Mommy I'm Hungry (Fb+,Fg,nepi,toddlers,oral,diapers,ws,scat)


The young mom looked lovingly at her two young sons in the crib. Both boys,
twins, were just over a year and a half old. Naked, the two soft forms laid
nestled in a 69 position. Each boy was sleeping with his brothers penis in his
mouth. Sucking on it like a pacifier. It took a while for her husband Rick to
get the boys used to this position, but his persistence paid off. Now each
night they eagerly find each others "wee wee" and suckle off to sleep. Mom never
bothered with diapers at bedtime anymore. The young boys would only wiggle out
of them so they had easy access to each others cocks. Surprisingly the crib
never seemed to get wet. Many times the young mother fantasized about how the
boys must be drinking each others pee. She one day hoped to catch one of them,
as he sucked down his brothers warm liquid. This visualization got her pussy
wet, faster than any other erotic thought. The "poo poo" they sometimes left in
the bed didn't bother her. The cleanup was a small price to pay for her son's
happiness. Besides, since the boys were still on breast milk and ate only
certain foods (no meat), their "poop" didn't smell all that bad. Mom's thoughts
were interrupted by the sound of Tina crying. Only three months old, she was
the latest addition to the family. 

"Coming sweetheart." The young Mommy cooed. "Mommy's breasts are so full they 
feel like they're going to split. I hope you're very hungry."

Running to the bedroom, she picked up little Tina from the cradle, then took her 
over to the changing table. Her little Huggies diaper was stained with wee wee 
and poo poo.  When she opened her baby diaper, it was very wet, smelly, and 
quite mushy! 

The young mom gently wiped her daughter clean as the baby continued to cry. 

Bending down, the woman's tongue gently glided along her daughter's slit. 

Parting her slightly, the tongue found it's way to the tender inside. She didn't 
go deep, for hurting her baby was unthinkable, but just licked and sucked at the 
soft entrance. Tina stopped her crying as the smooth tongue worked it's way down 
to her dirty, smelly bottom. 

Licking and soothing Tina's tiny little ass, the young mommy's thoughts turned to
the way her boys giggled when she used to clean them. She no longer licked the
holes of her two small boys. She was now content to just suckle their young
penises and enjoy the occasional "warm treat" they sometimes deposited in her
mouth. She certainly loved the taste of little child "pee pee" accidents in her
loving mouth. 

Going over to the bed, she laid Tina on her side and snuggled up next to her. 
She positioned her large red tit against Tina's mouth and the baby started
to feed. She felt the strong suction on her breast as the warm milk started to
flow. The woman's pussy began to dampen as she recalled thoughts of her
husband, and the kinky things they did on the bed. Unfortunately he was away on
business, so he couldn't help her find release from her growing passions. Eyes
closed to erotic thoughts, she didn't notice Tony, her four year old, wander
into the room. Naked and carrying a small stuffed Lion, he climbed on the bed.

"Mommy I'm hungry", he whined. "When are we going to eat"?

"As soon as Tina is finished nursing honey. Why don't you get your brothers up,
so we can all eat together".

Tony scrambled off the bed and went to wake his siblings. Tina had stopped
nursing. Try as she might, the petite mom couldn't get her baby to continue
feeding. As her three naked boys strolled into the room, she turned Tina over
her shoulder and pat her back. With the three boys looking on, the patting
continued, until Tina finally burped into her Mommy's shoulder. The boys started
laughing because the sound was so loud.

"Are my three boys all hungry?" She asked. "Mommy's tits are still very full
because Tina didn't eat to much. Wasn't it nice of her to leave some milk for
her brothers? Let Mommy get comfortable, then you can feed."

The young mother lay down in the middle of the bed. Seeing her nude young sons
had flamed her erotic desires. Spreading her legs wide, she placed Tina on her
belly so the baby's mouth faced down against her mom's smooth slit. Taking a
sheet, the young woman wrapped it around her and the baby, so the child
couldn't fall off her stomach. Spreading her pussy lips, she tried to gently
nudge Tina's mouth against her clit. The woman let out a long moan as the
baby's tongue finally found it's mark. Sucking on the silky clit, like a
pacifier, the woman was in a state of bliss. 

Summoning her boys, the two twins lay next to their moaning mother and sucked 
greedily against her breasts. The woman's hands roamed along the smooth skin of 
her offspring. She squeezed their cheeks and played with their holes as they 
continued to suck. Her body wanted to buck with the sweet spasms of passion. 

She, however, had enough control to lie still, so her children wouldn't be 
disrupted from their tasks. Sweating and moaning, her orgasm neared. 

She called little Tony over and asked him to wet his brother's holes. 

Reluctantly, Tony went to each brother and licked at his smelly, brown
opening, making sure to leave a generous portion of spit behind. Once wet she
worked her pinkies into the virgin asses. Both boys seemed to enjoy the little
intruder and wiggled their behinds to drive it deeper into them. Jealous for
attention, Tony climbed on the bed and knelt down over his mother's head.
Taking his small penis, he put it to his mother's lips. Eagerly she sucked and
swallowed the small head. A large orgasm was building and the woman began to
shudder. Tina and the twins could no longer mouth the heaving flesh.
Withdrawing her fingers, she concentrated on the young boy fucking her face.
Grabbing Tony's ass she pushed him tight against her. Her tongue went wild on
his prick as it started to grow. No longer being able to hold back, she
squeezed his ass tightly as her bodied buckled. Wave after wave of orgasmic
bliss traveled through her body. The initial spasm was so intense it made her
nipples erupt. Like a geyser, thin streams of warm milk rained down on her and
her boys. Tony never felt such a sucking as his frenzied mother tried to
swallow his cock. Eventually the ripples subsided and the woman sighed her
contentment. She only wished Rick was here to see his boys take care of their


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