a cute pink tee-shirt which brings out the reddish high
lights in his hair. We're definitely not into sexist clothing and
roles around here, although Daddy never seems to be around to change

*Mmmmm...* I ponder, as a red flag flashes in my mind.

Please understand that Peter always seems *very* happy about our
arrangement. He happily coos and gurgles the entire time I have his
long stiff wiener in my mouth. I do feel very sorry for any future
girlfriend who isn't a passionate "sword swallower."

I'm *very* happy too. Our intimateness has created a much deeper
bond between Peter and myself. I love suckling on his wonderful
wiener, letting my tongue lewdly stroke it up and down, then swirl
around, finally gently caressing its bloated pink head -- hey, maybe
I have an oral-fetish from when my first Mommy suckled me.

What we do just feels so right for Peter and I, and what harm can
my sucking him do ?? I know from experience that Daddy loves to
have his kielbasa sword-swallowed, and I've heard that most other
men love that too. 

Ramona has told me that *all* her previous boyfriends loved to be
sucked, even the young immature preteens. If men love it and
young little boys love it, why not Peter ?? He surely hasn't been
complaining !!

There is only *one* draw-back that I can see: I may end-up having
to vigorously suckle Peter's cute cocktail frank a couple times a
day for the rest of my life, or at least until he gets a very willing
and oral girlfriend. 

"Sigh, I guess that's the kind of *tough* sacrifice a mother has to
make for her son. I'll just have to make this one for my Peter." 

"Hmmm, I wonder if Ramona's baby girl would be willing to
accept this oral assignment in later years . . . . .  I guess only
time will tell."

CHAPTER 2  Jacquena Shows Peter Her Love

Before those episodes of Peter peeing all over everything, I never
ever thought of him in a sexual way. I *only* thought of him in a
warm maternal manner. After all, he was my sweet baby boy.

As a little girl, I didn't have any brothers or sisters, only baby
dolls, and I never thought of any of my baby dolls in a sexual way, 
not even when I got older, not even the ones with that hole in their
bottoms so they could pee-pee. Of course, none of my baby dolls,
male or female, possessed sex organs or anything that might cause
me to ask unwanted embarrassing questions.

Even though Peter looked like one of my baby dolls, with him, it
was different. After seeing his baby-cock getting so long and fat,
then squirting hot golden liquid all over, the aroused feelings in my
shaking body swiftly became more than just maternal. He wasn't a
doll, he was real flesh and blood, my flesh and blood, and that only
made my confusion worse.

I didn't know what to do, but quickly realized I was fighting a
losing battle. His wobbling and gushing fire-hose always shifted
my muddled mind-set from a motherly-mode into a horny-slut
mode. I soon began wondering if Peter would enjoy caresses in
other areas that might only be fun to him, but would surely turn on
his hot horny Mom.

Ever since I birthed Peter, I've tried to show him my intense love
when ever he wasn't soundly sleeping or greedily breast-feeding.
This had initially begun with only hugging and "proper" motherly

Now, at two months old, I had decided to show him a different side of
my passionate love. I had decided to kiss him *all* over his tiny
chubby body, anywhere I wanted, but ONLY if *Peter* still
showed that he enjoyed it.

Maybe it's just the latent lesbianism simmering in my blood, but
I've always been drawn to Peter's very large puffy breasts. I love
their super-raised cone-shaped areola and mega-pointed nipples -
at least a C-cup in a baby-bra. 

With a well-endowed chest like his, he'd look so cute wearing a
sheer-lace baby-bra, almost female, except for that darling dickie
jutting out down below. That, I could slip under a matching pair of
panties. Even when they hugely tented, he'd still look so darling.

"Hmmm, I wonder if Peter preferred red or black best, or maybe
baby-blue?" I jokingly pondered.

The doctor told me that Peter's bulging breasts, although unusually
large, were probably caused by a huge amount of my female
hormones getting into his baby-body via the umbilical cord. He
said that some babies are more sensitive to their mother's female
hormones, or some mothers have a much higher concentration,
causing their baby's breasts to really blossom. 

He assured me that both fleshy mini-mountains would shrink back
to their normal size over the next 2 to 4 months. 

"Darn, and they looked so cute!!" I softy sighed to myself.

Nowadays, I spend minutes, if not hours, kissing them *all* over,
then sucking and nibbling on Peter's no-so-tiny nipples. I need to
give them my maximum attention before they shrink away to
normal boy-size. I so wish there was a way to keep those two high
hills big, firm, and looking as delicious as they do now.

"God, both monster mounds always taste so yummy!" My lusting
lips mew. 

I love watching his tiny nips sprout fat and tall, proudly
standing so very erect, as my lips simply graze them or as my puffs
of heated breath arouse them from their silent slumber.

Before a few readers yell, "Pervert," let me emphatically tell you
that I would never do *anything* to hurt or distress Peter. *He*
enjoys my "fooling around" as much as I enjoy doing it. 

Is what I'm doing any worse than constantly blowing in a baby's
belly-button, making weird noises and his or her baby body tingle;
or constantly nibbling and sucking on your baby's toes like many
parents do ?? ("Aaaaah, it just dawned on me. Now I know where
all the foot-fetish people come from.") 

Peter always joyfully coos and gurgles the whole time I'm kissing
his puffy chest and greedily suckling his noticeable nipples, ever so
happy and contented. Believe me, I've learned that if Peter doesn't
like something, he *loudly* cries and screams until it's corrected !!

My only non-motherly kink is when I wear the smudgiest fire-
engine-red lipstick I can find. A shaking hand coats it thick on my
lips, just like I'm icing a sheet cake. I love to leave kiss-prints
and smudges where ever my luscious lips wander, kind-of a trail.
Looking at all those marks makes my clean-shaven pouting puss
very, very moist.

My moist lusting lips usually begin by kissing all around his
chubby belly, feeling it wiggle like Jell-O, its heated wetness not
missing an inch of his soft silky skin. That smooth baby flesh feels
so wonderful as it smoothly caresses my lips, my body tingling all

I float to cloud nine as my nose wriggles around his outtie his belly
button, deeply inhaling his fresh clean baby-powder scent. I always
think he smells so innocent at first, but that changes as I widen my
circle of heated kissing and luscious licking.

My teasing tongue wanders higher, now hotly wetting that valley
where the bottom of his bloated breasts join his chest. As with
many women, that taut fleshy joint is very sensitive to him, his
baby bum wriggling all around on the bed as I watch and giggle. 

Next, I slowly kiss all around the outer edges of both of Peter's
swollen breast-mounds, testing their firm fullness while leaving a
trail of warm, wet, and very red blotches. Almost every kiss
invokes a loving "coo" from my Peter, his way of showing his
happiness and enjoyment..

By this point, *I* am also leaving a warm wet trail in the crotch of
my lacy black bikini panties. They're a little wild for a "good" girl
my age, but that's the style my Daddy really likes and the very
same pair I wore the night he got me preggers with Peter. 

Earlier that fateful day, Daddy had bought these lacy black panties
for me and that night was the first time I wore them. They looked
and felt so much nicer than the rough white cottons I always wore,
though I missed the Care Bears or those red and blue balloons. 

When Daddy came into my bedroom to look me over, I shyly tried
to cover the entire front with my petite palms cause that super
sheer lace so clearly showed my puffy little slitty, almost like that
lace wasn't even there. It was already very wet, but I didn't want
him to see that. I had never worn underpants before that had
exhibited my pubescent privates so vividly. 

Both my emerald eyes sparkled and my little lips gasped as soon as
I noticed that Daddy really -- I mean really -- liked them. His boxer
shorts swiftly tented out into next week. I had no idea that any man
could be that huge.

Even with my bald bottom so vividly showing that evening, I
suddenly felt so much like a woman. To make a long story short,
later on, after a little wine and a lot of giggles, Daddy slowly and
gently showed me what it really meant to be a woman. He both
popped my cherished cherry and made me pregnant with the same
bubbling burst of his potent baby-making juices. 

Both my now-engorged milky tits and my plump puffy pussy have
never been the same since. Pregnancy forever changed both my
little-girl body and my outlook on life and sex, in ways for which
I'll forever be thankful.

That entire night, his huge hands never even removed those black
lace panties, just tugging that sopping wet crotch aside. Even being
a 10-year-old card-carrying virgin, I was more than ready for him,
though I loudly cried out when his stiff staff plunged deeply inside
my virginal body, deflowering my innocence. After that though, it
was pure unadulterated bliss.

God, it felt so wonderful having his long fat baby-maker up inside
my little cunny, stuffing my bottom fuller-than-full. My flat little
abdomen obscenely rounded from his thickness, my belly now
looking two or three months pregnant. 

My emerald eyes watched with awe as that bloated bulge moved up
and down my little-girl body as he forcefully and frantically thrust
in and out. Just watching that bulge move up and down made me
so much hotter.

When Daddy finally exploded, coating my tiny womb with wave
after scalding wave of his creamy baby-making juices, fire-works
shot off in my head and I thought I could hear this chorus of angels
singing. Every inch of my lily-white flesh glowed like a million-
watt light bulb. I was so happy to now be a woman.

The next morning, I never felt so happy and fulfilled in my short
life. Even three weeks later, when I found out that I was pregnant, I
was still overjoyed, especially when Daddy told me that I could
keep the baby and we would raise our baby together.

Of course, our horny bodies had hotly and forcefully mated another
20 times over those 3 weeks, so even if I hadn't gotten pregnant
that first wonderful night, I would have been soon afterwards.
Those entire 3 weeks, I just couldn't keep my little hands off his
muscular and mega-masculine body, raping him many more times
than he did me.

Daddy doted over me my entire pregnancy, and a whole lot more,
enjoying my inflating 32Cs to their fullest. Every night when he
got home from work, he comforted and supported me, while both
pairs of my lust-filled lips found more and more ways to make him
happy, extremely happy. 

Surprisingly, his softly stroking hand was even the first to feel my
baby boy kick. It seemed like every minute he was home, his hot
horny hands were somewhere on my young ballooning body. 

I always waddled around our house either completely nude or only
wearing those black lace panties to tease and entice his muscular
body. Believe me, it didn't take much. He was on top of me before
he even had his coat off.

His was also the first mouth to suckle my warm sweet Mommy's
milk in the hospital, sneaking a quick suckle when they took Peter
away to bathe, measure, and weigh. His lusting lips so greedy
sucked that every single cell in my body strongly shivered and my
painted toes curled all the way around. 

"Oooooooh Daddy, yessssss," was all I could squeal. If our stuffy
nurse hadn't so quickly returned, I think his hungry mouth would
have drained me dry. 

Well, not really, but his strong fevered suckling sure felt like it.
I'd never seen my naughty nippies and wrinkled areola stick out so far,
the former looking like 55-caliber bullets proudly shooting out
from my twin super-huge cannonballs.

I just know that he'd love to make another baby inside me. I want
another one right away too, maybe twins this time -- two more
boys, but we have to wait a few more months for my young body to

Both Daddy and Ramona, though, are already trying. Every single
night. Ramona suckles and stimulates my engorged titties, milking
them like a hungry pussy-cat, to make me orgasm harder, much
more violently, while Daddy violently pounds my plump purring
puss. Those times, Peter only intently watches from his crib.

"Hey, whatever happens, happens," I submissively murmur.

Anyway, as I lovingly kiss my Peter, my hot sticky juices begin to
drip and drool out my 11 year-old passionate puss, totally coating
that lacy black panty crotch. Loud squishing sounds now occur
whenever I firmly wriggle or rub my smooth trembling thighs
together, valiantly trying to satisfy my ungodly growing desire.

My lusting lips gently suck on every tiny inch of his bloated breast
flesh, alternating back and forth, watching his little nippies sprout
harder and harder, their thick passionate points poking up higher
and higher. For an instant, I think I hear a soft sweet "Oooooo"
cooing from his lips, exciting my bubbling body even more.

I pause for a second, lifting my red head and looking down, now
watching a sad look creep across his tiny face. He almost looks like
he's ready to cry. He really is enjoying my suckling. I so wish that
his two rounded breasts would give milk like mine and Ramona's.
Even a few drops would make it so perfect.

Suddenly, this great idea floods my mind. My shivering hands
reach up and express my left udder, five or six squirts of warm rich
milk shooting far out. Peter happily giggles -- the first I've ever
heard  as that cluster of snowy-white shooting stars lands onto his
little chest, making it speckled.

"There, now I have milk to drink," I proclaim, proud and happy
with my solution.

Peter abruptly whimpers, smelling my warm sweet milk, wanting
to suckle for himself. My eyes watch his little lips smack, lewdly
wetting each other, then rooting around for my fat rubbery spout.

"In a minute or two," I softly coo to him, "then you can suckle all
you want." My heart is overflowing with love for Peter, but right
now, fevered desire rules my naked shivering body.

Peter seems to understand, now cooing rather than whimpering.
My lusting lips drop back down, kissing and licking every one of
those warm white dots my mega-engorged titty had just created.
His cooing grows louder, his baby-body thoroughly enjoying my
moist kisses and hot lingering licks.

One of my shivering horny hands creeps inside my black lace
panties. My wiggling fingers slowly rubbing up and down as my
thighs spread wide, those diddling digits sinking deeper and deeper
inside my pink pouting slitty. As all five tenderly tease my
quivering wet lips, my entire body simply shakes and shivers.

As I softly shiver, both my emerald eyes watch his stiffie wriggle
all around under that tented cloth diaper. Ripples constantly flow
over his tight rubber pants' surface like the choppy waters of a lake
during a violent summer storm. 

Right then, I wished I had only dressed him in rubber pants, no
bulky cloth diaper. Then, I could clearly watch his stiff little
wiener wiggle and wobble all around through that semi-transparent 
rubber, creating wave after wave of sensuous flesh-colored rubber 

"Yes, you wish you were only wearing rubber pants too, don't you,
my little rubber-man?" I pant at him, my breath growing more
and more ragged. 

He coos back as my horny hand increasingly teases my happily purring 

I know that his "ballpark frank" is frantically begging for release,
but to do so would be naughty. Though, like any good mommy, my
muddled mind wonders if he's wet yet.

My unoccupied right hand creeps under his rubber pants, slithering
under that bulky diaper, its fluttering tips checking to see if my
Peter is wet. "Accidentally," it grazes his darling dickie making it
wildly twitch, my already-pounding heart skipping a beat. Not only
is my baby wet, but this confirms that his darling dickie is super-
stiff and super-large -- very, very aroused.

That quivering hand pauses, undecided about what to do, no longer
physically able to leave his hot moist diaper. A fierce fight takes
place inside my body, inside my mind -- good versus evil; mother
versus slut. 

Finally, my angelic side surrenders. That now-naughty thumb-pad
begins softly stroking the underside of his stiff baby-cock, feeling
it throb and grow even stiffer, while its fluttering fingers wickedly
curl, now caressing the rough and wrinkled skin that will one day
become his hugely hanging ball-sack.

His darling dickie is no longer darling. It strongly juts straight
out, twitching and throbbing, feeling as hard as steel, feeling just like
that "ballpark frank." The dark-pink flesh of its bloated little head
feels so soft yet also so ungodly taut. The rich red blood throbbing
through its veins violently pulses, forcing the blood in my hand to
beat along with it. His wonderful wiener is making us one.

Peter may not be able to squirt yet, but I somehow know that he
can climax and that he badly needs to climax, almost as much as
his Mommy's shivering body does. His sweet little coos become
tiny gasps as three of my soft fingers encircle that long and thick
mini-spear and begin gently pumping up and down.

I feel the smoldering heat coursing through that spear as its taut
skin slinks and slithers, feel the primal desire instilled by Mother
Nature to sustain the species. He may be only two months old, but
he instinctively knows what he needs to do and that hole created by
my curved fingers will provide him with his first hot little home.

His baby-bottom wildly wiggles, instinctively undulating, then
forcefully pressing up into my curved hand, his little legs kicking,
feverishly trying to create as much skin-to-skin contact as possible.
My small fingers wrap tighter and my horny hand pumps harder as
his cute coos grow more and more ragged.

As my right hand lovingly teases his privates, my hot moist lips go
back to suckling his chubby breast-flesh and my left hand strokes
in and out of my smoldering puss even harder. I'm ever so close to
cumming that it's hard to coordinate both my hands and mouth at
once, but I succeed. After all, I am woman.

Suddenly without warning, Peter's baby body shivers, his wildly
kicking legs ramming his baby-bottom up into my fist. A long
lingering "coo" echoes from his gasping baby lips. I don't know for
sure whether that was his first baby-climax or not, but it instantly
sets off mine.

My fluffy red head whips back as my right hand leaves his diaper
and begins frantically pinching and tugging on both my rubbery
teats. Warm wet Mommy's milk squirts everywhere, a dozen mini-
geysers creating this wet and white fire works display in the thick
humid air. Peter calmly watches, his eyes still half open, his lips
again happily cooing.

"Ooooooooh baby," is all my lusting lips can moan as my horny
body shakes and shivers, bucks and bounces all around on our bed.
Finally, my bronco body stiffens one final time as a guttural groan
shoots from my lips. I collapse back on those soggy sheets, every
cell satisfied, right next to my still-cooing lover. 

My eyes close for a couple minutes. I let those warm wonderful
waves of climax wash over my body, my cunny still convulsing
and both my teats still tittering and dribbling warm rich Mommy's

In my euphoria, my muddled mind wanders. I suddenly wonder
whether Peter will grow up to be a good lover. I wonder whether
that "ballpark frank" that I so lovingly pumped today will grow
much bigger -- will be as big as, or bigger than, my Daddy ??

My cloudy mind finally firmly resolves that "he will become a
great lover" even if I have to teach him myself.  There are too
many bad lovers in the world already, I will not allow my Peter to
be one. 

I shudder a little, this cool chill running up my very naked spine.
This is the very first time I've ever thought of us intimately mating
together; of mother and son doing the "dirty deed"; of our two
different, but biologically linked, bodies doing more than just a
little manual stimulation.

A part of me is thoroughly repulsed, while most of me, especially
my panting and pouting puss is totally delighted. It wouldn't mind
feeling that "ballpark frank" deeply up inside my body, wriggling
all around and so wantonly stretching cunny-canal's walls taut,
then finally having its bloated pink tip kiss my womb, over and
over again.

"I wouldn't mind it tickling my tonsils, from the bottom," I giggle,
my naughty thoughts snowballing totally out-of-control.

Luckily, he's not old enough to create a baby inside me or life
would really get weird, even weirder than it is now. My son would
be the father of my son, and my son would also be the father of his
brother. God, I don't want to think about that right now.

My naughty mind, though, does think about how it would feel to
have my son's darling dickie thrusting up inside his naked and
panting Mommy, both now and when he is older. "When should I
begin his teaching ??" is the question that lingers in my mind. My
angelic side valiantly tries to send that thought right to Hell, but
doesn't succeed. My naughty side is growing stronger.

Even after my emerald eyes pop wide open again, brightly
sparkling, that question still lingers, unanswered. My flushed flesh
still feels so warm, happily glowing brighter than the hot summer
sun. I silently bask in the intensity of my submission..

"Oh Peter," I breathlessly whisper, my insides still churning from
the ferocity of my climax, "you make Mommy so happy. Are you
hungry from all your effort, little guy ?? Do you want some milk ??
I seem to have squirted it everywhere and I know you can smell it."

Peter happily coos in reply, his lips smacking while his little arms
lift up and open wide, inviting an engorged milky breast into his
mouth. After what Peter has done for me, how can I not oblige.
First though, I gently kiss his lips, loving their soft baby taste,
then saying simply: 

"Thank you my little Peter."

I am so tempted to wiggle my tongue inside my little lover, to show
him what french kissing is like, just like I constantly do with my
Daddy, but I resist, knowing that he is mega-hungry. He might just
suck my tiny tongue right off, thinking it's this new style of teat.

My rubbery dripping teat rubs across his luscious little lips, both
showing him where it is and also teasing. Those small pink lips
open wide, blow this huge shimmering bubble, then take only a
second to greedily latch on. The strongness of his latch makes me
shiver and moan. Not only have my breasts swollen to 34DDs, but
they've grown more sensitive now that I'm continuously nursing.

His tiny hands press against my milky boob, one palm on each side
of my wet rubbery teat. They firmly press inward like he's trying to
squeeze out even more milk. From his grip, I somehow know that
he's going to grow up to be a "breast man." 

A girly giggle escapes my little lips cause right now, my mega-
engorged breast is so ungodly full, that squeezing is totally
unnecessary. Actually, his pressing has the opposite effect. 

It makes my sweet Mommy's milk squirt out so fast that Peter
massively dribbles. Rivulets of warm whiteness run down my
throbbing udder, but I no longer care, both my emerald eyes are
again glazing over and my still-sopping cunny is heating up.

Those happy and noisy suckling sounds send tingles again through
my body, fully awakening that wanton-woman horniness that I
thought had been so completely satiated. I had just strongly cum,
and now my hungry Peter has made my girly body want to cum

My clitty-cat again creeps out, begging for attention, but I ignore
it. It will have to wait until later, wait for a wild and wanton sucking
and fucking session with Daddy.

"I'll just tell him that he can't have any breast milk until he makes
my clitty-cat hum, and cum!" I gleefully giggle.

Even so, my horny hand so wants to creep back into Peter's rubber
pants, under his still-wet diaper, and feel his wobbling stubby stalk.
It so wants to passionately play with his man-nipple, wait for its
golden dribbling, but I resist, this time. I decide to let him
greedily suckle in peace and quiet.

We doze off just like that, mother and son, laying side by side.
Peter greedily suckles my milky breast while my still-horny hand
slips between my widely-spread legs, teasing my girly puss. I want
to keep those hot humid home-fires burning for Daddy. He'll be
surprised, or maybe not, when he comes through the door.

After we've rested for over an hour, it's time to get my little Peter
dressed. I've decided that Peter is not abiding by the traditional
"blue is for boys and pink is for girls" ritual. I'll dress him
however I want now, and he can dress himself however he wants later.

When he's dressed in "girlish style" clothes and somebody I don't
know mistakes him for a girl, I just ignore it, letting them think
what they want. Of course, when I tell them that the baby's name is
"Peter" they usually become oh so embarrassed and apologetic. (I
could have been really rude and flipped up his skirt -- that big
bulge tenting out his diaper would surely set them straight !!)

If he wants to, when he grows up, I'll even let him wear *my*
panties. Though if he sprouts out anything like his Daddy, my
sheer lace panties won't be able to hold his monstrous "baby-
maker" even when it's soft, much less when it gets fully erect. If
any of his girl friends are more hung-up on the "frilly package,"
than the "contents," then it's their loss !!

CHAPTER 3 -  Peter's Long, Fat, Baby Cock

The more Peter happily cooed and gurgled as we "played" together,
again and again, the braver I have gotten. After all, Peter is happy,
what could be wrong ??

Initially, I justified to myself that the taking of his baby-cock in
my mouth was to "avoid his golden pee from getting all over the
place." Later, I said that my kissing his budding breasts and
caressing his wiggling man-nipple was "just showing my love" the
same way another mother would continuously kiss his face, his
tummy, or ceaselessly nibble on his toes. 

"How could anyone say that any part of a baby's sweet innocent
body was wrong to touch ??" my mind concluded.

Now at 4 months old, I have passed the "point of no return" for a
mommy -- now, my frantic fluttering fingers play with Peter's
baby-cock for no other reason than mine and his enjoyments. I had
to think long and hard, my good and slutty sides at war, but most of
my motherly reservations had already been broken-down, a little at
a time, by my previous actions, *and* Peter does enjoy my intimate
touches !!

Prior to Peter, I had never seen a boy's cock before, much less a
little baby's. The only *real* one I had ever seen was my Daddy's,
and *his* looked hugely different. Remember, Ramona only had a
baby girl and I already knew what girls looked like -- I just had to
peek under my short skirt at my bald puffy mound since I usually
don't wear panties anymore. <blush> 

Oh yeah, I did see quite a few long hard "swords" in Daddy's adult
reading "library," but those don't count. None of them were real to
look at and touch.

Peter's darling dickie always looks so awfully cute, shaped like this
huge man-nipple or my lewdly popped belly-button stem when I
was pregnant, although much, much longer. It was only about an
inch and a half long at birth, hardly a whopper, but has sprouted
like all-get-out since then. It is like I'm feeding him Miracle-Grow,
or maybe it's simply all the attention it's getting.

If the latter is true, he's going to be "hung like a horse" by the
time he's only 5 years old - much less 10 or 12. Right now, his 
wonderful little penis is about 2 inches long when flopped over, 
silently lying there sleeping, and over 3 inches long when he has a 
wobbling "stiffie."

From what I can find out, that's huge for a little baby. My
pediatrician says that its size will vary with a number factors and
isn't concerned. I, though, am overjoyed.

My sparkling emerald eyes can now watch its entire fat pinkish
head inflate since Peter was circumcised five days after his birth.
Actually, I had touched him both before and after his circumcision,
so I know how his baby-cock felt both ways. I would have
preferred him "au natural" but Daddy insisted on the clipping.

"More and more, I've begun to think that "Peter" is a very
appropriate name for him," I giggle.

Now-a-days, Peter constantly lies naked on my bed, on a rubber
sheet, of course !! I quietly lie next to him as he happily coos and
lovingly stare at him, well actually, at "it." His darling dickie is
just so beautiful and magnificent. My eyes watch it periodically wiggle
back and forth, lengthening and shrinking, rooting all around like it
has a mind of its own. 

"His mouth always roots when its hungry, looking for warm wet
Mommy's milk," I ponder, "but I wonder what his baby-cock is
rooting for." 

"Oh no," my mind gasps, this bright light snapping on, "it couldn't
be that. He's still too young, although they say that the primal
instinct is with males from birth."

My face flushes just thinking about that. I brighten even more as
my naughty mind fantasizes about his stiff baby-cock up inside me,
poking and caressing that same pink flesh that he had slithered
down only 4 months before.

Months ago, I had resolved that Peter would turn out to be a great
lover even if I had to teach him myself. "Maybe, now is the time to
begin," I ponder, my naked nipples hardening and my plump
pouting puss lewdly tingling. That resolution had been lurking in a
dark corner of my mind ever since.

"It's just too much to think about," I moan, although my pussy
grows wetter and wetter, now strongly throbbing with grownup lust
and desire. It doesn't care who does the satisfying and Daddy has
been awfully busy lately.

"Oh God," the angelic side of my mind screams at me, "you're
becoming a genuine, card-carrying pervert." What can I say, I
guess I am.

Maybe his constant long thick stiffies are just caused by some
biological or bodily function. "Yes, that has to be it," I sigh both
with relief and with sadness.

I remember reading in some baby magazine that an ultrasound
picture has been taken of a baby in his mother's womb. Later, the
doctor and parents noticed that the baby had a full-fledged erection,
stiff as a spike, so it even happens *before* birth. 

A baby can't be thinking of propagating the species way back then.
With my Peter, though, it happens constantly, and with him always
naked, it's hard to miss, but I'm not complaining. I now enjoy both
watching and playing with his wobbling "ballpark frank."

Once in a while, if his darling dickie is soundly sleeping, not
waking up quickly enough, I stick my index finger in my mouth,
sucking and wetting it with my heated saliva. The naughty side of
my mind envisions something other than my index finger in my
mouth as my lusting lips wet and suckle even harder.

Soon, that dripping index finger pops out, causing me to sigh, then
gently strokes that sleeping stalk, leaving this trail of hot wet
saliva. That cute cocktail frank quickly jerks and jumps, then
inches up his baby-belly, obscenely stretching. Suddenly, it grows
longer and firmer, wriggling around even more. 

Sometimes, I even tease it with my long red hair. A shaking hand
pulls together a bunch of silky strands, like a pig-tail tip, then
gently caresses its entire length with wispy touches. Not only does
it stiffen even harder in reply, but Peter's sweet coos grow more
ragged, making me giggle at my success.

As much as I enjoy that silky teasing, my now-lusting lips soon
can't resist its stiff wobbling magnetism. From the side, I slowly
bend over and lick my warm wet tongue tip up and down that thick
reddish-brown rippled skin of his future ball-sack. His angled feet
kick out even more frantically, like he on this marathon bike race.

I simply adore the feelings those bumpy and wrinkled ridges make
against my torrid tongue. Waves of shivers zoom through my entire
body, most ending up torturing my pouting puss and clitty-cat.

Just those few gentle warm and wet licks cause that baby-cock to
expand and stiffen even more. That fleshy-tube snakes down his
baby-body, crawling over his right thigh, as it lifts up, looking like
this super-fat wiggling worm.

Peter always sweetly coos and gurgles while either my fluttering
fingers or torrid tongue intimately caress him, so I know he's
happy. Id *never* do anything to intentionally hurt my Peter. He's
my pride and joy.

My now-horny hands stroke his baby-belly a little faster, swirling
and twirling all around, then sneak down his to chubby thighs,
feeling his soft creamy, but quivering, flesh. For right now, my
fingers stay away from his wobbling baby-cock, letting it expand
on its own, my glazed-over eyes still watching in awe.

"Let me put some baby oil on you," I sweetly coo.

My hands grab that nearby bottle of baby oil, getting both thickly
covered. They begin rubbing his belly, watching its flesh become
shiny, but leaving his budding breasts untouched. Both slowly slip
lower, totally coating his wiggling thighs, while again, leaving his
groin and that stiff wobbling stake uncoated.

Peter coos and gurgles as my hot horny hands slip and slide, fully
enjoying both the oil and the baby massage he's receiving. All the
time, his baby-cock just wiggles without my touch, growing stiffer
and stiffer, begging for intimate attention, then popping straight up
like the first sprout of Spring.

Suddenly, I lift Peter up, then roll over onto my back. My horny
hands gently place him face-down on my soft still-rounded belly,
naked baby-flesh molding against naked and mega-horny mommy-

He likes it there, snuggling even tighter up against me, his baby-
bottom wriggling all around. His heated baby oil coats my lower
body, but I don't care. It makes his slipping and sliding almost
effortless, his tiny legs and feet kicking in every direction at once,
trying to crawl, but right now, only flailing hot humid air.

His baby-cock hardens against my lower belly, maybe from our
rubbing, maybe from something more primitive, more instinctive.
Its incessant poking and prodding floods my mind with warm and
very wicked thoughts. 

That stiff little spear suddenly finds my belly-button and presses
inside as far as it can. His tiny hips begin bouncing on my belly,
swiftly reminding me of something only men know how to do,
fanning the small fires of lust inside my body into infernos.

"How does Peter know to do this ??" my mind wonders, but not
really caring about the answer as his instinctive poking and
prodding feels too marvelous.

"Maybe, if I move him down just a little," my muddled mind
ponders, "he'll poke in the right spot." Surprisingly, no part of my
horny body, not even my angelic side, protests. That's how far
gone my smoldering flesh is right then.

My shaking hesitant hands slide him down, that slippery baby oil
making it oh so easy. That throbbing stiff spear pokes back at me
even harder, somehow knowing where it is going, begging me to
slide his cute baby body down even farther. 

I pause his heated decent as his very stiff and wonderful wiener
roughly rubs my clitty-cat. Those two mega-sexy stalks are soon
fighting this heated sword battle, male and female stalks grinding,
puffy pink heads rubbing and butting over and over again.

Millions of moans escape my wide-open mouth as Peter continues
to wiggle and thrust, this inexhaustible ball of energy. Finally, his
"ballpark frank" overwhelms my much smaller clitty-cat, my short
sensuous staff completely surrendering. 

That wiggling wiener now thumps and thrashes my clitty-cat,
reinforcing it's superiority. Even my baby's naughty cock has
beaten my sweet clitty-cat, but somehow I don't mind, long loud
sighs escaping from between my widely-parted lips.

"If losing could always make me this happy," my mind sings.

I rock his contented oil-coated baby-body back and forth, his stiff
sword roughly rubbing my now-submissive clitty and its sensitive
hood. Stronger and stronger tingles zoom through my body, not
leaving a single quivering cell untouched. 

Throughout all this, Peter usually happily coos, though sometimes
grunts, but always very contented with what's happening. He has
always loved being roughly rocked, especially against my warm
body, so he's in his element right now, and maybe, soon in mine

*Dare I?* This dark portion of my mind asks.

Without waiting for an answer, I slide Peter down my shivering
body even lower, that stiff jutting spear finally thrusting slightly
between my plump over-heated pussy lips. Luckily, I'm just as
smooth as he is down there, so there are no curls or stubble to
bother his sensitive skin.

My legs automatically spread even farther apart, my smoldering
pussy becoming this wide-open over-heated "V," welcoming his
stiff male member. He doesn't complain one little bit as I mold his
pliable baby body to mine, letting that 3-inch cigar-like stiffie push
in even further.

"God-d-d, even the lightest touch of his darling dickie feels so
marvelous, " I contentedly murmur. 

Its bloated pink tip firmly caresses my swollen and sensitive pussy
lips, sometimes plunging inside, always happily mingling with my
hot humid stickiness. The warm wet heat around his baby-cock
must be a new feeling for Peter, but he doesn't seem to mind, and
"I" surely don't.

Both my swollen pussy lips flutter, warming welcoming this stiff
intruder. Abruptly, they tightly close, hugging his "ballpark frank,"
making it my prisoner, while wrapping it in their smoldering wet

My legs wrap around his tiny back as my sweet "mommyness"
totally disappears, now replaced by this animalistic horniness. I
need so badly to cum, and cum hard. I rub and rock my Peter up
and down my throbbing bottom, clenching him tighter and tighter,
oiled flesh against oiled flesh, baby against mommy, lover against

Momentarily I pause. Both my shivering hands slide Peter down a
little lower, then snake behind his back meeting my heels. Both
frantically clutch his baby-buns, my arms wrapping around his
supple baby-body, pulling him even tighter up against that hot
yearning and sputtering inferno between my legs.

In response, his stiff and throbbing spear sinks in even deeper, now
poking and prodding my sensitive cunny-canal walls, while his
outtie belly-button sin-suously attacks my erect wiggling but still-
submissive clitty-cat. That mega-erotic combination rockets me
closer and closer to an earthshattering and mind-altering climax. 

During all this, Peter simply giggles and gurgles, enjoying the
increasingly rougher rocking, enjoying the intimate attention he is
getting, and giving. He is such a good baby.

"Come on Peter, I need just a little bit more." my panting lips coax
and coo in between guttural gasps.

A mighty volcanic eruption builds inside my shaking and shivering
girly body. I'm almost there but not quite. My arms and heels hug
Peter to my horny flesh even harder, his baby body almost totally
slipping up into mine, following the exact same path he had so
recently dropped down. 

His flailing feet even help, constantly kicking out against the wet
and wrinkled sheets. It's his reflexive prelude to crawling, but right
now they push his stiff little spear even further up inside me.

"Pleeezzzeee Peter, make Mommy cum..." I pleadingly cry. "She
needs it so badly!"

As if understanding my words, his invading baby cock stiffens
harder, then twitches all around, it bloated pink head caressing his
Mommy's tender pink insides. Those super-sin-suous rubs inside
my cunny-canal are enough to push my straining body to the edge
of that cliff, but not quite over.

"Ooooooh God, I'm almost there. Just a little more Peter," I cry,
my head thrashing from side-to-side, my curtain of long red hair
swirling everywhere, tickling and teasing his head and upper back.

As if understanding my horrendous need, with a loud lingering
coo, Peter's stiffie begins hotly peeing up inside me. I'm mortified
as his searing golden gushes blast my insides, again and again, but
every inch of my tender tingling inside-flesh quivers, then violently
spasms, swiftly pushing my straining body over that marvelous
cliff edge.

"Ooooooh yesssssss!!!" I scream, hugging Peter even tighter so he
doesn't fall off. 

My poor body bounces and bucks, twists and turns, Peter becoming this 
bucking bronco rider as his golden juices gush out from my still 
spasming pussy.

Even while I'm so gloriously cumming, his stiff-as-steel baby-cock
twitches up inside me, still squirting hot caressing pee, pushing my
climax even higher, making my yearning body crest with more hot
and horny intensity than it even has before. I can't believe that he's
only a baby and is making my entire womanly body feel this good.

"Keep going, keep going," I frantically plead with my bucking
body and with him, but neither listens, my super-sensuous spasms
growing fewer and fewer. 

*Damn! It's over. At least for now anyway.* My muddled mind unhappily

Finally, I collapse, a huge heap of hot, sweaty, and pee-soaked, but
very satisfied, atoms. Every nerve in my womanly body has been
touched, every pleasure center jolted by sharp bursts of electricity.
I am totally wiped out.

Peter still securely lies on my lower belly, his baby body all wet
and sticky, and not from only that baby oil. His stiff little spear
has softened and slipped out, but sensuously dangles against my wet
panting puss, those two lovers warmly cuddling in their afterglow.

*God, that was so great.* My mind repeats over and over. 

Nobody had ever peed inside me before. I always thought it was so 
gross, but my little Peter taught his mommy a thing or two - 
completely changing her mind.

Now, I can't wait for it to happen again. 

*I wonder if I can coax daddy into doing it.* My mind stutters and 
stammers, not really believing what it's hearing.

"Hmmmm...maybe tonight." my lips softly murmur, as my face brightly
grins. I think Daddy will enjoy the surprise.

Reluctantly, with a deep soul-searching sigh, I roll Peter off my
still-quivering belly, immediately surrounding him with bolsters so
he can't roll anywhere. Within minutes, as his golden pee still drips
out my puffy puss, we both happily and very contentedly doze off.

My last thought as I doze off is whether Peter climaxed too. I
remember his baby-cock twitching, wildly wiggling all around. I
know that he's a decade too young to cum, but maybe that wild
wiggling was the equivalent of a baby-climax. Can a baby pee and
climax at the same time??

"I sure hope so." I softly mutter. 

I want Peter to be as satisfied as I am. 

"We should try it again, in the interest of science of course." I add
with a ragged girly giggle as my eyes slowly close.

I lingeringly wake up a half hour later, every inch of my naked
flesh still glowing, but my insides surprisingly horny. Usually a
climax even half that strong would satisfy me for the rest of the
day, or two or three, but with Peter's curled up baby-body lying so
close, feeling so warm, and looking so cuddly, I'm instantly horny
again, my two milky spouts puckered and ready.

I only regret that I couldn't have taken a color picture of that last
time  our first time happily satisfying each other. It would have
been such a wonderful gift to give him after he'd grown older, a
picture of his first fuck. Of course, I'd keep a copy to masturbate to
in my old age.

It would have been such a hoot to show my baby boy that even as a
wee little baby, he had been so huge and horny -- talk about
blackmail material. Somehow, I think his future girlfriend might
get a kick out of it too. The thought of the two of them together,
reenacting every curve in that picture makes me shiver, but I'm
rushing things -- he's only 4 months old.

Now I'm really horny. One shaking hand reaches over and begins
caressing his creamy baby-flesh again, just lightly, not waking him
up. God, his brandy-new flesh feels so soft and smooth, and I just
love his baby-powder smell. I can sniff him all day long, even the
parts of him still covered with my dried girly juices.

"You're such a good baby," I softly murmur. "pleasing your
mommy so much."

That naughty hand now caresses his twin swollen breast-mounds,
for the millionth time, feeling their firm fullness. If they remain
this large relative to his body, he'll surely be teased about it as he
grows older, more than a few girls becoming super-envious, but I'll
always support him, and more.

My fluttering fingers next toy with his naughty nipples as my pussy
tingles. Both instantly protrude for me, proudly standing at
attention, totally enjoying my feather-like caresses. I watch him
wriggle, either just tossing in his sleep, or my tantalizing touches
are making him horny again too.

After another minute of playing with his bloated breast buds, my
petite palm slides lower, my finger tips rubbing all around his
outtie belly button. That's what teased my clitty-cat so badly when
we just mated, its stickiness bringing back hot erotic memories.
Peter's breath quickens too, his darling dickie wriggling all around,
but he still remains asleep.

My mind wonders what he could be dreaming about with his baby-
cock wriggling and jumping like that. Is it just a simple reflex
action, some type of REM, or is he having his version of a baby
erotic dream? 

I have absolutely no idea, but that isn't my primary concern right
now. My girly body has again grown mega-horny and so badly
needs to be satisfied.

After gently stroking his smooth baby-flesh a few minutes more,
my emerald eyes intently watching his baby-cock grow so much
longer and thicker, I just can't wait any longer. My naked mommy-
body crawls up between his cycling legs, my flushed face poised
just over that wiggling semi-hard baby-cock. 

This time though, right next to my body is my favorite big black
vibrator, the one with the mega-bloated veins and billions of blunt
nubbies.. This way, I can use both hands to passionately caress my
sweet cuddly baby while I explode inside.

One shaking hand turns that black vibrator on low, then slips it up
inside my sopping wet puss. That black vibrator looks kind-of
weird jutting way out of my lily-white body, more sticking out of
my petite cunny than stuffed inside. That will soon change. 

Having recently birthed Peter and now being so horny and wet, it
slips in effortlessly, not even needing much of a shove. I don't
even gasp or sharply inhale, but I know that will change once it's
shoved in farther and its vibrations reach my still-sensitive womb.

"Ooooooh, how good it feels," I moan as its constant low-level
vibrations get to me. My hand pushes that black vibrator in farther
still, making sure it doesn't touch my womb yet.

Both lusting lips drop lower and lower, finally licking all around
the tip of his stiffening magic wand. His wonderful wiener no
longer looks like a wriggling snake, having mostly stiffened,
proudly lifting up and out from the soft chubby baby-fat on his
groin. It's now maybe 2  inches long, not yet its full steel-stiff 3+

My heated breath caresses its bloating dark pink head, intently
watching that circumcised knob swell fuller and rounder. It's no
where near as plump as Daddy's fat purple plum, but for a 4-
month-old, it's simply awesome.

Even with his miniature flagpole wildly wobbling and waving, my
Peter still sleeps. I wonder what he's now dreaming about with his
darling dickie sticking up so straight and tall, but still not totally

"Mmmmm...I know how to make him fully hard." I wickedly giggle,
this very naughty grin crossing my angelic freckled face.

Without a single sound, I open my little lips, forming an "O" that is
as old as time itself. Diving down, I totally engulf his little
stiffie, right down to its pulsating wrinkled root, my red-hot breath
caressing every inch of its no-longer virgin flesh. 

My naughty tongue swirls all around its root, its stiff tip lewdly
licking his chubby groin-mound of delicious baby fat. I suckle hard
on that wonderful wiener, stretching its skin farther into my mouth,
coaxing more and more blood to flow into it, and making his baby-
bottom quiver.

That last strong suckle wakes Peter up. His bright eyes sparkle,
happily cooing even more, though his tone has changed a little. He
seems to enjoy being woken this way.

As I suckle harder and faster, increasing my strong suction, I feel
his stiffening spear jump out longer and fatter in my mouth, almost
at his full rock-solid 3+ inches. That makes me ever so proud, both
of him and of what my lips can do to him. He's surely going to
grow into a very lusty little boy, or should that be "big" boy.

Every time his stiff throbbing baby-cock pulses, tickling the back
of my mouth, I strongly shiver. Little dribbles of heated girly juice
ooze around that humming vibrator, then run down my trembling

*God, I so love to feel his baby cock swell in my mouth.* my mind
murmurs, "It makes me feel so good inside." 

At the same time, both my horny hands firmly caress up and down
his baby-body, feeling every chubby curve. They gingerly massage
his soft baby-flesh, rubbing his two swollen breast-buds, toying
with his bulging belly-button, finally feeling the smooth soft skin
on his thighs. 

My hot hands are everywhere at once on his baby-body, every sin-
suous touch immediately zipping to my vibrating puss and my erect
twitching clitty-cat. I am running on automatic pilot, my girly body
climbing higher and higher toward an earthshattering climax.

His little legs kick and bicycle on both sides of my head, rubbing
my ears and hair, enclosing me and making me feel so content. I
can't wait until he can wrap those little legs all the way around my
fluffy red head, pulling it in even closer, deeply burying my lusting
lips in his chubby groin, holding it captive as I greedily suckle.

My muddled mind wanders. I so wish he'd violently cum today,
filling my mouth to overflowing with his hot creamy goodness, but
I know that's years away. Still, I can't wait for him to grow up, to
be able to happily fill me up on both ends, not just my lusting lips.

A strong rub against my ear by a cycling little leg brings me back
to reality. I just can't wait to cum any longer, my puckered teats are
already dripping warm sweet Mommy's milk all by themselves,
creating these two shimmering white puddles between his little

One hand reaches down, switching that big black vibrator onto
high. Taking a deep breath through my nose since my munching
mouth is full, that same hand shoves its big black tip tightly up
against my sensitive womb, holding it in place for a moment. 

My body bucks from the sin-suous shock, then settles into this
increasing spiral, growing hotter and hotter, flying higher and
higher. Both lust-filled lips suckle that stiff mini-spear even
harder, my grunts and groans seeping out all around his rock-hard 
baby cock.

Suddenly my lips just have to let go, I'm finally there. This loud
guttural "Ooooooh God" shoots out, echoing around our bedroom,
immediately followed by a myriad of mixed-up moans and groans.
Beads of sweat ripple down my face, streaking down my neck and
chest, some mixing with my warm sweet milk, then dripping from
my ripe rubbery teats.

My climaxing body bucks and bounces between his chubby legs
from wave after heated wave of delicious sensations. I never
climax as hard as I do with my Peter. I have to force my shaking
hand to switch off that black vibrator, but in a compromise with
my horny puss, I leave it inside me, my over-stretched cunny walls
still savoring its thick fullness.

As quickly as my mind-blowing climax comes, it's unfortunately
over, my washed-out, but infinitely happy, girly body collapsing on
the bed beside my Peter, my baby, my little lover. My glassy eyes
note that his penis-tower has now fallen over, shrinking again up
his chubby thigh, but it still brightly sparkles and glistens from my
hot wet saliva.

*God, I feel so good!* my happy mind repeats over and over again.

Using the little strength that I have left, I crawl up the bed beside
my happy baby, his little lips still cooing, his small eyes brightly
glowing. For all that he has given me, he deserves a little extra.

I wipe the salty sweat off of my dribbling teat, then sensuously rub
his little lips with it. He instantly begins rooting, quickly latching
on. I tell you, even as much as he eats, my baby-boy is always
ready to suckle more, just like his Mommy.

We fall asleep like that, Mommy smiling and baby suckling, just
how it should be, both happy, healthy, and very contented. I hope it
stays this way for many years to cum.

My mind contentedly dreams about a much older Peter -- picturing
how he'll look at 8, 12, and even 18 years old. For some odd
reason though, my probing dream-eyes never lift higher than his
waist, nor drop lower than his knees. I guess that's both how it is,
and forever will be, in our very happy family.


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